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We're going through how to get Gold in the GTA 5 Mission Mission Cargobob. We're we get to meet some of the men and women serving for Los Santos.
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Grand Theft Auto is a truly massive game. Between GTA 5 and the constant updates from Rockstar for GTA Online; there’s no shortage of new content and interesting things to do.

Join me, then, in our continuing series, getting gold in every damn mission, in GTA 5 as we look at Grand Theft Auto Mission Mission Cargobob.

…and don’t forget to hang about until the end, so you can catch our bonus tips on how to get through this mission first time.

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Getting gold in this mission is a lot of fun, but don’t be surprised if it takes a few goes. Turns out the personnel at the Los Santos Military Base aren’t massive fans of Civilians sequestering their equipment.

Before heading in I highly recommend taking a minute to grab some body armour. A quick, compact car or motorcycle doesn’t hurt either.

To take home the gold for this one, we just need to complete the mission in 5:30

Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in Lost Santos, or North Yankton? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

The submarine for The Merryweather Heist (offshore) is required by Trevor, Franklin and Michael for Cargobob. The player must enter the air base of Fort Zancudo and rob the Cargobob. As soon as a Buzzard flies out of the base, he will pursue Trevor and force him to lose it. The player then just has to park the helicopter in the Grand Senora Desert at Sandy Shores Airfield.

This is a mix of Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight, with its tail boom, its twin-rotor configuration and the Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low and the Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion with their nose and twin-side fuel tanks. Unlike popular belief, it doesn’t look like a CH-47 chinook, but actually most of it looks like a CH-46 sea knight with a twin rotor layout, like Chinook, but is much shorter, with a three-wheel undercarriage, as on the cargo bog.

The cargobob has a large body with lateral mounted tanks and large engine compartments, a large cabin accessible from the doors to the cab and a large bay for two more people to sit on the open ladder whereas the six others are simply removed into the bay. The cargobob has two other players. A cargo ramp door is also available to be opened.

The first is the US Marine Corps’ military version, which comes with “Marines” stencils, military icons and identification number 435 in the usual desert camo. The vehicle is spawned in white, although the vehicle is completely covered by livery.

The first is a civil version, which is operated by Jetsam (called Cargobob Jetsam on the Warstock Cache & Carry website). The version in white primary color is marked “CARGOBOB 893,” “N-LS69” and “Jetsam Heavy Liftservice.” This color includes red stripes and engine compartments. In comparison with the military version, nose parts were removed, leading to a smoother nose that resembles the previous versions of the Sea Stallion CH-53 and the Sea King SH-3 / S-61.

hi in this video we’re going through how
to get gold in the gta 5 mission
cargobob where we’ll get to meet some of
the fine men and women
serving los santos
hi and welcome back my name’s dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer
grand theft auto is a truly massive game
between gta 5 and the constant updates
from rockstar for gta online there’s no
shortage of new content and interesting
things to do
join me then in our continuing series
getting gold
in every damn mission in gta 5. as we
look at the grand theft auto mission
cargobob and don’t forget to hang about
until the end
so catch our bonus tips on how to get
through the mission first time
before we dive in if you’re new to the
channel we do how-to guides
news and giveaways so consider
subscribing and ringing the bell to stay
up to date
getting gold in this one is a lot of fun
but don’t be surprised if it takes a few
turns out the person at los santos
military base aren’t massive fans of
sequestering their equipment and before
heading in i highly recommend taking a
minute to grab some body armor too
a quick compact car or motorcycle
doesn’t hurt either
to take home gold for this one we need
to complete the whole mission
in five minutes and 30 seconds so i’ve
just set myself up at the base entry
and let’s get started all right so just
line myself up here and i’m pulling up
to the military base
just built through the roadblock there
on the left
and then hang a left once we get past
this block of
concrete and palm tree and then hang off
to the left there again
or we make our way around the car park
now there’s not a lot of point trying to
stop and shoot your way through this the
military will just keep on coming
as we head out onto the runway we can
see the little blue dot there on the gps
we want to
find the cargo box there we’re going to
use these little um baffles as ramps
just pull up and then straight over the
back and that should jump the fence
there we go
and pile out again don’t worry about
firing back just get straight onto the
cargo bob
and get yourself into the air all right
so pull up and then we want to just go
straight off to the right quickly check
the map
and make sure we’re sort of roughly
heading in the right directions there’s
airstrip just set a marker there
and just go absolutely flat out the uh
the military will fire at you but
they’re not terribly good shots
for you know highly trained military
personnel so
it really is just a case of lining
yourself up correctly
and going straight for the airstrip
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okay so we’re just about on final
approach to the airstrip here we’re
just chatting with wade to make sure he
knows where we’re at
and you can see just coming into the
radar there is a little marker
with the yellow spot the cargo bob
is a little worse aware but it’s not too
what we want to do is just pop ourselves
near the end of the runway here there’s
a marker there but with uh with this one
because it’s meant to be your first time
with a chopper or early chopper use it’s
you know near enough is good enough so
just plant the thing down
and uh i think we might be there
a little bit further forward there
there it is okay and trevor exit the um
there we go and mission passed
managed to absolutely storm that one in
so thanks for watching to the end here
are my top tips for how to get through
this mission
first time there’s absolutely
no stealth in this one you just have to
head straight through the front door
approaching the cargo bob from the
runway sign means you’ll face less
and don’t try to fight off anyone just
get to the chopper and go
so what are your thoughts do you have
any tips for other viewers or could this
have been done differently
leave your comment down below and check
out the video on the left for the next
prep mission mini sub
or the one on the right for the
merrywear the heist itself stay safe
wash your hands and we’ll see you in the
next video

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