How to get gold in Getaway Vehicle (The Big Score Obvious)

In this guide we’ll gonna talk about how to get gold in GTA 5 mission Getaway Vehicle. Getting gold in this one is pretty straight-forward you just need to make sure you’ve got some cash on hand while there’s no actual “gold” gold.

To complete this mission we’ll need to

  • Find an appropriate four-door vehicle
  • Modify the vehicle
  • Park it in the Union Depository carpark
GTA 5 - Collect a standard 4-door from the street.png

Picking-Up the vehicle:

So, let’s pick it up from when I’ve found this uber marked oracle. Bring up the quick mission thing and we’ll set up a marker to Los Santos customs and head on over.

Upgrade the vehicle:

So, once we’re here. Just head on in here.

GTA 5 - Drive to any Los Santos Customs
GTA 5 - Customise the car with the Heist Prep pack

We’ll repair the vehicle. Upgrade our Armor to the top level available. Do the same for the engine and we’ll do the same for the suspension to.

So, that it’s all the way up. You do not need to be worried about any other cosmetic stuff or any of the other performance upgrades.

HONESTLY! this is just the bare minimum to get through the mission.

So, that we can get that maximum take. We’re going to head to the overflow car park for the union depository because we’ll get directed to the underground car park just afterwards. And off we go from here.

GTA 5 - Head out of LSC

Try to not drive into things:

You should try to avoid driving into things as much as you can. Try to keep the car as clean and tidy as possible. Not that it makes a huge difference if you knock in anything. It just means that there’s less damage to take later.

GTA 5 - Park somewhere safe, near the Union Depository's underground car park and give Lester a call

Park the car just for a moment:

All right, so the Union Depository Overflow Car Park should be getting fairly familiar by now. We’re just going to park here just for a moment, and give Lester a quick bell. We’ll hop back in the vehicle and again this was really just to make sure that we were nearby.

From here let’s head back out to the road and head to the underground car park. So, follow the GPS marker on the on the mini map.

GTA 5 - Some clown parked in our spot

Make space for car park:

If someone has parked in “our” spot… Just put the car off to the other side here. And we’ll move this one out and then put our car where it need to be. GREAT! that’s out of the way jump back in our car.

GTA 5 - That's one of the prep missions for The Big Score's Obvious approach complete

Mission Complete:

And that should be it. And the mission completes. There we go as I said no real gold — gold in this one but we are now prepped up.

So, when we’re all set and I think we might borrow this fella’s car because he was parked in a disabled spot without a ticket LOL.