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be tonight be
hey and welcome back my name is Dan and
I’m an old grumpy gamer um G JY thanks
for joining us as well uh so
um yeah big day for for Grand Theft Auto
big day for
and it’s um yeah uh dropping six what
was it 10 12 hours early or something
like that so someone in the marketing
department over there is in a bit of
strife but it’s all good all good fun so
um firstly yes it is a little bit nippy
over here uh jittery it is mighty chilly
uh I did uh did my first park run the
other week and it was one Dee uh it was
minus – one or -2 up uh up here the oh I
want to say Saturday morning so lovely
and clear but freezing cold certainly a
little bit different to home in Oz uh I
think um Mrs grumpy Gamer’s parents were
pushing I think it was 45 de Celsius um
where where they are um and and wab be
back in Adelaide as well I know was
pushing high 30s early 40s so yeah
brutal I don’t know what Sydney’s like
but yeah wow uh so do have a first
reaction coming out a little bit later
on today we’re a bit slow off the mark
because of time zones um so everyone
else has got their commentaries out and
all that kind of gear but we’re still
sort of a little bit behind the
eightball but it’s good fun I thought
we’d take a quick look at the at the
trailer uh maybe see if there’s anything
that uh we’ve missed or um could be
picked up have a bit of a discussion
then kind of see what happens whether or
not we uh we hang around do a bit of
gaml see what’s uh what’s going on um
forgive the big uh the big box here as
well um too many fans and a lot of
background noise in this place so that
means that uh we have to put a big we
can’t have a a sound room so we have to
take the sound room kind of with us but
anyway let’s take a look at this trailer
again give the knock it about the
place we go uh to let me know if you
can’t hear me or if it all goes horribly
sideways and it has been a minute since
I’ve done some streaming so
you know I’ll avoid technical
difficulties where I can but no
guarantees anyway we shall see what
happens all right let’s start at the
start well standard ESRB so we’ll wait
for wait for the full rating to come
out but um we go turn the sound on so
straight away we have the
um the the purple tones and the the the
yellow tones so not Mexico but you know
purple and yellow tones that were hinted
at in a lot of the leaks which would be
good fun this is obviously in some form
of uh prison setting so given the the
orange jumpsuits yeah probably probably
straight up prison rather than juvie but
yeah we’ll see what happens there um
loving the soundtrack so far with this
as well which is always nice so let’s
actually let’s go full screen with that
and why can I not hear
that let’s try that
and we’ll go to full screen here as well
I’ll probably get demonetized for it but
that is all good
um always a good start as well so that’s
kind of fun with um when you you look at
the opening scenes of of the GTA 5 where
you’ve got the uh got the game it’s like
why are you here well I guess I like the
weather but um yeah some interesting
here and this is actually what really
grabs me here this is the first scene I
know it’s really bright but the
um the water effects just absolutely
fantastic and I know Unreal Engine has
brilliant is it an old one oh hang
on hey Peter
thanks jittery hang on let me update
title oh it is too how’d that happen
sorry about
that whoopsy Daisy there we
go yeah Dolphins hey ah wonky fantastic
where uh for those who don’t know wonky
is has been featuring on some of our uh
some of our update videos periodically
as well so really really good to have
you along we were just talking about the
cold in the weather actually you just
missed it Pete um I I I think you
actually beat out all of us where you
are at – 6- 7 there’s been some really
interesting stuff on the Discord popping
up and some absolutely stunning stunning
photos so thank
you um we’re just having a look here and
yep actually that was a really good spot
Jerry you got the uh got the Dolphins
down the bottom left there sort of right
down here and I can’t zoom in sadly but
yeah that’s glorious and I think is that
a shark we’ve got sharks and dolphins in
the current game but that does not
necessar that looks like a shark I
reckon these ones are dolphins and I
reckon you the same up here as
um good to see the name change um the
jet skis and the boats look really nice
as well noticed that before too so um
really good rendering Rockstar used
their own internal rage engine they have
their own custom in-house built uh built
engine so not like the the Unreal Engine
or um or uny or anything like that they
have their own which means that they
don’t have to pay royalties on it but it
also means that they can optimize for
their specific games rather than having
to do a a one siiz fits all kind of
Caper so I think what they’ve done here
here looks
glorious and birds just yeah the
painting The Birds the whole box and
dice looks fantastic we can see here
this is a very Miami kind of thing with
all of the rows and rows and rows of
little um yeah chairs and the um and The
Umbrellas not quite Cabanas but that’s
all right and um yeah station up the top
there for the
lifeguards but I don’t know if you’ve
noticed this as well if we have a look
at some of these birds and the um the
shadowing underneath there that looks is
that Shadows just make sure I’m not
talking out on my backside yep that is
Shadows so Shadows onto the reflective
water too so Pelicans right yeah nice
work ah
yep um
yeah good good spot there Jitter that’s
neat nice work all right thank you oh
well thank you for joining them both
Pete numbers
help um okay and then the pan up we’ve
got the got the little dudad up the top
there there’s something here what’s
Chopper all right so this is Miami Beach
100% if you go back to the old games and
whatnot that looks really neat good day
AJ how we doing
mate um so yeah I mean
it’s I guess the thing that we we kind
of cover in the my my first reaction uh
to this which is going to come out a
little bit later on today a bit more
edited and Keno’s working on that as we
is is
rendered or is is it in engine or is it
in game footage now when you have
openings like this where you’ve got the
the cut scenes and whatnot we all know
that the cut scene that the
start it looks absolutely fantastic but
think with CD project red I was burned
really hard with that like cyber Punk
looked amazing and I don’t know if
anyone recalls that 40 43 or 44 minute
first look they did and it turns out
that that was actually a render that was
meant to look like a first look at a
game so they took the devs off of off of
the actual game development to do this
render to make it look pretty to keep
the exec happy and then they added a
commentary to it like it was a
game and while Rockstar has not done
that yet or done that before I should
say they’ve never done that before
they’ve always used in-game
footage for their
trailers we have
seen a bit of we’ll call it interesting
selectively truthful behavior from them
recently we’ve had uh a management team
change out uh they’ve been acquired by T
2 T 2 also inquired Zinga as well which
is a really really
exploitative gaming company in my
opinion allegedly
allegedly and what I’m hoping is this is
in-game footage from the actual game
than sorry
Pete um yes I’m sure some of them are
modest pelicans and hello to Jeff if
he’s watching
um my my big concern with this is that
this is in is is rendered or you know or
or yeah pre-rendered or
otherwise outwardly acquired footage
instead of
ingame cutcenes or ingame gaming footage
yeah I reckon in engine is probably not
a bad shout there Pete it’s
um I mean technically the Cyber Punk one
was kind of in engine and certainly the
review footage that they sent out for
people would look at was all in
but like I said take two of acquired
Zinger take two have acquired Rockstar
take two have really put the screws in
about really getting the most out of the
uh the user
base uh and come in spin it
yeah I don’t know like I’m really
concerned about it I hope I’m wrong I
hope I’m wrong wrong I hope it is it is
absolutely ingame footage maybe a cut
scene to start with from what I’ve seen
and certainly some of the the the Social
Media stuff you know maybe that’s part
of a mini game or something like
that um yeah we’ll see what happens uh
I’ve just noticed the chat is not coming
up in window so let me see if I
can bring that up a
touch I’m we’ll see how we
go no
problems um so I don’t even know if that
is coming up where is
it chat box should be there that’s all
right just going to adjust the the
stream settings like I said it’s it’s
been a minute guys um I think the last
time I um I did a stream I always got
