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6 Dec 2021: Mini Spending Spree in GTA Online (Hopefully)

Watch Dan customize cars and grab the MOC while it's cheap in this week's GTA 5 update, all while catching up with viewers in live chat.
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LIVE: Mini Spending Spree in GTA Online (Hopefully)

LIVE: Mini Spending Spree in GTA Online (Hopefully)

Join Dan for a LIVE spending spree in the latest update of Grand Theft Auto Online. This week, we’re grabbing and customizing some cars, as well as the coveted MOC while it’s cheap. If you’re a fan of GTA Online, you won’t want to miss this action-packed stream!

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hi and welcome back to the channel my
name is dan i’m an old grumpy gamer you
can see we’re just booting into gta
online at the moment and we are going to
be buying a bunker an moc
and possibly a calico
yeah a bit keen on grabbing one of those
after our last
little run around with the
uh sultan rs classic so
yeah welcome to the channel um
hopefully it won’t take too long to boot
in at this time so no kaya or anything
like that not glitching just really keen
buying a couple of things while they’re
on special only a quick stream tonight
though just really wanted to get this
kind of out of the way so later on in
the week we can dive in
maybe do a bunker sell mission and uh
and buy a mission and get to know what
the bunker’s like
and um
yeah also possibly custom up the
insurgent i bought on special the other
week as well
so hopefully this won’t take too long
probably jumped in a little bit early
but uh yeah i mean it’s sunday night in
the uk so it shouldn’t be too bad
rockstar shouldn’t be on fire too much
and we’ll see how we go um
yeah apologies again for for the last uh
last week’s um
microphone mishap i knew it was bad i
didn’t know it was that bad that was
mental turns out i had a loose
connection and so new setup at the
moment grab some stuff from uh from
black friday so
that was always nice
all right so let’s just quickly start by
turning up the brightness on my machine
so that i can see what’s going on
grab some snacks while i’m here
uh i’m all full uh do i need a molotov
yep needed one of those
uh let’s grab a little bit of handgun
hello while we’re here that’s all good
and then if we head downstairs
and off to the is it the engine bay yep
here we go
torpedo bay right up the bow
forbidden um forbidden rockets so i’m
only on a level 89 so the rockets are
really really neat i don’t often get a
chance to use those
so my understanding is the farmhouse
bunker is the way to go so let’s start
by grabbing that one i’m gonna head up
to the helm
you know what i might even just let’s
fly to the office and do it up there
it’s a much nicer view
oh forgive me a bit of a
bit of a cold at the moment it’s not not
the rhino i’m all good there it’s just a
genuine old-school everyday
what an absolutely lovely day in los
santos i’ve been dropped right near the
near the office so yeah that’s really
neat and let’s pop the cassacra away
all right and let’s head up to the
and quickly do some uh do a bit of
then perhaps we’ll quickly investigate
the the bunker and see how we go
it’s uh it is a genuinely lovely day
here let’s get those homing missiles off
looks like i’m on with judging by the
umlauts it’s uh
germans at the moment and so that time
of the day i suppose it is kind of
evening over there
and let’s head to
oh that wasn’t graceful
there we go
magically teleport it up that’s all
right you probably customize the sparrow
as well i’m up a few levels so that
might be a little bit nicer to look at
so i’ve been growing in coyo puerto and
i have uh yeah you can see there 27 and
a half mil in the bank i think we’re
probably probably gonna spend roughly
seven or eight mill today so not a lot
but a bit
i still want to have because it looks
like the update’s coming
next tuesday so i’ve got a bit of time
to grind out some stuff there as well
but yeah definitely a nice day so let’s
let’s get going on the phone here
i think we need to go to
money and services i want to say maze
bank foreclosures
and what i’m after is a bunker
i’m told the farmhouse bunker is the way
to go so what’s that one that’s the
farmhouse right on special too so that’s
all good
that’s not a bad spot actually so where
are we in location to other stuff so
yeah pretty close to the prison
pretty close to the hippie camp
i think is that the hippie kit that
might be the hippie cam
two mashes
is on the highway which is good
zancudo one that also looks good but i
think that is going to cause
grief with the air force because i don’t
anything in here yet so
all right let’s go for the farmhouse
that’s what everyone’s everyone’s saying
to do
so let’s go with that one
i can afford some of the some of the
fancy stuff
so the blue is kind of nice
do like the additional lighting there
that is quite nice and for 174 grand
that’s not bad
always get the personal quarters if i
shooting range ah my shooting is not
that strong
but honestly i don’t think it’s worth
half a mil so i’m not going to worry
about that
not worried about the the gun locker at
so transport
