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29 May 2021: Heist Noobs try Cyao Perico (Redux)

Join OldGrumpyDan and WallabyM in their second live stream as they attempt to steal the Panthur Statue from the heavily guarded Cayo Perico island in GTA Online's latest update. Watch as they struggle through the heist prep and ultimately fail miserably in their attempt.
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Heist Noobs try Cyao Perico REDUX | GTA Online First

Heist Noobs try Cyao Perico REDUX | GTA Online First Heist

Join OldGrumpyDan and WallabyM as they attempt to complete the Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online. It’s their second live stream and Dan’s first online heist, so expect some hilarious fails and rookie mistakes as they try to take the Panthur Statue from the guarded private island of Cayo Perico.

Quick Links:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:52 Improvements on last time
  • 03:42 HEIST PREP: Finding the Underwater Grate infiltration point
  • 27:18 Dealing with audio / chat technical difficulties
  • 40:25 HEIST PREP: Cutting torch
  • 54:00 HEIST PREP: Disrupt weapons (badly)
  • 1:11:00 HEIST PREP: Disrupt armour (badly, again)
  • 1:27:43 HEIST PREP: Disrupt air support (terribly)
  • 1:43:00 FINALE: 2-Man Team, Stealth Approach
  • 2:33:19 Winning run (Part 1)
  • 3:12:25 Winning run (Part 2) WARNING: SPOILERS!


In this video, OldGrumpyDan and WallabyM attempt to complete the Cayo Perico Heist – Dan’s first online heist in GTA Online. Viewers can expect plenty of laughs as the newbie heist team struggles to infiltrate the guarded private island of Cayo Perico and steal the Panthur Statue. The video includes preparatory missions and a two-man team stealth approach to the heist finale.

Cayo Perico – The Location

Cayo Perico is a secluded island complex belonging to the world’s most renowned drug dealer, Juan Strickler (also known as El Rubio). Considered one of the most guarded private islands in the world, it is also home to Strickler’s drug empire and marathon beach dance parties attended by jetsetters, music producers, and heiresses.

The island is first visited by the online protagonist disguised as a management member when joining English Dave at a party organized by Juan Strickler. The rest of the video takes viewers through the prep missions and the heist finale as the team navigates the island’s challenges to steal valuable assets and get out undetected.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are a seasoned gamer looking for new content or new to the world of GTA and trying to learn the ropes, this video is sure to entertain, educate, and inspire. Watch as Dan and WallabyM hilariously stumble through the prep missions and try to pull off the Cayo Perico Heist in their first online heist.

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hi and welcome to the channel my name is Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer we’re back with
wallaby as we attempt the coyote heist again after uh what a nine hour session last time
mate and failing miserably we absolutely yeah it wasn’t great last time wasn’t yeah it was let’s
just say if anyone can sit through that nine hours watching they will be entertained but certainly
not for the reasons that they would normally be entertained no no all right so uh we have
attempted to make some improvements as well this time around so i’ve got a new chat bot hopefully
that’ll be a little bit bit nicer with the chat although i can’t guarantee anything um and
yeah we’ve adjusted audio and a few other bits and pieces and i’ve been watching a couple of guides
and i think i think i might know where that grate finally is so yeah no guarantees but he’s hoping
so yeah all right bear with me let’s get a few things organized i can’t take this bloody
breather off into uh gear it does not so it doesn’t give me the ability to change my
style or anything at the moment oh dear oh we’re in here it’s locked off
that’s weird it’s life yep it’s not going to stop us playing no no no all good
okay so uh last time we tried this i ended up getting stuck on the island myself
so what we need to do is get to the planning screen and infiltration points
so what we need to do is five we need the one down the bottom compound you know the drainage
tunnel’s got to be close to the compound yeah it’s um see if i can get my mouse up now we can’t
so it’s just to the left you remember we saw that uh cliff with the um the balcony
hanging out over the cliff it’s it’s just down here there apparently um so
yeah we’ll see what happens um should be on under infiltration points yeah possibly uh hey ahmed
how you doing mate thanks for joining um all right so let’s i’m just going to bring up the
yep cool thing all right so we might need to go back to the island
and also probably not worth not not bad for the
disruption as well so we’ll see what happens there
all right well good to see the chat’s working this time because the last time i couldn’t see it
and that was a bit disappointing there was a lot of people chatting there that um
weren’t able to see it at all all right so let’s see bye just love puffles bye
um just wondering if we go to let’s see how we get back to the coyote island
uh let me see i guess you’d have to let’s go to the gather intel
together intel yeah which would be back at the airport wouldn’t it
return to cayo perrico except let’s see how that goes
all right so we have to go to the charter jet did you get that as a mission
yes wonderful all right we got the ceo kate but down mate
oh silly it’s even better oh
where you going jumping it’s my trick who’s driving i’m driving
they’re driving either sit down or am i going to bouncy out
hopefully you won’t dance me out it’s a few bit of chop coming up
and there you go you’ve asked me out oh dear oh dear all right
where are you just gonna drop mike for a
all righty might as well pop the uh
optical back here i was thinking i’ll stand guard because you know just to be safe
that’s all right there you go
it is choppy right choppy
now remember around the other side of the airport was that gate we could get through yeah
um i’m not sure if we can get get in anywhere on this side no uh so we’ve just i’ve found
that if we can put along the coastline look for stairs up that normally does the jump
okay yeah there’s one on the left there is it i think here’s over there yes there is there is
is that stairs it is sweet
there’s two
very tasty
all right let me see if i can turn the
let me return the dinghy ah okay won’t let me while i’m while i’m active you’re
right yep it’s all right just uh get the hang of it how far away is this thing
yeah we’re gonna have someone fly in this thing or do we have no we uh it’s it’s all cutscene
oh i’ve gone straight past it no you haven’t oh yeah where you going i just thought i’d
take a quick ride
whoops yeah not even off the ground any crashing no that’s right that was the plan
why because it’s only here
maybe that didn’t save as much time as i thought it did
okay do i follow you yep yeah you’ll see a marker there yeah it’s all man
that’s what i was heading towards to start with all right you in the do
you get put in your cutscene straight away i certainly have wonderful all right fantastic
all right this uh the ceo okay because we get the hang of it
all right so this is the first time i’ve returned to the island
they haven’t gotten the jeep i didn’t you’re in the dance dance party
all right where are you ah yep gotcha yeah don’t worry about dancing it’s uh why not
have a groove i’ll uh i’ll i’ll sit with my little dancing i think
jeff here has got about as much rhythm as i do all right cool so uh what we need to do
is exit via the gate without being spotted so we head this way
straight past the guard okay yeah nice okay so we want to head up through here
that’s nice putting the extra cutscenes in there
okay and then yes
all right so apparently we need to head through the forest
badly okay um
oh maybe not maybe not this vehicle
seems to be that uh where we’ve got to head to all right so i’ve put a marker on the map
yeah yeah so what we need to do is get on the other
side of that and then go for a swim apparently
i’m not very good at this i don’t think we’re gonna get anywhere in the car we might not see no
i think we have to uh i’m gonna get spotted yep apparently you were and i have been yep now
thanks for joining us ahmed it was uh it’s good to catch up with you mate i’m sorry we
we didn’t get much more of a chat you couldn’t hang around
all right all right so last time i think i came in off this side
instead and snuck through uh are you um you a bad mate where very opposed
all right cool can you see me on the map i am just to your sort of right off the um
and i can’t hear you if you’re chatting
all right where’d you go
all right so we need to go this way
where’d you go turn around where are you off to
all right let’s try that way
i i can’t hear you man if you’re
presume we’re looking for a boat that looks an awful lot like a boat house
let’s go up there have a quick look
you can see a dead whale i cannot see a boat
no it doesn’t look like it
wonder if our friend nessie did that there you go all right
can we get to that boat don’t think we can can we
not entirely sure where you’re off
right so it sounds as though chat is malfunctioning that’s a bit weird yeah it doesn’t
sound like uh yeah that’s a bit weird at all all right so bear with me for a few moments guys um
might need to reboot but we’ll see what happens uh i’ll tell you what let’s let’s get caught
and see what uh see what happens there where’s the nearest guard
i think
that’s all right so if you’ve just joined us and this is mine and whoops and uh wallaby’s
first time trying to do well second time really because we we did a uh
did a pretty ordinary job last time uh trying to uh do the cayo perrico heist
and wallaby has just dropped off chat i’m not entirely sure where where he is
but uh i think he’s making our way to a marker i placed before
so i’m going to try and do the same thing so i’ll head back to camp and kind of see what happens
all right so we shall attempt to avoid that camera
all right just got him on chat there
all right let’s see how we go
so we need to start by getting around that camera making sure we don’t get busted by the car
which way is it going
all right so that’s out of his line of sight
just nip across here and just keep an eye on the uh the camera and the dude
in the watchtower there so we don’t get busted and so to see how we go from there
so last time around i didn’t really get terribly far i just did the bare minimum and it turns
out that was not a flash idea which way is it facing wrong way that’s great sneak through here
let’s go hide here for a moment
which way is he looking
all right now he’s facing the other way go for a trot avoid that camera
and we get a boat
all right let’s uh let’s see if we can borrow a boat from that boys here
in trouble it
all right so it’s just above us
even though jeff’s head’s underwater he doesn’t seem to be terribly bothered by it
as soon as we can we’ll wait for that guard to pass and hopefully we’ll be able to um
where are we you know he’s completely avoided it look of it