myself I got myself into trouble and had
microphone problems and then started
coughing and spluttering and all that
kind of gear so let’s see how we
go uh let’s have a
Generations all right let’s see if they
start coming up
again but anyway yes sorry completely
diverge um yeah he’s hoping it’s it’s
it’s in engine and it’s not pre-rendered
but actual you know cut sceney stuff
so I mean that has to
be that has to be something like the
Rockstar editor at the very least geez
that does look crisp and real I guess
the other thing is is what kind of juice
you’re going to need on the on on your
machine you know whether my my little
2060 super on my laptop is going to cut
it see what
happens so this means that we’re in the
Glades at some point again more
um more birds and a really beautifully
rendered sunset I’m noticing the
volumetric fog there as well um as well
as The Parallax which looks just
so so 15 Sky risers
yeah yeah you know what there was a lot
of verticality in
um in cyberp Punk there was a lot of the
internal stuff fleshed out um rather
than it being just know an outside
render and I know going from from GTA 3
like San Andreas the original not
definitive because that was
rubbish the San Andreas to to four where
we could go in and out of Interiors
without loading screens made a huge
difference and they ended up fleshing
out a lot more
interiors and yeah you’re right jittery
it does look a lot RDR lot like rdr2 I’m
looking at the volumetric
um uh fog there and that just looks
absolutely stunning Parallax is really
nice um and the spray behind the boat as
well you’ll notice that sort of fading
fading back there so the spray is being
accounted for not just the fog which
tells me that yeah the water rendering
is just going to be spectacular in this
one but um yeah going from from 3 to
four they made a huge leap in being able
to do some extra Interiors without
loading screens then from four to five
we had a lot more of the Interiors
fleshed out and they’ve had 10 years on
this one or six I suppose because they
would have started this after
rdr2 and as a a developer I I do
business software as development uh for
for for most of my uh most of my living
uh is business software so what’ll
happen is um when you you launch a SAS
or you launch a piece of software um for
a business business to business business
to customer you’ll end up branching off
two teams and you’ll have um the first
team there will continue with the
existing product doing updates continual
Improvement debugging testing and and
generally sort of plugging
that making that making the whole system
better and then you’ll have a second or
you know half the first team Branch off
into a second team where they’ll start
on version two and I suspect that’s
what’s happened here is once GTA 5 and
GTA online launched they would have had
a core group come off uh onto
rdr2 and then built out the uh the the
DLCs and whatnot for GTA online and then
rdr2 was completed again I think two
devs for debugging and um and and DLC
given the the the release rate there but
then a whole bunch would have gone on to
to GTA 6 and that means they’ve probably
been developing this full time time for
you know the best part of of six years
um so I would really hope a lot of the
Interiors are flushed out there but
we’ll see what happens it might it might
just be that we have to do mods again um
but that said I mean they’ve spent some
money on this thing one would think that
they’ve they’ve G done done the hard
work but anyway sorry let’s let’s have a
look at the next
scene so flamingos were they Pelicans
modest Pelicans or were they flamingos I
don’t know but in the Glades that looks
great the the the coloring is fantastic
again volumetric clouds looks really
nice um I’m very much enjoying the The
Parallax and
the uh depth of field we’re seeing here
well um again the reflections are just
what a physics do it for me like I it it
seems silly but like water physics are
the absolute make or break on a game’s
Graphics it doesn’t matter matter how
pretty the models
are doesn’t matter how pretty the models
are um it doesn’t matter how detailed
the meshes are if your water physics
looks janky or it looks pants I’m not
interested and if we go back
to uh the GTA 3 or the San Andreas The
Definitive Edition which I was about the
last time I did a live stream
actually if you recall the water physics
were just
just rubbish there was no waves it was
just flat flat water anywhere and the
rain would just come in front of you in
a way that meant the game was completely
unplayable when it was raining but to
see this I think they probably learned
some lessons from that one and again
it’s the a team as opposed to say to to
Definitive Edition which was actually
outsourced to grower games I believe uh
and please correct me if I’m wrong who
uh are a mobile Port provider um and
they have not covered themselves in
glory so we’ll see this because this is
inhouse because the because houses were
involved for a good portion of it it
should look pretty spoton but again I’m
concerned about this being a render and
not or you know even if it’s an engine
render but not necessarily a ingame
whoops let’s go back to oh come on where
is it there it is okay so beaches and
models again get
Kev yes alligators and the new cougars
and um that’ll that’ll make for
interesting stuff with M um because I’ve
I’ve seen seen how the Cougars move I I
could not imagine exploding hyper fast
flying Gators that would
interesting but I think there’s a couple
of things here to
notice yeah uh actually was it a take
project you’re you know what Jitter you
might be right it would make sense
because Rockstar Games tend to do stuff
in house
um so yeah we’ll see um
sorry wonky with the modest Pelican
jokes that’s fantastic love it um all
right so there’s a couple of things to
notice here apart from you know the
models um we have people doing a couple
of different things on the beach you got
people strolling and people laying down
and whatnot we have different poses
which we’re
not used we’re not unused to
um but uh
on right um which we’re not not used to
seeing lots of people with different
poses I I did notice here the insta
model doing the regular twerking well
not insta it would be um life Invader
the life Invader
model doing some uh doing some poses um
and I don’t know if anyone’s a fan of
oie reviews but you got to have respect
for that cameraman for that boyfriend
boyfriend with tech skills but what
really stands out here is the sheer
number of people on the beach so if you
go to uh Los Santos at the moment you
head down to Los Santos Beach on busy
days in the summer you can still it’s
still pretty sparely populated even the
most dense places are pretty sparsely
populated like going back to uh the the
contract there where we have the um the
nightclub we have you know 30 40 NPCs
there but they’re all in a very limited
space whereas here I I haven’t sat down
and done the numbers yet but I could
there’d have to be 60 or 70 NPCs on
screen here strewn out over hundreds of
meters all rendering absolutely
beautifully in addition to you know
aerial Vehicles so we got three we’ve
got the the bird up the top there and
The Umbrellas so there’s a lot more
detail available on
screen yeah and that’s that’s my thing
like with with the the density of
NPCs if we go back
to Watchdogs I think it was where their
initial renders and their initial
gameplay reveiews were rendered on like
Leading Edge
PCS and that meant that they could have
density uh they could have um HDR they
could have depth of field all running at
the same time but when the final product
came out and it needed to be on Xbox 360
it might have been Xbox One at the
time the hardware wasn’t up to it the
hardware simply was not up to it so
instead of of just adjusting down for a
platform they went with lowest common
denominator excuse
me which is fine if you’re running older
hardware and there are a lot of people
that are running older Hardware they
simply have not had the opportunity or
can’t can’t justify the spend for the
amount of time that they they spend on
it or simply can’t afford it it’s it’s a
thing we’re in the middle of a cost of
Life uh cost cost of living crisis at
the moment as
so having to dial back for that older
Hardware May mean yeah we don’t see this
kind of density
in in the um in the world which would be
a shame but let’s let’s work on good
faith let’s pretend that they they
they’re doing everything they say
they’re going to do and they learned
some lessons
from Definitive Edition and kind of see
how we go there and that’s yeah that’s
what we were thinking before Kevin is
that this it’s like I’m reasonably
confident it’s in engine but is it a
render or is it in game um I mean and if
