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Maximize your profits on the Grand Theft Auto 5 stock market with this expert guide. Learn how to exploit the money glitch and complete assassination missions to make billions. Perfect for both new and experienced players.
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Maximizing Old Gen GTA 5 Stock Market Profits in 2023: Expert Guide for Savvy Investors

If you’re a savvy investor who enjoys Grand Theft Auto 5, you’ll know that the game’s stock market can be a goldmine for those who know how to invest wisely. But in order to maximize your profits from the stock market in the game’s “offline” mode, it takes a combination of strategic gameplay and market analysis, which is where the Old Grumpy Gamers come in with their 2023 edition guide for maximizing old gen GTA 5 stock market profits.

Learn How to Exploit the GTA 5 Money Glitch in Story Mode

The Old Grumpy Gamers offer a comprehensive guide to GTA 5’s story mode money glitch, which allows players to earn over a billion dollars in-game. This glitch only works for “offline” PC players, Xbox 360, and PS3, but the guide shows you exactly how to exploit it to build up your investment portfolio and retire early with ample seed capital.

Step-by-Step Guide to Maximizing Old Gen GTA 5 Stock Market Profits

But the guide goes beyond just the glitch – it offers a step-by-step walkthrough to maximizing old gen GTA 5 stock market profits, starting with analyzing stock trends and reading financial news. The guide covers essential topics relevant to stock market investing in the game, including investing in stocks and choosing which ones to buy and sell.

The guide also has comprehensive coverage of the game’s assassination missions, which can have a significant impact on the value of certain stocks. Old Grumpy Gamers detail exactly when and where to invest your money, starting with the Hotel Assassination (Bilkington) and moving through Vangelico (Eye in the Sky/The Paleto Heist), More Money for Trevor, Gruppe6 (Surveying the Score/Fresh Meat), Fly Us (Legal Trouble/Meltdown), and Augury (Finalé), among others. The guide even covers how to avoid triggering TNK and the disappearing stock bug.

Who Will Benefit From This Expert Guide?

This updated guide is geared specifically for gamers who play GTA 5’s story mode on Xbox 360, PS3, and/or “offline” PC players. The guide is for gamers who want to improve their in-game financial skills, earn a position as a CEO, or just get rich quick. The lessons and strategies provided in the guide are suitable for players of all skill levels, from beginners to experts.

Join the Gaming Community to Maximize Your Old Gen Profits

Old Grumpy Gamers makes it easy to get involved with their gaming community with links to their Discord, Twitch, and other social media platforms. The guide even includes links to additional guides for specific stocks, as well as guides for completing side-quests and missions, like Nigel & Mrs. Thornhill, Maud Bounties, Altruist Camp, Epsilon Tract, and Nuclear Sub Parts.

If you’re an old-school fan of Grand Theft Auto looking to maximize your profits in the stock market, the Maximizing Old Gen GTA 5 Stock Market Profits in 2023: Expert Guide for Savvy Investors is a valuable resource to have at your disposal.

