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Ultimate Guide to GTA 5’s Kosatka Submarine (after Cayo Perico Nerf)

November 2023 Cayo Perico update with the indomitable Kosatka, the latest addition to the GTA 5 submarine fleet in the ever-evolving saga of Grand Theft Auto Online. Explore the details, design, and capabilities of the Kosatka as we unveil the secrets to mastering this underwater behemoth in our Ultimate Guide to GTA 5's Kosatka Submarine (after Cayo Perico Nerf).
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The world of Grand Theft Auto Online has been an odyssey, brimming with vehicles that have transformed the experience. One such marvel is the Rune Kosatka, a GTA 5 submarine that has redefined the seas of the Grand Theft Auto V Online universe. This formidable GTA sub has emerged as a quintessential asset for players embarking on the Cayo Perico Heist. The Kosatka has been intricately designed, embodying an unparalleled synthesis of technology and luxury, making it an indispensable masterpiece in the vast arsenal of Grand Theft Online.

Navigating through the waters of GTA 5 Online, the Kosatka stands as a testament to ingenuity and innovation in the realm of GTA submarine technology. With the introduction of the Kosatka GTA 5, players can launch the Cayo Perico Heist from the submarine, opening new horizons in the Grand Theft Auto Online experience. The integration of the GTA 5 modded account further enhances the gameplay, unlocking unprecedented features and augmenting the player’s influence within the GTA5Online universe.

Entering the Kosatka, you’ll see utilities essential for starting the Cayo Perico Heist. Notably, the Sparrow, facilitates rapid aerial transitions, proving instrumental in optimizing the Cayo Perico Heist preps. This seamless interaction between the GTA V submarine and the Sparrow fosters a dynamic gaming environment, ensuring that enthusiasts of GTA GTA Online remain engrossed in the realms of GTA OL.

Musical legends such as Dr Dre GTA Online have enriched the cultural tapestry of Grand Theft Auto Online, contributing to a vibrant and immersive gaming atmosphere. This musical odyssey, intertwined with the exhilarating adventures aboard the GTA 5 Online submarine, has elevated the aesthetic appeal of GTA Online Dr Dre, fostering a richer and more engaging player experience in the world of Grand Theft Auto V Online.

Exploring the depths of GTA web offers players a gateway to a plethora of resources and insights that enhance the strategic prowess necessary to master the challenges presented by the Cayo Perico landscape. The community platforms, such as Club GTA, serve as a nexus for enthusiasts to exchange strategies, discuss updates, and cultivate a comprehensive understanding of the nuances intertwined in the GTA Online GTA experience.

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In conclusion, the Rune Kosatka in Grand Theft Auto Online signifies a monumental advancement in the gaming landscape. Its intrinsic role in the Cayo Perico Heist, coupled with its synergistic relationship with assets such as the Sparrow and the influential presence of icons like Dr Dre GTA Online, has cultivated a rich and engaging environment for players to delve into the extraordinary sagas of heists and adventures in the enthralling universe of GTA 5. The thoughtful integration of keywords and hashtags, such as #gtacrew and #gtatricks, is instrumental in optimizing the visibility and engagement of content, ensuring that the captivating tales of the GTA 5 submarine resonate with a global audience of gaming enthusiasts.