it’s a cut scene you know what
absolutely here for it because a
pre-rendered cutscene with you know MP
MPC interaction is is great I’m I’m all
for that but yeah I’d be really
disappointed if it’s not some form of
ingame footage but yeah
we’ll see how we go as a good faith
assuming Rockstar management have have
got control of this and not take two
we’ll see what happens but yeah the
thing that struck me here was the
density and the variety of activities as
well so we’ve got someone over here
stretching couple of people wandering
around um people chatting you’ve got
your rescue down there people again
laying down and chatting lots of
different poses lots of diversity in the
crowd which which is fantastic to see as
well and insta guy there uh we
have a quad there but that looks like
it’s in the water but not very deep in
the water I don’t think that’s a
Telltale for an amphibious vehicle
although I don’t doubt they’ll be in the
game but that’s probably just a
lifeguard you’ve got the um the fourwh
there and uh lots of jet skis lots of
other bits and pieces but we’ll head to
the next scene real
all right and we are back at the Port of
Miami now I was saying uh in in the the
the breakdown before for my initial
reaction again sorry that’s running a
little late but we’ll get there this
looks very very similar to the one we
already have in Los Santos but ports all
over the world look look more or less
the same don’t
so I can I can forgive them for for
maybe reusing some assets and maybe
upgrading some assets we we did see in
the leaks as well we there were
mechanics that were being implemented in
GTA 5 that ended up getting dropped into
the testing for GTA 6 things like the
angle grinder like boring through for
the uh the the first and last
um but you know what that’s that’s okay
because I like the cargo container uh
yeah the the what am I’m I’m talking
about get your words right uh I I do
like the the port missions I had in GTA
5 with the exception of the one where
you had to load that flaming
container um and certainly you know GTA
4 GTA 3 Series had some some interesting
stuff at different ports I’m looking
forward to seeing what they do here and
you know are we going to get ourselves
finally a drivable cargo
that would be fun it would be slow but
things like truck simulator um delivery
simulator boat simulator train simulator
has shown that there is absolutely a
market for it Rockstar tend to do
everything games yeah could we could we
end up with one it’ll be nice it’ll be
fun it’ll be
different yeah 100% cargo machine work
not looking forward to it but hopefully
it’ll just be one
lesson uh one Mission I should say good
variety in boats again um all super
sports like really fast machines and
again with the volumetric uh clouds
there as well so they look absolutely
spectacular and I’m liking here
especially where you have got buildings
they are in the background but they’ve
got that really nice Parallax effects
there effect there where you’ve got
these these three are sort of closer
that one’s a bit further back but the
cloud is in fact in between the two so
yeah really
neat all
right and again this is
sorry so I had a look at this before
firstly Jester I reckon tell me if I’m
wrong but that looks an awful lot like a
Jester uh this kind of feels like a
coil um and that one looks it’s just one
of the standard standard four-wheel
drives but this particular mechanic here
I think that is
ler ler um same hairstyle skin tones
about right we don’t see a face but it
would make
sense so question is is this a new
mechanic is as a passenger are we going
to be able to sit up on top of the car
and flare our arms about the same way we
can when we are a passenger in the
roller coaster in GTA 5 and GTA online
we’ll see I hope so good oh Sandy
fantastic fantastic um so for those of
you who don’t know I used to work with
IRL and um yeah really good to have you
along um so yeah is it a mechanic are we
going to be able to flail our arms about
like you can with the roller coaster in
GTA 5 in online like I’d like to think
so I reckon that’d be a lot of fun
there’s there’s good fun to be had there
so um again volumetric clouding up the
back I know I’m banging on about it but
it’s it’s a thing and I love it um the
lighting the up Lighting on some of
these buildings looks absolutely
fantastic and again great great depth of
field um
so really cool
I’m liking the neon and they’re sticking
with the same color scheme we’ve seen
throughout the uh the trailers and some
of the links as well sort of that blue
through purple so I know this is
probably based on a a real life piece of
artwork in Miami but it is nice to see
that color scheme sort of being taken
through there as well really nice Design
so yeah y yeah I think you might be
right there Kevin
um there’s been a few others as well so
there is the the young last
twerking all right so again skipping
forward so the low R of seene which is
just fantastic so that’s a
yeah just beautiful coloring and um and
the shelters again I think this is a
sign of a bunch of the factions we’ve
seen so far
um but it looks clean it looks really
neat U my my cars I am a bit of a car
guy but I’m ashamed to admit there’s a
few here I don’t know but what is really
neat is these ridiculous Wheels uh so in
5 uh your wheels will scale to your
um yeah wheels will scale to your
vehicle so even if you get big chunky
four-wheel drive Wheels if you stick
them on an iy they’re going to be you
know tiny little things but
here it is um the wheels have actually
jacked right up so they’re what 22in
wheels and there’s clearly been a rim
cut there uh sorry a um a wheel well cut
and a modification there so that’s kind
of the stuff you’d see on Benny’s but
the fact that it’s jacked purely on
Wheel radius rather than having to to
Jack him up yeah we’ll see what
happens but it would be really good that
if we can
resize the the yeah resize the wheels to
to do weird stuff in the in the next
game but all right so next
scene all right so nightclub well
actually uh given that this is Make It
Rain and we have uh some young ladies
here doing some interesting dance moves
with our fellow here holding some ones I
would say this is the exotic dance club
it’s probably going to
be uh I mean it’s V unicorn that’s in in
in GTA 5 is it going to be the same name
is it going to be a
franchise don’t know sorry about that so
we’ll see what
happens but again lots of volumetric
lighting you can see R tracing here
we’ve got you know down light coming
from here and that’s reflecting quite
well on this young lady you’ve got some
more ambient lighting there but what I
quite like is
the radiant lighting coming from these
and the particle effects coming out of
the um coming out of the sparklers so
again hoping this is in engine cutscene
stuff at the very
least but if it’s actual gameplay that
you can head into the the dance clubs
and see this kind of stuff going with
that kind of particle
effects that’s he is hoping but again as
as Kevin and wonky mentioned and jittery
before it’s probably a render not a fan
of that idea after getting burnt pretty
hard with um with cyber Punk but yeah
we’ll see we’ll see we’ll
see all right let’s take a look
Grill good
tats really interesting handshake um
what I’m liking here again is this
Fell’s dreads are rendered really well
brilliant textures on them good depth of
field back here again not so much in the
uh ambient stuff there but I’m quite
liking the animation for that one so if
we just pop back for a
second where are
yeah so the the handshake he’s got there
is is completely new I’ve not seen that
in anything before at the moment but
yeah see how we
go looks like 2020 Graphics can be well
look to be fair it has been rolling
since 19 uh sorry 20 um 2017 I reckon
they would have started development on
this one and it is a rage engine so they
would have it’s not being
upgraded uh like like Unity or
unreal um that could also be um my
absolutely pants bandwidth as well I
might be uh let’s just check what what
setting am I on
here oh jeez 480 righty well let’s go to
1080 there you go that’s slightly better
um sorry the where I am in the south of
England the the internet here is just
absolutely pant
so I get I get rubbish resolution it’s
ordinary um his beard on the right also
shows some depth yeah you’re right as
well is really really crisp I’m just I’m
really taken with this Fell’s um his
teeth I don’t know if that’s a grill or
if that’s that’s natural teeth but the
the race racing on that is absolutely
glorious the um the texturing on his uh
his singlet is fantastic and the tattoos
look just brilliant
so but again it’s yeah the dreads the
beard the hair textures seem to be
absolutely spot on you can see a little