and hopefully we’ll be able to snaffle that boat
all right so he’s up that camera appears to be fixed
and just wait for that fella to turn around let’s see if we can go for a swim
this isn’t good that’s not good at all there we go
all right i have a boat oh that’s fantastic all right let’s go find
he’s not too far away
there he is
just ping him on chat
hey he spotted me fantastic
okay here we are well that’s going to be a bit easier to find that reconnaissance
okay let’s have a look
okay and that is our win all right so now i think we can return
so forgive me i’m just pinging uh pinging wallaby on chat while uh while we’re there so
uh now that we’ve got that done that’s sort of our main entry point that’s the biggie for
us so let’s head back to the island or just sorry head back to the pilot
and maybe do some extra preps and then sort of see what’s happening from there
all right so uh big thanks to dark viper au and tgg for that
and couldn’t have spotted that without them so that was really really handy
a few of the few of the speed runners and the quick guides around the place do make
it a bit easier to do it so i highly recommend checking out their channels
oh she’s properly choppy today
all right so we’ve already scoped the radio tower we’ve already scoped a lot of the
island stuff and i think that’s kind of what we need to do now
always graceful and let’s head back to the plane or to the pilot i should say
some nice planes up here happily borrow a few
all right head to the pilot need a return and then job done
back we go so hopefully we’ll pick up the communication again as soon as that’s done
touching down
and now that we’re back in a session there we go wallaby can you hear me again
apparently not
okay let’s uh i’m just just picking him on chat again we
may need to reboot guys we’ll see how we go
um just going to try swapping settings and checking voice chat and voice
all right and see how we go there
all right so that’s chat off just going to try now turning chat back on
let’s check in enabled voice chat talking on there we go voice activators activated
all right let’s see if that’s done anything to help
all right so let’s see how we go there so we’re just having a few communications issues
with wallaby there you can’t hear me and i can’t hear him chatting
um we’ve just uh just pinging each other over uh over skype here so we’ll just see what happens
while he’s paused and hopefully he’ll come back if not we’ll do a quick reboot and then off we go so
if you’re just joining us firstly welcome this is uh old grumpy gamers my name is dan and we’re here
with uh wallaby and we are taking our second run at the first go of the kaio-pereco heist
and if i’m honest we are both pretty damn ordinary at it but we’ve just scoped the great underneath
the island and i think we’re both pretty happy with how that’s gone so far so that’s lovely
all right i can still not hear him
all right
and i don’t think he can hear me as well so let’s assume that it’s technical problems
and i might reboot in a few moments so yeah
all right so i’m going to try starting by another session leaving the session
and then we’ll see how we go from there
all right so i’m just going to jump into another session
and yeah we’ll see if we can get these technical things sorted and hopefully
we’ll get voice chat back because it will make it a very very boring quite challenging
afternoon if we uh we can’t actually hear each other to coordinate so much point um kicking
around with you with with your mates if you can’t hear them over chat so let’s see here we go
all right so we’re just loading in a new session that that session seems to have
been booked but we’ll see what happens all right are we in a new session now
all right we shall wait for the wallaby to join us
meantime let’s go for a toilet and see what’s going on around here
have we got a gang attack or anything nope here he is g’day mate how are we doing
can you hear me i can absolutely hear no i got nothing definitely connected
something’s definitely going very very wrong
but that was really quick that was really quick i’m
wondering if i came back in and out of the the the same session
all right well that’s clearly not worked
um let’s try a different session again
and see what’s going down
all right sorry about the thump that’s just me going on to mute and having a
slope of coffee that uh mrs grumpy gamer made me
all right so if you’ve just joined us thank you welcome
uh just having a few technical issues while i’m trying to get organized and
yeah that looks like a different session and catch up with wallaby who’s joined us on another session
so let’s try again see if he’s in this session we’ve got a gang attack there
all right this appears to be a brand new session so we’ll see what happens
and neat little emperor there all right let’s have a look in settings voice chat on on
definitely happening there
yeah let’s have a look at the audio settings
well that’s a little bit weird all right let’s see
if while we can join us and see if we can invite him
all right i’m going to try and join wallaby as well now that i’ve been able to exit the
session hopefully we’ll get this thing working otherwise we’ll do a quick uh quick reboot and
see how we go g’day sulphuric thanks for joining us good to see a bit of activity on the chat last
time around the the chat malfunctioned and i couldn’t actually see anything so we had
wallaby reading stuff after um after the fact quite a bit after the fact actually so
uh please bear in mind as well this is only a second stream so we’re not
necessarily as flash at this as perhaps some of our more polished colleagues
but uh let’s see how we go i don’t appear to have chat still
let’s see if wallaby’s in this session he is
it’s definitely broadcasting my info
let’s see what goes on here hey all right he can hear me according to the uh the chat
but i still can’t hear him but that is an improvement that is certainly better than where
we’re at before so i’m just going to head down to wallaby’s nightclub and we’ll see what happens
uh so in order to make that happen i ended up joining a different session
and then uh i think i ended up joining two different sessions and then
joy and then then did the joint friends thing and that seemed to have picked up at least
at the other end but i still can’t hear one can you hear me now dan hey here we go
fantastic welcome back mate ah good to be back that was unfortunate now at least we got it over
that was weird that was weird like uh so yeah what about halfway through exploring the island
that uh yeah that went sideways that’s not good that’s not good at all it was after we after we
got spotted you reckon yeah so it’s like yeah it’s like it separated us into two different um
lobbies even though we’re in the same one yeah that’s weird oh geez that was uh oh
i’m genuinely just surprised i survived that was uh not necessarily the best stunt ever
might as well come back over all right so i’ll be at the club in a few seconds actually
come to the front door
oh that was really ordinary
hey beard man how you doing mate thanks for joining us
yeah and yeah it’s good to be live mate um we are very very new at this
but it is a lot of fun so far so uh let’s actually start now by calling the dinghy
and seeing how we go there so wallaby can you still hear me i just want to make sure
it hasn’t glitched the kasaka would be good first yeah that’s probably not a
bad idea all right kasaka and services and where are we can’t request a dinghy
where is it
it’s not too far away so hopefully now that that’s done let’s see if we can request that thingy
there we go all right is this a two seater mate can you get on
uh probably not oh sweet you can oh yeah [ __ ] nice and somebody’s in my club
well that’s good where’s the dinghy right there where’s the kasaka
oh that could be why no you’re not you haven’t hired me all right so i’ve just offered to nearby
so if you check your phone hopefully
there we go there we go all right got the dinghy
all right in we go
all right you’re driving doesn’t seem right yeah cool all right sounds good
all right well that’s glad to have the technical stuff out of the way
um yeah that was weird as soon as we both got busted off we went
yeah and and i had to leave leave like it properly bought the session
so that was a little bit odd i tried resetting the audio and the mic and everything else and it just
didn’t seem to do anything yep no me too um so i ended up uh yeah leaving the session and then it
dropped me back into the same session which was bloody pointless and then yeah and you you didn’t
set a show up properly either yeah that’s it and then i i went to another session again to and then
i was able to come back in and join heist and and away we went so now we have that one done let’s go
organize the um the torch hey because i think that’s that’s the beginning now we’ve done that
yeah it’s just the torch and we’ll be right okay so prep equipment cutting torch right eo
construction site i believe uh i believe from uh watching one of the
tutorials online that if you uh i don’t know if this was just sheer luck when it was done and i
was watching or where it will actually work but i was i believe that if you put on a hard hat
when you do this uh you can walk straight past the guys at the construction site pick up the
torch and walk out again uh you know what with the construction assassination with franklin
that’s exactly how you infiltrate the site without getting busted so yeah that’s that is entirely
possible um which means we neither of us have probably got a hard hat so we probably need to go
and get one yeah let’s see how we go thanks self eric are you um you’re heading off mate
okay let’s uh top up where am i up up up up
well ladder come on no no no no not in the boat all right so where can we buy a hard hat
let’s ask the guy a clothing shop i presume so yeah clothing shop yes i know i’ve seen them all
right great uh can you put a marker on the map please mate my mark on the map let’s have a look
here is clothing shop well actually there’s one just before the construction site
okay yeah cool so we can go yeah go there all right sweet
no i think we’ll be right uh sorry just cut straight across there through that gap
all right you know it’s all right just checking options and making sure stuff’s returned and
whatnot seems to be a thing all of the uh all the other youtubers are um suggesting it okay
all right let’s see how we go
ah cool so uh sulfuric says there’s hard hats at the site so thanks mate
that’s awesome oh okay cool all right cool but uh yeah thanks for popping by us off
here it’s uh it’s good catching up thank you very much someone knows what they’re
doing giving us tips i like that yeah thanks thank you very much guys that is brilliant
today all right so let’s head let’s head to the site and we’ll have a quick putt around and
see if there’s uh see if there’s a quick hard hat there that we can snaffle where you going
following the gps it’s hilarious watching you flail that uh that weapon about though
ridiculous thing on your face yeah and i still can’t take it off that’s hilarious
all right but you might try again i don’t know if i can though
