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16 Dec 2021: Starting The Contract NEW DLC in GTA Online (Hopefully)

Join Dan in the December 2021 DLC of Grand Theft Auto 5 as he works through the storyline and first few prep missions. Follow Old Grumpy Gamers for more videos and updates.
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LIVE: Starting The Contract NEW DLC in GTA Online (Hopefully)

Join Dan in Live Chat as he takes on the latest DLC – The Contract – in GTA Online for December 2021. Watch as he attempts to work through the storyline and the first few prep missions in this exciting new update for Grand Theft Auto. Follow along with Dan as he explores the world of GTA while sharing his thoughts and strategies in real-time.

About GTA Online: The Contract

GTA Online’s latest DLC – The Contract – introduces a new storyline and several prepping missions to the game. Players will take on the role of Franklin, the famous character from GTA V, and will have to work alongside Chop and Lamar to prepare for The Contract’s final heist. With new weapons, vehicles and exciting missions to complete, players will have to apply their wit and strategy to get through to the end of the game.

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Are you looking to get rich quick in GTA Online, but don’t know where to start? Dan from Old Grumpy Gamers has spent countless hours playing GTA Online, trying out different strategies and hacks to get the most money. Join him as he shares his tips and tricks on how to earn lots of cash in the game. From the best businesses to invest in to the most intriguing heists to pull off, Dan has got you covered for earning serious cash in GTA Online.

Chop, Lamar and Franklin: The Trio that makes The Contract

The Contract DLC in GTA Online brings back three familiar characters from GTA V – Chop, Lamar and Franklin, all of whom have to work together to complete the final heist in the storyline. Fans of GTA V will be excited to see Chop, the famous Rottweiler who has been trained to attack enemy gang members, return to the game in this exciting new update. Meanwhile, Lamar and Franklin will bring their own unique talents and abilities to the team, making them the unstoppable trio that can get the job done.

Experience The DLC with Old Grumpy Gamers

Dan and the team at Old Grumpy Gamers love playing GTA Online and are excited to share their experiences with all of their fans. Join them as they take on The Contract DLC, exploring the world of GTA and discovering new missions and storylines. Learn from their experience and develop your own strategies to tackle the game with ease.

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The Contract DLC in GTA Online is an exciting new update that brings new challenges to the game. Join Dan from Old Grumpy Gamers as he works through the storyline and shares his thoughts and strategies in real-time. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a new player looking to get rich quick, Dan has got you covered with his invaluable tips and tricks. Follow along with Dan and experience The Contract DLC like never before.

hi and welcome back to the channel my
name is dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer
uh in this stream i am diving into the
new contract dlc so we’re going to be
purchasing a property uh we’ll probably
purchase a car although we won’t do much
in the web modification we’ve got mrs mr
scrumpy gamer coming along in the next
couple of days to do a big big run on
those and maybe do a couple of prep
missions we’ll see how we go i’m going
to be on for maybe an hour to two hours
tonight not super long um after watching
tgg and a few other streams today it
looks like this is going to take about
three to four hours to complete
but we’ll see how we go from there now
let me just adjust this
um chat if you um
if if something goes a bit awry with
with the mic or the audio please let me
know um
but uh yeah otherwise i’ll see how we go
let’s dive straight on in
uh hang on let me just adjust the volume
on the microphone here very very quickly
so let’s pump that up to about there
i think that should be about right okay
yep great okay and we’re back in so
thank you very much for your patience
i’m also going to apologize in advance i
have a
bit of a chest infection um and i might
have to mute for a couple of seconds
here and there just to to cover getting
a bit of a bark uh
across the um
across the mic i don’t want to have to
cough in anyone’s uh anyone’s ear
so if it goes quiet for no good reason
that’ll be why
so apologies in advance for that
uh it’s not the rotor i’ve been tested
it is definitely not the rotor so that’s
all wouldn’t have been isolating to
um also uh this
dlc by the looks of it has quite a lot
of uh music that might get me
demonetized in there so again what i
might have to do is i’ll be able to talk
but i’ll be able to mute the audio from
the game every now and then if a song
pops up so if it’s
doing some weird stuff or being really
quiet that’d be why so anyway let’s uh
let’s go and have a look at some
now i’ve already received a quick phone
call from lamar so we’ll see what’s
going on there
and i think it’s dynasty eight
so we’ll enter the site uh
sorry about that and
no that’s executive offices agencies
here we go
there are a couple of different agencies
available so let’s have a look here
so the horwick looks quite neat
uh galileo house is nice views and a
commercial district
uh little seoul um gee that’s got
that looks like a really nice setting a
really nice setting
um so a grade
office uh little soul aesthetic some
nice nightlife around that area
with the spoochy canals we have some
races around there actually so that’s
good fun that’ll be nice nice views
and rockford hills um
so population of wealthy celebrities
endlessly complaining about their
problems well yeah fair enough all right
now i have
my office here
so i’m probably going to and i also have
another property here as well
we’ll see how we go from there all right
now i’ve just been told i need to pump
the volume a little more so let’s give
that a crack
let’s see how that goes
hopefully that won’t be too bad we
shouldn’t click there so
apologies in advance again
i’m just trying to get used to this new
um this new setup so
we’ll see how it goes uh all right so
we’ve got this here let’s have a look is
there an agency nearby
rockford hills
or the vespucci canal zip both pretty
close both the same price actually so
that one’s a little bit cheaper there
the little sole looks like the cheapest
how it looks like the most expensive
i think i’m probably going to go with
vespucci canals that looks quite neat so
let’s go for that one
oh that’s quite a neat little aesthetic
uh so if we have a look there
pop and hype
power and money
loyalty and respect honestly you know
what i’m gonna go with pop and hype it’s
not not jeff’s style but let’s give it a
uh wallpaper now jeff tends to go with
uh with with blacks and and grays so
let’s see what we have here
yeah some of these are a bit gaudy if
i’m honest they’re not real flash are
they but that’s alright
oh yeah you know what i like the black
and tear and that looks quite neat
so i think the tile might be to go
yeah not bad
red tones are quite nice they go quite
well with the black
you know i think i’m going to stick with
the charcoal that’s just jeff’s style
with the white hair and the and the
black so that should look alright
armory oh yes we want the armory now
that looks pretty neat we’ve got the
weapons workshop
and that looks like armor
oh that would be neat not having to go
back to uh back to the office uh sorry
back to um what do you call it uh
ammunition every time that’d be really
the cheese 720 20 grand they’re they’re
not messing around there are they
all right definitely want accommodation
that being able to spawn there would be
handy and we absolutely need the vehicle
workshop if we want to do some cool
so not bad at four and a half mil
so yeah all right cool
uh so let’s have a look all right so
we’re gonna pick that up at four and a
half mil it’s not the most expensive
but we could go with highlights there to
bring that up as well but i really i
genuinely like the black
and i think the the brown is quite nice
but i don’t think that’ll work with the
aesthetic of my character which is very
a um a nouveau kind of goth
aesthetic there so
all right cool
we’ve got the artwork there um
going with the mid-range artwork we can
go higher but i just i like that
the wallpaper is tiled and again that is
defined by the look of it not
necessarily the um
not necessarily excuse me sorry
necessarily the uh the the cost of it i
know there are more expensive ones there
armory is quite nice that’s really handy
and absolute must and the vehicle
workshop because we want to really
customize out these vehicles and i’m
really looking forward to tinkering with
that buffalo to be honest
all right so 4.5 mil let’s buy that
all right great so we can see the
transaction pending down the bottom that
is done
all right that is in you know what let’s
head downstairs and you can see
jeff there with the uh the black and the