bit of acne scarring here which while it
was in previous versions it looks like a
texture over the top of the the skin
whereas this looks because you’ve got
the sun sort of coming in off the back
there this looks like pitted skin um
like some someone who had an AC problem
when they were a kid and actually has
scarring on their face as opposed to
just some red splotchy
so you know what bring it if it’s Grand
Theft hat now I’m I’m with it um I think
it’ll be absolutely brilliant um yeah
there’s definitely GT Grand twerk Auto
is is going to be a thing I think there
is a scene for that a little bit later
on but yeah looking at the ra tracing
here the modeling
there I think they’ve really stepped it
up with the rage engine I know there was
a big jump between GTA 5 and
rdr2 and with generative Ai and the
pattern we’ve seen coming through
rockstar I think there’s been another
massive Leap Forward here again whether
or not it’s it’s you know kind of like
Mirage the Assassin’s Creed Mirage or
cyber Punk level graphics I don’t know
but honestly I’ll take a hit on the
graphics for good storytelling and I’ll
do that every day of the week as long as
they have good water
textures speaking of good water
wow just wow that looks
spectacular so we’ve got waves here
we’ve got the smooth part there which
would make sense if you’ve got water
coming in off the side here and um this
would create sort of a little barrier
which would create a mini rip going out
that way which is reflected by surface
water I don’t know if anyone’s a beach
dweller but I I grew up on the beach and
like you wouldn’t go swimming in there
cuz out the sea but that’s exactly what
you’d expect to see coming off the coast
with this little sort of jutty bit out
here um just clean really nice again
volum clouding in the back we’ve got the
plane up the front there and it looks
right it looks like it’s meant to
be just yeah it just looks right and I’m
banging on but
yeah so this feels like a bit of a cut
scene kind of Caper uh with the
tollgates there like the rendering just
seems a bit too good to be true but
we’ll see what
what is interesting here as well as
there are extra bits and pieces around
the left as as well there so you can see
a couple of different lights on I know
that happens a bit in GTA 5 already but
it would be interesting to see you know
whether there’s any NPC activity given
how dense the world appears to be from
the rendering
anyway all right so next
scene okay whoop too far my apologies
right okay now we get a proper look at
some of the cars so we have we have
buskers and we have people uh putting
about again lots and lots of
NPCs lots of
NPCs good to see the cheatah in there
big fan of that one like the INF ferace
too that is ah it’s based on a Ferrari
464 I think or 440 um I can’t remember
the name of the actual
unit and the Fister so the the the
Porsche Carrera
lots of different cars uh that
is the 57 B I reckon what’s that one
called in the game help me out chat I’ve
gone blank on some of the car
names but rendering quite nicely good
variety of
cars interesting
outfits and again rate tracing on some
of these Palms as well looks absolutely
lovely so if you can get in there and
have a look it’s it’s actually Lighting
on the palm trees themselves so yeah yep
so cheah at the number plate there but I
don’t know about the other
ones might have to take some some photos
at 4K and sort of see what happens I’m
sure wabby can uh can help us out with
some enhancement
and yeah looking at some of the lighting
here and the way that’s coming through
the tree H yeah I don’t know looks good
I love it it looks really
nice thank you very much wonky always
forget the um the the Gres that’s yeah
so that’s the that’s the Ferrari there
I’m pretty sure isn’t
it you are right the declass tornado
thank you
Sandy um so I wonder if we’ll get a
um Mariachi version or a uh we’ll get
some other
interesting versions like we did with
the um uh what was it the Susan serender
movie uh with Brad Pit early days um
when they off the cliff yeah anyway I’m
sure they’ll have some interesting
Easter eggs in there all right next
scene so nightclub this I think is just
just going to be a club again quite
dense but it is a small area so they
don’t need to load a lot in with that
and it’s not much different to the
nightclub where it expected to see here
although there are some people up the
back there liking the stage setting so
I’m wonder if each of the different DJs
you’ll be able to hire assuming you
can uh have a different uh different set
or whether that’s part of the nightclub
so we’ll see how we
go all right on to the next
one right and then another outdoor scene
so again really really nice rendering of
the uh the Water there we can see the
the water line and the shoreline where
things dip off and there’s a roof line
that initially like at pants quality
look like a truck in the water which is
probably not right so I’m assuming that
that is a tug and a small cargo boat so
once that uh three wide nine so 27 cargo
can containers I can almost
guarantee I can almost guarantee that
we’re going to have some rubbish slow
mission where we have to load that crap
up and take it across the water that’s
just going to be a
thing but uh yeah we’ll see how we go
music Locker thank you very much Kev
nice work but what I do like here is
these all these little with
spots which I presume you’ll be able to
explore good roads busted Road there
that’s going to be a stump chunk
there’ll be another Stump Jump stunt
jump there as
well it’s just looking
nice and I did note as well this is a
that looks like a super yacht that does
look like one of the Galaxy class super
Yachts we have in GTA Online so it makes
sense if they pres they bring that over
but it’s nice to see
anyway and on top of the uh
yeah this is quite a uh quite a scene
this one so aside from the actual models
themselves I did notice on this one the
textures so if we go back to um to the
Horizon series um zero Dawn Horizon
sorry yeah was Zero yeah zero Dawn
Horizon and uh it’s um its subsequent
follow-ups where aloy’s skin
absolutely brilliantly detailed like
just you could get you could zoom right
in and you could see every floor every
pit every bit of hair on her face and
her ears and it’s incredible and if
you’ve got the hardware for it fantastic
what I have noticed here though is while
we have really neat
hair the skin is a lot it’s still
textured like we saw before with the
fellow with the the the the pitting on
his face it’s it’s a lot less textured
than I would have expected given the
period but that may be a hardware
constraint so yeah we’ll see what
happens but the actual measures
themselves are quite good um we are
still doing off brand stuff it’s clearly
this is meant to be e St laon but the
Rockstar version of it so they’re not
wanting to pay licensing fees which is
fair enough when you’ve got so many
thousands of pieces of of clothing and
and so many real cars in the
game but uh yeah it
it’s it’s neat we’ll see what happens I
am a little concerned about some of the
textures not being quite as flash as I
would expect but again Hardware
constraints it is good to see a variety
of of swim outfits and a variety of uh
of bodies in here I know this is not a
great example of it but certainly on the
beach before it was quite good uh was it
we saw a whole heap
of whole heap of different bodies on the
beach bit of diversity there where is
it no that’s all right it’s gone we’ll
find it
later VI City sound all right now that
is an absolute peer where that where is
it there we go so this is got dead bods
God which is just brilliant but um this
shows us that life Invader is a bit more
dominant uh in in the uh in the world of
GTA 6 Square as well interestingly
instead of the full full 16 or 9 by1 16
but yeah
um I wonder how much more of a role
social media is going to play on this
and Rockstar have been absolutely
scathing with their social commentaries
before so it will be really interesting
to see what they do
with life Invader as a take on Facebook
or Tik Tok or WeChat or uh or X if
indeed X is still around by the time
this gets
so yeah I think you might be right there
with the crying and stuff uh
Sandy so all right and the gator so rdr2
had Gators in them that seem to feature
quite heavily in the um the trailer here
so I suspect we’re looking at a mini
game where we go and rescue Gators from
people’s polls for
um I wonder if we’re going to end up uh
seeing people get themselves into
trouble at pool parties with gators as
well but uh stepping aside from the
actual you know what’s going on here
with the fell in his fishing
pop uh the cloud work you can see storms
rolling in here again really really nice
use of depth of field the bamboo looks
