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21 Nov 2021: Cayo Perico Panthur Setup

Live now: Old Grumpy Gamers attempt to setup the Cayo Perico Replay Glitch with the Panthur in GTA 5, catch up with Dan in the live chat.
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LIVE: Cayo Perico Panthur Setup in GTA Online (Hopefully)

Join Dan in a Live Chat as he attempts to set up the Cayo Perico Replay Glitch with the Panthur in GTA Online. This glitch will enable him to keep the Panthur vehicle forever, which is an incredible opportunity for any GTA Online player. Make sure to check out the stream and engage with Dan in the chat as he tries to achieve this incredible feat.

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If you’re a GTA Online player, you’ve probably heard of the Cayo Perico Replay Glitch. This glitch allows you to keep replaying the Cayo Perico heist over and over, without losing any of your progress. Dan will be demonstrating how to set up this glitch in the live stream, so you can start taking advantage of it as soon as possible.

Cayo Perico Glitch

The Cayo Perico Glitch is one of the most popular glitches in GTA Online right now. By exploiting this glitch, you can earn a significant amount of money and RP, experience new missions and discover new locations in the game. Join Dan in the live stream as he shows you how to set up this glitch and take advantage of all it has to offer.

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Make sure to join Dan in the live stream as he attempts to set up the Cayo Perico Panthur setup. You won’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to learn new tips and tricks for making money in GTA Online, including how to exploit some of the game’s most popular glitches.

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good morning or good afternoon my name
is dan i’m an older gamer and welcome to
the stream in this uh stream i am going
to attempt to
clear my current
kyo pariko replay glitch
and then restart on hard mode with
hopefully the black panther so and then
we can get everything uh everything all
set up so let’s start by jumping on to a
private lobby
go invite only session
let’s make it a little more challenging
and see how we go from there so i’ve
already set this up a number of times um
i’ve been doing the replay glitch for
the best part of three or four months
and the plan is to go through the
playoff recovery real quick
allow it to lapse out
and then restart uh as if it’s a brand
new brand new run
so let’s get upstairs
probably should read this through the
ceo as well
let’s head on in
this will give me a chance to change out
some of the layout and load that as well
let’s just go straight to the finale
and there you go
uh let’s
set this up so we’re using the long thin
as the approach the infiltration point
is going to be
i’m going to need to probably be
drainage how to go for full bags of
great challenge
about 10 minutes
but adding
the um the full bag challenge to it only
gets you another
401 000 in this case and and that still
adds another 10 minutes to the game so
economically not necessarily worth it so
we’ll see here we go
it’s um
hey dog how you doing thanks for joining
um i am recently with this uh this
streaming cable so we’ll see how we go
with this one i’ve got um
i want to flash with
it’s uh
as long as we don’t cover those things
look pretty right
for sure
interesting we don’t come around this
time we are we are in too much now we’re
running uh
big longboat sports uh racks but i
haven’t done
the patrol boats you get down there
more money
it just ends up around here because one
thing does not
all right
get away with only taking out a couple
of guards
so my take on this one’s only about 401
and then two statues
and you can see as well i’m jumping
between a
keyboard mouse setup and a controller as
well which is really handy so
much smoother transition
let’s see
raced this time normally this falls flat
on his lobby
all right straight across and to the
long thing
okay okay let’s uh
crack it up there yeah
jumping on because of the black panthers
double can’t
see draw
this is
hey uh jeff how you doing right
uh fantastic uh yeah i do miss homemade
what um what part of australia
east coast
all right let’s see if i can get through
this thing without uh
are going according to plan huh
oh man just scrape that one through
you’ll get a lot worse
it’s um
yeah you guys going back into lockdown
here or is it
it’ll still open run
uh yeah that said i am coming to from
the south
so uh
there will be many locked
doors i think
one two three
one two four
okay 1969 61.