don’t kill us yeah so if you go to i think style accessories it’ll say none but what
you can do is you can swap it to the rebreather and then swap it back to none it’ll take it off
something’s going on there
it smaller let me in
is time to yeah staying out of sight of armed guards
all right let’s see what happens so i can stretch he did mention yep hard hats are
going to be the way to go so we do have to worry about cones of vision
there’s the torch can you see this and yeah i can see the green target hey there we go hard hat
head on what is going on
there we go finally got my hard hat on so hopefully it’s one right behind you there mate
there we go there we go cool all right so you can see the little green arrow there hopefully it’ll
cover it off
and there we go
nice would you like to do the honors uh yeah if i don’t go back downstairs behind i’m on it
got it okay no not that tool box apparently
it’s uh said to look for look for a toolbox it says another one over the other side there
oh there’s a few of them yeah
whoops all right should be that
ah someone is reeking here as well there we go got me a cutting torch
something happened i must have must have been in view with uh with someone oh and i just got shot
are you okay uh i just got wasted ah no all right leaving leaving leaving leaving
where am i i’m about
okay uh oh crap can you uh go grab that bag of stuff
i can get out of the house i mean whoa you’re laying happy
now okay i’m gonna go in arm
maybe not yep i’m down
all right yeah go in uh go in loud mate you see anyway
and um that prep gear has been pinged as well so pretty much anyone can see it
all right we’ve got a couple of vehicles on approach too
[ __ ] you [ __ ]
took care of them got it got it all right call my bikes around here somewhere all right
yeah over here all right cool let’s go
oh [ __ ] i know
all right
all right i’m about to straighten half away oh man
my spawn is in a horrible place all right you got it i’ve got that all right cool
there’s still one floating around here
that’s all right jump on jump on
all right good to go man right okay
let’s get out uh cul-de-sac
could escape down the laneway yep okay request the
all right so there we go there’s alright
and services
that’s right we’ll head out all right cool
that’s all good so welcome to everyone just joining us so we uh a couple of very very
newbie ice players we’ve not done this before this is our second go-around at trying to get the um
trying to get the kyo perico heist done first first attempt was uh not what you call um
fruitful was it mate no definitely not um it was was good nine hours worth of practice
but uh yeah not not in any way actually helpful
i i reckon we should check to see whether
we now hold the record for the longest attempted failed mission
okay so that should be ours out there hopefully
so eagles still getting to know this menu return your personal pull up
services requesting that should rock up in a second where to put that there it is
maybe i shouldn’t have put my bike away so early
all right cool gotcha tell me it’s not stuck on a rock no no no no it’ll be fine it’ll be fine
thanks for joining us beard man um sorry to see you go mate uh appreciate you popping by really do
all right so how did you get spotted
at the construction site uh i may have taken the tools while i was standing in front of a guard
while he was looking yeah he could do it
that is not the right thing so i thought i was running not
this is the quickest way
now we need to upgrade this sub too so that uh you can have a oh
um okay yeah yep yeah all right enter with nearby organization members there we go
it’ll wrap up the dinghy in a few seconds yeah
we need to upgrade this sub so that we can uh land a chopper uh yes well it’s it it’s got the
chopper upgrade as uh it’s just you know we don’t own the chopper so the moon pool’s there already
it’s just a case okay so what chopper do we need um a sparrow uh it’s it’s one that you
have to buy with this uh do not be afraid yeah all right cool equipment delivered
all right so let’s do this infiltration point yeah it’s open let me see if i can
come on there we go all right station used we’ve pretty well got
we still need to do targets secondary targets or anything no i think we’ve got all of that and
um oh cool thanks mr beard uh beard man that was that’s awesome so he said he actually watched the
uh a good portion of the last stream and said it was it was a bit of fun so that’s great um
i can tell you though two and a half hours of losing in the same point after that uh
trying to get to the front of that that mission was not not great
uh it was funny as it was funny but i was getting a little frustrated by hour nine
uh all right so um we’ve got a couple of prep missions here i suspect i would i think um
we’ve got the cassette that’s that’s all we need for approach vehicles because we’re going
to take the um the southern approach but do you want to do the disruption
uh missions anyway why not yeah all right sounds good why not all right so let’s
start with the weapons get that done and apparently this genuinely makes difference
okay so takes away all their weapons and armor and stuff though
reduces it significantly all right so where’d that
dealers here in thing andreas we take them down we give the island
guards a limp before we have even started we have one chance and this is it good luck
hey uh are you able to request your personal vehicle mate i reckon that uh that that big nasty
one that you were talking to yeah well i just could say we might might need to get to the club
to do that i don’t know as i can request that um unless i’m a ceo which would screw things up yeah
so spin take this as i said take this thing back out go around to the back of the club
okay yep come back in go back around to the back of the club and we’ll see if we can take it out
from there but also how are you for armor uh pretty ordinary but i’m not real good with the
with the armor that’s that’s all right now have you got have you got a supply of armor i do i have
no idea how to actually put it on uh inventory inventory let’s give it a go in inventory
yep i’ve got some super heavy all right cool that’s done okay i’ve got none i’ve got none stuff
we go get the vehicle we’ll drop into a drop in and get a um a bit of armor and then go from there
yeah sounds good sounds very good okay to uh if you’re just joining us as well my name is dan i’m
an old grumpy gamer and i am kicking around with wallaby at the moment and we are doing one of the
prep missions for the we’re doing the disruption prep mission for the uh sorry matt we might run
out of time if we try going to club oh yeah you are correct we only have a limited time there
okay uh squint no no go around go to your right a little go to your right a bit go to the right okay
you’ve got the channel yeah go to the channel and we’ll steal a chopper that will cut some time out
yep all right good move i keep forgetting that spawn here i was going for the cars
all right so i have homing missiles which will be really handy
all right so where is okay well if i fly yeah yep then you take targeting all right uh now we’ll go
up those ramps in front of you yeah straight up the ramp hopefully be a chopper up here
yes maverick nice all right if you uh jump in and uh and fire it up i’ll uh i’ll take gunny position
can i actually huh i cannot
select my weapons what’s that i’ve got a bullpup that’s alright cool uh have you got the markers
yep cool let’s see who’s first
all right so we want the one on the far left first just part away first okay purple marker all right
damn it’s a shame we didn’t notice at that time before because i reckon we’ve lost
about two or three minutes to that pain that’s alright yeah i reckon we did mom
huh there’s a flying with players um rp bonus as well i just got 200 for
just kicking around for no good reason yeah
all right now remember i am out the left hand side that is all i can target
okay let’s see here we go what can i
sweep a sniper right so it’s going to be the ballpark
where are we
all right
you have to rotate back
okay now you’re you should be all right can we get a bit closer
oop i’m dead that’s alright not a bad thing you target them from there yeah
right got them
there’s a chopper right there you’ve got them jumping yeah stand by ah
we’re not in good shape so you’re in yep i mean let’s go okay i’m on the right hand side
yeah we’re not in good shape that’s okay uh because they had um choppers at the last place
all right so quarry next doesn’t mean they will at the next one gotta go to the right that’d be wrong
so i suspect what we should do is probably touch down a little bit further away and
i’ll just peg him or actually you know what i can do i have a sniper rifle
so if we can survive the the trip there i should be able to take him out with that
where are they yeah so they’re aways uh they’re in the quarry all right so i reckon probably down
yeah cool uh can we rotate around that
just need to i’m on your right hand side so we need to rotate left
we need to get further away
all right and can you rotate to the right please
where is he all right over here bugger holding steady where are they
got him all right [ __ ] i can’t get to him from there
all right there’s one of his mates
[ __ ] he’s off all right that was a bad idea got him right
uh it’s glitched
oh that’s not good
weapons let’s try once more with the sniper where’d he go
got him all right let’s go next one a minute and a half to go
okay well this is this is definitely the way to do it then
um it’s a sniper rifle and a uh and a bit of distance
that was glitched so bad he was um t-posing
yeah might not have a chance to to do that with this one night
i’ll see how we go it looks like he’s out in the drink
no he’s not didn’t he oh geez you know we haven’t got a lot of time here have we
oh it’s maverick the other side of this hill
maverick has seen better days
here we go yeah the t-pose was strong with that one uh
is that bikes are cool i guess man that’s what a cool username
but yes the t-pose was definitely strong with that one all right uh where is he
where is he where is he where is he uh can you rotate around furthermore
oh he’s seen us that’s for sure that keep rotating
nine four seconds uh no idea where he is i can’t see him i can’t see him ah damn it okay all right
well we can always redo this okay well that is also um ballistic armor so that’s not too bad all
right well let’s call the casaka back and well we can go back we can get just go back to you go back
to your dinghy that’s all the way across the other side of the map that’s all right it’s okay request
if you’re gonna request then we’re gonna end up going anywhere yeah
let’s see where it’s uh where it ends up
while you’re requesting i’m gonna go over here
where is it i’m gonna go over here and get some armor yeah yep cool
geez it’s right out the other side of the map too
what does it think my thing is
it’s weird it’s glitching out because uh i shouldn’t actually
it’s it’s showing me a dingy map there is not a dinky on that
all right might as well fire some heavy armor while i’m here
all right so that’s full super heavy and it’s stuck up onto that moment
okay we can actually there’s an invite from the phone
