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$6.4 Billion Stock Market Guide (2022)

Learn how to make a lot of money through the stock market in GTA 5 Story Mode with the Old Grumpy Gamers investor's guide. This guide gives tips on maximizing sell price, accessing seed funding, and completing assassination missions. Follow the guide and you'll be able to make so much money that the game won't be able to keep up.
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$6.4 Billion 2022 Stock Market Guide for GTA 5 Story Mode

This YouTube video provides a guide for players of the Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) Story Mode who want to make a lot of money through the game’s stock market. The narrator provides valuable tips and tricks for maximizing profits, including how to use the stock market, jumping/time warping, maximizing sell price, accessing seed funding, and completing assassination missions to increase cash capacity.

The video emphasizes that players should not attempt the Lester Assassination missions without the proper seed funding and investments in place, as this will result in a missed opportunity to make significant money. The video also covers other topics, such as buying a golf club, golf course, and businesses, and provides links to additional guides for off-line stock and stock without Lester. The video also notes that the guide applies to those who are playing through the storyline for the first time and have not yet used the in-game stock market.

The video provides valuable information on how to buy and sell stock in the game, and how stocks change based on in-world events, announcements, and news. The video advises players to pay attention to major market movers, including market reactions to Heists, CEO deaths, and news from rival companies.

The video provides useful timestamps for each section of the guide, including warnings about must-do tasks before completing missions and the best investments to make before starting a mission. The video also includes additional tips, such as community tips and untested rumors.

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Overall, this guide aims to help GTA 5 players make a lot of money through the game’s stock market, with helpful tips, tricks, and warnings to ensure players do not miss key opportunities for profit.

