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GTA 5’s Best Kept Secret

Holy crap! I had no idea this was a thing in GTA V. Check out the best kept secret for enthusiasts, completionists and UFO hunters…
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Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online are insanely large and complicated; with literally hundreds of different mechanics, and quality of life features. Given the vast quantity of things throughout the game, it’s nigh impossible to find and remember them all.

So in this series, we’re taking you through some of the most awesome features in GTA, that you probably might not know about.

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Do you know that Rockstar allow you to see everything you’ve not done in both Story Mode and Online? I’ve been on this game for years, and missed this every time I logged in.

Now, we’ve al likely seen the stats screen, but I’d hazard that only a small percentage of players have ventured beyond there…

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Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in Lost Santos, or North Yankton? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

hi in this video we’re looking at one of
the best hidden gems for gta
hi welcome back my name is dan and i’m
an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto 5
and gta online are insanely large and
complicated with literally hundreds of
different mechanics and quality of life
given the vast quantity of things
throughout the game it’s not impossible
to find and remember them all
so in this series we’re taking you
through some of the most awesome
features in gta that you probably
might not know about before we dive in
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how-to guides
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did you know that rockstar allows you to
see everything you’ve not
done in story mode and online i’ve been
in this game for years and missed it
every time i logged in
and what i’m talking about is the career
which you can see on screen here now
we’ve all likely seen
our feed and possibly our wall
and even our stat screen which takes you
through individual character
but i’d hazard only a small percentage
of players have ventured beyond here
so how do we get in to our career
checklist so the first thing we need to
do is head over to
socialclub.rockstargames.com and you
should be presented with something that
looks similar to this one
head over to the sign in link and that
will take you through
and let’s just throw my username and
password in here i’m using
one password as a password carrier so
that that’s all nice and secure
and i’m also using two factor
authentication which i highly
highly recommend to prevent your count
from being hijacked alright and that’ll
take us straight through
to your feed right now what we want to
do then is go to games
then a gta 5 then story
then it should drop you straight into
your career with your overview where you
can see michael trevor
and franklin and of course your own
player there and then
into the checklist and you can see here
i’ve got 550 hours in game
and we can see the percentages of
progress for each
item to get my 100 so i’ve got
all of the the missions there they’re
all done we’ve got
20 of the 61 available past times most
of the
strangers and freaks taking care of and
we’ve got a few more videos coming up
for that
we’ve completed 14 of the 26 random
and of course we’ve got eight of the 30
miscellaneous things that we can do in
the site
now the keen eyed of you may notice that
some of these have
borders and some don’t anything with a
border on it
contributes to the same color up here so
for example
we’ve got these ones here have
borders on the left hand side and they
because they’re a green water
contributes to the
hobbies and pastime and to get our 100
we need to complete every single one of
with the border we don’t necessarily
have to worry about the ones that don’t
have the border
same goes for the miscellaneous
activities as well now most of these are
fairly easy to get through too so
there’s no stress there
but we’ve got eight of 30 you can see
the ones with the border there will also
to the ones up here but that’s not the
real trick for this one the absolute
party trick for this website
is this map down the bottom it is your
found not found events
so we’ve got here on the left the
strangers and freaks random events the
letter scraps and
the spaceship parts and you can see
there some of these are
good to go all the yellow ones but
what’s really important here is if we
uncheck that one and check on
not found it now goes through everything
on the
system or everything in the game that we
have yet to achieve
and what’s really really good is if we
zoom out we can see
absolutely everything and then we can
see more or less where everything is so
take a look at the spaceship parts for
example so uncheck the three that we’re
not interested in
and then we can scroll just keep moving
this around it’s not
not too similar to google maps
we can see there with a reasonable
degree of accuracy we can see where this
part is and that says even mouse over
and it will say where it is precisely so
that is in
the boathouse so that in my opinion is
this thing’s party trick it will tell
you precisely where everything that you
haven’t found is
so that you can go and get it straight
away without faffing about spending
looking for things or hours looking for
random events
so we can chuck that back on
there we go and we can see precisely
what else we need to achieve
which i think is absolutely amazing so
what are your thoughts do you have any
tips for other viewers or would you like
to see us cover something specific leave
your comment down below
and check out the video on the left for
some more tips or the one on the right
for some more old grumpy game of
stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see
you in the next video

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