Old Grumpy Gamers

23 May 2021 Heist Noobs fail Cyao Perico A LOT

OldGrumpyGamers and WallabyM attempt their first online heist and fail miserably at stealing the Panthur statue from Cayo Perico. The video includes gameplay footage with timestamps for various segments and links to their website, Patreon, and social media channels for giveaways and more content.
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Heist Noobs fail Cyao Perico A LOT | GTA Online Panthur Statue

Heist Noobs fail Cyao Perico A LOT | GTA Online Panthur Statue

Join OldGrumpyDan and WallabyM in their first live stream attempt at the big Cayo Perico heist in Grand Theft Auto. Watch as they fail miserably at taking the Panthur Statue from Cayo Perico, struggling through the prep missions and failing each step of the heist multiple times.

Quick Links

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:46 Gameplay starts (with Broken Audio, sorry)
  • 57:18 Audio get’s fixed (again, sorry)
  • 59:00 Flying to the wrong Sub, and being very confused
  • 1:22:58 Arriving at the hanger / opening cutscene
  • 1:36:35 Scouting the bare minimum on the Island (badly)
  • 2:45:00 HEIST SETUP 1 (Kosatka): Failed to steal the jammer :-(
  • 3:24:40 How to hire an Associate
  • 3:26:00 HEIST SETUP 1 (Kosatka): Stealing the jammer from Merryweather
  • 3:48:50 HEIST SETUP 2 (Demo Charges): Stealing the charges from the O’Neils
  • 4:07:55 HEIST SETUP 3 (Safe Code): Stealing the safe code from the Casino
  • 5:03:15 HEIST SETUP 4 (Weapons): Getting weapons for the heist
  • 5:27:00 Quick interlude: VIP Headhunter (done badly)
  • 5:53:30 CAYO PERICO FINALE: 2.5 hours of failing everything :-/


Experience the hilarity of OldGrumpyDan and WallabyM’s first live stream attempt at the Cayo Perico heist in Grand Theft Auto. Watch as they struggle through the prep missions, making mistake after mistake and failing to steal the necessary equipment. Follow their journey as they make their way through the heist, failing at every turn and unable to complete even the simplest tasks.

Despite their many failures, OldGrumpyDan and WallabyM’s stumble-filled journey through Cayo Perico provides plenty of laughs for viewers. From spawning the wrong sub to bumbling through the scouting mission, their inexperience with GTA Online’s newest heist is on full display.

Join the duo as they make their way through each of the four prep missions, struggling to steal demo charges, a safe code, and weapons while evading enemy fire. Watch as they bungle through the VIP Headhunter challenge and eventually reach the Cayo Perico finale, where they continue to make mistake after mistake and fail to successfully complete any of the objectives.

Cayo Perico

Cayo Perico is the newest heist location in Grand Theft Auto, featuring a secluded island complex belonging to the world’s most renowned drug dealer, Juan Strickler, and is known for being one of the most heavily guarded private islands in the world. The island is home to an unknown amount of art, gold, and drug money, as well as being a popular location for marathon beach dance parties.

The Cayo Perico heist is notoriously difficult and requires players to complete several prep missions, including stealing a jammer, demo charges, a safe code, and weapons. The missions require stealth and strategic thinking, and players must evade multiple enemy factions while stealing the necessary equipment.

OldGrumpyDan and WallabyM’s comedic attempt at Cayo Perico is a must-watch for anyone looking for a good laugh or struggling with the heist themselves. Follow their journey as they provide valuable lessons on how not to complete a GTA Online heist.

Learn More

For more information on Grand Theft Auto or the Cayo Perico heist, visit the Old Grumpy Gamers website. You can also check out their Patreon page to support their content and receive exclusive rewards.

