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Exploring North Yankton without Mod’s

In this video, "Proving How Open-World GTA V Really Is," the old grumpy gamer tests the boundaries of the game's open-world mechanics, exploring outside the mission area and finding interesting results.
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Exploring the Open World of Grand Theft Auto 5

In this video, old grumpy gamer Dan takes us on a journey through the open world of Grand Theft Auto 5. He begins by testing just how open the world really is in the game’s first mission. Dan explores the game’s features and mechanics to see what kind of fun he can have as he roams through the streets of North Yankton.

Testing the Open World Features

As Dan explores the first mission, he tests Rockstar’s lock system to see just how open the open world really is. He wanders through the city, taking cover and fending off cops. Dan is impressed with how much control the player has when it comes to exploring. He notes how the game developers have gone to great lengths to make sure that players can have tons of fun exploring the game world.

Exploring the North Yankton Police Car

As he plays, Dan discovers hidden gems throughout the game. One of the more interesting discoveries Dan makes is while driving around in the North Yankton police car. He sees that this feature is well designed, and the developers have done an excellent job of immersing the player in the game world.

Alternative Beginnings and Endings

Dan also explores the many alternative beginnings and endings in the North Yankton mission. He notes how players can modify and experiment with their game experiences. Dan is impressed with the many possibilities offered in the game, including Easter eggs and mods. He believes that players can have hours of fun playing Grand Theft Auto 5, exploring new possibilities, and enjoying the myriad features in the game.


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hi my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy Gamer welcome back to the channel today we’re looking
at proven we see just how open-world the open world is in the first mission we’re going to be
checking out whether Rockstar has really locked it down fourth they allow us to do a bit of
exploring to see just what new game does it make so without further ado let’s dive in okay so the
guards dead we’re gonna start by wandering through controller and getting through the coppers and
going from it let’s just get the cover bread’s going on then we can start now police and going
what they’ve done with this he’s got some some
Montana to to get run up quite a bit that was done wondering
lady just get for this widen the n ^ man everybody drawing
there we go
that is it reloading and then we’re off to the car then we get to really
see what’s going on and see just how many of these cuts ladies or just sequences see
if we can get out go for Drive and we’ll see you look into there’s another little
sneaky street brought it with friends bragging about pushing manner up against
a glass bottles Neptune having been with double speed slice that told me friends
Michael and tributon but Fred
Pop’s going and we now in control and we’ve not stuck to the plan our
level is really quick that was really pleased Wow
that’s that quick so let’s try it
really really really vignette that is certainly away like this it’s less than
a hundred nations from wave into bay and you are getting pink like I said I will
okay so
so we’re still inside where the mission wants to be in but without
lot this is I think this is gonna be impossible I think in this case
Wow that is incredible that is genuinely so if you go just one iota
hey couples so we didn’t if you get 50 50 minute assignment just switch those off as soon as we
leave the June fingers off and then set up an admission it doesn’t necessarily have to be
not necessarily from this is really just genuinely Martha’s house or to Trevor’s house
jump out jump out of the game the most huge mods I think that’s pretty much
so that’s it for this video thank you very much for joining us my name is Dan
I’m an old grumpy gamer don’t forget to like and subscribe I’ll put some
links up afterwards and thank you again for watching all the way to the end of the video

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