hi in this video we’re doing an update to our gta 5 story mode investor guide where
you’ll learn how to make so much money the game literally won’t be able to cope
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly massive
game between gta 5 and the constant updates and rockstar for gta online there’s no shortage of new
content and interesting things to do join me then as we go through a comprehensive guide to breaking
the stock market in gta 5 story mode and earning more than 6.4 billion dollars between your three
characters before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides news and giveaways so
consider subscribing and ringing the bell stay up to date oh and for this guide i’m going to assume
you’ll be following the natural progression of the game for the most part that means following
the storyline for whichever character the game drops you in at the end of a mission and
i should note this also supersedes our previous guide so first things first this guide applies
if you’re working your way through gta 5 story mode’s main quest line and have not done the
leicester assassination missions using franklin the jay norris one carried out by michael doesn’t
actually account for this if you’ve already used franklin to complete all of leicester’s
assassination missions you’ve missed the boat on game breaking money but there’s still a good
chance you can make enough money to buy just about everything with this guide there’s a link in the
description below so for this guide i’m going to assume you’ve never used the in-game stock market
before and this is one of your first playthroughs and i don’t want to harp on but for clarity
do not do the leicester assassination missions without your seed funding and investments in place
that means you do not visit the l on the map with franklin when it becomes available can’t stress it
enough also don’t buy any of the businesses yet either and steer away from vehicle mods
clothes and hats too if you already know what you’re doing with the stock market
know how to quickly jump forward in time and know the save scumming trick you can jump ahead to the
time stamp shown on screen or use the shortcut in the description below right here the stock
market in gta 5 operates like the stock market in real life stocks go up and down based on in-world
events announcements and general happenings this can include a market reaction to a heist
the untimely death of a ceo or news from rival companies there’s also some random fluctuations
but we’re not going to worry about those instead we’ll be concentrating on the major market movers
now before we get to the actual stock tips there’s a few things we need to cover first
starting with the basic mechanics around buying and selling stock the stock market is unlocked
not long after michael sorts out jay norris in friend request where we meet ricky to purchase
stock open your phone that’s up on your d-pad for a controller or the up arrow on your keyboard
next head to the internet icon click the money and services tab and let’s get started with the
liberty city exchange or the lcn as you can see there are a number of stocks available the company
name and the current price columns are pretty self-explanatory it’s the price movement and the
average change that we’ll be keeping an eye on movement here determines whether we make money
or lose it on any given trade next up is the bolsac exchange click the gray tab at the
top to access this now if you see a list like this you’re good to go if the exchange is not
available or it’s offline this becomes a little more work what we’ll need to do to get the second
exchange working is link your rockstar social club account with your game so if you have a psn or an
xbox live account you should be able to do this by logging into rockstargames.com and selecting
link account from the menu at the top right steam epic and standard pc versions should be
more or less the same but there are links to the official rockstar documentation below once you’ve
done that restart the game and you should be able to access the balsa exchange now after all that
if you’re still not able to get onto the balsack exchange then you need to jump over to this video
instead which expressly deals with offline trades only as always links in the description below
assuming you’re good there to purchase any stock click on it click the green buy button click and
hold the green plus button until you have all the stock you want and normally that means we’ll be
purchasing as many as we can click the green buy button again and once that’s done you’ll see a
readout of the purchase with the current price and your potential profit or loss after that you can
exit the internet by clicking the x in the url bar at the top selling is reasonably straightforward
too bring up your phone head to the internet icon click the money and services tab again
click on either lcn or the ball sack it doesn’t matter but this time we’re clicking my portfolio
and if you’re happy with the pricing click sell all so with that one out of the way there’s two
other concepts we need to cover before we get started firstly jumping forward in this case
jumping forward is the practice of advancing game time without actually having to spend hours on the
game itself this is normally done by saving a game simply go to bed with any character either save
or back out without saving and the game advances a few hours now each character
is a little different michael sleeps for six hours when he goes to bed franklin sleeps for eight and
trevor for 12. so if we wanted to say advance one full day in the game that’s 24 hours we’d
need to send trevor to bed twice franklin to bed three times and michael would need to go to bed
four times it’s a bit of a pain in the backside but it’s a whole lot better than afk for the 48
minutes it would take to hit the same time in game the next trick is called save scumming and we use
it to maximize returns gta story mode has some volatility and a whole lot of timing built into
the market and sometimes that means we can miss our optimal sale price to avoid this check the
price of a stock before you send your character to bed so in this case that i’m using a random stock
edges for the sake of the example we can see the stock i’m looking at is an all-time high of 13.6