white not not a whole lot of um
body art or anything like that it’s
basically kind of looks like a fancy npc
and that’s the way i like it running
so let’s head downstairs we will go and
grab ourselves
the uh the truck i think
got myself a nice little four-wheel
drive ute here the command show
there we are
and uh you can see we’ve got some cars
there to customize as well so we’re
doing the calico and that alpha looking
hopefully in the next couple of days
so let’s get going
now if you are new to the channel my
name is dan i’m an old grumpy gamer and
uh we’re going through
a couple of setup missions and the uh a
few bits and pieces for the uh the new
contract stuff say g’day in chat i am
it’s all a little bit lonely at the
moment i am reasonably
new to the whole live streaming thing
so um
yeah please say say g’day and um yeah if
you like what you’re saying by all means
that’d be great if you could leave a uh
whoops going the wrong way talking too
uh great if you could leave a like and
and if you’re new by all means subscribe
it’s uh it’ll be really nice to have you
along so
um i normally do uh short form guides as
well so
hey jose
i’m kicking on mate a little bit of a
bug but uh yeah kicking on so thanks for
joining genuinely so to have you here
mate so thank you
uh have you had a chance to play yet
right or is it um
uh just sort of streaming while you uh
you’re doing some other stuff
all right so let’s have a look a bit of
a ways to go i don’t think it’s too far
out of the way
sorry the arcade is
down where the rest of my gear is so
we’ll see how we get on with that it’s
getting a bit late in the day as well
um so that means we’re probably going to
do the first couple of missions in the
evening which is an ideal but
we’ll get there
now let’s have a look where is the
entrance to this place do you like being
by the spooky canals
uh where is the interest in this place
there we go it looks like it there
so we’ll pop in
there we are right let’s see how we go
with this one
now i’m just going to shut up here and
and let the cutscene do its thing
hey can you just hold it for a second
you gotta visit
oh yeah
that’s who it is okay
sorry about that i didn’t know who you
i won’t make that mistake again
just in here
what’s cracking so what you think about
all this [__] we looking good right
look this is our business you feel me
you put the bread down [__] you the
owner i’m the manager franklin clinton
dog and that over there is my old ass
homie chop [__] he don’t get around too
much no mo
man everybody i asked about setting this
thing up they all pointed straight at
you a genuine real reputable
now me [__] i’m a hustler that made it
big big house nice cars a family and
everything but damn man i miss getting
these [__] hands dirty and from what
i hear you ain’t got that problem
you run your own [__] and i like that
hey look come walk with me i want to
show you something
down the streets i know real good cause
that’s where i’m from but now i work
with rich folk who got rich folk
problems and no [__] idea how to deal
with them you know like the kid might
stole a car or they might owe money to
the wrong [__] people or their wife
might be screwing the tennis coach but
guess what my homies can help him with
all that
now this here this is your office i’m
gonna get all these jobs for us and
they’re gonna show up on this computer
right here it’ll be small fire first but
one big client man one a-list name and
we straight
that’s our hacker right there imani she
works up on the operation floyd where
all the high-tech [__] at
oh [__]
hey mommy
man these kids man knock knock my
politically incorrect racial epithets
what that [__] do
what are you doing here lamar
now the question is what are you doing
here is that who you bringing in with
you why you didn’t tell me i’m the one
who called that pimp put him up on
everything dawg and you [__]
got the nerve to cut me out well i got
two words for y’all finders
[__] feet that’s right i’ma sue
y’all ass matter of fact i’m gonna blast
y’all asses out on snapmatic with my
phone man hold on dawg man i was gonna
look out for you chill out all right
[__] i got something here dawg come on
ah nah put that [__] away i’m part of
san andreas’s budding cannabis scene
i remember this dude when he was broke
as [__] could barely get a [__]
coach seat now all of a sudden eating
grapes in the cockpit with the captain
look at you and you i ain’t even going
to go in on your dog ass cause you know
what’s happening but i ain’t tripping
cause now it’s ld’s turn to come up
how’s that for a sample
uh okay i see you look at this some good
[__] you damn straight that’s that pie
guy all right hey you get going on those
i’ll be in my office all right right
who’s that bad ass little fist looking
[__] i mean nice young lady with the
profitable posterior right there [__]
that’s imani that’s pearly [__] the
homegirl’s daughter she handle all our
hacker type [__] oh that’s probably
daughter i should have known
she hacking this [__] too i ain’t even
know they had a computer damn i feel old
tell me about it you get going on those
jobs i’m gonna go work on this big klein
force all right wait wait you mean big
big kline like tony mctoney come on man
tell me you got tony victoria uh see if
tony mctoney will post my weed on this
page man you got me frank come on man
whatever i got going man you got going
so i’m gonna look out for you hey i’ll
be in my office you keep doing what
you’re doing
man he’d be lying like a [__]
anyway though now look at you you feel
like somebody now
you og now your nuts is almost big as
mine but they won’t be
not at all
right well there we go so that was
pretty neat um
let’s have a look at the view at this
place hey
there we go
yeah it’s not whole earth but it’s it’s
still pretty nice
i do like the canals over there
let’s see what we can see can we
actually look at this i reckon we can
can we
yeah i got the skate park there
looks like some basketball courts
it’s not a bad little spot actually this
is all right
some interesting artwork on there on the
oh you know what i quite like those that
tile decor it looks quite nice
it’s a bit it’s not overstated it’s not
there’s frank
you know what that is that is a cool
piece of art
that actually
we might be interested to see who the
actual artist is on that one because
that looks like a statement piece
all right so what’s here oh it’s got the
got the crew logo there that’s always
and i suspect i can watch the tv if i
wanted to are you trying to smoke
all right
oh stoat can we yes we can pet him or
oh i’m stoked
oh that makes me happy
oh and we got xp for it as well there
was an achievement there you go
i’m genuinely choked he’s looking a
little uh looking healthy oh i think
we’ve got an award that’s cool
i’m genuinely chuffed with that that is
great what a nice little touch
all right
you know what it’s it’s compact but it
certainly does the job it looks like a
nice spot
board room there that’s my office
what else do we got here
little atrium spot gee that’s actually
that’s quite a nice view
even the los santos stuff out there
that’s really cool
there’s the canals
you know what this is all right i don’t
mind this at all again pretty stoked
with that decor
that’s nice decor
and the charcoal tones were definitely
the right decision
all right so let’s see what we got up
that looks like the armory
got some more pcs we’ve got
roots do we have any snacks what else do
we got all right so there’s another
limey juice let’s have a look here
right well that didn’t precisely nothing
oh is that a snake table do i have
snacks snacks all right cool
and i’m choppers there so that’s all
really happy with that but that’s good
okay so that is a money triple monitor
set up
all 24’s by the look of it so
and uh what do we got console running on
the left hand side now i’m a software
engineer by trade so a lot of this stuff
is is really neat we’ve got some some
workflow diagrams and database diagrams
a couple of spare notebooks there doing
some my little routines
you know what they’ve done a really good
job of that and of course the uh
is that a toaster oven
i mean let’s go into first person have a
let’s press the right button and have a
quick look
damn it this is the right button that’s
not the right button
there it is right first person
well there’s that thing
is it a toaster oven or is that a 3d
let’s connect it to that that’s a
i wonder if that’s a card printer or
something for ids
yeah there you go
all right let’s uh have a bit more of a
wander around the office probably the
smartest thing in this place
yeah that’s that’s a fair call
that’s a fair call
all right
take a hit
nice little sound deck i suspect that
will come in handy a bit later
all right so this is a pretty neat place
to kick around
pretty relaxed
that’s um
that’s sculpture
can we play the arcade game we can space
all right can we get through here what
is through this area
this is a pretty big place
all right so this is the living quarters
by the look of it some clothes
ooh rancher it’ll do you and certainly
and you can tell the bloke’s been there
toilet seats up
neat looking bed understated art
decent kitchen place for some shots yeah
all right this is pretty
