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The Third Way (Ending C – Deathwish)

Get gold in GTA 5 mission "The Third Way" by killing 20 enemies with headshots, using a Malaysia attack on Stretch, a headshot on Hanes, a sticky bomb for Chang, maintaining an accuracy of 70%, and completing in under 21:30. Follow the step-by-step guide for success.
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Get Gold in GTA 5’s The Third Way Mission: Deathwish

In this episode, we’re taking on The Third Way mission in Grand Theft Auto 5 and showing you how to get that coveted gold medal. This is the final mission of the game, and it’s a bit of a doozy. In this mission, Cheng, Stretch, and Weston finally get what’s coming to them. Be warned, getting gold is a challenge, especially with so many moving parts, but we’re here to guide you through it.

Introduction to GTA 5 The Third Way

Grand Theft Auto 5 is an incredibly massive game filled with a plethora of content and missions to keep you entertained for hours on end. Join us as we delve into getting gold in every mission in GTA 5, in our continuing series. In this video, we will be covering the final mission in GTA 5, The Third Way.

Preparing for the Mission

Before we dive into the mission, we highly recommend that all players go in with full health, ammunition, and certain weapons to make the mission easier. You’ll need RPG ammunition, grenades, proximity mines for Michael and sticky bombs for Franklin. With all the preparations in place, let’s get started on getting gold in The Third Way.

Steps to Get Gold in The Third Way

Getting gold in The Third Way isn’t easy, but here are the steps to follow:

  • Kill 20 enemies using headshots
  • Kill Stretch by Melee
  • Kill Haines with a headshot
  • Kill Cheng with a sticky bomb
  • Maintain accuracy of 70%
  • Complete the mission in 21:30

It may take you a few tries to get it just right, but keep practicing, and you’ll surely earn that gold medal in no time.


The Third Way mission is one of the most challenging missions in Grand Theft Auto 5, but with our guide, you’ll be able to get gold in no time. This mission also serves as the canon ending for GTA 5, so it’s definitely worth your time to master. Thanks for watching, and let us know in the comments if you have any questions or know of any other neat mods that we could use for exploration.