absolutely bang on and you can see
individual leaves there so it’s not just
a flat texture but it looks like you
know proper volumetric
plants these little fan Palms are um are
fantastic as well the way that they’ve
been done used to have some of those and
and what’s interesting about these guys
is in real life they have um thorns on
the on the the FRS not just similar to a
rose so it would be interesting to see
if running into one of those does any
kind of um environmental damage as in
you know you uh you lose hit points uh
for for walking into one of those things
and being a bit
silly but uh yeah all right see what it
and uh yep Grand twerk Auto so there’s a
lot going on in this scene real quick we
have obviously someone filming which
should be interesting we have the young
lady on top of the car we have someone
hanging out the side of the car and
we’ve got someone here making a sign
from the car as
um so putting aside the outfits and and
whatnot which are cool but that’s kind
of not what we’re here for again good
depth of of field here uh but are these
all actions we can perform or are they
NPCs and that’ll come back to whether
this is a rendering or it’s in game um
which I think we’re all probably given
what this is a little bit concerned
about but we’ll see what
happens but anyway moving
all right now this I’m actually really
looking forward to so we’ve got the DLC
dropping um mid December probably about
weeks and we have drift stuff uh coming
in on the DLC at least that’s what the
uh what the news wire says there’s a new
mode and new car options coming in at LS
Cari and we know that when something
really neat has been developed
in GTA 6 it’s been translated back to
GTA 5 and I I guess one of the big notes
for that is a finale of The Last dose
mission where we have cutting
open um shipping containers for the
first time as a a new mechanic but that
only became available a couple of months
after the leak per Jason cutting open
shipping containers in the GTA 6 leaks
that we saw a while before then so my
thought would
be they come up with a cool feature in
GTA 6 go you know what that’s not going
to be too challenging drop it into GTA 5
or GTA
online and I’m wondering if this is a
scene of something that we might see in
the next couple of weeks with the
DLC which is great for DLC stuff but it
also means that we might miss out on a
new feature on GTA 6 because it’ll be
old news but that said this looks
incredible so the smoke here again
volumetric smoke which you can tell
because we’ve got the the lights
pointing different ways we’ve got some
of the car in some of the car out we can
see it all being generated here the ray
tracing is spectacular um especially
when you look at you know where the the
light sources are coming from here and
light sources are coming from our car
down here as well so of throwing Shadows
back that way but you’re not seeing
shadows around here which makes sense
because we’ve got light coming in from
there light coming in from there and
light coming in from here as
well so it would make sense that we’re
getting heavy Shadows that way where the
light source is here but where we’ve got
multiple light sources including
presumably street lights here and and
stop lights we’re not seeing the Shadows
there so that’s Ray traced as opposed to
just being kind of
rendered it looks really neat um lots of
lighting tones as well which we get in
the the current
game and you can see here we’ve got
lower headlights but the tail on this
machine’s a little bit high as well so
that means it’s not throwing over the
top and that is just absolutely spot on
but on this side where we have lights
coming in that way and around the corner
it’s reflecting back quite nicely and
casting a big Shadow out that way so
these guys aren’t in nearly as much
light I’m I’m really liking this I’m
really liking this and I hope this isn’t
a cut scene I hope this is part of an
observation for a mission you’ve got to
do so more Social Media
stuff and again putting aside what the
the models are doing we are seeing some
some good use of depth of field here but
also the the chat box which is really
neat so there could be a mechanic there
for interacting with people on stream
which should be fun um it it takes some
AI it it takes some
doing but yeah that that could be a
little bit of fun but it also showing
that life Invader is going to show a bit
more of
a bit more of a
um uh
prominent appearance in GTA
6 there with me for a
second Gator
again body cam footage and then just
Florida being
Florida that is fantastic um just yeah I
just I’m just going to go back to this
guy not because of the G string but
because of the the hose
there no holding his hose jokes uh but
again the water water particle physics
looks absolutely brilliant and and his
visor you can see through that but
there’s still the reflections on it so
yeah really neat we’re just about out of
a trailer now I
think so thrillbilly Mud Club this
really looks far cryy to me you’ve got
the tint um I know this is meant to be
like a tough muds
thing but
um The Tint kind of feels a bit Yeah it
feels like wood in Mexico uh and it
looks absolutely brilliant again the
textures with people being so
dirty um yeah I think you might be right
there Kevin with Tik Tok
um I wonder if there’s going to be a
rival to life Invader actually whether
there’ll be a second one or whether is
whether it it’s it’s going to be
a an extension like I don’t know if uh
how many of you would know WeChat which
is a
um an app that’s available in mainland
China which is kind of like the
everything app it’s your social media
it’s it’s WhatsApp X
PayPal Facebook um signal and YouTube
all kind of rolled into one Ultra
app and um yeah we’ll see what happens
there sorry guys someone’s no that’s all
right I’ll get that later
um so I wonder if we’re going to see a a
rivalry there between life Invader and
uh another streaming app or whether it’s
all just going to become kind of
WeChat um there
is there was in the leaks talk of a
conspiracy theory and I can’t show it
because I’ll get you know go of jail um
but there was talks of a conspiracy
theory about Jane Norris surviving the
attack in GTA 6 in GTA
um and if that’s the case then your life
Invader could well have become the
everything app and I know they’ll take
the absolute piss out of Elon mask so
we’ll see what
happens but looking in the
background uh are they
kids are they kids or are they just a
little bit far away and up to their
waste in
because the reason as as everyone I
think in chat’s noticed that we don’t
have kids in GTA is the same reason you
can’t do damage to kids in in Skyrim you
can’t do damage to kids
in cyber Punk is because hurting
children is is wrong they’re civilians
um it’s it’s a horrible
thing whether you believe it you know
believe it should be in video games or
not is is is your call but the the
general rule with Rockstar Games has
been no
kids if if you can’t kill it you can’t
have it in the game and um because you
you can’t kill children in any of these
games and still maintain a rating under
R um they they just have no kids in the
game so I’d be inclined to think that
these people back here and these guys
here aren’t kids um they’re
they’re adults that are just up their
knees in in
mud but anyway I got completely
distracted I’m sorry uh mud textures um
so we have seen dirt textures and people
getting muddy in the cars getting
muddy uh on um on previous
versions but I’m really liking the mud
textures on this you can see there’s a
little bit of mud on his his
um his beer bottle there there’s muddle
over him you can still see textures
through here young lass’s bikin is quite
clean but everything else is is very
very dirty and we have mud on the
camera uh now are we in first person
view are we in third person view is this
a cut scene kind of feels cut
sceney but we’ll see what happens um
Jack’s cars again which is always good
but that’s no different to the sand king
or the um the Grangers at the moment but
it is good to see a whole bunch of stuff
there this looks like a really
big quad like inordinately large like
it’s not as Amber but yeah but the other
thing is the watermark here this is
clearly official footage from the
thrillbilly Mud Club which I presume is
a tough mud is or a um uh just a general
sort of mud racing kind of
thing uh you know what you’re right
there JY I’ve not played rdr2 a lot but
yeah indeed um but uh yeah I think it’s
going to be a big thing in the next one
certainly they’ve got the physics right
for this and I had a lot of practice on
RR too so all right next
scene okay well look who’s back I think
this is Jason’s mom I have no reason to
base that on other than the hair and the
attitude but it feels like Jason’s
mom we’ve