hi in this video we’re doing the 2023 update to our GTA 5 story mode Investors Guide where
you’ll learn how to make so much money the game literally won’t be able to cope
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer well we’re fast heading to
the 10-year anniversary of GTA 5 and we’re still discovering new things we can do to exploit story
modes mechanics and generally run amok one of the more fun things to do is literally make more money
than the game can handle using the stock market and using this guide you’ll end up with so much
money you could never spend it in game before we dive in though if you find this helpful we
do lots of Grand Theft Auto online and GTA 5 guides tips and tricks so if you’re new to the
channel don’t forget to subscribe and ring the bell for more content like this oh and for this
guide I’m going to assume you’ll be following the natural progression of the game for the
most part that means following the storyline for whichever character the game drops you on
at the end of each Mission and I should also note this supersedes our previous guides too this is a
pretty big guide with a lot to cover but if you’re just after the stock trades scrub forward to the
time stamp on screen if you want to go through the whole thing we’ve broken the guide down into
sections who this guide is for changes from our previous guides using the in-game stock exchange
time skipping maximizing returns or saves coming what to do if you have too much money raising seed
Capital The Disappearing stock bug a recap and final pre-investment prep and the actual
Investments themselves also this is not really for your first playthrough so if you’ve just jumped
into GTA 5 story mode for the first time don’t try this I’d suggest working through the storyline in
its entirety and genuinely enjoying it then coming back to this guide for your second playthrough so
first things first this guide applies if you’re on an older generation console that’s a PS3 an
Xbox 360 or a running a PC version that can’t be registered or of course you’re running the game
in an otherwise offline mode if you’re running a PS4 PS5 Xbox One Xbox S or X or a legit copy
of GTA 5 for PC and you have your Rockstar Social Club linked to your game which gives you access
to the secondary ballsack exchange then you need our full invest Justice guide which you can find
Linked In the description below this is a good one if you’re working your way through GTA 5
story Mode’s Main questline and have not done the Leicester assassinations using Franklin
the Jay Norris one carried out by Michael doesn’t count if you’ve already used Franklin to complete
all of leicester’s assassination missions you’ve missed the boat on game breaking money but there’s
still a good chance you can make enough money to buy just about everything with this guide
and there’s a link in the description below so for this guide I’m going to assume you’ve never
used the in-game stock market before and this is your second or third playthrough and I don’t
want to harp on it but for clarity do not do the Leicester assassination missions without your seed
funding and investments in place that means you do not visit the L on the map with Franklin when
it becomes available can’t stress it enough also don’t buy any of the businesses just yet either
steer away from vehicle mods clothes and tats too this is our third iteration of this guide and it’s
a little different from the 2022 version this time around we’ve removed estimated percentage gains
unfortunately the gains have started to diverge vastly between the PC version previous console
generations and the current next-gen consoles Rockstar also appeared to have nerfed trades
which makes it really hard to get a good gauge of what’s what removed the briefcase Fund Raising
section again instead of fixing the underwater briefcase exploit on PC and previous generation
consoles Rockstar opted to Simply remove the mechanic altogether this means slightly less
money than we’d otherwise have but not so much that you will notice later in the game clarified
the order of proceedings some of the language used in previous iterations of this guide left
viewers a bit confused so we’ve reworked a few bits and pieces to make it clearer refined some
trades we’ve been able to improve the Returns on a few trades by tweaking the timing a little largely
as a result of feedback research and comments from our amazing Community added an extra trade
we’ve missed a trade on the previous iterations specifically the fly us trade so we’ve added that
one in and added a too much money workaround when you top the game’s cash cap which is a
Touch Above 2.1 billion dollars per character it becomes a little more challenging to pull your
money out of the stock exchange we’ve added some instructions on how to deal with that when you hit
it variety oh the stock market in GTA 5 operates like the stock market in real life socks go up
and down based on in-world events announcements and general happenings this can include Market
reactions to heists the untimely deaths of CEOs and news from rival companies there are also some
random fluctuations but we’re not going to worry about those instead we’ll be concentrating on
Major Market Movers now before we get into the actual stock tips there’s a few things we need
to cover first starting with the basic mechanics around buying and selling stocks the stock market
is unlocked not long after Michael sorts out Jay Norris in friend request where we meet Ricky to
purchase stock open your phone that’s up on your d-pad for a controller or the up arrow