we have the combination just take your
really like
all right done
your smear
not that it matters too much of the
palestinians so it’s okay
nice sirens
and let’s have a go
looking for the name wildlines that’s
why i
have that
i think
could be wow could be messy
there we go
the job’s done and this is where i
normally run it we’ll let that run all
the way through this side
so hopefully cool game’s delayed
challenge with all that and i’ll get
get some xp on
47 mil so not too bad
yeah we have squeaked it in even with
that really horrible mistaken start
all the bonuses
thank you very much 1.5 that’s okay i’m
happy with that
i’m happy with that
just squinted in with that 15 minutes
too but that’s okay
but he’s okay
it’s a bonus there too thank you very
much rockstar
better be for the um
yeah the last week bonus
so we’ve seen it for two which is good
this bit later on probably tomorrow i’m
going to grind my way with that 25
millimeter december update
i’m also going to go grab yourself a one
of those um
classics one of the um
uh wrx afterwards
okay so let’s just quickly
so i’m just going to quickly pop to the
cable we have to wait for
um to get back to us
and um yes here we go from there
so it’s popular yeah okay pop in the
doing a little maintenance while we’re
up here
let’s here we go
again we need to pick that up within 48
minutes so that we can stay on hard
right there
this side
a lot easier if you can
reasonably cheat as well less than less
than 20 30
dollars for a half decent one
so i have recently refitted the um
the okay as well you can see i’ve
changed the deck away got all of the
games in there
still a little bit sparse i’m not happy
or something you just
buy more stuff
see if i can win a 10 discount on
not too far away from the casino anyway
you can’t see it you don’t even need
i do get lost in this game
all right a little bit too long this
yeah it’s been a lucky wheel
let’s see how we get to
that yep
are you serious
right here
real world minutes
we have a um
the bespoke diamond casino and resort
penthouses are available for purchase
and like everything else
hey it’s silly it’s awesome the amount
of times i’ve come back there you’ve got
seen someone flying away with your
so tend not to see it lock it up
okay now just notice the chat is being a
bit persistent guys so i’m just going to
pause for a
while i try and get that to not be quite
as persistent because that can get
really annoying so i’m just going to
drop screen for a moment and i’ll be
back in the start screen i won’t be more
than about a minute
that turns out i can’t do it
the um
we got everything shown so you guys get
to look at my lovely explain desktop for
a few minutes
there we go
and you get back
and give me attention
that’s okay that is okay
it’s uh let’s do a little bit of vlp
it’s quite easy
well here are these
all right cool so that’s good to go
let’s just quickly take care of this one
as well
team done
all right so as soon as we get this one
dealt with let’s uh head back and sort
out the eyelids
that’s the trick
and if i can remove
and start streaming
that is
all right that’s it that got sorted
all right
sparrow does make this very very easy to
sometimes they do just slope into a
little spot
last night
where is he
there we go
all right and actually there is 23 grams
that much
oh they’re upset
here’s my sparrow
you’re going down
while we went from the sparrow to
i’m um an invite-only session at one
and uh
going to do the play over info lasting
just a few months we’re just waiting for
it to reset
uh no i’m doing um doing invite only i
just wanted to uh to get this one out
and set up
um so we were actually doing a lot in
the way of
earning uh for this session
it’s just going to be set ups largely
and uh yeah perhaps one run at the uh
the heist
but i’m trying to do this one at all
solo so it’s nicely
uh social club id is old grumpy damn
so yes please feel free to um to friend
and enjoy the crew you are more than
welcome to say
and then um
a little bit later on
probably tomorrow while i’m grinding
doing the money right so
we’ll uh i should be able to it should
be able to have some extra people there
then as well
but uh yeah just trying to get the get
the glitch set up for the the black
panthers the plan is to
uh get the black panther set up sorry
it’s not like it looks like it’s a goal
goal um
too many movies
uh so yeah the plan is to get the
panthers set up and then get a glitch
set up so i’ve got a gaming notebook
here with a flight mode and that makes
it really easy to
do the um
do the glitch
which means that you can repeat you know
i saw someone read it last night just
saying they managed to get the
the high stack in about four or five
uh so with the repeat which maybe ten
minutes but that means that you can do
that six times an hour um they weren’t
doing full bags or anything like
um that
were just going straight from the statue
but going straight to the statue is
better than full bags with the pair of
bonds will be the diamonds
so you can do that so that means that
you probably could have done that six
times an hour
roughly 12 minutes
um face have you actually got the kasaka
because if you you do um i’d be happy to
help you out with um some setups a bit
later on getting the track too
but if not um yeah i’m sure if it works
all right so
let’s start with gathering intel so i
need to head to the beach
because you’re using more than what’s
yeah i don’t think much has changed
since the last trip if it was but you
see here we go
jesus thing does move though it is it’s
quite a quick little machine
it’s just super fragile to see anybody
super fragile
which probably should have moved this up
it isn’t too far away hopefully just
over that reach really
but uh yeah face did you have um
do you already have a cassette or uh do
you are you shot that short at the
moment you don’t have the uh at all
so really if that’s up i’m not making
good decisions time-wise today guys
that’s right we’ll get there
something interesting training you have
to agree with me
i found that the other day with full
driving in this service game is a proper
thing as well so
that’s a really
i don’t know
i suppose i kind of watch what the money
ground is a lot of the time i don’t
watch uh watched any other
youtube channels in relation to this
it’s all about that
all right so you can see the plane there
just going to put myself in a little
spot out of their range
it’s still in the range of the sniper
rifle because
i don’t like being shot after my boy is
not terribly strong he’s pretty good
with his help
he’s not terribly strong
you know
i am properly at a range
of weapons
okay i think we’ll reasonably say
i’m ready
i do need to spend a little bit of time
paper um spend an extra few months just
and making sure that there is absolutely
no one that can treat them so give me
this one
not terribly resilient
it is
this is a nice keyboard
this is just an order now it is
genuinely time packing there’s
absolutely no reason
for us to fly across the map
why am i insomnia
what is going on here
okay well it looks like we going around
the mountains
this was not picking up
what we’re talking about is to just keep
the nose up a touch as well it does the
only first person
and i want it there
if i just let that tilt down a little
to speed there
we’ll go into a bit of a slight dive
what we want to do
just by keeping that nose at the touch
there we go so we’ll just pick that up
we’ll take that uh
in the flight mode i can see what’s
going on
all right
thank you very much uh jeff i am
i do have a new microphone on the way uh
just move that to there
and um
drummy to me and echoey so that’s that’s
not a bad not a bad combination i do
have another mic on the way up so we
will have something in the next couple
of days pick something up on that on
sale on black friday so
we’ll get that right but uh yeah just
the headset like this time around but i
appreciate you letting me know i said
i’ll just sort of move it a bit and
hopefully hopefully
that’ll be a little bit better
just a bit further away so
it might be a touch quieter but let’s um
let’s see how we get going with that one
um on headset rather than using the
proper microphone
now we use for full voice recording
mainly because that otherwise puts up
panels and i’ve got i’m on a gaming
notebook so it runs as hot as the sun
it’s presently sitting at the cpu at 90
degrees and my gpu is 63.