profit so let’s save that then advance one day by going to save then backing out three times
because we’re using franklin who sleeps eight hours at a time now we check the stock again
this time it’s gone down a little so we’ll keep at it we’ll advance another day and this time we
have a new all-time high which is a yield around that 14.9 profit so let’s do a proper safe jumping
forward another day we can see a slight dip here i think the 14.9 was a better return and it’s likely
going to be the best we’re going to get so let’s go back to that last save and sell at that 14.9
mark open your pause menu go to game load game and select the save slot you just used
once the game loads you can open the stock market and sell out most of the time will be pretty close
to that all-time high you sold on this is not quite the way the game is meant to work but
hey we’re actively manipulating the stock market here and it’s all about that return on investment
rightio one more thing to cover before delving into the funding part of this video maximum cash
capacity each character can only and i say only carry a maximum of 2 billion 147 million 483
647 this is likely a system limitation put in place for the xbox and the ps3 versions as it’s
the largest 32-bit number that can exist if the value of your shares exceed this when you come
to the last mission or two you’ll only be able to cash in some of your stock if this is the case you
can spend up then withdraw more later so not to worry okay the next thing we need to do is build
some seed capital after all it takes money to make money most of our early game opportunities for
raising capital are available after hood safari which is the one where trevor meets anthony’s and
gives her seven dollars it’s also the one where we visit cj’s old place for any san andreas fans out
there you’ll also need to have completed the merryweather heist where trevor accidentally
steals an experimental weapon so let’s start with michael open your phone and search for epsilon
click on the epsilon program website and start the survey this will start the epsilon institute
quest line which will leave michael on quite a journey conveniently we’ve made a set of guides
on how to get through these missions the links are in the description below once you’ve made it
all the way through the quest line to the final mission unknowing the truth still the money from
aj gives you netting you 2.1 million in seed money and properly starting our journey moving over to
franklin next first up we want to head to this part of the map to trigger the bike theft random
event now don’t worry too much about the footage we definitely want to do this with franklin soon
after returning the bike franklin will receive 100 000 in stock which you should sell immediately
next head to the sonar collection stock on the western side of the map with the money from
the jewellery store job and the shares from the mountain bike franklin should have just enough
money to purchase the dock once that’s done jump in the sub and collect 30 lots of nuclear waste
to put an additional 690 000 in the kitty plus get a refund on your original purchase price
right over to trevor next now trevor already has some money so we’re just giving him a bit of a
top-up starting with the sonar collection stock that franklin just purchased head to the dock
jump in the dinghy and head to this point on the map now i know the footage shows franklin here
but we definitely want to do this one with trevor once you close dive down and dig amongst the reeds
in front of this aircraft hull there’s still an old marker for the secret money briefcases
that were removed a while back if you can find it there’s an additional 12 dollars for your trouble
after that head to this strangers and freaks marker to start the vinewood souvenirs side quests
with nigel and mrs thornhill these are a bit of fun too and nowhere near as tedious as those
submarine collections when you get to the last mission of the questline the last act where you go
to dispose of al dinopoly on the way to the drop-off al will offer you a bribe wait until
the second offer of ten thousand dollars and then drop him off sticking with trevor you should have
received a message from maude by the time we get to this point head to the freaks and strangers
marker here and maude will give you four bounties to collect bring each of them in alive for an
additional forty thousand dollars in total heading to the base of the outros camp next we’ll find
this odd scene an approximation of a scene from no country for old men we will be able to finish off
the remaining participants and collect an easy 25 grand and the final round of series a funding can
be collected by completing the altruist challenge itself this is where you drop off four poor souls
to the outros camp where it’s strongly suspected these cannibals will make soup of them i typically
pick the most morally dubious characters to drop off and as always there is a complete guide
available in the description below and that’s it for trevor it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t
worry about any of the other businesses most of them lose money and the mckenzie airfield hangout
will take around about four hours of grinding before you even break even let alone turn a
profit and that’s it for early prep with all this done michael should be sitting on a little under
three million with franklin around the million mark and trevor sitting on about 330 grand
okay time to get down to brass tax investments now the first and one of the most important
things is if you are driving around this part of the map and see this guy asking for a ride
do not pick him up instead head to the other side of the road and deliberately avoid triggering the
start of that random encounter he’ll give us a stop tip that yields somewhere between 25 and 30
and we want to save that for a bit later on in the play through now it’s time for our first
investment starting with better pharmaceuticals under the bet code now the great thing is
prices change from play through to play through the percentages remain on par between games
though start by doing a hard save of your game that’s where we send your character to bed and