well Kyo has been nerfed again time to
do the math on the caka and see if it’s
still worth
it my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy
gamer we’ve got a lot of ground to cover
here this is one of the biggest updates
GTA online had seen in a while and
there’s a lot to take in so we’ll break
this down into chapters with timestamps
in the description below we’ll be going
through why you’d want to caka the
recent Nerfs purchasing options earning
an Roi unlocking and purchasing the caka
spawning the caka we do a submarine tour
traveling Periscope and homing missiles
guided missiles we’ll look at the sonar
station the avisa the sparrow the caka
services and finally we’ll zip through
some Pro tips so first things first why
on Earth would you want to buy a caka
submarine well there are a few main
reasons starting with anti-g griefing
tools between the guided missiles and
the torador there are some fantastic
ways to sort out some of the more
annoying trolls in free roam quick
travel similar to The Yacht you can pay
a modest fee to Quick travel around the
map which is fantastic for setup
missions or for warping away from Mark 2
tryhards hidden cases with the sonar
add-on you can earn an additional 75,000
per day really easily we’ve got moonpool
Vehicles so you can call in extra lots
of personal vehicles through the caka
services menu which includes a chopper
that can spawn right next to you and of
course the Kyo Paro Heist and this is
the biggie it’s one of the better ways
to make money in the game at the time of
recording if you work with a crew a team
of players can pull over half a million
per hour with a good drawer and a friend
or around
325,000 per hour solo yeah sort of oh
and it comes with personal quarters by
default so you can spawn directly onto
your summer room which makes makes it
easier for heist preps and avoiding
Griefers so the Kyo Paro Heist which is
the main reason for buying the submarine
in GTA has been nerfed two and a bit
times since its initial release in
December 2020 sort of first up the solo
cooldown which was the first to Nerf and
that occurred mid 2022 lot long after
GTA plus was launched with the first
round increasing the cool down for solo
heisers from 10 minutes to around 2 and
1/2 hours or three ingame days at the
same time the RNG on the primary and
secondary loot was weighted heavily
towards reduced payouts for those
regularly completing at the heist so
that means if you are regularly doing
Kyo your payout would also be
significantly reduced we’ve got the GTA
plus pay wall so not long after that and
I struggled to find the exact date but
not long after that the panther statue
the most valuable loot avail aailable in
the Kyo Heist was more or less locked
behind a GTA plus paywall so not only
has the best loot draw been made
exclusive to those on next genen
consoles but Rockstar make you pay for
the privilege too and that’s why I said
sort of before because it’s nerfed for
some players not all so if you’re
fortunate enough to own a PlayStation 5
or a current gen Xbox and self-centered
enough and weak enough to feel the need
to give Rockstar even more money then
you’re still able to get the panther
statue tough luck for the rest of us
plays though in the payout Nerf and in
the latest round of Tom fery late
September 2023 where the actual payouts
were nerfed themselves with the primary
loot of tequila ruby necklace and barab
bonds all receiving a 30% cut to their
payout this safe cash taking up to a 60%
cut and most of the secondary loot
that’s the cash artwork weed and Coke
all taking a 10% hit they also reduced
the chance of getting Coke as a
secondary loot further reducing the
potential payout oh and they quadrupled
The Heist setup fee taking it from
25,000 per Heist to 100,000 per Heist
gold managed to escape the pain which
means that you can still do well if you
have a team and get a good draw no word
on the panther statue yet but my guess
will be no cut to the payout and
remaining a GTA plus exclusive
glitch fixes so I should also mention
Rockstar have been working diligently to
fix any payout glitches too things like
patching the War glitches that let solo
players get to the gold replay glitches
and whatnot they’re always on that so
it’s business as usual but I thought it
worth mentioning right so let’s talk
budget to access the main Heist you need
to be a VIP motorcycle club president or
a CEO since VIPs no longer have the
restrictions they used to you no longer
need to purchase an MC or an office so
that’s a win given this is a vehicle
similar to theoc or aveng we don’t have
to worry about locations or Aesthetics
either just accessories so we have a
base price of 2,200,000 for the caka
itself which comes with parking for a
tador and an Aisa snacks some ammo
that’s RPGs Molotov and a handgun
personal quarters the control center for
the heist and some parking for a sparrow
so that makes things nice and easy next
we have some upgrades starting with the
color you can have the standard black
and red at no additional costs or one of
the other 11 options for an additional
$75,000 next up you can select your flag
none of these cost extra so pick the one
you identify with most closely and
you’re good to go the sonar station for
1,200,000 is next this allows you to
track and Target other submarines and
unlocks the hidden case hunt which
allows you to earn an additional 75,000
per real world day honestly unless
you’re planning on griefing other sub
owners or grinding the hidden CES a lot
I wouldn’t worry about this one next up
is the guided missile station at 1.9 mil
this lets you fire a missile from the
sub and control it in a similar way to a
drone they have a range of 4,000 M from
your submarine and these are pretty
potent too so you’ll take out most
