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Cayo Perico $8,000,000 per hour in GTA Online (Hopefully)

Watch as Old Grumpy Gamers attempt to crack $8 million per hour in GTA and hit a total of $25 million using the Cayo Perico replay glitch. Join the live chat as Dan grinds through the game.
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GTA Online: How to Make Millions with Cayo Perico Replay Glitch

If you’re a GTA Online player looking to make some serious cash, then you’re in luck! Join Dan from Old Grumpy Gamers in his live stream as he attempts to crack the $8,000,000 per hour mark using the Cayo Perico Replay Glitch. This GTA 5 online money glitch is a safe and easy way to make unlimited sums of money without risking bans or losing progress.

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The Cayo Perico Replay Glitch is a shortcut to accumulate unlimited money using the Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online. It involves replaying a portion of the heist and earning millions of dollars every hour. This process may sound complicated, but Dan will guide you through the process and answer any of your questions live in the chat.

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Dan and Old Grumpy Gamers are veteran grinders who specialize in developing techniques to earn money more efficiently in GTA Online. In this live stream, they will take you through the steps to make up to $25,000,000 in total using the Cayo Perico Replay Glitch. Not only will you be able to watch them make millions, but you’ll also have the opportunity to chat with Dan and ask him any questions you may have.

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hi and welcome back to the channel my
name’s dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer
here with a brand speaking new
microphone bit more of an extra setup
and um yeah so today we’re going to
the kaio perrico panther heist to kind
of see what’s going on there now just
need to quickly swap
back to the title screen for just a
okay looks like we’re back so we should
be okay let’s see how we go from here
all right so the plan today guys is to
grind uh the kaio pariko do the glitch a
little bit to see how we go and now i
just do need to check inventory before
we start i’m gonna grind for about an
hour or so
to see let’s see what kind of snacks
yeah we’ve got some armor yeah okay we
should be okay we should be all right
all right so we’re pretty much yeah just
going to grind coyote until i get to 25
mil or an hour whichever comes last i
suppose so
let’s have a look let’s uh head
upstairs actually you know what let’s
start by heading downstairs
and never remember which end of the ship
things are but i do know my way back
down there now i’m only level about 90
but what uh what you can do if you’ve
got the sub is in the engine room back
here the torpedo bays
there we go which i presume is forward
given their location
you can
pick up the rocket launcher which is
just a perk of having the sub before we
head upstairs
let’s head all the way up there we go
wrong way
all right now let’s register as a ceo
now i am going to apologize if you are
in chat and i don’t respond to you
i don’t know if it’s working
if i’m honest i’m not getting a lot of
feedback so we’ll see what happens if it
pops up it pops up if it doesn’t it
doesn’t in the meantime you just have to
listen to me uh listen to me ramble
i’m also just going to tweak some
settings there we go
there we go and let’s
reduce the
that’s about as low as it’s going music
volumes off dialogue boost is
quite low alright so
the volume is the volume
that’s what’s going to happen
all right i’m now the ceo and let’s see
if we can just get started
all right so there is the
first prep we’re ready to go with the
finale now can i yes i can so that’s the
cassette is all ready to go
so we’re going
all right let’s um
let’s set siri for an hour and see how
we go
set a timer for one hour
one hour starting now all right let’s
see how we go with it
all right planning screen
finale and start now i’m jumping between
keyboard and yes and the controller when
it’s not being thrown around the place
so let’s turn off camera lock purchase
the hemi heavy armor and confirm the
settings close that off
all right and let’s see how we go
all right approach vehicle is going to
be the cassack at this time i’m not
going to worry about uh elite or
anything like that i really just
want to uh to get through the heist as
quickly as possible
and we’ll see how we go from there
weapon loadout to see important bit
suppresses so i’m using the aggressor
mode this time and it is awesome if i’m
all right let’s uh
get some fans on i’m going to apologize
in advance for the for the fan noise if
it’s in the background but yep
let’s see how we go from there
all right and we are off first round so
a bit of a swim to start with
and unfortunately we can’t shut pavel up
