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The Paleto Score

Learn how to get a gold rating in the Grand Theft Auto mission, "The Polito Score." Shoot destructible objects for accuracy, fire over 4,000 bullets, and cause over 2 million dollars in damage to succeed in this fun and straightforward mission. Bonus tips included!
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Grand Theft Auto 5: Getting Gold in The Paleto Score Mission

In Grand Theft Auto 5, The Paleto Score mission is one of the most exciting and challenging heists players will encounter. In this mission, players need to rob a bank and escape the police while avoiding getting killed. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps for getting gold in The Paleto Score mission.

Overview of The Paleto Score Mission

The Paleto Score is a heist mission that requires players to rob the Blaine County Savings Bank in Paleto Bay. The mission starts with Michael and Trevor meeting up with their accomplices, Franklin and a driver, outside the bank. The objective is to steal the money, escape the police, and deliver the cash to a safe location. To get gold in this mission, players need to fire more than 4,000 bullets, do more than a million dollars in damage, maintain an accuracy of more than 50%, and complete the mission in under 16 minutes.

Step-by-Step Guide for Getting Gold

To get gold in The Paleto Score mission, follow these steps:

Step 1: Follow the GPS to Drop Franklin Off

Get in the van and follow the GPS to drop Franklin off at the first waypoint. Drive carefully and make sure to drop Franklin off exactly where he needs to be. You will lose time and accuracy if you miss the turn off or don’t drop him off at the right spot.

Step 2: Rob the Bank

After dropping Franklin off, head to the bank, park the van, and enter the bank. Once inside, the goal is to get to the vault as quickly as possible. You will need to use Michael’s shotgun and Trevor’s minigun to take out the police and security guards in your way. Keep moving forward and don’t waste any time. Lob grenades down corridors to clear them of enemies and use the launcher to take out difficult targets. Use Michael’s special ability if you’re struggling with accuracy to get some much-needed headshots.

Step 3: Escape in the Front Loader

After you get the money, escape the bank and get into the front loader waiting outside. Drive out to the right to avoid a blockade and use the loader to smash through any police cars in your way. Shoot any police officers that get too close to Franklin. There is an achievement for taking out 18 police cars during this section of the mission.

Step 4: Shoot Your Way Through the Tunnel

After the front loader, get in the car and head towards the tunnel. From here, players will need to make their way through the tunnel while being chased by the cops. Use Trevor’s minigun to take out the enemy cars, helicopters, and tanks. Shoot anything that takes damage to increase your accuracy and complete the objective. Don’t forget to take out the fuel station to achieve the million-dollar damage requirement.

Step 5: Deliver the Money and Avoid the Cops

Deliver the cash and make your way to the safe house. Avoid the cops and make sure to lose your wanted level before attempting to deliver the cash. Once you’ve lost the cops, drop off the cash and your accomplices, and you will have completed the mission with gold.

Bonus Tips for The Paleto Score Mission

To get through The Paleto Score mission first time, consider the following tips:

  • Shoot destructible objects and vehicles to get extra points for accuracy.
  • Use grenade launchers and other explosives to take out groups of enemies quickly, but be careful not to use them recklessly.
  • Avoid the National Guard troopers as they can easily kill Franklin in the front loader.
  • Use Michael’s and Trevor’s special abilities to make things easier and to help with accuracy when needed.

By following the steps outlined in this guide and keeping in mind the bonus tips, you should be able to get gold in The Paleto Score mission with ease.