cool few little bits and pieces here
another tv and again it’s a it’s a nice
microwave you reckon jesse that’s um
yeah i don’t know
connected to the printer
sorry connected to the um
the computer and i’m kind of thinking 3d
okay we can exit
garage kind of thinking 3d prints or a
card printer maybe
all right let’s have a look downstairs
righty-o so this isn’t too bad so far
and it’s going to take a little bit of
time to sort of work my way through it
and see how we go
so that is well that’s a buffalo
is that franklin’s car oh gee i like the
rims on that
not a big fan of that front scoop though
it’s probably useful but yeah
all right i can’t get into that so that
is clearly franklin’s
that looks like an exact car
okay i can get into that one
yeah not a bad engine sound but pretty
all right let’s have a look over here
do you like the mural
that’s pretty neat
there’s a monkey
a monkey wrench guy
and tuners all that kind of stuff all
the normal stuff that goes with it and i
presume that’s the exits in the garage
all right let’s have a look downstairs i
think this is a 20 car garage i want to
let’s head down and see what we’ve got
yep so we’ve got a few more cars there
what’s this
okay vehicle management yep culp
the wood floorboards are a nice touch as
and more cars all right so yeah that’s a
pretty decent sized garage
that is a nice looking
nice looking bike can we can we get on
no we can’t must be the boss’s bike that
nice uh
i don’t recognize that bike um if anyone
in chat recognizes it i know it’s pretty
quiet out there at the moment but if
anyone recognizes it’d be great to know
what that is because that certainly does
not look like a baddie
all right cool so that looks quite neat
again really happy
let’s head back to the agency
and see if we can’t figure out what’s
going on
so welcome if you’re uh you’re new to
the channel my name is dan i’m an old
grumpy gamer and in this stream i am
buying uh the i’ve just bought the the
apartment i’m gonna grab a buffalo i
think that looks pretty nice and we’re
going to do a bit of storyline and a
couple of the prep missions
for this one by all accounts this looks
like a three or four hour dlc
if you go hard
so yeah
hey dan
genuine pleasure to have you along mate
sc i’m not familiar with that um
with that abbreviation um
would you
yeah is that that the us or um
yeah i don’t yeah sorry i don’t know
all right so we’ve got suvs we’ve got
okay cool ah so these are car services
we can head two places
okay yeah that’s cool
that’s cool
all right so now the next question is
how do we actually kind of do the dlc a
do we have any missions do we have
anything there
all right simeon kjd so that’s moody
he wants to go here diamond casino
night that’s gel
are just no ones
ah south carolina fantastic yep all
right that makes a bit more sense man so
i’m an aussie sitting in the uk at the
so uh i think we we are literally almost
half a world away aren’t we so
it’s uh yeah let’s have a look
so i presume now
i need to access the computer to do
something so let’s go and have a quick
look because it really wants me to have
a look at that
is that a locker oh it’s a safe really
neat all right cool
so yeah uh welcome um
i’m just uh just sort of having a tinker
through the um through the the apartment
or sorry the agency i’ve just bought and
um going sort of right through the place
it looks like a pretty decent um
decent-sized place
that’s the wrong one secure rcf there we
yeah queensland is nice warm but nice um
if you’re in the military you would have
been up in uh
in cairns mate or um
sort of and what branch if you don’t
mind me asking where’d you serve
all right so let’s sit down there
but yeah queensland is is lovely um i’ve
spent spent a couple weeks in in surfers
and noosa and and caloundra and sort of
around that area but never kind of made
it too far north
and i’m originally from um from a bit
further south down near um near adelaide
and spent some time up in northern
victoria as well
i’m gonna be
and i can quiet what your ass doing on
the screen so no creepy [__] alright now
like i said before i’m a hustler who
made it i got in with a crew of dudes
with some real experience they taught me
how to operate on a serious level no
more hood [__] for me you know what i’m
saying that’s why we got a setup like
this hey look click on the security
contract page and check that [__] out
all right well that’s a fairly
akinawa mate that looks like i’ve heard
wonderful things about that that’s great
so usmc so that’s um united states
marine corps asu so and um and retired
so congratulations on
and and thanks for your service there as
well right and he’s genuinely
appreciated looking after us
after the guy showed me how to make
moves we pulled a big ass goal and i
cast out i was making investments you
know other plays and doing real good but
none of that [__] hit right and then i
figured i should use my [__]
street knowledge with these contacts and
that’s the business right there i’ma fix
it to the rich and famous but you can
only go so far along you know what i’m
so i needed a grade a partner with grade
a capital and grade a skills someone to
help me turn my hustle into a major
and so here we are
these clients ain’t exactly a-list but
now we working together [__] it won’t be
long before we get some of those but
look for now the work is robberies
recoveries assassinations rescues and
all that [__] you know what i’m saying
once you find a job you like select it
here then imani and me would start
moving on our side and hey i appreciate
you want to keep a low profile
that’s why my name is on the door and
i’m the face of this [__] you know what
i’m saying
so i’m working the contacts and you
moving in the streets
some of these can be real tricky homie
but i’ll let you know and i’ll make sure
the [__] payout is worth it sounds
all right well i get working on the
a-list catch somebody who will put us on
a damn map
hey i wish i could get that girl on them
billboards uh
rosalia but [__] man i don’t think her
ass in enough trouble right now to need
at least not yet
but we aiming high homie
okay cool so we have some contracts to
go uh
let’s have a look
cpu is running at 55 gpu is about 39
temperatures not too bad now i am on a
notebook guys so you know the
temperature is a thing i do have to keep
an eye on
um so let’s see how we go from there uh
so let’s start with vehicle recovery hey
so specialist level is 68 grand so it’s
recover a stolen vehicle
uh rescue a client so that’s 38 and a
and provide prevent perfective
sorry protection detail the client
assets at 39
all right let’s start with the top one
and see where we end up going actually
you know what before i do
let’s go visit the armory because i
don’t think i am terribly well equipped
at the moment
geez dear kills42 is going uh going
i wonder if he’s pulled people into a
where have we got anyone that looks like
they’re gonna be a modder
no i think we’re right that’s not too
all right now armory where did i see
is it around the back or is it at the
top no i’m hoping downstairs
okay let’s have a look
sorry about that
yeah that does look really neat um
although i think the jamming might be uh
might be really cool as well
with that remote control car although
only first person but still that’s
that’s pretty neat
ah where was that armory had to be back
upstairs had to be back upstairs
okay let’s see here we go
it’s upstairs again
it’s fairly compact like it’s a vertical
there it is right here let’s go and have
a chat with this fellow i suspect there
will be a briefing
so if that happens i’ll just i’ll just
be quiet again
if you saw where we were from you know
how far franklin made it
me too [__]
just a different route
okay well that looks pretty neat
so let’s go and have a look here what do
we got
browse gear
all right earpiece that that just looks
no that’s great
oh that’s kind of neat
i have that i’ve got plenty of
that’s high skier
it looks like a right gift with that
don’t they let’s get that off
[__] accessories
that’s all right i’m sure that will come
in very very handy all right
so what else have we got here
all right
what was that
customized weapon loadouts no that’s all
good i’m very happy with that i think
and what do we have over here
so this is a weapons workshop by the
look of it
hey josh welcome back
can i do anything with that just yet i
don’t think i can
all right so before i get too fast here
i’m just going to go for a quick i think
heading down
who’s talking
i’m gonna head downstairs pop out to an
and uh see how we go
that looks like it there we go exit to
yeah just uh just finished buying a um
one of the uh one of the contract
buildings man
that’s neither of those in my cars i’m
not gonna take them
um yeah just finished buying a contract
vehicle uh sorry contract uh
can’t even talk anymore
uh the one of the contract things
and uh just did a bit of a tour so there
we go oh geez it must be criminal damage
there we are
i’m just talling up before we head out
do one of the uh one of the first
uh contact missions by the looks of it
so yeah it should
start looking at the uh the road and not
at the map
looks like specs doing alright with the
criminal damage i think last time we did
