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Breach of Contract

Josh finally shows his true colors, leaving Trevor (literally) swinging, as we check out the GTA 5 mission, Breach of Contract
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Grand Theft Auto is a truly massive game. Between GTA 5 and the constant updates from Rockstar for GTA Online; there’s no shortage of new content and interesting things to do.

Join me, then, in our continuing series, getting gold in every damn mission, in GTA 5 as we look at Grand Theft Auto mission Breach of Contract.

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Getting gold in this one can be fairly challenging; especially if you accidentally take out someone you shouldn’t, in the opening scene.

So this one needs a little bit of prep work, to ensure Trevor makes it through the mission. Start by heading to Ammu-nation, where we’ll pick up some armour.

…and before we approach our favourite Real Estate Agent (and you can see we’re just outside Josh’s house), we need to mark a waypoint, so we can easily find a place to hide from the Cops if it all goes sideways. I like to use the tunnels under the main highway for this; you can find them, here-ish.

Once you’re ready, wander over to Josh and jump into the cutscene.

As soon as you can, drop into Trevor’s ability, arm yourself and take out Josh. Do not clip the Cops, or things will go sideways, fast…

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Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in Lost Santos, or North Yankton? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

A Los Santos Police Interceptor is parked in front of Josh’s residence on West Eclipse Boulevard. When Trevor approaches, Josh calls the cops and accuses him of causing all the damage.

Trevor claims Josh requested him to do it, but Josh still calls him “a stalker and an Epsilonist”. The cops then draw their guns and try to hold Trevor at gunpoint, but Trevor runs. The player can opt to murder Josh or not, but the game finishes after Trevor has evaded the cops.

Real estate agent Josh lives in Rockford Hills, his firm is suffering owing to the economic downturn and his licence has been suspended due to his former business partner’s activities.

Josh was previously married with children, but he would eventually leave her for his second wife.

Lenny Avery is a real estate agent in Vinewood and Rockford Hills. The man violated Josh Bernstein’s trust and successfully petitioned to have his real estate licence cancelled, forcing Josh into bankruptcy. Lenny accepted Josh’s clients once he lost his licence.

But Josh finally hired Trevor Philips to destroy Lenny’s company.

Trevor must first demolish 15 “for sale” signs outside Lenny’s homes.

Trevor then hunts Lenny down and physically threatens him to cease competing against Josh’s firm, which a frightened Avery agrees to before fleeing. After finishing the task, the player can murder Lenny while he is fleeing, however this would fail the quest.

hi in this video we’re going through how to get gold in the gta 5 mission breach of contract
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly massive
game between gta 5 and the constant updates and rockstar for gta online there’s no shortage of new
content and interesting things to do join me then in our continuing series getting gold in every
damn mission in gta 5 as we look at the grand theft auto mission breach of contract before we
dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides news and giveaways so consider subscribing
and ringing the bell to stay up to date getting gold in this one can be fairly challenging
especially if you accidentally take out someone you shouldn’t in the opening scene to get gold
in this one we’ll need to kill the real estate agent and escape in the police interceptor so
this one needs a little bit of prep work to ensure trevor makes it through the mission reasonably
unscathed start by heading into ammunition where we’ll pick up some armor and before we approach
our favorite real estate agent you can see we’re just outside of joshua’s house now we also need to
mark a waypoint so we can easily find a place to hide from the cops if it all goes sideways
so we’ll just scope josh here to see that he is in fact in place yep we’re good to go so we’ll
just bring up the map next and we’re looking for a set of tunnels now i like to get away from the
cops in the tunnels it’s easy so we’re going to use the same ones we used in the jewelry heist at
the start of the start of the game and that should be around here somewhere there we go that’s marked
on the map and once you’re ready wander over to josh and then jump straight into the cutscene
now as soon as you can we want to drop straight into trevor’s ability arm yourself with a rifle
or a shotgun and take out josh as quickly as possible make sure you do not hit the police
jump into the police interceptor now again i can’t stress enough
not hitting the police otherwise it will go very sideways very quickly now we’re in the
interceptor we just need to make our escape we’ll start by putting some distance on them
and then just find a couple of nice spots to hide i think it’s going to be the trick
and now we just need to keep an eye on the minimap to make sure that the police
don’t discover our location hopefully we’ll be okay
there we go mission passed and that is gold so the dirty rat and the hot
pursuit so the dirty rat was taking out josh and of course hot pursuit is taking
the interceptor and we managed to get away with that at a reasonable rate so if we had
taken out the police there the the tunnel that waypoint we set would absolutely be necessary but
because we were lucky we managed to get through it without doing that we were all good so thanks for
watching check out the video up the top for the next side mission or the one down the bottom for
some more old grumpy gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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