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there we go let’s try that again
okay i think i’m back in
uh hi and welcome back to the channel my
name is dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer
we are here today doing the kaiopa rico
heist for the first time with wallaby m
who is my best mate irl
uh as he’s sitting halfway across the
country in uh in south australia so this
should be a bit of fun this is our first
ever live stream
and our first ever go at the coyo parika
house so we’re going to buy the cassette
today and then do the whole thing end to
end and kind of see where it’s at from
um this is also my first gta online
heist i don’t know about you
you wallaby but um
yeah this is this is kind of a lot of
firsts today for me so it should be a
bit of fun
fantastic fantastic
all right cool uh so i think the first
thing we need to do is go and buy the
casaka so
i’ll tell you what how about we head to
hang on where are we where’s your your
office there mate i think you’ve got an
office nearby haven’t you somewhere nice
and safe
let’s do we want to just head into your
nightclub where it’s uh it’s pretty
quiet isn’t it
yeah cool all right um
sounds good
fantastic mate looking forward to it
see this thing’s quick but it handles
like a
yeah it’s quick but it handles like a
pig on skates it really does like the
turning circle on this thing is
yeah it’s like super super compact which
i’ve found is really neat but yeah just
really struggled getting the thing
around corners especially after being in
something like a um an in furnace or a a
comet which is the uh the porsche 911s
all right while we’re heading to your
office i’m just going to pause and
adjust my audio settings attachment
nice shot
pig on skates
all right i think i finally got my audio
settings right so voice chat up and um
volume isn’t dipping on being a pain in
the backside who the crap is that
rightio son
no you just concentrate on driving mate
i’ll deal with these guys
i’m done
just keep driving
don’t pick me up
where are they
ah christ here we go
where are we
across the bridge i’ve spawned on the
other side of the bridge
all right i’ve someone’s given me a lift
here which is fantastic so i’ll just
bail out
my most graceful wallet moment but
that’s all right
all right let’s do oh christ really
are you ready
all right can you throw a map marker on
that for the uh the office
you should have an invite to my office
here mate
still here can you hear me
right cool here
all right cool so this is the office oh
sunrise too so that’s nice all right so
i’m going to jump on to
uh the internet
see if i can’t um buy the casaka
so let’s go the aussie flag hey does it
have an aussie flag it does have an
aussie flag
don’t need to worry uh how much is the
center station now that’s too much
i’ve only got 2.4 mil
she’s gonna have to do some upgrades
get that bit short on there all right
uh just
okay so now in theory we should be able
to go to a private session so i’m just
going to swap to an invite-only session
and then hopefully i should be able to
invite you in so
let’s uh let’s see how this goes
well the good thing is that should be in
your garage by the time you get back so
that should be okay
okay so i’m going to leave the session i
will hopefully be back soon
keeping on your invites
all right so we’ll just jump into an
invite only here this is the first time
doing the heist so it should be a little
bit of fun we’ll see how we go
hopefully we’ll be able to invite the
wallaby back in afterwards
it’s pavel is a new contact which has
got the
means the cassette is in so that’s all
let’s see if we can invite
sorry wallaby
send a game invite let’s see if he
all right hopefully he spotted it let’s
see here we go i’ll just ping him on uh
we got skype or discord or something
there we go
all right let’s see if we’ve uh see if
he’s around the place
much else we can do while we’re here
except admire the emperor with its
lovely little paint
job it does need a bit of a clean so
that’s okay
all right well we’ve got parvel
so let’s have a listen
okay well that sounds like fun um so we
can go to the casatka as soon as wallaby
joins us
we will dive in so he’s just been sent
an invite now please do bear in mind
this is the first time
either of us have done online play like
and it’s the first time we’ve both done
a heist so
just a minute
all right so we’re just waiting for the
wallaby to join us shouldn’t be too long
hopefully we’re just uh working out the
logistics of this because we’ve not done
it before
so please do bear that in mind when
you’re watching the stream
once he’s on we should be able to go
