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Learn how to beat the stock market in GTA 5 story mode with these insider trading tips. Make savvy investments and retire on a fortune.
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Unlock the Ultimate GTA 5 Money Method: Beginner’s Guide to Investing Old Grumpy Gamers

Are you tired of grinding endlessly in Grand Theft Auto 5’s story mode to earn some money? Well, then this guide is perfect for you. In this video, we will take you through every major trade you should make in the stock market to make game-breaking money. With some savvy pre and post-investments, you can beat the market and retire on a fortune. This is a cut-down version of our full guide where we go through making money in-depth. But in this guide, we’ll only go through the trades themselves. So, let’s cut to the chase.

Grand Theft Auto 5: A World of Opportunities and Consequences

Welcome to Los Santos, a city of endless opportunities and dangerous consequences. In this world, money talks louder than bullets, and the stock market is your playground. However, the stock market is not for the faint of heart. It’s a world of insider trading, market manipulation, and ruthless competition. So, you’ll need to keep your eyes and ears open and make the right decisions at the right time.

Investing Basics: Stacking the Odds in Your Favor

To unlock the ultimate GTA 5 money method, you need to understand the basics of investing. The first major trade you should make is in the Hotel Assassination. Start by swapping to Michael and investing in Better Pharmaceuticals on the BAWSAQ Exchange. Do the same for Trevor and Franklin. Then complete the mission and wait for the stock price to jump. Sell it all when it does.

Next, wait for the right moment to invest in Vangelico, just after completing “Eye in the Sky” and before “The Paleto Score.” Then, invest in a modest recovery insurance company, Augery, after completing “The Big Score.” After “Surveying the Score,” invest in the recovering security company, GRU.

Step-by-Step Process to Increase Your Wealth

The real gains start here. Once Redwood dips after the Lifeinvader mission, invest in FlyUS. After some time, it will recover, and you can sell it off for a solid profit. After completing one of the endings, invest in Augury Insurance again, sync each character’s funds, and give it some time to recover before selling. Then, invest in Tinkle and complete the random encounter near the beach. Afterward, invest in Fruit, then Facade, and pick up Gold Coast Development after the Construction Assassination.

Follow these steps, and with a bit of patience and strategy, you can triumph over GTA 5’s cut-throat stock market. Happy investing.

