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Can we Meet Trevor Before he is Officially Introduced?

Grumpy Gamer plays GTA 5's "The Sun" mission with a twist: instead of rescuing Jimmy, he and Franklin pay a visit to Trevor's home. The mission is flexible, allowing for open exploration, but the outcome is uneventful.
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Exploring Trevor’s Location in GTA 5

In this GTA 5 gameplay video, Night Ed and Grumpy Gamer take a look at one of the billion missions in Grand Theft Auto 5, but with a twist. Instead of rescuing Jimmy, they decide to pay a visit to Trevor’s location to see what he’s up to. The video starts with the two characters, Franklin and Michael, driving Amanda’s car up to the hills to find Trevor.

The interesting thing about this mission is, as long as you don’t hit the first waypoint, there’s a lot of flexibility in the game to explore. Unlike some of the previous episodes, this part of the game is fairly linear, but it allows you to move around and have some freedom instead of following the mission exactly. You can take a drive and explore the map, making it more fun and interesting.

The video shows the two characters driving up to Trevor’s location slowly, checking out everything as they go along. They pass by Trevor’s truck, indicating that he might be at home. When they get there, they see some interesting things in the trailer, like magazines, tissues, and cockroaches, indicating that Trevor is feral and living like an animal.

The characters then try to find Trevor, hoping for a confrontation between Franklin and Michael before they’re formally reintroduced. However, they’re a bit uneventful, but they had fun exploring and checking out the location, making it worth the trip.

Characters in the Game

GTA 5 is all about characters like Trevor Philips, Michael Townley, Franklin Clinton, James De Santa (Jimmy), Ron Jakowski, and Wade Hebert. Each character has a unique personality and backstory, making them memorable and important to the game’s story.

GTA Experiments

Night Ed and Grumpy Gamer are known for their GTA experiments, exploring different aspects of the game and seeing what they can do with its unique features. In this video, they decided to explore Trevor’s location and see what they could find, making it an interesting and unique experience.


If you’re a fan of Grand Theft Auto, especially GTA 5 and its characters like Trevor Philips, Michael Townley, Franklin Clinton, James De Santa (Jimmy), Ron Jakowski, and Wade Hebert, you’ll enjoy this gameplay video. It’s interesting to see Night Ed and Grumpy Gamer explore Trevor’s location in the game, making it a fun and unique experience.

hi welcome back to the channel my night ed and I know this grumpy gamer and today we’re going to
be taking a look at one of the billion missions in GTA 5 that’s the GTA 5 5 the Sun but a little bit
different when considers rescuing Jimmy we’re going to see you never we’ve got Franklin and
Michael together whether we can both pay a visit to Trevor should be a little bit fun I
know I’m not gonna before I have no idea what’s going happen eat we might buy Trevor my every
change we might one way we might even wrong I know we’re going to take a drive and Amanda’s
car up to the up to the hills and then absolutely at the back of nowhere and see where mr. Phillips
is and what he’s up to alright let’s see how we go I’m just going to skip the cutscene and
go a bit of a drive which should get a phone call from Jimmy there is this guy’s she’s just
excited I know he sees just an absolute say he’s not like a chocolate shake but I think my please
bit disappointing with doing alright so it should retain we’ll get control more or less back with
Michael fairly soon if you’re nice ability is frankly to driving this mission but it’s
meant to be family now what’s really interesting here is it as long as you don’t hit that first
Waypoint you can’t fail the mission so I’m just going to quickly set a market here think Trevor
years I want to say around here ish let’s set a marker for there and see how we yes as long
as you don’t hit that first first mission market you can’t fail the mission of the Indus kid go
for as long as you like and the yacht won’t hit its waypoint and then Jimmy just once we won’t
initiate that sequence so one of this series of this part of the game this is fairly linear
there’s a bit of flexibility there I’m going time there’s a bit of flexibility there too to
go explore unlike some of the previous episodes so for example you’re looking at North Mountain
attempting to turn to chase Jimmy with the item self it’s whether they’re quite linear then it’s
well it’s is it’s interesting that ear you can get quite linear with the other ones and but in
certain aspects they game allows you to be open and letting your free rather than just going and
following the exact mission that we thought so we saw some some pretty linear stuff with Lamar
and they the Mars race in the repossession when we first make Michael we see linear action in
North Yankton in the very very first heist before Franklin is introduced between Trevor children
Phillips and then Michael Townley and Amanda when Brad didn’t didn’t fare so well in but seeing
this point where we can really mess around with the map that go for a proper driver even though
it’s what are you doing is a pretty leaning part of the gather this it’s just interesting
this bus alright so we’re making our way up to the hills yeah this is going to be fairly
long drive so what I might do is attempt not to break and bring up some music and just partly
this part of them drive all the way up until we get to where we’re Trevor is someone’s EMT notes
okay so looks like we’re coming up on the Trevor’s choice if I recall correctly it’s
got to be ready somewhere oh there we go now we’re talking right sorry about that
okay let’s see what we can see can we swore in here twice easier bites it car’s not here
no truck can’t get in there now we’re not using mods so we can’t go clip in there and
it’s just going to straight through see if we can go in the front door instead of the city
and yes I can is there a river huh
I’m trying to sleep in her trailer that’s interesting about again his trucks up there
so it is entirely possible it’s just nothing the other place but he’s left the TV on yeah morning
magazines tissues dear was that cockroaches I think I saw a copy here that’s cockroaches
this man is feral okay through we go no one there right what about Wade and Ron
who is better they’re back no there is not is wrong about the place touch the fence
let’s see what we got quiz whoa hey who’s that dog’s ass room hello oh oh no no no
no sorry buddy you’re gone that’s not my deal of the despoil you’d want to
do that but jeez Michael’s hurting and who is that color and why is he running
she wants to be a shoe but I’m sorry yeah put it on that one he’s off tonight and I am
done oh now okay so Franklin was left behind let’s retry well that’s interesting I’m just
gonna skip back up to the part where we near Trevor’s property go track made me coming up
here somewhere it’s kind of not good for the Roughriders it’s quite good a mile away but
he’s really not built for the back roads bounce around the fair bit here find you I’m not a canoe
yeah there we go
love balloons items I’ve got cards do we need okay there is Trevor’s house now where is si
is that
this is the boy do you just not no idea who that is where is everyone Hailee’s is he happy nice
he’s coming out he’s gonna say you know I really don’t have to do this but I’m gonna do this he
comes out of the guy that’s what your scenes is around as soon as I put these together you
disappear where is it East one not there he’s see what happens if I get poppin easy gonna come easy
yep ease up it really don’t bother with that can we get in no weekend
oh here’s another one he’s just sworn again
it was – that’s not a view
stiffly get in the back you’ll instantly again I’m not using any mods so things
like mow Clippers out I’m just sticking with another game so you kind of get up on the roof
and interesting roof repair work then it is effective do-it-yourself at some point guys
no not here what’s it I don’t think Trevor’s here I can’t see let’s run straighter ladies
use it to vote
still running okay so well that was a bit uneventful but it’s our I was trying to trying
to see if we can get a force a confrontation between Franklin and Michael before they are
formally reintroduced I suppose that’s okay we at least made the trip we’ve had a bit
of fun checking it out so that’s it for this video thank you very much for watching if you
like what you’ve seen please leave a like and if you’re new please subscribe and click that
little bell down the bottom so you know when we’ve got new videos thank you for watching

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