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17 Dec 2021: The Contract Setup Missions (Part 1)

Dan from Old Grumpy Gamers attempts the Contract storyline and prep missions from December 2021 DLC in GTA 5 Online. Watch live chat and explore San Andreas.
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LIVE: The Contract Setup Missions in GTA Online (Hopefully)

In this thrilling live stream, join Dan in GTA Online as we explore the Contract (December 2021 DLC) storyline and prep missions. If you’re looking to get rich in GTA Online, you won’t want to miss this! Follow along as we attempt to work through the setup missions and set ourselves up for success in the latest DLC.

Exploring San Andreas

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The music featured in this stream is “U In My Arms” by Jeremy Blake.

good evening ladies and gentlemen my
name is dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer
welcome to the stream and welcome back
to the channel uh in this stream i am
hopefully to do a couple of contact
missions now i’m going to warn you
straight off the bat i’m not a world
chugging today um i’ve caught myself a
little uh chest bug and i’m coughing
coughing and spluttering like an old
model t
so uh
if i go quiet for a little bit i’m going
to apologize in advance
it just means that i’m coughing up a
lung so hopefully we’ll be okay
shouldn’t be too bad um but it probably
won’t be a big two or three hour epic
stream this evening it’s just going to
be one or two contact missions and we’ll
see how we go
so let’s get started i think we’re in
our living quarters of the
the agency actually so kitchen
yeah all right cool so let’s head
there is downstairs still getting really
lost in this place but that’s all right
and uh
this looks like outish
there we go oh armory definitely needs
it who’s that dude i have no idea who
these people are but all right
apparently they work for me
all right let’s head to the armory uh
and we’ll grab some body armor
all right all full up there
well we’re up here uh don’t think i need
these guys seriously seriously these
guys uh oh that’s for away a snack snack
let’s have a look there we go
these and cues
geez i used a few of those up last time
oh there was a take all button there as
well which is nice i missed that
all right never got working here
i don’t know any of these people but
amani’s working hard console’s smashing
away there so that is awesome
all right let’s head downstairs and get
started on one of our first um setup
missions okay
okay let’s have a look
uh really really
all right change sessions
i suspect this is going to be a problem
with this one with so many people
so hopefully it won’t be too bad to uh
to get a session i’m sure rockstar will
be fine
and we’ll see how we go they’re normally
pretty good hi and welcome my name’s dan
and i’m an old grumpy gamer so uh yeah
welcome to the chat
we’re just swapping servers at the
moment because
rockstar’s last server was full and i
couldn’t register as a ceo so it won’t
be too long hopefully the servers aren’t
on fire too badly it is you know
thursday evening in the uk
yeah may or may not get a game we’ll see
how we go
but uh
yeah we’re right well it’s certainly
spawning into the right spot so that’s
always helpful yeah it’s a bit probably
it’s not going to make for a great
viewing experience but that’s all right
just going to quickly
turn up the brightness on the monitor
and we’ll see how we go from there
so feel free to pop in say g’day and
yeah make yourself hurt if you’re you’re
putting around it’s always appreciated i
am reasonably new to this whole live
streaming thing so
yeah i’m um
still getting used to it a bit uh
step up to the table all right let’s see
how we go
now first things first can i register as
a ceo here
yes i can
love it oh that was nice and quick too
how many people are going this lobby oh
it’s me
oh that’s wonderful
that’s lovely that’s going to make life
a lot easier
all right let’s get rolling while we can
fantastic here we go and we’ll jump on
and we did the first contact setup
mission i should say yesterday where we
raided the fib headquarters so let’s
see what we do about the next one here
vip’s locked
oh really okay looks like we’re doing a
security contract then
uh you know what i didn’t mind the
rescue operation that was pretty neat
i’ve done a vehicle recovery i’ve not
liquidized assets yet so let’s see how
we go i’m going to accept this one
all right let’s see what we have so this
is probably going to be destroying
uh downstairs so that will be
who’s downstairs there all right great
it’s just amazing for this one
there we go and exit to
ground i think for the moment
welcome josh