what’s one of them worth 50 grand yeah
uh and let’s go with
yeah that can can i carry an extra
couple of people
it’s kind of neat but doesn’t look like
it does much else other than putt you
around so that’s all good so 1.8 mil i’m
pretty happy with that to be honest so
what is that 40 off
so it would normally be about 2.4 to get
something like that
all right sweet that is a golden
so let’s go check it out
so if we head back upstairs the chopper
should be there we can go and take a
quick look at the bunker and see where
it’s at
like i said just a
quick trip today are really just super
keen to um to to get this in
uh i’ll grab the moc and
i will also probably
do a little bit of customization on an
insurgent and uh yeah i can see a calico
in my future as well i grabbed the rs
sultan classic but i really want
something rally-ish
grab that if i can’t yeah no that’s all
we already still got one of those
yeah i wanted to build a sort of a rally
pack calico a bit later on in the week
so we’ll see how that goes now i’m going
to apologize in advance if i uh go quiet
every now and then like i’m about to
got myself a little bit of a cold so
just a small cough every now and then
all right there’s ages 14.
i didn’t think we’re going to shift this
thing come down and i’ll take you
through the handover procedure
all right fantastic so there’s a new
um yeah so just caught us off a little
bit of a cold nothing serious
um also feeling a little bit swirly
because oh i’m not swirly just a little
bit worse for wear because i got my
third shot the other day as well so
um of course a little bit of muscle
soreness there but nothing serious and
it’s way way better than the alternative
all good
uh welcome mr money how you doing mate
um no i am on pc uh but i am
using a controller well i swap between
controller and keyboard
on pc
and i am in what looks to be a pretty
close to full lobby and i’ve had no
griefers or motors yet so
i’m pretty happy with that i’ve gone a
good solid five minutes without any
so hopefully it’ll be okay
but yeah no definitely a pc i am running
a um
12 month old
hp omen
with a
9th gen i7 64 gig of ram
and a 2060 super so it’s a um it’s a
um not a not a a desktop because i of
course use it for work as well
sorry about that got a little bit of a
cough going there there’s the prison
so let’s uh let’s land this looks like a
reasonable sort of
remotish spot
and there we go
all right so the farm looks kind of neat
it’s remote we’ve got gas
things that go boom we’ve got farmhouse
old bunker can we get into the shed here
love the claptrap reference there that’s
really cool
and head around nah it doesn’t look like
we can enter the shed
be interesting to come back in story
mode with the mod menu and kind of see
what the interior is like in that
whether or not it actually you know even
spawns in to let’s go have a look we’ll
see what this cutscene’s got to offer
hey i’ll be quiet for a couple moments
hey you must be uh
i know who you are
and anyway i’m me and you’re you and
that’s that
we’re selling this silly old place not
that it’s ever been used for anything
of course it wasn’t just routine
business that needs a bunker you know
how it is don’t you
anyway uh we’re just moving to somewhere
else uh equally routine hey hurry the
[__] up we have to leave come on destroy
anything you can’t carry
oh anyway if i were you i’d make it a
nice boutique hotel or some such it’d be
great is that
a micro brewery
record decks
it’s perfect
excuse me
yes yes we’re almost done
no we’ve destroyed everything more or
what are you talking about
do it but don’t do it what are you a
[__] fortune cookie
i will call you back
so listen i’ve uh
how would you like to make some money
good money you know there’s no money in
hog roast but there is
in this work hey stop destroying things
some of you are staying
let’s go for a little ride shall we
it’s really lovely to meet you
well this is an interesting one uh sorry
darren i was just sort of getting
through the cutscene
i’ll uh just wait for the end of the
tour and then i’ll come back to you
mobile operation center if you want to
buy one on war stock got it anyway
we’re on a strict schedule
and this is your shooting range for
target practice team bonding i can’t
hear myself think hey
lock the range down when you’re done
we’re taking the equipment
you get the point
ah mr exit
just give me a sec
should have just reversed
not gonna miss these corridors
okay here we go
here we are the heart of the place
research and manufacturing you want to
make real money dirty little secret for
you it’s in arms log into the network
request a resupply and bring the
hardware back here the eggheads will
take it apart cook up new exciting ways
of terminating people
or just getting a copy existing designs
then you sell your weaponry to state
sanctioned actors on the global stage
make a tidy profit and do the country
proud i got medals for this i promise
come look at this
hustle people we need this out of here
five minutes ago
you run a good operation you fill the
whole place up
enough arms to affect regime change in
two-thirds of the world’s democracies
according to the stats
how does that sound
fantastic is how it sounds
jesus gotta get out of here we’re
