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17 Dec 2021: The Contract Setup Missions (Part 2)

Watch as Dan works through the Contract storyline and first few prep missions in the December 2021 DLC of Grand Theft Auto. Join the Old Grumpy Gamers crew on Discord, and catch up on their latest videos, merch, and updates on their website.
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LIVE: The Contract Setup Missions in GTA Online (Hopefully)

LIVE: The Contract Setup Missions in GTA Online (Hopefully)

Join Dan in this live stream as he attempts to work through the storyline and first few prep missions of the Contract, the new December 2021 DLC in Grand Theft Auto Online. This stream offers gamers an opportunity to get a sneak peek at The Contract missions and potentially start their journey to get rich in GTA Online by completing the Contract missions. Dan will be available to chat with viewers during the stream and answer any questions they might have about the mission.

GTA Online Live Stream

This GTA Online live stream is a must-watch for anyone interested in getting rich and unlocking new content in GTA Online. The Contract missions are new to GTA Online, and this stream will offer gamers a chance to explore them and potentially unlock new ways to make GTA Online money. In this live stream, Dan will focus on the Contract setup missions, the first few prep missions of the DLC. Watching this live stream will help gamers learn how to complete the missions effectively and efficiently, increasing their chances of success and unlocking new content in GTA Online.

New GTA 5 Online DLC

The Contract is the latest DLC for GTA 5 Online, offering gamers a new way to make money and earn rewards in the game. This DLC follows the story of Franklin and his dog Chop as they team up with Lamar, a fan-favorite character from previous games. In this stream, Dan will play as Franklin, leading players through the Contract setup missions and offering tips and tricks for completing them. Players will see how the story unfolds and learn more about the new characters and features of the DLC.

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This live stream of The Contract setup missions in GTA Online is a must-watch for anyone interested in getting rich and unlocking new content in the game. Dan will guide players through the missions, offering tips and tricks to help players complete them effectively and efficiently. At Old Grumpy Gamers, we are dedicated to providing the best gaming tips, tricks, and content for gamers of all levels. Follow us on social media and sign up for updates on our website to stay up to date with the latest gaming news and content.

we are aiming to hopefully hopefully
complete the last of the missions here
so i’ve done a couple of preps in
previous streams and done a few contact
missions and and sort of started to get
a feel around things and and see how we
but i’m hoping and it is a bit of a
hoping i’ll be able to uh sort out the
the remainder of the missions we’ll be
able to sort out the rest of the
storyline and this evening with any luck
we’ll see how we go
so i’ve just logged in i’m about to
get lost again
and um let’s see if i can where’s the
under this
i’m still in my personal quarters
so uh we need to head to the armory to
start with
and grab some gear
now i’m going to apologize in advance uh
for those of you who watch the stream
the other day
um you’ll know that i
am a little bit unwell at the moment
it’s got a little bit of a uh a head
cold and i took
a little bit so if it goes quiet it just
means that i’m trying to one of the
contact missions without any armor and
without many snacks so
that wasn’t ideal if i’m honest
all right so that’s high skier now is
that a weapons workshop can i upgrade my
shot in here
no i cannot that’s all right what i can
do is i can change my loadout though
so i had to shoddy yesterday
so let’s go with
bump mark 2
i’m gonna give that a go
so that should be fairly quick uh
actually you know what i actually uh do
i want the pop mark to [__]
because there was another shotting that
i had yesterday i’m just trying to
figure out what it was
all right because the pump was a little
bit slow
do you have more people on the consoles
there so that’s all good
right and then let’s fill it all up
oh that’s that’s quick instead of a fill
which should be nice but that’s still
not too bad
all right just going to quickly lighten
up the screen here because i’ve been uh
at working on the code all day
let’s head outside or do i have a text
from your manual
no i do not