great to have you back all right cool
this is um this is all right yeah uh
are you on this mission expressly
just waiting for a focal here we go
let’s uh see what franklin’s got to say
we got some merry weather to clean up
seems like those fools got some new
surveillance project running cameras
snooping all over everywhere and if
there’s one thing that the a-listers i
know don’t want in this town is a [__]
ton of video evidence
hey every client i got
they want this [__] thing burned down
my phone been ringing off the [__]
look imani’s got the name of the guy
running the project so tell his ass back
to the base get in there wipe out the
whole surveillance equipment and torch
that [__] place
okay well that sounds easy enough uh
let’s do this the easy way
thank you
sparrow i think it’s one of the best
things i’ve ever bought this thing
absolutely brilliant 1.8 mil well spent
so sorry josh was that this this mission
expressly or just
or just a um
uh one of the the contact missions
all right and let’s head out
is it fairly clean not there’s no clouds
here i have got my graphics set
reasonably low that’s just you know path
for the course while i’m streaming on
this machine because
it runs as hot as the sun
all right let’s see where we’re at
all right tail the merry weather agents
where is he
well this is going to be pretty
straightforward with the chocolate
probably not going to be able to see me
geez he’s in a hurry though
what is he doing
he is in a proper hurry all right so i
can see
oh he drives like an npc
they are really really upset or freaking
out or something that’s bizarre
good couldn’t see i’m not getting
detected at least
this is definitely the easier way to do
all right so what we’re doing at the
moment is just doing one of the contact
missions for the agency
while i’m waiting for essentially it’s
agency vip work basically
while we’re waiting for amani to analyze
some data on a hard drive
so hopefully this won’t be
won’t be too long i was watching uh
watching another youtubers stream
the other day and it did take a few
minutes between um between missions
which is a bit annoying but um that’s
all right you gotta drag out that
somehow can’t just have everyone railing
through it at a million mile an hour
all right so there we go he’s in a hurry
but uh reasonably easy to chase him at
least in the sparrow this thing is
remarkably quick i actually had a crack
in a maverick yesterday as part of one
of the setup missions and you just
like that used to be one of the best
choppers in the game but holy crap after
playing with the sparrow or an oppressor
it’s just
handles like a absolute pig
this thing’s nice and lonely but the
side effect is of course you know if you
fart on it the wrong way
it falls out of the sky
so you know trade-offs
all right so it looks like we’re heading
down to
this guy really cannot drink did he just
drive clean over the top of that fella
this guy really can’t drive
love the um
telephone wires here have absolutely no
hitboxes so i can drive straight through
hit a telephone
sorry telegraph pole it’s a different
story but the wires are nothing
all right
where is he
you don’t get detected
where’d he go
underneath all right so that means he’s
probably going to pop out there there we
all right so i suspect we’re going
there’s a
is there a memory where the base around
here kind of feels like there is
is he after the trains or
ah he’s hit another dude
where is he
there he is sorry about the camera angle
there we go
where did he go where is he underneath
well the good news is the detection
level’s pretty pretty low so that’s been
so we need to wipe this thing out now
okay where’d he go
dude is in a hurry
what is he doing
what is he doing
there we go right here
he’s waiting for that gate to open or he
got stuck on something
okay so we’ve tailed him we know where
he’s stopped
he’s wandered inside i can just see him
there we go into the underground base
so i suspect
stopping here will probably be wise
so that we can get out in a hurry and
get moving if we need to
there we go
and just gingerly popping down
sweep the shotgun this is my favorite
little toy
and let’s uh let’s see what these guys
have got to say for themselves
it’s a fancy headset
creeping creeping
what i might just that is this
have i got i’ve got a suppressor on the
heavy there so let’s use that instead
this thing’s a bit slower
that’s all right
oh geez there’s some nice cars in here
oh that’s not suppress
let’s see how we go
the good thing about this is we can
destroy everything and it is fine
absolutely fine
oh this is not going to end well for me
hang on and infantry snacks
b’s and q’s
where are they
all right i’ve got a dude around ah
there he is right 99.