there’s a continued prep work so let me know whether you’ve you’ve purchased you think i
are you good i have yeah great cool so let’s continue prep work
so after we file pep prep work apparently there’s a uh yeah we get an invite back to the sub
uh did you get the invite
so if you go to bring up your phone go to your job list
which is the orange one in the center
nothing yeah okay that’s walked me straight back to the casaka that’s okay
uh are you able to just i can just i should be able to get out there to you yeah cool
the uh that chopper was looking a little worse for where before it’ll be all right yeah cool
all right let’s see i’ve flown worse
yeah the cargo bombs look a little worse where after
the uh the vip missions that’s certainly for sure
can hear it in the distance
let’s see we are oh that’s right you can hear me in the distance you’ve got good ears
it’s definitely some uh you know what it actually might be coming through your mic anyways as you
can hear the thought that’s possible all right now that i’m off the cassava right where are you
oh you’re not too far away you just there you go um getting there
you’re just going to uh ditch it near the uh actually i reckon if
you just hover near the casaka that’ll probably get us there i reckon i i will
speaking of hovering around the cassette that’s um jeff’s feet are not on the ground
that’s all right
i should be able to land on it all right oh yeah yeah
all right so uh do you want me to clear the front or you’re going to try for the stand
i’ve yeah good move so once you’re close i should be able to should be able to pull you in
oh man that thing is not looking healthy
a nice way
all right let’s uh let’s see how it goes
all right let’s see if we can’t do this thing again
yeah so this time we’ll uh be a little bit more ready for it
that’s the thing with the first times in it it’s uh all right so let’s go back to prep
disruption weapons can we do it again no we can’t all right armor next time
go to the distribution center 10 minutes on the clock this time
all right let’s see if that maverick’s still up the top that’ll be really handy
doesn’t look like
on turn
all right do you have a chopper in your personal vehicle inventory mate
my chopper is at the
air force base ah right
okay let’s uh vehicles request personal
vehicle and well so get rid of that
all right cool
my bike is really close
oh okay and it will be much quicker than that thing all right stay by oh separate vehicles
where are you in the car right all right so hang on stand by oh
yeah this is going to be a drive mate uh standby what we want to do let’s head to the airport first
where are you i’m heading straight to wherever all right cool uh you know what let’s
quickly zip by trevor’s airfield there there’s often a maverick spawns there
yep all right there is all right cool so let’s see uh let’s see who gets it first day
i reckon you’re catching me yeah i reckon i’m not they batty is ridiculously quick
it’s not even fully upgraded yet it’s just uh just putting along
i’ve got no idea what what this car is capable of so yeah not much you’re definitely catching yeah
all right there you go see you later and i missed my turn off
too excited about going past it
all right let’s see where we go head for that airfield and uh and see if there’s
anything worth taking there well i’m going to keep heading this way in case there’s not yep
no that’s cool both faces certainly certainly catch up with you before you hit that
head down there yeah if you’ve got a chopper you will yep well even in the uh just on the body
all right do we have a chopper
yeah uh oh i’ve got a plane i haven’t got a chopper i’ve got a plane
give it a shot but there’s nowhere to pick me up if you take that
oh no hang on we do have a chopper
get out geez we really picked the wrong end of the map for this
oh it’s weaponized too nice
all right where are you um not far from the casino actually all right cool yeah hitting your woman
i’m not that far away from it
i have homing missiles
that sounded like you’re having fun that’s the first car i’ve clipped the whole time
all right so i’m not far from the diamond casino i am heading in your general direction
yep i can see some clown driving erratically and into things i’m assuming that is you
probably coming down just going to land in that intersection
well i was going to say we’re almost there head straight there yeah
cool so let’s see how we go
all right so there’s the district distribution center
oh oh i am not doing well cactus not yet it’s uh
where are they everywhere all right i’m gonna have to uh come at this at a different angle
i have to learn how to use these flaming things
right that’s how we do it okay it’s been a while since i’ve used an armored chopper
all right stand back i’m gonna throw some missiles down there badly very badly
oh this thing is not fair and well can’t even find him
yeah i’m just gonna uh i’m gonna drop out my oh yeah that wasn’t brilliant
this is going to be a lot easier if i’m not anywhere near that chopper i am no good in the air
these guys don’t want to die that’s for sure
all right you can take care of them i will mop a couple grenades over
ah good wasted yep me too all right we haven’t got a long all right so where are we
a minute and a half left this way
all right i got a couple of the crates down got it
all right heading in you destroyed all of them the outside ones yes
all right heading in inside as well this is going to get messy it’s going to get real messy
loving a grenade
all right so there’s one more crate on the inside just on the right hand
side there man if you can take that one out we’ve got 20 seconds left
all right lobbing a grenade i would have
all right grenades grenades everywhere
let’s see we’ve got ah that’s all right got a few of them oh well still it’s eight out
of ten yep all right well that’s it’s better than it was where are you yep i really need
to get a lot better at using helicopters all right let me just go collect the car
here anywhere what did you do with it uh might have blown it up
i have blown it up i love that okay let’s see if we can get over where are you
here around the other end i’m coming back towards you yeah i’m i’m on the overpass mate
you’re on the overpass what are you doing up there yeah nice coming down oh i haven’t yet
all right here we are oh wait
right got us a car
yeah before the cops spot us yeah cool
oh we’re riding straight in straight into and they swallowed us yeah assume
all right cool uh yeah we might have to go crosstalk we go this way we uh
we can head towards the club from here so if we can avoid the cops in the meantime
that’s not going to happen because this is where i want to go
fantastic fantastic
all right go property charges all out for the day so if you’re just joining us welcome
my name’s dan i’m an old grumpy gamer and we are playing today with wallaby from australia
and we are attempting to get the kaya puriku heist out this is our first time what’s our
second time trying but the first time hopefully we’ll get it so let’s see here we go we’ve just
finished the prep mission wallaby’s showing how particularly good he is
badly but that’s okay because i just blew up an armored chopper uh all good all part of the fun
all right so we are heading to wallabies nightclub and then after that back to the casaka and we’ll
do the last disruption machine that thing i think we’re heading to the club here we are sort of
trying to get the the lights off of us so we’re not being spotted but i don’t think that’s going
to work nah just go straight club are you able to call it i call up the dinghy yep sure thing
i can keep him at very long enough for that yeah cool thingy’s been
delivered it’s just out the side but if you just go straight off the edge
straight through straight through yep that’s all right there’s a
warehouse there we can just go straight in between that yep
oh fantastic straight over the edge there we go job’s done bailing out that dinghy
all right let’s see how we go there it is over there
floating in the air yep all right you in as soon as you’re in
no all right we’re in there go go go oh oh no oh no oh jesus get in very poorly
oh there’s a boat in front of you yeah all right where is the casaka
who knows but we’re then chased by a boat
yeah that’s all right we’ll outrun them yeah cool crazy requests is a new uh
new extra fitted rp so that’s all right that’s all good
hey there is a kasaka upper head yeah yeah i’m pretty confident it’s ours
yeah that’s us for too long there’s a cop behind it yeah i just spotted that
he’s trying to keep it not that he’s looking the right way no
no no trying to keep it down in the chop and ride the uh right the top of the waves
yeah it gets me this this is based on yeah um well they they say the maps based on a um
one of the counties in l.a yeah and obviously um los angeles itself in general i mean you know
vinewood hollywood etc yeah but it’s amazing how many storms and how much bad weather this map gets
oh geez we are everywhere is this flavor thing apparently we’re heading in the right direction
a little that’s it keep it going straight we should get there eventually there it is
all right so there’s one more disruption mission you want to go try and do that one badly
oh why not yeah it sounds good all right let’s not park this on the roof
no not like i did i’m just gonna dive in anyway
all good all right there we go fantastic
all right dude that’s booting up and then last good job disruption mission see how we go
absolutely oh beard man i thought you’d left mate no awesome i’m
glad you’re still here yeah you and me both mate i’m down in um
uh brighton and uh it’s been it’s been really weird here uh the the daytime has been
glorious like in the mornings but in the afternoons it’s just turned to utter rubbish
uh all right so uh what part of the uk are you in uh speedman
all right there we go
just wondering where the best place is gonna be to get a plane it’s gonna be around here and
easy stuff yeah i spent some time up in uh in manchester when i arrived in the uk beard
man it was um it’s a nice spot i did visit liverpool for a uh about a half a day but
be honest you only went to liverpool so you could go to the cabin
yeah um i have uh have some mates who were 40 fans and um they went up for for a couple of
days i’m not much of much into football myself but yeah that was all right it was good fun
but i loved manchester though absolutely loved manchester uh all right so there is a plane
where’s the plane yeah but is that one we can use or is it someone else’s no no no that’s one that
looks like one we can use yeah this this one that probably that’s what we’re going to go to
but yeah you’re right with the storms it was just mental it came out of absolutely nowhere
but mind you the other day i sort of jumped into a lobby and it was just snow um so it
was the full christmas lobby so you know you know there’s a modder in there you just go i am
not doing any vip missions or cargo work in this lobby i think i might just putt around for a bit
as i i logged on the other day and all through my nightclub there was these
racing cars just dumped like some giant kid had dumped these uh matchbox cars in there
oh that’s brilliant you know i actually saw a modder using a car gun
