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UPDATED: THE GTA Hangar Guide; Ready for the 5 Mercenaries Update

The ultimate GTA Hangar Guide, your one-stop solution to mastering the skies in the thrilling world of Grand Theft Auto Online. Dive in as we explore all the exciting features and opportunities, ready for the GTA 5 Mercenaries Update, including tips and strategies to optimize your hangar usage and dominate in make tonnes of easy money in GTA.
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UPDATED: THE GTA Hangar Guide; Ready for the 5 Mercenaries Update

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Welcome to the ultimate guide to mastering the Hangar business in Grand Theft Auto Online. This is a comprehensive #GTAHangarGuide, designed to aid players in the #GTAOnline universe to make the most out of their hangar and dominate in air combat missions.

Ever since the #GTA5MercenariesUpdate, players have been introduced to new opportunities, missions, and vehicles in the bustling world of #GTASanAndreas. San Andreas mercenaries have become a crucial part of the game’s ecosystem, providing opportunities for players to take on exciting challenges and missions.

This video provides a thorough breakdown of everything you need to know about the GTA hangar, also spelled as GTA hanger by some, as part of the #GTA5NewUpdate. We delve into all the nooks and crannies of the hangar business, from the reasons to purchase a hangar to the strategies on how to maximize your profits.

If you’re a fan of the #GrandTheftAutoOnline world, you’d know that there are various property locations to choose from for your hangar. Whether it’s at the Los Santos Air Port, the LSIA, or the military base at Fort Zancudo, we explore each location’s pros and cons to help you decide. This GTA hangar guide walks you through all the details of Hangar A17, Hangar 1, Hangar 3497, Hangar 3499, and Hangar A2.

In addition to the hangar locations, this video offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to get your business up and running. We explain how the business works, delve into the setup mission, and provide tips on what stock to source for your GTA Online missions. We further delve into the cool down timers and sell missions to ensure you have all the information needed for #GTAEasyMoney and #GTAFastMoney.

We also take a look at the new and exciting features introduced in the latest #GTA5 2023 update. The new GTA DLC has added a plethora of new content for players to explore, including San Andreas mercenaries vehicles and new aircraft options. Our #GTAOnlineTutorial covers these updates in detail to help players utilize them to their advantage.

As we eagerly await the release date for GTA 6, this #GTAOnlineGameplay guide will provide you with the needed tips and strategies to help you navigate the current game with ease. While no one knows when the #GTA6ReleaseDate will be, rest assured that we will keep you updated with all the latest news and updates related to #GrandTheftAutoVI.

The world of #GTASanAndreas has changed significantly with the introduction of #GrandTheftAutoSanAndreasTheDefinitiveEdition. This video is designed to help players understand these changes and learn the best strategies for tackling the new challenges.

Lastly, we tackle the most common question: which hangar is the best? Our #GTAOnlineStrategy segment is dedicated to comparing different hangars, taking into account various factors like cost, location, and size to help you make the best decision.

Join us on this exciting journey through the world of Grand Theft Auto Online. With this GTA hangar guide, you’ll be soaring through the skies of San Andreas in no time! Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for more #GTAOnlineUpdate videos. Happy flying!