all right so i don’t think i can do the
next contact to come contract a job just
let’s go have a quick look going to be a
ceo as well
services there we are
how many other people in this room yeah
i like how that’s safe
i have to check how many people are in
the in the lobby
get away from the safety clown
don’t care
right there we go that was weird
that was weird all right yep cool let’s
go have a look
all right so
done the nightlife leak
done the higher society leak
i did the high society elite yesterday
why is it not showing me that again
south central lake i haven’t done yet
you know what let’s head outside this is
this is glitching out you know i’m just
going to change bobby’s
hopefully that’ll sort it because there
this is weird
my new session this is glitching out
really badly
really badly
but uh hello and welcome if you’re
you’re new to the chat my name’s dan i’m
an old grumpy gamer
this is gta glitching again which is an
ideal but that’s her up
so we’re just changing lobbies because
it failed to recognize one of the
contracts that i did yesterday
and he was doing some weird delay stuff
now i am on the vpn but normally nor are
pretty good with that kind of stuff so
it’s not a big deal
so let’s just see how it ends up going
all right
well it’s definitely a different lobby
the weather is very different
so let’s
hey here we go we got an opportunity
no no not interested in that right now
secure serve ceo i’m still a ceo so
that’s always good
now let’s go and have a look
i think i’m waiting for let’s exit to
ground i’m waiting for imani to
come back to me with the text after that
last one
so i believe we have to go outside and
wait a few minutes
oh it’s
it is pouring with rain
oh that’s not great
but that’s okay i do have a fairly uh
fairly robust vehicle here
we’re just going to sit in there for a
sec it can’t be too far away
let’s pop to the arcade
well our promoter
is for some high
see how we go here yep
that was
unexpected so that’ll distract the crap
out of me all right let’s head upstairs
looking good boss
i’ll be here it’s a
fella knows where his bread’s buttered
okay so let’s sit down
all right and we’ll log in and have a
quick look see what’s going on
and we know drey’s data is the main
there is a
bug here
so that’s
why can’t i start
caught this bug yesterday it was just
famous last words there franklin let’s
see how we go
okay this thing’s
reasonably responsive
it goes reasonably quick i mean it’s
it’s not the command show but that’s all
we’ve done up
interesting little interlude
sorry guys just uh coughing up a lot
all right let’s uh see how we go here so
we’re off to the casino i think yeah
that’s definitely the gas
picking up there we go around the corner
and off we go now couldn’t have actually
taken the choppy here but yeah so that
definitely wanted us in the armored
uh have i seen that in one of the other
things i think i have yeah and is that
the new
i think that might be one of the new
ones yeah
all righty
let’s see how we go
let’s go for a bit of a drop this way i
think that’s probably a wiser idea
all right now what i’m going to do chat
is just mute the desktop sound for a
i’m a little concerned that uh there
might uh might be copyright music here
so give me just a second
it’s monetized or worse i have um
rockstar have all of the cash for this
all one so heading in
there is some um
some definite definite copy written
music here that’s cool
and there we go
so let’s go for a bit of a wandering
that’s a pretty neat artwork
this is
this track’s really cool guys uh if
you’ve not heard it yet or had an
opportunity to go through it it is
i suspect you’ll probably be somewhere
around here this is where they normally
pop them in kayak surprisingly crowded
actually so this isn’t too bad all right
that is little easy dj
done for the music equipment let’s see
how we go here e this is going to import
the r suspect
okay all right yeah the music stopped so
we can have some audio back
oh this is going to end
there we go let’s see how we go here
this is a very very slow
gun there we go now we’re cooking
that’s better
all right well we’ve got assault shotgun
that’s what we’re after now we’re
all right let’s see here we go a few
people that way
ah this is such a good
load up again
all right and let’s see how we go
on it
all right let’s uh let’s just toss that
over there and sort of it
how does he survive that
where is he bugged
oh no he’s an npc right well that’ll do
all right so
well no that was our promoter
right let’s see how we go here
which way did he go
not that
way i don’t know if you can hear we’ve
