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Did Somebody Say Yoga?

Learn how to get gold in GTA 5's "Did Somebody Say Yoga?" mission. Follow our guide to complete the yoga poses and navigate the drug-induced dream sequence. Plus, discover bonus yoga positions.

Getting Gold in the Infamous “Did Somebody Say Yoga” Mission in Grand Theft Auto 5

If you’re a player of Grand Theft Auto 5, you probably know about the mission “Did Somebody Say Yoga.” It’s easily one of the most hated missions in the game due to the pointless, never-used yoga and the annoying character of Jimmy. But fear not, we’re here to help you get gold in this mission and move on to more enjoyable gameplay.

Complete the Warrior Triangle and Praise the Sun Poses

To get gold in this mission, you need to complete the Warrior Triangle and Praise the Sun poses and the entire sequence in less than 15 minutes. The trick is to use a controller and drop the thumbsticks in between each pose to stay stable. Breathe using the trigger buttons and release as soon as the green markers are filled. Be sure to reposition your fingers for the next pose and drop the thumbsticks again, complete the pose, and repeat until you finish the sequence.

Meet Jimmy at Burger Shot and Drive Home While Intoxicated

After completing the yoga sequence, you’ll drive Amanda to the Initiation Station where Michael meets Jimmy. While there, Jimmy hands his father a spiked drink and blames him later for drunk driving. You’ll navigate the car as Michael starts to pass out and falls into a dream sequence. Once you have control again, you need to shove the stick forward to go into a full dive and return to the land of the living.

Ride a Mountain Bike Home and Find Amanda’s Note

You’ll find yourself in the middle of a park and need to make a slow and challenging ride home on a mountain bike left for you by Rockstar. Once home, you’ll find Amanda’s note in the kitchen.

Extra Tips and Yoga Positions

To wrap things up, we provide extra tips and some of the hilarious yoga positions promoted by Fabian on his website, such as the Punching Starfish, Downward Facing Camel, and Lucky Triangle. Leave a comment with your tips or suggestions for completing this mission differently.


Grand Theft Auto 5 has no shortage of new content and interesting things to do, making it a truly massive game. We hope our walkthrough of the “Did Somebody Say Yoga” mission helps you get gold and move on to more enjoyable gameplay. Be sure to check out our other videos for more old grumpy gamer goodness and stay safe while playing!

hi in this video we’re going through how to get gold in arguably the most
hated mission in gta 5. did somebody say yoga
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer
grand theft auto is a truly massive game between gta 5 and the constant updates
from rockstar for gta online there’s no shortage of new content and
interesting things to do join me then in our continuing series
getting gold in everyday mission ngta5 as we take a look at grand theft auto
mission did somebody say yoga and don’t forget to hang about until the
end so you can catch our bonus yoga positions that michael doesn’t get to
see before we dive in if you’re new to the
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getting gold in this mission can be a bit trying between the completely
pointless and never again used yoga and jimmy being a first-class twat it’s
just a bit tedious to get gold in this one we’ll need to
complete the warrior triangle and praise the sun poses
and complete this the entire sequence in less than 15 minutes
so let’s pick up from the first post as amanda drops into the first position
there we’re just about to get our first go now
i’ve found the trick and i am using a controller here is to
actually drop the thumbsticks in between your poses so start by pulling down
and then breathe using your trigger buttons
just hold that and then release as soon as the green markers are filled
let go of the thumb sticks and then reposition your fingers
for the next pose breathe again drop the thumbsticks and
reposition for the next pose again i’m finding that dropping the thumbsticks
completely letting them go and then repositioning my thumbs around them
makes it a lot easier to stay stable so you get the positions in the first go
without wobbling about the place so thumb sticks out and then breathe
again remembering to drop your thumbsticks in
between each one and reposition your thumb so that you can stay stable
and with the breathing just as soon as that full green measure is filled wait
half a count and then release and that’ll make it a bit easier in a big
so outside for the thumb sticks this time and then breathe
straight down
and then sort of outside again
and straight down again
and up
and then outside again
still going so inside up this time and that’s the end of the sequence so
mercifully that is the last time we need to to do yoga for the entire game
and there’s fabian doing a touch of aikido
as money drops michael into the ball which is always amusing very very simple
move but quite effective incidentally same
martial art that steven seagal does
okay so michael is off to find jimmy now so while that’s happening it’s probably
an opportune time to let you know that we
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okay so jimmy and michael are now off so we’ll head downstairs
and then out the front door
jump in the car and wait for jimmy
so head out the gate make sure you don’t clobber the gate on the way out it is
pretty easy to do hang a left and we’re heading off to the burger shot
so it’s just a case following the gps to head down there
okay and as you make your approach be sure not to drive completely the wrong
head back uphill air left and actually go through the drive through
all right so pull up to the marker
pull up the actual marker and we get to meet jimmy’s um friend
okay so when we’re ready we can just back out
and start driving off we’ll just head back to michael’s house or at least
we’ll start to head back to michael’s house
before the next sequence starts so again just follow the gps there’s a
bit of exposition here that’s worth listening to
as uh jimmy hands his father some laced or spiked
spiked drink and then incidentally later blames him for drunk driving
there we go as it starts to take hold don’t try and
navigate too far with this one just put around as best you can and
that might prove well let’s call it challenging
all right so michael’s just about to completely pass out jimmy bails him out
of the car being the loving caring person that he
and into michael’s dream sequence now this is an
absolute trip so as long as you didn’t spend too much time in the car with
jimmy or too much time doing the yoga you can
just about watch this entire cutscene without any risk of
not getting gold
and up he goes off to the ufo i do love that this is right throughout
the gta and of course the um red dead
universe it’s just fantastic this ongoing thing with rockstar it’s an
absolute hoot
and down we go now michael will keep falling for as long as you allow him to
so if we’re going to hit that 15 minutes once we get control and there we are
you just need to shove that stick forward and go to a full dive
otherwise you’ll just stay up there for
all right so we’re back in the land of the living he has in fact if you notice
completely changed spots as well we was left on a road and now we’re just
out in the middle of middle of a park in a different neighborhood
close to home but a different neighborhood so have a bit of a stagger
over there’s a mountain bike there left for you just quite conveniently by
rockstar jump on and then make the slow and
interesting and challenging ride home all right drugs have worn off
so now you can just go flat out
quick ue
down here and then back into the driveway i didn’t realize i was that
close sorry
okay and then we need to head inside
through the garage and then left into the kitchen and we will find
amanda’s note so thanks for watching to the end here
are some of the other yoga positions that fabian promotes on his website
the punching starfish
the downward facing camel
and the ever popular lucky triangle
so what are your thoughts do you have any tips for other viewers or could this
have been done differently leave your comment down below
and check out the video on the left for the next mission three’s company
or the one on the right for more old grumpy gamer goodness
stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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