which is a bit of a pain in the backside
that’s all right we will get very very
bored with him within the hour
but hopefully we’ll be able to get
through this without too much trauma um
pretty quickly with any luck as well
all right fantastic so welcome to the
stream my name’s dan i’m an old grumpy
gamer and in this stream we are aiming
to grind out
using the replay glitch
until i can get to either 25 mil or one
hour whichever is slower
i am at about 20 mil at the moment so
i’m hoping it won’t take too long
see how we go from there
and uh jumping between controller and
keyboard and mouse which is really one
of the
very very handy perks on pc
all right so two quick one slow no idea
if it’s the fastest but it does seem to
do the trick
it’s been a while since i’ve reviewed
the speed running strats for this but
it does seem to do okay
oh trying to get my controller angles
there we go that’s that one done
and through so as i mentioned not going
for the loot bags i just want to try and
get that panther statue in and out as
quick as possible as many times as i can
in an hour
we’ll be using the quickest way i know
one of the quickest routes which is up
and over the roof over the ground the
colonnade and then up to the up to the
office we might pick up whatever’s in
the safe as well if we’re heading up
that way
i’m sure there’s
slightly quicker ways to go but honestly
that’s that seems to do the trick in
there’s normally an extra 80 90 grand so
it’s worth taking the extra 30 seconds
for it
all right so we want that one
that is a heck of a shotgun
oh with paddle i have heard this so many
all right just edge up and jump edge up
this time
all right there we go nice and easy
don’t have to worry about confrontation
or anything with that
is going on there
uh yep okay
they’re all dead
okay this is probably glitched out now
i’ve seen this before where it’s
happens sort of one in about every 200
these guys glitch like hard
so i have no idea if this will actually
we’ll see what happens
all right well there’s 90 grand thank
you very much
the problem with doing this means that
you can’t actually get to get any keys
which means we have to do everything the
wrong way
okay so just going right two
three there we go you have to forgive uh
pavel chatting and me counting through
it because i am not bright enough to do
some of this stuff in my head
there we go
one two three four
there it is
is that enough
what’s that for yes all right gold we
are in let’s see how we go
so archie if you pop into this stream a
little bit later mate i’m sorry i’m just
going to try and rail through this one
we’ll have to catch up another time hope
it’s going well with the casatka though
looks like you’re doing all right
this is going to be pretty easy if
everyone glitches out but uh
whether or not i will actually raise the
alarm is the question hey or can i in
fact get a um
get a bike
all right let’s see how we go with this
one seems to be pretty quick
trick is going to be yeah whether or not
this glitch actually glitches too hard
all right that’s through so we have to
go back upstairs because i can’t get any
keys because i have no guards
you know how they managed to do that but
all right
this has got to be one of the quicker
do i have guards nope they’re still
there we go
around the corner
2.17 mil so that’s not too bad
hopefully we’ll get away with close to
two mil by the end of this once we’ve
done everything
this is much easier when you don’t have
to worry about anyone at all but uh
yeah i hope it works that’s the question
yeah ah
we have
okay so it was just the compound
all right that’s him done
and let’s grab the bike and off we go
there we go god hasn’t seen me
so i think we’re
home free ah drongo
every flame in time that’s not helpful
at all
where’d the bike go
there it is
really must learn to watch four branches
all right clearing there get past this
one over we go
rebreather on and where’s that cluster
where am i facing there we go
okay there’s the cluster and hopefully
we should be right to go from there
yep there’s the whale bones that is more
or less the quickest way out so we just
head off that way
and see how quickly we got that done
actually that’d be really interesting
all right so we’re about 10 minutes in
at the moment
10 minutes or so
that’s not too bad
all things considered
it’s about 12 or 15 minutes
or the uh for the highest normally now
i’m going to drop out for a moment while
i do this glitch so i’m going to
apologize i’ll be back in hopefully a
minute or so maybe two at the most
was having a good old thing there
all right so let’s see if we can get
back in
there we go
all right rejoining gta online hopefully
it won’t be too long we’ll see how we go
it’s interesting to see that disconnect
so if you’ve joined me back in again or
wondering what’s going on i’m in the
middle of doing the replay glitch
and that means i have to drop my