things in one shot moving down the list
we have the weapons Workshop this allows
you to upgrade Mark 2 compatible weapons
and purchase different types of
ammunition if you’ve unlocked them
through the research in your bunker and
only if you’ve unlocked them through
research in your bunker if you do not
have a bunker this is a complete waste
of money and even then I struggle to
justify this because you have a weapons
Workshop automatically available to you
through the freak shop and you can
purchase Mark I ammunition through the
gun van or your armor at the agency if
you have one and finally the moonpool
vehicles with the sparrow at1 million
$815,000 which is a cracking little
Chopper fragile but really quick and
able to fire multiple homing rockets at
the same time once you’ve done the
upgrades for an additional 240 Grand and
the Aisa which is a personal sub
honestly this is slow as a wet week and
pretty ordinary especially at 1.5 mil
personally I’d foro this one you’ll much
better off saving a bit more and
grabbing a toror so that means your bare
minimum starting point is 2,200,000 240
if you feel like purchasing a motorcycle
club but if you can squeak together 4.5
million you can get the caka the sparrow
with the Homing missiles and an MC Club
if you don’t have one already and with
the sparrow your initial round of preps
will be much quicker the daily fee is
less than 152 which is a bit of a change
from other complex properties so given
the new payouts it’s probably going to
take three rounds to pay for the caka
itself assuming it takes a around 5
hours to rail through the story for the
first time and you’ll then need to just
redo the heist a couple of times at
around an hour for subsequent runs
you’ll probably hit Break Even after
around 7 hours or so of actual gameplay
but you’ll have to wait 2 and 1 half
hours between each playthrough so that
will add a bit you could probably break
even on the sub over a weekend it will
take you another four or five runs to
cover upgrades and the sparrow should
you head down that road so probably
another weekend there once you’ve got
your iron you’ll be able to get through
the preps in around 45 minutes and the
highest in 10 with a solo take of
between 630 and
$970,000 depending on the drawer with
loot but we do have that ridiculous cool
down so that means we’re at a maximum
maximum of 325 Grand per hour now if you
do this with a friend your cool down is
reduced from 2 1/2 hours to 10 minutes
and the total payout for the heist is
elevated to between $965,000 and 1.43 5
mil split evenly between two crew
members that’s a maximum of
7175 per round or about 700 Grand per
hour again though maximum not typical
don’t get me wrong it’s still one of the
better money makers in the game and if
you can couple it with an agency you’ll
be swimming in cash but it’s not quite
the money maker it was unlocking and
purchasing so first up if you haven’t
already you’ll need to unlock the code
Paro Heist which you can do simply by
wandering into the nightclub off to the
side of the Diamond Casino and Resort
and walking over to the VIP area you’ll
get a quick cut scene which has a bit of
info in it so make sure you have 5
minutes to yourself and keep the sound
up then once you’ve got the cash
together and know the accessories you’re
going to grab head somewhere safe and
bring up the internet on your phone head
to Travel and Transport then War stock
Cas and carry or you can just search
warock in the toolbar up the top click
on the cassa up the Top Cycle through
through the add-ons and click the
purchase button and then confirm and
once you’re done you can exit the
Internet by clicking the X on the top
right of the screen your caka is now
available for you to spawn so head to
the interactions menu That’s M on your
keyboard double squares on your Xbox
controller or swipe on your PlayStation
controller toggle down to Services then
caka then request caka the menu will
disappear and then sometime over the
next 60 seconds you’ll see a
notification in the top left of your
screen saying the has surfaced you’ll
also see the submarine popup on your
mini map now I’ve used a chopper here so
we can get a bird’s eye view of the sub
from the top we can see three hatches
which you can enter the cassa from the
forward hatch the door on the sail and
the AF hatch if you’re in a sparrow you
can also hover above midship to
automatically enter the sub similar to
your agency or CEO’s office and if
you’re below the water either swimming
in the evasa mini sub or the toror you
can also enter via the moonpool which is
also midship below the sparrow for your
first time in though you’ll most likely
approach by boat and if that’s the case
just pull up next to the sub clamber up
and head to the main entry on the sail
here there’ll be another quick cut scene
in briefing so sound up and once you’re
done you’ll be dropped into the control
room we’re presently on the uppermost
deck of the submarine in the middle of
the boat and there’s a few things you
can do here Reddit user optimal writing
has done a neat port side diam which
we’ll use here too there’s a link to the
original in the description below first
if we head to the helm you can quick
travel around the map similar to the
luxury yacht or you can manually Drive
the submarine around the map controls
will differ depending on your platform
so keep an eye top left of your screen
off to the left there through the door
you can find the forward hatch mess and
living quarters and we will check those
in a moment next up we have the sonar
station you can’t really do much with
this it’s a passive add-on but if you
have it it will allow you to look for
CES in certain watercraft which we’ll
get to a bit later in the video over to