so um
yeah i can’t use that one for normal
live streams must be a different one
all right let’s take a look at the dive
to see if we can skip out here and
we’ll get this sorted
and get out fairly promptly
not sure what happened to my clear night
there’s not a pogba uh
my sanitizer smile
that’s still pretty clear up there
let’s try not to ditch it in the scene
here we go
all right so i’m going to only scout two
things basically i’m going to scout the
out of the other side here
the top side of the arm
um what’s in here
i think we might have
something pretty good
and let’s see what’s uh further upstairs
shall we
let’s just take
it looks like
well the reason i’m only i’m marking
these ones and only these ones is
basically because if i decide to grab
i just want to make sure i’m going to
the right here
all right so they don’t think
there we go let’s both catches number
looks like green
and cash so that works out to
two lots of cash and some purple will be
about 400 grand
that’s not too bad all right we want to
let’s check one rainbow somewhere
having trouble recalling where it is it
has been so long
but uh
this one
since i’ve done this part
all right so coming back to me
this is
so that sure goes past the wall
looks like it has
this is nice not to be out there
so while we say
there we go
here we go jumps down
let’s just head up to the very very top
anyway because i’m going to jump down a
bit later
nothing absolutely enough
all right let’s go have a look at the
jim is it page your time to work to tune
there it is
i do not boys what it is trying to say
but it is saying it very loud yep that’s
all we need
that’s it
all right now what i’m deliberately
doing here is heading towards the
as well
that’s all we needed to do
let’s get back to los santos
and then we can start on the rent
missions we won’t need too much for that
either so not too bad not too bad
so because we’re doing this all siloed
i’m not in any way fuss about the
secondary loop
it’s more just a case of
you know if i feel like going for the
full bag challenge and yeah i will the
first time around but probably after
that but worried about too much
all right let’s
this time so it can’t be too bad
all right well that would have been a
bit easier during the day but it’s okay
that’s not too bad um
pretty happy with that it’s fairly
all right yeah get downstairs and grab
some snacks
because they’re bringing it here and a
little bit low and there’s a better than
average chance i’ll get shot a lot
during these missions
i do get most of this thing
all the time
your head
even though i’m mid-80s level and i
don’t have access to the
rocket launcher yet
it’s a rocket launcher
all right let’s get back upstairs
and apologies if this is a bit
disorienting guys
that’s we’ve got inside the second year
of your time it’s been picked up that’s
infiltration points were picked up can’t
be hidden from there all right so prep
is next
bridge vehicle is going to be the
long thing
all right let’s pick ourselves up iv
like this
first it will
we can just drive it
but of course we do need a truck
so hopefully hubble will send us a
location with a couple of phantoms in a
few moments
you will need whoops
i have
options are with you now
i haven’t purchased a phantom widget um
i don’t have a terabyte or anything
either so i’ve just been really
concentrating on kylo and building that
yeah i think you can see before the
arcade is looking pretty damn sweet
and um
well that’s not too bad there right
there erasing explode
just in case we need to borrow
when they haven’t got anything on
and we’ll make our way up to that
phantom and hopefully it won’t be too
much resistance
okay so not far away
last time ran
she actually
picked himself up a little bit of body
armor but last time around i was able to
drive up and i did get myself a little
bit of a pickle
it wasn’t too bad
well it should visit an ammunition
hangar before too long
real right real quick
oh i’m gonna die
there it is
let’s body out up and let’s get some
slots down
pull that back
now the trick is going to be really
great these guys it shouldn’t be too
not terribly bright
but uh you’re not going to need a good
straight line
it’s not super motivated also they’re
only looking for the
that’s partially appeared
off to the right here
you should be able to avoid them without
too much trouble they do make it really
easy for this one
you normally seem to be a lot more
motivated for a freestyle
that wasn’t ideal
all right
i don’t care about the truck don’t care
about money
coming around the front here
so we’re all standing up on that
one on the backside
all right cool so handy tip there
run away
just go hide for a bit you can also take
the easy way out and
uh boy
so if anybody do not
chase what you want to get back in your
nothing i don’t care
things that aren’t clobbering i think
we’re all good
yeah this is
we’ll take it
off we go
you’ve racked up some more ammunition
rewards points
all right
so not too far away now you realize you
have to do it long for your prep every
time let’s paint your backside
which is not looking terribly uh
terribly well
a lot of rubbish on it
especially considering it didn’t have
that much action
so it must have been in terribly good
condition anyway
i don’t know too much about uh you know
this kind of run you don’t want to think
that you probably keep the boat in a
good nip that’s your main transport
just trying to
you should invest in a fancy wedge at
some point because they aren’t pretty
solid machines would probably make this
be easy
and i think there’s a trauma looking guy
is it the terrible oh
he hasn’t made it uh it’s crying
i’m gonna get into a bit more business
and stuff over here
all right well that was reasonably