as in one of the miniguns but instead of bullets it was literally shooting cars i’ve got footage of
it somewhere i’ll see if i can find it and post it because it was the weirdest thing i’ve ever seen
um incidentally hit like cars as well it was uh it was not great it was not great
but uh yeah i don’t think i want to be hit by a car no it was and they were moving at
the same speed as bullets but it was it was amusing i will absolutely give it
where is this plane uh uh check your map at the airport yeah so
i’m just heading over to the airport now we should be able to get up in that same way
that that same ladder that we did before so sort of head to that curve there
yeah straight ahead kind of want to avoid the uh the workshops there but it was normally ah
i love how far up on the beach that goes yep that’s all right
that up nicely
all right there should be a gate here
somewhere is all right there’s a car off to the right there so i’m
just going to go for a truck mate and grab that so it’ll still be quicker
jesus taking its time come on come on come on come on
how much does the sparrow cost it’s uh a couple million three mil or something like that
yeah i would get someone coming our way no maybe not
all right there we go
all right let’s see how we are where are you where are you you’re on the runway right there we are
yeah they’re coming after us
is that the buzzards or the um or just a random no the around them
here we go
why have we got
where we go are you just kidding that thing i’m about to die here
yeah this isn’t gonna go super well
uh i think i’ve got all but one there got him
all right looks like on pilot mate you’re going to be gunning
oh wonderful
how do you know how to load this thing uh i’ll figure it out um
can you put a marker on the map please where were you heading first
hey oh
geez where are they miles away there’s three of them off the coast just past
the air for the air air force yep all right cool got your marker head that way that’s at least
that’s at least a number of them yeah so we’ll get get the closest ones possible
so we’ve got the so there’s flares it’s probably not the closest ones but
uh scanning to see if i can see any in the sky but okay
all right so i’ve got a machine gun i’ve got flares i have no idea how to open the bombay doors
well these first three are somewhere over the water there
there’s the air force do not want to go anywhere near them they will get very upset
uh maybe maybe not because i’ve got a hangar uh yeah maybe
still better not to take a chance yep
hey where are these buggers ah down below us yeah so they’re a bombay run
how do we i don’t know
there we go i’ve got no idea how we open the bottom doors i’ve got it i’ve got it
all right so hold a to engage carpet
how many you got there oh there’s choppers on our tail now
yeah that wasn’t my best work
oh yeah
yeah i’m gonna run out of time there’s no way i can do this in six seconds four three two oh well
they still want to shoot me the best
okay vehicles quest personal vehicles are here we can steal one of these yeah can you
no bugger can you uh legally leave a bomb handy
oh one of them is or at least one of them is destroyed yeah yeah i got one which is better
than none but uh yeah definitely will we’ll get better at this as we go along yep okay well
i’m in the water don’t run me over yeah we will anyway there you go
all good
okay so at least next time we know how to open the bomb doors yep
and i reckon if you’ve got this sparrow obviously these disruption missions would be a lot easier
and a lot more successful yeah sparrows and oppressors make things much easier apparently yeah
now why don’t you just call up the kasaka from here and not get out of the boat oh there’s your
bike okay yeah that’s probably not a bad idea all right so except now that we’re not in the water
yeah but that’s okay i’ll make this thing go back
all right return options return kasaka
sorry guys still getting used to this
turn options return dingy turn personal vehicle right services kasaka request
all right
request stingy
where’s the thing here you serious where is it ah
yeah because right behind where we were and the boats the dinghy’s all the way down the beach yep
where are you there we are
it’s just about the diggy anyway
oh yep that wasn’t any quicker to call my personal vehicle all right
what music you got playing on this uh nothing um because copyright
so uh i have to uh have to sit here in in silence when no one’s talking no i mean on the boat no
no seriously no nothing um i uh i have uh okay i’m here no yeah the music’s all turned down so
like it might might still be playing but uh but i i literally can’t hear it
i’m hearing it but no not sorry yeah sorry man
you probably have control you the driver sir um yeah no i um i have i could be on anything
then yeah that’s it i have the music turned right down because youtube uh yeah another very upset
all right they do strangely enough who knew well that was a pretty ordinary run but that is okay
so we have prep done it’s still one less chopper to worry about you know and
a bunch of other things were less worried about yeah yeah all right cool so we’ve
i think we’re good all right so approach vehicle
all right so let’s start this finale mate see if we can actually uh
actually make some money i want to quit this job
all right where are you
all right uh you’re still an employee
yep all right let’s start the mission and let’s see what it does purchase armor confirm settings
job again because that’s not what i want
oh what do you do uh don’t think it’s letting me change the infiltration point
what did you do sorry go infiltration points right here we go drainage tunnel
that’s scoped compound drainage tunnel
escape point weapon loadout conspirator suppressors support crew
all right let’s
all right trying this again super heavy armor cameraman confirm settings matchmaking is closed
play all right let’s see what this does that’s launching the session now
french vehicles okay all right approach vehicle is the cassette infiltration point
is the drainage tunnel compound entry point is the drainage tunnel escape point is the casa
of day is daytime all right can you hear me mate okay all right yeah i can hear you all right great
okay so that’s done right there we go weapon loadout conspirator yeah crew cuts
in this one
support crew
okay are you ready to go i’m ready right
here we go uh i think you’re on ready mate we have to uh have to hit a button
why was there every screen and a button now the screen is the button or is the screen not the
button i don’t know maybe we’ll find out when we are compacted like tuna fish so i guess we
are ready we have a screen so let’s look at the [ __ ] screen see no buttons so what do we know
we know el rubio’s compound is on the south side of the island we know the fire is going on here
we know the basement is accessible yeah cool so i think he’s explaining what’s going on
this is the whole cut screen you had before yeah yeah look at this [ __ ] i can skip if you like
oh man i mean this is [ __ ] go for it all right oh he throws him in a good spot
with that water there it’s making it look like michael’s tripping
all right let’s see here we go right for now anytime yeah we’re both in
gps have your position he’s hoping we don’t hear about whales trying to keep
through the themselves you americans will need to use a blowtorch
and for the safe in the world we need to use us yes
well if nothing else we’ll at least be getting into the compound this time yay yeah we didn’t
even make it into the compound two and a half hours of just getting absolutely hammered
all right cutting through the grill
whoops press the wrong button
sorry i’m just gonna wait for you to cut the
now remember still yeah low and quiet
i thought i’d go straight at it tgg stuff just uh you know
straight through shoot everything apparently we can only take out two cameras as well
um yeah apparently if we can just because we’ve picked the casaka we can just uh
kind of get out jump off the side and yeah that’s it come on get up
there’s the flaming can you see where we’re going yeah yeah
right there yeah i had to press a button
okay now we should be right
there we go you can now yeah cool
all right dude
and they will know you are not one of them no matter what uniform you are wearing
the door requires two key cards do you have them both
did i ever tell you about my
create a new friends approach all right so you see that red one with the skull
that’s a juggernaut yeah
he is he is uh sporting a um very very very heavy armor and also a um very long vision yeah and
uh what else uh yeah minigun
uh-huh okay all right so just checking the map we can take out two cameras you reckon
okay so we want to head there all right i’ll put a marker on the map to where we
getting left
oop camera that way
did you just ping someone oh no [ __ ] i’ve been spotted
oh no oh this is going to impale it right that was me sorry
i think i just got taken out by that bloody minigun
uh they won’t uh won’t show up once once the alert’s there they won’t show up until um
they make noise
all right so we are now spectating on wallaby
and he can’t hear me while we’re doing the spectating but we’ll see how far he gets
yeah it doesn’t look like he’s going to end well at all surprisingly last too
much longer we’ll see how he goes there he is jobs done oh well all right there we go
try that again yep let’s do that again
how did you get spotted uh i walked into the line of sight of the camera
that will do it every time yep yes it will
all right hopefully it’ll do us a quick replay
guessing that was the camera that i was uh contemplating taking out yes
okay let’s try again
just go nice and slow and quiet um
all right let’s see here we go
this is the way that you see everyone sort of head
right and around that little villa
all right so there’s two guys there man can you
grab the one in the red i’ll pick the one on the right call it out
oh [ __ ] there’s a juggernaut juggernaut juggernaut
he’s not seeing us all right cool so i’ve got the one in the white
i have got a line on the one in the red if you need it
yeah swap over i can’t get a line on the red from there all right
cool three standby standby standby all right cool whenever you’re ready
three two one fire
i thought i had a line on him turns out i had a line on the um on the ballast rod
i’m not in good health i can hear
head shots work really well if you just
all right out of lives and uh yep we’ll spectate we’ll be for a little bit we’ll see how we go
so if you’re just joining us this is our first time doing the
kayak burrito finale from this point of view uh we did not do well last time but uh that’s all right
so see how well he goes he’s pretty pretty reasonable with the gun so it should be right most
likely won’t actually uh won’t make it all the way through but uh we are getting a little bit further
every time so that doesn’t hurt unfortunately he can’t hear us while we’re spectating though
let us give him pointers which is a bit of a pain in the backside we’re not running
discord or anything like that so it’s all done through gta’s chat
see what’s going on
all right since he’s made a lot further than we did last time slow and steady wins