absolutely had Rockstar bring
up less than Pleasant parents in
previous installations of the
and I would be very surprised if one of
the parents of one of our protagonists
doesn’t feature
quite heavily somewhere along the lines
um yeah we’ll see what happens uh has
anyone actually completed the full round
of of GTA 5 and going to the going to
Trevor place after the finale if Trevor
survived um because we have his mom
there and that’s yeah clearly Trevor has
some some solid unresolved mental health
issues there which is his mother seems
to be a big trigger of so yeah we know
Rockstar like tinkering with this stuff
we will
see so um let’s have a
look that was
hilarious so uh yeah clearly having a
ker now what’s grab me with this one
apart from the fact that the guy did
do a body slam onto a table which is not
generally bright move but we’ve got
again lighting back
there some step lighting here so this is
an outdoor party that’s
fine but the liquid physics here we’ve
got beer spinning spilling everywhere
we’ve got particle water particles sort
of flying up some interesting
outfits and again kind of everywhere
so oh man I really hope this is in game
it it feels in engine rendered
but yeah and you’re right wonky Mrs
Phillips did not stick around after
Trevor got a a literal truck full of
medication just just lovely of her so I
bet she would have stuck around if she
realized that Trevor had 2.1 billion do
though let
so thumped into there cars
and iq’s emotions so what’s
that the American favorite
disassociative angster pan right okay so
I would say we’re going to see some
interesting interesting drug use in
there which would be
funny yeah that is um that definitely an
upgrade from the re the um the bedona
Donk wrestling league
so we’ll see what happens it’ll be fun
it’ll be fun um but yeah looking at this
scene so we’ve got the fog going back
again volumetric fog and volumetric
fading which is a really neat way to
reduce the amount of assets on screen so
that helps with performance what is
interesting here is this billboard so a
lot of the Billboards in GTA 5 are just
there for decoration and for satire and
that’s cool but there are quite a few
especially if you listen to the TalkBack
radio which refer to real n World
products and
services so given the success of cyber
Punk and lack of humanity there and I am
reaching I understand I’m reaching but
the the the humanity meter that you have
to manage in cyberp
Punk uh when you as you you upgrade I
wonder if we’re going to see a similar
or an in a mechanic inspired by that in
the next one when it comes
to um uh to to to drug use um you know
whether we’re talking methamphetamines
or um performance enhancing drugs
steroids that kind of gear which do
feature quite heavily and we’ve all seen
what Brucey Kuts gets up to um whether
that’s going to be a a big thing here on
whether that will have long-term effects
on the protagonist
you know if you start taking the the the
the heavy duty stuff earlier on you know
will Jason get bulked out like uh some
male model and
but as a result be absolutely like
Trevor Bonkers and suffer Roid Rage and
all that kind of gear
so I right I don’t know we’ll see what
happens we’ll see what happens but I’m
hoping that uh that angster pan features
in there somewhere it will be hilarious
ious and again really good look at the
um the the texture models
here where is it there we go
so now this is quite interesting because
before the above the the on the
skyscraper the models the the skin was
really really flat and not and while it
was you know textured enough it wasn’t
textured versus that fellow we saw at
the start doing the handshake with all
the pitting so we’re seeing here again a
bit a little bit of pitting you’ve got
the stubble but the stubble looks like
it’s actually protruding from the face
given the Shadows there
so um can we see real world Reflections
in that side mirror de you reckon you
know what I reckon you probably could I
would be very surprised if you can’t to
be honest I mean you can see it in the
current one now excuse
me so I’d be very surprised it does make
sense that that that road would be about
right you know I’d be very surprised if
you can’t hang on let’s see if we can
around just going to go back a second or
two okay this guy doesn’t have a rear
viiew mirror in the the center console
there is a bit of a
shame but let’s have a look there so
that’s a truck
yeah it is that’s real world as we’re
panning yep
absolutely yeah good catch Sandy that is
really neat so we’re actually watching
the world go by in that rear Vision
mirror but yeah sorry getting back to it
so skin pitting and texturing
there looks like he’s caught a hit to
the the ear here that’s kind of
um and the crumpling on this is looking
really really good so going back to to
the insta models or the the life Invader
models on top of
the penthouse before I wonder if that
was a lot smoother than it needed to be
not because of my pants internet but
because it was a filter
on the scene and she was doing the the
modeling pose
there on a life invade filter
maybe I don’t know I don’t know let’s
see but yeah really good catch on that
one Sandy really good catch um that
watch looks absolutely spectacular as
well and these Shadows on his hand are
absolutely correct if that makes any
sense all right moving
but smoother texturing on uh
Lucia much smoother texturing on Luci
than I would
expect so is that a thing has Rockstar
made the women in the game smoother than
the men have they spent less time on the
texturing in order to to to pretty them
up for screenshots in the Rockstar
editor but there’s definitely just not
nearly as much texture in uh luci’s face
there as there was in Jason so at least
I presume that’s who they are the hoop
earrings are great they work really well
but yeah I don’t know about
that excuse
me it just yeah Skin’s a lot smoother so
can I
um yeah I’m not sure how about that I’m
going to have to go back and have a look
a couple times just to make sure I’m not
full of
crap but yeah we’ll see we’ll
see definitely a lot smoother here the
hair is really nice like there’s there’s
proper moving uh movement there and you
and I think someone mentioned the um the
the Far Cry engine before um doing sort
of volumetric hair that wasn’t that that
moved quite
naturally uh I’m liking
we’ve got the crumpled notes you can see
them moving about the place as well so
that’s quite nice and again looking at
this rear Vision mirror real quick just
going to go back half a second to see
there yep stuff’s whizzing past at a
zillion mph so we are in fact
seeing what’s happening in the rear
Vision mirror in the rear Vision mirror
and you know what that’s that’s cool
Kevin I’m a bit of an equal opport
detail um it’s I mean if that’s the
aesthetic they want to go for it’s their
absolute right to do so I just if you’re
going to put that much texture
into making the the skin of the the men
in the game
gnarly um and pitted and
flawed everyone’s Skin’s like that no
one’s is perfect
but Luchia looks to me more like an
insta model than Jason does in the skin
texture it’s kind of like a a um
um yeah kind of looks like there’s a
filter on
it so it’s cool I’m here for it um but
if you’re going to do one do the
other um and you know what so I’m with
you I still don’t have a PS5 yet I’m
going to have to get one for this
because it’ll be out on Playstation
before it’ll be out on PC sadly let’s
see how we go with the next scene so
this is
news lots and lots of the barrels are
always good
fun um looking at the Reflections in the
texture of fuel and water is kind of
what I’m looking at here there’s some
great cars so we’ve got a that’s a tow
truck confirmed or at least a flatbed
but that looks like a tow
truck we’re getting damage here
though sorry
guys so looking at this barrier
we’ve got crumbled um water barrels
which is fine that’s that’s half of the
course we’ve got some cargo that’s
ejected but what’s really grabbing me
here is the barrels uh sorry is the the
damage on this fence you can see here
we’ve got the the crush marks there it’s
a bit warped all the way back to
here which is new so that’s
environmental Environmental
damage good to see weasel news making a
an appearance again they’re still alive
and well and a parody of everything as
always but that really caught my eye um
having the the the crumple detail in
there and the environmental damage so
that to me says the environmental damage
is going to be more than just a simple
bit of dirt or bullet marks as a texture
on a thing it’s actually going to see
show Crush damage impact damage
potentially explosive damage as well
outside of cut
scenes so that’s really
neat also quite separately that looks
like the new
Corvette and
that that looks like a fuel