i’m still able to quit killing yourself
so that’s
unusual the first time i did this lost
it did not go quite as well
and it resulted in me having to invest
in and up and analyze it
all right so just requesting the sparrow
serious anyway
all right back to the cassette and off
to the next prep
just a quick trip
i’m just going to meet this over
something guys my uh
at least let me cover along here as well
which is why it’s interesting so for the
what’s true
so if you’re just joining the stream my
name’s dan i’m an old grumpy gamer and
in this stream we’re aiming to
set up the higher prep
ready for our
replay glitch um so we’ve already scoped
area and found that the panther isn’t
back in
we’ve just done the long thin grip to
make sure we’ve got that approach which
is nice and easy
and next thing to do
is check out the spiritual now i would
normally go for
well we got my charges on the torch
don’t need do my chains
and punishment but it’s going to be
all right let’s start with the first
makeup yes i normally go with the
long thin approach in
french uh the the dragon is where i
would normally uh normally enter from so
i’m also typically running the
conspirator way out but i’ll try a
different one this time i try i think
it’s aggressive which gives you a show
all right
but such a tool is very easy to trace
and i think you would agree we do not
want mr rubio tracing us yes
but i have a solution
has given us
all been on your side first it will be
nice not to have to worry about
remembering accommodation every two
okay so where is this
and more importantly to see the vast
amounts of money waiting at the top huh
welcome to the screens
okay so off to the next place
it won’t be too loudly
and his triathlon is not terribly
resilient i do need to spend some time
doing strength
taking as many as possible
it’s a little bit upset
more i can take that here you’re
actually gonna
he’s very handy
this shooting sounds very encouraging
awesome thanks for joining general
really appreciate it mate thank you
and i’ll get that audio fixed up really
quickly as well
okay i’ll go back to the consecutive
all right well that was reasonably
again this sparrow just makes life so
much easier
i think you’re tired a little especially
this week too so i might have to invest
in one of those that would take a lot of
all right so uh yes if you’re just
joining my name’s dan i’m another
propaganda and in this stream i am
setting up the cairo puerto rico heist
doing the absolute bare minimum and
we’ve already stoked
the uh the island and i’ve found that
the golden template
all dealt with um
as soon as we’ve gone so i think the
green plane is going to be next
yeah the aim is to then
do the um do one of the the heists all
that to work by the sweet 2.5 more
now i’m not worrying too much about
moving forward
about moving the
submarine around the map
it’s a quick tip
so with the sparrow it only it doesn’t
even take time uh unless it’s right
across the map so as long as you’re sort
of down the bottom of the map
okay so i think that is
terminal it and locate the archives
there we go
oh yeah here it is
all right hands up to the next one so
this won’t take too long hopefully
now i guess the next question is uh i
normally normally use the conspirator
there’s another one with this shotgun
what uh what do we think guys can i um
try that out instead of uh instead of
that it’s sort of the sugar or the
sharp triggering one
let’s see
two it’s the tv taken care of that’s all
so not too bad up here
monitor setups as well that uh rubio
takes care of his tech team
and we shall
yeah i’m not going to worry about the
ceiling choppers if they come through
honestly uh it’s just quicker just to
outrun them to try and
then to try and take them out
so yeah they’re slow
it’s one of the
advantages probably only
the sparrow as well as that my movies
but um it’s just quick yes
uh as quick as i extended i think this
instead of the pressure if not a little
it wasn’t for getting in there
this has been the fastest thing in the
feeling this not visible playing
after a
sites of course while days you will also
find armed security at many construction
sites apparently the citizens of los
santos have a habit of stealing such
okay always this is a spots really
yeah not exactly playing this time
let’s pack it up a little bit so yeah
not picky too much
i think that might be it sorted
out let’s see if we can find someone’s
section in here
all right let’s see if we can’t find us
with two boxes
on it
might be a few levels down here
let’s uh go back up grab the chopper and
put it back downstairs
typing to keep the machine up here
we do get a little bit of trouble
when i come back if you jump straight
over the side there and just jump
straight in the chopper
so these guys real good
that one
here it is
and they have uh
yep they’re upset they’re coming
oh that was not that was not right
that was not right
ah damn it
you absolutely
that was not my best work fellas how
okay you need to find me
i’m going to do a strawberry
this operation is not going as long as i
want to put that’s all right
all right well
that was not ideal
yeah but that’s not the best word i’m
sorry ah
there he goes
for this barrel i think is probably the
perfect thing to do
there you go
there you go
lots of room is it in place
that’s all we need it to do it we’ll
make it
this is
to get new ridiculous vehicles equipment
and then afterwards we destroy it all
the only way to be safe not sorry yes
all right and there you go so that was
that could be none that could be done
if the models fill that er up and it’s
all part of the phone
look like you spread your weight at a
level two which is always fast
you need to try and get up to 100.