internet in order to drop my internet
that means that uh the stream drops for
just a second uh just a minute or two so
we’ll see how we go there
so we’re about 15 minutes in by the look
of it now uh i’ll attempt just just shy
of 10 minutes into the end of the
challenge to see if we can get 8 million
an hour now it took 10 minutes to get
that cycled
if we can do that we might even be able
to get up to 10 or 12 million
all right did that work save successful
1.9 mil
oh get up you clown
get up get up get up
now do i have cash yes that worked oh
fantastic okay so we deposit that
that’s done
and we are we already a yep register as
a ceo
head upstairs
and with any luck we’ll be able to get
into this one
did that work yes that worked okay so
let’s start again
let’s make it close hit play off we go
and we’ll do the same thing again so
it’s sakura is the approach vehicle
infiltration point will be the drainage
compound entry point will be the
drainage tunnel as well escape point
will be the main dock because we don’t
time of day is day time because i am
blind weapon loadout is
suppresses on
and we are good to go ready to play
all right well if we can do this five
times in an hour maybe yeah five times
in an hour i think we’ll be pretty right
come on there we go all right we are
away again so second time
taking around about 10 minutes of throw
not worried about full bags or elect
challenge or any of that kind of gear
because that more or less doubles the
time that takes us out to about 12 or 14
per round oh it takes us to 12 minutes
of actual time inside kaio plus all of
the actual uh
the the rebooting and the faffing about
that comes with it
so by doing this
saves us a uh saves us a bunch of time
and i suspect it’ll end up making us
more money all up in the long run
all right so through
and into the
mini cutscene while it loads there
all right so two quick and one slower
and let’s try that again
guys if you’re uh you’re in chat and um
i don’t respond please uh
accept my apologies i’m not sure if the
incoming chat is working at all
there’s been a little bit of weird stuff
going on with the
broadcaster that i use and
sometimes the chat’s not not responding
quite as well as i’d like so i’m going
to apologize in advance if that’s the
it’s not that i’m ignoring you it said i
literally don’t know you there
but anyway let’s see how this goes so
we’ll just get that rolling
looks like we have
actual guards this time so it hasn’t
glitched out
get up and not that we actually see many
guards i think i normally take out two
possibly three that’s about it inside
the compound
outside of the compound yeah it’s it’s a
bit different where you have to take out
that one guard but yeah generally
speaking i normally get away with it
pretty easily
all right
yeah definitely got guards this time
okay up the due date here
saved it
saved it saved it saved it
all right let’s try that again
nope no you know what we’re gonna have
to do this the other way
oh they’ve seen me
oh that’s not good
ah they have chain spots
yeah i’m done
all right we’ll do the quick restart on
that one and see how we go
can’t believe we got spotted by a guard
that’s the first time in a minute
all right quick restart and see how we
go again
all right hopefully it’ll drop us
straight into the compound now we can
skip harvest little speech
and because we haven’t got uh got bags
we don’t need to worry about any of that
all right let’s try that again
all right that worked a bit better that
okay and go for a quick run
all right got him
did he get the alarm off no he didn’t
all right we’re golden
all right won’t worry about the gatekeys
let’s just go
straight on over here
and unlock and we’ll just do this real
so this gets us in the the back door
we can just do two hacks this way it’s a
bit quicker
hopefully we won’t get spotted in the
all right so that’s one
all right that’s two hopefully that’ll
get us through
el rubio is upset
all right let’s see how we go
into the panther thing and away we go
all right so let’s use the the glass
cutter here we’ll get this one and see
how quickly we can get it out
all right not too long there we go yep
got that out fairly properly so very
happy with that i can’t believe that i
got myself killed before that was
all right through there
and hopefully this this should be pretty
damn quick
all right where’s our boy
miles away
all right that was easy
uh-oh is he gonna spot me nope we’re all
good we are all good all right just wait
for this to go through
off the bike and hopefully not
clothesline myself into something at the
so we’re presently just shy of 20
minutes into the challenge
this is the second round
i didn’t go for the top uh top safe this
time simply because i got keys and keys
make it really quick to get in and out
through the bottom
so i think the money i had
lost by not going for the safe i will
probably make up by
being able to maybe squeak in an extra