got alarms going off in the background
and all sorts of they ain’t happy with
all right let’s see how we go here
all right uh this isn’t going well
the hour
and some snacks
there we go
let’s see here we go we’ve got all those
big mags now that’s all good
all right let’s see how we look
related in the long spot there
and let’s uh chuck the grenade up and
sort a couple of them out
we go that’s a bit better
damn it
it’s uh you know what let’s just log on
down there that’ll sword
okay uh still got one left there where
is he he’s gotta pop out there soon
there he is right okay let’s see how we
can’t be too far away
oh geez i’m not having a good time here
oh don’t do that bug to me oh no
there’s a bug there where you only get
sort of one or two um
uh one or two things at a time instead
of like railing them through
just give me a second yeah yeah
put yourself in a strife
i’ll do this
stuck up and um i got slaughtered
good to know it’s not just me mate
i’m not real flash at some of this
combat stuff if i’m honest
probably should be okay now i’ve done a
few uh
gold runs on there
your gold runs on
gta online sorry on the um
offline one
all right
all right got another one here somewhere
and i think he’s down
there you go
right let’s try a little bit
oh that bug is so bad that is what when
you’re stressing out
it’s next
right let’s see how we go again
i’m okay i’ve got one where is he using
where is he where is he
around here somewhere
there we go
okay try body armor again
i’m doing better than i thought for most
definitely have to suck up later though
there’s a boy
please don’t kill me
yeah you’re done
gotta be stealing from drive
that’s not the elevator there’s the
so i have to go upstairs to the other
one right
there it is
one down there we’re good
let’s load up
and see how we go
yeah they are just flaming everywhere
nothing on there
all right all right let’s grab the uh
grab the armored thing
get out of dodge
all right here we go
and time to go
all right so i should be able to lose
the guards without too much hassle
sparrow might have been a better choice
but that’s okay i don’t mind too much
this thing does handle okay it’s not
quite the same it’s not the um
the command show but it’s certainly
not too bad
all right down the highway and off we go
yeah i don’t think i’ve got him
we might have lost him but i might be
speaking too soon here but
yeah that’s all right
we’re away
so that’s okay so hi my name’s dan if
you’re new to the new channel uh i’m an
old grumpy gamer and in this video i am
to do a few more setups and i might even
get a shot at completing the um
the main setups
and completing the storyline for this
uh so i’m doing dlc the agency dlc mode
already done a couple of the setups and
there we go and uh have also done a uh a
few contact missions which has been a
bit of fun
but i’m also a little bit a little bit
which may mean that i might have to uh
skip that learning we’ll see how we go
all right so 10 grand that was all right
a few thousand rp
i think i might have leveled up there
she’s the loading screens out there in
this one though
they were pretty good yesterday i was i
was doing right but it is friday night i
am on the vpn
it’s not too bad my
cpu is running pretty warm though at 90
96 degrees
fan off a little bit more
because i am on a notebook and it does
does chug a little bit when it gets a
bit warm
sadly no water cooling for me
it’s uh it’s all about that portability
and um
yeah running one of the hp onions with
uh a 2060 super gets a little bit toasty
if it was
let’s see here we go that’s it gpu is
i think about 45 50 so that’s not too
bad it’s just it’s just relatively warm
but these loading screens are crackers
was nowhere near this bad yesterday
we’ll see how we go
that is really taking its time
what is that
i think my upstairs neighbor just
dropped something on the floor
that’s quite down there so that’s
alright let’s see here we go
and but
wow this loading screen is it’s taking a
it is taking a minute hey there we go
okay we’re back
all right uh
back some cash
11 grand
what is that someone is someone spamming
on the lobby
okay well we have a good couple of
minutes to wait before romani comes
through with that so let’s go to the
and uh let’s pick up today’s earnings
where is it
there’s a new moored one there
okay there we go right let’s see where
we’re at
and uh someone’s oppressor parked out
the front so they’re grinding the
missions too good to see how many people
are in this lobby
i just see a people to
i think all right he wants me to go back
gospel all right new ward that’s cool
