In this guide we’ll be going through how to get gold in Grand Theft Auto 5’s sixth mission chop. We’ll be of course playing as a fairy and finding out how truly dumb Lamar is. And we’ll discuss about how to kidnap D. The do’s and don’ts. How to cope with CHOP, and also that how you can customize Chop with iFruit App.

Things to do:

To get gold in this mission we’ll need to do these things:

  •  Return Lamar’s van without a scratch
  • Play as chop for no less than 10 seconds
  • Use franklin’s ability for at least 7 seconds

Mission starts:

When coming back home, Franklin sees his Aunt and her friend going jogging and shouting something. Then, Lamar comes with his dog, Chop. He asks Franklin to join with him in a kidnap. At first, Franklin doesn’t want to be involved in anything related to Mafia. But after knowing the ransom is up to $40,000, he changes his mind and decides to join. And Chop GTA 5 mission start.

GTA 5 Chop – Get in the van

Get in the van:

So, let’s get started by jumping into Lamar’s van. As soon as chop’s in the car and Lamar jumps in the GPS will pop up so we’ll just follow that to the first wave point (which is Vinewood Boulevard).

Don’t forget to use Franklin’s ability to avoid scratching Lamar’s wheels.

After reaching the point:

Pull up to the left it doesn’t matter which way you pull in — the van is re-parked anyway. They (Lamar and Franklin) get off from the car and walk to an alley and find D who’s there talking with an unknown woman.

D notices Lamar and Franklin with the faces covered with green bandanas. We’ll get to the cut scene at which point we attempt to kidnap the baller and it goes as bad as well as you would expect it to when Lamar’s in charge of anything. As a response, D almost hits Lamar and Franklin with his motorbike — speeds up, and escapes on Los Santos Roads.

GTA 5 Chop – Chasing D in Lamar’s van (with vanity plates)

The Chase:

We’ll jump back into the van and you’ll see it been re-parked, so it didn’t matter where we put it and then we can chase the baller this is scripted.

So, don’t worry about trying to shoot him or run him over. It will be a complete waste of time and ammunition and effort.

Again, don’t forget about Franklin’s ability this is really, really handy to avoid traffic because we still need to keep up with him even though it’s a scripted event.

Okay, so keep up the chase. Now, as we sneak down to the left here, we’ll duck into a side alley keep an eye out for that bus and then head down. Always look both ways before crossing the street boys and girls.

GTA 5 Chop – Foot chase starts through an working Warehouse Lot
GTA 5 Chop – foot chase over some old sheds
GTA 5 Chop – Foot chase continues through a working rail yard

Foot chase:

We’ll grab chop out of the back of the van and then go for a jog. Now again, this is scripted so there’s no point trying to shoot him. There’s no point trying to run him down or do anything silly – JUST CHASE.

Get over the fences, onto the bins or the shipping containers and then crash through the fences. Again, right after a bit of a chase you’ll be prompted to swap to chop which we’ll do straight away to maximize our time in his perspective.

Swap as soon as you can — take a breath, we can’t actually control chop. There’s no point trying to move around as him. This is 100% scripted so, you cannot do anything except go along for the ride.

Switch to franklin as soon as you’re prompted and then go and open one of the boxcar doors. Doesn’t matter our boy isn’t in here anyway. Jump back to chop again we’re trying to maximize the time that we’re with chop so that, we can get gold.

GTA 5 Chop – Bad dog (sorry, not sorry)

GTA 5 Chop – Finding D in a rail car
GTA 5 Chop – Capturing D

Distraction of chop:

Chop will get distracted so after a few seconds there swap back to Franklin and run straight over to chop and there’s a quick cut scene where Franklin will pull him off.

Swap straight back to chop again and we’ll be back on the trail. So, after a few moments chop will pick up the trail again and head straight to another boxcar at which point we can swap back to Franklin and open the first boxcar door on the right and back to chop remembering that we’re aiming to maximize our time as a furry compatriot.

We apprehend our target — load him into the van and jump in. Then follow the GPS to the drop off. Lamar being Lamar he will make a call from his own personal cell phone and then blow the operation.

Drop off the phone and then drop off the baller and follow the GPS back to Lamar’s place and that brings us to the end of the action.

Easter eggs:

Here are some great little easter eggs hidden in this mission welcome back is rumoured to represent the last time, we were in the colourful version of GTA with GTA 4 being a dark bleak departure from the over-the-top ridiculousness of previous GTA franchises.


