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Brad was never the Target in North Yankton

Examining Grand Theft Auto V's first mission, we speculate on the intended target of the FIB sniper who fatally shoots a gang member, Brad. Our analysis suggests a potential setup by Michael, who may have deliberately spared his own life.
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Exploring the GTA 5 Prologue: The Death of Brad

In this video, grumpy gamer Dan takes us on a journey through the first mission of Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5). Specifically, he explores the death of Brad and whether it was intended or not. In doing so, he uncovers some fascinating easter eggs and theories about the game’s plot.

GTA 5 North Yankton First Mission

Starting with the very first cutscene, Dan notes that Trevor, Brad, Michael, and an unnamed driver are in a car. When Trevor jumps out and the police get involved, they shoot the driver, a shot that Dan notes was impressive at that range and speed. From there, the mission becomes very linear and any deviations are quickly stopped by the game.

GTA 5 Prologue Explained

As the mission continues, Trevor is clearly meant to be the focus of the FIB’s sniper, but instead, Brad takes a bullet to the chest. The wound is clearly visible and Dan notes that there was some speculation that the death was a mistake, but that he believes it was intentional. He notes some interesting details in the game that suggest this, including the fact that Michael seems to have set Trevor up to take the bullet instead of Brad.

GTA 5 North Yankton Heist

After Brad’s death, the mission becomes chaotic as Trevor and Michael try to escape the FIB agents. Dan notes that Trevor scatters quickly, looking for cover, but Michael stays out in the open. This suggests that Michael was never in danger and that the FIB agent deliberately missed him. Brad’s death was not the result of a mistake but rather part of a conspiracy to take out Trevor.

GTA 5 Prologue All Possibilities

Throughout the video, Dan explores different possibilities for the mission and how they might affect the game’s plot. He notes that there are some interesting easter eggs and glitches that players can explore, but ultimately the mission is very linear and only offers a few variations. However, by examining the details of each scene, players can uncover some fascinating insights into the game’s backstory and the characters involved.


The GTA 5 Prologue is a fascinating introduction to the game, full of easter eggs and potential alternative scenarios. In this video, Dan explores the death of Brad and whether it was intentional or not. He concludes that Brad’s death was part of a larger conspiracy to take out Trevor, and that Michael may have been involved in setting him up. Overall, this video offers a unique perspective on the game’s plot and characters, and is a must-watch for any GTA 5 fan.

