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GTA 6 Trailer Review & First Look: Rockstar’s Technical Push

NO PRE-ORDERS!! NONE! DON'T DO IT! Get ready for a deep dive into the captivating world of GTA VI, as we unpack the lavish details of its latest trailer, scrutinize its imperfections, and analyse Rockstar's take on character aesthetics. Amidst the #GamingCommnunity's anticipation, we discuss the likelihood of the trailer representing genuine gameplay, console and PC release strategies, the evolution of Rockstar's technology from leaked footage, and the pursued optimism towards GTA 6.
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Welcome back to our deep-dive narrative, gamers! This time we’re plunging into the intricate world of the awe-inspiring new #trailer for #GTA VI, which has been circling the news with a mix of hype and controversy. Known for their monumental influence in the gaming industry, #Rockstar has yet again piqued interest by unveiling their latest creation. Here, we will patiently and meticulously dissect the eye-catching scenes and technical marvels offered by the GTA 6 trailer, providing a comprehensive #breakdown of the video.

Our journey starts with a celebration of the #visuals. With a blinding mix of vibrant colors and realistic appeal, the GTA trailer review excels in captivating the viewers’ attention. The FX, from #cloud effects to #particle FX and stunningly lifelike #water FX, are neatly coupled with the broadcasted #smoke FX and the innovative #vapes FX. The advanced #ray-tracing and the spectacular #lighting system are just the tip of the ice-berg, underlining #Rockstar’s unwavering commitment to the #technical push.

But not all is black-and-white. A visible #texture issue sparks some trailblazing discussions among viewers—it’s the inconsistency in #skin textures. The #character issue centers on the divergent aspects of male and female characters- with the females appearing to have an #Instagram-filtered look while the males lean towards a more rugged, life-like approach. This clear difference proposes an intriguing question: is there a potential intent behind this, or is it just an oversight?

As we delve deeper into the analysis, we learn that this #trailer skepticism isn’t without precedent. The echoes of the initial #Cyberpunk 2077 trailers are still fresh in our minds, curbed expectations amongst gamers, and influenced our #PC prediction. Are the graphics reflective of actual #gameplay? Or is it an aesthetically pleasing veneer that masks the reality? Is it too early to make assumptions, considering we’re still about 22 months away from the GTA VI’s release? Time will tell, but until then, our #speculation won’t cease, and our imaginations will continue to fly.

Prompted by our discerning #leak analysis, #console lovers have reason to rejoice. Bound by their trend, #Take-Two is expected to roll out the #PC release a bit later, sparking a sense of suspense among the gaming community. Anticipation also spikes in relation to the inevitable #pre-orders, tempting gamers to put their money on the table early. With spectacular #RDR2 clouds and a modified #Euphoria engine caught in the leaks, we can only wonder what other marvels are set to come our way.

By examining preceding #GTA updates, one can say with certainty that #GTA 6 is likely advancing through its #polishing phase, a keen indication that it’s transitioning from the #content complete stage. This transition proposes the arrival of substantial #debugging activity and further visual refinement of the game’s world. Such detailed stages of development shed light on the always-evolving nature of gaming development and the industry’s concerted efforts to deliver a #masterpiece.

All in all, while it’s clear that we’re standing on the cusp of another #Rockstar classic with GTA