that we ended up at about 1.9 mil
there we are right i know where i am now
chief spec is doing really well with
that that looks lovely
nice here we go now do we have any more
kit that we can buy
should be some more stuff here
can i even launch it i think do i need
some grenades
yes i do
that’s full
all right what do we have new gear
military heavy rifle this thing looks
mental so i’m going to grab that
and fill up the rounds i’ve got plenty
of rounds let’s go with the extended
and giving me a scope
suppressor does mess with the accuracy
but that’s okay
grip does improve the accuracy which
should make up for the suppressor
yeah so i saw that daniel um but it i
couldn’t get the thing the thing to
activate so i don’t know maybe i have to
do a um
maybe i have to do a mission or
uh all right so what else do we have
here so it’s a sweeper i’ve got that
plenty of rounds
combat pdw
what’s that
we’ve gotten gains
all papa do like that
slowing off
just wondering if we can see the um
it’s a heavy shoddy
do i not have access to the new one you
might have to do a mission or something
machine gun looks mental
okay so there are all the specials uh
let’s see here we are in flames
bring on the grenades lovely a bit of a
bit of banging
there we go and
not too many mines are full
careful okay see how we go
it was weird that it didn’t show that uh
didn’t show me the ability to
to get in there and do that
access to the heavy sniper
yeah cool i think i’ve got everything i
possibly want on that i tend not to go
for the cosmetic upgrades with this kind
of gear it’s all more about the wow five
million dollars
that is amazing
must have taken out a fuel station or
yeah ten nights ago with the cosmetic
upgrades on the weapons it’s all about
the utility for that so
okay so let’s head back to the agency
all right
let’s take it a bit easier on the
porsche i do like these cars they are
nice and quick
six million
i don’t know what uh what spec is blown
up there but wow that is
that is something else that is a lot of
damage that is a lot of damage
that’s neat there you go 6.1 mil you
know what
that’s really neat
we have to
do that i think
i would like that paint job too
is that the new debauchee
that is too that’s the new one
that is a nice slivery
that’s clean
that looks like um
is that
that looks like the same same carry of
the uh the cobra series that stallone
was in back in the day as well so i have
to go back and revisit that one
and if anyone else uh
oh yes yeah
savage is nice
if anyone else can remember the cobra
series for stallone they are showing
their age i suspect quite strongly mr
stevenson there will probably be the
only one here old enough to know what
i’m talking about
there we go
okay right you know what let’s head up
to the armory then and see if we can buy
the the stun gun
taking the long way about
there we go right getting to know the
place a little bit better this time
so what have we spent so far about five
nearly six in a bit mill
all right so let’s see if we can get the
stun gun and the new emp weapon
so what you looking for
here we go this is better
there we are
six of six
spot on there daniel thank you very much
oh no steve sorry thanks mate thanks for
the tip i really appreciate it and
uh all right let’s have a look
explosives because i think i’ve got one
let’s see what we’ve got here
that is a mental weapon
all right pistols is it in there it’s
not the thing it’s an s
flare gun
got enough animals i haven’t really
played you that yet
stun gun
there we are 356 grand and it’s got
quite a lot of low [__] low
long recharge rate
all right that’s the pistol
so this
wouldn’t be under machine guns would it
you know it’s got to be around somewhere
oh i can get a heavy sniper
you know what i’m going to have me one
of those
yeah that will
you very much
all right and i’ve got marksman cool
heavy weapon so i couldn’t i couldn’t
get that in the um
put a match in your mouth right here
sorry man i don’t know that one um
i suspect there’s something lost in the
vernacular there across the pond
there’s the launcher there we are
tints are quite neat
and hot pink spears the hd experience
hdb into that that looks great but it
matches thing quite
well what’s the widowmaker
uh that thing that looks silly
uh all right explosives yeah so that was
interesting because i could not
get some of these weapons in the um
in ammunition
all right that’s cool
so now can i go to the weapons workshop
no that’s just gear
all right i’m gonna have to go to a
weapons workshop elsewhere and upgrade
that so i’ve got one of those in the ah
cobra head match yeah right okay
with you sorry mate thank you
he always had a two yeah i always
thought it was a toothpick yeah you’re
right it was a match wasn’t it
all right cool so we’ll head back
i will have to visit the
actually uh
let me just pop back this is going to
sound a bit silly but i’m just going to
pop to the gun locker for a second
so that i’m not carrying two sniper
rifles i just i like having a single
all right machine gun slices there we go
so hide the heavy sniper
and i find that’s just a little bit
easier i’m not having to select between
the two weapons i can really keep a lean
loadout that way
all right and let’s head back into my
head over to the computer
and uh see what’s there
right here
security connections vip contracts are
locked for the moment so let’s do a
vehicle recovery
all right and speak to the security guy
that i the front desk so that was oops
downstairs we want to go this way
oh that frame rate is dropping
it’s dropping real hard my machine it is
a bit warm
uh but it should still be okay
let’s head downstairs
everything okay
all right
okay that’s it
yeah cool that’s all good
all right i’m gonna head out and um i’ll
be here
let us downstairs exit to ground
and uh let’s um
let’s go and grab the
sparrow i think we’ll just go for a bit
of a putt and see what’s there
there we go still getting used to having
an moc all right well just be
and they’ve been having quiet hell of a
year picking up grand prix like they
coming out of a [__] vending machine
where that star rider just broke his
winning streak got his personal super
tuned up ride stolen so he came to us
man the way he was talking about that
bike you think he gave birth to that
[__] some [__] apparently a gang
of real serious car thieves made off
with it as part of some deal with the
mexicans they’ve been boosting vehicles
all over ls and are planning to ship
them out of the lsia
look head down here make sure that deal
fall through all right
righty oh
this could be
a little bit faster we’ll see what
happens here
all right so
yeah i think we just
do you want to go in loud i think we’re
gonna have to go in loud
have they seen me yet
oh damn oh this is gonna end poorly
oh that didn’t go well at all
i did not
i did not do that well
all right let’s see uh see how upset
they are with me
oh yep nope they’re still upset
all right let’s see how we go here
oh that’s not that yep that’s not gonna
end well at all
my game plan is not flashing this game
it’s just not
okay uh what else do we got here so that
is that’s the ball pop let’s go with the
micro smg
yeah let’s go with the heavy
we’ll add some armor this time
even tree
all right let’s see how badly i can
[__] this up
is there any cover at all i don’t think
there is
oh that’s me
here i am
oh that’s got a bit of punch
uh where are we
where is he
oh yeah that has got some punch
all right there is someone right behind
me there
where is this car ah there is he’s in
all right whoa
yeah what let’s just do that
out there
there we go oh no that’s going to end
oh no it survived
there we go
all right you’re gone
okay let’s try that again
where is he
where is he
there we go that’s him sorted
all right uh let us try let’s go snacks
i really i suspect quite strongly i am
going to get much much better with the
garden here
and he’s down
yeah he’s done
all right let’s see what else we’ve got
someone back there i reckon but i don’t
know which of these oh it’s a motorbike
so you know what
that’s okay
all right let’s get back under some
cover here because that’s not ideal
oh this is going to be an expensive
exercise i suspect
can i
can i get him up there
too far again
you know what let’s just top them
sorted right let’s see where is he
another one there is yelling
where’d he go
where did he go
another one back there too
where are these guys they’re just
all right i’m gonna probably oh geez my
movement is really slow with this
segment you must weigh an absolute ton
where is he
gonna be down there somewhere
right there we go
someone’s dropped a smoke bomb around
here somewhere
but gee your movement is really really
slowed down with the um
with this machine gun
i said it must weigh an absolute ton
can we go over here
oh graceful
all right where are you buddy
there it is
someone’s still alive
okay is that it
that is it
oh is it in the plane right here we go
now we’re cooking
some neat bikes here
all right let’s try this again
all right jeff you’re going to stick
your helmet on
there we go
all right
now how do we get out of here
unlock the hangar doors
ah oh oh no did those guys just spawn in
they just spawned him