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Hi in this video we’re going through how to get gold in the gta 5 mission the third way
where chang stretch haynes and weston all finally get their comeuppance hi and welcome back my name
is Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly massive game between gta 5 and
the constant updates from rockstar for gta online there’s no shortage of new content and interesting
things to do join me then in our continuing series getting gold in every damn mission in gta 5 as we
look at the grand theft auto mission the third way before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we
do how-to guides news and giveaways so consider subscribing ring the bell to stay up to date
getting gold in this one is fairly challenging especially with so many moving parts and i’ll be
honest this took more than a few run-throughs to get right so don’t be too faced if it takes a few
goes i should also mention this is considered the canon ending for the game killing michael
or killing trevor so that’s option a and option b respectively unconsidered canon this is the
official ending before we get started i highly recommend you make sure everyone goes in with full
health and ammunition for everything you’ll also need to make sure that everyone has rpg ammunition
grenades and that michael has proximity mines and that franklin has sticky bombs to get gold in this
one we’ll need to kill 20 enemies with headshots kill stretch using a malaysia attack kill haynes
with a head shot kill chang with the sticky bomb maintain an accuracy of 70 or better and
complete the whole thing in under 21 minutes and 30 seconds so let’s pick it up from leicester’s
we’ll skip this cutscene as soon as we possibly can because we are on that time limit
drop that call from lamar jump straight on the bike you’ll notice as well i’ve taken the time
to fully upgrade franklin’s bike i’ve also done the same with michael and trevor’s car as well
the extra bit of speed really helped so we’re just going absolutely flat out to go and collect lamar
lean forward on that bike to make sure you get the absolute most speed out of it and don’t come off
because franklin’s not wearing a helmet so say to turn left here we’re just going to go straight so
we can maintain that speed and really make sure we use franklin’s ability to the absolute best we can
to get around those corners really quickly thread the needle here and do a quick right here
there we go and just absolutely flat strap to the pole and the bike will automatically stop
regardless of how quick you’re going
we’ll make sure lamar’s on as soon as he gets that leg over off we go
now it’s going to want you to go straight we don’t want to do that would turn left
up here again just to get some extra pace on that straight away and then turn right
and absolutely flat out until the next turn off
as we approach the turn we just want to drop into franklin’s ability
just to get around the start of the turn and same for the next one
so we want to try and keep that pace up as much as possible and into the yard
and off to the left whoops there we go
run to the marker and then head into the warehouse through the blue door here
jump straight over the rail there we go
into the pit and then off to the left you’ll hear the boys arguing there
so we’ll get a quick cut scene here we’ll just skip that as quickly as we can
swap to michael make sure he’s got a rifle and then start taking some shots as soon as
you’ve got a bit of charge on his ability start using it to ping those headshots
i think that’s everyone from that round that’s okay still got one sneaking around
there we go alright now you can see the guys up the top there so just
shoot a rocket at them and that normally sorts them out pretty promptly oh that’s still one there
there we go swap to travel when you’re prompted rocket launcher and then
start pegging them there we go see if we can sneak another one through
the uh thing there and then a couple of grenades and that normally takes care of them all right
so we’ve got a few guys coming through again so another rocket and then now we just have to deal
with the guys down the bottom so shotgun as soon as they’re available and in range try and peg them
there we go all right that’s those guys sorted a few more coming through so we’ll just take care
of him there we go so we’re now he can hear the audio prompt for lamar so straight to franklin
over we go
around to the left there and we’ll take out the last of these guys oh still on there just give
them a quick there we go all right through we go back out the door and over the rail and as we
go over the rail we’re just going to select the rocket launcher and quickly shoot this car here
and we’ll take out this one or two guys to the left here we’ll just try and
sort them out and then we need to go and hide behind the box that lamar’s hiding behind
all right rocket launcher again hit the fuel tank
and back to a firearm and we’ll just take out these guys up top there
get these fellas that are close and i think there’s a couple hiding behind there so
don’t take any pot shots we really need to keep that accuracy up and we’ll be prompted in a sec
to change the michael there we go so make sure he’s got a uh wrong gun make sure he’s got a
machine gun and then into his ability and just start pegging everyone make sure you get these
two guys down the bottom there because they’re an absolute pain there he is that’s them over you go
and then off to the left and up so there’s a couple coming through we’ll just
quickly drop into michael’s ability here take them out someone else here there we are
right that’s him and him okay swap to the rocket launcher and then up to the roof
all right so we’ve got a few more pouring in so we’ll just quickly fire off a round in between
them one into the hallway again a couple of grenades so you’re heading for the barrel there
and then just take out anyone that’s standing there there we go that’s those guys sorted
so a few more coming in through the door there and there’s just one left
that’s okay we’ll let trevor take care of him so off over and then into the pit
all right so we’ve got two guys up here we need to worry about so michael’s ability there
sometimes they’re still upstairs if you’re uh a little bit early but that’s all right
don’t think trevor managed to get that fella so we’ll just peg him from up here instead
where is he right that’s him sorted okay so that’s us clear of the warehouse and now we just want to
make sure that we have a grenade launcher ready to go and then we’re heading upstairs and out the
back all right so i’ve just quickly disarmed here because michael will run a bit quicker
while he’s not holding a weapon all right so we’ll select that grenade launcher again
there we are out the door and there’s two trucks here we want to take care of real quick one
two all right and quickly swap weapons and take care of a couple of these guys here
