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The Bureau Raid

Learn how to get gold in "GTA 5 Heist: The Bureau Raid" using the rooftop approach with this guide. Follow these steps to succeed in the mission.
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GTA 5 The Bureau Raid Walkthrough: How to Get Gold Using the Rooftop Approach

In this Grand Theft Auto 5 heist mission, The Bureau Raid, we’ll be using the rooftop approach to get the gold. As we go through the mission step-by-step, we’ll ensure that we land on the rooftop target, hack the system in under 45 seconds, avoid shooting any innocents, kill 20 enemies with headshots, finish with an accuracy of 70, and complete the mission in 19 minutes.

Preparing for the Mission

Before you start the mission, it’s highly recommended that you prepare Michael and Franklin with full health, grenades, sticky bombs, RPG ammunition, and machine gun ammunition.

Meeting Haynes’s Pilot

First, drive towards the FIB field office, and then head up the road and swing around to the left. Drive into the fence on the right-hand side to trigger the gate and park the car in the marker. Michael will have a quick change and will be the pilot for the mission. Fire up the helicopter and try to find a balance between gaining altitude and moving forward, so use the controller to lean forward or tap the forward button on the keyboard. Once you get to the rooftop marker, dive out of the helicopter and pull the chute, landing preferably on the right-hand side of the pyramid.

Hacking the Terminal With Ricky Lukens

Your mission now is to hack into the system within 45 seconds. Find the IP address for the host by looking for the first number and the second number, which is the easiest technique. After finding it, hit the brute force button and then press the highlighted letters as they appear from left to right. You will then need to complete the mini-games and then hold off the FIB agents that come through the door.

Eliminating the FIB Agents

When eliminating the FIB agents, use the rifle or the heavy machine gun, and make use Michael’s ability to highlight where everyone is. You should also listen to your audio cues as they will indicate where someone is coming from. Keep your accuracy up and take out the target with headshots, and complete the hacking process.

Escaping With Taliana in the Ambulance

Once you complete the hacking process, follow the lead of the rest of the team and go to the next objective. You should slide or jump down the stairs to move more quickly. Once you reach the ambulance, you will be driving with Taliana on the highway back to Franklin’s place.

Completing the Mission

Complete the mission in 19 minutes with no lost innocent lives, 28 or 20 headshots, and 80% accuracy. The Bureau Raid is a complex and challenging mission, but with the right approach, you can get the gold.

If you have any tips to share with other viewers or ideas on how to approach the mission differently, leave your comment below. For more walkthrough guides, news, and giveaways, subscribe to our channel and stay up-to-date with Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online.

