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19 Sept 2022: Change your passwords, NOW!

Rockstar Games confirms network breach and potential exposure of client info. Alleged hacker offers to sell GTA 5 source code. Change passwords now.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Source Code Allegedly Stolen in Rockstar Network Breach

Rockstar Games has confirmed in a media release that they have experienced a network breach. The leaked footage deemed very old is confirmed to be real. However, the alleged hacker has gone a step further and signaled their intention to sell the source code for Grand Theft Auto 5.

Implications of the Breach

While the security breach itself is disturbing, the implications of the breach are even more alarming. It is possible that the hackers got their hands on more than just the GTA source code. Private information such as login credentials, client information, and contact information might have been stolen as well. Given the circumstances, users are encouraged to take precautions.

Rockstar Users Must Take Action

Immediate action is needed to prevent further damage. All users of Rockstar Games services are advised to change their login credentials such as passwords immediately. Failure to do so could result in an account hijack or worse, putting your data and resources at risk.

Protect Your Data Through Password Changes

All Rockstar account holders should consider taking additional precautions now. Changing passwords will strengthen protection against hacks, and it is necessary to avoid potential risks. Please follow the link in the description to a reputable security checker that will enable you to verify if your password has been breached. It is essential that this is done as soon as possible.

well rockstar have confirmed in a media release they have had a network breach they’ve also
confirmed the footage is real a bit very very old but there’s a new twist the alleged hacker has let
the world know they’re willing to sell the source code for gta 5 not gta 6 but the current and very
active gta 5 so here’s my big concern what else did the scammers get rockstar have noted they had
a network bridge and now we’re seeing gta 5 source code for sale were they also able to get their
hands on client information login credentials contact information and passwords so a quick
point of action i’d like everyone watching this video to change their password to their rockstar
social club account and the rockstar warehouse account immediately and i can’t stress this
enough by not changing your password you may leave yourself open to attack account hijacking or worse
in the description below there’s also a link to a service that will allow you to check if you’ve
had passwords breached in any attack not just this one i highly recommend you jump on it immediately

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