I am welcome back to the channel my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer today we’re
going to be looking at Grand Theft Auto 5 Probot we’re going to be scoring GTA 5 first mission and
looking at the death of Brad was it in fact intended was there another time let’s find
out alright we’re going to pick up from the start of the cutscene we’ve got Trevor Brad Michael in
the car plus the local we never find out his name incidentally enough he’s just just a driver who’s
apparently attracted to bullets Trevor’s bailing out starts rolling up the police they get a bit
upset and shoot the driver in the head that was a really good shot shotgun or not from that distance
of that speed to clock in the head that that cop knows what he’s doing sadly not gonna have a good
time there we go easier so now we zip back into third person mode and we can control the car so
what I’ve done here is just stuck with the plan you know you know a previous video I’ve looked
at trying to go off the beaten track trying to explore north yankton a little bit didn’t go so
well Rockstar really wants you to stay on track with this one so that made this particular level
there’s a particular mission I should say very very linear if you deviate by even 50 meters from
Road you’re off it’s just not happening so open the tracks and into the train that’s not for the
world for the load clearly not beating the train but we’re all about to bail out to take a quick
look it’s Trevor he’s going on you’re off it’s just gonna go from the chopper Michael is really
insistent on keeping up with the plan I’m sure we’ll find out why in a few moments but there he
goes and three of them walking down will have the FIB agents there is takes his shot and shoots brad
is squarely in the chest obviously a solid piece of equipment as well because it’s exited right
out the other side of his body that’s not traveled well the house re trying to pull the way through
it’s not an instant kill Brad still driving around there he’s clearly not having a good time so let’s
go back and take a look again at what’s happened there and see what’s going on so out of the car
wandering back up again and they’re just looking to scope out where the chopper is it takes a shot
and off he goes Trevor goes to cover Michael stands out a cover that’s really unusual one
would expect that once the shot was heard the everyone else would just scatter might remedy he
instantly reacted went down and behind the it’s not a dumpster it’s something is it a dumpster
it looks like a dumpster all right yes let’s call it in a dumpster but anyway Michael has
stayed clearly in the line of fire there which alludes to the fact that this was a setup from
the get-go it wasn’t just a comment happen let’s go back I want to take a look at this in slow mo
and the scene white bread actually got the shot so slowing it right down we’ve got them walking
up there’s the CEO sorry we can’t find the agent takes a shot now that’s interesting as we’ve got
Trevor Lee which is he’s got a clean shot on but the bread is starting to walk across from
the centre over to the the right there right hand side a maquette socket so that means when
everything’s being lined up hey there’s the shot and if we look where the entry wound is – bread
let’s see can go back and take a liver shot that one we look for there where the entry
wound is for bread he’s going across there the FIB agent I don’t think he was expecting to be
there I suspect quite strongly trevor was the target for that one that’s really interesting
when I go back and just confirm that visits yeah and slo-mo again let’s go frame by frame design
so you can see that one up and as Brad crosses is is that could it be I’m not a forensic scientist
I don’t play with guns and all as I’ve said in previous videos I’m an Australian living at the
UK not a lot of called firearms of you certainly know second Amendment rights as on the US but it
looks to me like brad has literally been caught in the crossfire there I could be wrong let’s go
back and take a look so again frame by frame indigo and red there it is is taking a shot
yeah you know what I don’t think this is tied back again I genuinely don’t think Brad was the
time all right let’s go back and take one really solid look at this no I don’t think it was I think
Brad was in fact not an innocent victim in this one but he’s certainly not the intended target
of the the fib agent I suspect quite strongly that Trevor was meant to be the one who caught
a bullet and I think that might be backed up with it as a setup I think Trevor was meant to take the
bullet and I’m wondering if the monocle getting hit was a back-up plan that’s really interesting
let’s let’s go through the next a little bit then we’re after Brad’s been here let’s see how the how
the other boys react so there’s Brad try it now that’s interesting so Trevor instantly scatters
he’s looking further for cover I presume that’s an outhouse which comes to us on the guy inside
sure but Michael really takes his time they look at he’s out in the open there is clearly someone
shooting at though there is clearly a sniper somewhere but Michael instead of going for cover
which I presume is the thing that you do having liver been caught in the firefight he’s out there
he’s down and he’s up and looking around trying to reassure Trevor the drugs going to be fine
which clearly is not he’s taking a chest shot he’s rolling around in pain obviously but that
through-and-through if you saw the eggs I’m willing to not bring up a snap of that as well
that was a through-and-through which also suggests it was a really powerful gun it’s not some
some little squirt thing which again but Trevor scatters Michael stays out in the open holding all
of the caches in Emily and that seems unwise to put all the cash in one 1w8 will have one person
carrying it one would think that you split it across there although hang on look here this again
huh so Michael and Brett both have duffle bags but Trevor doesn’t all the name and smelling is that I
really think Michael has set Trevor up here to get shot by the FIB so the FIB AG can take some credit
for taking down Trevor Phillips who is clearly not they mentally well and so it breaks down troop of
scatters and then Michael eats the dirt and he’s out he’s just he’s out in the open when he really
really doesn’t need to be he’s then standing up and making himself the biggest target he could
possibly be now I’m not sure if you noticed in the background there as well once he’s been shot our
FIV guy makes a move for it if he’s up the back there I’ll see if I can zoom in on that one but
he is gone so he’s not there when the local show up which means that there’s some kind of tonight
it really speaks to his being a setup from the get-go Michael’s up in the open let’s have a look
again a shirt there he’s clearly caught something but I suspect the blood on his shirt there is from
the car crash and just underneath there there’s a hint of an undershoot there’s something that’s
underneath his his regular regular shirt which is under his jacket I suspect he’s wearing a
bulletproof vest there as well oh he’s not been hit at all because it does not look like he’s
bleeding we can clearly see him with with Brad there he is he’s caught a bullet wound I’ve got
a regular light jacket unable to make it very very obvious as well which again is goes to show
just how well rock star consider each of these story points and each of the games over again
just a fantastic when traveler Trebek scatters he’s wearing white clothes but Michael I think
that the new really good dark clothes on so you can’t see when he stands up and he catches one
and he doesn’t go down like Brian either I I suspect that even though he might be wearing
it all for a vest under their area Phi Beta Beta has deliberately missed Michael so that he doesn’t
catch anything and Michael is followed over so if we look at the way Brad goes he just drops
like a sack of potatoes but Michael we have that shot and there is that split second week
and he just calms down in a way that’s not gonna hurt you too much so I suspect quite strongly
even though he’s wearing a bulletproof or a flak jacket or a vest underneath is closed then err fib
come on getting any at all which then leads into the the setup where Trevor start is now hidden
we’ve got Michael with a bag of money we’ve got assumed to be dead branded with a bag of money
and Michael Lorber sorry Trevor walks away with literally nothing that he’s freedom so yeah I
think that’s it’s part of the conspiracy Brad was never meant to die Trevor was meant to die instead
and that means the events of GTA 5 where we see Trevor reunited with Michael and Franklin doing
some crazy stuff with them we’ll probably never fated to happen if that fib agent had done his
job correctly rather than doing his job the way he in it so I suspect that tip I’m going to call
this one a failure on air five B’s park which set up the violent violent rampage 15 years later so
that’s really interesting okay well that’s that’s it for this video thank you very much for watching
I really appreciate it appreciate you getting to the end of it I will pop some links up in the next
part so please like subscribe and we’ll catch up again soon thank you very much for watching

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