you’ve got him so one behind that barrel there there’s another one floating around
there but that’s okay we’ll just wait for the chopper to come where is he can’t get to him
that’s all right okay so in that case proximity mines go to the end here and then throw them a
couple of them into the tunnel there and that’ll just take care of something else
coming soon so and now we can take care of the chopper and the pilot and get out of the way
now hopefully he’ll crash over the other side there there we go take out a couple of his mates
oh michael’s not looking terribly well but that’s okay all right you can see the trucks
coming there and that’s the proximity mines just got one fella behind us quickly take care of him
all right so we’ve got one guy left and he’s just there he is great so now we’ll go for a quick run
uh there should be some philip people up on the right here there we are one two three four five
and six there’s where is he all right so there we go and that’s him done as well
all right so select the rocket launcher there’ll be a car coming here so just fire that off take
care of this fella oh missed the car that’s all right we’ll do it uh the old-fashioned way then
one more fella here all right that’s him done all right and then back to the yellow marker excellent
so another cut scene we’ll skip that one and swap straight to michael because that shortcuts what
we’re doing quite a bit as you can see i have upgraded michael’s car to uh as fast as it’ll go
again trying to get those extra few seconds making it all the way to stretches and we’re
just following the red line until we can find where stretch is all right so pull up here here we
are he hasn’t noticed yet jump out of the car and if you can leave the car door open just by
walking away that’s really handy but if not that’s all right select the silenced pistol
and what we want to do is get relatively close drop a couple of
stretches mates and then we want to put one or two into stretch’s leg
there we go so that’ll disable him all right now we need to thump him to death
so just disarmed myself yep there we go him sorted and then run back to the car
but let’s get quite upset off we go we want to put a bit of distance on the balance here
you can see we have a car in pursuit so that’s okay get a little bit of distance on them line
ourselves up to somewhere a little bit straightish and then spin around and take care of them
right that’s them done and we should get an audio prompt soon saying we’re clear
so next thing we need to do is swap to trevor as soon as we’re available so this one’s nice and
easy we’re nearly actually there so once you’re about here-ish do a quick u-turn
jump out of the van or the truck and then select the sniper rifle
and haynes is on the ferris wheel and we’re looking for his cameraman that’s the easy signal
there so there’s this cameraman so that means there’s haines wolf skip the cutscene jump in
the car now because we’re so far away that makes it a lot easier to get away from the cops because
they don’t know where we are yet so you can see there we’re just keeping an eye on the mini-map
to make sure that we can avoid the police see if we can get around before this corner no what
well someone was clearly wasn’t looking where they were going so that’s okay
all right now we just need to hide
all right and swap to franklin
so we’re on the bike and heading to meet chang so this one is the hardest one to get gold on
so we need to you can see there we’ve selected the sticky bomb and what we want to do is sort of pull
up on the right here once we pull over there’s the gap all right don’t get too close because
that sets them off too early so chuck a couple of sticky bombs over there put a bit of distance
on them that’s okay one more for good measure all right jump off and then select the rocket launcher
that’ll prompt them to get rolling yep we want to hit the sedan there and then fire off the rockets
there we go and that is chang’s lot taken care of
and then swap back to trevor so trevor is approaching western’s compound
and this one is a little bit of fun
now the extra power in this thing means it doesn’t handle
terribly well and it never really turned well so into the compound
all right let’s jump out silenced pistol into stealth all right we’ve got this one fella here
we’ll just pop him yep and there’s one up the driveway
clip him in the back of the noggin there we go and then off to the left and let’s see if we can
get this fella without being detected yep got him great all right so we’ll sneak around here
and see if we can get away without being detected too much if not it’ll be full-blown combat which i
like to avoid if we can but that’s okay trevor is pretty healthy whoops yeah now we’ve been spotted
shotgun this time and then inset trevor’s ability to make things a bit easier there
there’s two left one there looks like there’s two downstairs
got him got him let’s head down to the pool whoops all right one fella left done okay and then it’ll
swap to devon and cut scene again we’ll just skip that and straight into the trunk out left
and then there’s a little ridge here we just want to just go straight off
there we go don’t accelerate don’t break just steer we want to head most of the way down to
the bottom of the valley oh poor coyote all right back up and then onto the highway and
that has just saved us about three minutes now we just need to follow the gps to the marker
that biker is ridiculous seems quite upset with me no apparent reasons just decided he doesn’t like
me at all that’s okay here he comes again uh why what is the point all right here’s the turn off
and just gently head down you don’t want to spoil it right at the last second by going off the cliff
straight in biker was still there that’s fine all right and then there will be a
cutscene we’ll just uh well i don’t think we can skip this while we wait for the transition
but as soon as we can skip that cutscene we will skip it there we go and push forward
off it goes skip the next cutscene and into the credits and that is done so our rating
doesn’t show up on this one like it does at the end of a regular mission so what we’ll do is
just bring up a screenshot of the replay so you can see where we ended up and there you have it
19 minutes and 10 seconds so didn’t storm it in but certainly had a bit of margin there which
is brilliant certainly got all the head shots without a doubt got all the head shots there
squeaked in the accuracy at 70 and of course got the stick tick boom led lobotomy and stretched out
so pretty happy with that one so what are your thoughts do you have any tips for
other viewers or could this have been done differently leave your comment down below
and check out the video on the left for option a killing trevor or the wishing on the right
or option b killing michael stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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