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Every UFO Part’s Location

Learn how to complete the tedious and challenging UFO parts quest in GTA 5 and obtain the rare space hopper car. This guide includes locations and tips.
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Every UFO Part in GTA 5 – Unique GTAV Car, Space Hopper

In this video, we cover everything you need to know for the GTA 5 UFO Parts challenge to achieve your 100% GTAV playthrough. We will guide you on how to start the challenge, find the pieces, and get the unique GTAV cars, specifically the Space Hopper.

GTA 5 Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto is a massive game, and with constant updates from Rockstar for GTA Online, there is no shortage of new content and interesting things to do. In this continuing series, we focus on completing every damn mission in GTA 5 as we look at the UFO Parts challenge and how to get the game’s rarest car, the Space Hopper.

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GTA Omega Parts

Completing the UFO Parts challenge is tedious, boring, and requires patience. Franklin, one of the game’s characters, will see a new Freaks and Strangers marker for Omega, an interesting fella that believes a spaceship crashed some time back, strewing parts all over Los Santos, and s/he needs your help to collect them all.

We will be following the mod’s list of parts, which makes this exercise all over the place but guarantees that we won’t miss any part.

Interact With UFO Parts

To complete this challenge, you will need a helicopter, a parachute and about two hours. While technically Franklin’s quest to complete, any character can pick up the parts. We suggest using Franklin so that he can have additional hours of flight to improve his stats.

We cover the following topics in this video:

  • Helicopter locations
  • Unlock challenge
  • Parts locations
  • Space Hopper

Helpful Links and Mods

To make this challenge easier, we have found these two mods that can help:

These aren’t necessary, but they do make locating and collecting the parts simpler.

Final Thoughts

Completing the UFO Parts challenge is essential if you plan to obtain the game’s 100% completion rating. We recommend using this guide to help you navigate through the long and boring process.

Know any catchy mods we could use to explore Lost Santos or North Yankton a bit more? If you do, leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