straight to the casaka and kind of see
what’s going on there
it’s a nice evening here though
shouldn’t be too much longer
might as well go and grab some coin
while we’re out as uh sorry some um
weaponry while we’re out as well so
let’s uh head off to ammunition it’s
been a minute since i’ve been there
there we are
oh geez that wasn’t too far
geez this thing does not handle well
that’s okay it looks good
and i got it because it was a four-door
and it was easy to deal with it was but
this is actually my first simian car so
that’s not too bad
it’s just not like i like its style it’s
just cruisy
all right grab some uh grab some gear
plenty of ammunition there could do with
some more homing launches
sniper tons there
already only 300 rounds left
and where are we
gun 20 flares
24 grenades
pipe bombs don’t use those too often but
i do use them
tons of proximity mines
and 20 sticky bombs so not too bad there
all right do i can i buy a scuba suit in
or some rebreathers i don’t know if i’ve
got those unlocked yet
here we
worried about that
so i might grab a few of those because i
might need them for some of the escaping
grab four of those i think
don’t really need to wear that right now
it seems a bit silly
and style
there we go
let’s see if he’s in yet
does not appear to be
all right let’s try and invite him again
all right let’s see here we go
at least we’re all stocked up got some
uh got some gear and uh casaka there’s
i’m just feeling decidedly poor if i’m
but uh needed to be done
in the meantime what have we got for
objectives today
can’t do that call a mugger at another
player call an ammo drop all right so
that’ll be for the
let’s see what uh inventory we’ve got
yep okay
tons of ammo
all right might as well go to the casino
i don’t know if we can do this in a
invite only session but uh
let’s head there anyway while we’re
scrape that pass
all right let’s see
there we go oh i do like those old
tudors they’re lovely
this is the thing i like about the
emperor it is relaxed it’s cruisy it’s a
big old cruisy land yacht
and it is a little bit slow issue for
modest but it is good fun to drive it’s
relatively narrow all things considered
not as wide as some of the rally cars so
you can squeeze past traffic as well
which is always nice
so gps says to go this way we’re just
going to skip over and go two more
streets up
go around here
not a great turning circle but that’s
i really do need to upgrade the engine
on this one once i’ve got some more
so we’re only on level 50 here so it’s
not super high but that’s okay
all right we shall
there we go it’s inside the lines
there we are
right here
so i’m just going to pause while i look
up a quick guide there guys i won’t be
yeah it won’t be too long
all right that didn’t seem to work
terribly well so i’m just going to go
back out to a public lobby
maybe i can get my uh sorry the the
wallaby there too
to bring me in so we’ll see how we go
again to apologies to the technical
difficulties this is all very very new
to myself so i do a lot of a lot of
playing offline not a lot online so
we’ll see here we go
all right let’s see if we can find uh
find our boy
no i’m in a public session
oh i’m in a public session
all right let’s see how this goes
so the wallaby should be joining us
hopefully pretty soon
there’s the emperor i do like that it
does carry that across so that’s kind of
let’s see if we can
yeah not a lot going on here right at
the moment
your vehicle mods always nice
i’m just going to try joining hey here
we are the wallaby is back
well that was painful
ah what a pain
water pain
uh all right well you know what we’re
we’re i think we’re just about solo here
it’s just the two of us so
you know what let’s take it uh
wait yeah i don’t think we’re doing
we’re still in a public session are we
are we in a public session i don’t know
um that’s all right so i’m at the casey
all yeah
i’m at the cass um
let’s go find the casaka where is it
all right so you’ve spawned back at your
nightclub haven’t you
yeah man you are way off the grid there
uh all right so i’m up at the diamond
uh i’m at the diamond casino there
all right um
are you on the move yes you are
all right i’ll hang about at the the
diamond casino just in front of the
music locker there
all right so i’ll hang tight and try and
figure out how i
it’s like cassette is not there anymore
can we not do that in a um an invite
only i thought we could
weird yep
all right cool
all right so just pop to ammunition and
grab myself a couple of extra bits and
all right
did you have it insured
yeah yeah good
yeah it should be right there
yeah that’s weird