bombing someone tomorrow i mean
i don’t know what i mean doesn’t matter
it’s been wonderful
remember we never met you never saw me i
don’t know you and anything you think i
said i didn’t say and you were
delusional remember that i’ll be in
you’re a hero
well that was an absolute cracker uh
let’s go and have a look so um darren i
kind of stream
whenever i’m about um
of late it’s sort of jumping between
either ridiculous o’clock in the morning
so four or five in the morning for me
because i’m in the uk
or uh quite late in the evening uh
because i do work full-time as well
and do a bunch of other stuff
uh so i don’t have a set schedule i’m
sorry mate i am attempting to get a bit
more reliable with it but yeah it’s just
kind of whenever i get the time right
but i appreciate you asking i genuinely
do so
let’s go and have a look at this this
looks like a just a standard weapons
okay store the moc here or an
anti-aircraft trailer to modify them
so i need the moc to modify my insurgent
but we do have some cool stuff here by
the look of it so that’s all good all
right let’s go and have a look at this
i think i might grab one of these bad
i can see them coming in real handy
they do not handle well
all right where is it
geez this is quite a facility isn’t it
that is a cracker of a map that’s all
the way zoomed out as well so
shooting range if we have one
or is that a hallway
yeah right let’s go have a look at this
so i kind of think it’s this way
oh man i am going to get turned around
in this place
here it is
not bad
i’m sorry darren you’re typing a bit
fast mate is
this a and now play uh
i kind of don’t know what you mean mate
i’m sorry
but um good to know you’re in the uk as
and uh you’re 50.
i presume you’re an even grumpier gamer
than i am
all right
let’s go have a look at this terminal
all right register is a vip
uh well i am a ceo so let’s do that now
we can sit down
um this is live though man i am playing
right now so uh
laptop there we go
all right let’s have a look here welcome
to disruption logistics your number one
armament redistribution resource and
surprisingly usable for a state-funded
web commission you’ve got everything you
need here to track your resource staff
and performance levels at your facility
you want to get moving though you’ll
need to start with some setup work
okay you know i’m gonna do the setup
another time i do not have time for it
this evening um so what i’m gonna do
instead is try and get up
here we go
was that
all right clowns at the uh the boffins
are working i should say the boffins are
working um all right so i think the next
thing for me to do is grab an moc
so let’s just jump onto the internet and
do that
so that is going to be war stock
let’s see what we’ve got here
i didn’t even know you could get some
ballistic equipment that’s really cool
phantom that’ll be neat
definitely going to grab one of these
where is it
did i scroll past it
ah yep straight straight did all right
so that’s on special as well really
happy with that
okay so let’s have a look so we’ve got
the cab
and the custom so
so that’s pretty good but the phantom
also that takes like 20 missiles it’s
just nuts
uh you know let’s go with the whole of
that so i think that’s a bit
bit tougher isn’t it
yep okay
now let’s have a look by one
so we want a command center in there
weapon and vehicle workshop
yep and that’s great and that’s exactly
what i want
don’t much care about living quarters
got plenty of those interior color
i think that’s
the brand’s quite nice but let’s go with
the olive green because i have the ceo’s
office in the olive green as well
all right i am genuinely happy with that
uh yeah
is this a
and now play i assume you mean if am i
playing right now yes i am playing right
now so
um all right so that’s what stock
cashing carries the moc will be
delivered to the bunker
so uh where is that going to go there
was a big command center back there
so let’s have a look i am going to get
lost in here
quite a bit if i’m honest but i reckon
that was up there
and i want to say back around to the
okay a little satellite there probably
means it’s an moc
and we’re going to get harassed by agent
14 a fair bit now i suspect oh there we
go look at that
not too worried about simeon right now
geez that is a tank everything isn’t it
what an absolute monster
okay so that’s pretty cool let’s go and
have a look inside
oh yeah sorry um
darren my name is dan
dan d-a-n um
so you can find me on rockstar as old
grumpy dan if you like
oh that is fantastic josh genuinely
chuffed made i hope you can get that
full six bill i think the the most you
can get is like
6.6.6 billion like 2.1 billion on each
this is really cool
like this is spacious there’s plenty of
workshop stuff here
we’ve got some weapons
it looks like armor as well
flat jackets so that’s yeah that’s
really neat
all right can we go through the cabin
all right so this is the
ops center
that looks really neat that’s clean
actually that’s really clean
yeah the stunt jumps are going to be
challenging but um i’ve not tried them
yet actually i’ve sort of done i’ve done
a couple of stunt jumps there josh but
i’ve not actually gone through and done
the full round of them yet
