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Complications “Speed Run”

Grand Theft Auto 5 Complications Speed Run (with cut-scenes).
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What happens when Franklin Clinton has to “repossess” Jimmy De Santa’s brand new Karin BeeJay XL? Michael De Santa gets upset, that’s what!

We follow Franklin from Simeon’s Car Yard to the De Santa household, take a quick look around, find Jimmy De Santa, Tracy De Santa, Amanda De Santa, and the Tennis coach, then eventually Michael De Santa.

Watch what happens when Franklin attempts to eject Michael out of the car, and eventually, when Michael has to confront Simeon.

This is a bit of a fun walkthrough, this time around – not super-eventful, but worth a look if you’re returning to the game after a break…

Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in Lost Santos, or North Yankton? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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so we’re back at that starts what we’re going to do this time is do a bit of a speed run through
the complication which is where Franklin and Michael so we’ll dip up to the house take out
the garden will traffic go and get back we should just be about to take controls from take your try
back let’s see how you get around the back this employs some quickie cars around there too so
let’s get going because we possibly can right back with something fairly prompt around here
get that loop
and off we can get out now let people overlook these evils but in real life
they surprise a little weepy so let’s look the assumptions I mean they normally tend to be a
little more like that absolute go there these Franklin’s ability to pick up the pace make
sure we don’t run into many dramas around that corner well nice oh and we are moving
move that’s what and seeing borrowing and your moderate position there finally to pass it on
let’s get moving a bit slower now okay so we can still pretty game upset defense
as we possibly can run round and up on the captain up over the cap just slow everything
so to avoid Tracy and G there around here there’s a little tidbit there you see blanket in the
back there that means that Michaels only getting the car so let’s see how we get on
chances are on the goats and went off pushing as quick as we can to
get through this with that too many dramas there’s Franklin calling someone to lend oh
he’s got with regal fishtailing but he’ll work together pushing as hard as quick as
we can inning under that five minutes oh I can’t use Franklin’s ability while Michael is
pointing that gun at majesty that’s not helpful that’s alright cut me through and I’m too far
out push as quickly as we can to get through this one now having Franklin’s ability is no
idea with my speed said you probably rely on it a little more than I’ve already and
slightly you should just shoot is the marker and we just about to get started so once it’s
cut things over drive in and then I think we might take him trolling water rapids I love it
interestingly enough most say fellas if you drive me into a window would’ve thought you put a signal
started notice bag dot CBN is less than impressed and one would expect now we need to dispatch this
you mean to put it in from I think to make it inside out now go baka we’ll see how we go just
about going here we go and that is the files and component either so the interesting to see if we
actually make on this one cannot imagine a card or seven plus oh and another one thank you very
much mr. terribly mr. de Sandra is not terribly impressed but it is a good way to start on the
grand theft auto 5 I think this is a fantastic mission for introducing Michael and Franklin
just shows each other what they made open toast show Michael as someone who may know a little bit
more than actually was learning when he’s not just some [ __ ] the gun he actually knows was
trade quite well alright how did we go do we have a gold pass you should past spending our forty
seconds too slow you know what I still get did get don’t nap and I can’t touch this so that’s
not too bad I’m not unhappy and might have done a bit there that’s it for this one thank you very
much for watching if you like what you’ve seen please leave a like and feel free to subscribe
underneath also click on that Bell to receive notifications whenever you post it with the
ears we own the post every day and will be great to have you back tomorrow thank you very much

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