hi in this video we’re going through everything
you need to know for the ufo parts challenge for your 100
play through how to start it where the pieces are and how to get the everelusive space hopper
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly massive
game between gta 5 and the constant updates from rockstar for gta online there’s no shortage of new
content and interesting things to do join me then in our continuing series getting gold in every
damn mission in gta 5 as we look at the ufo parts challenge and how to get the gta story mode’s
rarest car the space hopper before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides news
and giveaways so consider subscribing ring the bell to stay up to date completing this challenge
is extraordinarily tedious there’s no two ways about it it’s boring as [ __ ] it was boring
capturing the footage and i suspect kengo 9990 was bought out of their mind editing the video too to
complete this challenge we’ll need a helicopter a parachute and about two hours now we’re starting
near the bottom of the map so you can typically find a free helicopter from the hospital here
on top of the police lock up just a few streets away
or near the private moorings here
oh and full disclosure i’m using a couple of mods here but only for the sake of clarity and
brevity the mods i have are menu and collectible collector and in this case have been used to
locate the scraps a bit quicker spawn helicopters set the time of day and set the weather so nothing
too nutty and nothing that changes gameplay only functions that make it a bit quicker
to record this video and to keep the video light and bright and links are in the description below
right on to the main event not too far into the main storyline for grand theft auto franklin
will see a new freaks and strangers market for omega he’s an interesting fellow who’s rightfully
convinced a spaceship crashed some time back streaming parts all over los santos he then tasked
you with collecting these parts so he can assemble the spaceship and potentially head off to meet our
alien overlords now while this is technically franklin’s quest to complete any character can
pick up the parts i’m using franklin here so he can have some additional hours in flight to
improve his stats and we’ll be following the mods list of parts for this exercise which means we’re
a bit all over the map it’s far from the most efficient way at it but it means we won’t miss any
starting right down the bottom of the south end of los santos airport
the first part is next to this dumpster note you will get a warrant so be quick
heading to the merryweather boat shed just east of the airport we
want to jump off the concrete pier and head for this debris
over to this rocky outcrop just a little further east
back to the port and we’re heading for the pipeline between the two gas storage
domes make sure you have a parachute before attempting this just in case we sleep oh and
if you’re not using a chopper there are some ladders on either side which you can climb up
back east a bit and we’re looking for the deteriorated storm water outlet on the beach
off to the industrial art installation next just inside the entrance there
to the right on the roundy benchy thing
heading to the globe oil refinery there’s a couple of shipping containers
near the offices of building one and will find the part in the open container under the stairs
next up we’re heading to the main hospital in south los santos
just on the roof there next to the helipads
after the vagrant camp under the overpass next where we’ll find a
couch between two supports near the substation the part will be in front of that
next we’re heading to just behind the liquor hole
on the the vespucci canals the park can be found on top of the structure for the
no go vodka billboard it’s awkward to get too and you have to really watch that descent too
okay we’re making our way to the city side of the slipway for the
last act damn this part can be found in the middle fin just off the gantry
make your way to the reservoir next where we’ll
find the piece on top of what i assume is an observation or an instrument room
off to the mountains next there’s an interesting cave formation near a small creek
oh and pro tip here if you’re having trouble traversing the hill aim a small weapon this
gives you better traction and will make it easier to get up the face of the mountain
back into town we’re heading to the simmet alley open-air market
which you might remember from the story mode mission shop this time
you can find the part about halfway down in this dirty looking alcove thingy
while we’re in the area head over to the penris building this one
is a proper fast to get to without air transport but you can find it behind the
decorative bit of the facade on top of the central part of the building
speaking of other pricks to get to number 16 is part of the underground tramway that’s being
renovated so grab yourself a small vehicle and head to either the construction site
or the overpass drive or ride into the tramline keeping an eye out for actual trams which have
about the same level of patience as the freight train after a bit you’ll roll past a stop that’s
being renovated head up to the platform up the ramp over to the left where we’ll find
the next piece behind this orange barrier between the architect’s plans and the plastic sheeting
back to the movie studio lot again and this time we’re heading to stage 15 on the set of
deep inside or you know the main outdoor set we’re looking for a set of stairs opposite
to what looks like the bottom part of a fountain head up the stairs
jump onto the roof of the building it’s attached to and we’ll find the next piece a few steps in
staying in town we’re heading to this rooftop green space
the park can be found in the middle of some shops
heading over to this french provincial looking building where we can find a
disused rooftops pool and the part should be in the middle there
over to the los santos golf club next or as most of us know what the golf
course we’re looking for the part on the island in the middle of this water trap
back up to the top of the last act damn again we’re looking for this short pier on the side
of the lake take a dive in and we’ll find the part near one of the pylons in the water
over to the channel between the ocean and alamo sea there’s a set of outlet
pipes near the channel’s mouth we’ll find part number 22 here
this one’s a massive pain in the backside to get to head over to
the reservoir above the city and look for this observation hut along the road
jump into the water and we’ll find a piece at the base there
unfortunately you can’t get back up in the same way so you have to go for a bit of a swim
and do a bit of parkour to get back to the vehicle
way over to the west side of the island next on this weird little
