We’re going through how get gold in GTA 5 mission Caida Libre, where we’ll chase down a plane, on a motorcycle

Grand Theft Auto is a truly massive game. Between GTA 5 and the constant updates from Rockstar for GTA Online; there’s no shortage of new content and interesting things to do.

Join me, then, in our continuing series, getting gold in every damn mission, in GTA 5 as we look at Grand Theft Auto mission Caida Libre.

…and don’t forget to hang around until the end, for our bonus tips on how to get through this one first time.

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Getting gold in this one is fairly challenging, as the time limit is utterly ridiculous

To get gold in this one we’ll need to

* Drop the plane in 3 shots
* Reach top speed on the bike
* Don’t crash the bike
* Complete the mission in 9:45

So let’s pick it up from the end of the cutscene…


00:00 Intro
02:01 One Two Three Gold
03:03 Floor It Gold
03:32 Glued to the Seat Gold
04:40 Mission time gold
06:18 Bonus tips

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“U In My Arms” by Jeremy Blake


Michael and Trevor are called to the La Fuente Blanca home of Madrazo, where Madrazo has a job for them. Javier, Madrazo’s nephew, is going to testify against him; Madrazo tries to kill Javier and to recover confidential papers.

The player takes Michael’s influence. Michael is driving to the Galileo Observatory, where Madrazo left a black Burrito with a large rear-mounted rifle. In order to shoot down the Air Emu Shamal carrying Javier to Los Santos International Airport, Michael must use the gun. The high-powered gun uses a special monitor that puts a red square in front of the aircraft, displaying the spot where Michael would aim if he is to reach the engine, to compensate for the gap. The Shamal first appears in the upper left-hand quadrant of the view of the weapon (the radar is concealed while using the weapons, so it is very difficult to see the plane at first then crosses toward the airport from left to right. In order to take it out of paradise, Michael would fire the plane three times.

The player is switched to Trevor after the aircraft has been damaged. Riding a Sanchez, through Great Chaparral, Peace and Sandy Beaches, Trevor chases the swift descending jet from the Galileo Observatory. Although the player has some freedom about what route to use the chase features at least one hop that Trevor must make to keep up with the plane successfully. Trevor must destroy Javier and recover the confidential documents found on board the Shamal until the aircraft collapses.

The player is transferred once again to Michael after Trevor has received the papers. The van is removed from the field around the Galileo Observatory by Michael, so the car is burned. Afterwards in order to meet with Trevor, Michael is about to make his way to La Fuente Blanca to send Madrazo the papers. Michael, however, gets a telephone call from Trevor that reveals that he has other thoughts. At Stoner Cement Works, north of La Fuente Blanca along Senora Lane, Trevor asks Michael to meet him instead. Soon after Michael, Trevor appears.