actually create a new save file as opposed to the regular auto save or just backing out and next
we’ll confirm your game isn’t bugged which happens maddeningly often head to the stock exchange
on your phone and find it better that’s bet on the ball sack exchange and purchase one share
one share exit out go to bed and immediately back out then check your phone again if the
share is there your game is fine if not your game is bugged and you may need to refer to this guide
or check out the video in the description below to fix it assuming your game stock market is fine
sync all of your money into better for all three characters once you’re done swap back to franklin
and head to the l on the map which will trigger the first leicester assassination complete the
mission and then head back to the safe house either franklin or michael will do here using the
sleep trick advance time a couple of times we want to jump ahead around 12 to 18 hours once that’s
done you should see the price jump around 50 sell on all three characters jump forward another one
and a half days so trevor’s your best bet for this one and in that time the price of bill kington
that’s bil will tank buy the stock and then forward yourself another six days this is a bit
tedious i know but once you get there you should be able to sell your stock for roughly 110 to 140
gains continuing on with the regular storyline not worrying about any of the other leicester missions
the next investment opportunity needs a little bit of forward planning so after franklin and trevor
complete eye in the sky and that’s the one where we steal the car using the police chopper load
up each character with ammo so you can go without cash for a bit and then buy evangelico that’s vag
a few missions later after minor turbulence and that’s where trevor boards are playing
uh with a plane and then leaves via four wheel drive vangelico will spike netting you a profit
of between 40 and 50 now i’ve not tested this but commenter toby does r6 mentioned that they
held off selling until after the polito score and ended up making a whopping 85 on this sale
again i’ve not tested it but it’s worth a crack if you want okay a few missions later we have an
opportunity to give trevor a bit of a top-up too once you’ve completed the mission predator where
you hunt down some of the o’neill boys using a sniper rifle from a chopper a new strangers and
freak’s mission will unlock for franklin where you do a triathlon against mary ann quinn after
you’ve completed the triath immediately swap from franklin to trevor and then head to this location
near where the end of the race was once you’re there you’ll see a new random encounter rescue
the young lady and drop her off and a little while later trevor will receive a 60 000
reward our next investment opportunity isn’t quite as lucrative but it’s still worth the effort once
you’ve completed surveying the score tall up again and we’ll need to go through three missions this
time then purchase group sex that’s g r u continue the storyline until you complete fresh meat where
franklin rescues michael from chang weighing about 12 to 36 in-game hours for a profit of between 15
and 20 after that you can work your way through the regular storyline until you’ve completed the
finale once you have completed the finale and this works regardless of which ending you choose
although we will stick with the canon ending for this so once you’ve completed one of the endings
and you’ve received the union depository funds from leicester invest in augury insurance that’s
aug immediately whose stock has tanked due to the heist wait two to three in-game days then divest
for around 100 in gains now remember that fella at the start of the video i said to avoid like the
play it’s time to work his lead invest everything you have all three characters into tinkle that’s
tnk on the ball sack exchange then grab a fast car it needs to be a fast car and head to the
pedestrian overpass near the beach to trigger this random encounter once you’ve dropped off our new
friend at the airport head back to your house and then advance time by around 24 hours by sleeping a
few times after that you should be able to sell for around about 30 profit okay assassinations
next where the real gains start but before they do make sure franklin is geared up with
sniper rifle ammo and a suppressor heavy automatic ammo and rpg ammo prior to the second leicester
mission the multi-target assassination remembering the hotel assassination was first sync your funds
into debonair that’s deb once submission’s been completed wait 18 to 24 in-game hours then sell
for around 40 to 50 more than your original purchase price once that’s complete wait for
redwood that’s rwc to dip which typically takes 24 to 36 in-game hours yolo all three characters on
that wait another three to four days in game and exit at about 300 percent the degenerates over
at wall street bets would be proud the third last mission and the vice assassination won’t
quite net the same gains as the last one but it all helps start by purchasing fruit that’s frt
once submission is complete sell for 22 to 26 profit then immediately purchase facade or fac
wait another three to four in-game days and sell this should bring you around about 32-ish percent
gain next up is the fourth leicester assassination mission the bus assassination this time around we
can jump straight in no pre-mission investments needed once the target’s downed wait for vapid
that’s vap to dip and purchase as much stock as you can with all three characters wait around
three to four in-game days and then sell and this should net you a tidy 95 to 100 profit and for our
final major trade we’re in to leicester’s last mission the construction assassination prior to
starting purchase gold coast development or gcd once the construction mob boss has been
squared away wait one to two in-game days and exit your position with roughly 43 to 59 profit
and with that you should have more money than the game can handle time to go out and buy
well everything and that’s it thanks for watching check out the video at the top
for a guide to making money without leicester or the one down the bottom for some more
old grumpy game of goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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