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19 Sept 2022: Change your passwords, NOW!

Rockstar confirms a network breach and that the leaked GTA 6 footage is real, but the alleged hacker is now selling the GTA 5 source code for six figures. It's unknown what other data may have been compromised, so change your passwords now. Stay safe.
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Rockstar Confirms GTA 6 Leak

Rockstar, the developer of the popular Grand Theft Auto series, has confirmed a recent leak regarding their upcoming game, GTA 6. However, the situation is even worse than initially thought. In a media release, Rockstar confirmed that they had suffered a network breach, which they are working to isolate. While the leaked footage is real, it is also very old.

GTA 5 Source Code for Sale

What’s even more concerning is that the alleged hacker has announced that they are willing to sell the source code for the current, very active version of GTA 5 for a staggering six-figure sum. Third-party scammers, who are pretending to have the code, have already made at least one sale, meaning that people are willing to pay exorbitant amounts for something that they may not even receive.

While it’s hilarious that someone has dropped 100K on a scam, it’s also an alarming reminder that people are willing to pay substantial amounts of money for illicit goods. More worryingly, what else did the hackers access? Rockstar confirmed that they had a network intrusion, which begs the question of whether the hackers also accessed client information, login credentials, passwords, and other sensitive data. While no information has been released regarding these possibilities, it’s crucial to take precautions immediately.

Take Action and Protect Yourself

Everyone who has a Rockstar Social Club account or a Rockstar Warehouse account should immediately change their passwords. It’s also essential to change passwords for any other accounts that use the same passwords, including Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Gmail, Outlook, and PC accounts. Failure to change passwords could leave individuals open to an attack or account hijacking.

To check if your passwords have been compromised in any attack, not just the Rockstar breach, the video recommends using the Have I Been Pwned service immediately. The link to this service can be found in the description below. Stay safe and protect your digital assets by changing your passwords today.

Overall, the leaked footage of GTA 6 may be exciting for fans, but the situation surrounding the breach is a reminder of how critical digital security has become in today’s world. Protect your accounts, your data, and your reputation by taking precautions and changing your passwords regularly.

rockstars confirmed the GTA 6 leak is true but it’s much much worse than you think
hi and welcome back my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer well Rockstar have confirmed
in a media release they’ve had a network breach and they’ve assured investors they’re working
to isolate the incident they’ve also confirmed the footage is real albeit very very old but
there’s a new twist and it’s a doozy the alleged hacker has let the world know they’re willing to
sell the source code for GTA 5 not GTA 6 but the current and very active version of GTA 5
for six figures and third-party scammers that is people who don’t actually have the source
code but are pretending they do have already made at least one sale which means there are
people out there willing to drop 100K on source code in a heartbeat which is utterly hilarious
I find it brilliant that someone’s dropped 100 Grand on a scam will never see anything for it
but it’s also super concerning that people will drop that sort of cash in the first
place here’s my big concern though what else did the scammers get Rockstar have noted they’ve had
a network bridge not a PC not a single machine not an old hard drive that wasn’t clear playing
properly but a network intrusion and now we’re seeing GTA 5 source code for sale so
if the hacker was able to get their hands on a GTA code repo were they also able to get their
hands on client information login credentials contact information passwords Etc at this stage
we’ve not heard about it but that doesn’t mean it’s not a thing so a quick point of action I’d
like everyone watching this video to change their password to their Rockstar Social Club account and
their Rockstar Warehouse account links to the password sections in the description below in
addition if you’ve used the same passwords on any other accounts things like your Xbox Live
account your PSN Gmail Outlook hell even your PC change them immediately I can’t stress this Enough
by not changing your passwords you may leave yourself open to attack account hijacking or
even worse change your passwords and change them now in the description below there’s also a link
to a service have I been poned that will allow you to check if you’ve had passwords breached in
any attack not just this one uh highly recommend you jump on it immediately anyway this was just
a quick PSA thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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