right let’s uh really
all right let’s see how many of them are
dead or whether i have to do it again
really they’re all back again
oh no there’s a few of them that are
all right he’s down i’ve got a couple
over this side
you know what that’s okay i don’t mind
because i can just pop them
all right we’ve got another one coming
over this side somewhere i saw someone
where is he
he’s coming around the side here where
are you buddy
there we go
all right we’ve got one more over here
where are you buddy
let’s grab the sweeper
i’ll take there you are
right he’s sorted
anyone else playing the game
all right
all right so there’s the shinobi
unlocked the hangar doors where the way
i’m not batting the doors
is there a map marker
well that’s in no way helpful
all right let’s see how we go there
chat if anyone knows where to find this
it would be appreciated
let’s see here we go
go through these
got to be an officer in here somewhere
there’s a cot
suggested want to be too far up
some nice cars with me
all right uh
let’s go up the top here
can’t get anything it looks like an air
conditioning unit
all right let’s have a look
no idea if there’s anyone here
gotta be around here somewhere
all right rest of it’s up
you know what i’m probably looking in
the wrong place if i’m nice so the
hangers over there
oh no it’s not the heavy machine gun i’m
just slow i can’t run around too fast
inside this area that’s a bit silly
all right now am i getting the same
shinobi or am i grabbing another one out
of the plane
all right so finger doors are over here
uh that makes a bit more sense
something like one of these might need a
no other side maybe
all right let’s see how we go over here
oh really really
come on guys where is it
no all right there was a message from
this place is on lockdown find a button
to get the hanger doors open
helpful all right other side maybe let’s
have a look
oops sorry bud
not that side
it’s not like it that looks kind of like
a valve
won’t be anything in the cockpit there i
don’t think
shouldn’t be anywhere near the gantry
shouldn’t it
i missed an office downstairs
i suspect this will be really really
easy once i know what i’m doing
all right let’s see how we go here all
right no buttons there
good to see him using the crates again
gotta be around here green button by the
white pops
pipes on the door there thanks steve
uh so
green button
white pipes near the hanger doors
so we’ve got two lots of hanger doors
green button white pipes let’s try this
all right so i’ve got some white pipes
ah there it is
nice work all right thanks mate i really
appreciate it
that could be marked on the map
there it is
thank you very much steve we could have
been here all night mate
i don’t suppose there’s much stealthing
that around then oh
oh this is gonna end poorly
all right let’s see if we can get out of
here without too much trouble
and there’s steve haynes’s thing
all right
can we take care of them that we’re all
good there
got the sparrow there too
and we are off
all right this is a um it’s a pretty
good bike this is quite nice all right
there we go nearly did it
there we go and all they are after me
but i think i’m hopefully like i’m not
too bad as a wheelman uh i’m pretty
ordinary with a gun
i’m alright on a bike so let’s see
now that i’ve opened my damn mouth i’ll
probably fall off all the time but let’s
see how we go with this
now i apologize if i’m not watching chat
too closely there guys
this is
a little bit hairy
truck there
skip on the wrong side here and
just shortcut that a touch
frame rate’s dropping a little bit
well put it in poorly
there we go
and where’s that going gee that stops on
the dime
all right there we go viper covered okay
well that could have been smoother if
i’m honest but they could have been a
heck of a lot worse as well
so we’ll see how we go with that one
and i’ll be quiet
well that was certainly a sweet
short and sharp briefing so that’s good
and franklin franklin’s disappeared
now you know what i’ve just noticed
for those of you who’ve played story
is the employee of the month
plaque given to franklin by simeon in
the um
repossession mission i think it is one
of the second or third missions in the
uh the story mode game
so that’s that’s cool because that was
that set off a whole chain of other
events there but
what a neat little touch i also noticed
as well in the original cutscene i’m not
sure if you guys noticed
um he was helping people whose kids had
stolen had stolen cars or made silly
decisions or
whose wife was
sleeping with the tennis coach and again
this goes back to to story mode stuff
michael with jimmy stealing michael’s
and stealing michael’s car
amanda getting a little busy with the
with the tennis coach and trevor just
being an utter nut case
that was a wrong button one clam sorry
right well that’s a bit better there we
security contracts so i’ve done a roof
uh done a
vehicle recovery
so rescue operation next let’s see how
we go
excuse the client specialist payment
oh really there’s a cool down
oh man
okay well that looks like it’s uh it’s
time to restock the restocker kitty
so let’s head downstairs
downstairs yeah downstairs to the army
this is no it’s upstairs isn’t it it’s
one floor up
i will get to know this place i still am
getting to know the casaka that’s just
there we go right
i’ll be here if you need anything
gotta load up before you head out
all right combat grenade launcher that’s
kind of neat
and nothing is to
see anything else we need there that’s
all good
so i got myself a mark ii shotgun there
which is kind of neat
all right arcade’s taking a bit of coin
let’s uh let’s see what we’ve got here
that’s the micro that’s fine
heavy uh let’s hide the bullpup so we’re
just using that
really only using the
the mark ii is really neat i’m really
only using the sweep at the moment
all right let’s see if that cooldown has
passed yet
that’s a bit silly that you that’s
that’s just drawing stuff out although i
suppose i don’t want people to go right
through the content too quickly but
yes oops
yeah it
kind of silly that we
have to wait between those different
types of missions
straight past my office
there we go and we’ll just sit down
there let’s see how we go
okay so welcome if you are just joining
us my name is dan and i’m an old grumpy
gamer and in this stream i’m just doing
some of the opening contact missions
after purchasing the contract agency
all right so rescue operation
all right cool so we can do it now so
it’s 51 grand
let’s see
what we’ve got and
where can i exit from here
probably around here somewhere
where is the exit
let’s just get upstairs it’s just easier
i kind of know where it is there
i’m sure there is something on the uh
come on guys where is it
oh i’m lost
there’s there we go right here we go
exit to
ground there we are
yeah so i spent about um five and a half
mil on the agency itself which isn’t the
most accelerated four and a half million
on the agency which isn’t the most
expensive but it is kind of neat
there is my vehicle but i think a
sparrow might be
although this thing is tough as nails
well looks like we’re uh
using this we’re up
hey what’s up i’m gonna need you to head
down to the terminal by the docks
man our client is a major importer and i
guess he wandered into the wrong
shipping container and saw too much of
that after i was [__] you feel me
so some higher guns blew up his car man
and got him pinned down we gotta get him
up out of there
oh i’m gonna get the client killed
hey carol and uh candy canes welcome
yeah i will get to know the uh night of
the area a bit a little bit better it
took me longer than i care to admit to
get to know where the stuff is on the
so we’ll see how we go
but at least with this thing it is
actually yeah it is built like a tank
not quite a tank though but i do have
one of those so let’s hop out of there
and i’m watching you i’m about
right so let’s pop this away
of course
you know what actually i can’t it’s all
they’re upset with me just sitting in
the middle of the road they are nuts
like i’m not even that mental at the
moment i’m not flagged or anything like
all right let’s see here we go up here
and uh yeah so this is a second contact
um had the the thing before where i did
the briefing
uh kitted out the
office um using some stuff that kind of
suits my guy’s aesthetic and was also
fortunate enough for that not to
necessarily be the
most expensive stuff in there
ginger thing just packs a lot um i do
have the insurgent as a personal vehicle
as well but it’s it’s a nice little
armored thing but it’s not really
that handy it’s just kind of slow
when you haven’t got someone to uh to
help out on the guns although i suspect
this is probably going to be an indoorsy
these guys in how dare they stop at a
red light clowns
what are they doing
what is var tekken why is it written
like that
i’m clearly not uh i’m missing a joke
there somewhere right i
kind of don’t know what’s what’s uh
happening but you know i do miss jokes
all the time so
that’s all good
what dude’s just sitting there in the
middle of the road
let’s head down this way this is a bit
yeah whatever mate
okay yep cool
not a fan of that
camera angle happening
all right so there’s the flare