hmm yeah didn’t i
securo serve i’m just going to register
as a ceo see if that brings up the
so yeah vehicles
ah there you are
i’ve just heard someone scream
oh dear
oh yep they’re off
there we go
that was fun all right so i have
absolutely no idea how to get the
cassette code to spawn
just checking around the map i can’t see
it anywhere
oh well here might as well
head in and spin the
while wheel
look stuff up on the internet
there we go can you still hear me
yep awesome
all right i have some time left before i
can spin the wheel again
that’s all right
you won the car the other day didn’t you
yeah nice
yeah it’s a neat little face that one
yeah it’s designed to be a rock crawler
i think in it
what’d you get
oh it’s not too bad
could be worse i’ve got flaming rp or
clothing unlocks before
um don’t forget to get your daily bonus
yeah that’s it a thousand chips is no
good to you
all right so i’m just having a look at
reddit for the uh why it isn’t doing it
okay set your spawn point to the casa
and change session
all right according to reddit let’s see
how that goes
you might do
so we think we’ve got a uh
where are we
there you go you know it’s still there
for me
isn’t that interesting
all right so i am
yeah i suppose
so i’m just having a look through the
options to see if i can set the spawn
hey there’s the casaka
won’t let me
all right let me just check in the game
spawn location set to the casatka
must have aired
all right i’m going to change sessions
mate i’m going to go back out to online
and then i’ll uh
get you to join in a few actually why
don’t you jump out go to go to regular
online and then i’ll join friends in a
few moments
jesus must be in there a minute
yeah cool so um would you mind changing
sessions and then um
yeah where you going with my cat
no all good all good
no no no that’s that’s all good man
i’ll wait for you to join the other
where are you
there we go
i say always park in that spot
oh it’s uh yeah
that’s why it was backed in lately
that’s right
just jump in no no you’ve already got
one yeah
sorry sorry sorry
what we got there
that’s the trick
all right
geez that car was a bit quicker than the
one i’ve got
did you end up with a shyster or
something i don’t know it looked pretty
it’s a little two-door joby
gang attack
gang attack i haven’t done
excuse me while i get my ass handed to
there are they
yeah quickly quickly do the gang attack
but that’s all right once you’ve
finished your session there
where are they
yep i will join you in a few moments
really didn’t have a lot of cover there
and left myself a bit too exposed a bit
too long
that’s all right we will get this sorted
who’s running around out of our clowns
always some dude called mendoza
he’s not very good at his job
where are they
okay where are you
must be above me
all right
turns out i’m not very good at this
that’s okay
where are they
should be a couple more out
can i get him
he go
all right got him sorted
see if there’s any more around here
yep that’s him
where is he
where’d he go
right this is good fun where are you
he’s not too far away
gotta be around here somewhere
got him one more left
i’ll be somewhere
get you up
yeah more than half his head shots can’t
complain at
that all right i can’t do a quick run
around and grab some cash
i think then we’ll uh
join another session
all right so if you’re just joining us
thank you for starters um this is my
first ever live stream
uh i am playing on occasion
with uh wallaby who is uh my
uh yeah best mate from australia it’s
just fantastic to uh to get online with
him so it’s the first ever time we’ve
we’ve played as uh played online two
together so that’s all a bit of fun
we’ve had some logistics troubles
up to date but
we are starting to get there and i’ve
just bought the casaka
so the plan is to
do the ko puerico heist
in a few moments there he is
let’s answer that g’day mate can you
hear me
there we are
yeah cool
all right so where are you in the same
session or in a different session
all right i’m going to try and join you
let’s see here we go now that i’ve got
that out of the way
join friends here we are
and hopefully that’ll spawn us in the
casaka this time
she’s breezy out there though
see here we go
all right looks like i’m into a session
the chat’s starting to come up and do
some interesting things
okay and where is
wallaby there we are right gotcha
um so do we have the casatka here
yes all right the sub is in mate
all right can you
i i’m coming to you and we’ll jump in a
and sit or a uh
a chopper and see if we can uh see if we
can get it so
let me just go to i’m gonna go to the
hospital and see if i can pick up a
