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What happens when Michael is introduced to Franklin?

In this GTA 5 mission, Franklin and Michael team up to repossess Jimmy's car. Along the way, they encounter interesting vehicles and Michael expresses disappointment with Franklin's conduct. Watch to find out more.
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Exploring the First Mission of Grand Theft Auto 5

In this video, old grumpy gamer Dan takes us on a journey through the first mission of the popular game, Grand Theft Auto 5. The mission, called “Complications,” features Franklin and Michael as they attempt to repossess Jimmy’s car from a dealership.

The Mission and Repossession

The video begins with a scene at the car dealership where Simeon is showing a potential customer a vehicle. Franklin is there, engaging in some banter, and they soon head out to repossess Jimmy’s car. As they drive through the city, they pass by different vehicles available for purchase, and Dan shares some trivia about the Tesla cars that were originally adapted from the Lotus Elise.

As they approach the destination, Michael is not yet in the car, and players can see the different homes and businesses in the area. They sneak around the back and enter the property, taking down any obstacles in their way. Eventually, they find the car and begin to drive away, with Franklin trying to make a quick buck while Michael seems more knowledgeable about the situation.

The Easter Egg and Glitch

During the mission, Dan points out a filter in the background that changes patterns when certain events happen. He also notes an Easter egg related to a character named “the fella with the scarf and the red shirt.” During the cutscene at the end of the mission, Michael seems disappointed with the actions taken.

Throughout the video, Dan invites viewers to leave comments and suggest topics for future investigations. He also mentions different SEO keyword phrases related to Grand Theft Auto and the current mission, including “Grand Theft Auto 5,” “GTA 5 complications Easter egg,” and “GTA V complications glitch.”

Overall, the video provides an entertaining and informative look at the first mission of Grand Theft Auto 5, with Dan sharing his thoughts and opinions on the game and its various elements.

listen hi my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer today we’re looking at the first mission
where Franklin and Michael mention GTA 5 thats the GTA 5 the mission consultations let’s take
over okay so we rejoin it Simeon back at the car he’s showing another potential
customer through a another vehicle you know I won again and Franklin’s in he’s talking
some rubbish and we’re about to head off and repossess Jimmy’s car there he is and
we’re off it’s a wacky inflatable flailing um in the different vehicles on sale at the
moment and let’s see what’s around back to see what we can take up to life advice
alright so here they think that’s meant to be abundance I have a hot hatch for
now I don’t know how much history you know but the the first Tesla cars that
were released by musk were adaptions of the Lotus I think it was the Lotus Elise
so this is an early one beautiful cars I think they call the it’s a coil in this one but it’s
essentially a modeled on the very very first commercially released Tesla vehicles they are
amazing I’ll throw up a link to a meme or something I think top gear these cars are
borrowing the by taking rockstar sitting up we’re in trouble see
we knows he’s been eating the crap so it’s not
that is lovely I have no idea what that vehicle is safe you wouldn’t mind popping down in the
comments and let me know what that’s called in-game and perhaps you nutter just brakes
yes if you could pop down to the comments just yeah right yeah I like that one I ready
and why am I being chosen at the end of the comments and tell me what this vehicle is a
month based on what it’s called in game is just genuinely lovely another foreclosure back there
still see and
sneak out the back
one would think Oh is they completely lack of song with someone the Sun which is about spongy it had
some point tomorrow is let’s see really do like the mood to be town with [ __ ] stop ruining so
cars 14 and you can see it right there don’t think Michaels in the car at that
point so you can completely suspect something as a waypoint party around
those see if we can see all right these guys to go back the old-fashioned way we’ll
go back through players will pull those birds of paradise Australia and it’s Juhi
clearly than Bonnie you let some say what you meet about the side alright
so that’s that’s Jimmy having a chat there it’s a thing medical problems I
don’t need that’s alright you go back let’s let’s keep pushing through and
there is this is Santa Amanda the tennis coach is giving her a lesson but of course nothing
going on there at all it’s all perfectly in okay oops these are still creeping there we
go at the car now let’s see what we’ve got here now I don’t know if you notice but there’s now
a blanket in the back of the vehicle that doesn’t then we’ll wonder if room four looks like Michael
has either spotted Franklin or got to be a suspect with a guy that’s gotten quiet and
Patterson creeping around he snuck in the back of the cow and I see if we open that up you can
spot the exact moment that happens see this thing that just keeps walking up it’s in all
of the videos I don’t know why that there is a repo job the lace marker knows what’s going
on I know Franklin is just trying to get paid definitely definitely this game though it’s I
don’t think she means a particularly honest businessman all right so let’s just hand it
over gonna try to see if I can get my hands out of the car was something so let’s really get some
high school I contacted by a spring Franklin special ability get out of the car [ __ ] in
and not a not a thing
michael has a news we managed to put the catwalk
huh get a warrant and you done well that was interesting let’s get rolling again I’m sure
it’s gonna drop this bag somewhere you’re tapping that’s disappointing looks like this
is going to be another meeting a mission we’ve looked at many missions specifically the first
one something so we’ll I’ll pop a link out for you somewhere around they’ll be an info
really need to pay attention so this is the first time we find out if Michael knows a
bit more about what’s going on that does it Franklin is still very much and naive
I’ve been running two millstones – just a little bit more educated a little bit more
wise then Franklin have shown themselves to be no sir let’s see what Michael wants us to do
right through the [ __ ] window
doesn’t put a seatbelt on thought you might but that’s okay so how does we can
now if we deviate any bit from there it’s going huh did you notice the filter up the
back just completely done pattern on what’s just happened pop a replay up so you can have
a look they look for the fella with the scarf and the red shirt it’s just fantastic look and
we’re fighting let’s look around you soon here we go and into the cutscene Michael’s clearly
disappointed with senior conduct you can clearly see the Michaels upset I’m surprised given how
violent the previous fights we’ve seen you’ve been with Michael involved and subsequent ones as well
once Trevor gets involved the Simeon was allowed to walk away from that one so to speak but then
we have it sir all good fun that’s it for this video thank you very much for watching my name
is Dan I’m an old rugby gamer and if you liked what you’ve seen please leave a like subscribe
if you can and hit that notification button if you see any anything you’d like us to investigate
further please by all means leave comments we love the ear feedback thank you very much for watching

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