on your keyboard next head to the internet icon click the money and services Tab and let’s start
with the Liberty City exchange or LCN as you can see here there are a number of stocks available
the company name and current price columns are pretty self-explanatory it’s the price movement
and average change that we’ll be keeping an eye on movement here determines whether we make money
or lose it On Any Given trade assuming you’re good there to purchase any stock you click on
it click the green buy button click and hold the green plus button until you have all the stock you
want and normally we’ll be purchasing as many as we can then click the green buy button again once
that’s done you’ll see a readout of the purchase with the current price and your potential profit
or loss and after that you can exit the Internet by clicking the X in the URL bar selling is
reasonably straightforward too bring up your phone head to the internet icon click money and services
click on either the LCN or balsac doesn’t matter but this time we’re clicking my portfolio and
if you’re happy with the pricing click sell all so with that out of the way there are two other
Concepts we need to cover before we get started firstly jumping forward in this case jumping
forward is the practice of advancing game time without actually having to spend hours on the game
itself this is normally done by saving the game simply go to bed with any character either save
or back out without saving and the game advances a few hours now each character is a little different
Michael sleeped for six hours when he goes to bed Franklin sleeps for eight and Trevor for
12. so if we want to advance say one full day in game that’s 24 hours we’d need to send Trevor to
bed twice Franklin to bed three times and Michael would need to go to bed four times it’s a bit of a
pain in the backside but it’s a whole lot better than AFK for the 48 minutes it would take to hit
the same timeline the next trick is called save scumming and we use it to maximize returns GTA’s
story mode has some volatility and a whole lot of timing built into the market and that sometimes
means we can miss our optimal sale price to avoid this check the price of stock before you send your
character in a bit so in this case and I’m just using a random stock here for the sake of this
example we can see I’m looking at an all-time high of 13.6 profit so let’s save that then Advance
time one day by going to save and then backing out three times because we’re using Franklin now
we check the stock again this time it’s going down a little so we’ll keep at it we’ll Advance another
day and this time we have a new all-time high which is a yield around 14.9 percent so let’s do
a proper safe jumping forward another day we can see a slight dip here I think 14.9 was a better
return and it’s likely going to be the best we can get so let’s go back to that last save and
sell at that 14.9 Mark open your pause menu go to game load game and select the slot you just used
once the game loads you can open the stock market and sell out most of the time it will be pretty
close to the all-time high that you sold on it’s not quite the way the game is meant to work but
hey we’re actively manipulating the stock market here and it’s all about return on investment right
here one more thing to cover before delving into the C lead funding part of this video Maximum cash
capacity each character can only and I say only carry a maximum of two billion 147 million 483 647
in-game dollars this is likely a system limitation put in place for the Xbox and PS3 versions as it’s
the largest 32-bit integer that can exist if the value of your shares exceeds this when you come
to the last mission or two you’ll only be able to cash in some of your stock if this is the case you
can spend up and then withdraw more later so not to worry to do this when you go to sell some stock
open the stock exchange on your phone go to my portfolio click on the stock itself not the sell
all button but the share then crank up the number of shares until you get bored and click the sell
button after that you can spend up buy businesses properties Vehicles weapons whatever you like once
you’re done you can top up your funds by going back to your stock portfolio and selling some
more shares okay the next thing we need to do is build seed Capital after all it takes money to
make money most of our early game opportunities for raising Capital are available after Hood
Safari has been completed that’s the one where Trevor meets Auntie Denise and gives her seven
dollars it’s also where we visit CJ’s old place for the San Andreas fans out there you also need
to have completed the Merryweather heist where Trevor accidentally steals an experimental weapon
now these missions can be a little bit tedious and time consuming so do set aside a good day to knock
them out so let’s start with Michael open your phone and search for Epsilon click the Epsilon
program website and start the survey this will start the Epsilon Institute questline which will
lead Michael on quite the journey conveniently we’ve made a set of guides on how to get through
these missions links are in the description below once you’ve made your way through the
questline to the final mission unknowing the truth steal the money fromage gives you nettingus 2.1
million in seed money and properly starting our journey moving over to Franklin next first up we
want to head to this part of the map to trigger the bike theft random event now don’t worry too
much about the footage we definitely want to do this with Franklin after you’ve returned the bike
with Franklin continue the game as normal do a few missions and sleep a bit whatever sometime in the