one of the things we can replay glitch
which i do a fair bit
okay so
we normally go with the conspirator
which is a sharpshooter
let’s have a look at the aggression so
what’s that
do you think it’s going to be
conspirator anyway
it’s that shuffle
i thought this is a shotgun
a silent shotgun yeah machine pistol
all right
yeah that’s going to be aggressive
all right
hi maniac and
welcome to the uh
and it’s gonna be interesting right
okay so
uh maniac well um
i’m doing this one solo at the moment
uh but
we’ll be able to help people maybe a
little bit later on probably not on this
stream but um
down the track
uh but the plan here is to do all the
preps and the first hand under around
the fire
ready for the the replay glitch which is
all done so well
um but do you have the cassette at the
moment um
you know already
sort of we’ve not done firewood
as well so it might take a moment to
come through
for me i think i’ve got
weapons maybe one or two that’s it
not too long ago
okay so have you ever got the cassette
so we need to set that up that’s going
to be the good thing
this one’s so slow fantastic
um uh
all right yes yep
okay so yes you can
shut up
uh yeah so
you can still do the replay glitch on
console you just need to um need to have
a hard line
um so it doesn’t work so well at once
uh we can hard fit the game midway
but uh yeah it takes a minute yeah i’m
definitely a pc so i’m pc with control
like a keyboard nothing that makes a
difference with this to be honest uh
with the exception of making it easy to
send for the network connection um to do
the replay glitch
there’s not a lot of difference for
online i don’t do modding or everything
like that i just get on the ground
rather than
uh then trying to mod out the pc or get
more money and just just don’t do that
at all um
the only time i install mods is
basically for my uh gta 5 tutorials so i
can have decent weather and sunshine
that’s the only thing that’s useful
but uh yeah all right so this round and
next day or so i’ll be doing some some
pyro grinding but i’ll be getting the
replay gift solo
but um yeah certainly if i’m online um
earlier i might be able to put it in
some point at the very least
a little bit later on down the track
but um
possibly tomorrow if i think i have some
a little trick is down time so
this is so slow
there’s a couple of different uh weapons
ones you can do and the easiest one is
when they’re in the building you just
literally throw a pipe on them and move
and the whole lot just goes up in flames
but this very very one oh you’re not
it is so slow
and the problem is if you
once you’ve got the battery if you’ve
got the battery uh
you have to
deal with it even if you’re trying to
repeat the position a couple of
so what console are you on magnetic you
are you’re an xbox man you’re a um
you’re on the
ps4 ps5 and the european slot these
things are great
hopefully we’re not too far off here
looks like we’re getting ready to land
so what i’m going to do is just pop down
onto this group here
in place because i
have to escape afterwards
all right
let’s see it keeps bringing it in for a
second i think this is going to be games
coming out
but uh that’s right
back down let’s see there we go
there’s three
there’s a three way over here
that’s five
there are a few of them out there i just
need to try and get as many positions as
we can in the moment
too upset
but figure out where i am
come on
come on
taken cover
but a lot of them are in range
got two more right there
that’s where you want to go
right so that was easy
and we’ve got the valkyrie in place
ready to go so that means we can uh
be quick
you have the weapons
let’s go
and then off we go
all right so you can run away this thing
is with slower but that’s all right we
will make it again what we need to do
run away
so not too far away from the attacker
that is the spirit of love yet but also
in the um
you know what it doesn’t matter
we only need to shoot two or three
guards all the time
everything else he’s done pretty good
don’t have to worry about any of the
other preps because we shouldn’t get
just about
it’s fun as it is it’s
so much good
all right and parachute down
all right so not too fast we did get a
chance to equip everything
hey miss jennifer welcome um and thank
thank you uh i’m glad it’s hopefully i
do enjoy making the the gold guides so
here we go just going to drop my half a
second colors
all right so uh yeah we are just about
there well um yeah we can do the finale
all right so what what the plan is here
guys and i’ll let you know in the
advance because i’m going to get full
so that means i’m going to take out the
uh the coke in the cash at the
then i’m going to head to el rubio’s
and raid the
panther to get the 2.5 hopefully 2.5
million or 2.3 2.4 million in cash
and we’re setting up the replay glitch
so what will happen is when we get to
madrazo’s place
after the uh after the
i need to drop my internet for a few
awesomeness generally that’s great um
the conclusion in the story is fantastic
you absolutely want to take action see
it’s great
all right so
what will happen when we get to
madrazo’s place is i’m going to have to
drop the internet to set up the replay
bench so the stream will freeze for
about a minute and a half two minutes
and then i’ll come back on
probably in story mode
then we can jump back in and see if it
but in the meantime let’s get started so
we’re going to use the long pin approach
actually we can just start
because there’s one thing i haven’t done
i haven’t fetched suppressors and we
need those
all right
all right you can see that on the right
hand side like i’m super stealthy and
quite big stuff but i’m not a strong man
all right so yeah what will happen
getting to the end of the this the um
the heist is i’ll drop for a few seconds
maybe a minute or
