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Mod GTA 5 to look stunning with OpenIV & RAGE V

Learn how to mod GTA 5 using the rage GTA enhancement mod pack with this tutorial from Old Grumpy Gamer. Install OpenIV, ReShade, and the mod pack to experience enhanced graphics and effects in story mode. Be sure to back up your installation and mod at your own risk.
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How to Get Mods for Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) on PC

In this video tutorial, Old Grumpy Gamer walks through the process of how to mod Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) on PC using the Rage GTA Enhancement Mod Pack. Modding is a technical process that can be challenging, so it’s crucial to take backup and follow the steps carefully.

Overview of the Process

To get started with modding the game, the first step is to install OpenIV, which is a modding tool that can help you make changes to the game’s files. Next, you will need to download the Real Rage 5 GTA 5 Enhancer, ReShade, and other prerequisite programs. Once you have these files downloaded and installed, you can start with the process of installing the mods.

How to Install OpenIV

To install OpenIV, go to the URL provided in the video or the description, download the package, scan the file for any viruses or malware, and follow the prompts to install the program. If you have installed GTA 5 on a different drive other than the C drive, you will need to update the path accordingly.

Installing Mods using the Real Rage 5 GTA 5 Enhancer and ReShade

Once you have installed OpenIV, the next step is to install the Real Rage 5 GTA 5 Enhancer and ReShade. You can find the download links in the video or the description. Extract the contents of the Real Rage 5 mod pack to a convenient location, and then run the ReShade installer. If your GTA 5 installation is not showing up in the ReShade installer, you will need to browse to the GTA 5 executable file. Next, select the Reshade settings file and browse to the location where you saved the Real Rage 5 mod pack. Finally, select the three items in the ASI Manager for installation.

Setting up Rage Enhancements

Once you have installed the Real Rage 5 GTA 5 Enhancer and ReShade, you can proceed with setting up the Rage Enhancements. Open the OpenIV application, select Windows under the GTA 5 game, go to tools, ASI Manager, and install the three items. If you see a prompt asking to create the mods folder, click Yes. You can also check the Allow Editor box for safety. Next, go to the Package Installer, navigate to the Real Rage installation folder, install the enhancer, and click “Install” again for the mods folder. Once the installation is complete, click “Close.” Finally, click the green play button to start the game. You should see the Rage introduction instead of the normal one if you’ve installed the mods correctly.

Exploring the Settings

After you have successfully installed the mods and launched the game, you can play around with the different settings by pressing the Home button on your keyboard. Adjust the settings to your liking for the best possible gaming experience.

Where to Find Help

If you encounter any issues during the mod installation process or while playing the game, you can check out the GTA 5 Mods website, Steam forums, or arcade for technical support.


Modding Grand Theft Auto 5 can be a challenging but rewarding process. With the right tools and following the steps carefully, you can enhance your gaming experience and create your mods to share with others. Be sure to take backup and proceed at your own risk.

Hi and welcome back to the channel my name is Dan, and I’m an Old Grumpy Gamer
in this video we’re walking through how to mod GTA using the rage GTA
enhancement mod pack if you’re new to the channel we do how-to Goods news and
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look at our previous video how to mod GTA 5 so you can get set up for this
tutorial in the previous video we covered making a backup of your GTA 5
installation installing the prerequisite applications that mods are run on
installing the base mod scripts installing the native trainer mod and
finally how to switch between modern and standard versions of your game so you
can use Grand Theft Auto online without getting the banhammer dropped before you
take the dive into modding your GTA installation on PC whether steam
Rockstar social or any other platform in the future you should be aware that
modding is fiddly technical and can go wrong but it can be really really
rewarding just remember that this is done at your own risk
first up is installing open for open IV depending on what you prefer head to the
URL on screen or click the link in the description and download the package
open the download folder and scan the file with your favorite antivirus or
anti-malware program run the program and follow the prompts to install
if you’ve installed GTA somewhere other than UC drive like I have you need to
update the path to next download the real rage 5 GTA 5 enhancer head to the
URL on screen or click the link in the description below click download
and download again then open the folder and extract the contents to somewhere
convenient next we’ll install re shade open a browser and head to the URL on
screen we use the link in the description below click the purple
download button then the green download reshape button as usual we’ll give it a
quick skin
now we can run the installer
if you don’t see your GCA installation in the list click the Browse button and
find your way to the GTA 5 dot exe file
if in doubt look for the really big file
you can tinker with this if you like but for this exercise I’ve left everything
is default
click the Edit rishaad Settings button and the browse button next to the preset
navigate to your model GTA installation and select the rachet dot ini’ file
if it’s not there copied in from the rage files we downloaded before
next set of folder few screenshots
and finally set up the rage enhancements
open the open for application select windows under the GTA 5 game this may
take a moment to fire go to tools go to ASI manager and install the three items
if you’re prompted to create the mods folder click yes for safety I also check
the allow editor box to
next go to tools and package installer navigate to the install folder for the
real rage of mod we downloaded before so they install the gta5 enhancer then
click open and the Installer will pop-up
click install click mods folder and install again the Installer will do its
thing in this may take some time once that’s complete click close go back to
tools and package installer click textures open install mods install it’s
a bit quick at this time
then close and now we’re ready to go click the green play button or you can
use the regular Rockstar launcher if you’d prefer we’ll know if you’ve done
this right because we’ll get the rage introduction instead of the normal one
once we’re in the splash screen hit the home button on your keyboard and have a
poke around at the settings press home again to exit and you can start in story
mode so let’s take a look at some of these settings
get your home key to open the menu select the home tab if you’re not there
already and have a tinker
once you’re done enjoying the scenery and gorgeous effects don’t forget to go
back to your standard game before you attempt to get back online finally what
can you do after all goes wrong your first stop should always be Google
there’s a good chance someone else has already asked and answered the question
related to the issue you’re facing the GTA 5 mods for this is a fantastic
resource for help GTA 5 mods will also be the main player
you search for new mods the steam forums similar to the GTA 5 mods forums and a
very helpful community and finally arcade which is part of Stack Exchange
the community here is very technical and very hopeful before you head off don’t
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