first and see how we go
but yes we are in a session
can you hear me okay
wonderful all right yeah the the sub has
so that’s always nice
just going to
see about getting a uh getting something
to get us up there unless you have a
chopper you have a chopper don’t you
ah crap
yeah does that
is your chopper a pegasus vehicle can
you call it in or
do you have to spend money to get it
okay yep
all right standby i’ve got a pretty good
beat on where i can find a helicopter
where they normally spawn at least
there’s normally one of two places you
can pick one up yep found one
not a small one
no certainly not
all right where are you
yep cool
you and a um
high-rise can you exit to the roof
all right should be at the front there
somewhere man
ah there you up
just stay put i’ll come grab you
oh dear
here we go
all right well let’s find the nearest
right there first
you know i’ve not run shop right rode
shotgun in one of these things before do
you have access to weapons and like can
you point and shoot at stuff
okay looks like a strawberry kill one
all yeah i shall wait for you here
i shall attempt not to
let’s just keep an eye on where people
one of the chopper on the map but
otherwise i think we’re okay
looking pretty quiet at the moment got a
few ceos here but no one too serious
only one
one low level
two low levels
yeah level nine
that’s about it
everyone else is pretty good
so i won’t expect too much trouble in
this uh this lobby
uh so that
you have to go over to the gear
oh no no uh
yeah we i’ve just grabbed some
rebreathers so you head over to the gear
in the center of the um centre of the
and it’s over there
i’ve described a few i don’t know how
many i’ve seen tgg use them a couple of
times but
stand by for a sec
all right so i just realized that the uh
game hasn’t been uh
showing properly
as in
streaming just me talking for the last
two hours
okay i’ve even got night vision on there
that’s not going to be good
all right so i think if you go to is
style in your quick menu
and then accessories
still learning my way around these uh
yeah so if you go to uh it’s m on your
keyboard to to bring that up then go to
um style and then accessories and then
yeah yeah
yep cool
okay why is it not letting me get in the
chopper with you properly
all right hang on let me get out yep
there we go
you’re in
keeps hitting me in the open door i
don’t really want to be a target for
oh no that’s your gunning position mate
so yeah you can be the
if you you see backseat essentially
it uh it works as you work as the gunner
let’s set that let’s go have a look at
this sub for the first time
and while we’re flying i have to ask how
do we how do we pause this damn game
as in
it’s it’s online you can’t the only
thing you can do is go to the uh
go to your menu in somewhere safe
when you’re in the menu it shows up as
pause yes
okay yeah so let me pause for a sec and
you’ll see it pop up above my head
yeah yeah there you go so that’s that
shows that someone’s in the in the menu
i didn’t think there was a way of doing
it but when it kept showing up that you
were paused i was wondering what was
going on
all good
this is what happens when you’re
not one of these young gamers that grows
up with these things and
don’t really
sort of get accustomed to
all the different settings and the way
things are
done yeah yeah and it is different with
online and offline as well i i do
98 of my players is offline it’s in in
gta 5
traditional space and uh and
i know most of the controls there
although i’m still not flash with the
but um
yeah the online it’s a whole different
you’re not doing too bad with your
yeah i’ve done a few um air freight vip
missions so the cargo bomb i’m not too
bad with um
i just uh i struggle with the planes
like the uh
the the regular planes but
yeah i’d much prefer to be on the ground
but yeah given where this sub is
um now i presume you have a uh
a parachute
i do wonderful
i’m gonna need that too
so someone else has started a vr sorry
um cargo mission so
so is that gold they’ve got i don’t know
they’ve got something going on there but
that’s her off we not go near them
geez it’s a bit of a trick
now you can actually drive this thing as
well like driver driver
almost wonder whether it would be uh
easier to put this down and steal a boat
uh yeah
see if we can find one in it
yep there’s a speedboat
that works yeah nice
oh there’s a collectible
oh i already got that one yeah i have
not sir
oh geez you get too green for that
that is possibly the most awkward uh
animation i’ve ever seen for someone
getting on a boat
he went uh
that worked full sam full seven plank