going to point this two tunnel and then
i’ll come back up here it’s going to
point this main dot
takes down time
to see
drop the loadout espresso suppressors
are wrong
we are good to go it’s not nice
it’s cool
ready to go
okay so we’ll start with the aggressive
adversary with the belonging approach
super smart there we can set the silver
now uh assuming you guys haven’t seen
this before so i’m just going to mark
where i’m going so let’s start by going
you have to avoid
hey barry um
i i’m well practiced at this
i weren’t particularly good at the game
i’m well practiced
um i spent a lot of time going through
gold missions and stuff like that and so
i’m not going to give the mechanics of
it but
yeah i’m going to do it twitch shooters
but yeah i’ve done this run a few times
let’s let’s go with that
some advice
and then we’re going to catch up
sorry archie
what’s um what’s merry world from
it happens
oh awesome thanks mate i really
appreciate that
thank you i will endeavor to do so i
couldn’t do it without the rest of the
team though especially
who does all the uh the enemy which is
just amazing so oh yeah yep no that’s
endeavor to keep it reasonably safe at
work then
all right so i um
scattered this location before
and found um powdery stuff down one
um i’ve already got there got the gear
downstairs so that’s all good and i’m
not going to worry about trying the gold
in the compound because i can’t do that
on your own so what i’m trying to do
here is a full solo run
if that
seems to me how most people are doing
and honestly it is even without the goal
it’s still actually the most profitable
way to run especially
with this loadout
all right so that was the pump shotgun
much shorter range but that seemed to do
the trick
oh fantastic so you’re doing the uh the
preps of the roman archery or uh
okay so the next thing to do is we need
to head down to the compound here
long things
that’s all good that’s that’s all good
it takes a bit of practice i’ve done
this i’ve done this a lot
and if you have a look at some of the
long streams uh wallaby and i
some time
let’s go with that some time
going through all of the reps and so
but uh
i’ve done this a fair bit i think i’ve
probably raised
uh normally it’s it’s about 1.5 million
per run if i do full bags
and that raises 1.4 to 1.5 million a run
and i think i’ve probably done this
enough to raise 25 mil
i won’t get an opportunity today to do
the heist with you
uh but um
i should have hopefully i’ll be on um
similar times
later in the week
to uh
help people out but right now i’m trying
to do this one as soon as possible and
honestly solo is is dead easy
if you follow the path that i i
set out here and um
take a bit of taking your time with the
first time but there’s no timing
yeah that’s that’s cool it’s it’s not
not as hard as you might think
um this is the first time i’ve ever done
like since the first time i’ve ever done
a heist this is the first price i’ve
ever done
it’s too fast quite slow
too fast one slow
and yeah it’s a little bit daunting the
first time but honestly once you’ve gone
through it
it becomes fairly straightforward it’s
the prep machines that take that and
take the real time and pass themselves
up pretty easy
there we go so that’s three
there we go
i’ve got a guide on how to do this
coming out uh the next day or so as well
like a proper proper standard you know
having a gold cardboard
um which will take you through step by
step including the replay bridge which
is really important so um archery on
console well let’s see
all right now here is the part that i
take so we want to do a one-eighth
gonna run up here it won’t
no matter what uniform you are wearing
you should remember
here he is
this is much easier on pc than it is
they seem actually really easy
that’s really good
yeah it was awesome
and so there is about a minute and a
half delay as well between the time you
type in and the time that i actually see
the message so just you can see up on
screen when it actually pops up
damn it
ah that’s what happens when you don’t
pay attention well it’s okay
it’s still going to uh still going to
get through this one
so what i’m doing is
just going right
one two three
one two three four
one two three four five
one more after this
there we go
that was close but you made it
all right
is very carefully
reinforcements incoming
yeah that’s it with me but we’re gonna
make it uh even if i can get this one
about that
oh this thing says oh that’s not healthy
so it’s so slow
ah come on
uh i will d g r u m p y d a m
the water is
let’s see if we can get some snacks
all right hopefully this trench will
keep this busy
hey awesome aren’t you all right i will
put that on a sec all right so i’m just
going to drop stream in a few seconds as
i do this glitch
so i’m going to apologize in the box but
i’ll be back soon
moments right
trigger online mode
retry connection
it’s the first time i’ve done this live
so that’s okay
here we go one friend request click on
one approve
that’s back time as well
quiet today
all right so now that’s on
the escape
that’s it
there we go so actually if you are using
a pc mode you will have a thing
called flight mode on there somewhere
um especially if it’s
you might be able to do a hotkey which
allows you to do this little
doodad so
here we go
hopefully that’s worked should be back
on that
and then you just have to make the gtl
this might take a few months
all right yeah big question is did
but that’s okay
one 2.2 million in cash
fellas that works
just deposit that
okay so um
and apologies i do have a new mic on the
way i’ve put each one up on some black
friday stuff but uh what you can do if
you’re on pc is try and find the hotkey
especially if you’re in a notebook or
flight mode
and that’s how i um i do that
in that pitch
so that’s two point two three five