so let’s do this
that way
get up there
i’m a fan of staying out of range and
just picking people up it’s not uh not
necessarily the nicest way at it but it
does the trick
can i actually see these guys
where are they
all right we’ve got a better shot there
no not helping me at all
damn it i’m gonna have to get close
oh that’s not helpful
all right can we go
down we go
all right let’s try that again
i’ll get off the ladder
that way there we go
really really oh this is going to import
how did i survive that
all right where are these guys
that might be a vip
right see this this guy has got some
weight behind it
where are you give us your name give us
your name
all right where is it
take him out
okay let’s deliver the client can i call
yes i can thank you very much
get in the car get in the car get in the
car get in the car get in the car all
right let’s see how we go
and we are off
all right well that’s a good way to get
clear of him
not the best work but uh might have
accidentally taken out a few of his
bodyguards as well um
but that’s okay
yeah um i you know what that the payouts
seem a little low for these contact
missions but
uh it looks like there’s some some
serious stuff a bit further on down the
track um
i was watching tgg today and he was he
that the first payout was in the range
of uh a million dollars which isn’t too
bad it’s not coyo money
it would be interesting to see what
happens on the second and third
playthrough and once people have sort of
found the glitches and all that kind of
gear as well because it kind of seems
like there are
contact and setup missions here
all right there we are
and it’s a safe house overshot it a bit
all right
all right
another where
wonderful thing about the sparrow
is that um
it’s really easy to find stuff
and you can just keep shooting there’s
no whoops
they are upset with me all right let’s
do um
lose the cops
let’s go for a quick flight just descend
yeah like a hundred grand it’s not a lot
really is it um
but uh yeah we’ll see how they go they
said a couple of once once the
replayabilities through that’s going to
be the real trick figuring out where it
is from there
all right so we’re above where the cops
are now
should just clear the warrant a few
we do have an enemy aircraft over there
can’t tell if that’s a cop or if that’s
someone else or that’s an npc
so as soon as this clears we’ll descend
and see where we end up with
shouldn’t be too far off that’s blinking
really slow now
climb health isn’t too bad either all
right so yeah that is an enemy
i will descend and see if we can’t see
where we need to get the enemy and sorry
the the guy
so around this sort of back alley-ish
spot fury here-ish i think
there we go
all right so we need to drop him down
there so it’s going to be the safest
spot to get him
safer spot is going to be out on the
street here
there we go
turn that
come on mate there you go
geez he’s not in a rush is he
ah really
it’s around the other side
water plane in the backside
all right let’s see how we go here
where’s the safe house
oh where is this thing really seriously
we’re going down
ah really
oh i’m not very good at this game
another chopper on the way there
that’s okay not terribly fussed about
these miles off and i have hugging
right not there
gotta be down here
oh where is he i’ve left him behind
right let’s try that again
where are you buddy
right gotcha
yeah thanks uh
thanks candy canes i’m
hopefully heading there now
it’s in good luck
and i’ve overshot it
i get used to this this will be fine but
yeah first time around probably not
covering myself with glory
good to know that chop is not uh not
gonna be a problem though
there it is
all right so i could have driven in
could i have dropped the chopper here
yeah it might have got sparrow in there
all right let’s see here we go
thanks candy canes i appreciate
okay so that’s that one done
and yeah and uh
had enough time pass for mike is my
experiment smaller than it’s like i have
all right hang up thanks thank you
what’s up
listen i got some news for us
here’s some great news i don’t want to
say too much over the phone but remember
that big client i was fishing for
the kind of a-lister that would give us
that jump
well check this out we got a meeting
over at the golf club
here that’s right it’s all set
hey they playing that boring ass game
all day so just head over there when you
ain’t handling [__] for the office all
right oh yeah and someone in the
clubhouse they gonna help you get
dressed cold compliant hey i’ll see you
soon all right
hey you made
nice threes
hey how do i look
let’s roll
hey you know in vinewood this is where
all the deals get done
but if you really want in on it
you got to play the game
all right look follow my lead cause
these dudes straight moguls you see that
skinny one right there that’s dj poo
that’s our plug homie
i’m going again come on really i can do
better is this what we got all dressed
up for mm-hmm yeah i knew i was gonna
hate this i don’t like sports that you
could snack when you play next time
we’re going roller skating
hey good to see you bro hey what’s up
pooh man who the [__] is this [__] it’s
my business associate my so [__] [__]
getting real hell yeah come on
are you sure about this hell yeah i’m
sure [__] we ready we set up we ready to
go dawg all right but y’all better
deliver [__] my [__] up too
yo dre this is franklin clinton this is
his associate they gonna help us get
that thing done man what’s up dawg i
appreciate you for having us not a
let’s give me a sec
and drive’s back swing was a little bit
a little bit sharp
but you know what
that was a pretty damn good shot
hold up i got this
this is a stupid [__] game the things
i do for a hit record it’s a way
you’re the one that’s gonna find the
phone right excuse me mr uh young is it
look we’re gonna play through okay give
you plenty of time to finish up whatever
this is you’re going to what come on
we’ll just be a second right dre play
through we’re going to play through
listen you ain’t playing through [__]
[__] oh very nice that’s very
nice this place has gone the crap what
did you just say you heard what i said
how are we supposed to play around with
this [__] this used to be a club for
pros hey man back the [__] up and shut
your [__] ass up no screw this i still
have friends on the board my wife’s
having an affair with the owner every
single one of you is going to be
blackballed before you reach the ninth
tee is that right yeah that’s right come
on eugene me and you gonna make some
calls and see what’s what
what the [__] was that about man the
[__] if i know with everything that’s
going on in my life right now
this is the last [__] thing i need
she’s having an affair with the owner i
gotta call this guy no no no no [__]
that [__] this if these two guys have
what it takes to find my property then
they can definitely take care of this
[__] we got you homie good
cause i’m done with swinging these
[__] clubs man what are you doing
listen take care of these [__]
[__] before they make trouble for me
and if you do you can handle my business
my phone wasn’t lost man it was stolen
and there’s material on that [__]
phone that i really care about
unreleased material you know what i’m
saying and if you know anything about me
you know that i don’t put anything out
before it’s ready and i’m dead ass
serious about that we got you homie come
on guys let’s get the [__] out of here
i’m getting agitated you were kind of
pissed off before they said anything you
really need to try something for your
mood i am it’s called golf well golf
ain’t working next time we’re gonna go
skate at the rink hey you two [__]
can’t wait for the legend to shoot his
oh where you going i thought you’d like
to talk
come on man
all right this way
that thing was going way way too fast
where are these guys off to
can’t shoot the uh
all right let’s get the first one first
hey we ain’t got to kill no one here we
just got to get them to stop and put a
beating on their ass all right let’s see
how we go
slugging them on the side seems to work
quite well it wasn’t a job
i can’t even shoot
man don’t lose it oh nice yeah did you
believe it great
all right so slugging helps
go on quick helps sideways helps as well
and clearly eugene is not helping at all
these are surprisingly quick
no it cannot franklin i am sorry mate i
do not have your special ability
yeah the missile defense looks amazing
i am
really looking forward to grabbing uh
grabbing a buffalo actually with with
that in there
all right so that’s the first one dealt
that’s one down now we gotta get this
little [__] friend
all right where is his mate off to he’s
made it a fair way actually
so he’s going up the highway there
yeah we’ll stick on this road and then
hang on left i think we should be able
to catch him reasonably
he don’t look quickly
enough to me
yeah he’ll get there man you’ll get
there don’t worry about that
long as he doesn’t turn yeah he’s turned
oh this does not
this does not handle well
but uh
i do like racing through this this spot
in the uh the tuners update and so yeah
one of the races that was great
just gotta catch him first you’re not
letting me shoot him
look missed
see these things are slow