next in-game week or so Franklin will receive an email from the bike’s owner have a quick read then
head to the stock market my portfolio and sell the stock and with any luck that should net Franklin
an additional one hundred thousand dollars or just shy thereof next head to the sonar collection
stock on the western side of the map with the money from the jewelry store job and the shares
from the mountain bike Franklin should have just enough money to purchase the stock once that’s
done jump in the sub and collect the 30 lots of nuclear waste put an additional 690 Grand plus
a refund on the purchase price in the Franklin’s bank account if Franklin does not have enough cash
for this check Trevor’s account to see if he can afford it and if not Michael will do but if you
can do this with Franklin that’s your preferred option right over to Trevor next now Trevor
already has some money available so we’re just going to top him up a bit by doing some freaks and
strangers side quests starting with this marker which triggers the Vinewood souvenir side quest
with Nigel and Mrs Thornhill these are a bit of fun too nowhere near as tedious as the submarine
collections when you get to the last mission of the questline the last act where you go to
um dispose of el dinopoly on the way to the drop-off I will offer you a bribe wait until the
second offer of ten thousand dollars then drop him off sticking with Trevor you should have received
a message from Maude by the time we get to this point head to her Freaks and stranger marker here
and Maude will give you four bounties to collect bring each of them in alive for an additional
forty thousand dollars heading to the base of the path to the altruist Camp next we’ll find this odd
scene an approximation of a scene from No Country for Old Men where we’ll be able to finish off the
remaining participants and collect an easy 25 grand the final round of uh series a funding can
be collected by completing the altruist challenge this is where you drop off four poor souls to
the outross camp where we strongly suspect these cannibals will make soup of them I typically pick
up the most morally dubious characters to drop off as always there’s a complete guide available
in the description below and that’s it for Trevor for now it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t worry
about any of the other businesses most of them lose money and the Mackenzie Airfield hanger will
take around four hours of grinding to break even let alone turn a profit and that’s it for early
prep with this done Michael should be sitting on a little under three mil with Franklin around a
million and Trevor hopefully around the 330 Grand Mark okay now it’s nearly time for our first
investment now the great thing is this is all percentage based rather than pricing that means
that we can do these in any order and the returns will be more or less the same also prices change
from playthrough to play through the percentages remain on par between games though start by doing
a hard save of your game that’s where you send a character to bed and create a new save file as
opposed to a regular auto save or just going to bed and then backing out next we’re going
to confirm your game isn’t bugged which happens maddeningly often heads of the stock exchange on
your phone and find augury Insurance that’s Aug on the LCN exchange and purchase one share one
share exit out go to bed and immediately back out then check your phone again if the shares there
your game is fine if not your game is bugged and you may need to refer to this guide or to check
out the video in the description below assuming your game stock market is fine you’re good to go
right so to recap we’ve covered using the in-game stock exchange time skipping maximizing returns
or saves coming what to do if you have too much money raising seed capital and the disappearing
stock bug so Franklin Michael and Trevor should all have a decent amount of cash in the bank
with Mr desanta really getting a solid Head Start the next thing we need to do with this
is part maximizing sundry cash and part minimizing distractions is clear all the side quests except
the Leicester one so that means I’d like you to complete every story Mission that’s available on
the map and visit every question mark again except the Leicester Franklin Mission which is denoted
by a green L on the map once the only thing left on the map is Franklin’s Leicester Mission we’re
more or less good to go so head to the L on the map which will trigger the first Leicester
assassination complete the mission then head back to a safe house and either Franklin or Michael
will do here using this sleep trick Advance time a couple of times we want to jump ahead around 12 to
18 hours jump forward another one and a half days and Trevor’s your best bet for this in that time
the price of bilkington that’s bil will tank buy the stock then forward yourself another six days
or so this is a bit tedious I know but once we’re there you should be able to sell your stock for
some solid gains the next investment opportunity needs a bit of forward planning so after Franklin
and Trevor complete Eye in the Sky that’s the one where we steal the car using the police Chopper
take each character to ammunition and load up on ammo if you’re Keen grab some weapons too Now’s
the Time we won’t have money for a bit so we need to make sure we have everything we need for the
next few missions once each character has tons of ammunition and explosives on hand open the stock
market on each character’s phone and buy vangelico that’s vag continue playing the main quest line
