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Every Nuclear Waste Piece Location

It’s time to get our grind on, as we check complete the Nuclear Waste Collection Challenge in #GTA5, and collect a cool $700K
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Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in Lost Santos, or North Yankton? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

Completing this challenge is extraordinarily tedious. There’s no two ways about it; it’s boring as sh*t. It was boring capturing the footage; and I suspect Kengo9990 was bored out of their mind, editing the video, too.

…oh and full disclosure, I’m using a couple of mods, here, but only for the sake of clarity and brevity. The mod’s I have in are Menyoo and Collectible Collector, and in this case have been used to:

So nothing too nutty, and nothing that changes the game play; only functions that make it a bit quicker to record this video, and to keep the video light and bright.

After we have completed the Merrywhether Heist, where Trevor accidentally steals an experimental WMD, the Sonar Collections Dock becomes available to purchase, on the Western Side of the Map. This is an easy, active business in the game, with a fixed profit of $690,000. Unfortunately, there’s no passive side to this – you have to work for your money.

But as an added bonus, you also get a Submarine and a Dingy with the business, which allow you to go SCUBA diving whenever you want.

Oh, and one more thing… whoever you purchase the dock with gets the cash. If you purchase with Trevor, then do all the collections with Franklin, Trevor still gets the money.

Now you can purchase the dock with whomever you like, but I tend to use Franklin or Trevor; if you go to the submarine with Michael after you’ve made the purchase, you may accidentally start the Death at Sea questline with Abagail, and that is… annoying.

So, after your purchase, head to the end of the pier, and jump in the submarine. If the Trackify app doesn’t immediately show up, head to your phone (that’s up on your D-pad, or the up arrow on your keyboard) and to the little heart icon on the bottom right.

That will bring up a little radar thingy, which we can follow to the parts. We’ll be working our way around the map in a clockwise direction.

hi in this video we’re going to collect every nuclear waste part in
gta 5 story mode and net ourselves a call profit of nearly 700 grand
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly
massive game between gta 5 and the constant updates from rockstar for gta online there’s
no shortage of new content and interesting things to do join me then in our continuing
series getting gold in every damn mission in gta 5 as we look at the nuclear waste challenge and
how to get an easy 700k not a quick 700k but an easy 700k before we dive in if you’re new to the
channel we do how-to guides news and giveaways so consider subscribing and ringing the bell to start
today completing this challenge is extraordinarily tedious there’s no two ways about it it’s boring
as [ __ ] it was boring capturing the footage and i suspect kengo 1990 was bought out of
their mind editing the video too to complete this challenge you’ll need 250 000 and about two hours
oh and full disclosure i’m using a couple of mods here but only for the sake of clarity and
brevity the mods i have are menu and collectible collector and in this case have been used to
locate the parts quicker reduce travel time set the time of day and set the weather so nothing
too nutty and nothing that changes the actual gameplay only functions that make it a bit quicker
to record this video and to keep the video light and bright links are in the description below
so after we’ve completed the merryweather heist where trevor accidentally steals an experimental
wmd the sonar collection stock becomes available to purchase on the western side of the map this is
an easy active business in the game with a fixed profit of six hundred and ninety thousand dollars
unfortunately there’s no passive side to this you have to work for your money but as an added
bonus you also get a submarine and a dinghy with the business which allow you to go scuba diving
whenever you want oh and one more thing whoever purchases the dock gets the cash if you purchase
with trevor and then do all the collections with franklin trevor will still get the money turns
out budge theft has been around for a minute now you can purchase a dock with whomever you like
but i tend to use franklin or trevor if you go to the submarine with michael after you’ve made
a purchase you can accidentally start the death at sea quest line with abigail and that’s annoying so
after you purchase head to the end of the pier and jump in the submarine if the trackify app doesn’t
immediately show up head to your phone that’s up on your d-pad or the up arrow on your keyboard and
to the little heart icon on the bottom right that will bring up the radar thingy which can
lead you to the parts and we’ll be working our way around the map in a clockwise direction
so starting with number one we’re in this clearing between the seaweed and that rock
off the side of a cliff between these rocks and some longer reeds
next to this corally looking stuff not far from the plain wreck
at the bottom of the trench a bit further off the coast this one can
be a little awkward to get to but keep putting around you’ll get to it
under this arch formation on the right as you approach the coast
not far away from the last one the next package can be found
on this shelf near the bottom of the trench a little further from the coast
way down deep on the side of this cliff it’s
really dark down here even if the weather on the surface is bang on
continuing along the same path head off the side of this cliff and right down
to the bottom of this trench for the next one just be careful as we are approaching
crush depth and it’s really awkward to get out from underneath the formation above
the next one’s pretty easy we’re back up and close to the surface so visibility is
much better we’re looking for this one on the sea floor between a bit of a large rock and some kelp
on to number 10 next not too far from the last one again
this time we’re heading for another overhead rock formation you should find this part in the middle
heading further down the east coast to the next cluster the next one can be found a few meters
inland from a small colorful corally thing on top of this rock near the clearing in the kelp
keep on the same heading for a few more meters
and we’ll spot the next one while we’re in the area too
heading a little further out to sea the next
one can be found a bit beyond this drop-off on some rocks
moving south the next one can be found in a clearing between some of the small
island formations not far from the coast heading back down to the deep dark depths
of the ocean again we’re moving further from the coastline and off this cliff’s
face we’ll find number 15 at the bottom of this trench and that’s the halfway mark nice
off to the south eastern side of the map next where we can find
this one at the base of this cliff in a clearing just off a small patch of larger kelp
moving out a bit we’re looking for the next bit of waste not far from the wreckage of a downed plain
it should be on this rock just to the south oh and sorry backtracking a bit you can find number 18
near the bottom of this trench it’s kind of easy to miss because it’s a little hidden there
back to civilization for the next one we’re heading to the pier with
the fairground off the spoochy beach this barrel is amongst some debris and
is a little bit tricky to get to with the sub so it might be worth swimming manually
hanging about the pier for a bit the next one’s a bit further along hidden amongst the coral here
right 10 more to go moving north and off the coast to touch
we can find the next one on the edge of this cliff about 65 meters under water
as we make our way back up the west coast the next piece of nuclear waste can be
found in this little pit thingy not far from the shoreline oh and there’s often
some sharks putting around here too so be sure to take a moment and enjoy the scenery
continuing back up the west coast this one’s kind
of hidden on the back side of a rock and it’s easily missed
making our way further up the western side of the map this one’s a bit hidden again
in between a couple of rock formations back up to some of the muckier polluted
parts of the sea and this one can be found in between these rocks and the coral formation
i don’t know what’s in the water for this one and i’m not even sure i want to the next
barrel can be found here i guess the water’s so polluted that i can’t really show you any
detail but the good news is the barrel glows in the dark moving along to mercifully cleaner
waters this piece of waste can be found near the edge of a cliff hidden right among some reeds
not long ago now number 28 can be found in a sandy clearing next to the patches of reit
the penultimate part is a bit further north and you can find it on a shelf around 100 metres down
and finally heading back down to crush depth again you’ll see this one pop up
right near 29 and the last barrel can be found right at the bottom of this trench
and that’s a big old congrats you’ve collected all of the nuclear waste parts so as soon as you’ve
done the last one in addition to the last round of 23 000 you’ll also receive a bonus of 250 grand
essentially refunding the purchase price of the collection stock meaning you now have
a free and clear profit of 690 000 and with that done it’s time to go and invest in the
stock market so your characters can buy well everything and thanks for watching check out
the video up the top for another handy guide or the one down the bottom for some more old
grumpy game of goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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