hi in this video we’re going through how to get gold in
the gta 5 heist the bureau raid using the rooftop approach
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly massive
game between gta 5 and the constant updates from rockstar for gta online there’s no shortage of
new content and interesting things to do join me then in our continuing series getting gold
in every damn mission in gta 5 as we look at the grand theft auto heist the bureau raid before we
dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides news and giveaways so consider subscribing
and ringing the bell to stay up to date getting gold in this one is pretty complex it’s fairly
challenging and i’ll be honest it took a few goes for me to get this right especially considering
ricky lukens is involved before you get started i highly recommend you kit michael and franklin
out with paula full health grenades or sticky bombs rpg ammunition and machine gun ammunition
to get gold in this one we’ll need to land on top of the rooftop target
hack the system in under 45 seconds avoid shooting innocents kill 20 enemies with headshots
finish with an accuracy of 70 and complete the mission in 19 minutes
so let’s pick it up from michael and franklin heading out to meet haynes’s pilot
so we’ll jump in the car wait for franklin
just hold the accelerator there just to try and get the best start possible hang it right
and then follow the gps to the first waypoint so which is near what looks to be an fib field office
and as we pull up to the field office head up the road and swing around to the left here
through the gate up to the end and then hang another left and we want to more or less drive
into the fence on the right hand side there that’ll trigger the gate straight through and
then off to the left straight into the marker and start smashing the button to skip that cutscene
there we go so michael’s had a quick change and he will be the pilot to run over jump in
and fire up the chopper as soon as you can we just want to rotate a little bit and what we want
to do is try and find a balance between gaining altitude and going forward a bit as we go into
cinematic mode that’s what we’re aiming for so i’m not going too hard forward so that we don’t end up
scrubbing too much altitude while we’re moving forward but i’m also not just hovering so just
leaning forward on the stick on the controller or just tapping forward if you’re on a keyboard
so getting close to the marker now we’ll swap to a quick cutscene
there we go and we can skip that one and controls top left just dive out
we want to dive for a good three or four count and then pull the chute and you can
see there we’re heading for the little yellow marker on top of the fib building
rockstar have given us a pretty generous target here but it is
also easy to miss if you’ve not been practicing with the shoot so
give it a crack you might take a one or two shots to get this right
so use the controls top left to slow yourself down and we want to land preferably on the right
hand side of the pyramid there if you can but still make sure that you are inside the circle
there we go look at that
skip the cutscene again and head over to the door
there so just lob a grenade over and that’ll open the door up real quick
there we go and then head straight through and to the right
there’s the terminal and we’ve got the hacking minigame there so go straight to my computer
then the external and the hacking thing so we’re just going to pause here now this hacking mini
game with ricky lukens is a little bit challenging because honestly he’s not very good at his job
so what we want to do is find the ip address for the host and the easiest way to do this i’ve found
is just look for the first number on your sequence and then after that look for the second number
so we’ll start just by sort of scanning through and looking for all of the 93s
and then once that’s done you need to zoom in on those 93s and see if you can find one in this case
with the 37 at the end of it the numbers will be different every single round but that’s what the
technique that i use and that works relatively well to get this through so we can see there
there’s the 93 there’s the 37 will resume gameplay and you can see it does take me
a few seconds to find it but that’s the technique i was using and i found that to be most effective
so you can see that’s just ticking along there and there it is done so the next mini game after we
click brute force we simply have to hit the button whenever we get close to the highlighted letter
there we go that’s done so the next one will pop up and then just hit the next icon there double
click real quick and that was very very fast but we’re on a timeline skip the cutscene and then
we are ready to hold off any fib agents that come through the door now remember we do have
to keep that accuracy up and we have to get those head shots so i’m using a rifle here
uh sorry i think i’m using a heavy machine gun
and really really make use of michael’s ability so use your mini map to see where everyone is
and really keep an eye on that and that’ll give you a clue as to what’s happening and
really really make use of michael’s ability there to make sure that you have really good accuracy
listen to your audio cues as well you’ll hear someone start yelling they’re on the roof and
see bullets coming down from the left and when you see that
we’ll need to swap to something else i think an rpg might be the go
and shoot up the top there too just take out the last of these
guys down here wait for some more to come through and we’ll ping them
excellent and rpg and we want to aim up to the top left
right there and we’ll just quickly take care of a couple of these guys first
oh nearly got him we have some smoke
now the trick here is to just keep an eye on your reticle
to see if you can ping anyone through the smoke it’ll turn red if you have a shot
all right as the smoke clears take care of the last of them get the ones closer to your
boys first otherwise they could get a plum shot in and kill franklin or your sidekick
back to the rpg nope some more people coming through
and skip the cutscene and through we go again didn’t even need to worry about the rpg this time
so head through there’ll be someone that pops out here we just want to drop him there we go quicker
is better and again on the minimap you can see there there’s someone behind there so just be
prepared to take them out straight away wait for the door to be cleared and then head downstairs
we can hear him talking on the other side there so as soon as that’s cleared
there we go and then around to the left through here and take some cover
now we can use michael’s ability here to highlight where people are i also
like to lob just a quick grenade in and that takes care of a couple of them too
right back to the rifle well no chuck another grenade that back to the rifle there we go
take out any that are remaining and again keep an eye on that reticle when visibility is low
as well that gives you a really good clue as to whether you’ve got a shot through we go around
to the left again and we’ll have a few more to encounter here uh we’ll skip this cutscene
one in the center one off to the left
that’s those taken care of down the hall and then around to the right do not shoot these guys
all right so we’ll take out one and two
around to the left again and there’s probably someone waiting here
there we are oh he’s still there no he’s dead get me sorted
grab some cover and we’ll just wait until we’ve got a shot no shot all right three we go
so one and two again i think we’re just about clear there we go sort him out
see if there’s any more down there
there we go on the right hand side and might be one down the hall as well yep there he is
that one of our sidekicks took care of him through and then onto the next yellow marker
and then off to the left again once we’re through that door
again using the reticule because visibility is really low
just wait for it to go red as you mouse over something or as you you point to something and
that gives you a really good clue as to whether or not you’ve got a proper shot onto the ab sailing
so controls are up the top left there just hold down the button that gives you the longest jump
and slide all the way down as quickly as
possible once you’re out there will be a helicopter coming around just take
some cover if you can and try and take out the pilot as quickly as possible
that’s them sorted and then head for the next marker which is just here on the right
so that’ll get us to the next spot so we’ll skip the cut scene if we can and abseil down again
slide down to the ground and watch out for these guys so we have one
here sneaking around on the left and a few downstairs there we go
making use of michael’s ability as much as possible
and there’s probably a couple down here here we go
there we go i think yep he’s dead downstairs off to the right and then
jump down the uh the stairs if you can to gain an extra couple of seconds and into the ambulance
so this is our first mission with taliana and she is absolutely fantastic as a driver
all right so she’s off and then we just need to follow the marker all the way back
to franklin’s place there’s a little bit of exposition here and our junior gunman
gets a little bit skittish but he does keep his composure and michael gets his attitude checked
and we’ll make our way up the hill very very slowly because the ambulance hasn’t
got a whole lot of power pull up at the marker jump out and then head into franklin’s place
skip the cutscene and job’s done
great so that’s no innocence 28 or 20 headshots 80 accuracy so 10 above the required amount
got the perfect drop got the hakka in 39 seconds so six seconds to spare and absolutely
stormed it in with the mission time with almost five minutes to spare
pretty happy with that effort so what are your thoughts do you have any tips for
other viewers or could this have been done differently leave your comment down below
and check out the video on the left for the next storyline mission or the one on the right for some
more old grumpy game of goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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