until you’ve completed the Polito score Heist which is the rural bank robbery then sell your
stock okay a few missions later we will have a quick opportunity to give Trevor a bit of a top up
too once you complete the mission Predator where you hunt down some of the O’Neill boys using a
sniper rifle from a chopper and use strangers and freaks Mission will unlock for Franklin where you
can do a triathlon against Marianne Quinn after you’ve completed the triath immediately swap from
Franklin to Trevor then head to this location near where the end of the race was once you’re
there you will see a new random encounter rescue the young lady and drop her off and a little while
later you’ll receive a phone call and Trevor will receive a sixty thousand dollar reward our next
investment opportunity isn’t quite as lucrative but it’s still worth the effort same as evangelico
though it takes a bit of forward planning once you’ve completed surveying the school
which is where we scope out the union depository a bit later in the game tool up again take each
character to ammunition and load up on ammo if you can grab some weapons too Now’s the Time we
won’t have any money for a bit so we need to make sure we have everything we need for three pretty
straightforward missions now the security company group sex that’s Gru has been a bit depressed
since our last Heist and this is due to make a recovery soon so once each character has tons of
ammunition and explosives on hand jump into the stock market then purchase group six that’s Gru
continue the storyline until you’ve completed fresh meat where Franklin rescues Michael from
Chang then wait an additional 12 to 36 in-game hours and sell for a modest profit sticking with
the forward planning theme immediately after you’ve completed legal trouble which is where
Devin Weston’s lawyer Molly puts herself through a jet turbine Charming stuff anyway immediately
after that mission head to ammunition and load up all three characters again then sometime over the
next 24 in-game hours the airline responsible for the plane fly us will tank somewhere in the region
of 50 now if you’re time skipping here use Michael because he only jumps six hours at a time once you
spot the dip go all in on fly us that’s Fus with all three characters then continue the storyline
until the end of meltdown that’s the movie premiere where Michael has to save his family from
Mary weather goons by the time Michaels rescued his family the airline stock will have recovered
so you can sell out and get ready for the next one the next opportunity is a bit more complex as it
comes in two parts so once you’ve completed the Big Score that’s the union depository job sleep
for a few days oh and be sure not to go anywhere near Franklin front door super important we’re
doing two things here we want to wait to make sure auguri insurance is well and truly depressed it
might not dip but we want to make sure it’s staying put for the moment at the same time
we’re forcing the game not to trigger the finale where Devon Weston visits Franklin right so after
you’re confident the price of augury is more or less stable sync everything into it then start
the finale by going to Franklin’s front door it doesn’t matter which option you pick either
although option C is the Canon ending once you’ve completed one of the endings Lester will give you
a call and deposit the funds from the Big Score into each character’s account sync that money into
a augury insurance too which should already be making a modest recovery wait two to three in-game
days then divest for a pretty solid profit now the real gains can start but before they do make sure
Franklin’s geared up with its sniper rifle ammo and the suppressor heavy automatic ammo and RPG
ammo and the if completed more or less everything else on the map the only thing that should be left
apart from unmarked Easter eggs is a grain L prior to starting the second Leicester Mission
the multi-target assassination remembering the hotel assassination was the first sync all three
characters funds into Debonair that’s Deb once the mission’s been completed wait 18 to 24 in-game
hours then sell once that’s complete wait for Redwood to dip and this normally takes somewhere
between 24 and 36 in-game hours then wait another three to four in-game days and exit and this one’s
actually a monster on every platform so hopefully you’ve doubled or even tripled your money and for
our final major trade we’re on to leicester’s last mission at the construction assassination prior to
starting purchase Gold Coast development or gcd once a construction mob boss has been squared
away wait one to two in-game days and exit your position if you can with a tidy profit and with
that you should have more money than the game could even handle time to go out and buy well
everything now if you’ve done this right there’s a better than average chance you won’t actually
be able to sell all your stock if that’s the case open the stock exchange go to my portfolio click
on the share itself not the seller button but the share then crank up the number of shares until you
get bored and click the sell button after that you can spend up buy businesses properties Vehicles
weapons whatever you like once you’re done you can top up your funds by going back to your stock
portfolio and selling more shares and that’s it thanks for watching check out the video up the
top for a guide on making money without Leicester well the one down the bottom for some more old
grumpy aim of goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video foreign

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