We’re going through how get gold in GTA 5 mission The Paleto Score.

Grand Theft Auto is a truly massive game. Between GTA 5 and the constant updates from Rockstar for GTA Online; there’s no shortage of new content and interesting things to do.

Join me, then, in our continuing series, getting gold in every damn mission, in GTA 5 as we look at Grand Theft Auto mission The Paleto Score.

…and don’t forget to hang around until the end, for our bonus tips on how to get through this one first time.

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Getting gold in this one is pretty straightforward; and more importantly, a boat-load of fun.

To get gold in this one we’ll need to

* Fire more than 4000 bullets
* Do more than $1,000,000 in damage
* Maintain accuracy of 50%
* Complete the mission in 16:00

So let’s pick it up from the end of the cutscene, outside the cook house…


00:00 Intro
02:03 Drop off Franklin
04:10 Collateral Damage Gold
05:32 Let it Rain Gold
06:51 Accuracy Gold
07:40 Front-end-loader
09:25 Getting to the train (clearing the warehouse)
12:45 Bonus tips

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“U In My Arms” by Jeremy Blake


The crew drives to Paleto Bay where they drop off from Franklin and go to the bank entrance. They’re leaving the van and inside the bank. Inside, Trevor shoots the camera, causing the alarm to disappear.

Trevor and Michael handle crowd control while the gunman, with a blowtorch, welds the door of the safe box room. After being weakened, Michael impatiently kicks the door open and starts stealing money. Meanwhile, Trevor sees two cops pulling out, talking about shooting the alarm guy, assuming it’s another false alarm. He fires a warning shot and shouts hostages. The officers retreat to their cruiser to confirm the 2-11 (armed robbery) and they need everything they have.

Michael, Trevor, and the gunman all gather in the safe box room and collect all the money – consistently $8,016,020. The police have now swarmed and surrounded the entrance to the bank, the deputy sheriff ordering them to surrender and allowing the hostages to “talk like gentlemen” With all the guns trained at the doors, the three men emerge, and now the military convoy acquired heavy weapons and body armor. Trevor reveals a minigun, scaring and shocking police. They take out cops, including a helicopter, crashing into a nearby apartment building. The crew heads through its remains, into a few houses’ backyards. NOOSE now appears after escaping past the houses, and the crew goes down the street and eventually into a construction yard. If an unskilled gunman is chosen, a police car will crush him at this point – his weapon and money bag can be collected near his body, allowing the player to retain the ~$2.5 million held in. If a skilled gunman is chosen, the police car won’t show up. The military appears bringing a few Rhinos and many soldiers. A Cargobob appears, flying a Rhino past them.

Franklin, still in charge of the getaway after the original plan (waiting in a boat in the bay collecting money and then escaping) is botched, finds a Dozer and drives it to the crew, while desperately holding off the military attack, guaranteed to lose ~$20,000 in the process. Once Franklin arrives, Michael and Trevor escape in Dozer’s bucket.