oh geez he had me
oh that’s not what that’s not good
all right all right inventory again geez
i missed that didn’t it
more peace and queues
all right so have we got anyone else
definitely got someone here
someone’s reasonably close i can’t hear
where is he there you are
now that’s
there we go
that got him
there’s definitely someone else here
i’m trying to figure out where oh there
we are can i get him from here
got him
there anyone else
is that it
well there is
pop your noggin up buddy
he’s up here somewhere
yeah i reckon he’s just behind there he
he’s down
no no he’s still it
right yeah now you saw there we go
right eo
all right let’s go have a look at some
of this gear
do i need to what do i do
there we go ah okay just peg it just
shoot it
there we go
don’t shoot the barrels
not far off there we are one more to go
probably gonna peg them from the corner
i do like that thing that’s really cool
um satchel charges
there we go there’s a charge oh geez
that’s a thorough looking bomb
is that can we buy that that’s amazing
all right cool
definitely gonna have to have a crack at
that one later
right okay that’s two down
it’s one more to go
can’t jump here which is a bit
all right
last one
oh sorry guys
yep all right i uh
oh dear sorry guys so yeah the
microphone’s not muting itself probably
while i’m running
um there we go let’s get out
we’ve got a lot of time there
which is there could be a bit of strife
oh just made it
oh yep you ain’t happy
cops aren’t happy
so let’s get moving
straight up and choppa is a good idea
that way at least i don’t have to run
now with these guys i can just ascend
and we’re good
right cool so they’re upset but that’s
okay doesn’t matter too much as long as
i just go up i’m pretty good
right i’m gonna head back towards where
my car is because that is roughly where
i would have spawned
there we go already
looking pretty good as far as detection
that’s not too bad uh i don’t know how
long i’ve been on this contact mission
but it can’t be too long
maybe five or six minutes i reckon i
could do that a lot quicker as well if i
uh kind of knew where i was going and
what i was doing
all right here we go there
all right nearly done
well that wasn’t probably a good idea
it’s alright hopefully won’t hit
anything no that’s all right they
haven’t detected me
37 grand okay yep i’ll take that
that’s okay
all right let’s head back to the agency
and see uh see if amani’s
got some intel already
go away martin i do not care i
just don’t care
all right where is this place there we
now incidentally it’s i can’t land on
this like i can with my um here we
so what we looking go
i’m seeing three data signatures in
three different places all matching up
with dre’s phone damn so three people
got copies of this thing right yep and
they all went dark a while ago i have a
last known location but that’s all
hey man we gotta find them all yeah
i got the deets on your computer back at
the office i’ll go through it when
you’re back
that’s right there’s no way down here is
there this is just ridiculous ah yeah
hey i can now i couldn’t exit to the uh
exit before that’s that’s weird you know
what i’ll take it that’s okay i don’t
looks like rockstar fixed up those
loading screens as well they were rough
all right cool uh so
that was boys looking a little
uh worse for where you really ate
i’m not covered in blood when i walk
into the office you don’t say i’m
looking good
all right cool so let’s head up
into the armory
because i did not do terribly well there
and i want body armor
and explosives
right golden
take your time
you own the place after all
she could meet you
he was giving me chew
that’s not awesome
all right here we go and some snacks all
let’s try that need to grab snacks
take all ah now that was that came in on
the tuners update and that was
absolutely fantastic what a brilliant
brilliant idea
all right back down to the office i am
getting to know this place a little
better now jeff’s looking a little bit
uh oops
walked into a door
a little better
all right let’s uh let’s see how we go
and with any luck we’ll have a briefing
from um
yeah vip contract is unlocked
three locations three owners and the
only way we can plug the leak is
tracking down all of them we’ll do it
one by one i’ve got some basic intel and
the last known location of each but
we’re going to need to do some legwork
to find out where they are now
up to you where we start
okay so let’s have a look i suspect
let’s you know what let’s just go
through in order nightlife link is uh
looks like the way to go okay
club that looks like it’s owned by the
that doesn’t mean it’s still there but
it’s all we got we’ll call you when
you’re on your way
right well that’s going to be
all right here we go
let’s uh
here we go that way right okay
out the agency
and we’ll call in the chopper i think
that’s probably going to be the smart
uh come on is it still on the roof
that’s going to be the question now
isn’t it
and do we get the spawn bug that’s the
other question
so there’s this neat little trick if you
park your helicopter on top of the ceo’s
still there
uh and then go in um when you come back
out it’s an entirely separate instance
they opened up a new club in town but
that [__] probably a front i don’t give
a [__] about that what i do give a [__]
about is that we know a copy of dre’s
phone was in there not too long ago now
