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Can we save the Security Guard in Prologue?

Old grumpy gamer Dan attempts to complete the Grand Theft Auto 5 prologue without killing the rental cop with headshots. Despite numerous attempts, he finds it impossible without mods.
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Grand Theft Auto 5 Prologue: Can You Avoid Headshots?

In this video, we take a look at Grand Theft Auto 5’s prologue, particularly the first mission where we play as Trevor and go through a heist. Our challenge is to try and get through the mission without killing anyone with headshots or causing any unnecessary injuries. We experiment with different shots and see what happens when we shoot different parts of the body.

The First Heist: Security Vinewood

We start off with a brand new game and dive into the opening scene where Trevor and his team attempt to rob a security truck. As we go through the mission, we test out different shots and see how the AI responds to injuries. We try to avoid headshots and stick to body shots but end up triggering some unexpected reactions.

Experiments and Easter Eggs in GTA 5

Throughout the video, we engage in some experiments to see how much damage we can cause without killing anyone with headshots. We try shooting different parts of the body and see what happens. We also look for Easter eggs and try to uncover any hidden secrets in the game.

GTA 5 Prologue: First Mission and Role Play

The first mission in GTA 5 is action-packed and sets the tone for the rest of the game. We get a taste of the game’s mechanics and the different strategies and approaches we can take. Additionally, we explore different role-playing scenarios and test out different strategies for completing the mission.

GTA 5 Mods and RP

While we experiment with different approaches and strategies, we also explore different mods and role-playing scenarios that can enhance the game’s experience. We discuss the different options for modding and how they can affect the gameplay. We also touch on the different role-play scenarios available and how they can make the game more immersive.


In conclusion, this video provides an in-depth look at the first mission in GTA 5’s prologue and the different approaches and strategies we can take. We experiment with different shots and test out different role-playing scenarios to see what works best. Additionally, we explore different mods and RP options that can enhance the game’s experience. Overall, it’s an engaging and informative video for all fans of the game.

all right welcome to the channel my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer today we’re
looking at Grand Theft Auto 5 prologue first mission in GTA 5 where we go through the first
heist with Trevor we’re going to see if we can get through without killing in the rental body
shots and a few other bits of the bases but try and avoid a headshot which is so without any
further ado alright just lighting up and we’re in a cat opening scene brand spanking new game
there’s a minute that’s life is a fiance in time I suppose now walk quietly mr. egghead I presume
they included it as part of the crew so that hostages of spice dance so let’s see okay so first
play is welcome and in particular right that’s the first bit done and it’s Trevor looks like
these pilots bomb and right and we will give it a ring see what happens all right dialing in and
okay so I think this story wants us to do a head shot and that will be an instant help
of God but and let’s see what we can do let’s start nice and what happens if I shooting in
really cool minute let’s go dammit what he’s actually done is pulled the trigger
at the same time that we shot him in foot and I suppose that’s right maybe a reflex
let’s see let me go let’s try another one this time can we be getting with a shot
got him good Loggins net so it’s as humans pulled the trigger again alright alright so
hand out see if we can pain in the elbow you just wait for the right Michael there
we shot him in the arm and he’s still going bro yeah let’s give it another crank let us
try me let’s try it’s handy song so you can shoot it again and this time is triggered
zoom try the shoulders and again is this found on a hand trigger some boy rocket this again
you know I’m gonna try a different type this time let’s see what is she gonna
show him in the gun I hid the gun you gonna still get my head
okay let’s try it let’s try to fit okay let’s try get I’m gonna
try and continue the latency to them pushing out ironic let’s say we’re good
and we these guys properly trigger mean seriously
shoulders okay where else can we click this for the arrows and expose reckon I can sneak one in
to shoulder got him in the shoulder as a good job but no no he still managed to shoot Michael
in the head Ravi oh is that his no that’s the back try the gut shot that’s right okay
see if I can clear the shot you know what let’s just hit his wrist this time but get this right
I’ll get in without clocking him in the head so again as soon as defying logic if you get shot
in a wrist surely you couldn’t pull the trigger like I’m not batsman I’m an Australian living in
the UK so I don’t use guns a whole lot but damn that’s not right let’s try the further up again
without doing this with mods I suspect quite strongly there is no way to resurrect or save
this film I you know I don’t even know if I want to do it perhaps if you throw something
in the comments to let me know if there’s a model let me do this to resurrect it I know
there’s a lot of other youtubers it’s the users and we really really need to see if there’s one
that could just let us make this quite more than something but all right I’m gonna try
and risk once more and then I think we might call it a day let’s complete the resolution no
that’s a no-go well that’s been disappointing in that I am going to go ahead and say that we
probably cannot save Mike they cannot save the perentie coffee in this thing it’s most
likely a scripted cutscene I don’t think it can be done so let’s just go ahead and
knock out some more the mission you know what a great little satisfaction is to well-attended
what we as we do later let’s get rolling jumping no sneaking one coming here is done
Aries right brats get up we shall see
in the JavaScript all right well I think that’s probably about enough of this one
for the moment we’ll get to the car have a good one later on in the meantime though it
genuinely looks like without mods there’s no way of saving the rent-a-cop but it’s
been a lot of fun trying all right that’ll be us for the for the day thank you for watching
and it’s really good we’ve made the end of the video this is my first video as well
so I’m genuinely Chuck genuinely Chuck’s Bianca share this with you and have them
have a bit of fun and we’ll be back soon don’t forget to Like and subscribe and
I’ll throw some links up to other videos as they come up thank you very much for watching

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