probably should i kind of spend most of
my time doing money grinds and gold
medal missions rather than than the the
jumps but probably should get into them
all right i’m genuinely chuffed with
that that looks really cool all right
now i’ve grabbed an insurgent a little
while ago
can i
i reckon i can modify it here
don’t say anything yeah that’s her up
i’m already hooked up with
a thing with leicester
alright so here we go
trevor has the golf course with 60 mil
nice that’s really cool
i do like if you buy with franklin you
get some interesting unique dialogue as
well which is pretty neat
all right so let’s exit back out or is
no that is that the weapons workshop
that’s the weapons workshop isn’t it
perhaps weapons
that’s neat i’ve already got uh got all
of this gear so that’s all good
yeah do you like having the golf course
it’s just it’s a reasonable learner but
uh i may have a chance to stream on dlc
day darren i’m hoping to
but i also work full-time
and i’ve got some other stuff on the go
so it’s going to be very much a case of
whether i have the time and the
opportunity to do the streaming i would
love to but genuinely i have no idea
i will do my best though
okay so customized cab
can i get to 100
yes i can that is awesome all right i’m
going to spend a bit of coin here
race brakes are good
pop out the engine
truck on that’ll do it lights it’s got
to be
got to go the xeon lights i really like
reese break now i’m going to wait
a couple of days for the respray on this
one because mrs grumpy gamer erin might
pop on stream and help me with those
she’s really really good with that kind
of stuff
so comp suspension
that’ll pick it up turbo yep that’ll
pick it up
oh this is getting expensive
wheels i’ll wait until we get some um
we’ve got the darts now i’ll wait until
we i get some better advice on that
all right so let’s customize the trailer
run turret
that’s already been gotten
okay so i have to do some research to
get the front and rear turrets but
that’s all right it’s not really used
for weaponizing stuff right now
so yeah i’m happy with that that’s all
now let’s head into the bunker and see
if i can’t get my insurgent going
there we
go empress
i am very well thank you very much
and did i just get a notification did
someone just give me bits
if you did that’s amazing thank you very
very much you would be the first donator
ever so i’m gen words cannot express how
genuinely stoked about that so
all right let’s have a look
um right submarine parts are going to be
annoying to get yeah the subparts are a
bit of a pain in the backside there josh
how do i have a billion in gt oh no no i
don’t um that’s i’ve got 23 million mate
that’s that’s all good
ah yep no i didn’t think so that was uh
that was an interesting one there uh
empress i i
but that was a weird noise i’ve not had
that one before so i don’t know whether
it was a subscribe i’ve got a new pack
on i’m kind of new at this whole
streaming thing
uh okay so where can i
update stuff i’m sure i can update my
insurgent in here or do i need to call
my insurgent in
yeah that’s her up
so spaceship parts oh yeah that’s
there’s going to be a full full um
for one to go as well i haven’t done the
knife fights yet but that’ll be cool
bridges are neat bridges are easy
um once you’ve got a bit of flight
practice up there um
what was that one yeah that was i think
it’s a subscriber thank you very much
for joining that’s yeah genuinely stoked
again first first donator ever that is
amazing thank you so much
wow no i’m genuinely genuinely chuffed
with that thank you
uh thank you very much empress you know
what let’s give that a roll
exit the
trailer i am i’m honored josh to be your
first donation as well mate that is
amazing thank you so much
i think that means i’m a professional
youtuber now that’s a that’s brilliant
all right let’s go have a look
all right so now let’s try let’s go and
call the insurgent in
so that is a pegasus vehicle isn’t it
okay so that’ll be is it securo serve
or is it on the phone
nope that’s the wrong one
pegasus there it is
yeah flight school’s well worth the
how can i help there we go insurgent
yeah you definitely want to do the
flight school and also
she said it’s a bit of a trick
so yeah the pegasus is
sorry the uh i’m all discombobulated for
a second there
uh where’s the pickup station
there it is all right cool
uh yeah flight school’s really worth the
effort um especially with franklin
because his flying ability is really
well this is graceful
oh this thing is
surprisingly lively for a truck but yeah
oh i might need to go into first-person
mode here hang on here we go wrong
there we go
all right
all right don’t worry about the the auto
thing from
from streamlabs empress that’s all good
i’ve only got the defaults stuff set up
in fact i probably do need to get rid of
streamlabs after their
recent controversies
um but yeah i’m really looking forward
sort of customizing up some more cars
it’ll be interesting once i get
eventually get to the flaming
yay turn turn turn try not to jackknife
oh it’s been a minute since i’ve done
first person driving
no they’re really not just great they’re
not great people
unfortunately i gave them my money
before um
before the the controversy some time