without the only challenge because after
drama i got so equipped
all right
i’m genuinely chuffed with that that is
amazing that is amazing all right so
confirm that we have a replay glitch
yes all right cool so the way i can tell
instead of having this all prepped up
and with a notice saying you’re ready to
you’re gonna see the hard mode active
sort of just down in that bottom right
hand corner
so that’s really strong as a ceo
yeah flight mode um so if you’ve got a
wi-fi connection on a notebook
or a desktop pc there’s a better than
average chance
that you have a flight mode it’s
normally mapped to one of the airbnb
uh right so let’s
stop gasping for a second and actually
do that one
so let’s see what he’s been
see how long it takes
looks like something really stupid let
it sound
okay let’s let’s just quickly do that uh
all right how is that is it still
bugging um
all right so
in the hq you will know that the
is always fresh supply of cutting-edge
unregistered firearms
yeah let’s let’s just just get right on
that have you done the um done the
the challenges like challenge and
the serial killer challenge and all that
kind of stuff
because there’s a good um good million
in those uh which is a good way to uh
such as this
let me tell you my late 20s were a
turbulent time for this reason i learned
my lesson nothing personal nothing with
hopefully that’s enough
yeah thank you shut up
yeah the serial killers i think took me
about an hour to get it done that was
about uh half a mill in that one um the
lord thing took me again about better
three quarters an hour
40 minutes he had done and that was
about um
250 in the bonus but there’s also a
halfway bonus at the end once it’s taken
pay attention
let’s let’s just go with kayla i’m going
with camo because i’m australian i can’t
pronounce crap
and not not this round i’m doing this
all um
it is challenging like yeah that guys
there are so many guys that’s the way
they’re going on that archie
and so yeah i’m doing doing this one
solo cannon yeah after that um
i’ll be finishing up for you later so
i’ve been on the stream
things done sorry so it’s all all done
and dealt with
um but uh yeah actually check out
to say that um has done one like any
gorilla and another honestly youtuber is
really good
so oh nice
so uh and and yes actually i’m actually
right there with the south of london
so even though i wasn’t
moved over here a little more on the
other side
it’s a yeah it’s a nice little spot
actually so
this is so slow
all right looks like a pocket so what i
want to do is
walk myself down where my car could be
yeah awesome
um not far from the english show
that’s right
it’s time for practice i’m not going to
get a number from here
got another one
all right let’s um
come around the other side and see if i
can anything from one people
without i’m getting too upset
all right we pop this away
and then
just going to
concentrate so i’m going to
yeah i think we are definitely getting
in the same time so
all right guys uh kevin’s being boiled
in the background so i’m just kind of
muted myself and
just pegged these guys real quickly
very likely weapons are in there
yeah sorry guys i just needed to uh say
the kettle has been involved in the
background and i didn’t want to have
that done on the stream so i didn’t
mention while i was moving myself but i
am back now uh
yes yes i am also streaming i’m using um
streamlabs a horrible company but they
make good software and i’m streaming
across twitch and um and youtube at the
you might get facebook working today but
we are getting there
so not too far away i think we’ve got
just a couple more guys here i’m largely
out of range of everyone which is really
that’s three going to be a different
around here
it should take care of the last majority
two more left
there he is
okay it happens
yeah it shouldn’t take too long
sorry guys
all right so i just need to grab that
bag and then that valkyrie
are you serious
let’s see if i can look at everything
here we go
well hopefully these guys won’t be too
far away yep they’re upset
sparrow is much quicker so let’s head
out there
no point trying to
trying to fight him you’re just just
extracting this up it’s just easier
this is a bit of a trick but it’s still
keeping on calling us
just jump in the chat to move forward
so ah and uh there you go
there we go
that’s cool so yeah i’ve got the
multi-stream one so
yeah i’ve played this many times except
that the best ones
the high-rise ones it’s so much easier
so much easier
what should
who would have thought putting them on
special for fifty percent of that but
um i still just even at five mil i can’t
bring myself to do it it’s it’s a lot of
cash but
it’s not a bonus
well i think there are a couple of
missions in associated
honestly it’s so easy you go and equip
yourself with a pipe
your body army run in
um until the glass doors open and throw
the pipe on through the glass doors to
move out at the right and then run back
out the whole way down past the lifts
and then just wait for them like the
whole place catches on fire and they’ll
crack it it is
okay so that’s the minimum mandatory
all right so what i’m going to do now is
i’m going to change service
find all new session
yeah so um just just the pipeline is
it’s glorious with it’s the pipeline you
need to sleep in here
you have to worry about it shut it
you can’t sneak through and do it
if you don’t like it
way too
all right so
what i’m trying to do now is the last
oh nice yep cool don’t get don’t get
busted my baby
all right well if you want to hang
around for a couple of seconds hopefully
i’ve got enough here i’ll be able to
see that’s the minimum
thanks archie i appreciate you letting
me know like
this thing’s been glitching out really
badly the last couple days so i said
i’ve got a new one on the way but it’s
not going to arrive until probably