let’s go take a look around see what the
[__] we can find
all right cool so let’s just check this
glitch real quick
yeah if it’s working i’ll be able to
pull this up
all right let’s patch that according to
their records the club owners had cctv
installed a while back we can just check
the footage at the time when we know the
phone was on site and see who was there
it sound like a plan to me
but this system is an antique it’s not
even online so we’ll need the actual
security tape from their office
i thought this was gonna be difficult
nothing’s ever easy all right let’s see
how we go here
hey gabrielle welcome uh
oh geez someone’s getting upset
hopefully that wasn’t me
am i being targeted
ah seriously what the
seriously not cool
all right well that means that i have to
wait a couple of minutes uh
i haven’t actually grabbed a limo yet
mate i’ve just um
just grabbed a cart
let’s grab the slowest station wagon
there we go
oh thank you for following um
deadshot and uh thank you very much for
um for subbing there uh the
chicks i’m sorry i’m still getting used
to the uh all the different noises from
from twitch and from uh from youtube so
i apologize if i’m a little bit slow in
the uptake
but uh yeah thanks for the sub genuinely
appreciate it thank you
um so if you are new my name is dan i’m
an old grumpy gamer and i’m just doing a
couple of contact missions sorry a
couple of setup missions for the um
the contracts
uh the agency contract
um i am a little bit crook today if i’m
honest so uh
this may not last we’ll see how we go
so if i go quiet for a few seconds it
means that i’m coughing and spluttering
i will apologize in advance for that
all right goods entrance let’s get loud
uh probably a decent idea to
add some
body armor as well
there we go
oh right with you gabriel uh you know
what i have not done it i do not know
i’m sorry um i will get there eventually
uh but i’ve not done that one just yet
i would recommend um
as much as i enjoy having you here
recommend the um
tgg uh the the gaming gorilla is a an
absolutely fantastic spot
to uh to start
if you’re um you’re looking for guides
he’s had a chance to have a look at
everything i’ve not quite got there yet
we’ll see how we go right okay so
let’s see if this guy can see me
he’s in that file’s view
so i’ll wait for them to spin around
all right so they’re down
have i actually seen anyone yet
i’ve got one enemy on screen but i don’t
know if he’s been alerted yet
oh he’s about to get murdered
well they know me now
right he’s down now
yeah fantastic all right let me know
here you go he said tggs he’s my go-to
um with all this kind of stuff if i get
stuck or i don’t know where something is
he is absolutely the place to go
all right i suspect this is going to get
you really do need to get some some kind
of heat-seeking stuff in
all right wait here them to go
how upset are they
oh this is ending poorly oh where is he
where is he
these and cues body armor let’s grab
some of that from you
i don’t know me now so sweeper it is
jesus just the dust
all right let’s see where they’re at
up there again
really do like grenades they just make
life so much easier
all right i can hear someone else here
we’ll see here we go
where are they
that’s okay i see anyone gonna sneak up
on me over here
he’s down
just the powder
oh wow right yeah night vision won’t be
a thing here or um heat vision might be
the way to go
get down
is there anyone else here
they’ve clearly been on the gear
all right let’s see here we go oh that
was slick
uh whatever but
all right patrons not not worried about
all right it seems like a yeah
a reasonable spot to go
okay let’s see how we got a bit more
body armor again i think
all right where are we at
this does seem like responsible one
here we are
that is an old school less
is it a tape was it a tape it really
does look like a mass
okay so let’s head back out that seems
fairly straightforward
okay we could have gone up beside there
little going up the side there there
will be a strap there which will make it
quicker i just haven’t figured it out
all right these guys are right
rightly upset i think let’s see
now hopefully if i get out of here
these cars should be drive balls well
they look okay
uh i’ve got the uh got the chop in there
and with any luck it’ll still be there
oh no i didn’t have the chocolate that’s
right it got destroyed because
uh oh this is um this is not great sakka
uh not good not good not good not good
all right let’s see how i go here
because it could be in all sorts of
uh smoke inventory
there we go right let’s go
got out of it oh
sparrow’s not looking terribly good but
you know what that’s okay it doesn’t
just needs to survive until i’m out of
the way
there we go there we go again let’s see
here we go
cool so uh if you’re just joining a
stream my name’s dan i’m an old grumpy
gamer and i am doing a couple of the
prep missions this evening
for the um
for the new agency contracts
uh i’ll be honest i’m a little bit
unwell i’ve got a bit of a bug so i’m
coughing and spotter in a bit it’s not
the rotor we’ve been tested so that’s
all good
but uh probably won’t be a big night
this evening g’day steve how you going
uh oh
yeah that’s it it’s done
oh oh really
there we go
wouldn’t recommend doing the breadcock
firm contract solo
all right cool that is that’s good to
know uh now can i get up