my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy
gamer in this video we’re just going to
be doing a quick once over on the GTA 6
trailer that dropped a little earlier
today it was meant to drop a bit later
today yeah my Discord lit up this
morning with a whole bunch of messages
saying it had been dropped and it looks
like someone at the PR department did
the leaking themselves this time so I’m
not quite sure what happened there but
we now have a video we have the trailer
a few hours early so let’s take a quick
look and and do a bit of a uh a quick
once over now play it end to end uh
because that’s not transformative and
Rockstar will copyright strike me like
they did last time with the definitive
edition video but yeah we’ll see how we
go so let’s take a
look okay so standard ESRB
stuff okay so we are definitely getting
that purple aesthetic that we saw in the
trailers and some of the or some of the
leaks I should say especially in that
python leak which was talking about the
purple um purple
menu uh we have lasa here now I’m not
sure if this is in game rendering or in
engine rendering rockar typically do in
engine but it it’s look it’s good this
is definitely part part of a cut scene
at some point but it looks absolutely
stunning so far really liking the detail
there in the um the reinforced glass too
so and that bunk bed on the right hand
side so this kind of feels like a home
of some
kind Camp some form of incarceration
especially given the orange
um yeah the orange uniforms out there
and yeah bunk bed seems Gil juvie
something like that we’ll see how we go
do you know why you’re here bad luck I
guess yeah so water effects look
absolutely stunning I’m liking the the
the brightness there as as well um and
the the wave uh sorry not the wave forms
the cresting of the Waves looks
absolutely lovely we can see jet skis
and all that kind of gear too so that
looks absolutely fantastic again don’t
know if this is in game or in engine but
we’ll see how we
go all right so that was uh clearly
we’re in Florida so this is The
bird effects look absolutely fantastic
there and this would be Miami Beach so
there’s a lot to unpack here new models
look absolutely fantastic lots of
diversity in the crowd again a lot of
detail for the uh for the water effects
and the jet skis are looking
fantastic um yeah all looking good so
far and docs again uh I don’t recognize
the name of that
boats but um that almost looks like it
could be straight out of GTA 5 I know
the things are exactly the same like
docs worldwide are exactly the same but
yeah that’s all right again really
liking these water effects and the
splash effects
there so nighttime that has us sitting
is that uh L it could be um sitting on
top of the car so I hope that’s a
mechanic it looks like a um a j
there that is definitely a
Rancho and we have low riders again so
that’s all confirmed that looks like a
jubilee on the left hand side there but
again lots of crowds lots of clearly
factions uh not a lot in weather in this
one but I do like the fact that the
lines have the the power lines are are
spooled up and and clearly ad hoc and
done done quite quickly
too okay so that is where are we make it
rain Monday so this is clearly a um an
exotic dance club so another iteration
of Vanilla Unicorn or something similar
uh so that’s again another scene so that
looks absolutely
brilliant all right now we get a first
look at the cars so we have uh the
Ferrari we have the inferus um looks
like a Porsche Carrera there uh and a
few others we’ll do a bit of bit more of
a breakdown on this one here uh looks
like we have a guy busking there too so
great Hotel Dixon I will do some
research on that to see some of these
names a little bit later but lots of
pink and purple’s in here so very Miami
again really liking it so
far what an an absolute cor of seene
lots of little there great
bridge that has to there got to be a
barge and uh we have a super yacht as
well so a few things transferring over
into the new
game and looking at the uh the models
and I mean the mesh model not
necessarily just the model on screen
um yeah fine detail it doesn’t look like
they’ve gone you know full uh
um full super you know Unreal Engine
five top spec detail at least in this
rendering on my machine which is still
pretty beefy one um but yeah character
models are looking good we’ve seen some
diversity in the character models as
well uh some new hairstyles there as
well which looks quite
neat we’re clearly on top of one of the
buildings in Miami there so yeah looking
it’s the confirmation of ource city now
we just missed that for half a second
there that Dad bod God which is
fantastic but that suggests there might
be a bit more in the social media scene
I think I remember seeing a scene a
little bit later on as well that looked
more like uh Rockstar take on the Tik
Tok so let’s see what happens with that
one Gators well anyone who’s familiar
with red dead know that uh Rockstar are
really good at programming up Wildlife
so having a gator in a pool that
probably means that that’s going to be a
side quest at some
point and that also means that Gators
are in the game as Wildlife which means
that you probably tackle them or do
something with them like you can in Red