the race apparently and um them at least not having some of their arms probably helps a lot
it’s interesting to sort of see what he’s looking at trying to figure out where people are
surprisingly fella
yeah headshots who knew apparently the
juggernauts the head shots from the front as well are always good
okay so you can kill him with a headshot from the front yes yep
all right so that’s continuing
all right i’ve got about another half an hour i reckon then we’re gonna have to call it
it’s uh gotten a lot further than the last time that’s for sure
looks like the germans are online
all right chad has gone a little bit quiet a few people are still hanging about so
very much appreciated and so we are very new at this whole streaming caper aren’t we mate
oh yeah very new also not very good at ice apparently sir we’re the noobs of the noobs we are
indeed we are indeed so my levels have been made i’m only at level 58 or 59 or something like that
and it’s all been made basically through grinding on uh in free mode and contact missions so still
not super flash at this this kind of stuff i really do need to spend more time doing heists
i’ve been booted we’re all the same yeah where did we what happened what happened there hang on
okay that’s weird in the same lobby still yeah we’re still in the same lobby
yeah oh there you go all right let me call the dinky
and the kasaka and we’ll try that yeah
that was weird
all right so dinghy was taking a second to pop up let’s see if i can get that now requesting he
think he has been delivered where is my
we requested yep there’s kasaka showing up
don’t run in front of the car what are you doing clown doing driving there’s
only a quick run across the yard it would have been a quicker run it’s all right
oh wet tacos yeah that’s right everybody likes a wet taco sorry couldn’t help myself all right who
gets the driver’s seat you do apparently i do am i still an associate that’s a question yep yeah i am
oh and i i didn’t know that i can i can actually call up vehicles can you a bj
a washington washington an xls yep okay so you get all of the uh no not all of them yeah
i can’t get the buzzard for instance or the baller yep the charity limo things like that
okay but the basic ones i can yeah ones that cost money you can’t get a ding yeah you can’t
get a dinghy either yeah i’m not they don’t all cost money yeah no no i’m saying the ones that
uh don’t cost money you probably have access to well no i don’t think
the dinghy costs money does it uh no but that’s attached expressly to the cassette
yeah true um there’s some of the ones that have got money on them i can get but
most of them i know that’s weird yeah cool that’s good to know we’re getting to know
this whole employee ceo relationship thing pretty well sir andy right let’s try that again
to worry about yes yes we didn’t set a certain number of missions on it
no i just saw an okay boomer pop up
okay firm matchmaking closed
launching the session now apparently
okay infiltration point is the drainage tunnel
compound entry point is a drainage toll skateboard is a cassette car time of day daytime
weapon loadout is conspiracy still sign crew cuts
continue there we go
and it’s saying i’m unready again uh yeah no it’s
just gives you that last sort of uh last screen there where you get a chance to ready yourself
it’s the same in the um in the races and stuff like that
okay let’s see here we go all right so second third go at the finale fourth go up the finale i
don’t know i’m not counting that last one because that was sorry last week because that was not
all right can you hear me because it’s all very quiet there
hello oh hang on let me just check the chat see if you’re doing a bit longer yep cool
all right sorry i thought i’d lost you there for a second mate
okay next
excellent again it was there i first decided
now we go back onto normal controls let’s see how this goes
i love how we walk out of there without the bags then next thing we’ve got bags on yeah
these men
along so well
nice shot
all right there’s another fella looks like he’s heading across the courtyard there
guy wandering along up the back here yep
all right shall we take out these two guards that i cocked up last time
all right i’ve got a line on the fella and the white and the red so whichever you prefer me
okay you get the you get the one in the red this time
yep all right cool little line on the guy in the wire all right call it out
ah [ __ ] you get spotted no no um the guy got a um got an alert off
all right we’ve got uh
all right got a cake
oh i think i heard juggernauts yeah yeah where are they coming from damn it
oh geez that was graceful
from behind
to come back
there it is okay i reckon that one was my fault because i reckon i hit the tree instead of the
guy’s head on the first shot all right so
quick restart there we go let’s try that this time instead of continue
what i’m doing is putting some armor back on
alright stand by
will fool them
yeah all right
all right so i got one guy at the top
therefore there’s a uh a guard a shot
okay so we’ve got that juggernaut who’s coming around the building
get out of cover
if any of you are wondering what happened to garcia
try coming into my study without bouncing yourself
there will be
all right
around the corner from you there yeah
got him looks like i have a key here as well
okay that looks familiar all right so there’s a dude walking the perimeter here
i recall seeing some people mention him
and this camera okay yeah this looks real familiar doing this before i did
ah shut you down
so he might have actually spotted i don’t know if you got spotted or not
yeah you must get spotted
okay all right let’s see if we’ve got a key card either
have you got a keycap no i don’t think i have [ __ ] jumps
no i don’t have any key cards
all right we’re gonna get flanked off to the right here in a sec
somebody’s gotta have a keycard
what i think one of these guys would have a key card i am not healthy
all right so we uh looks like we’re spectating wallaby for a few moments well we we get this done
so if you’re just joining us my name is dan i’m an old grumpy gamer this is our first go-around at
properly having a go at the kaiaporigo heist neither neither of us a real flash
but uh still a bit of fun uh it doesn’t look like olivia’s gonna last terribly long man
so let’s see how he goes he’s running out of health defensively
not very defensive at all
all right
listen not even any uh you’re not even a dose of rp
quick restart there we go
we are getting you know further along i suspect it was the camera that time i think
i might have shot the um maybe i should shoot the camera before i shoot the guy
yeah probably if he’s in line of the camera i reckon that’s what
you did happened get sucked into a turbine i have no armor left at all
no matter what you are wearing okay all right do we want to try these guys earlier
i’m going to get this guy up the top first
okay go up the tops okay so that juggernaut coming around here
where’s he
then he’s not looking at us yeah problem is when we make our way across the courtyard he will be
yeah all right
hey you want to try these other two again yeah let’s give them a go all right so i’m gonna move
okay you got left alright stand by neither right now i got the one on the right
ready standby all right good to go
three two one fire got him nice work beautiful ah damn it someone spotted something oh rubbish
yeah what did they spot though yeah that’s the question
he got you yeah i got flanked wasn’t paying attention
guess who’s come on for me you’re right behind him yep yeah i’m gonna try and uh try and catch him
got him yeah i’m gone
that’s a locking shot
one for next time
done oh dear at least you got a juggernaut pretty happy with that
thanks damn boy um i think we’re gonna need all the luck we get no we can uh we can
muster at the moment mate all right let’s try this and then start again yeah
that’s all right thanks for popping by that was really good so
so we are kind of new this streaming thing this is only a second ago we are very new to heist
this is uh our second goal and the last one let’s say it didn’t go well
well it it went worse than this and this is not going great either yeah
okay well i reckon those two in the yard get left with the time being
yep hopefully when you hit them
last week
go on all right so where do we we’ve got to get in here obviously yeah standby
he’s got a key yep
the juggernaut’s coming don’t don’t go back back back oh
get out of there quick yeah i don’t want to um don’t even see a dead mate
i’m gonna have to pee and are we gonna get spotted right now or not
is he gonna turn he’s turned
all right let’s see if we can take this guy out
okay and i got our friend up the top there without getting busted by the camera
yeah juggernauts and head shots mate a thing
we have to go
all right so i see everyone take out these cameras
one rider almost right on you yeah i’m looking at it about to ping it
nice got the camera
i reckon we’re going to need two key cards on every door yeah
whoop someone coming i only got one got a key all right oh [ __ ]
what happened right great i was gonna say grab the key and get back here
get back here we can get in yeah
no because you’ve got both the key cards do i great yeah you got both key cards no
no it says we’ve only got you picked them both up no no i’ve only got one
all right back to spectating wallaby again so uh yeah we’ll see how we go his health is all right
at the moment we got a lot closer to that time than we have before obviously not very good at
the stealthy thing um yeah gaming gorilla and uh and we’ll make it look a lot less reload
related oh man that’s my shooting today is terrible ah no all right this is gonna have
to be the last time it’s absolutely terrible yeah that’s cool easy stuff
quick everything today is slow for me
all right let’s give this another roll
what that’s right pretty stoked about that juggernaut man i was pretty happy with that
all right so we’ve got a key card happening yeah you want to grab that one grab it
all right and then head out to the right okay now go back to that other building
where we were to start with come back over here yeah on the way here we go
i’ve only got one keycap i’m sorry i haven’t got a keycard
okay i’ve only got oh yeah so you’ve got one but it needs to be uh two all right yeah i
want to get him all right just watch out for that juggernaut yeah i’m just gonna get in position for
okay got him
got him got him
okay it’s a bit better that time
all right and take out this camera
what happened i guess you lost the keys when you died didn’t you mustard
i wonder if the juggernauts got a key now it’d show up wouldn’t it
where are you off to
oh you’re about to get spotted that’s what i was thinking
where are they
got out of that without being spotted yeah nice
ah double headshot thank you very much and an ammo drop
do you reckon we can only take out two cameras yeah that seems to be
a go so there’s one just above us there
someone patrolling around behind us
stand by
remember we know from our little
reconnaissance worth investigating do you have that key
you’re able to unlock that gateman
do we need to get in there
don’t have a key to unlock it
looks like we’re gonna keep wandering