before the controversy so getting a
refund and taking the money back will be
extremely challenging but i will not be
giving them any more money
um certainly not going to be taking them
up in any sponsorship opportunities or
any of that gear
uh yeah all good for the moment i
genuinely appreciate the offer the
empress if you wouldn’t mind though it’d
be really cool if you jumped into um
into our discord or
joined the join the crew
um it’d be really good to uh to catch up
when i’m not necessarily doing some of
solo stuff that i’ve never done before
i’m quite reasonable with the old kaio
heist and all that kind of gear if you
feel like doing that at some point
um jumped on with archie the other day
actually that was really cool he was
in stream before
but uh yeah no need at the moment
honestly i’m just i’m gonna do this i’m
probably going to buy the the calico and
then that is that is about it i’m
seriously just spending less than an
hour on the game today because it’s been
a big day and i just thought it’d be
nice to pop on for a couple of minutes
and say g’day
all right now let’s see if we can do
this vehicle can be up and the moc or
the avenger
drive this vehicle into the moc or the
there it is right oh she’s had to be
right on that
no josh it won’t reset your stats
all this new hardware on the market hey
mary oh no um
that is someone else there that’s your
mum’s account isn’t it
josh just reading your message there
like if you finished say i went back to
do a mission from the beginning would it
reset my progress no it doesn’t reset
your progress at all
so what you can do is you can go into
you can redo that mission to try and
pitch for gold
and all it does all right
there we go so weaponize that
yep let’s go
uh yeah so if you want to go back and
get gold for example what it does is it
drops you back into that mission
you can go through improve the stats for
that mission so you can go from 80 or 70
up to the 100
and then it will once you finish that
mission it will drop you back to where
you were before so it doesn’t reset your
stats at all
all right so
heavy armor plating there
i thought it was you archie there that’s
awesome mate so
um yes i was just actually just
mentioned just before you you popped in
that um
that uh we we did a
couple of kaya missions together that
was a yeah mission together that was a
lot of fun i really enjoyed it so
all right where are we so i need to get
and 40 more races or reach rank um
guys i’m at rank 89 what a pain in the
backside all right so i’m going to wait
for that one because i’m not going to
spend the money on that just for the the
sake of five minutes
so let’s go with the standard horn truck
on again as usual
all right so lights is going to be the
gonna go to the zeons really like xeons
prevention is cool
yeah nice
all right plate will we’re gonna wait
again for mrs grumpy gamer on that one
so proximity mines
yeah let’s roll those things in they are
all right don’t worry about a respray
now the thing is
you want the the extra handling you want
the better handling but this thing i
want the um what the raised wheels so
transmission transmission’s got to be
top of the line
again i need to do some more grinding to
get that up
weapons 50 cal
research so that’s all good
not gonna worry about the wheels
okay cool
that is the insurgent
done exit in the vehicle
all right i’m genuinely chuffed with
that all right so can we jump up here
no can’t get in there just have to go in
the front all right so let’s see if i
can get through the cab from this side
i’m not sure you can
no you can’t
all right there we go
awesome thanks very much archie i
genuinely appreciate it mate thank you
i said it was really cool kicking around
with you the other day and doing the
kaio host a bit of an honor to be the uh
the first person to guide you through it
and you did really well as well so
i did um we do need to to catch up at
some point it won’t be today because i’m
only on for a little bit of time today
we do need to catch up at some point and
go through what you were what you
grabbed with your 85 so that was really
all right so first person for this
straight up u-turn
and let’s go straight for the road see
the vision in this isn’t great if i’m
uh excellent thank you sorry excuse me
thanks for that archie i genuinely like
you can tell i’m not big on the
weaponized vehicles i’m kind of used to
that whole part of it
not bad with a shoddy
and i’m really good with the race car
but these big chunky things
yeah no not flash
all right cool oh slow it down slow it
this thing is surprisingly plucky for a
such a big machine if i’m honest
i do have to bury mine i do have a
trailer on the back though so i can’t
just drive through everything i normally
and at some point there will be a
phantom wedge in my future
around we go
there we go oh yeah and that’s that’s no
problems at all mate it was your first
go we needed to make sure you had some
coin for some cool stuff
and i am comfortably well off in this
game so there’s no problems there
yeah this isn’t my best work
it sounds like it’s copping a good
beating there
all right there we go oh brutal
yeah i definitely need to spend some
time getting used to this thing