well the hangers on special again in Grand Theft Auto online this
week and with the aircraft focused Los Santos mercenaries DLC dropping soon
starting to think that Rockstar is trying to tell us something
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer so in this week’s update we have an
um unusual kind of 20 off the hangar in GTA 5 online weird amount but if savings are saving
I guess anyway let’s take an in-depth look at The Hanger which one you should grab how much
you’ll need at least on a normal week and most importantly how much you can make from
your brand new smuggling business easy money and GTA online maybe yeah you be the judge so first
things first why on Earth would you want to buy a hangout they’re expensive and have no passive
income Source well business aside there are four main reasons you can purchase and house aircraft
so if you want to get a jet at stunt plane or any helicopter other than the sparrow you need
a hanger to be able to purchase them it gives you easy access to aircraft if you purchase
at the lsia you can access the airport without getting a warrant so that means big planes and
helis by Fort Zancudo and it’s really easy to get your hands on a buzzard or a laser you get
access to trade prices uh grinding the hangar missions will unlock some great discounts on a
bunch of aircraft and given the price of shirt cards it’s well worth the effort and of course
you can call an aircraft as a personal vehicle and that last one is an absolute cracker if you’re a
money grinder with one of the vehicle import export warehouses it means that you can call
in your Cargobob for sale missions and that means more money faster on the business side of things
the hangers similar to the vehicle Warehouse it’s 100 manual there’s no passive side to it at all
basically you Source or otherwise still stop and then when you have enough you sell and make some
cash and there’s reasonable cash to be made don’t get me wrong it’s not higher money hell it’s not
even special cargo money but it sure beats the bike of businesses solo you can earn around 150
000 an hour but with friends profits can really rack up at upwards of 450 Grand per hour okay
so let’s talk budget to get started in the hanging business you’ll need to be a VIP or a CEO Honestly
though you really want the latter option as there are a lot of time restrictions on being a VIP
and to do do that you’ll need a CEO’s office the cheapest one is Maze Bank West at a million don’t
worry about any of the upgrades we can deal with them later just the basics we’ll do to start with
next you’ll need an actual hanger you can purchase these through the maze bank foreclosures website
on your phone we have five to choose from oh and don’t worry about the prices on screen I picked
these up during an event week the first one is the lsia hanger a17 at one million two hundred
thousand next up is the lsia Hangar One at one million five hundred and twenty five thousand and
the last three are all in Fort Zancudo so there’s Hangar 3497 at 2 million and 85 000 Hangar three
four nine nine at two million six hundred and fifty thousand and hangout A2 at a cool
three million 250 Grand each of them has the same capacity of 20 aircraft so there’s no difference
there however there’s advantages to each location if you go for an lsia hanger you have access to
the airport at any time without a warrant this is great if you like to uh borrow larger or luxury
planes and if you have a yacht it’s a quick trip over it also means that you and a friend can drag
race on the runway without getting bothered by security if you go for one of the Fort Zancudo
hangers you get access to the military base that means you can finally complete Solomon’s treasure
hunt but more importantly it becomes much much easier to commandeer a weaponized aircraft lasers
and armed buzzards a common place around the base you’ll also see tanks driving about a fair bit
along with the occasional Sky Lift further if you buy at Fort Zancudo you also get some protection
from clowns when you’re in its airspace this is Henny for dealing with some of our less
experienced Griefer friends basically if you enter the base and a griefer follows you the military
staff will get very very upset with them so I’ve gone for the Fort Zancudo A2 hanger because it’s
closer to where the lasers are stored on the base and I picked this up on the cheap during an event
where next we have some upgrades starting with the decor you can change the floor and the trim
in the main hangar there is a free version but you can spend up to 320 000 if you want to get
really fancy while you’re there you can also to tweak the lighting there’s a few different options
available again you can leave it as it comes at no additional cost or you can spend up to 95 Grand on
a fancier aesthetic for the trim and markings on the hanger floor you have a few options as well
starting with the free one and working your way through a few different designs right up to this
industrial looking Caper for around 200 000 and the final aesthetic upgrade is the office again
there is a free option but if you’re feeling flush you can step it up a notch with the top option
sending you back a cool 280 Grand and finally you can also add personal quarters from 235 000 so
you can spawn in at the hangar this is Handy if most of your properties are on the other end of