Dead that’s an interesting
mechanic right now here we have what
looks to be a car meet we have uh
drifting I would say we’re probably
looking at ad hoc versions of the new
drift mechanic which is being introduced
to the ls Customs over the next few
weeks and that is more of the Social
Media stuff there so we are seeing
Square in this one that might be a trim
down but lots of commentary on screen
we’ve got the heart so I would suggest
we’re going to have an in-game version
of Tik Tok or something to that
effect and there’s our Gator friend
again now that looks like an interesting
way to rob a convenience store or in
this case what do we
got this looks like a little bizaar or a
market uh this is this is food over here
it’s just a sorry it’s just a standard
shop I I thought it might have been a
bizarre or something but yep all right
that looks like a gator in a
body cam footage from the
police so that
indicates they are recording that might
be part of our new Rockstar Games editor
or it could be part of a quest line
where we see maybe some uh Gathering
some evidence or uh or tracking down um
tracking down other other
criminals that’s just
and yeah just a few more scenes from
Florida being
Florida that looks very far cry I I’m
just yeah absolutely brilliant loving it
so far well look who’s back o now I
wonder who that is I would say blonde
hair probably a bit rough given how
Jason looks this might be her mother and
we know that Rockstar has mummy issues
after the
interesting encounter between Trevor’s
mother and Trevor at the trailer at the
end of GTA 5 spoiler orless really sorry
but I reckon that is probably Jason’s
mom people being drunk always fun more
police chases we’re going to get through
this some very interesting characters
which is always good and again
confession this looks like it’s being
yeah reported on TV so the in-game
version of Fox News
maybe is by sticking
together lots of biker gangs lots of
different cars in different factions
this is
amazing clearly a robbery going on there
and that looks to be is that
a that’s all drinks down the side there
that’s all booze down the side there
don’t know if that’s a convenience store
or just a regular shop in the UK so
don’t know about American culture too
but and a
trust trust getting friendly so that’s
always good
fun and the new logo
reveal okay so 2025 is their release
date now previously Rockstar has gone
from release announcement although they
have I reckon they’ve gone a bit early
here but release announcement is
normally 22 months after uh sorry before
the actual game is released so that puts
us instead for round about October 2025
which is about normal so that that kind
of tracks I suspect even without the
links they would have been announcing
sometime in the next few weeks I suspect
it would have been next week or the week
after so we have forced them to jump the
gun a bit here
but releas uh yeah December 20123 to
October 2025 that’s I think that’s 22
months so that tracks I would say we’re
looking at probably uh a mid December
sorry a mid October 2025
release uh so yeah it looks really good
um I’m very very happy with how the
trailer Works um I like some of the
features they revealed in here and we
will do a bit more of a deep dive a
little bit later loving the aesthetic
and the colors the water effects water
effects just do it for me so this is
absolutely brilliant the only concerns
that I have coming from this is it looks
it looks amazing it looks really really
good but is this in engine or is this in
game as we’ve seen Ubisoft with Far Cry
with Assassin’s Creed doing amazing
stuff in engine when when it’s rendered
and it’s on you know a massive um GPU
Farm or you know mining Farm or
something where they can get stuff just
looking absolutely brilliant and they
can control every aspect of
it every aspect of the trailer and the
footage perfectly as opposed to in game
which means that you’ve got someone
doing the controlling they have to
recreate those scenes which can be a
little more challenging even if they’re
but after CD project Reds
ah I’d hesitate to be hopeful on this
one because it might just be a
straightup rendering I don’t think it is
I hope it’s not Rockstar are normally
better than that but they’ve had a
massive change in management over the
last few years they’ve had a lot of
change in their corporate structure over
the last few years so we’ll see how we
go um one thing I will ask though we’re
all going to get excited GTA 6 has been
a long time coming and I’d like to ask
anyone watching this video and any other
GTA or gaming YouTubers in general to
really emphasize the fact that we
pre-order we absolutely should not
pre-order this game doesn’t matter how
good it is how good the deals are no
pre-orders I really want to get that
commitment from everyone to to make sure
that we’re not going to end up with
another cyber
Punk or Horizon
where maybe the final product wasn’t
quite as as polished as we could have
asked for we don’t want to reward the
corporations for for putting out half
based products yeah we’ll see how we go
from there but thanks for watching stay
safe wash your hands and we’ll see you
in the next video

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