someone around here can’t get a lot of sight on them
uh panthers out
it’s not good this say english dave
it’s english dave
all right got a cake
[ __ ] a really really bad line of sight
here where are you man i’m on the other side of that gate you just shot someone that had a key
got it yep got some keys somebody there should be someone just near you there yeah he’s not
he’s gonna have to be up
oh are you inside the building i am all right so if you turn around
and then sort of there’s a well let me see if i can actually get through the gate
either unlock the door yep all right cool come back to me mate i have thank you got
how long have i keys here oh you’re you were inside mate
going all right so what were you
all right there’s a guy coming around this building
he’s near the camera don’t worry about him
should be able to go up that’s right
is there an upstairs
got i got a second key card oh great
so how do we get up
can you see an obvious way up man i’m having a little trouble finding it
how do we get into this with targets yeah it’s my question and that’s uh
all right so it’s not like up as a thing get back to that first building i reckon
first one we were at
right now because i reckon that’s the uh security or something isn’t it yeah possibly lead the way
oh yeah we can definitely get gold there if we’ve got the two key cards all right
i’m in this building here too yeah let’s try this one
okay simultaneously ready three two one okay you ready again three yeah i’m ready one
all right now we’ve got uh there’s a marker look just above your loot bag
all right so call it again
three two one
second why why not you yeah press e to lock yourself in a position yeah
from toronto to e yeah
okay hooray three two one now damn it are you right clicking or left clicking
all right left click three okay press right click
one no you’re backing out it’s left click it’s left click oh yeah it’s all right okay so three
all right so i need to take the loot it should be another gold pile
all right start tapping uh lift
oh actually stop come back come back over here man turn around
no no no immediately it’s a back around to the uh turn around and then go left
left no no no left left there we go all right come towards me no don’t do that turn around
come towards me because i need you to take the artwork and my bag’s too full to take the artwork
so turn around okay there’s artwork now see the artwork there all right cool you
need to take that yes all right cool i’ll go staff all the rest of the gold
or as much as i can take all right i reckon i’ve got a lag here somehow
okay i’d say it’s just keep smashing that left left button
oh hey tom um and back to the first building there’s a pillar up the stairs all right cool
thank you very much all right now if you head to the the gold on the left-hand side there
just start smashing that left button all right tom
let’s uh so tom says to go back to the first building
first one we were at yeah yep apparently there’s a ball at least we’ve got some
wheat while we’re here yeah that’s it all right cool well that was nice
all right so back to the first building there’s a pillar up apparently
around this way all right cool
right is your bag full
um close all right let’s uh let’s get in position here then
we’ll get the last of the gold here so in three you ready yep three two one
done all right you should be able to head in
got more gold i’m playing not moving
all gold what about that bloody thing in this the safe down there can’t get that yet this is
where we won’t get um won’t get the like the panther or anything this time around it’s the
first time it’s always the documents all right so you’re all full up okay i’m full right i’m full
all right so pillar up it’s got to be that so now what do we do get out of here
all right so
um no no no we’ve still got to still
actually complete the mission we’ve got to get to the underground vault
back the way we were
okay so um the office is the
the building in the middle that’s the one where you can take the stairs up apparently
is that is i’m wondering if that’s the building where i picked up the key card yeah it might be
thanks tom for helping mate we are flying blind i really appreciate it
it’s not that doors okay so he said to take a left as you go up those stairs
yeah all right cool so round to the left left are you going left from the stairs
okay then right
oh not there and right again this is back in the uh the room where i found the key card okay
all right so we’ve got the thing
downstairs just waiting on tom now because he’s he’s helping out a lot
and look behind you okay there’s the office always check the safe
got it right where are you all right so come to me
um where are you other side so uh i’m hacking the keypad for the lift right now where are you
upstairs how the hell you get upstairs
where the guy you get it get inside somewhere
i had yeah you got the stairs i could not find any bloody stairs
seriously i found downstairs
where the is it
all right downstairs here
you got it you have
i am so lost
all right just waiting for tom to catch up because we’re on about a
30 second delay i think so i’m just standing still
okay so stay input i have no idea how you’ve got to where you’ve gotten to
all right so i’m just going to run around the other side here
all right
stairs left [ __ ] i’m so lost all right you’re gonna have to come get me right i
have no idea where i am i’m just trying to work out this
on the stairs that go down
where you are there’s a build that building that we were at you’ve got to do the staircase
i can see stairs going down and at the screen
up there’s no stairs going up i’m not [ __ ] looking at stairs going up
there are no stairs looking at where you know i’m just going to bring up the map yep
i might be able to direct you okay where are you behind me are you not even showing up on
them there you go okay the other side of where you are the building behind you oh well i’m behind you
it’s behind the stairs that go down
ah right there we are fantastic thank you very much for your patience everyone i
really appreciate it he’s seeing it a little bit quicker than i am i got a little delay
there we go a huge delay yeah on what i’m seeing of your screen i was running the
wrong way and was just running past the flaming entrance the entire time ah when you get here
all right thanks for patience there mate okay so you’ve looted that bedpack there
that’s the door rightio good to go
yeah ah wow that was a lot harder than it needed to be sorry about that
and nothing in here no no um first one’s always the um the safe
so our take on this one’s just going to be what they pay us for the uh for the safe so 22 28 26
22 28 26.
that was 22 28 26.
ah got it
22 28 and 26.
for some reason i’m locked on one number yeah i can’t seem to
oh there we go 22 28 then 26.
22 28 20 22 28 26 6 yep that’s it nice work
looks like safe in our hands
yeah i couldn’t get it to swap between the numbers on the oh that’s annoying to say
we just gotta get out of here yeah i think so extra guards just arrived be
showing on the map there’s a spot where we can scale down the cliff
okay is that the uh the little yellow main gate oh you got the main gate there
could probably just no on the opposite opposite direction okay yeah so tom’s also saying
also when you you can just get out of the gate and just head off the cliff so
all right there we go and uh welcome zom um and uh yeah g’day from uh from australia and um and
the uk so we do we do have to go through the gate yeah yeah we do have to go through the gate
so we’ve got there’s a fella there i think
yeah so uh zomiu republic of ireland or northern ireland mate
gotta be around there somewhere get him nice work
okay so
all right so apparently we just need to oh yeah no i love it mate that’s fantastic
all right so just out of the gate and just head off the cliff and swim away
you don’t necessarily need to go to the yellow dot
okay so we just need to
okay so there is a guard here somewhere
sorry about a car just dive off the cliff yeah it’s just making sure that we uh
had the guards taken care of
all right so tgg normally comes up this way uh where are you
um oh i see where you’re going so based on my experience and
i’ve been spotted all right let’s just get off head out to the uh well i’m
just running for the cliff mate yeah goodbye and falling down i’m just going for a drive
all right well i’m in the water yep all right and the choppers are up that’s okay
just keep switching up straight out dory
mate right so
all right and tom’s just saying yep just keep going stay under it doesn’t matter if you get
detected you’re uh to stay underwater i suspect we need to move get out of the way there we are
and just head off the coast mate okay so exactly what i’m doing yeah nice
like a chopper following me and trying to hit me but so far so good just go deeper
at least no one’s aiming at you at the moment yep so i managed to um i picked something dude
uh yeah so i’ve just grabbed the jeep
yeah i did i grabbed the jeep and then just drove it straight off the cliff
oh okay yeah well the chopper just near you there’s nobody near me at the moment
yeah no it’s uh i’m i’m probably too deep to hit to be honest just need to
keep heading off the coast just keeping it looks like i might have a boat above me yeah
that’s all right this is why we have the diving gear tom you’ve been absolutely
invaluable mate i cannot thank you enough for this it’s been fantastic
all right so they’ve been spotted again even though i’m wow i’m i’m i just got killed
on earth i wasn’t being shot at or anything all right hello you did yeah um
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] you’ve got them
ah no i’ve got them all right you’ve got the documents which means i have to go find them
i’ve still got a bag on me so yep block
are you um are you still alive yeah of course yeah we’re still alive
all right yep now the documents are missing mate so we have to go back and get them
if you’ve got this missing oh great no they’ll be underwater i guess where i got shot
uh yeah no zom i’m not restarting but if i can avoid it because uh let me
assure you it has been a while this is probably about a 10th or 12th go
um and we are not very good at this so to get through it once i’m i’m pretty chuffed with i
don’t want to uh risk watching it again if i can avoid it so appreciate the thought and yeah if we
were actually good at the game without a doubt would uh would definitely do that but uh yeah
yeah all right so i’m staying in the trenches i’m heading back to the um
um i’m in a boat trying to get away all right cool yeah keep leading them away so
tom seems to think that we get a checkpoint when we um yeah there’s a green checkpoint
i can see a green checkpoint no i mean when we got a um got the out of the gate
yeah i’m getting shot at here
okay i reckon the files are back up on the island yeah i think they are that’s
where i’m headed there’s a green chick yeah green check mark yep yeah that’s the actual bag itself
i’m in trouble here you’re underwater yeah i am but not not uh not doing terribly well
i’ll see if i can uh attract this chopper
i’m dead uh well i guess i attracted the chopper but too late
all right we’re in trouble yeah
