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Liquidity Risk

Learn how to get gold in the GTA 5 Strangers and Freaks mission Liquidity Risk with Dom. Perform eight flips and don't deploy your parachute for an easy win. Follow this guide to success.
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Get Gold in GTA 5 Liquidity Risk with Dom

If you’re a fan of Grand Theft Auto 5, you know there’s always something new to do. In this video, we’re focusing on the Strangers and Freaks mission Liquidity Risk, featuring the beloved parachuting control freak Dom Beasley.

Join Dan, an old grumpy gamer, in his continuing series of getting gold in every damn mission in GTA 5. Upon completing this tutorial, you’ll unlock the Sky Blazer and Dive Bomber achievements.

Introduction to GTA 5 Liquidity Risk

If you’re new to the channel or this mission, don’t worry. This walkthrough is easy to follow, and the mission itself is relatively simple. All you need to do to earn gold is perform eight flips and don’t deploy your parachute.

Getting Started: Cargo Plane

After the opening cutscene, hop on the ATV and head straight through the gate to avoid crashing. Lean forward on the bike and avoid any obstacles or traffic as you head towards the cargo plane. The blue dot on your map will guide you to the correct plane, which is opposite the one you start near.

Jumping Out of the Plane

Race straight out of the cargo plane and keep pushing forward on your controller. The goal is to execute a minimum of eight flips while staying on your bike. It’s important to avoid jumping off the bike; instead, use the wheels to guide you towards the water. Don’t fret if you manage to do more than eight flips; this will give you a better chance at obtaining gold.

Swimming to Safety

Once you’ve landed in the water, swim to the surface and keep an eye on your breath meter. It’s much quicker to swim underwater, so try to make most of the journey below the surface. Once you reach the shoreline, you don’t have to land near the target since this is the only parachute mission where landing precisely isn’t necessary. Instead, swim or walk towards the yellow dot on your map, and you’re ready for the next section.

Gold Medal Achieved

Congratulations; you’ve successfully obtained a gold medal in the Liquid Risk mission in GTA 5. Along with the achievement, you’ve unlocked the Sky Blazer and Dive Bomber awards.

Final Thoughts and Tips

We hope this tutorial has helped you get that precious gold medal. Do you have any other tips you’d like to share with fellow gamers? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Check out the video on the left for the next Dom mission, Targeted Risk, or the one on the right for more GTA 5 goodness. Make sure you stay safe and wash your hands. See you in the next video!

hi in this video we’re going through how to get gold in the gta 5 strangers and
freaks mission liquidity risk with our favorite parachuting control freak dom
hi and welcome back my name is Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly
massive game between gta 5 and the constant updates from rockstar for gta online there’s
no shortage of new content and interesting things to do join me then in our continuing
series getting gold in every damn mission in gta 5. as we look at the grand theft auto
mission liquidity risk before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides
news and giveaways so consider subscribing and ringing the bell to stay up to date getting
gold in this one’s pretty easy and has the added bonus of being able to restart without penalty
to get gold in this one we’ll need to perform eight flips and don’t deploy your parachute
so let’s pick it up after the opening cutscene so we’ve jumped on the atv there
don’t try and go over the ramp just go straight through the gate it’s tempting but you’ll come off
all right so lean forward on the bike and then just keep an eye out for traffic and obstacles
and head for the cargo plane not this one but the one on the other side of it there we go
you can see the blue dot on your mini map as well
so we just want to swing around to the left watch out for the the greenery there and then
go straight in there we go cargo plane will lift off and then we’ll be ready for the next cut
for the end of the next cut scene so that’ll fade out in a few seconds and you can see now
we’re in the back of the cargo plane we want to race straight out and keep it dead straight
and then just push forward and just keep on rolling we want to count a minimum of eight my
record’s about 10 or 11 i can’t recall now despite what it says up the top left we do not want to
jump off the bike you don’t want to bail what we’re going to do instead is line ourselves up
and there we go wheels down and then straight into the drink
brilliant okay so once franklin gets his bearings he’ll swim back up and just keep
an eye on your breath meter there because swimming underwater the whole time is significantly quicker
than swimming on the surface so we’ll dive back down in a few secs once we can see where dom
is landing there we go so that’ll give us a bit of a guide this is the only parachute mission where i
don’t think you need to actually land anywhere near the target you can just walk on over to
it afterwards so we’ll keep swimming keeping an eye on that uh that lung gauge on the left
i think we might be getting into shallow water soon anyway so we’ll be able to get up and run
let’s see if we’ve got another dive in us there we go no more diving so we’ll just jump out
and then head towards the yellow dot and i think it’s a bit quicker if we go up the little side
of this erosion point there and then yeah go for a trot i think he’s back down there there we are
and that’s gold so we got the dive bomber there and we got the sky blazer so very happy with that
result so what are your thoughts do you have any tips for other viewers or could this have been
done differently leave your comment down below and check out the video on the left for dom’s
next mission targeted risk or the one on the right for some more old grumpy game of goodness
stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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