that is ridiculous
bit choppy today
so for one of these you need both a boat
license and a pilot’s license
damn it is choppy
where’s my sub
that’s not good my sub’s gone
now that’s someone else’s kasaka
someone else’s
that subscribe
well that’s less than ideal
simian cars invites
let’s see if i can
spawn into the casaka
all right bear with me for a sec i’m
just going to consult
with reddit to figure out what this is
man i’m just going to pause
all right according to
the google
and we need to
go to the interaction menu
to clear the cookies first
all right so interaction menu
go to services
request kasaka
yeah where is it
has it spawned right in front of us it
look at that
and we can request a dinghy as well
all right i think i’ve requested you in
i had to drive this thing
you got the cutscene
why only
she is the beautiful yes the jewel of
late soviet terror naval engineering
with state-of-the-art systems and
converted to be fully operational by
skeleton crew of what allow me to
introduce myself i am pavel helmsman for
class also chief engineer gunner radar
technician and cook huh you join me for
red caviar later 20 years old but tastes
like it was candy yesterday
uh don’t worry we have not taken a leap
now this is moon pool allows for storage
and launch of secondary craft
submersibles so on but we are getting
ahead of ourselves ah
double time
all right i don’t think we should skip
this once uh
watch it through it’s the first time
i’ve seen this as well which is always
who wants to get stuck on the bottom of
the ocean with three ia agents an angry
before that was on brazil west africa
now that was easy money don’t touch this
before that a fake sailing accident for
liberty state governor not so easy don’t
touch this either before that north pole
touch this and we all die before that i
the 90s in russia were a hell of a drug
these you can touch now the caribbean
mini madrazo explained me the details
this is quite the plan you have hatched
i should let you know these will not be
the first sensitive documents i have
about mini madrazo pays better than the
canadian government
i think yeah this man you are robbing
one strickler el rubio
cartel boss cocaine manufacturer all
around bad guy his little island is
better fortified than many countries
fortified compound barracks airfields
sea defenses air defenses the documents
will be behind it all hidden away you
will have to plan you will have to
research there are many ways to thread a
needle in the haystack and my friend
this why you need me
do you want to know what the element of
surprise looks like my friend
you are standing in it huh you have
never had a base of operations like this
before i think huh periscope there
and navy one
this i not show you
and room for upgrades guided missiles
sonar if you can afford them
any questions
first order of business you must get
onto the island and take a look around
there is executive private party and you
are the entertainer
or with the entertainment you are the
dj’s tour manager
i haven’t seen some
yes it is uh
kind of music adam rampa and and me and
you you are number four
you will meet at executive airport
and off you fly
i will be working in the deep
like post-soviet kraken
telling you what to do on the radio
now whenever you are ready the bridge is
yours cabin just press go
all right well that was pretty
so we need to
gather some intel
and there’s wallaby all right i think he
can see us again
and so
access the planning screen and see what
we’ve got here
dave and i’m
kini music will allow you to infiltrate
el rubio’s island and scope it to
prepare so press a to begin
right cool
are you just speaking quietly or is
there a volume issue no i might have had
the microphone in the wrong spot
how’s that
oh that would help yep all right it’s a
lot better all right so now i have heist
intel find the madrazo files on kaio
we need to go to david lsia private
all right so let’s head back out
all exit casaka
so hopefully that’ll boot you out put
you on top of the sub
where are we we’ve lost our that we’ve
still got a speed boat we can request a
so let’s go have a look
have you got
okay so
it’s saying i can request a dinghy but
i’m not entirely sure
i’m just going to go grab our boat from
i just down the other end
all right i’ll stay put
all right let’s go see if that cargo
bomb’s still there
probably not many operations
is there a gang attack oh [__] yeah
that’s not good
that’s not right
yeah i’m dead
all right where are you jesus saw me
ways away
don’t [__] with me
not showing up as a gang attack for me
these guys have just come out as a
randos basically
because you got