okay so zom seems to think it’s worth the restart so we’ll give it a crack
i have no idea if wallaby can hear me and yeah man we are so bad at this it’s hilarious uh
been going five hours and we we only did half the time so
i think i think we’ll be in a bit of strife here we’ll see how we go
can you get this one done let me assure you
i’m glad we’re providing some amusement tom i was surviving but uh i don’t think we’re going to
last year because i had just totally defensive right now yep
let’s see how it goes
all right so all right yeah cool so zombs said that we can uh we can just run left
and just go straight out to sea so as soon as wallaby car because he can’t hear me so i can’t
ask him to uh to fall over on purpose and he just has a knack for surviving
uh yeah we’ll uh we’ll just do that
all right let’s see how he goes
that chopper’s got too much range on it
uh we’re both on pc but we are both using controllers uh zom so you’ll see us jump
between um uh keyboard controls and the uh and xbox controls all right
it’s just going forever and he
all right oh and there he goes
rightio so hopefully we’ll get a respawn just outside of the gate according to the chat
uh well at least we’ve got an rp out of that one yeah
all right but do we get all out do we get our goodies back i don’t know i don’t know
apparently like according to that i only killed one i only killed one person according to that
all right so we might get a respawn near the gate we might not
this kind of feels like it’s the start of the past again
oh no we’re at the end of the gate all right brilliant so we just need to run
all right so the take is still 1.8 mil
so we’re all good there i’m just heading straight for the cliff
ah nice okay
head down the cliff here fall down graciously not so graceful
all right dive and swim okay you got me in your sight simmer bad time yeah i’ll see
you yeah great well i’m glad we didn’t have to go through all of that bloody shooting again i
was not real flash at that i reckon a couple goes i’ll be right once we get that path finding right
and now that i’m a bit more familiar with the compound yeah watching some of those uh
um some of those extra videos might help because my wayfinding is pretty ordinary if i’m honest so
we certainly did a lot better than we did the other night
yeah that’s right it’s only taken us two hours this time we’ve actually got money
all right so just uh stay yeah low in the trenches i suppose and that’ll help
well not too low that seems to slow us down a bit i’m mashing that sprint button
where you going just i’m just keeping the thing in my tail and basically i’m keeping uh
keeping the north of the map in the tail and trying to stay as deep as possible
i like where your head’s at zom that’s fantastic and yeah there will be much practice i think
much practice so once we’ve got this done once yeah i think um maybe next weekend weekend
after depending on whether wallaby is doing any photography we will likely uh do one for him not
not sure that we oh whoa whoa whoa whoa we got spotted no no i’m um
i started losing uh okay there’s obviously obviously a limit to how far you can go
all right i am swimming up yeah turn around and go back towards the island a little bit yeah
just a little i guess we stay at this sort of distance and swim around we should get back to
the sub anyway now apparently we just need to swim away i might have just gone too deep mate
well let’s possibly might both have gone too deep but um
i think hedge our bets and just swim around to the sub
we’re not gonna get detected i went too far left alright so tommen’s on tell me
which direction on the compass i need to be facing
and thanks for subbing and turning on notifications too that’s brilliant
probably need to go south now in our luck yeah yeah that’s where i’m facing um so just waiting
for the feed to catch up so uh so one of their i got the big map all right there we go where are we
all right so zom’s helping us out at the moment tom and zombie have been
fantastic this is brilliant yes thanks tom heaps for all your help on this
okay so if the escape glitches you can always go to the sub
all right that’s what i’m doing now all right cool let’s let’s do that
are you calling the sub up don’t think i can
can i services no
okay so yeah i need to i’m going to set a waypoint here
all right so if you head towards the uh the purple dot there
that’s i’m not seeing a purple dot on my screen okay
i’m just making my way around the island to the sub yeah cool
yeah tom was saying that uh sometimes it just glitches when you’re swimming away
so the subs are guaranteed so uh guaranteed escape
yeah for this point considering what we’ve been through i’d rather take the guarantee yesterday
it just went black for me
fantastic hold it right there
tom and zom i cannot thank you enough this is absolutely fantastic everything went to plan
mr madrazo only get that one a few hours ago i probably set a new record for overtime
yeah we’re good here look at this the perfect end to a party
the survivors you’ve been going pretty hard it’s been emotional why don’t you sit down
and stop making a fool of yourself evan i don’t even know who she is we spent a week together
in tulum [ __ ] well we’ve got to keep an eye out for transit [ __ ] come come see
so success i think [ __ ] excellent [ __ ] wait till my dad hears about this
hey hey dad uh yeah no this will be quick uh just wanted to let you know that that strickler thing
the files yeah i did it no no no they’re in my hand uh took care of it
it’s done yes so why you know what i was thinking that maybe you and i could sit down
again and talk about that uh crypto deal or or that condo project that i mentioned remember dad
dad dad hello yeah awful minnie mouse
service here it’s just [ __ ] third world you know he just wants his dad’s approval
so uh where were we yes uh payment right yes sir okay and now that you know the drill
i say keep hitting that son of a [ __ ] he’s always dropping money on flashy [ __ ] trying
to flex like some big man clean him the [ __ ] out you could bring anything to jorge here
he’ll fence it for you no questions asked we got el rubio’s recurring [ __ ] nightmare i love it
oh he’s so sad i don’t even know if i want to look at these
excuse me all right what’s in the falls no no
what can i get you some fresh oj coconut water no thanks i really don’t want to go
[ __ ] [ __ ] i love you guys so much you’re hardcore mrs m wild night okay what’s wrong
with the documents yeah it’s interesting darling so what is it it’s nothing now nothing at all it’s
over thank you this means a lot come on the least we can do is offer you some champagne
oh that is good
nice work on the platinum there mate
wow oh how did that happen uh ranks us both against each other
that is just glorious you rank up yeah
nice work thanks tom i could not have done this without you and you two zombs so thank you very
much gents genuinely it’s yeah really really helpful so thank you thank you
we’re a little bit better prepared for if we try it again yeah absolutely
uh this this white screen well thanks to the help of these gentlemen yeah oh here we go
oh a silent protagonist
birds will get that one i suppose hey
all right so 900 grand a piece yeah it’s not bad for a first time round yeah absolutely got some
gold so the gold respawns are always nice there’s a gold glitch as well which apparently which is
really neat you can get in there even with one person so dive viper au has got that on the go
okay all right yeah cool we want to call it a day for now or yeah mate i’m i’m shattered uh it’s
got to be getting late for you so yeah awesome and uh welcome zom thank you very much and um
yeah just genuinely stoked that uh that everyone could join us so let me just bank some cash
now that’s probably why i um outranked you in the high sierra i just got the cap burglar alert
award oh nice all right so you need to i would assume it needs to bank your cash mate
um that’s that that award was cash cash
yes yes sir so i’m just doing that now lovely yeah that’s right um i’ve seen tgg get like with the
black panther like two million or something like that um and dark viper viper’s done in uh half
an hour or something like that so watching some of these guys do it it’s just brilliant um but
yeah it’s good it’s good all right mate you’re all backed up
yeah but you know in russia we have saying for moments such as this the wolf is dead
now we wrestle the bear you understand mr rubio has a taste for expensive items soon we can pay
him another visit i think and then another and another and this time we will not be working for
mini madrasso just you and me huh okay hide where you can mr rubio the free market is coming for you
nice all right uh terrible let’s just head to
i need to restock would you mind taking it somewhere where i can drive in a straight line
all right nation we can take it yeah oh you want me to go around the other way
that’s all right um all right tom thanks for coming by mate it’s um yeah your help’s absolutely
invaluable thank you very much and welcome as well thanks for subbing thanks for hitting that
notification bell it’s genuinely appreciated mate we’re such a small channel like we’ve just
topped over 6 000 subs and uh this is like we concentrate mainly on gta 5 rather than online
so i’ve had a lot of fun doing this it’s just been an absolute hoot too yeah thanks for joining us um
yeah and in the meantime i don’t know if uh if if the people watching at home
know but um we’re literally on opposite ends of the earth so uh wallaby here is in adelaide
south australia and i’m in uh south of london in um in the uk so genuinely sort of properly
opposite sides of the earth it’s the only time we really get to kick around and have some fun
is in in the gta universe so it’s really good crazy places like this oh yeah great fun all right
i’ll load up oh i’ve got some more armor again now yeah nice uh where am i at okay
all right um well if we are we’re going to call it a day dan or what are we going to do yeah i
think that’s it mate so i’m just going to uh to stock up on some ammo here um and then i am coming
and you’re stuck there with her now yeah did you get her no it didn’t but it does
mean that uh ammunition is now closed i was halfway through uh barcode account
i just did you just clobber me
all right well i i didn’t mean to you then no that’s all right i got it
you got it okay i got it ah and you got me all right i stopped
ah she was off radar right we’re playing this that would be why yep
where is she oh just
as the ceo said my bodyguards have failed to connect to correct me so
got it yeah she got me too yep all right where’s the respawn she’s off radar now so
yeah cops are coming all right guys i might give it uh might call it so um yeah thank you very
much for joining us everyone it’s been a genuine pleasure doing this and and having a bit of fun
um and in the meantime stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video
that we will and she ah she’s chasing me again
yeah i just want to get across to my office and get out of this and uh
the easy way around i’m just going to bail i will catch you later mate oh worries

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