one if i can get
a couple of goes at that
all right so through here don’t close
line myself
there’s the clearing
over we go off the ramp
rebreather on point the right way and
where are we
that way
all right so what i’m looking for is
where are you going
there we are
all right so what i’m looking for is
this cluster of mines and there’s some
whale bones there let’s see if we can
see them
so those ones they’re the ones you want
to go for you want to make sure north is
sort of right down the bottom corner
there as well so as soon as this
disappears i’m probably going to dive
off chat for just a few seconds while
that works oops press the wrong button
and we’ll see how we go while i do this
glitch so again apologies in advance if
i disappear
i won’t be too long
and let’s do a quick spinny
and see how we go
all right
can start and we are good to go again
matchmaking closed here we go
all right approach vehicle cassacka
infiltration point will be the main dock
no the infiltration point won’t be the
main dock it’ll be the drainage tunnel
so let’s move that to the
drainage tunnel
compound entry point is the drainage
tunnel as well
escape point will be the main dock
because i don’t much care
time of day is day because i’m blind
weapon loadout the only thing that’s
really important here
is that we have the
suppressors on let’s go
all right into the kaio heist again
and once we have control
is it me or is there more minds this
time i don’t know there seems to be more
every time
he’s getting more and more paranoid
they’re flaming everywhere
so i’ve just not noticed or that the
more he gets robbed the more they come
in i don’t know it’s weird i don’t even
know if they’d do anything i suppose i
could you know put through in the sub
and see what happens but um
not much point to it i suppose
all right let’s see how we go
oh must be stormy outside that’s why
it’s all dark that’ll make visibility
even uh even poorer for the guards not
that they spot me too much but
it’s always nice to uh to be invisible
in these things
all right so two and then
one slow
yeah i can feel the um
build the vibrations
or two oh come on
oh that is really distracting uh so the
controller is vibrating every time
there’s thunder above me
two three four five six there we go
it’s really distracting actually won’t
even chuck it on the table because uh
that’ll get rowdy real fast all right so
through here see the visibility is so
different with this
strangely enough i think i’m getting
this every maybe fifth or tenth round uh
now so it just yeah the weather is is
turning every maybe yeah fifth sixth
round i think
so that’s really interesting and uh
handy if you you want to take a
different approach
i mean your visibility is compromised as
well but yeah the guard visibility is
drastically reduced
okay so let’s go for a run over this way
i think we’re good there oh
grab the gun and off we go
i’m glad they got the rain right on this
one because uh played gta san andreas
the other day and uh let’s let’s go with
pretty average rain on that
there’s nine playable
actually i’ll
tell a lie it was completely unplayable
while that was happening all right keys
we’ll deal with that in a sec
sort this filler out first don’t care
about ammo but the keys do make it a bit
quicker so let’s get through
and then through so this is
i reckon this is a shaves a good maybe
30 40 seconds off
because i’m i’m hacking
two fewer times i do make a bit less
but it’s not too bad
oops there we go
there we are all right that should be
true so that is that was yeah much
quicker i think probably saves me a good
30 40 seconds on the top one because i’m
scanning this as two fewer times
so that’s all good i’m just wondering
once we’re in here can we go back up so
give that a try because if i can empty
the safe there’s an extra you know 70 90
grand in there which
certainly doesn’t help hurt for the uh
for the extra 20 seconds it takes
just squeak that in
to pay attention
okay getting a bit
bit bit bored hearing about pavel’s
uncle to be honest because it happens
every damn time now do we have a hack
do i need to hack the keypad yes i need
to again you know what i’m not even
going to worry
for 90 grand the extra 40 50 seconds not
in any way fussed about it
all right so through here
where’s that boy
all right he’s on his way
so let’s just wait for this guy to
wander past we’ll pop him
because you can’t see me right now
seems silly
all right he’s out of range
all right gold
i need to stay at a range of this fella
on the left-hand side there so that
wasn’t too bad so where are we at
half an hour
we’ve been going so with the glitches
this one’s only taken what eight minutes
my pretty average attempt at getting
into the um
into the compound
yeah so i’ll get about 1.8 ml in this
and because it’s a bit noisy i don’t
have to worry so much about that guy
spotting me so we’ll head through here
through that little clearing there