  • Lamar is taking vanity plates to a kidnapping?
  • If you change the radio to worldwide FM, rebel radio or a talkback station chop will go tropo because he’s not a fan.

Bonus fact:

Bonus fact there’s a very good chance that Lamar suffers from a chronic case of Dunning-Kruger.

Some main points:

  1. Follow Lamar. Try not to attract the cops’ attention.
  2. Return to Lamar. Don’t go too far from Lamar.
  3. Get in the van. Remember to enter Lamar’s white speedometer.
  4. Wait for Lamar and Chop entering the van.
  5. Drive to Vinewood Boulevard. Follow the GPS’s instructions, and you’ll reach the spot.
  6. Get in the van and chase D.
  7. Open boxcars to check out whether D is inside or not.
  8. Call Chop back and pull him off the female dog.
  9. Open the boxcar, Chop bark at and find out D.
  10. Take D to Lamar’s house.
  11. Stop to let D get out.
  12. Lose the police before letting D out.
  13. Drop Lamar and Chop at BJ Smith rec centre.

Points to ponder about:

  1. The player is able to take Chop for walks anywhere, but caution must be taken around busy streets or thoroughfares, as Chop is sometimes not intelligent enough to avoid oncoming vehicles. As he can meet an ACCIDENT and get extremely injured or die. So, take care of that.
  2. He can be killed in gunfights, and can also fall into swimming pools or other bodies of water. Gotta see that also.
  3. While walking with Chop, he can attack pedestrians if they are targeted by Franklin, or if they attack him first. This can result in a two-star wanted level for Franklin and the police shooting Chop as well as Franklin.

Some glitches:

  • If the player throws a grenade while Chop is following them, Chop will run after it and attempt to pick it up as if it was a ball. This will result in Chop either dying or getting seriously injured by the grenade’s explosion.
  • Seeing as dogs they do not know what grenades are, and have poorer vision than humans. By knowing the fact that grenades and baseballs are reasonably similar in shape this could be seen as normal behaviour for a dog. As such, this may be intended behaviour rather than a glitch.
  • Due to a glitch, sometimes if the player exits a car while Chop was in the passenger seat, Franklin will reach over to open the passenger door, but after Chop jumps out, the passenger door will be stuck open, and no amount of physical force will be able to close it. This glitch can be fixed by getting back into the vehicle and allowing Chop to re-enter through the passenger door
  • However, if Chop dies or runs away and Franklin re-enters the same vehicle, the door will still be stuck open. Driving the vehicle around will result in the passenger door wildly swinging open and closed, but it will never latch shut. This can only be fixed by destroying the vehicle, modifying it, or parking it inside a safehouse garage

Some Unimportant yet know-able facts:

  • As seen in several screenshots, Chop’s collar was originally brown
  • If a vehicle is driven into the water while Chop is in it, then Chop will immediately leave the vehicle and die suddenly. The only time Chop moves across water is the mission “Predator” where he swims across the creek with Franklin while chasing O’Neil
  • It is not possible to bail out of a moving vehicle while Chop is riding as passenger and will result in bringing the vehicle into a complete stop no matter how fast the player is driving.
  • Xbox LIVE players can purchase chop for their avatars.

Some Chop information:

Since Chop is an animal, no particular character traits can be distinguishable, and the only major determining factor for Chop’s behaviour is controlled through the iFruit app. If his happiness is low, Chop will be generally upset, and won’t immediately respond to Franklin if he calls him or asks him to perform tricks.

However, if his happiness level is high, he’ll eagerly follow Franklin wherever he goes, and will perform tricks upon Franklin’s request. Chop may bark or whine at the player if he approaches.

Chop is generally a friendly dog, but he will attack any NPC who inflicts injury to Franklin, or threatens him verbally.

If the player throws a ball for Chop to fetch, he will always run over to pick it up, unless the ball lands in the water or in any other unreachable location. Chop is shown to be quite intelligent, as he is able to navigate through corridors or obstacles with ease, always finding his way back to the player and rarely getting stuck.

Chop can be customized:

Chop can be customized with the iFruit App on the player’s Smartphone, by entering their Rockstar Games Social Club account in the app, and it will be connected to their Grand Theft Auto copy. From the app, the player can buy any type of coloured collars for Chop. Once changed in the app, Chop will wear the customized Collar in your GTA game. He can also be taught various simple tricks and commands through the app, such as “sit” and “paw”. His happiness meter is directly influenced by his wellbeing in iFruit, which will affect his behaviour in-game.