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How to Mod GTA 5 on PC

Never modded GTA 5 before? Then this is the video for you! A complete, step-by-step beginners guide to modding GTA 5 on Windows 10 from scratch; including installing all prerequisites, setting up folders, and switching between your modded Grand Theft Auto 5 installation, and a safe GTA Online setup.
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There is NO assumed knowledge here. We take you through every step; carefully and concisely.

In this detailed guide on how to mod GTA 5 on PC, we’ll look at installing the prerequisite applications from official Microsoft sources. Once that’s complete, we’ll install the base scripts that allow your installed GTA mods to work; including your first ever GTAV mod, the Native Trainer!

Finally, we’ll try to use GTA Online with mods (spoiler alert; it doesn’t work) and show you how to quickly switch between your modded installation and a standard installation of GTA.

Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in Lost Santos, or North Yankton? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

Hi and welcome back to the channel my name is Dan, and I’m an Old Grumpy Gamer
in this video we’re going through setting up your Grand Theft Auto 5 game
for money and installing your first mod a native trainer this works for the
Steam and social club versions of GTA 5 but at the time of recording the epic
version had not been implemented if you’re new to the channel we do how-to
guides news and giveaways so if you’d like to stay up to date click that
subscribe button and ring the bell and if you’re feeling generous click that
like button too it really helps us out in this video we’ll be covering making a
backup of your GTA 5 installation installing the prerequisite applications
that mods run on installing the base mod scripts installing a native trainer mod
which allows you to change environment settings players skins spawns cars and a
bunch of other stuff and finally how to switch between a modern and standard
version of your game so you can use Grand Theft Auto online without getting
the banhammer dropped before you take the dive into modding your GTA 5
installation on PC whether steam Rockstar social or any other platform in
the future you should be aware that modding is fiddly technical and can go
wrong but it can be really really rewarding just remember that everything
is done at your own risk this is a technical guide and while you don’t have
to be a support engineer to follow along we will be digging around the windows
file system so if you’re on a computer that’s not yours be sure to get the
permission of the owner before you do anything first things first we need to
make a backup of the current GTA 5 online installation at the time of
recording this backup needed around about 80 gig of drive space if you do
not have that space on your drive do not proceed if you don’t make it back up
you can’t play GTA online
alright let’s open Windows Explorer navigate to the folder above your
installation for Rockstar social club installations this is normally Program
Files Rockstar Games and for steam it’s normally Program Files x86 steam
steamapps and comment copy your installation directory and paste it into
the same phone this might take a while
next create a temporary folder somewhere convenient
and now we can start installing the prerequisites the first one is the
dotnet framework 4.8 which can be reached from the URL on the screen or
using the link in the description we’ll just wait for that to download
open up the folder and scan with your favorite antivirus or anti-malware
in my case I already had a newer version set up so there was no need to install
this one next we need to collect Visual Studio redistribute all head to the URL
on screen or click the link below download the package suitable for your
PCs architecture and foremost this will be the x64 package scheme
and in Seoul if needed
next up is one of the basements the script hook five this is bundled with
our first mod the native trainer ed to the URL on screen or click the link
below click download and then download again open the zip file and navigate to
the binaries or the bin folder and copy the contents to the temporary folder we
made before onto one of the other base mod scripts the community script hug 5
dotnet head to the URL on screen or click the link below and when you click
download you’ll be kicked through to a github page click the zip file in the
top post release and then open the zip file copy everything except for the txt
files into the temporary folder we made before
and finally the Lu a plug-in for script took five head to the URL on screen or
click the link below click download and download again and copy the contents
including the scripts folder into a temporary folder
open the temporary folder and scan the contents for malware
now copy the contents of our temporary folder into the root game folder for
grand theft auto
and replace the father property let’s not forget to clean up after ourselves
now we should be able to jump into grand theft auto 5 remember this only works in
story mode the Rockstar launch will prevent you from accessing grand theft
auto online rightly so once you’ve jumped into the game you can now use the
trainer model press the f4 key on your keyboard to
bring up the main menu you may need to hold and press the FN key to do this as
well depending on your PC setup once the menu is up use your numeric keypad on
the right to navigate
so that’s the modern taking care of but what about when we want to get back
online Rockstar won’t allow you to use a model instance in online mode and North
sure they
so that takes it the game and get this order
open Windows Explorer again and navigate to the Rockstar Games Faure again rename
the Grand Theft Auto 5 folder to Grand Theft Auto 5 modded then rename the
Grand Theft Auto 5 backup folder back to Grand Theft Auto 5 now you can load the
game and use online as normal and simply reverse the process if you want to play
a modern game again
finally what can you do if it all goes wrong your first stop should always be
Google there’s a good chance that someone else has already asked and
answered questions related to the issue you’re facing the GTA 5 mods for this is
a fantastic resource for help GTA 5 months will also be the main place
that you end up searching for new mods the steam forums similar to the GTA 5
mods forum and a very helpful community and finally arcade which is part of
Stack Exchange the community here is very technical and very helpful so
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