the guided missile station next Once you
sit here you can fire a single guided
missile with a range of 4,000 M it’s
kind of like flying the Pyro in
firstperson view again we’ll go through
this a bit later in the vid swiveling to
the center of the room we can see a
large tactical screen this is where you
launch the kyoo Heist from heading aft
and you can see the Paras scope which
allows you to launch short range homing
missiles the ladder to the hatch on the
sail and as we move further out into the
stairwell you can see the actual helip
pad this is where your Sparrow is stored
if you’ve purchased one while we’re here
there’s a spot to change into a wet suit
and on scuba gear too heading down the
stairs below the helipad we can see the
moonpool this is where your Aisa is
stored if you have one as well as the
tood door on the other side of the room
you can find another full set of scuba
gear and be beyond that is the engine
room and aft hatch and if you Chuck the
scuba gear on you can also walk over to
the moonpool doors and exit directly
into the water this is super handy for
at least one of the Kyo prep missions
and it’s a really neat feature when
collecting cashes so from the bottom of
the moonpool stairs if we head forward
we’ll find the weapons Workshop if you
purchased it and further forward again
the torpedo room and a set of RPGs you
can even pick these up if you under rank
100 which is kind of sweet returning to
the main control room and heading
forward this time we end up in the
forward stairs and you can see the
forward hatch there which will pop you
out on the bow of the boat heading down
one flight and after touch lands us in
our personal quarters where we can sleep
and where you’ll load in if you have the
caka set as your spawn point just around
the corner here you’ll often find an SMG
and some ammo too moving a one more room
takes us to the mes hole you’ll often
see pel your first officer having a bite
and a quiet drink you’ll also find
Molotov and a sidearm and that’s it for
facilities you will get lost but don’t
worry eventually you’ll muddle your way
around and you’ll be able to find what
you need that said if you can
familiarize yourself with the layout
it’s super handy for at least one of the
preps for the kaioo heist so next up
let’s take a look at the heist now we’re
not going to work through the individual
setups or the heist itself here that’s
for another time however there are com
ensive guides Linked In the description
below we’ll just take a look at getting
the high set up so when you’re ready
head to the control room on the top
floor make sure you’ve registered as a
VIP MC Club president or a CEO then head
to the forward side of the large screen
in the middle you can tell you’re in the
right spot because the text will be the
right way up wander up to the console
and look for the control prompts top
left then press the button you’ll do a
little Shuffle then be prompted to press
another button again top left once
you’ve done that you’ll start your very
first setup Mission Gathering Intel as I
mentioned before we won’t go through the
actual missions here but there are links
to guides in the description below and
after you’ve completed each prep Mission
simply return to the control center of
the sub wander up to the screen and
follow the prompts to start the next
prep still with us fantastic so let’s
take a look at some of the Unique
Mechanics around the caka submarine
starting with the helm once you sit down
you’ll have a couple of options you can
fast travel similar to the luxury yacht
or the agency concierge simply select
the Fast Travel option then pick where
you’d like to go and note that each time
you fast travel takes around 30 seconds
and costs $2,000 this is super handy if
you want to get closer to a heist prep
staging area want to move the sub into
guided Missile Range or someone want to
move yourself way out of the way so you
will be left alone the other option you
have is to Pilot the sub manually it’s
slow but very tanky so it can be handy
for prep while you’re piloting the sub
you can fire Torpedoes manually which is
great for taking out other subs or
clowns in torsors if you’re feeling a
bit lucky oh and of course it’s a
submarine so you can dive down a fairway
if you really want to be left alone
let’s take a look at the Periscope next
if you’ve been piloting bring yourself
up to the surface level and exit the
Pilot’s seat walk to the other side of
the heist control panel to this enclosed
space then use the button prompt top
left to access the Periscope the
controls are a bit of a mix of a sniper
rifle for zooming and the Homing missile
this is a great way to see what’s going
on on the surface without making
yourself too vulnerable and to get your
bearings without having to exit the sub
or jump into the helm the Homing
missiles will lock onto any surface
craft like a boat or a jet ski or any
Airborne vehicle that’s in range that’s
Choppers planes jet packs and most
importantly Mark two oppressors again
fantastic for at least one of the Kyo
prep missions and and really handy for
nearby Airborne Griefers next up is one
of the more fun features on the
submarine the guided missiles as a name
suggests the guided missile station lets
you launch and pilot missiles with a
range of up to 4,000 M that’s around 2
and half miles now when you fire these
off you need to pay attention the guided
missiles move quickly like as fast if
not faster than a pyro quickly and you
can only use first person so they might
take a few rounds to get used to once
you’ve got your head around piloting
them though you can do some serious
damage these are powerful and take some
pretty solid Targets in a single go note
though there’s a 60-second cool down
from the time your guided missile either
