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Every Letter Scrap Location

Learn how to complete the Letter Scrap challenge in GTA 5, including where to find all 50 scraps and how to confront the serial killer Peter Dreyfus.
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Every Letter Scrap in GTA 5 – GTA 5 Walkthrough

Join the Old Grumpy Gamers as they take on the challenge of solving the murder of Lenora Johnson in Grand Theft Auto 5. This video guide will walk you through the A Starlet in Vinewood mission to find all the Letter Scraps required for completion. You’ll get a free helicopter and learn how to start the mission and receive tips on the best route to take to avoid missing any Letter Scrap locations.

How to Get Gold in A Starlet in Vinewood Mission

In this comprehensive guide, they cover all 50 Letter Scrap locations in Grand Theft Auto 5, and how to complete the mission to get the coveted “A Starlet in Vinewood” and “A Mystery Solved” trophies. You’ll also learn about Peter Dreyfuss, the serial killer involved in the murder of Lenora Johnson, and how to bring him to justice.

Where to Find All Letter Scraps in GTA 5

Starting at the bottom of the map and working their way up, the Old Grumpy Gamers provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to find all Letter Scrap locations. This video guide provides detailed walkthroughs of each location and the contents of each letter scrap, giving you a complete understanding of the murder mystery in Grand Theft Auto 5.

How to Collect All Letter Scraps in Grand Theft Auto 5

While technically Franklin’s mission, any character can pick up the scraps, but the Old Grumpy Gamers use Trevor for his flying ability. As they travel across the map, they give additional tips on the most efficient way to collect all 50 of the Letter Scraps. This video guide is a must-watch for any Grand Theft Auto 5 player who wants to get a 100% completion rate, as it provides everything you need to know to complete this mission. Alongside the guide, the Old Grumpy Gamers provide links to additional resources such as cheap games and Shark Cards and invite you to take part in their latest giveaway.