and here’s my thing i tried it with the
mark even with the mark two you had to
call it there was a nightmare wow
that’s pretty full on my man
dozens of enemies
all right good to know thank you very
okay recover the security tape it’s down
where’d it go did it fall down
i was going to go back up to the roof
where is it
where’d it go
so on the same level here
oh there it is
well that wasn’t easy
all right so around the front again and
we’ll see how we go
righty-o so i suspect we’ll get a quick
cut scene here
that thing right there ladies and gents
one of the best things i’ve ever bought
absolutely brilliant the most
overpowered four-wheel drive in the game
there we go all right let’s see how this
all right nice
looks like we’ve got a straight up that
a boy and that’s it um now i don’t know
if you noticed but there was a little
notification down the bottom there
for some passive income
and that um
that’s really cool i hadn’t seen
anything about that there was a 250
income there
which probably means as this builds it
will become something
something pretty damn good
all right so
let’s have a look at the wall safe
there’s 250 quid in there 250 bucks
we have to wait for a money to do some
that was um it’s a little underwhelming
but it’s passive
like it’s free money
all right let’s uh let’s deposit that
there we go
all right let’s um
let’s grab one of the uh another contact
mission there we do have to wait for
ammonia to finish up before we get the
next one
not destroy the special cargo that is
just mean
all right so
got that one
waiting for this one waiting for this
all right so while we’re doing that
let’s do a um
game termination
we’ve not done one of those yet
for asset protection
excellent provide protection for the
clients assets
liquidized assets
yeah i’ve not done a game termination
yet all right let’s uh let’s see how we
go with that one there we go the
arcade’s kicking on 10 grand for uh
for the day
it has taken a minute but uh it is
getting there
all right so let’s head down actually
you know what before we do that let’s
head up
uh no you know what let’s just let’s
just do the contact mission i won’t
worry about the armory yet should be
okay with this one
yeah how do i get out of here
where’s the lift
i’m getting lost and turned around in
this place so badly
is that a lift
no it’s not i’m lost i’m lost damn it
all right just going to go back
downstairs where i know there’s a lift
there we go
thanks servzlin uh yeah i uh
should contact you when you go outside
she said i would have been waiting a
minute before that came along so thank
you very much for that
all right let’s head downstairs quickly
do this contact mission
and exit by uh around
that’s great to see gabrielle thank you
very much for letting me know uh where
was it for those uh those um
listening from home
spell anything cute here we go
hey so you know
man those mangy [__] foaming
out the mouth
well check this it’s your lucky day our
client runs the sawmill up in polito bay
and he say those clowns are sniffing
around the business
look he don’t want to wait and find out
what the [__] they planted you feel me
now the cops they ain’t gonna hit him
first but we will so take out whichever
ugly [__] look like they running the
all right well that sounds like uh
sounds reasonably easy just uh
why does it put you there
like i mean
it’s not the worst place i’ve got the
sparrow the worst place i’ve got the
sparrow so far was half way up a parking
not on top of the parking garage not
next to the parking garage
halfway up it and i would challenge
that even your reddit lawyer too would
have trouble getting it out of that spot
that was some pc pilot’s level crap
shouldn’t have done that sorry
all right let’s get up to the sawmill
and see how we go
good there we go oh scum that that was
probably a little bit closer than i
would have liked but that’s all good
so hi and welcome to the channel uh if
you’re new here my name’s dan i’m an old
grumpy gamer and in this stream i am
attempting to quite poorly if i’m honest
do some of the contact missions and the
prep missions for the new franklin
contract agency the dlc today
so we have uh
in the previous stream i picked up the
um the office
and did a contact mission hang on
that looked promising i don’t know i’ll
deal with that later that’s going to be
a uh what do you call like a prop or
something like that
yeah so in the previous stream i um
caught up with uh franklin and lamar and
did one of the uh one of the setups and
a couple of contract missions
syrup fantastic to have you along mate
thank you very much for joining
and uh in this stream i’ve done one
setup so far
two contact missions i’m just waiting
for imani to uh to get
get some info to me for the next one
i’ll be honest guys i am a little bit
unwell um i’ve got a bit of a chest
thing at the moment
which is an awesome so i am coughing and
sputtering a bit and i’ll apologize in
advance if any of that sneaks through
um and it’s not going to be a massive
session today because quite frankly i’m
not feeling super flash
but i did want to pop on and say g’day
get through a little bit more of these
missions because uh tomorrow is going to
be a bit of a spending spree i’m going
to buy up some cars
and with any luck
we will have
mrs grumpy gamer
all right and this is why the sparrow
was amazing yeah with any luck we’ll
have mrs grumpy gave me here to do some
