How to get gold in Vinewood Souvenirs – Tyler

We’re going through how get gold in Nigel & Mrs Thornhill’s GTA 5 mission Vinewood Souvenirs: Tyler.

Grand Theft Auto is a truly massive game. Between GTA 5 and the constant updates from Rockstar for GTA Online; there’s no shortage of new content and interesting things to do.

Join me, then, in our continuing series, getting gold in every damn mission, in GTA 5 as we look at Grand Theft Auto mission Vinewood Souvenirs: Tyler.

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Getting gold in this one is pretty straightforward; and to be honest, a bit of fun.

To get gold in this one we’ll need to

  • Stealth attack the Gardner
  • Avoid detection

So let’s pick it up as we approach Tylor’s manor…

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Nigel is a British visitor in Los Santos who, along with his friend Mrs. Thornhill, is fascinated with Vinewood stars and spends his vacation chasing them and taking their belongings to add to Mrs. Thornhill’s set. He is also the giver of the Vinewood Souvenirs missions, which are Trevor Philips’ side missions.

Mrs. Thornhill

Mrs. Thornhill is a British visitor in Los Santos who appears with her friend Nigel in the Vinewood Souvenirs missions. She is fascinated with Vinewood celebrities and spends her time in Los Santos chasing them and taking their belongings to add to her set. Mrs. Thornhill is married and has two children in England, according to Nigel, but she hasn’t seen them since the two of them started their souvenir search.

Vinewood Souvenirs Missions

Trevor is asked to steal numerous celebrity souvenirs for Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill, including Kerry McIntosh’s dog’s leash, a golden tooth from Love Fist’s Willie, Mark Fostenburg’s golf club, and Tyler Dixon’s swimming trunks. Throughout these tasks, Trevor assaults numerous celebrities in order to procure the desired products, even killing Mark Fostenburg.

Tyler Dixon

Trevor approaches Tyler Dixon’s house to launch the search. A wall surrounds the building, which is quickly climbed. There is a gardener employed at a truck inside the estate that can be knocked down. Dixon’s swim trunks, which are on a chair next to the pool at the back of the property, are the goal. Dixon and a female friend are floating in the pool, and if Trevor is seen, they would yell and inevitably call the cops. Trevor has completed the task once he has secured the swim trunks and avoided every subsequent wanted stage.

He is Cloe Parker’s deadbeat fiancé and a backup dancer. In reaction to the 900-page prenuptial agreement he was ordered to sign earlier, he has requested a $3 million dowry. Dixon has a long history of opioid abuse and petty violence, including convictions for crack cocaine distribution in 1998 and robbery in 2004. He is reported to have started smoking PCP when he was five years old and lost his virginity to his mother when he was nine years old.