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hi in this video we’re going through everything you need to know for the
letter scrap challenge for your 100 play through how to start it
where the pieces are and what to do with our serial killer peter
dreyfus hi and welcome back my name’s dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly
massive game between gta 5 and the constant updates from rockstar for gta online there’s no
shortage of new content and interesting things to do join me then in our continuing series getting
gold in every damn mission in gta 5 as we look at the letter scrap challenge and the grand theft
auto mission as starlet in vinewood before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to
guides news and giveaways so consider subscribing and ring the bell to start today completing this
challenge is extraordinarily tedious there’s no two ways about it it was boring it was boring
at capturing the footage and i suspect kengo 9990 was bought out of their mind editing the
video too to complete this challenge you’ll need a helicopter and about two hours now we’re starting
near the bottom of the map so you can typically find a free helicopter from the hospital here
on top of the police lock up just a few streets away
or near the private moorings here
oh and full disclosure i’m using a couple of mods here but only for the sake of clarity and
brevity the mods i have are menu and collectible collector and in this case have been used to
locate the scraps a bit quicker spawn helicopters set the time of day and set the weather so nothing
too nutty and nothing that changes gameplay only functions that make it a bit quicker
to record this video and to keep the video light and bright and links are in the description below
right onto the main event at some point you may have stumbled across a glowing piece of paper
likely at the top of the crane near the construction site or next to the mount chiliad
cable car landing if you pick one of these up it starts the characters on an extended quest to find
out who killed lenora johnson in order to complete the quest and find out who lenora’s killer is
you need to collect all 50 scraps now while this is technically franklin’s quest to complete any
characters can pick up the scraps i’m using trevor here because of his higher piloting
skill now we’ll be doing this working our way from the bottom up it’s not the most efficient
route but it’s consistent which means it’s less chance of missing one
so let’s start off in the port of los santos with this scrap on top of these shipping containers now
it’s a bit of a faff to get to so you might have to do a bit of parkour to access it
next we’re off to the lower level of los santos airport near the entrance here
heading to the boat yard this scrap is in front of the helms cabin on the tugboat in dry dock
on top of this structure near los santos international airport
now the next one’s a bit of a pain in the backside it’s located along the tram line
near where the ls car meet would be in gta online the easiest way at it is to follow
the tram line on the map to this exit then heading on foot or on a bike once you’re
in the general vicinity you can find the letter on this landing next to the tracks
off to the car scrapyard next to one of the silliest businesses in los santos look for
the bus that’s been chopped in half in the shed with the porter potty in front of it
for the seventh scrap we’re heading to an old estate near the storm water channel
look for the letter on the back step of this old grey building
after the self storage and more complex next where you’ll find the scrap in this dumpster
heading to vespucci beach skate park the next scrap is located in
the double kidney bowl next to the beach side stairs
across to this small island off the east coast of los santos we’re heading
to a small sandbar beachy thing on the ocean facing side of the island
and a quick tip here if you’re stuck on the side of the hill
you can get a bit of more traction by aiming your pistol as you ascend
back to town for the next one to the canals behind the marina head down the stairs
into the water and onto this pylon service area under the bridge
off to the pnx this one’s located in front of the blue doors
at the elevated cafe right at the end of the main pier
now you’ve probably driven past this one dozens if not hundreds of times head to the stormwater
overpass and we’re looking for the scrap in between the supports for this archway
number 14 is at the top of the crane next to the construction
site but it’s a bit of a prick to get to so we’ll leave that one for last
off to the movie studio next behind the main set you’ll see some stairs
head up to the top where you’ll see the letter scrap in between two beige service boxes
heading to the low rise construction site look for the more open area where the foundations have
recently been poured there’s sort of a pit thingy in the middle here the lettuce scrap is in that
mirror park is next where we’re looking for the small
lake at the bottom of the outlet for the last act dam head down to the shoreline and make
your way to the middle gate you’ll find a letter scrap on the little round doodad
oh and sometimes it’s worth taking a moment to uh
enjoy the scenery too and we’re off to the artificial lake in the cemetery there’s a little
island in the middle with what looks like a small crypt you’ll find the letter scrap next to that
over to the skate park where we’ll find the letter scrap in the middle of the half pipe
next up go to the country club where you’ll find the private pool at the back
go to the bar in the island of the pool and on the right hand side you’ll see the letter next to it
off to the motel complex in the middle of town where we’ll find the scrap
on the bench near this outdoor seating area with the chimney
over to the race course behind the diamond casino next this will look
a little different to gta online but it’s the same
spot we’re looking for this scrap about halfway up the middle set of bleachers
next on the list is the observatory on the carpark side there’s a
hedge mate you’ll find the letter scrap in the middle of that maze
over to the cliffside book mansions not far from vinewood next anyone who’s done
an agency contract will be familiar with this place you’ll find this one
in the entry to the gym sort of games room thingy behind the pool
heading to the vinewood side next we’ll find this one at the top of the eye now
rockstar i’ve made it easy by adding a ladder to the side of the letter as well
heading to the fruit stall just out of town we’re
looking for a scrap next to the community notice board
onto another fruit stall this time at the end of this dirt
road at the lookout next to one of the benches
heading to the eastern side of the map there’s a rocky outcrop
just off the shore the piece is hidden behind some rocks
we’re off to the abandoned mine now where we’ll find the letter next to the entrance
