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Marriage Counseling

Let’s face it, Amanda De Santa and Michael De Santa (Michael Townley) have, at best, a dysfunctional relationship – which has resulted in Jimmy being a complete goof, and Tracy having borderline narcissistic personality disorder.
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…any they know this – they even have an “arrangement”. But there are rules (not in the house, not employee’s); and Amanda has broken them.

We play though GRA V’s Marriage Counseling Mission with Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa and Amanda’s Tennis Coach; this walkthrough is done without mods, and includes cutscenes, commentary and some helpful tips & tricks…

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from beginning each other in this video we’re going to be taking a bit of a look at the
marriage counseling Michigan immigrant pistol that someone where Franklin and Michael do some
interesting landscaping work to one of the local legends about it start out with Michael busting
Amanda thing not necessarily as painful could be and go in there okay so this is our tennis coach
he’s clearly been busy so we go through the window app overtakes a planter box with even the mud that
touch that’s just in Barrie’s downstairs and he is Franklin we’re about to take control cutscene
clearly these guys are not having a great time I don’t know what the problem is here with Amanda
meeting more excitement or Michael being bored or both clearly they need counsel which I think
they get a little bit later on down the track so anyway we off let’s just follow the here so this
is more or less the cleanest to the onion and yeah but [ __ ] in my kennel too long
now another popular YouTube stream an awkward for life has a bit of a special on this one
where they eat tries to stop the food and to get out of the way idiots so sorry your point
for life is attempted to stop the tennis coach from getting away using mods have
we’re using an expressly vanilla in some grand theft auto so the way we have no stopping them
and see what’s going on just be able to do or let us follow the rapid rock stars is to
take through this one if there’s a traffic thing right down here and then catch some
of the dialogue check it up little freaks up there look he ran up or we can settle our debt
banging married women’s a hobby not a [ __ ] profession there’s a winch in the back of
the truck better cable the world supports up they’re gonna pull this deck down that prick
pulled my marriage down really go beat his [ __ ] dramatic there were a lot of preconception but
I think you were working on more than just her back hands then it’s backhanders come
a long way row but sometimes it’s gotta get worse to get better and well maybe I should
come up there practice my backhand on your face you come into my house I’m gonna stick
up my hand and say that was uncool but my bad seriously how [ __ ] magnanimous man
please offer you my applause and we’ll see how you like when someone [ __ ] with your [ __ ]
okay and we’re back in control this is a interesting little setup it’s wonder sir
surprisingly powerful truck that can do this different foundations all right so I do like
the detailing just a few bits and pieces of falling off the trees shaking up the
top everyone panicking they’re giving it the absolute things you can see there it’s not a
four wheel drive it’s 200 I’m still pulling some pull with some sort of barriers and I can feel
it vibrate vibration let’s get comfortable as well and some good detail on there love
the texture there as well that’s coming up okay that that was a lot more dramatic than
I suspect Michael was expected and we even got back up tonight yeah ever seen stuck in
surprisingly [ __ ] I couldn’t afford a place like
that I’m a tennis coach I hit balls for a living oh just hiding there
martun sarkissian oh I’m scared lady just [ __ ] terrified but even right green Modesto whoa
Oh Martin Martin will Drossel that’s what she said hey dudes a kingpin home and you
better hope I ain’t hoping anything chick was hysterical chill out that code should
be doing the Russian fried chickpeas to chill the [ __ ] out the admins did Nick I can’t mean
look I’m all [ __ ] insane he’s right behind he said it he drove himself in it that’s not
good and we have a couple of enemies I’ll have Thailand suspect this is done very very wrong
and he’ll admit he’s one guy yep he’s Danny that’s
everyone might fairly quick work of those and we’ll get back to the house Michael’s
clearly dropped himself in an ear buds and even though he’s okay so
you think so good I know I know who are you Frank license now Frank maybe tell Santa here
I think wardens madrazo now maybe hit him back man missing the drop zone mister Madrazo is
a legitimate businessman he was wrongfully accused of running a mexican-american gang
and a narcotic ring but the charges were dropped because of the witnesses came up
missing no wonder home down the hillside in fine Foothill was banging my wife well there
was a strange house for a tennis coach straight clearly when you sign at the ribbon washing
and I’m Casey here there rebelled will be somewhere in the 2.5 million range
of course great so that’s showing vajazzle is a reasonable businessman please mister
Suri’s wife is upset she wants blood but a small bleeding and the money back so proper
well-thought-out gentlemen as opposed to the thought you might have just shot my cousin to
get it out to an ally so that’s the walkthrough for this mission fairly straightforward bit of
fun and always good to see Franklin and Michael up to their antics and that’s it for this video
thank you very much for watching my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy Gator if you
like what you’ve seen please leave a like below and if you’re new to our channel by
all means click that subscribe button click that little bell and you’ll be notified when
we post new videos thank you very much we’ll see you again in the next video

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