the map as it can save you a fair bit of time for functional upgrades you can grab the workshop at
one million one hundred and fifty thousand which will allow you to customize certain aircraft it’s
worth it if you’re really into flying but it isn’t absolutely necessary right so that’s it for actual
expenses that’s really a minimum spend of two million two hundred thousand including your CEO’s
office and the cheapest hanger but if you can budget around 4 million 470 000 you’ll get a 14
Kudo location we live in quarters and a workshop daily fees aren’t too bad either at only 400 per
day plus 50 per additional aircraft that you saw and with that in mind assuming you’re able to make
the maximum per hour grinding it will take you around 16 hours to make Break Even if you go the
budget option if you’re solo around seven hours if you have friends so it’s still not kind of
money but the vehicle discounts and the ability to call it an aircraft as a personal vehicle is still
worth the cash in my humble opinion once you’ve made your purchase head over to the new facility
and head on in you’ll get a fun cut scene with run as well as a bit of a briefing on how the hanger
Works once that’s done head over to the computer make sure you’re a VIP or CEO then sit down and
log in you’ll be presented with a single option set up click on the setup button then confirm
you’ll immediately be booted into the lobby and Ron will give you a bell funny thing too for fans
of story mode it turns out Rhonda isn’t too happy about being left to run Trevor Phillips Industries
on his own once runs finished banging on grab a vehicle this can be your personal vehicle
Pharaoh or you can borrow one then head to the marker on the map when you get close jump out
and find a good line of sight take out any Lost MC boys then jump in the plane take off and head back
to the Airfield by following the yellow marker once you’re there fly into the Corona and you’ll
be dropped back into the hangar where you’ll get another quick briefing radio the next thing we
need to cover is resupplying your business that is organizing the products you need for resale and
this is where it gets a bit complicated and mathy your hanger has the capacity to hold 50 units of
stock in total unfortunately there’s no way to increase it so that means we need to be mindful
of what we collect and when we go to sell each unit is worth thirty thousand dollars in game but
there are bonuses available for selling specific types of stock at specific quantities if you’re
playing solo and you are very new to the game or don’t have much experience flying then you’ll only
want to sell small quantities of stock at a time a maximum of three items in fact while it doesn’t
matter which product you choose in relation to the sale value tobacco and counterfeit Goods
have the shortest cooldown at around two minutes so they’re probably the best place to start why
so if you keeping your stock level this low will guarantee a single delivery vehicle when it comes
to your mission there are no bonuses at this level and it’s a bit of a pain but it will help
you get your flight experience up and give you more of a feel for what you’re doing the 90 000
per run won’t hurt either now if you’re a little more experienced and playing solo then you want
to stick exclusively to either animal materials art and antiques or jewelry and gemstones don’t
mix and match either just pick one and stick with it when you get to 10 units run a cell mission in
most cases you’ll end up with a single delivery vehicle but there’s a non-zero chance you’ll
get two or three which is why it isn’t great for new players but most of the time it will be one
vehicle the great thing about hitting 10 units with this type of stock though is the bonus in
addition to the full Lobby bonus you’ll earn an additional 12 for selling 10 units of the
same type of stock in one go assuming you get everything delivered that’s around 336 gram per
run plus any public Lobby cash if you regularly kick around with one friend you’ll want to stick
with the same type of stock animal materials art and antiques or jewelry and gemstones again don’t
mix and match but pick one and stick with it hold off selling until you have 20 units of stock this
doubles the previous bonus to 24 while still most likely only giving you two vehicle deliveries one
for each of you with bonuses you’re looking at bringing in around about 744 Grand so nearly three
quarters of a mil oh and the full Lobby bonus too so not bad if you’re lucky enough to roll with two
other players regularly then we stick with more or less the same plan Source animal materials art and
antiques or jewelry and gemstones again no mixing and matching once you have 30 units of stock do a
sell Mission this adds another 12 bonus that’s 36 in total well quite likely giving you three
vehicles to deliver with so again one for each of you at this level you’ll sell your stock for
around 1.25 mil plus any public Lobby bonuses and finally if you have a full compliment which is to
say three friends you game with regularly you can make some serious cash this time we want to switch
it up a little by sourcing narcotics chemical or medical supplies and you guessed it pick one
and only one now this might take a minute but this time we want to fill the hanger a full 50 units of
a single product and when it comes to selling we get four delivery vehicles so that’s one