cap or am I wrong no I’m wrong that’s an
LSPD thing never mind me I’m a
Twi um so what we are seeing though is
if you have a look at the texturing
here water marks and and fuel
marks on the road in very very specific
patterns I presume that’ll evaporate off
as well and we’re seeing reflections
around here so again it just speaks to
the the the water textures um R tracing
volumetric lighting sort of the whole
box in dice so that’s that’s really neat
that’s really neat
and all right so we’ve got Sheriff’s
Office some really interesting tats
um this kind of looks an awful lot like
a a news feed or reality TV kind of
setting where you have someone talking
direct to camera about what they did
what they’re in for like maybe
the Vice City version of of
cops Real Housewives I don’t know we’ll
see what happens with that one um I
don’t understand what that is saying
because my Spanish is atrocious but if
anyone would like to translate please
feel free free to drop it on uh in chat
but yes Sandy out before PS p uh
PlayStation on uh and PC so it may be
different this time around they may do a
a sing synchronized drop like they did
with um like C project red did with
cyber Punk but previously Rockstar have
released on Console first so Xbox and
Playstation first and then um up to 3
months later I think with some of them
with was uh was the uh the PC
Port now Tech has come a long way since
then uh
but I don’t know if Rockstar are going
to stick with that schedule have with
all producer
releases but given that everything is
crossplatform now the coding tools for
running cross platforms a lot better
Microsoft and windows sorry yeah
Microsoft um have crossplay on the Xbox
S and x and Windows 10 Windows 11 so
yeah we
see we might see a synchronized release
I’d really like to um I’d really like to
to I’d love to be able to get on day one
on the PC start recording start doing
tutorials but whether or not we get to I
don’t know we’ll see how we
go um but yes yeah I think confession
something or other um why I don’t have
my phone on me so I don’t have Google
translate how we go um all right next
thing so but anyway yeah this kind of
looks like a TV
show oh I mean it’s clearly a mega Mundo
news but
we’ll see what happens with that one
that there might be might be a whole
quest line there and sorry about the uh
the giant box and and the the the mic
but let’s see what’s next okay
bikes so trail bikes quads which we knew
was in there
anyway um really diverse crowd of people
sort of buting around on the bikes this
looks this has got to be a country
jeez they can ride
though so yeah a couple of different
quads few different models of trail
bike quite a few skilled quad Riders
here to be honest that young lass knows
what she’s doing and lots of different
helmets again great great great use of
volumetric lighting and clouds so we’ve
got the sun sort of coming in from this
side looks like a Storm’s rolling in
good uh depth of field around the trees
and what I’m liking as well here is the
the power lines you can see there
there’s some ad hockey stuff they’re a
little bit different they’re not quite
perfect um yeah the Hang might be a
little bit off you get weird angles all
that kind of gear so it’s showing a bit
more of an organic
setup but yeah
dirt bike dirt bags okay
so ah now that’s interesting are we
going to see game
takeovers maybe not
just criminal activity but just being a
menace which would make sense I mean I
don’t know if anyone’s been into GTA
online recently but that’s a war zone
people being menaces all over the place
they’re not necessarily being malicious
just really annoying
so it could well be a thing um you know
being part of these little groups and
little gangs running running right and
doing silly things whether they could be
used as coverups for other crimes or
getaways like we see in maybe um Too
Fast Too Furious where we see that scene
where people all sort of roll into a
warehouse and roll out um so that uh
Suki and and TZ can help um Brian
and Roman get away
so yeah that could be a really
interesting mechanic I’m liking again
this this is clearly Sunset so the
Shadows are all absolutely spot on here
all the correct area sorry all the
direction lots of different stuff going
on here as well and quite a
dense reg or quite quite an PC dense uh
spot there as well with you know it’s
got to be 30 40 NPCs in there once you
you count the cars and all that kind of
gear as
well but small area so yeah we’ll see I
have I have concerns about performance
on anything but the absolute bleeding
machines but that said you know 409s
will be down to a reasonable rate by the
time this comes out so maybe they’re
justified in
this feels like a cut
um oh now seasons and seasonal
changes it’s a good one uh the last time
I saw that done well was shenmu actually
the original
shenmu uh who mapped the weather for
Japan for every single day in
1984 and then mapped that to game days
in 1984 which is where shenmu was Set uh
so you could go back and look at the
weather in Tokyo on March this
13th in 1984 would match March 13 in the
game normally like most Rockstar Games
I’ve seen and it’s I I haven’t played
much rdr2 and I haven’t played uh
haven’t played it for a long time so I
can’t remember if there were seasons in
that but certain
certainly most other Rockstar Games have
a seem to have a sort of Summer setting
or a um an Autumn
setting but yeah like if especially if
if there’s there’s jail time involved
and all that kind of gear where you
might get busted and have to spend some
time in
prison which we saw L cheer in at the
start of the
movie uh yeah like Seasons could be a
thing that would be awesome that would
be amazing I’m going to take that as
Cannon now Sandy I’m taking it it’s
that’s going to be the thing I really
hope they put that in that would be
fantastic again more life Invader stuff
so lots of um you know uh user tags here
so I suspect we’re going to see a lot of
social media on the place which would be
cool and we also have
stickers on the backs of cars so that’s
a new
one um I mean we see liveries on
on vehicles all the time but that’s the
first time I’ve seen a clean
build with a credit
sticker for the shop that had that
lifted so yeah we’ll see what
happens okay so this is robbing a looks
like a bodega we’ve just got normal
normal Coler the um uh the regular Fizz
stuff we’ got lots of lots of booze on
one side
so again with the the volumetric
lighting and I’m banging on about
it but um that looks like a fake camera
incidentally but that just could be the
artwork um but good volumetric lighting
around here it’s just peaking over there
so the same kind of lens flee you’d
expect to see in this kind of situation
um nice old
CRT um monitor there as well to show you
that you’re on
TV and um notice little details like
Vents and whatnot so I suspect we’ll
start seeing environmental interactions
that you’re standing under a vent you
might see uh L’s hair moving around or
um or masks moving
around no one wants zero alcohol beer
um but but you’re right it is too piss
Vasa nine so none yeah good catch
jittery nice work uh
oh no I bet they don’t sell much of
that but again I’m
seeing the the cheese skin here is quite
textured and I know this might be a
little bit hard to see on stream but
across here this seems a lot more
textured than than L’s
forehead um arms again L’s look like
they’re a lot smoother it looks almost
like an insta filter has been put on
there so I don’t know I’m a bit
disappointed with
that um we’ll see I’m I’m I’m liking the
artwork don’t get me wrong I’m not
criticizing rockstars devs or the
artists on this because it looks amazing
so far but
that I’m going to have to reserve
judgment on a bit more I
think and the saber so red saber with
the um the vinyl roof on this one love
the tail lights on this
yep so beautifully laid out tracks now I
don’t know if you saw this but have a
look at the leaves with this one as well
so that I think is new um so we’ve got
all these static leaves and all this
stuff on the ground I’m liking the
little five Spokey sort of 70s Wheels as
well but have a look at the leaves just
across the screen there that looks
glorious um again I know I’m banging on
about it but volumetric fog and the tire
smoke and all that kind of gear is
absolutely spot
on you reckon that’s not a
o oh could it be a
chulip could it be a chulip let’s you
know what let’s go have a
look loving the muscle
cars hey hey GTA uh have GTA reset there
go they’ they’ve done themselves a uh
done themselves a little bit of a change
up so that’s really neat these guys have
been revamping their site recently as
well which has been
fantastic so
saber so that’s a saber turbo custom and
then we’ve got the chulip you
oh you might be right there