i’m not gonna go stealing anyone’s cargo
that’s just me
but it did tell me to go back to the
all right just pop this out here
make sure we don’t hop over the top of
anyone’s gear
oh that’s a nice piece of piece of kit
is that a bennings what is that that’s
the um
it’s a porsche
that looks like one of the chinese cars
oh that’s cool that’s awesome
i do like seeing other people’s cars in
this game like what they do with them
and how they yeah
how they set them up
bit of a car guy myself
uh in real life and not that i get much
of a chance to really indulge that hobby
much these days but
yeah it’s always nice to see what goes
let’s see do we have a cutscene here am
i just walking in
okay so
investigating the next artillery looking
good boss
well now that’s interesting because
there was a cool game let’s see here we
go in there
i think my internet’s been a little bit
spotty guys so i’m going to apologize in
advance if anything sort of drops out
i suspect this will get feisty
all right let’s see here we go so if you
are just joining us or you’re just
picking back up sorry about that my
internet is playing up
at the moment
but what we’d like to do
is uh just about there we go
so i’ve got some
keypads there i might just pop the
sparrow here
there’s a keypad over here somewhere
pull it up a bit closer
this one
there’s again all right hacking the
all right let’s see here we go
no i did not oh this is gonna end well
oh that was a bad move
well that could have been done better
sorry chat that one’s a bit silly
okay let’s try that again i’ve got no
more armor left though so this will be
it’s going to go in loud
at least that part’s all right
all right let’s go have a look at our
all right what has it got in here local
access denied external device that
route 4 so now this one right okay
let’s see here we go
limo let me just check who it’s
registered to
what now what is it shell company
complete dead end
sweet the plate got flagged speeding on
the traffic camera network last known
location with you now
damn good [__]
interesting that it keeps you there
until that’s over
all right let’s go uh catch up with the
this is going to be really interesting
without armor
i have got snacks but yeah without armor
well i suspect i’m going to karken a few
okay let’s get rid of that marker
and let’s head over to this other place
and go hunting for cars how many people
are in this lobby so publicly 13 people
that’s not bad
i really need to get my hands on one of
those rapid shotguns they are amazing
yeah oh
so you’re not paying attention to where
i’m going that was my own fault better
up it’ll be fun
i’m sure the sparrow will survive i mean
it is only a paper plane but it’s not
too bad
not too bad
main thing is this thing’s quick
all right now
my concern is i have got
players in this lobby
i do not
want to do them an injury
white patriot
all right so white patriot nemo
i really just like the way this thing uh
does it um
does it’s turning
it does not handle well i’ve got much
like rather the chopper handle like a
damn chopper
rather than handling walking like hey
with me
ah oppressor it’s all right he was okay
he was just on his way past
no dramas there
on this flaming limo
can’t be too far away
this is a lot easier from the air than
it would be from the ground but still
it’s uh it’s not great
and this car is not long for this world
right now i’m just going to put it down
yeah it’s done there we go
all right let’s pop that away
yeah there you go it actually headed
away alright so now what i want to do is
probably my
battery is going to be one of the easier
ones to deal with although the
insurgent’s going to be running it in as
so mechanic
and let’s see how we go i don’t often
use the service so i’m not sure how
quite how it works but we’ll get there
i’m on the clock what you want some
i’ll get there as soon as i can
well that’s surprisingly painful they’re
painless all right so grab the command
show simply because it’s
tough as nails
shouldn’t spanner has fallen too far
there it is right right that’s really
handy i’ve not used that service before
all right so limo
it’s gonna be around here somewhere
there we go
and don’t let them see you looks like
someone got out since the car got
flagged they would have taken the data
we just need to see where it goes
flymen escort missions
and bring it back to the [__] office
all right let’s uh
that’s next here we go
we’re trying not to get detected it’d be
really good to have a sparrow with this
but it was just done
guys can’t drive
that oppressor is making me real nervous
ah escort missions are so boring