formation there’s a small sambar off to the side and that’s where we’ll find the next one
heading to the private resort just out of town we can find the next one at the
base of the tree on the other side of the water feature in the driveway
and that’s the halfway mark you can see what i mean about tedious
next up we’re making our way to the observatory this time we’re going to pop up to the roof next
to the dome on the western side where we’ll find the piece near the base of the dome’s structure
back towards the eastern side of the island about halfway up the hill we can see this modern home
we can find this piece on the concrete pad on the ocean side of the compound
continuing with our theme of doing the least efficient way possible we’re back out to the
western side of the island where we can find this little grotto we want to head to the back
right of the cave where we’ll find the part submerged next to this rock formation
speaking of rock formations the next one can
be found inland off a dirt road near this mini cliff face thingy
staying in some of the more rural areas of the map we’re heading back to the hillside vineyard
next the next part can be found four rows in from the dirt track at the top of the hill
assuming we only count the four rows and not those two little ending bits
next up we’re heading for this overpass near a big t junction plonk yourself down at the bottom
of the overpass and head into the river the piece we’re looking for is at the base of the waterfall
heading to this dated homestead on the hill next the park can be found
at the back of the property between some plants
over to the abandoned property about halfway up the hill here the next part
is hidden under the collapse veranda at the back of the dilapidated building
back up to this old busted property not far from a trevor’s airfield despite being
a couple of busted trailers and an old yacht in the middle of one of the poorest parts of the
whole island there always seems to be a couple of brand new sentinels parked around the place
which is in no way suspicious we can find the part on the other side of the boat behind the dinghy
next we’re heading to the polito radio satellite array specifically the satellite on the far left
when you’re facing the highway head up to the top of the stairs to pick up number 35.
back to one of the streams leading into the lmo c again about half way up we can see this
old enclosed bridge we can find the next part just underneath near one of the stone pylons
staying on the same lead in stream we’re looking for this little waterfall a few
feet upstream we can find the part in its little eroded bit on the shoreline
next one along is a bit further inland just south of the lmoc you can find
this rock formation with a bit of a walking track up the side we’re about halfway up
radio another painful one next heading up the mountain ranges we need to plonk ourselves down
about two thirds of the way up the mountain and then walk down this goat track to get the part
oh and don’t forget about the aiming trick to get back up either heading to the hippie camp next
where we can find the next part at the top of the concrete art installation
right we’re officially 80 done only 10 more to go back to the lmoc again this time we’re heading to
what looks like an old mooring near this blue building head to the middle of the pondy thing
and take a dive under the water where you see the part on the seabed near some rocks
heading up the feeder river next we’re looking for this bridge over a small
waterfall you’ll see a rocky outcrop with some grass and some shrubs in the middle
of the falls and we’ll be able to find the part on the high side of those rocks
over to the old boat house on the far eastern side of the island next i originally picked this
part up for another walk through so please forgive the change of outfit and transport
as we return to our regular viewing we’re off to the highway bridge next
and this one’s uh challenging to get to so we’ll come back to it in a bit
heading northwest a bit into the outskirts of polito we’re looking for this
paddock which normally has a few cows running around the part is located near the feed bin
back to the other side of the island again looking for this little doodad
off the main coastline the part is located not far from the big tree
staying in the more rural parts of the map we’re heading over to the other side of the alamo and
into the mountains a bit where we’ll find a bit of a valley with an abandoned property and a pretty
rickety looking shed walk into the open barn doors and the part will be up the back on the left
back out to the other side of the map again on the other side of the
highway from the coast you’ll see a square concrete tunnel next to
a large fallen tree branch the part is on the highway side of the tunnel
not far away is the fire station and fire training
ground this time we’re looking for the part on the second floor in the
training tower head up the stairs and jump into the concrete structure to collect it
and for the penultimate part we’re heading to the zancudo grain growers
at the north of the map look for the silver silos and an older looking
but reasonably well maintained barn the part is right up the back there
okay time for the final part so we’re heading back to that bridge we checked out for number 44. i’m
sure there are a number of ways at it but the way that came to mind for me was to parachute in head
out to the ocean a touch and gain some altitude in the chopper when you feel like you’re high
enough rotate so the pilot side of the helicopter is facing the bridge bank right jump and pull your
chute more or less straight away oh and banking right will make sure the heli falls away from
your direction of travel so you don’t get turned into mincemeat by the blades line yourself up left
of center making sure you aim at a support so you don’t accidentally roll off when you land
and finally keep your head positioned around the middle of where you’d like to lean once you touch
down you should be able to reach the part and then it’s a big old congrats you’ve collected
all of the ufo parts now after a few moments you should see a new marker on the map for franklin
head over to this one and enjoy the cutscene omega is a genuine laugh so make sure you have the sound
up once he’s given his demonstration that’s it for the omega quest line jump in the space hopper and
settle in for a driving experience it’s not a fast experience it’s not a particularly lively
experience but it certainly is an experience and once you’re back to franklin’s house store
the hopper in his garage and that’s it it’s now yours and thanks for watching check out
the video at the top for another handy guide or the one down the bottom for some more old
grumpy game my goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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