each and a whopping 70 bonus if you can deliver everything that’s 2.55 million in total plus any
public Lobby sell bonuses right onto the actual Supply missions now once you’ve decided on a type
of stock make sure you’re a VIP or a CEO head up to the office and sit down at your PC then click
on the source button then the stock you’d like to find once you’ve confirmed you’ll be booted
back into the lobby and will receive a briefing from ROM listen to it carefully it is important
rum will take you through one of about half a dozen different sourcing missions most of which
are a version of go here kill Works bring stuff back but anyway after Ron gives you some details
you’ll see an icon for a suitable vehicle you do not need to take this vehicle if you can find
something more appropriate or you have something better around the way so if you own a sparrow or
weaponized Buzzard or a Hydra you can call that in and use that instead if you have a 14 Kudo hanger
you can also borrow one of their vehicles too but if you don’t have something suitable or you know
anything at all then make your way to the aircraft provided and jump in like I said there’s around
half a dozen different missions so follow the instructions collect the supplies and bring them
back to the hangar once that’s completed you’ll be dropped back into the hanger and a cool down
will start for the next package and it’s time to get Matthew again cooldowns are calculated on the
bonus potential of each product so if you’re a new solo player and concentrating on the tobacco and
counterfeit Goods which has a rubbish bonus the cooldown is a flat two minutes if you’re a more
experienced solo player or you kick around with one or two mates regularly you’ll be focused on
animal materials art and antiques or jewelry and gemstones the cooldown for each of these
is three minutes per unit so if you’re solo that means a flat three minutes if you’ve Source two
units that’s you and a friend the cooldown is six minutes if you saw three units of the cooldown is
nine minutes and 12 minute cool down if you have three friends and sourced a total of four units
of stock finally if you have a great crew and a regularly grind you’ll be concentrating on selling
50 units at a time for the biggest bonus and that means narcotics chemicals or medical supplies
which carry a cool down of four minutes per unit sourced on a single run so do a source mission on
your own it’s a four minute cooldown with one friend it’ll be eight minutes two friends will
be 12 minutes and three friends that’s a full crew of four people will be a 16 minute cooldown it’s a
pain in the backside but it is what it is once the cooldown’s finished you can log back in and do it
again radio once you have clocked up enough Supply runs it’s time to sell your stock again make
sure you’re a VIP or a CEO then head up to your Hangouts office this can be done from the master
control station too but don’t do that it’s silly take a seat at the computer log in and head to
the cell menu click the relevant Cell stock button then click the confirm button and you’ll be booted
back into the public lobby after a moment you’ll get another call from Ron listen to it carefully
it is important Ron will brief you on one of about half a dozen different cell missions simply follow
the instructions to drop off the goods avoiding any Griefers and you’re good as soon as the last
package is dropped the money will be deposited in your account and you can continue putting around
in free mode oh and if you run out of time or you get a cargo destroyed by Griefers you will still
get a partial payment for anything you have to live in if there are multiple drop-offs one more
thing here too on occasions you’ll be asked to return the vehicle to the Airfield in exchange
for some additional RP typically it’s around 1500 points so if you’re a low level about to rank up
or are heading back that way anyway by all means drop the aircraft back but if you above rank 120
or couldn’t be bothered with it it’s no sweat it like I said it’s only 1500 points okay before we
head off there’s a couple of quick tips for maximizing profit should you feel inclined
if you don’t plan to grow in this business beyond what you need for discounts you can still preload
stock for special event weeks so if you’re a solo player whenever you’re bored or waiting on
a cooldown for something else do a quick Supply run for either animal materials art supplies or
jewelry and gemstones once you have 10 of each stop then when triple money week rolls around
you’ll have three separate sell missions ready to go without having to do any resupplies each
netting you 336 Grand instead of the usual 112 for the same stock and that means a total of more
than a million in stock on hand and stepping away from the hangar business and over to the vehicle
Warehouse business if you have one buy a dam Cargobob as soon as you can afford it this makes
it much easier to do vehicle Warehouse sourcing and selling missions using your cargobobs lift
you can collect and deliver Vehicles much quicker and in most cases with significantly less damage
oh and as an added bonus it’s handy for the Simeon repo mission do you even lift and the air freight
VIP Mission so thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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