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Hang Ten

In this GTA 5 mission, Hang 10, getting gold is straightforward. Complete the mission in under four minutes, avoiding crashes. Enjoy amusing exposition and watch Trevor visit the gentlemen's club. There are no difficulties to skip, so gold is quite simple.
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How to Get Gold in the GTA 5 Mission Hang Ten

In this video, we will be discussing how to get gold in the Hang Ten mission in Grand Theft Auto 5. Grand Theft Auto is known for its massively open-world gameplay featuring endless possibilities and Rockstar’s constant updates for GTA Online which brings an influx of new content and experiences.

The Hang Ten mission in GTA 5 requires players to complete the mission in less than 4 minutes to earn gold. While time is of the essence, we can still get through the cutscenes and complete the mission with time to spare.

Starting the Mission

As we move to the mission, we’ll need to complete it within the given time frame. Players should avoid crashing as much as possible and try to maintain a steady speed. The mission opens up as Trevor finishes up his interaction with Floyd and Deb, and we move towards the truck parked closeby.

After entering the truck, the GPS will open up, and we will need to follow the directions given. During the mission, the game provides some backstory about Wade, one of the main characters. We learn that he and his friends who were passing through Sandy Shores a while back, met Trevor, who set him up with some gear. However, after going for a drive in the desert with Trevor, Wade’s friends disappeared.

Introducing the Vanilla Unicorn

After following the directions, players will soon arrive at the Vanilla Unicorn, a Gentlemen’s Club in the game. Trevor, who’s ready to take charge, ensures that Wade is cared for and then goes to chat with the manager. As the cutscene plays, the game introduces players to a new perspective on the game. It is a well-shot scene displaying the happenings at the club.

Completing the Mission

After the cutscene, we will arrive at Michael’s place, and if we have followed the mission correctly, we will have completed it in under 4 minutes, earning us a gold rating. The video ends with some thoughts on the mission from the player, asking the audience their thoughts and tips for other viewers.


The Hang Ten mission is one of the shorter missions available in the game, and it is relatively easy to complete within four minutes once the course is understood. Grand Theft Auto 5 provides a never-ending supply of exciting gaming experiences, and with regular updates from Rockstar for the online portion, there is always new content to explore.

hi in this video we’re going through how to get gold in the gta 5 mission hang 10.
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly massive
game between gta 5 and the constant updates from rockstar for gta online there’s no shortage of new
content and interesting things to do join me then in our continuing series getting gold in everyday
mission in gta 5. as we look at the grand theft auto mission hang 10. before we dive in if you’re
new to the channel we do how-to guides news and giveaways so consider subscribing and ringing the
bell to stay up to date getting gold in this one is pretty straightforward and even a bit
amusing as deborah bites off way more than she can chew to get gold in this one we’ll need to simply
complete the mission in less than four minutes now while we’re on a timeline with this one
we can still absolutely storm it in even with the cutscenes so let’s pick it up after trevor
finishes up with floyd and deb great so we’ll just run to the truck jump in we’ll get the
gps straight away and head off and it really is just a case of not crashing too often too badly
there’s some really really interesting exposition and some proper backstory
on wade here it turns out that wade came through polito bay or came through sandy shores i should
say with some friends a few years back bumped into trevor who sorted him out with some gear
and then wade’s friends disappeared after going for a drive in the desert with trevor
alright so we’ll just hang a right you can see the vanilla unicorn there on the left
pull up to the left here into the car park and there’s a spot there on the right
so there is some unskippable information up the top left there we want to head straight on in
and this is where we’re introduced to the vanilla unicorn which is gta’s gentlemen’s club trevor’s
clearly dressed for the occasion but absolutely takes charge make sure wade is looked after before
going to have a chat with the manager at the back so he just grabbed some directions there
trevor takes a wonder there’s really nothing we can do here it’s just one long cut scene and it is
worth a watch because we’ve already got gold there’s no problems at all
so that’ll close out do a quick swap
and that brings us back to michael’s place
and that’s gold there we go so still 30 seconds to spare from a four minute mission
including all of the cutscenes so not too bad i’m really really glad rockstar let
us do that without having to skip too much so what are your thoughts do you have any
tips for other viewers or could this have been done differently leave your comment down below
and check out the video on the left for the next storyline mission or the one on the right for some
more old grumpy gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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