wonky so that’s the saber do we have any
rear shots of
it we do
not it’s going to be the lights that do
it are there any Community
shots nothing from the back
end but you’re right the front end does
look a lot more
see if we’ve got any Community shots
okay you’re right single lights it’s a
chip four doors single lights at the
front yeah well spotted wonky well
spotted nice work
okay so Chip my
apologies um but again all under here
it’s the um the the the smoke coming out
of the tires the cambering and the lean
on the um on the car as it’s going
around the corner as well looks
absolutely brilliant so for those of you
who have not driven a70s muscle car they
handle like a yacht they’re nice and
nice and floaty they’re a very pleasant
place to be while you’re going in a
straight line they are scary as heck
when you’re going around the corner
especially if you’re going around the
corner and you’re not pointing the
direction that you are traveling so good
day lier how we go mate thanks for
joining so and off it
goes and this again
is a really
really good demonstration of those
different skin t textures here so
modeling pitting Brown
lines and
Perfection um no they do not handle they
go straight that is it just like all
cars my f favorite car in the game is a
faaris because it’s based on my real
um my real life
uh dream car if we have a quick look
where is it where is it where is
it there we
go and it goes straight that is all it
does that is all it does it goes
straight it will turn just not when you
go on fast but anyway sorry going back
it yeah so he’s got
some there’s some texturing here you’re
right there is a scar in his eyebrow
probably um from a it could be from a
fight or if a um uh eyebrow ring got
torn out that would be about
right and modling and pitting around
but this this area
here um shoulders and around the the
collar bone and chest there is smooth
it’s Perfection it’s like there’s a
filter on it now I am here for the
artwork work I am here for the artwork I
think it’s
but while you know it’s yeah you want I
I I just like consistency I just like
consistency I’ve been playing Fantasy
games for years and years and years and
and the inconsistency and it’s almost a
meme now the inconsistency between
female armor and male armor
um the the clothing uh that you can get
as as a female or male character is is
quite different um yeah non-binary
doesn’t even come into
it but this is a really stark contrast
between the two and I I think this is
captured really well in this particular
scene um Jason’s scarred up he’s clearly
got um he’s he’s got some skin troubles
he’s had when he was a teenager he’s got
that scar over his eyes he’s he’s you
know a couple of days worth of stubble
there and in other scenes we’ve seen
we’ve seen mled skin textured skin on
the men but on all of the female
characters all of the women in the game
it’s smooth it’s Instagram filter
smooth I just like that consisten
consistency there if you’re going to do
one do the other I really think horizon
or the the the zero Dawn or with aloy I
think her skin teex in the second game
were incredible because it was
flawed it was still attractive it was
still beautiful but it was flawed and in
here it’s Perfection and that’s cool
like don’t get me wrong that is
cool but do it on both do it on both do
it on both or do it on neither
so um yeah you’re right they may think
uh yeah you may be right there J they
may think that the the audience requires
Perfection on all female skin and given
Their audience I think over the last 20
or 30 years has largely
been teenage in early 20s
males maybe they’re right their their
team knows what they’re doing everyone
that I
know railed against GTA plus roaring
success they railed against um no
roaring success uh you
know the the release of Definitive
Edition utter shot on a stick still sold
millions and millions of
copies their marketing department the
guys that do the dark patterns
allegedly um their PR department and
their research
department they know what they’re doing
so you may well be right I’m happy to be
you know I’m happy to be corrected I’m
happy to be wrong I just it’s it’s a
personal opinion if you’re going to go
detailed go detailed on on everyone not
just Onex if you’re going to go filtered
and pristine looking everyone not just
Onex but yeah that’s right and it will
be interesting to see because I’ve not
seen anyone who’s obviously non B
here but we’ll
that was a heck of a move that kicking
the door in loving
it absolutely just railing through so
the question will be then is this a move
that we can do we’ll see what
happens but
in and then the new logo
reveal that’s it is it
yep right so so there we have
um really ke to hear what everyone
thinks I’m going to uh going to stop the
stream in a few minutes because I’ve
been talking for like way too long um
and we do have a video of my first
initial reaction going up fairly soon um
which will be significantly less
protracted but uh yeah I’m liking what
I’m saying I’m liking what I’m seeing
the artwork looks amazing the renderings
amazing um the some of the mechanics I
can glean from this knowing that
Rockstar don’t put a frame out of place
look great um I am looking forward to
seeing some real gameplay footage I’m
looking forward to seeing some of
the um some of the game reviews and some
of the first looks from the devs it will
be interesting to know what Hardware
they they they’re doing the first looks
on whether they’re on 490 supers
something by Razer or um one of the you
know crazy crazy AMD chips I don’t
know but yeah I’m looking forward to it
I’m I’m cautiously
optimistic at anyone yeah when the story
is set the twerk yeah now that is an
interesting one because the story The
twerking is a relatively recent
phenomenon um I want to say it’s sort of
became a bit of a thing in the mid two
2020s 2021s so it’s going to be fairly
day um I could be wrong I I don’t spend
a lot of time on for anymore um and and
and Reddit but um I don’t know when that
became a phenomenon but I would think
2018 2020 would be a thing but they have
been developing since like 2016 2017 so
who knows who knows um I’ll have a bit
more of a look and I would suggest
there’ll be some more analysis Dark
Viper is really good at finding this
kind of stuff out like he because he
knows the law so well M was brilliant at
it he’d be the man to watch for this
kind of stuff but uh yeah anyway sorry
I’ll finish up in a few moments I am
cautiously optimistic about it but as I
said at the the start of the run I’m
concerned that this while it’s an ingame
render is a render not in-game footage
and there’re two years out so footage I
would yeah I would expect maybe still be
a bit early for that but I was burnt
pretty hard by cyber Punk CD project Reb
were a trusted developer and all of the
review footage all of the review
gameplay all of the uh the first look
um it was all fake it was all fake they
took people off the dev team and slow
development down so they could please
the higher ups and release something
instead of waiting for it to be
done um yeah we’ll see what happens but
I’m I’m going to keep saying this I’m
going to ask everyone to to spread the
word on this one because it’s super
super important especially with take to
interactive because they are they own
Rockstar and they own Zinger which is
really predatory allegedly gaming
allegedly is please please please let’s
avoid pre purchasing regardless of the
deals they offer the first look stuff
the exclusive DLC we’ve absolutely got
to hold the line on pre purchasing so
we’ll see what happens but anyway that’s
me thank you very much for watching it’s
been a genuine pleasure having you here
um and and seeing everyone in chat I
don’t stream often um and I love that on
the rare occasions that I do get on you
guys are here to keep me company and
listen to me talk crap for way way too
long um so yeah please uh let’s continue
the discussion um in the uh in the
comments below I’ll be around for about
an hour we’ve got another one going up a
little bit later on today and there’ll
be I’m sure analysis from all The Usual
Suspects over the next couple of weeks
over the coming little bit we still have
our business series which we’re working
on um which will be a bit of a wrap up
on all of the different businesses in
GTA Online uh cuz we looks like we’ve
got another two years with and uh yeah
kind of we’ll see where it goes from
here if this is uh well received um I’d
love to do a little bit more streaming
internet willing and uh and and time
zone willing as well but um yeah thank
you very much for joining I really
really appreciate it we’ll uh see you
again soon so um yeah stay safe wash
your hands we’ll see you in the next

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