okay well this this makes it a little
easier if i’m honest
just keep lighting these guys up
oh feel that
oh oh
sparrow’s in trouble i could be in
strive for it
all right let’s uh quickly hook this up
what do i want
no i don’t want that i want inventory
body armor
body armor and some snacks and grab a
few p’s and q’s
all right and let’s get the get the
sparrow back in the game
because it’ll be that’ll be out of range
but i won’t be
oh awesome thanks um i want to say
zav till is that correct tell me if i’ve
got that horribly wrong
there we go all right let’s see how we
go here
oh this is having a hard time with paul
sperry yeah thanks for the subway
genuinely appreciated i am kind of new
at this whole live streaming thing i’m
not real flashover if i’m honest but i
am trying trying hard i’m trying to get
a few more hours up and get a bit more
experience with it but
yeah really appreciate it thank you
that quad has just been painted you know
what kind of shot was that has he got a
it’s got to be around there somewhere
where is it
it’s just below me now
sparrow is not doing terribly well
all right
just need to get that one or two more
shots off to get in squared away
you get him that’s him down
a few more there
ah they’re coming
all right yeah glad it’s the sparrow for
this one that’s for
all sure
the bites are a little bit tricky to get
all right a few more bars
uh yeah this has had a hard time not
down we go down we go down we go all
right let’s go find some cover
at least it goes down gently so that’s
not too bad
all right let’s uh let’s get a little
bit risky with these guys oh
two more enforcers to go
where are you buddy
he’s down
i think the vehicles are just going to
keep coming until i get these guys
squared away
there’s one
okay we’ve got two more here where are
one there
all right where are you buddy
where are you
all right there’s one
all right
there’s a few more here
okay so let’s quickly
pop the
yeah that’s uh
return options yep okay how long can you
before this for another minute that’s
don’t mind that that’s all right
all right where are you buddy
yeah yeah i really am not
i’m in trouble here
there we go and stacks
oh i hate when it does that
come on
there we go
oh that’s so annoying
there we go all right and body armor
maybe i should have sucked up beforehand
all right i’ve got one more o’neill left
to deal with
so you know what let’s just log one of
these over here
whatever where are you buddy
where is he
it’s gotta be around here somewhere
ah there he is rightio
he’s gonna pop his luggage out there we
that’s him down
another one floating around here
a couple over there
all right let’s see what we’ve got here
where’d they go
all right let’s see there he is
okay i got another one down here
where are you
all right last body armor
gonna get real exciting from here on out
definitely someone he’s gotta be below
me gotta be blue fire fire
run away
all right we’re at whip another one up
the top there
all right let’s see how we go here let’s
putting a bit of a target on myself but
it does give me the higher ground so
we’ll see how we go
there he is
that was not that was not the brightest
thing i’ve ever done but that’s okay
one more
where is he is he down
think he’s down
all right another guy’s got to be ready
on the side there
hopefully i can pull my sparrow in there
all right there we go
now where’d that land
okay that’s actually pretty close and
that’s not too bad
get up get some distance on them
where is he there is someone around
just gonna take out that car
where are they
gotta be around here somewhere
all right let’s just get in the air
and see how we go
hey candy case
welcome back
all right let’s try and get some
distance on these guys and figure out
where they’re hiding
all right there is also someone on a
bike around here somewhere all right
there it is
all right one more enforcer left
hopefully that’s him
gonna get him
squeak that in
all right let’s see how we go
uh yeah i’m just going to keep coming as
long as i’m up in the air i mean
all right let’s see how we go cheese
here moving
this is just chaos
yeah i’m not doing well here
squeak that ink that wasn’t great
hopefully that’s them they got it right
finally all right let’s get out of the
way so he was hiding
all right now i just need to get this
thing out of the way
enough that it’s not a problem
all right 34 grand that was a long ass
contact mission
that’s all right
hey sylvia uh
that’s the second time i’ve seen that
was that you yesterday pop that one in i
kind of don’t know what that means
i got some other work a certain kind of
work that needs a certain kind of person
you know what i mean big ticket type
i don’t want to say too much on myself
so i’ll be in touch with you on a pay
phone keep your ears open
all right cool so that means phone icons
when we see those pop up the asset
assassination missions i think
all right let’s see how we go here
i just want to try and get one more of
these missions out
all right well
i’m genuinely surprised at how well this
sparrow is holding up to be honest i
didn’t think it’d make it this far
like it’s not doing well don’t get me
wrong but you know they said they they
you fart on them when you’re wrong
they’re done
all right so what else have we got here
money nice work yep cool
he’s all good
all right where is this place
still getting used to it all right