i do not handle well and they really do
not break well
at least you can’t break traction so
that’s not too bad
uh all right yeah agency garage
will get your new free eunice
jubilee with the
oh this is so slow
yes uh upgraded with a machine gun and
some anti
homing defense missiles so that’s yes
that is all correct
where’s he going
he’s just gonna hang around
that area
yeah i’m waiting for
there we go hopefully i won’t run out
let’s go up this way it looks like he’s
just doing a loop
let’s just uh
ram him here and hopefully
oh it does not happen well
this would probably be a lot more fun
with music
was not going fast enough apparently
that’s all right we will get there this
is this is uh
it would be very very nice if i could
just shoot this guy
man what you’re waiting for
where’s he going now
really need to absolutely slugging oh
sorry guys
it doesn’t look like there’s uh too much
of a time limit on this one so that’s
okay we’ll see here we go i suspect this
would be a lot easier
if we um
playing bongos
where’d he go now
all right it’s coming back
is he gonna come back up
hey come on man [__] with him some more
he’s up on this side
nearly there there’s one good hit i
think we’re there
this thing just takes off so slow
franklin needs to not be in the
passenger seat
hey come on business partner let’s show
these fools we hung
come on man [__] this [__] up
those side hits do a lot a lot more for
all right let’s see how we go here
that’s uh i suspect he’ll go right
good hit and we’re nearly there
his handling is much much better than
minor bonus
thought he was going right guys i’m
really sorry he don’t look scared enough
to me yes i know franklin shut up
all right
all right which way is he gonna head
around to the right and then possibly
around down here again okay now we’re
getting to know his routine a bit better
and off to the left so if we go in there
there we go
hey look lay off a little bit
we need this [__] in one piece so we
can have a little talk all right
follow him and let’s see where he ends
okay so now we have to do a bit of a
follower and escort mission so we’ll see
how he goes where’s he off to down to
the del toro
there we go
hey now this is the day they gonna be
talking about when f clinton and partner
now i’m going flat out i’m not
controlling this um
the pace of this thing it’s just
not going real fast
i suspect this
look there we go kind of feels like
storyline stuff there to make sure i
don’t get there when i’m not
see all right partner hey get your swing
warmed up now let’s play
right and i can’t sprint either that’s
really annoying
hey come on calm down
hey come on let’s explain some [__] to
this little [__] now good let’s just be
reasonable what’s your price
here we go there’s only one language
yeah looking forward to it candy canes
it should be a bit of fun after that uh
there we go
oh right in the guts
let me get my water quicker
all right all right
thank you thank you now let me call dre
right quick
hey dre
we took care of that thing
nah you won’t be hearing from him no mo
but what about that other thing
all right cool look send it over we’ll
get right on
i mean
okay cool so that was a setup mission
that took about a year so that means 10
grand because contact missions are based
on time not effort or difficulty
do the kind of the simian one’s too
quick and you end up doing yourself an
injury because it just takes uh takes so
quickly that takes
so long
but uh yeah all right i did like the um
the the camera shaking that one that was
a nice little touch with the uh when you
you’re swapping so all good
um sorry
we didn’t eat him in the head there
candy cane so yeah i can eat he’d still
definitely be alive but i reckon there’s
um there’s a few thousand dollars in
hospital bills there for some crack ribs
that’s for sure
but uh yeah we didn’t we did we get him
in the side but wouldn’t have been the
um and
under his arms on the right hand side of
his rib cage so
that would have hurt that would have
hurt a lot there was definitely some
broken ribs in there
but uh
i don’t think
lester’s narrow contact
but i don’t think that would have killed
him it just would have really really
hurt him but a golf club to the uh to
the noggin but that is a different story
that would have sorted him out real
all right so that was a 50k cash payout
for that one
max bank
why do i only have 10 grand
okay yeah that’s that’s all good that
would have been for uh some of the other
contact mission stuff
all right off to the agency
all right let’s see can we go down here
i suspect we can
here’s a four wheel drive that’s what
it’s for
it was very nice empty okay another uh
rp bonus there
need to get to level 120 so i can get
that mini gun because that looks amazing
all right there we go
let’s see uh let’s see what’s next so
we’ve got contact missions there
that may have unlocked the tray stuff
yep yep
[__] good work out there we’re in
business now
look head back to the office when you
get a sec all right i want you to meet
the team so we can plan this thing out
man if the old me can see how i operate
now i don’t know what he’d think we’re
about to do some high-tech problem
solving when you learn that [__] you
can’t unlearn it right
[__] guess i got to thank my old crew
for that
all right let’s see how we go with that
uh so
yeah candy canes uh today’s session has
been one hour and 38 minutes
um so it’s couple contact missions i
really took my time going around the um
around the facility the franklin’s
facility so we’ll see how we go from
there i suspect there’s going to be a
cutscene here so i’ve just shut up
hey right on time come here check this
hey dre sent over the number to that
missing phone imani’s tracking it right
that was like 20 minutes ago this is a
browser game
no no no no
you want to know what i found
okay so
it’s pretty bad
the phone has a bunch of extra security
to prevent remote access which is cool
until you [__] lose it
and it’s a huge pain in the ass it’s
no way in no way to track it
so you saying we got nothing in
we got one thing
it’s like high key radical
girl i was being radical when your ass
was still in kindergarten
what is it
you break into the fib find the server
stacks for their mass surveillance
program stick a thumb drive in one of
them to give me remote access and don’t
get caught then i can get a full data
signature and track any copies that got
i thought this [__] was gonna be hard
i made the fib my [__] a long time ago
we got this
i just want to know why is it that every
time i turn my back y’all in here doing
some slicing and did nice and back room
dealings without me lamar what the [__]
are you doing here same thing you is
homie business i need that sample i gave
you dawg this is a supply and demand
situation going on ld organics is going
viral baby i’m supplying the green
community the whole revolution man and
every ounce count so i need you to kick
that up
man whatever dog look it’s downstairs on
my desk in my office all right no dillio
i went down there already you just gonna
go through my [__] desk
my bad mr mogul i didn’t know us lowly
employees weren’t allowed in your office
i wouldn’t drink your coffee oh wait
wait hold on wait a [__] second you
ain’t my [__] stab hey what’s
wrong with your dog
john come here boy he oh man come here
[__] off
come here boy you all over the place man
what’s happening chop
man i don’t like the look it is
wait a minute
you worrying us dog
all right
man that dog high as [__]
i can tell it’s all in the eyes man
what the [__] i tell you about eating
weed you don’t have to get the little
homies from snacks cause he gonna have
some major munchies in a minute give him
like a little burrito like a monster
burrito the wet one
sorry to interrupt but the client if
we’re going after this phone client what
client what the [__]
i’ll be with you in a second there candy
canes [__] we don’t lost cabin pressure
up in this [__] dre lost his
phone drake lost his phone that man is a
physician you know how important that is
man i bet it’s all kinds of [__] in that
phone i wonder what’s in that phone dude
been making beats for years a legend man
look if that mythical lost album was up
in that [__] you planned it for
me first dog trip it ain’t like that if
i did find something in the [__]
phone man i’m giving it back to him you
repeatedly disappoint me man you owe me
anyway dog your dog
made marie up into an edible what sue
him [__]
come on man we’re gonna get chopped up
out of here y’all take point on this all
right i’ll get on the line as soon as i
can cause i got history with these fib
dawg come on
you think you can put in a good word
with dre for me i mean to get him to
endorse ld organics man we’ll be on i’m
talking about green giant buku
retirement paper man do you [__] ever
listen to yourself i listen to me all
the time you should listen to me maybe
then we’ll know what dre phone that
[__] okay uh get on to the network in
your office you know where your office
is right
good and we’ll get started
right there we go well that’s a good
cutscene okay so candy canes to answer
your um your question i have been
playing gta 5 since about three weeks
since it came out when i had it on
xbox 360.