all right can i drive straight in yes i
can that is awesome
yeah that’s a good call sorry empress i
missed that one um yes 100 in the game
you can definitely uh definitely redo
these things as many times as you like
like do not think for a second that uh
that i get the 100 on the first go like
it it takes a minute and i’ve had to go
back to some so
um pleasure chatting archie look after
yourself mate we’ll catch up soon here
all right cool
i’m stoked with that i’ve got my
i’ve got the uh
got the machine good to go
we’ll do a respray a little bit later
once uh once my my styling manager is
here because
well i’m a software engineer and you
don’t let the devs near the artwork you
just don’t
all right so let’s head back out
out of first-person mode because it does
my head in
uh can i head back out here and then
we’ll go grab the actually uh you know
what i’m gonna do i’m gonna grab that
calico now
which should be
i’m going to say san andreas
all right so i grabbed the karen sultan
classic last week and i haven’t uploaded
the video for that one yet but we styled
that up the other week
all right so the calico
i’m just going to grab it in a white for
the moment because i’ll do all the
libraries and whatnot a little bit later
on down the track
so buy that
and this one’s going to be a four wheel
drive so it’s going it to the arcade
garage now for those of you who don’t
uh the calico is based on the
19 i want to say the 1994 or the 1996
toyota seleca
gt4 which was the world rally champion
so many times that it got practically
banned um
it was it was what the um
the wrx was before there is a wrx um
have i gone the wrong way
glad i got the shorter ones
and the gt4 was a four wheel drive with
a rear wheel bias and it was it just
utterly dominated
can i get out that way how do i get out
of here it utterly dominated the the
world rally championships
back in the day um
all right if anyone knows how to leave
this place that would be really
appreciated because i have no earthly
this seems like the place to go
yep there it is
all right there we are
so let’s go have a look
uh let’s go grab the sparrow actually
services sacca
sparrow let’s see where this lands
oh that’s oh
do i have clearance
just have clearance
that is cutting it fine rockstar that’s
not cool
geez you won’t want to get that tail
rotor out of sorts
all right so let’s head back to
the office
actually uh it’s going to go in the
arcade so let’s head to the arcade
it should be around here somewhere there
it is
all right so i just need to squeak
forward here
it’s meant all sorts of strife otherwise
there we go
there we are
all right where’s my little purple
marker all right turn the homie missiles
off because
you don’t accidentally target people
there we go and we are off all right so
uh grab the calico
just going to pop it down to the tuner
shop honestly i’m just going to chuck on
the big fat headlights at the start uh
on the front
and that’s probably gonna be it for the
uh i said i’ve got a karen sultan rs
which picked up last week just just
offline uh and
when i say offline i wasn’t on stream
but i was
in gta online
and uh did that up with uh with mrs
grumpy gamer aaron who uh has said
amazing taste in um in styling cars
really really good at them we ended up
with this really cool sort of bravo
meaty street racer thing and it just
looks wild so
okay where are we
in fact i think it might be my personal
vehicle at the moment so i might as well
go and um
go and bring it in so i can show you
guys what’s uh what’s going on
all right so pop this one back
to moonpool vehicle let’s go collect my
personal vehicle
let’s see what comes back
whether i’ve got the uh
the karen or the
comancho said as a person at the moment
i’m not entirely sure
it’s the insurgent
whoops okay that can go back
return personal vehicle to storage i had
forgotten that that is a thing
are you serious
why didn’t you go
yeah yeah that’s what i thought
so let’s head into the arcade we’ll pick
up the daily um
daily cache bit and we’ll head
downstairs and grab that calico
all right uh now it has been a minute
since i have been in here but let’s see
what the cache is like you can see i’ve
recently changed up the arcade a little
it’s looking pretty nice going for some
warm tones
the uh kyo has been pretty good to me
especially since i’ve got the black
panther i’m running at about um 1.9 to
a million per run at the moment
and i’m doing the whole thing in eight
minutes now so that was 12 grand so
that’s not too bad 10 grand
all right let’s head downstairs
no don’t open the safety [__]
there we go yeah so um i did a stream
the other day i think i got it down from
from the time that i actually triggered
the heist
completing the glitch and getting back
into online mode
was about 8 minutes and 14 seconds or
something like that it was it’s getting
ridiculous so 1.8 mil every eight
minutes uh means i can do if i get it
i can do seven of those a um
an hour
uh so that works out to just shy of
about 13 mil per hour
so money is not really an issue for me
in this game anymore it was for some
time like getting that first two million
to get the kasaka what a pain in the
backside but after that it just got easy