hits something or runs out of range
while we’re over here let’s take a look
at the sonar station this is an effect
add-on so we can’t actually use use it
not like the Periscope or the guided
missiles instead it allows you to
activate an add-on in the relevant
submersibles at the time of recording I
believe believe you can use this while
you’re piloting the actual caka while
you’re piloting the aesa and while
you’re submerged with the toror if we’ve
missed any please leave a comment below
while we’re on submersibles the Kraken a
Visa this sub was released with the 1.52
Kyo update and can only be garaged in a
caka it’s a standard mini sub similar to
the one we saw in story mode honestly
it’s slow not terribly maneuverable and
is not a lot of fun to drive so I’m not
a massive fan if you’re super keen on
grinding out CES though it might be a
handy investment as it does allow you to
exit the vehicle while submerged and
then reenter that can be handy for
reaching unusual or tight spots around
the map especially around some of the
wrecks and caves sticking with the
submersibles sort of is the toror this
is based on the old Lambo marle concept
car from back in the day and is
essentially a mark 2 Stromberg it has
boosts that can be used on the ground in
the air and even underwater this one
also comes with unlimited missiles which
is super handy when dealing with
Griefers idiots cops and other NPCs oh
and while it can be garaged in the caka
this car doesn’t have to be garaged in
the caka you can keep it anywhere you
like there’s one more vehicle that you
new submarine can house and that’s an
armed Chopper the sparrow at the time of
recording this is one of the fastest
Choppers in the game topping out at
nearly 169 m an hour or around 270 K you
can fit this with either a 50 cal
machine gun or homing missiles for my
money the Homing missiles are the way to
go their tracking is excellent and
there’s no reload time so you can just
keep firing one after the other and you
never run out of ammo either it’s
brilliant just one thing to bear in mind
the sparrow has the constitution of a
paper plane on a rainy day it is fragile
if you look at this thing the wrong way
it starts smoking rough Landing smoking
smoking two bullets from a handgun
smoking bump into it as you’re running
around to get into the pilot seat
believe it or not smoking it does not
farewell against missiles that said if
you have the money it’s an absolute must
this helpful piece of Kit will have or
even third the time it takes you to do
free mode preps for the Kyo Heist right
that’s the cassak covered and the main
Vehicles it can garage one more thing
and then a couple of quick Pro tips
Services similar to theoc the Avenger
and the yacht the caka comes with a
bunch of additions that can be really
handy to access these jump into your
interaction menu That’s Ham on your
keyboard hold the double squares on Xbox
or swipe on Playstation once that’s up
toggle down to Services then caka from
the first menu you can do a few things
firstly if your submarine has not been
called in yet you can call it in it will
appear at the closest spawn point to
your current location and can take up to
60 seconds heading down we can and
request a vehicle if you’ve purchased
them this can either be the sparrow heli
which will spawn about 20 ft from your
current location or the avisa mini sub
which will spawn at the closest
Shoreline you can request a dingy which
is similar to the aesa it will just
spawn at the closest Shoreline return
options next which we’ll get to in a
moment after that we can use the next
two menu items to set who can enter our
submarine and to boot people out of our
sub finally we can swap out the color of
our scuba gear if we’ve purchased it now
let’s sneak back up to return options
because there a bit of a gotcha there
the first option is pretty
straightforward this will despawn your
submarine the next one open water is for
when you accidentally beat your sub
which is surprisingly easy to do
surfacing your caka is pretty
self-explanatory and the last one spawns
you ding here’s the trick one though
return moonpool Vehicles this one’s
caught me out a few times because it
returns either the Ava or the sparrow
depending on which ones you have out but
unlike the turn personal vehicle option
this one doesn’t care if you’re
presently in the vehicle so if you’re in
your chopper and select this option when
you’re not paying attention well ah dang
it there’s also a 2-minute cool down on
calling moonpool vehicles too so that
can get Mighty inconvenient during a
prep Mission free mode event or when
you’re under pressure okay Pro tips so
first up like most other businesses if
you’re registered as some sort of
manager that’s a CEO VIP or an MC
president the game assumes you’re
actively running a business and that can
leave your other businesses open to
raids and attacks if you’re not actively
working a business and you’re not doing
something that expressly requires you to
be registered as a CEO VIP or president
then you should resign and our final Pro
tip once you’ve played the storyline
through go and watch some speedrunners
don’t watch them beforehand because of
spoilers but once you’ve played through
the entire quest line go watch them
watching speedrunners doing the Kyo Paro
preps particularly the older runs before
it was optimized will dramatically
improve your game and reduce the
turnaround time for getting to the Kyo
finale I cannot stress that enough
anyway damn that was a lot to take in it
certainly was a massive task to put this
guy together so if you found it in any
way helpful please drop a like and a
comment below stay safe wash your hands
we’ll see you in the next

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