how do you [__] call the sparrowing
just wait for this light
pull it in and then we can take to the
air and it’ll be fine
that’s a long line
all right so let’s pull this in now
where is it go
and we’ll get up in the air and this
won’t take too long hopefully ah it’s
stuck me under the floating lights again
lots of pain in the backside
there we go up around there
do not target deliver
at least it’s not driving like an
absolute maniac like merryweather’s
all right let’s uh
there we go
pop the uh command show away and
i won’t be painting the backside later
just have to sit on this guy for a
minute i suppose so it’ll uh yeah
not a lot to it just wait
all right
oh this is such a slow process
much preferred yesterday’s with the uh
the guy driving like an absolute twit i
mean it was still slow but it was
entertaining nonetheless
where’s this guy heading
let’s see if the lights knows that
that’s in there right back
easy stars easy stuff
so if you are sitting in chat and feel
free to say g’day it’s um
really good to hear from whoever is uh
whoever’s watching
i am reasonably new with this live
streaming caper and um
still trying to find my feet so feel
free to jump in the chat say g’day and
let me know you there
and uh which platform you’re on as well
because i am streaming out over youtube
and twitch at the moment
and i’m getting a bit closer
i haven’t quite figured out facebook
live but i’ll get there eventually
it does um let’s take its time
when they get there just the entrance is
not too far away
all right so if you are just joining uh
my name’s dan i’m an old grumpy gamer
and i am
doing a uh one of the
setups for the uh for the agency i’m on
the the second one the nightlife one
and uh and on one of the uh one of the
earlier setup missions there
just need to take a photo of this thing
pop the pop sparrow down
quite gingerly because it is about as
durable as a paper plane on a wet day
all right let’s take a good photo
let’s take a look
that’s the wrong one
is that enough yes it is
all right hopefully back to the agency
hey look you sent us the photo yet we
already got it franklin check your spam
okay the first thing i see is that
keypad we’re gonna need an access code
for that yeah for sure look we’re gonna
do some research on who this guy is all
right then we gonna see how we can get
in this [__] i say we back off for now
hey look good work y’all
and now we have to wait again okay well
let’s take a moment to pop to ammunition
because i am a little bit low on gear
well actually i should just pop back the
agency let’s do that instead
get a bit of a discount there and it’s
pretty good stuff
all right cool so an extra 10 grand
thank you very much
straight past it again i am still
getting another place
i keep going to the ceo’s office of my
apartment which is just across the road
adio let’s uh pop them down a little bit
hey there we go they put that in that
was not in there the other day
that’s a neat little update little
quality of life thing that makes life a
lot easier
so now the next question is going to be
is does that uh does that mean the
glitch is in
so the uh the glitch there is
if you go into an office using that
it forgets that it’s your sparrow
you want to click
all right cool that’s good
uh yeah so it’s a um
uh it forgets it it’s your sparrow which
means that you can call your sparrow and
even when that one’s destroyed or you
can give that one to a friend and pull
the uh call the sparrow in yourself it
doesn’t persist past through sessions it
can get destroyed pretty easy it’s it is
a paper plane after all but
if you’re working with a mate
excuse me then um
it is uh it’s very very handy
all right so there is a shotgun there
i’ve got a pump uh i don’t want the
assault shotgun i think
it’s a barrel heavy
so what’s the fire rate on that versus
the assault
that’s not bad hulk shotgun
really slow all right so what i want
i think that maybe shotgun is going to
be the way to go massive damage
not bad accuracy
better than the other one
fire rate slightly better on the assault
jesus does so much more damage
all right you know what i’m gonna grab
got plenty of carts
extended clip
actually you know what drum mag
flashlight’s always nice suppressor
induces the damage you touch but that’s
alright it still does tons
and the grip which improves the accuracy
black tint’s still pretty good do you
ever want anything else
i do love that they made one just for
spheres hd
yeah all right happy with that
that’s pretty neat
you’ll need to
pop to the arcade i think
and grab actually i should put up some
uh survival
all right so that was