um so it’s been a minute
i did put it down for a little bit and i
only really got into online
i want to say about two years ago
um the rest of the time it was it was
all offline stuff i’m a big fan of
single players i really struggle with
the online environment sometimes
and um i do not do well at pvp i just
don’t i’m really bad at it but i’m not
bad with a car i’m not bad with a car so
and yeah absolutely with you there
steve’s there chop does not
does not look like he’s having a good
time i’m not sure that edible is doing
terribly well that didn’t do much for
we’re looking at right
we’re going to run this
from here too
first step you got to break into the fib
server stacks throw a thumb drive in the
right hole then either you escape with
everything we need or they catch you and
throw you in super max for a couple
hundred years
your partner says it’s pretty simple
just hit the button right there on
screen and we’ll get moving in the
meantime one of dre’s people are gonna
bring around the car the phone got
stolen from we can do some forensics on
it see if we can get a lead that way the
more angles we try the greater chance we
got is succeeding
okay let’s see how we go here so
security contracts are still there
all right the drag contract and the
setup data recovery all right now guys
as i mentioned at the start of the
stream i’m only sort of streaming for
about two hours tonight so we’ll
probably do this one and then i might
have to call it
um i have work tomorrow at five o’clock
in the morning um and it’s uh it’s going
to be a big day but i will be on
tomorrow evening as well so let’s see
how we go with this one
hey it’s me
your head working okay i ain’t got to
tell you this but you need both hands
for this kind of work you know not many
big time real estate investors come
through with the money for lease and
handle this kind of action too [__] you
the perfect partner believe that i mean
i never thought my dumb ass would be
doing business for my [__] skyrise
okay [__] enough for the thank you
so what we doing again all right what’s
man nothing to make a player feel like
he’s got back in the game more than
[__] with the fib
all right so i got you all the right
tools homie everything you need to get
inside just get that chopper over the
headquarters and imani will tell us how
we can track down dre’s phone
it don’t get more a-list than dre homie
so stay sharp all right
hey monty what’s the plan again
we’re looking for dre’s phone right
this is the one time we can be grateful
the fib is tracking absolutely
everything seems so slow
we’ll know it all
yeah but how
okay their hq is totally secure they
won’t let you pass the security unless
they want you to get past it or like an
emergency or something
i’m going to fake a fire drill they use
smart systems these days totally
once that’s happening they land onto the
roof and go down through the skylight
with the glass cutter you set them up
nice hey you got that
[__] we’ll speak again when you inside
interesting to hear i’m only playing the
uh the pronoun game as well it’s all
vase um which is great for the the
characters and
other people who might play this
as well so yeah it’s rockstar being
pretty pretty neat without being totally
obvious about it so kind of nice
all right let’s see how we go with this
jeff does not look pretty with a mask on
it’s going to be up here
here we go
all right now i know this because uh the
the raid one of the um the bigger heist
missions in the uh
in the game
in single players
uh yeah so this is um part of one of the
big heists in this building uh you get
pinned down here for ages
here we go
on the other side there we go
there we are let’s see how we go here
four stars that’s gonna be brutal
uh yeah um i spotted that before candy
canes i was patting with him before and
it was genuinely delightful to see chop
chop kicking on there and being able to
pay him
well that was a quick install
you got
i think the sweeper shotgun is going to
be the way to go here
and they are there it was good to see an
old server rack being used
get some cover and make sure this is
harder to
to get in there
just wait for them to come in
makes it much much
much harder for them to uh to hit me
so hoping to create a bit of a
bit of a choke point here
release while it’s installing
all right and it can’t be too far away
oh no there’s a market in the bottom
right we didn’t spot that before geez
that is taking a minute but that’s all
hey gusty
just finished this one yeah nice awesome
i think i’m going to carca a number of
times before the end of this mission but
we’ll see how we go
um have you made it made it all the way
through is it uh well i suppose if
you’ve just finished this one you’ve
only had an opportunity to do the first
i think it was about three or four hours
worth of content here if you do this um
pretty properly
all right so we’re nearly finished
that’s it we’re done so i suspect we’re
gonna call
it a few
yeah all right so steal the hard drive
all right there we go
okay this is going to end poorly now i
think uh where are we at
all right let’s see here we go
that’s the only thing it’s the um the
the re-ups that uh that take the time
here i was watching tgg stream before
and it was a similar kind of caper
i wonder if we can
light these guys up
like we do in
the cayo heist
that’s not going to end well
yeah good thing i moved there
now the question is are they just going
to keep spawning until i leave
like me a good grenade
all right let’s see how we go here
all right this can only end well
oh i found me nope and i’m dead
oh does that mean i have to go and get
the uh
oh no we’re not too bad
all right let’s go get that sweeper
shotgun and i’ll just jump straight off
the roof this time and then
because i have a parachute
oh oh oh
that wasn’t ideal
yes i think that’s what we’ll do is once
i’ve um once you’ve screwed this one
uh where’s the hard drive
did i drop it
oh this can end poorly
oh seriously
yeah they are closing in
this can only end well
all right where is it it’s got to be up
i recall correctly the fib building is
up this way
where is it
did you get up and over
oh i’m gonna die i’m gonna die
trying to get around here again
there is a way up and i’m just having a
little trouble finding it guys i’m sorry
where is it
it’s got to be over this way yep
it’s going that way
all right let’s see i’m about to die
hang on just sit guys
sorry about that let’s have a minor
interruption from the peanut gallery
i am back i’m about to carcass
and let’s see where i end up re-sporting
and what i need to do
is it would have been nice if i could
just get in there
there we go hand them down
okay let’s try this again
all right so up this time
yeah i’ve got the heavy machine gun yep
i have that’s amazing
all right steal the hard drive
there it is
all right there we go
oh no
let’s uh
head downstairs there somewhere
i am very very upset with me
okay and sparrow is proud of sparrow
see if we can get the sparrow’s horn
there it is
we can get this in the air we are good
hopefully we just need to go up
most of the time we just need to ascend
all right and yeah good call there steve
let me uh grab some snacks
might grab the body armor while we’re in
there we go and hopefully we just need
to ascend most of the time and we’re
pretty good
they are very upset with me
so let’s pick up the pace and see if we
can’t outrun them
it’s like someone’s running cargo as
well so we want to make sure that we
stay well away from them so we don’t
accidentally shoot someone out of the
there we go
all right so there’s there’s a
reasonable strap straight off the side
of the building but uh that worked
sparrow i didn’t sound real healthy if
i’m honest
all right that’s slowing right down i
think we’re nearly there
okay have they seen me yet no they
haven’t they’re well below me
let’s not light them up otherwise i’ll
get a bit upset
okay one behind me but how far down is
he hey we are golden look at that
all right cool that’s a good start
that’s a good start
so i died significantly less than i was
expecting to if i’m honest
like i didn’t do well
don’t get me wrong i’m not bragging
but uh
i thought i’d do a lot a lot worse on
that one that was a solid gunfight so
hiding in the hiding in the corner
is a valid strategy apparently
we’ve got a helipad there
don’t be don’t be talking shop dying
then that’s not cool
i mean he’s an old dog but no that can’t
be right
chop’s awesome
that would be me
no they can’t have chopped eye
that’s just me
i’m in the wrong building that’s why
it’s not doing it clown
no i am in the right building
can i actually get in here
oh that wasn’t graceful
let’s get that uh
get that hood off as well accessories
here none right there we go
yeah no we’ve already seen him get um
get into lamar’s stash and that was uh
that was pretty funny from us i quite
like that
all right so i’ve got that
there’s a way up here so there’s got to
be a way down
nope not that one apparently
that doesn’t look like it’s not that’s
not gonna work
seriously rockstar
i can’t get off the this is my building
what are we doing
ah yeah and of course i despawn that
oh i’ve got a parachute over we go
yeah not super graceful but that’s all
right yeah
no higher i can
but uh i don’t think i’d be terribly
terribly impressed if the the our
favorite papa wasn’t with us anymore
all right there we go
those load screens are a bit brutal as
hey good work
hey what you getting into
got a little chest bug there sorry about
that uh so i’m going to call it for
thank you very much for watching and i
will uh catch up with you
tomorrow evening after i finish up work
yep still here still here just
just dying uh not really not really just
i’ve got myself a chest bug and uh have
a bit of a cough every now and then so
i’m sorry about that
uh but yeah thank you very much for
watching and uh if you’re new to the
channel please like and subscribe if you
found this helpful or in any way
uh thanks again for
swinging by and again thank you very
special thank you to uh to josh if he’s
still floating about the place josh is
um the first person ever to tip this
channel and i am
genuinely grateful for it it absolutely
made my night so i’m stoked so thanks
josh again if you’re there so all right
cool uh we’ll catch up tomorrow guys um
there will be a um regular guide videos
coming out three times a week for the
offline businesses
in the next couple of days but um
yeah otherwise yeah thank you very much
um stay safe wash your hands and we’ll
see you in the next video

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