we should get a good run up here
into the drink
things on and get facing the right way
and that’ll help
all right and we’ve turned around and i
can see the whale bones off to the side
there so we won’t be too long so what
will happen here is as soon as i hit
those whale bones within probably 30 40
seconds i have to cut the internet to do
this glitch and will probably disappear
so i’m going to
apologize in advance when that happens
and just hold tight i’ll be back in
typically inside about a minute or two
to get that done so
we’ll see how we go
much did i deposit those funds
did i get those funds
that’s weird
all right well let’s see here we go
all right let’s start that again
that may or may not have saved
all right same as uh same as it always
so casaka drainage tunnel drainage
main dock
time of day
weapon loadout this is the important one
and we’re good to go
it’s a weird one if that last one didn’t
say that’d be a bit disappointing
should have picked up 1.8 mill i can’t
recall whether i saved it or not when i
started i don’t think it did so i might
have missed it
all right and we’re off again no there’s
just as many lines as last time he’s
just uh just paranoid
all right i can’t look at those right
now mate i’m sorry
okay here we go let’s see how we go
again so we are presently 40 just shy of
40 minutes into the challenge
not stormy this time
here we go concentrate a bit more makes
it a bit easier get through it a bit
hopefully this will be the last one
there it is
all right we have uh have enemies so
that means it’s all going to work
properly this time
there we go
all right and through we go again
so a nice bright sunny day in the uh the
caribbean today
so hopefully
this won’t be too challenging do a quick
u-turn off we go
it’s nice and easy
there we go
all right and shoddy make sure we’re
loaded and we’re good to go
all right here’s our board there’s the
he’s down
sort this fella out while he’s here
got him before they got the the alarm
went off so that’s okay and
ah damn it
that’s all right we’ll still get out
there pretty quickly
fortunately it’s all pretty clean from
here on out
let’s get in
i am not terribly fussed about uh about
getting discovered because i’m not going
for top end um
top end achievements with this one i
don’t care about the elite so hopefully
i’ll be able to get out of this one
without too many drums
one more after this one i think there we
go yep
one two three
one two three four
we’ll just go backwards
there it is that should be it done
all right so when i get downstairs i’m
gonna have to deal with an idiot and
hopefully that won’t be too bad
all right
there we go
so we will have a few enemies come at us
when we’re down the bottom
but that’s okay they won’t uh won’t be a
problem here
ah burn this up
that’s not great that’s okay it’s a
little bit distracted this round
unfortunately i think i’ve got a little
bit thrown off by the last round where i
didn’t actually get the cash but it
works most of the time so that’s all
right i don’t mind too much
all right let’s see how we
got for a moment
strangely enough i’ve got the alarms
coming off but there’s no one coming
there we go there’s one
i can’t see any guards there i don’t
know what’s going down
i can’t even recall if i have the key
so question is do i actually have a key
i do not have a key well that was a
silly thing wouldn’t it
all right he’s down
all right let’s reload get out of the
way up we go
we’ll deal with this this way hopefully
i’ll be okay so inventory first let’s
make sure that i am fully juiced with
the armor
all right let’s see how we go here
oh ouchy ouchy ouchy
all right will we get across hopefully
we will whoa that was a juggernaut
uh well
it happens it happens
let’s get a little bit of rp so we’ll do
a quick replay
there we go quick restart and off we go
so there we go only another 15 minutes
remaining and yeah then we are done done
done so
here we go let’s try this again
without getting spotted
i wonder who spotted me because i
thought i was clear i’ve not been pinged
there for a long long time so
had to have been him getting the uh
getting the alarm off
it’s the only thing it could have been
all right there’s our boy
so he’s down
he’s out please thank you very much so
skip this part just go straight down
all right and through we go so this will
save us a little bit of time
because we only need to get two here
instead of the standard
that was easy
all right there we go let’s see here we
go now again if you are in chat i’m
going to apologize i’m not ignoring you
the multi-stream chat just isn’t working
and youtube’s about the dummy so
unfortunately i’m not able to uh to get
uh and and see what’s coming in in chat
so apologies in advance and again
apologies to archie as well for not uh
not joining him
all right let’s see how we go there
hopefully this will be the last one
there it is
all right and through and off we go