um all right so i’m going to deposit
some cash here
there we go
transaction complete
all right let’s go and have a quick look
at this vehicle
there it is
so there’s the rs that uh
that we did the other week so i went the
wide body
the uh the the roofs and um love those
bonnet that bonnet as well and those um
those rooms are just something special
it looks really neat i’m really happy
with how that turned out
but it shouldn’t be in this garage that
should be at a different garage so i’ll
go re-park that a little bit later
so let’s grab the calico here and head
to the
car lot
now whenever you’re doing a tunas car
you should be absolutely should be
taking that down to ls
tuna’s meat to do your customizations
rather than
heading to the regular mod shop that is
that is quite lively
uh because every time you spend money in
the tuna shop and every time you go in
with a personal car you get um bonus
cash and bonus points as well which
unlocks a bunch of stuff
oh this is surprisingly snappy
and that’s what happens when you’re not
paying attention sorry chap
okay there we go
through there
well this is quite different to drive
i’ve been driving the command show
around for like the last two months
pretty much non-stop because it is a
brutally overpowered four-wheel drive i
get in these little tuner cars and they
are just quick
okay so
that’s cool all right jump back in
lovely old school cobra there which is
left control and i want to mod the
and that that is a nice touch a real
driver will back that stuff in they will
leave that going in forward all right so
yeah so that’s a bit so we definitely
want the armor there
now i’m not a drifter so i’m not going
to i’m sorry it’s going to be
bulletproof tyres
all right sports
engine’s got to be
i’m gonna go with just the tuning for
the moment we’ll go as far as i can i
don’t think i’ve got access
to the top level one yet standard
yeah let’s go with the standard air horn
and lights is going to be the trick here
all right so we just want the xeon
and suspension i want to keep that full
race trans thank you very much
all right and uh
where are we can i access the turbo yet
i still got to win a few more races for
that use windows it’s got to be the
all right so it doesn’t look like i can
not worried about the hood catches what
i’m after then is
headlight covers
nope fog lights that’s what we want
so they’ve got the rallies
all right let’s go with the primaries at
the moment because they’re fairly cheap
but they’re they’re the biggest they’re
the ones i’m really keen on because i
want to make this look like a proper
rally car
so we’ll go with the secondaries there
headlight covers now let’s see what
they’re at
that don’t make a liquid difference
all right and
let’s have a look is there a roof
there it is
i can’t really get anything else on that
other than those and what i will do is
now i’m gonna reserve respraying and
decorating for uh for another time but i
just really wanted to uh to get the
basics on with this one
yeah that makes no difference um
wheels and what i want is
off roads
so let’s go with stocks
so they’re quite neat
do you like those the the police issues
or the sun rages in australia so they’re
really neat as well
achieve those avalanches look pretty
so do the mountain man’s uh oh geez
they’re all so good
yeah that looks really nice
okay i’m gonna go with the concave rally
master i think that looks great
or did i just spend uh money on the
wrong stuff here
definitely went the right ones big
chunky chunky tyres
okay and the tyres thai design
yeah definitely want those radials they
look brutal
tire enhancements low grip and i
definitely don’t want those
all right bulletproof tyres because i
want this to be an off-roader
windows is going to be light smoke i
think that the other tints look a bit
all right cool and that’s going to be
the basics done and i’ll get the get the
rest of the decorating done once i have
someone who has some sense of style
come and come and check it out
okay uh so that is everyone’s paid for
the day
it does look kind of neat looks kind of
chunky with those wheels on it won’t
handle terribly well but that’s all
right for going off road it’s going to
be the thing
all right so let’s skedaddle
we’re going to head back to the bunker
not to the bunker sorry we’re going to
head back to the arcade
yeah not quite as um
not quite as sharp on the steering as it
was before but it is still quite quick
as i said it’s going to be a solid uh
solid off-road rally car which i’m
really looking forward to trying out
that said nothing
nothing goes over road like the command
show that thing is something else
all right so
i’ll grab that let’s get that all
through here and i’m just going to grab
that karen and drop that back at the
apartment because that’s where that one
should be living
all right there we go and uh i did well
that’s a podium vehicle i won the other
week as well so that’s quite neat
this is sweet i’m really happy with how
this one turned out so if we have a look
went the orange dial pack the full thing
went the uh the pretty relaxed half roll
yeah really happy with how this one
turned out
all right let’s go
and we want to head back to
del toro apartments apartment 20.