corner building here
back it
up oh nice work so you got all the way
i’m genuinely so candy canes that’s
awesome mate
so 1.6 mil in the bank that’s not that’s
not a bad bad effort especially once we
figure out how to glitch this thing so
uh i am roman syrup
just until i get this first one done
um and then after that i shall see how
it go um i normally pair with a fella
called uh wallaby who kind of helps with
this stuff but he is literally on the
other side of the planet so sometimes
you can uh take a little bit of
doing to get to get done up but but hang
got the guy with this copy of dre’s
head back to the office when you ready
all right so um
yeah you’re right uh
zav till that’s that’s spot on uh yes so
sir i’m not sure if that came up i might
have been muted at the time but i tend
to play solo stuff
um or i’ll i’ll work with um a good mate
of mine wallaby uh but he’s on the other
side of the planet so
it is hard to line up times there so i’m
in the uk’s in australia
however however if you have a look in
the description below
uh my username is there
my gta social club username rockstar
social club username i should say
and the link to the discord server
so if you jump onto those friend me jump
on the crew if you can
jump on the discord server and i’ll give
you vip access
then it makes it easier for us to uh to
coordinate and yeah we can we can kick
on that’ll be really cool um so
i have actually recently had
it took
invader me he’s a club promoter
now you sure he’s the one with dre
thanks for the sub b8 that’s awesome
mate genuinely appreciate it
to 100 exclusive ticket holders so
damn so where did we find him
according to the ride app he went from
the club to the marina [__] i guess
we’ll start there
okay so it looks like we’re heading to
the marina we’re back on the nightlife
protecting the nightclub
okay so we’re still doing this one then
oh that’s bunk
there we go
all right
i think
we’re good okay so we’re at the marina
yeah so uh sorry uh sir if you um yeah
uh friend me join the crew jump onto the
discord server then um that will make it
easier for us to coordinate a time to
jump on
um same goes uh for some of the other
guys that are on discord as well there’s
a few that uh that do heists and catch
up periodically
i just keep getting lost in this place i
i can’t even
all right let’s have a quick look
um yes just start paying attention to
the uh the thing instead of chat sorry
guys all right so um
zavlin yes i absolutely yeah you sneeze
you fart on the wrong thing and it
starts smoking candy canes yes i do race
in gta online but i am not very good at
um i do have a sultan rs classic which i
just purchased i’ve not practiced enough
on it yet but i i do like to race with a
bit of a um i need to see speed thing so
back in the day i did that a lot
like a lot
exit ground there we go
okay uh
why is that not in the description
oh it’s not i’m really sorry mate um
all right
hang on
hey what’s up y’all
hey so here’s the deal the promoter
leaves the club gets a car to the marina
then the marina cctv shows him getting
onto a green toro speed boat oh okay so
we start with the boat right right
the gps system on board will have a
record of what he’s been using it for
okay so it’s got to be something there
to lead us to the party where he’s gonna
play that music at
okay sorry about that i clearly haven’t
updated the description so i will get on
to that after this stream i can’t do it
live stream unfortunately
what you can do though is if you go to
rockstar game
rockstar um what do you call it social
club look for old grumpy dan that’s old
grumpy dan
friend me i’ll kick it over to you uh
probably tomorrow morning now uh at this
all right uh we don’t want services
and i’ll spawn around the corner here
there we go oh it is oh awesome glad i’m
glad it’s on the twitch brilliant thank
you very much i don’t know why it’s not
showing up on the youtube thing it just
means i’ve been
i mis missed something there somewhere
when i was updating you
all right over to the marina
that’s a fairly quick trip by the look
of it
all right let’s see what we have to deal
with here
okay so the toro is a
i suspect
we’re gonna have to take that bad boy
as in take him for a putt not to not
take it out take it out
all right let’s see how good my uh my
piloting skills have gotten guys
you know what
that was graceful
oh really seriously dude seriously
but you know what i’m happy with that
landing job that’s okay that is all
right let’s pop that away
there we go
see we’ll see buddy
there we go
all right i think um
i think i just saw your friend request
there man
so that is awesome all right i’m in the
wrong value
up you get
there we go
right let’s have a look ah really buddy
there we go
all right let’s try this again
is that it
there’s a couple of nice boats here
there we are
i think i just saw your friend request
come through mate so that is awesome
well that is a nice looking boat so i
reckon that might be our winner
man padardi
all right steal the uh okay
not that one
oh come on where are you get up
let’s try this again
the other lamborghini all right so the
green one
now how do i get out of here
okay so let’s go have a putt i guess
i reckon he’s going to be a waste but
i can call the sparrow
where is it
all right up we go
that’s a surprisingly uh
surprisingly good bit of range up there
ah really there we go