a message from money
trans is just still running with a
it should not take 10 seconds to do that
all right let’s grab some snacks i saw a
message from my money
all right let’s go
you know what i am going to keep the
sweeper shotgun in the loadout just for
the moment while i’m still learning how
to use the big heavy one
there we go
all right
see what uh see what we’ve got to say
well that’s a bit silly i thought we
were right they go for that one okay
off to the arcade we go let’s
um button there we go let’s try that one
and hey i’ve got a weapons workshop down
so i shall be able to hopefully
upgrade that um that heavy shotty i
don’t know if we can i don’t think we
could make that a mark two but i would
very much like it to be
brings it to ground
there you know at least we didn’t have
to wait too long there
looks like i’m upgrading that gun a bit
it’s about the fourth time i’ve gone to
upgrade it you’ve just been pulling
straight back in but that’s all right i
i think i’d rather be doing this than
that than tinkering with my two weapons
all right let’s try this again
at least we haven’t got so much of a
cooldown we had last time that was just
silly i think i saw um
tgg was like waiting four or five
minutes between uh between things for no
real reason
other than i can think of maybe they
didn’t want to overload the server with
um with new missions but
yeah see how we got this piece of paper
but it shouldn’t be too bad
so it belongs to ben brooks crypto
billionaire of course
what the hell he want with dre music
yeah it’s weird right so i did a little
digging and it looks like he wants to
use it as an nft
you think he gonna sell this thing or
yeah he’s setting up some
hyper-exclusive gathering at his place
to do a world premiere and put it up for
auction oh [__] okay well look let’s get
our associate on that guest list nfts
head downstairs grab some sparrow and we
should be good from there
he’s at the ground there we are
all right temps come down a bit we’re
back into the uh back into the 80s high
80s but 80s nonetheless
and the cpu is not too bad on this one
at the moment i think we’re only at 53
and uh gpu is not too bad at all so i’m
all right that’s pretty good i saw this
crypto dude
he’s planning to auction off that nft an
exclusive cocktail event at his place
and if i know anything about these big
tech [__] that lawyers always
on speed down and always got a front
door key
imani’s got that motherfucker’s address
now let’s go pay his ass a visit
okay so we’ve got the stun gun i think
i’ve got have i got the same gun i have
got the stun gun right okay that’s heavy
let’s call him sparrow
so let’s see
it is
where are you landing
behind me this time oh there we go
all right off we go
again underneath the flaming um
stop light there so just squeak
and then up off we go
and home missiles missiles there we go
switch those off don’t want to
accidentally target other people
uh how many people in the lobby 15 not
too bad that’s all right
so if you’re just joining the stream my
name’s dan i’m an old grumpy gamer and
in this stream i am going through a
couple more set up missions of the uh
the new dlc
i have completed the first series the
nightlife one
uh sorry the uh the datalink one and uh
now i’m on to the nightlife once
so i’ve been going for about an hour i
am not feeling terribly well if i’m
with this lawyer
and if we take his car too we can use it
to get past the gate at the mansion
oh [__] hell yeah good call
look let’s do this [__] right though
start with getting past to do security
when you get to him use the stun gun
i’ll set you up with should knock his
ass out cold
now this is going to get risky i think
all right we’re taking his car we won’t
need this so i’ll pop it away because
i’m sure
it would be handy to have it later if we
need it
all right so avoid
what is going on there
all right let’s take a look
this is
really like these guys are yelling and
all sorts of stuff at the moment
all right so
do they know i’m here
okay let’s have a look got a message
all right
so brown hair gray shirt let’s see how
we go
do these guys know i’m here or what
you must do
there we go extended clip flashlight
where are these guys
all right so let’s head around that they
clearly know that i’m here
because i can hear him screaming
so let’s make the assumption
they know and
act accordingly
yep they definitely know me
let’s try that heavy shoddy
that’s not
you want to pop out pop out see how we
go come on stick your nose out
all right that’s not good
okay going in loud
yep and they’re all upstairs
oh this is going to end well