back over to the east coast again we’re looking for this little grotto up the back
on the left you’ll find a bit of a sandbar and we’re heading to the back of that
over to this abandoned house and shed on the dirt road out in the sticks there’s
a derelict billboard on the corner there just behind the billboard we’ll find the next piece
next up we’re heading to this rural construction site we’re looking for this circular structure
in the middle of that we’ll see a provision for a pillar with a bunch of rebar poking out
the pieces in there now be warned though getting in and out is a little fiddly
visiting the marshlands next there’s a piece just off the trail here
heading downstream we’ll see another under this small bridge over a creek outlet
also there’s a random event here if you’re so inclined just make sure
you pick up a car before you start or it will go very sideways very quickly
heading to the church out of town and those of you who’ve completed some of lamar’s missions in gta
online will be familiar with this the next piece is in the churchyard next to these elevated graves
the concrete works in x the one we visit in the minutemen mission at
the top of the tower is where you’ll find this one
the chopper makes it really easy but you can also scale the ladder if you’ve come by land
back up to trevor’s airfield and there’s a rocky outcrop near the
runway we’ll find the next place on top of that
heading to the abandoned hotel in polito where we went
satellite dish hunting with cletus we’ll find the next one in the old swimming pool
next up we’re heading to the canyon run between the ocean and the alamo sea
on top of this peak not too far from one of dom’s parachute jumps
on one side of this island not far from the mouth of the lmo c
this one’s a little awkward to get to with the chopper but you’ll get there
oh and don’t forget about the aiming trick 2 to get back up the bank if you need it
hanging about the alamo c head to this old boat yard on the northern shoreline we can
find the next piece under this ratty looking pergola next to the workshop
after this radio tower outpost next about halfway up the mountain this can be a bit
awkward to get to in the chopper but there’s a spot to set down just behind the wooden
cabin the leather scrap can be found between the cabin and the new looking corrugated iron shed
moving back over to polito we’re heading to the market garden next the lettuce scrap can
be found about halfway along the second row from the road under the white shade cloth
heading to the lighthouse on the outcrop off the northeastern shore next you can
find this on the ocean side of the lighthouse at the top of the landing
next up we’re making our way to just south of the logging works off the trail behind
a couple of trees this time keep an eye out for some stacked logs for a landmark
next we’re heading to the top of mount chiliad or more specifically
the cable car platform i inadvertently picked this up while i was capturing
glenn scoville for maude which is what we’re looking at here
continuing north we’re heading into this stilt beachfront property we can
find the letter scrap on the deck at the rear of the property there
over to the homeless camp to the north of the map where we can find the next piece
in the entrance to the tent with the porta potty and the social justice for all flag
just across the road to the car park for the northern shore of the island we’re looking for the
penultimate piece at the entrance to the men’s room in this toilet block
and number 50 is located at the back of this dilapidated house a bit further up the coastline
finally let’s head back to number 14. this one’s right up the top of the large
crane near the construction site you can approach this using the chopper like i have
or if you’re not feeling confident with a helicopter you can land
and take the stairs be warned though this takes a while
so with the last piece collected you will now be able to piece together the final letter which says
march 15 1975 attention david richards my dear david listen i know you’re a little
offended by your discovery of my petite interscription as the french would say
but i want you to understand that’s all it is a little indiscretion i agree wholeheartedly with
you my actions were a little inhumane but that’s not a bad thing inhumanity is the very watchword
the very currency the very lifeblood of the artist my inhumanity makes me human
it’s thanks to my inhumanity that i’m able to speak to people with the moral authority of the
sinner and the creator all at once i had to kill her i had to do it in that way the way
that would hurt me most by torturing her slowly and painfully then sending mementos from our
date to her family and in the years since i’ve had to at times goad her family into further suffering
just to prove how very much i understand suffering and how i can represent it best as an artist
isn’t it better that one family suffers so the world can be free to enjoy to learn
and to be cleansed by my masterpieces don’t even bother answering that the answer is obvious
and if you get it wrong well then you’re less of a man than i thought
but let us not concern ourselves with such trivialities we were artists my friend the
last of a dying breed i dread the day when you finally retire and solomon takes over sure
yeah i love the kid but he’s a remorseless hack with none of your passion your creative zeal
he’s a weak livered moralizer hiding in the body of a vinewood decadent
he understands nothing about why we act as we do not because we can but because we must
and that’s the thing some people take advantage of their position in this town for pleasure
as if sleeping with multiple young girls or torturing hitchhikers or eating dogs could
ever be fun it’s awful i only do it to experience it so my heart is truer deeper more meaningful
i believe you know that
i cannot wait for you to read my new draft of lyrid
i really removed the cliches that ruined shakespeare’s plays and found the power the moment
the thing we talked about that wonderful night in mexico when we paid the hookers to stab each other
anyway i hope you and rachel have worked through your problems
i look forward to making friday supper again soon you’ve always been an inspiration to me
dear friend reefers essentially it’s just a note that attempts to justify this malignant
narcissistic sociopath’s abhorrent treatment of an actress back in the 70s and once that’s cleared
a new map marker will appear for franklin head over to the marker making sure you have something
sharp on you like a machete knife axe or something similar and once you’ve confronted our new friend
chase him down and finish him off with a bladed weapon for gold and that’s it thanks for watching
check out the video up the top for another handy guide or the one down the bottom for some more old
grumpy gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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