welcome to Los Santos a city of endless opportunities and dangerous consequences
in this world Money Talks louder than bullets and the stock market is your playground with
a little bit of strategy and luck you can turn a small investment into a fortune but
beware the stock market is not for the faint of heart it’s a world of insider
trading Market manipulation and ruthless competition you’ll need to keep your eyes
and ears open and make the right decisions at the right time in this guide we’ll take you
through every major trade you should make in the stock market in Grand Theft Auto 5’s story mode
and I’m an old grumpy gamer well we’re fast heading to the 10-year anniversary of GTA 5
and we’re still discovering things we can do to exploit story Mode’s mechanics and generally run
amok one of the more fun things we can do is really stack the odds in our favor by doing
a little light work for Leicester and with some Savvy pre and post Investments the boys
can consistently beat the market and retire on a fortune this is a cut down version of
our full guide that takes you through making game breaking money we’re only going through
the trades themselves here as suggested by commenter Henry H if you’re after the full game
breaking guide check out this video and there’s a link in the description below otherwise you’re
in the right place so let’s cut right to the chase so starting with the hotel assassination
so start by swapping it to Michael then sync everything into better Pharmaceuticals on the
ball sack exchange once you’ve done that swap to Trevor and do the same thing finally swap to
Franklin and pour all his money into better too then head to the L on the map which will trigger
the first Leicester assassination complete the mission then head back to a safe house
and either Franklin or Michael will do here using this sleep trick Advance time a couple of times
we want to jump ahead around 12 to 18 hours once that’s done you should see the price jump sell
your better stock on all three characters jump forward another one and a half days and Trevor
is your best bet for this in that time the price of bilkington that’s bil will tank buy the stock
then forward yourself another six days or so this is a bit tedious I know but once we’re
there you should be able to sell your stock for some solid gains the next investment opportunity
needs a bit of forward planning so after Franklin and Trevor complete Eye in the Sky that’s the one
where we steal the car using the police Chopper take each character to ammunition and load up on
ammo if you’re Keen grab some weapons too Now’s the Time we won’t have money for a bit so we need
to make sure we have everything we need for the next few missions once each character has tons
of ammunition and explosives on hand open the stock market on each character’s phone and by
evangelico that’s vag continue playing the main quest line until you’ve completed the Polito
score Heist which is the rural bank robbery then sell your stock our next investment opportunity
isn’t quite as lucrative but it’s still worth the effort same as vangelico though it takes
a bit of forward planning once you’ve completed surveying the score which is where we scope out
the union depository a bit later in the game tool up again take each character to ammunition and
load up on ammo if you can grab some weapons too Now’s the Time we won’t have any money for a bit
so we need to make sure we have everything we need for three pretty straightforward missions
now the security company group sex that’s Gru has been a bit depressed since our last time
us and this is due to make a recovery soon so once each character has tons of ammunition and
explosives on hand jump into the stock market then purchase group six that’s Gru continue the
storyline until you’ve completed fresh meat where Franklin rescues Michael from Cheng then wait an
additional 12 to 36 in-game hours and sell for a modest profit sticking with the forward planning
theme immediately after you’ve completed legal trouble which is where Devin Weston’s lawyer
Molly puts herself through a jet turbine Charming stuff anyway immediately after that mission head
to ammunition and load up all three characters again then sometime over the next 24 in-game
hours the airline responsible for the plane fly us will tank somewhere in the region of 50 now if
you’re time skipping here use Michael because he only jumps six hours at a time once you spot the
dip go all in on fly us that’s Fus with all three characters then continue the storyline until the
end of meltdown that’s the movie premiere where Michael has to save his family from Mary weather
goons by the time Michaels rescued his family the airline stock will have recovered so you can sell
out and get ready for the next one the next opportunity is a bit more complex as it comes
in two parts so once you’ve completed the Big Score that’s the union depository job sleep for
a few days oh and be sure not to go anywhere near Franklin’s front door super important we’re doing
two things here we want to wait to make sure auguri insurance is well and truly depressed
it might not dip but we want to make sure it’s staying put for the moment at the same
time we’re forcing the game not to trigger the finale where Devon Weston visits Franklin right
so after you’re confident the price of auguri is more or less stable sync everything into
it then start the finale by going to Franklin’s front door doesn’t matter which option you pick
either although option C is the Canon ending once you’ve completed one of the endings Lester will
give you a call and deposit the funds from the Big Score into each character’s account sync that
money into a augury insurance too which should already be making a modest recovery wait two to
three in-game days then divest for a pretty solid profit invest everything you have for all three
characters into tinkle that’s tnk on the ball sack exchange then grab a fast car and head to
The Pedestrian overpass near the beach to trigger the random encounter once you’ve dropped our new
friend back at the airport head back to your house and Advance Time by around 24 Hours by
sleeping a few times after that you should be able to sell for a solid 30 gain now the real
gains can start but before they do make sure Franklin’s geared up with a sniper rifle ammo
and a suppressor heavy automatic ammo and RPG ammo and that you’ve completed more or less everything
else on the map the only thing that should be left apart from unmarked Easter eggs is a green
L prior to starting the second Leicester Mission the multi-target assassination remembering the
hotel assassination was the first sync all three characters funds into Debonair that’s Deb once
submission’s been completed wait 18 to 24 in-game hours then sell once that’s complete wait for
Redwood to dip and this normally takes somewhere between 24 and 36 in-game hours then wait another
three to four in-game days and exit and this one’s actually a monster on every platform so hopefully
you’ve doubled or even tripled your money the third Lister assassination mission the vice
assassination won’t quite net the same gains as the last one but it all helps so we’ll start by
purchasing a fruit that’s frt once emissions complete sell for a modest profit somewhere
around the 20 Mark with any luck then immediately purchase facade or fac wait three to four in-game
days and then sell next up is leicester’s fourth Mission the bus assassination this time around we
can jump straight in no pre-mission Investments needed once the target is down vapid that’s VIP
will dip in Fairly short order purchase rapid with every character then wait around three to
four in-game games for recovery and then sell and for our final major trade we’re on to leicester’s
last mission at the construction assassination prior to starting purchase Gold Coast development
or gcd once the construction mob boss has been squared away wait one to two in-game days and exit
your position if you can with a tidy profit and that’s it thanks for watching check out the video
of the top for a guide on making money without Leicester or the one down the bottom for some
more old grumpy gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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