i’ll uh i’ve got another another like i
used to probably recording in the other
room so i might grab that one
for the next string let’s see how we go
from there
all right so the trick now i’m just just
change the service again what i’m going
to try and do is
jump back in and
go another four months run
hopefully without getting busted so that
means charge
well it looks like the rockstar series
might be on fire here we go
okay let’s try that in
oh awesome thank you for selling man i
really really appreciate it
let’s try this again
i will stop
all right so along with an approach
infiltration point is going to be made
of an entry point is going to be the
drainage tunnel
escape point is going to be the main
time of day will be daytime
that’s all right it’s hard to keep track
of everyone who subs and and the number
of things have been subbed to as well so
working loadout is aggressive with the
let’s mix it up a little bit stand by it
all right now for four bags of lake and
with the ditch this time so let’s see
how we go
yeah so i i spotted this route from a
it works a treat so
um everywhere yeah speed runs but which
guess what speed runs they’re amazing
all right so i’m gonna pop through here
let’s just take bring this fella with
the swing
also having a set of controllers as well
as the uh
the keyboard on the pc makes sense
to make things push
i’ve got a special controller with the
tv as well so that’s
i’ve done this i’ve done this a couple
of times i don’t need the second tips
there we go
so yeah actually it’s just it’s just
practice man honestly that’s all it is
i’ve done a lot
all quickly
such points
all right let’s see how far they have
the long things drifted out
hopefully it won’t be too bad
see i only got faster last time because
of the silly mistake i made with my
and it does that really really well
it does not
so you have to be really really gentle
with the accelerator too
to get you from your turn
oh why is it always up here
you just getting bouncing in there this
thing is really
chopped too
okay so let’s have a look
coming up on that block
he’s off the grass
in russia
two quick one slow
yeah i’m not a speed runner but i didn’t
watch them a lot and i think this is one
of the faster ways to get across it
or repeating too much
incidentally this works exactly the same
in storyboard as well
when you’re doing the
mission with uh
this one
and what
i think um i’m just trying to get this
all set up i can do it do this as so
long as possible
appreciate it
and thanks for subbing and liking that i
really appreciate it are you you’re on
console ally
got it this time right here
thank you very much
no i don’t think this i think like ps5
is restricted to psn so you’ll you’re
stuck with psn and
so it’s a nice easy predictable pattern
it’s the same every time
let’s get to the start go right
one two
all the way at the start one two three
there it is
to counter myself though it’s just
ridiculous like
i’ve done it a number of times but i
still even when i’m not on stream i’ll
just sit there and
take it along
which is
oh please
yeah if you don’t have the keys you have
to pop back out at the top from the
bottom so let’s just do right
up here on the side here
make sure you stay in one side of that
and then you’re good to go
wait for the loading screen because
that’s what they’re doing here this is
not just a little cutscene this is
actually a loading screen for the next
well done
the only thing left
anything else
as well so we’re getting some really big
now what is going to happen
in a few moments is
we’re going to cut to the
the stream will drop i will be back in a
few minutes um once that’s done so as
soon as it goes i’ll apologize in
i’ll be back soon
slowly slowly all right let’s jump jump
back on
here we go
you’re getting trevor looking all the
flash closed captioning
all right
i think we’re winning i think that’s
all right cool so we’ll do the uh we’ll
see what happens and make sure i’ve been
paying and whatnot um
it’s um old
dance and that’s um
o d
g r u n v y d a l
and uh that’ll let me know when you’re
online i’ll be able to help out if fight
get an opportunity
and get a welcome bonus
yeah if you’re just joining the stream
my name is from
and build up with the bank account
all right
that’s past
got the elites
wait for
all right there we go 2.27 million in
about 12 minutes so that’s sweet
love your optimization
otherwise you know what i think this is
the best time i’ve ever
been okay
but we are there i am pretty damn happy
with that one
and um yeah we’ve done that the paprika
full bag
so yeah start stoked with that so i’m
going to leave the stream there
um thank you very very much for everyone
who’s joined and chatted and
for anyone who is
new or has not
not seen this channel before i normally
do how-to guides
occasionally do reviews and the
occasional giveaway but mainly how to do
and we’ve got some
guide on coming out soon
as in today or tomorrow
i’m also going to jump back on and try
and grind my way up to 25 and 30 mil and
i might even do some um some extra
catch-ups with people so
uh if you’ve not friended me already can
you please do that
which is this old grumpy dean
on the rockstar central club so that’s i
wanna do
um please kick in to to join the crew as
well uh more than welcome anyone who
enjoys just kicking around and grinding
is welcome to join
and we also have a discord server and
there’s a link in the description below
if you join discord it makes it a
boatload easier to do heist because we
can communicate a lot better and a lot
easier for the uh the highest arrival
we’re using the highest setup for
australian using the video
thank you very much for watching guys
stay safe
wash your hands and we’ll see you in the
next video
how are your feet

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