and uh
let’s grab the mark too then it’s to
light a few up
another one there
you’re down
no that’s an npc that’s not too bad
all right he’s down
okay these guys are not happy
we’re npcs
let’s see one just down the bottom there
but i don’t think there’s any behind me
so let’s go over and start light them up
let’s see how this new um
this new shotgun rolls
that’s not bad it goes okay
oh that’s disappointing
right so it was clearly that guy i
needed to worry about
i’m very disappointed now
can i get a do-over
no it doesn’t look like again all right
okay well that was my involved
all right let’s pop down here
see if we can get the sparrow back to uh
back to base
when we start
that’s a good gun though i like that gun
that’s a nice gun
ah really guys
seriously rock rockstar
get up
is of precisely
no use to it
let’s put it away
look upstairs again
oh come on
i’m not terribly fussed about their
checkpoints here to be honest but let’s
see here we go
well sorry guys
i forget sometimes but it doesn’t mute
out correctly
when i’m running around all right let’s
try the sparrow again
yeah sparrow
minute and a half
all right well let’s uh let’s go and
find ourselves something else in the
it’s a bit damp here
oh get off there
getting with someone around in somewhere
that’s got a pretty decent car
it’s amazing how it all just disappears
when you’re uh you’re not paying
let’s see if we can nip one of these
guys can we actually get out here
can i get in this gate i can get in this
ah which means i can grab this champion
oh i’ve been looking forward to driving
one of these
hey gene how you doing
right uh okay so let’s head
back to the agency
been looking forward to trying out one
of these champions
i’m really looking forward to it
oh thailand boy
fairly quick
all right this is lively it handles
reasonably well it’s fairly sticky
turning suit was pretty ordinary though
i suspect with better suspension need to
be alright i was expecting this engine
is going to sound a lot meatier than it
suppose it is a supercar
which means it needs to rev high rather
have that low down sort of talking power
jeez it’s uh it’s turning circles up
right it is not great at all get out of
the way
brakes pretty good though
you know what
no don’t be tempted by it
i’ll go again with that later
there’s a tiny little jump but yeah she
comes unstuck real well once yeah when
you’re going at low speed like the um
the spoiler is definitely doing
something there
there we go
slowing it down
all right which one are we going
yeah i can get two
all right let’s uh
yeah the corner
the turning circle on this is about as
good as some of the big flat cars or the
gt40s that kind of gear it’s just not
great it’s not great
that’s it that was been fun it was okay
i am looking forward to buying one and
doing it up and having a tinker
but um yeah that’s all right we’ll give
it a go
all right guys so i have been streaming
for an hour you can probably hear if uh
when i’ve not muted accidentally um
i’m not doing a real flash so i might
have to call it after i get this one i
am really keen to get this one out
that new shotgun is an absolute treat uh
so i might just pop to the armory real
and change the loadout
so let’s just change that
what is it shotguns
and let’s hide the sweeper
i’m really happy with that heavy she
said it’s just a tank
there we go
oh come on there we are
geez it is running real slow this
get out the door evening right here we
go nearly there
so let’s try one more
whoops not paying attention
it’s a bit of a trick to get out of the
but it is a very nice office
anything i can do for you boss
fully enough in that one that they
gave us see uh
you know what i didn’t do is go to my
flaming terminal and turn on the mission
oh wow guys i’m tired it has been a big
it has been a big week
oh that was just silly
let’s try that again
yeah i reckon i’ll call it after this
one fellas i’m just um i’m making some
pretty silly mistakes
and that just means it’s getting uh in
poorly ended and and with me being a bit
grumpy so i’d rather not do that i’d
rather just get it out and be happy with
where i’m at and uh and finish up then
been game angry because uh just um
it’s no fun for anyone
all right so
that one
this bug is annoying as crap there we go
right let’s try that again
guest list
so show we can’t just uh pop over the uh
the balance in there the valastro
that that’s okay
so don’t think the sparrow will spawn at
the top
did try like if i leave the sparrow
there it’s there that’s great but yeah
otherwise it does not spawn there
so this is that expanded area