again so thus far undetected
we’ve packed that already so hopefully
we’ll get through and this will be a
fairly robbed job
that was a juggernaut that was a bit
was that someone else in my game i don’t
know that seemed really weird
but a juggernaut wandering up there
that’s why i got busted before
someone spotted our boy
okay so let’s see how we go this time
just goes to show you got to be uh gotta
be pretty quick
all right two mil so with any luck
that’ll bring us about 1.8
watch out for the trees this time
through the wool there we go clear
through the clearing and off over the
and then we go
rebreather on make sure i’m facing the
right way and
there he is
and where are those whale bones out
there there all right cool
so hopefully we should be right
and off we go again
now again you are going she’s arch he’s
pretty keen on that uh that message i’m
sorry man i can’t check him right now so
all right so the stream will drop in a
few moments again i’m going to apologize
in advance if you hang about i will be
back for one possibly two more rounds
probably just the one
not go so well this might be the fifth
round actually
it’s probably the fifth round
and uh yeah had one fall over completely
uh it died once got busted
and one of the glitches just didn’t work
so i didn’t get the cash so this is the
last one i’m going to be doing i just
clipped the 25 mil last round so that
got me to 25.7 so hopefully this will
take me to around about
which is a nice nice little number
considering what we have coming up i
suspect the
new update for december is probably not
going to be a cheap one
having the uh having the cash will be
very very handy so also because i am
glitching this out even though it’s the
end of panther week
there’s a better than average chance my
glitch will continue
with the current loot so i can just come
back hold that 1.8 million pretty much
any time i want
which is a very very nice way of doing
all right so we’ll have that get this
he’s down
now i got the keys out of that fella so
nice and quick
so i might get this in the eight minutes
where are we at five minutes left five
minutes left maybe maybe if i get a good
draw on the uh
thing here although that’s glitching out
a little bit so that’s never good
all right so i’m gonna have to do two
all right that’s two done so hopefully
that’ll be all right
so this will be fairly quick we’re at uh
six minutes since i restarted the stream
and we’ve got about five minutes left
so if as long as as long as i get a good
draw here and i don’t get to get any
guards spotting anything they shouldn’t
i should be pretty safe here
all right cool so let’s get this through
hopefully rockstar will put pavel’s
uncle in a dlc i’d be genuinely psyched
if that happened and if he had one hand
that would be hungary’s who was missing
a finger or two
yep guys well out of you there we are
storm that in so where am i at at the
moment i’ve got four minutes left for
this round to keep it inside my hour
so we should actually make it
all right people with this one as well
but it’s a loading screen it’s got to be
done they’re loading an entirely
separate environment
so two
two million didn’t worry about getting
the other one
all right cool
inspira is handy like that
a bit more forgiving i was using the
sorry the uh the aggressors a bit more
bigger thing like that i was using the
conspirator for ages with the last round
of glitches but i’ve gone the aggressor
this time i’m glad i have if i’m honest
getting the wrong path all the way
through but that’s okay let’s get
through here
still the same result off we go
all right
i’m somebody now
all right and welcome back my name’s dan
i’m an old grumpy gamer and this is the
of my uh little
one hour challenge to see what’s what
in gta online
with doing the the kaio glitch
while attempting to sort of uh raise the
bank ready for the the december update
which is due to drop in a couple of
so it sounds a bit lively on the server
and there is
the one hour timer
so i think i got five
out in that one hour i was pretty happy
with that one really so to get that last
one in like eight and a half minutes
i’ve got a really good draw on that
okay save successful
time to complete yeah five minutes in
game that is probably one of the fastest
ones i’ve ever done
let’s say holding more than five grand
ah yes okay so let’s deposit that and
see where we ended up
money and services maze bank made menu
there we go
5 so that is
that’s not bad i’m pretty
happy with that one really happy with
that one in fact
okay so
i am going to call it there guys thank
you very much for joining and um thanks
for your patience especially with the
dropouts while i do this glitch it is a
pain in the backside
but uh yeah genuinely chuffed to have
you along thank you very very much so
again stay safe wash your hands and
we’ll see you in the next video

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