yeah so i’m on a mission so
all right just gonna run over watch mate
tell me if you need anything
i can’t get to anything from there
right there
all right sounds a bit quieter have you
passed the gang attack
i certainly have all right i’ll let you
run around and pick up some uh all the
and wait for you in the car
okay is that the works you got everyone
i think there was a couple i took out
behind the shed
where are you
coming at you
all right off to lsia next
now i am going to
i think i’ve got high res and i can’t
hire associates but sir
been a few more populated onto this
app since we started yeah
a couple low levels as well
the seller fella with 999 as a um
as a level as well 969 okay that’s not
too bad it’s a bit
no six nine six nine ah right what
oh damn yeah
someone’s being a smarter so as a very
specific level
not gonna say it’s a hacked account but
that takes an awful long time to get to
that level
the question is is there any actual
genuine level 8 thousands out there or
are they all just hacked accounts
i wouldn’t
i wouldn’t guess it i did see
0.04 live claim that he he tipped over
about two or three years ago but
i’m dubious
at best
certainly would take a hell of a long
time to get to that level yeah
i’m gonna have to do the math on that
because there’s yeah thousands of hours
involved thousands of hours involved
maybe if you did it full time
be interesting to see what tgg or the
professionals got
just saw your your arm hanging out of
the car though so that was pretty funny
i hate trying to shoot and drive at the
same time oh it’s a nightmare i tend to
do one or the other
especially with my combo controls
because i’m using a keyboard and i’m
using controllers so i use controllers
for for the driving and flying
but keyboard mouse for everything else
literally just sort of drop one pick up
the other
i find the mouse a lot easier when i’m
i’m shooting and such yep
she’s a good old trip to lsai
why are you
saved it
i haven’t heard any explosions yet so it
shouldn’t be too bad i haven’t uh
i haven’t seen anyone going nuts
i’m gonna pause out my check the map to
see if there’s any um
i’m keeping an eye on that yeah
pretty right at the moment long as we
yeah the oppressors are the big the big
flag oppressors and hydras
a couple of guys
pretty well at the airport
stopper on the way oh there is an
doesn’t look like he’s heading towards
ah good
a little squirrely there sorry about
that prank before that was definitely my
fault i was on the wrong side of the
i’m gonna do that again
why is it the airport had just taken a
yep guessing they’re probably they’re
probably doing the same sort of thing
we’re doing yep
there’s a helicopter still at the
airport so that might be one
no the guy in the oppressor’s gone miles
away from us all right brilliant the
helicopter’s moving away as well
all right i’ve taken the wrong road here
i’m gonna hit the bollards
oh explosions
where do we find this clue
all right
someone’s shooting at us
come on taking care of that man
i don’t can’t even see where they’re
shooting from yeah
all right so we’re over at the hangar
i’m not sure if you’ll come in on this
cutscene with me
all right so i’ve gone full full cut
looks like it’s just me
i can’t believe they’re gonna pay us
for free oh can we post is there a
hashtag hashtag [__] yeah baby
so glad you could make it come on let’s
have some
mwah and you mate big elito’s new best
chunk yeah what we got ourselves into a
word of advice for over there do what i
say not what i do let’s try and come out
of this with all of our ears and a bit
of suntan okay hey folks just to let you
know we have our window so whenever
you’re ready be there in a jiffy captain
got twenty important stuff
yeah hold that for me and do the honors
smile for the camera everyone say jet
keep them coming matey now i’ve got
three rules on air english dave anything
goes after 10 000 feet
you can kick when you’ve landed and you
ain’t flown in one of these unless it’s
all over the social
oh yeah
now serious faces ladies
peace and love my brothers looking good
what’s up dave and me beautiful
how she look now this one will not crash
i promise
yeah we heard about that story oh it
wasn’t that bad he’s still coming
ah looks like the big guns are here
come on dre who the [__] are these
people don’t worry about it calm down
okay but i hope you brought the music
tell me you brought the music look the
music is in my phone in my car at your
house somebody’s slipping
tell me you guys are pulling up right
now no boss we got a problem the car is
gone damn what the [__] [__] dre what’s
in that phone anything about me