if he’s the kind of dude to run some
crypto billionaire auction to sell dre’s
we gonna need to get creative if we want
to get you on that guest list
in my experience these type of [__]
always got a weak spot
they lawyers
imani’s already got his address now
let’s pay his ass to visit and see if he
can get us in
thanks yorkie um
sorry i didn’t want to speak through the
uh through the thing
yeah invite only i did not know that um
i’ve been in public lobbies the whole
time so uh yeah that’s actually that’s
really cool so i have noticed a couple
minor quality of life updates and um
that’s uh that’s really neat i did not
know that one was in there i’ll start
reading patch nights um but yes look i’m
otherwise okay i just i i i get um i get
a sort of a cold or a little um chest
thing every year it’s just it’s just the
thing that happens in winter months
and some intel on the party might as
well get his car too with any luck we
can just drive into the mansion with it
yeah i like that
when you find him break out the stun gun
i set you up with knock his ass all cold
get this [__] back to the office
i’ll take care of the interview
uh yeah so that’s just just part of the
course we never there’s no hassles at
all um
it just means i have to look after
myself for a couple of days every year
oh they are not happy with me
oh i’m gonna die
yeah that wasn’t my best one
well i know i mean it
uh where have i spawned how far away
oh this is a different property than
is it
don’t shoot the civilians
all right let’s try
and this is why i don’t get tired guys
because i just start making silly
oh this bug
come on
only lets you do two at a time you have
to wait about three years including
it’s really annoying
come on
all right
let’s see if we can get around the other
side here on flanker because uh let’s
start getting well added
oh it’s only got a few of them
let’s sneak in here we go yep don’t
shoot the lawyer
all right that’s him down
it’s got to be one more around here
somewhere nope don’t shoot him
do not shoot the civilians it ends
there’s someone around here somewhere
where are you buddy
get your hands down
okay all right well we got the lawyer
there that time at least i didn’t i was
really worried that i was about to top
the lawyer there so
snakes again
oh that’s this is such an annoying bug
oh my god rockstar
all right
there we go
all right
pick up the lawyer
all right sweet so we’re going to borrow
his uh what’s that one of the anuses
that’s neat
geez you have something a little worse
but um look yeah otherwise you’ll keep
sorry i didn’t actually answer your
question after all that badly um i am
quite enjoying it i’m finding it quite
it’s um
it’s a bit of fun there is some some
proper content here
um it’s not
doesn’t look like it’s going to be the
the greatest amount of money in the
world but it’s certainly not going to be
and i can’t drive oh get out of the way
get out of the way
move move oh i’m dead
um yeah i am enjoying it when i’m not
you know doing silly things
all right where’s the car
where is the lawyer’s car
at my cheese it’s really put me on ways
away haven’t i
yeah so when i’m not doing silly things
i’m quite enjoying it lamar is an
racker it is
yeah really amusing to watch him doing
his thing
that tree was really in the wrong spot
he’s down
that was funny
all right let’s try that again this time
without busting the lawyer’s car up too
oh this does not handle well
uh yeah lamar has been an absolute
cracker i’ve really enjoyed watching
what he’s doing um he is
the consummate clown and the living
of dunning-kruger syndrome
uh with the david kruger effect i should
and just watching him do that that they
sort of deal with that is is hilarious
it’s even like tanks
they’re just slow and sluggish i suppose
i’ve been spitting a bit
yeah it’s all just a buggy mess today
it really is
uh so we’re back in the agency
and i think what i might do there guys
is uh we’re just waiting for some intel
to come through
so i think it’s probably going to be
pertinent to just
leave it there i think i’m absolutely
shattered like i said i’m not feeling
terribly well uh maybe we can get uh get
wallaby involved as well uh it’s always
good it’s been a pain in the backside
the bugs a bit of pain in the backside
and i have been my best this evening so
uh thank you very much for your patience
guys i really appreciate it i appreciate
your company
and uh appreciate you watching it is
yeah genuinely a lot of fun to uh to to
have you on there and i am i am enjoying
the deal
and we’ll see you in the next video

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