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Can we Meet Trevor Before he is Officially Introduced (Redux)?

In this episode of the GTA V playthrough, Dan and Pajama head to Trevor's home to stir up some trouble. However, Trevor is not home, so they explore the neighborhood and cause some mayhem. Watch to see what happens.
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GTA 5 Meet Trevor Before he is Introduced (Redux)? NO MODS

Grand Theft Auto Experiment: Finding Trevor Philips Before His Introduction

In this episode of Grand Theft Auto Experiment, we’re doing a bit of a redux of a previous episode where we took a maintenance car for a drive with Michael and Franklin prior to Trevor’s introduction in the storyline. Now, we’re at a point where Michael and Franklin know each other, but Trevor doesn’t know that Michael is still alive. Our goal is to take the gardener’s truck from Michael’s house and see if we can’t find Trevor before he’s officially introduced.

We quickly put a marker on the map for Trevor’s location and make our way there, being careful not to stray too far from Franklin or else risk triggering a mission. As we approach Trevor’s supposed location, we see that the car he was driving isn’t there, so we decide to take a look around the surrounding areas.

We visit Ron’s house, but there’s someone there we don’t recognize, which could mean that Trevor has yet to meet Ron. We then check out some local spots, such as a gas station and an ammunition store, but Trevor is nowhere to be found.

It’s disappointing that we’re not able to find Trevor, but it’s still a fun experiment to see how much of the game world we can explore before meeting certain milestones in the storyline. It’s also interesting to speculate on the events that could have happened had we found Trevor before the game intended for him to be introduced.

Overall, this GTA experiment shows that there’s always something new to discover in the vast open world of Grand Theft Auto 5. Whether you’re following the storyline or taking a detour to explore new areas, there’s no shortage of adventure to be had.

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welcome back to the channel my name is Dan and I’m known from pajama in this episode
we’re doing a bit of a breed acts of our visit to Trevor yeah we at a point in the mission
where Michael and fro from know each other but frankly sorry but Trevor doesn’t know that my
town is still alive so we’re going to take the gardener’s truck from this and go for a bit of
a drive see if we can’t see Trevor yeah like I said this is a Redux of another episode we did
a little earlier where we took a maintenance car for a drive with Michael and Franklin the
for rescuing Jimmy from the otter so this is a little bit later in the timeline but it’s still
before Trevor’s introduced and before Trevor understands and Michael’s still around so we
thought we’d go up have a bit of a look and see what we can see see if we can make Trevor maybe
cause a confrontation or at the very least run or wait and see who is around alright so we’re
coming up to a point now we’ve just had Michael’s storm out franklin’s try to calm everything down
Andrea’s clearly was having a good day there isn’t any more so we’ll see how we go alright
so jump in the car we now have control of the truck what I’m going to do is very very quickly
and put a marker on that too we’re Trevor lives and I think it’s around yeah and we’ll go for
Drive yeah interestingly enough with some of these earlier episodes that was sown with jameelah Tian
before you hit certain milestones or points in the timeline already in the mission parameters
you can go all over the map without any drummers whatsoever so what I need to do is follow tennis
coach your friend here until we get to we’re basically losing there he goes and once we’ve
lost him we get a marker back to the mansion of the modern piece of architectural marvel and
once that happens then we can go anywhere I think this is coming up all right and Michael has just
said he knows where he lives okay so in theory we should just be able to go through the drive
traditional pause until we’re ready to go all right so we take a run up there is it this house
I think it’s there’s the house I wonder if we can say that they
there is not that that is pretty reasonable date out so it can’t see the glass half of
the place haven’t Rendon yet but II still lay immune is chittering Underpants it’s
hilarious okay anyway don’t mean that let’s go from puck and see Trevor all right so what
we’ll do this is a bit of a drive so I’ll bring up some music and take us through
like I said we should be up to Trevor’s
not same truck again we have to be careful around here not to wander too far from the Franklin or
otherwise efficiently but let’s make sure we are armed all right so car’s not there people are out
in front of the liquor shop I think the other guys are rampaging to play that could be wrong please
tell me at the end can’t get into the garage which makes sense can’t cut up someone else’s garage in
game but also wander up and have a quick look at the base make sure that just in case we encounter
some expect we go hasn’t actually changed since the last time I visited which in going with a few
days ago alright this is my foot return at least on reality it’s not in the shower let’s see if
he’s over snooze no Trevor does not appear to be home she’s a TV had a bad time he’s clearly got a
disagreement with someone on there who is next now last time we popped over next door which i think
is meant to be Ron’s house there was some dude to sit in the front no idea who he was or what he
was doing it certainly was not wrong there we go another random let’s just quickly see that this is
to rent a woman dogs gonna get us again or Saudi now I don’t like doing that but not much we can
do I don’t know who needs a thought that was wrong shouts but I could well be wrong go back over that
I want to go too far away because then we found a mission because we’re too far away from photons
so I’m just going to skip over the fence again go round them back and see I may well have the
wrong house said that might not be wrong at all please if I have a comment below let me
know where it should be but in the meantime I am going to go for a quick rider and block
another enemy and I think we’ve got something a bit more sophisticated over here that’s a
gas station yes so that must have been wrong sensible someone other than Ron is living in
well that’s disappointing and what’s going quickly check if he’s around somewhere else online where
else could go is that distract eyes an extreme it’s a parachute okay yes sir he’s an extreme
sport color that might have been to do the Trevor takes care of a mission he said that’s it’s not
no I know where’s could you try that they nothing
like the bar sky checking the local bar that he’s off
okay I don’t think we’re going to see Trevor around here well that’s really disappointing
I was hoping we can get up and sort out a confrontation before they’re actually
meant to me really take care of Trevor before there’s any any drivers don’t think that’s
okay he’s just not walking around the place that the other places really could maybe these
maybe ammunation it’s got a quick look and I really should drive through today just random
the people in chat and the barbecue now no I’m going to see if I can approach without
any dramas these who knows where he’s but he’s certainly not a funny all right just because I
feel like it I’m gonna pop back to Trevor’s place and maybe take care of one of those
casting j-turn again you twitch isn’t bad sorry pickup for those not in it in Australia trucks
still not there doesn’t appear to be anyone let’s get wreak some havoc nice slide the shop
jump nice a nice little sneaky corner shop well he’s off can I actually think that we’re ready
you know what dude knocks oh there’s another power and we’ll make sure we don’t get yourself
why barrel huh shooters well now that’s interesting
can I take care of a petrol one over here yeah that’s going to go very nice second one so I can
definitely do it just not with Trevor’s much much smaller gas cans not gonna happen well now that’s
interesting coming up there everybody okay Oh God for joy I am very upset cos feeling alright
okay well that’s it for this video thank you very much for watching if
you like what you’ve seen click like down the bottom and it really helps
set the channel and if you’re new to our channel please click the subscribe button
and hit that notification button so you know when we get our advice in the past
it’s been a pleasure having you thank you very much we’ll see you in the next video

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