looks like she’s looking for a partner
to run with
all right so we go around an sia because
they don’t like you getting in the way
of their flight path
we’ll see how we go
this is definitely going to be a bit
quicker to go by yeah
go and buy a boat
well there’s a new bug
and there is a galaxy class super yacht
so let’s see how we go here
alright guys so i’ve been gone for about
an hour i am feeling pretty ordinary so
what we’ll do is after i’ve finished
this one i think i’ll probably give it a
a call in an evening
um i’ve got some guide videos coming out
tomorrow and a tour of the office as
um and i’ll have what i’ve done here as
a guide as well hopefully tomorrow and
the day after
but let’s see how we go
let’s take care of security out here
it’s going to make it nice and easy
all right let’s just squeak in
does make it easy when they uh they just
sit like that
so we’ll just stroke across here
well that’s certainly one way of doing
it uh oh skidoo
okay let’s see how we go
that’s i suppose they they knew people
were just gonna go in there with the
presses and um sparrows and just spam it
weren’t they i mean it was always gonna
it was always gonna happen there we go
all right uh well they definitely know
i’m here
let’s see if we can get through here
without uh printing too much fuss
they’re upset
they’re real upset
he’s down probably someone around the
other side there
no that’s clear
all right let’s head to the main cabin
cabin mill is locked so we need to go to
the helm i think no not the door
so i want to say that’s on this level
it’s been a while since i’ve been uh
been on a super yacht i don’t own one
it is saying it’s on this level
ah briefer
a few people coming up behind me
let’s see if these guys going to be
all right
i kind of don’t know my way around this
this boat yet
it’s definitely someone there i don’t
have an exact one
so do we have to go around that’s the
kind of feel like we do
definitely trying to pick me
is that
that plane sounds like it’s going to
make another pass
easy yeah
okay so i reckon these guys are let’s go
sweep the shotgun they know me
all right and they also look like we’re
coming up this way
geez that’s a good good gun
okay let’s try this again
all right so that’s just wings and
that’s not too bad
okay do i have i should have loaded up
first because i don’t think it did after
that contact mission i probably
should have gone to the uh the um
armory there
that’s all right let’s see how we go
okay there’s your captain
unlock the door
there we go
i’m gonna leave the countermeasures on
for the moment because i don’t feel like
i can call my sparrow for that actually
all right let’s disable these
all right cool so that’s handy
and let’s go with
all right let’s go with the assault
geez he’s definitely an aussie
absolutely recognize that one
okay main cabin
that’s not having a good time
can’t beat that plane
it’s miles away
all right let’s see how this goes
oh yep they’re upset with me
oh this is such a good gun
i need to get the big mag on this
oh that wasn’t right
i think i just dropped another one as
oh well i sell uh i’ve taken care of him
pretty easily
yeah not my best work guys sorry about
all right main
cabin all right they’re still upset with
okay let’s uh
let’s have me a bit of a snack
i hate that bug i hate that bug
come on let me have one more
that’s really annoying
all right well that certainly looks like
a computer
and some evidence is that evidence no
it’s not evidence apparently
all right let’s see how we
go sos
yeah yeah
all right let’s see here we go here
that’ll be too many other places where
these clowns are
it’s a nice yacht i need to give me one
of these i’ve got the coin for it
okay photo of the evidence so that is
the phone
there we go
there we go
send to a money here we have
all right so let’s uh let’s get out of
all right definitely got someone else
this is such a good gun
all right let’s go
in trouble here
real trouble here
rebreath is not going on either
yeah i’m done i am done
all right let’s go
all right now if we call
pull the sparrow in now
we should get pretty close to it
head over to that way oh this is a tough
boat to steer
well they’re not happy with me
where is this thing
yeah well that’s fine don’t jump off you
clown get in the boat
get in the boat
get in the boat don’t just float there
like a clown
get in get in get in get in get in
well hopefully it’ll pop me back on land
at the very least instead out in the
middle of nowhere
there we go
that’s alright i’ll take it it wasn’t
but i can take it
where is the sparrow
all right guys that is not my best work
i am shattered
and i’m a bit unwell so i’m going to
call it there
this fell away
there we go
so thank you very much for watching
thank you for tuning in thank you for
the subs uh it really is appreciated um
i said i am quite new at this so any uh
any support you can offer in the way of
of likes or encouragement
uh is genuinely appreciated the subs are
amazing and yeah please let comment down
below as well if you’d like to catch up
um and and play online then leave a
comment below
i’ll ping you back with a discord link
and my my username as well in the
meantime though thank you very much for
joining me
my name’s dan i’ve been an old grumpy
gamer stay safe wash your hands and
we’ll see you in the next video

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