hi in this video we’re going through how
to get gold in the grand theft auto mission the polito score
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly massive
game between gta 5 and the constant updates from rockstar for gta online there’s no shortage of new
content and interesting things to do join me then in our continuing series getting gold in every
damn mission in gta 5 as we look at the grand theft auto mission the polito score and don’t
forget to hang about until the end for our bonus tips on how to get through this one first time
before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides news and giveaways so consider
subscribing and ringing the bell to stay up to date getting gold in this one’s pretty
straightforward and more importantly a boatload of fun to get gold will need to fire more than 4 000
bullets do more than a million dollars in damage maintain an accuracy of more than 50 percent
and complete the mission in under 16 minutes flat so let’s pick it up from the end of the cutscene
outside the cook house so we’ll just jump straight in the van and uh there’s a fair bit of exposition
here so it is worth having the sound up and having a listen but ultimately we’re just following the
gps or at least where the gps properly wants us to go to drop franklin off at the first waypoint
and yeah that’s not a great start i have completely missed the turn off
back over the tracks onto the highway and now we can follow the gps to drop franklin off
okay so we’re just pulling up here we’ll get around that pickup down to the right
and then you can see the drop-off point there which is just around the corner
and apparently near enough isn’t good enough so we will have to drop franklin off right on the mark
there we go right soon as he’s out just start driving quick three-pointer and then head
head to the bank so you can see just on the left hand side there just up the road aways
quick left quick left again and pull in now as soon as you can remember we are on a time
limit so we do need to jump out there we go run as quickly as you can you can do a little jump
there to get a little bit of extra distance if you like but we’re slowed to a walk and it is painful
all right so new guy starts making some noise not a lot we can do here other than wait for people
to come out we’ll be prompted to swap to trevor in just a moment all right there we go and then
swap straight on back to michael right okay so you heard the fella tell you the door was ready
so just wander up and it will automatically cut to that that scene where uh michael puts
the boot in police will arrive that’s um see if we can’t take out a couple of these guys a bit early
um no okay that’s surprisingly strong glass
okay in that case we’ll just head to the back look for the yellow marker there so into the safe
there we go all right quick cut scene again which we’ll skip and that drops us straight
out and we’re in as trevor so spool up the minigun and just start shooting at the cars now the police
are nice to shoot at that is cool and if you can get a plumb shot go for one but otherwise
just start lighting up the cars because the cops will be using them for cover and grab that while
you can the cops will be using them for cover and they’re bullet sponges so that helps us get
to our 4000 now you would have noticed as well i just shot the fuel station on the left hand side
that is key to getting that million dollars worth of damage all right light up the chopper again
now the trick here is to keep the minigun spooled up so keep aim on
so you can use a hair trigger there and to only shoot things that absorb bullets
all right keep moving could probably go a bit quicker than this if you wanted
but that’s a start there we go sort him out
there we go we’re prompted to move forward so press forward there stay as trevor it is tempting
to swap out to michael at this point but there’s no point to it just keep using that minigun
keep firing at those cars and once they explode then move on to the next one
michael and the new guy will clear a path in just a moment there we go that’s path cleared
take a jog through here there’s not a lot to shoot at so just keep pressing forward
and then we have some cop cars over here so again
shoot at the cars until they explode take out any personnel you need to but um we really want
to get that 4 000 bullets so just anything that takes damage start shooting there we go
okay another one coming there we go he’s just up the back there so get a line
there we go a couple more there make sure you don’t shoot michael or the new guy
and here’s a great opportunity the cargo bob absolute bullet sponge there we go
got him sorted another car there make sure we don’t hit michael and we just got that in
before the cutscene so once we get lined back up again we’ll skip this as soon as we can
there we go no skip in that one apparently make sure this guy isn’t a threat
the new guy is just done there’s nothing we can do about that so get the car out
of the way that probably wasn’t the brightest move ever but that’s okay
we’re good all right and again as you move into the yard here start with the vehicles
keep the minigun spooled up by holding the aim button and just fire it anything that takes damage
people or vehicles but don’t use a spray and pray otherwise you’ll reduce that accuracy so
it’s really important that you only fire off when you’ve got something to actually shoot at
so we should swap out to franklin sometime soon
all right take another opportunity to lose some more bullets
this thing’s not coming down it’s just not but that’s okay
there we go auto swap and we joined franklin in a smaller front end loader so we want to go out the
right i’ve tried a couple of different routes and you absolutely need to go out the right the only
way to get there in time you can see the national guard lining up make sure you’ve got yourself an
automatic selected and it’s really important to shoot these guys because they will run up to you
so the trick is to just keep the accelerator on and then use the camera to aim and try and
take out these fellas and just kind of steering is a secondary thought
there we go i’m gonna make sure that we’ve got them
right there sorted filler on the left here there we go all right
we’re not too far off there’s uh just a couple more cars to go and we’re golden
all right as soon as they stop just start lighting them up again anything that takes
damage is counted as counts towards your accuracy so you go there all right we’re through make sure
there’s none chasing you again they can run up to the cab all right hang a left into this yard
don’t worry about these guys too much there’s that fella on the left there
brilliant okay and skip the cutscene and off we go again and we’re just heading to the
warehouse on the left there now the tanks have the accuracy of an original trilogy stormtrooper
so don’t worry about them too much just worry about shooting at the uh the guys on foot
all right we’re heading across and towards this warehouse there we go
another cut scene so we’ll skip that all right now i like to swap to michael in here
and uh line up with the shotgun it’s got a good range don’t worry about the civilians
all right and then just start through and keep an eye on that mini map and just light people up
there we go now i haven’t used michael’s ability yet i’m just going to keep that in the tank in
case i need it but if you a little bit shaky or not super flash with the uh the shoddy then
by all means use michael’s ability it’s really really handy you’ve also got trevor’s rampage
mode there as well so don’t forget about that all right so sort these guys out grenades aren’t
super effective in this room so i wouldn’t worry about chucking any of those that’s him sorted
jesus armor is fantastic that was point blank from three different angles okay through the next
door there’ll be a couple that pop out here there we go see if we can use a grenade now
i think that shook him a little bit ultimately it didn’t do a lot so we
won’t worry about using grenades too much unless we’ve got a plum shot he did yet
he did okay another couple up the back there michael’s looking a little bit worse for where
so he might swap to trevor and michael can look after himself there we go okay so let’s
use the uh yeah let’s use a heavy automatic ah no shotgun okay so press forward again
and then there’ll be some more just waiting for us around the corner so
we’ve got better shots there so let’s lob a couple of grenades down
one and we’ll use the launcher to get that second one all right let’s swap back to the
shoddy that’s those two sorted there’s one on the left here i think there he is
excellent and then get up the ramp as soon as you can and take some cover
right so we’ll lob a grenade down there you’ve
done if you notice but there’s one went down each uh each aisle
he survived okay there’s a couple more up on the right there there we go
and just keeping on that health trevor’s pretty good at the moment so i think we’re right
i just heard the train go so that means we’re just about through this uh this scene there we go
skip the cutscene again and that’ll drop us off at the end of the train
and that’s gold i think that’s pretty close to max take as well certainly percentage-wise
we’re right there and i don’t think we lost a lot of money but the main thing 4 200 bullets
58 accuracy and done with about a minute 20 to spare so not too bad oh and 2.2 million in damage
yeah i’m pretty happy with that so thanks for hanging out until the end here are my top tips
on how to get through this one first time as long as you shoot something destructible it’s
considered a hit for the purposes of accuracy so be sure to take out vehicles as they are absolute
bullet sponges don’t forget to grab the dropped cash when your ringer is pinned to the police car
and don’t be tempted into leaving the national guard troopers alone
here to make up time they will run up to the front end loader and try to shoot franklin
point blank so what are your thoughts do you have any tips for other viewers or could
this have been done differently leave your comment down below
and check out the video on the left for the next storyline mission or the one on the right for some
more old grumpy gamers goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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