this one’s not quite as lively as the
calico if i’m honest but
but brophy said it was the
best racing vehicle in the game
or at least in the tutors update and
they were pretty quick so that’s really
nice i haven’t unlocked turbo yet so i’m
gonna have to do a bit of grinding over
the next two weeks to to get up to level
100 once i do that i can unlock the
turbo and then i will start to be really
in the
tuners update class
and then hopefully i can win a couple of
podium cars
so i think one of the next investments
whenever you know once a dlc has gotten
gotten out of the way will probably be
the um the vehicles workshop
which looks really cool it’s got some
nice little contract missions inches
this thing is
a little bit tightly
yeah you can really tell that leslie
benzie is he’s not involved anymore uh
the the writing on that one was nowhere
near as good
as the uh the other updates
all right so that is that the ceo’s
office which is what where’s the house
i want to go to the garage
so i think that is down here isn’t it i
only bought this one the other day
there we go
all right so we can see there’s um
i think it’s another podium vehicle i
want which looks really neat
i got the um
did the that’s what you get for
finishing the english dave missions
the batty my favorite car
the insurgent shouldn’t be here the
battery’s my favorite bike i should say
the blister which is categorically the
best compact in the game i love it i’ve
loved this thing since gta 3
and we’ll grab the insertion and take
that back to where it needs to be now
that it can be a personal vehicle
which is in the arcade because that’s
going to be my sort of four-wheel drive
all right uh let’s see can we ah i hate
when that happens where are we
okay there we go
see this thing is
fairly sluggish if i’m honest
but that’s all good
but yeah that’s i think i’ll get this
done and then that’ll probably be me for
the evening guys so thank you very much
for watching i really appreciate it we
managed to spend uh
about six million seven million today
just on a couple little bits and pieces
we’ve got more upgrades coming i’ll do
some more customizations but uh like i
the uh the rest of the customizations i
need to do on the vehicles are cosmetic
and i do not make good choices i just
don’t you saw that um that thing that
looked like the lancia stratos there
that’s what happens when i make a make
styling choices
versus the um
uh yeah
jesus i’m popping off over there versus
the karen sultan classic there the old
wrx which looked way way better
you know but it’s it’s something they
always say in in my world because i’m a
software engineer is you don’t like the
devs near the artwork
it just doesn’t end well and i am 100
absolutely guaranteed to follow that
all right so there is the arcade i’m
just going to pop this back in to the
take the command show out real quick
because that’s the one that i use most
of the time
because it just it’s overpowered it is
this thing will climb anything
all right and then this will be my um
my my regular vehicle from uh from once
i’ve picked this out
cool so this is now set to my personal
yeah back to cars that don’t handle
and that’s an emperor spent ages looking
for one of those before
all right guys i think that’s going to
be it for me for the evening thank you
very much um
again just
blown away by the fact that i’ve picked
up a a donation i just cannot express
genuinely chuffed
i am that that’s come through so thank
you so much for that that’s my first one
i think that makes me now a professional
youtuber so i’m stoked but uh yeah
try again in english thank you very much
for watching and stay safe and wash your
hands and we’ll see you in the next

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