all right
[__] but more importantly
got some trouble
i would say that somebody with a
very much a mod
ah that’s no good all right i might end
up dropping out of this session mate
because i am
flying off to cayo perrico now on an
intel gathering mission
that dude just got in a helicopter
are you going to the plane at the end of
the runway oh no i’m in and gone mate
i am flying over kyo puerico now on on
the intro cutscene
it’s beautiful
i’m gonna need a shower oh me too it’s
hot come on come on get on with it
oh [__] me barmy in it
yeah a word in your shell like
well you’re really gonna start sweating
when you see our host but let’s hope
he’s got enough up his nose he won’t
smell the deception eh
dad just winding you up you will most
certainly be spangled
oh there he is
welcome to paradise
yeah we good great the flight was easy
no problem amazing thanks for having us
wait are you [__] me no thank you
my oppa was german must be why i love
the techno huh you got some cool stuff
really big spidey vibes that should be
sexy sexy ah wait till you guys see the
beach i knew i was gonna love them hey
you guys gotta come back huh i will come
see you in berlin only i can’t really
travel right now huh global sucks ass i
swear man you have no idea all right can
you show us where to shut up of course
it was terrible i mean guys you’ve got
to come back
you stumble
i told you not to go anywhere
make our friends to the stage show them
their setup do you think you could do
oh you did something right finally
all right now run along just wait guys
everything you asked for and more huh
it’s gonna be a [__] party guests are
all here
best crowd money can buy oh hey
and you’re not on the mainland now huh
my rule
anything goes
let’s go all right baby
you guys are with me yeah lovely i don’t
think we met
oh uh yeah this is uh it’s the tour
manager in it holds a whole operation
together okay cool
this is our ride
uh tour manager you can drive us right
come on all right looks like we’re
uh let me have a quick look and see if i
can pull you in
i’m currently sitting in one of my
all right
okay this world straight up my head
all right
yeah you’ve thrown a few of these
cindy’s before no need to tamper with
the winning formula
doesn’t look like we can do much here
this is a straight up fact finding so
i’ve got to do this one on malone’s
that’s pain in the backside
you should be able to see if you jump
onto the uh the old grumpy gamer’s
stream there you’ll see what i’m up to
when i’m feeling too skinny i’m watching
you on the other screen right now oh
yeah cool
which one can’t throw a bloody
espadrille about it and a shaman down
there yeah hold on
this motor got somewhere i could stick a
i’ll put a little mix together get us in
and moved yeah come on sure i got
but i’ve known you were gonna play dj
davey i would have called a different
right so but i’ve
truly noted
you two are working for me today right
my place my rules
you don’t step out of line
yes yes mate yeah of course
we’re here to make sure this party goes
off without a hitchie roof okay
i’ll have an eye on you
this is it
that thing is slow as a wet wig
be that as it may there is no [__]
way that [__] will slide not tonight on
an australian mbn
no i meant that winky it’s just
it’s a slug
kind of music are just setting up things
are going really great you guys go ahead
enjoy yourselves huh oh and there’s
someone you simply must meet he’s right
over here
we’re this guy yeah hey man
it’s my party who are you hey i’m scott
storch who sent me i’m the backup
because they couldn’t make it you okay
um well remind me what you who the [__]
are you who am i i’m one of the biggest
record producers of all time scott
storch oh oh [__] okay big time record
producer all right great great not as
great as the other guy great great man i
can’t wait to listen you’ve probably
been listening to my records your whole
life whatever um
they talk to you about the thing
yeah yeah no problem whatever you need
me to say whoa okay hey out of curiosity
how much were you paying the other guy
oh no
uh yeah yeah
we’re cool man
no problem at all okay
i love you man you’re running too
a word
feel that it’s about to get sexy
look when it kicks off sneak out the
back and have yourself a goosey gander
right come with me
excuse me
lines your backs
all right so that was interesting listen
please being a good boy tonight clean as
a whistle no tracks i’ll jump on the old
jettaroo yeah whenever you want to go
yeah can’t smash them all can we
got to know when to say xnay
hold on here we go
excuse me i just want to say a few words
we’re all here because of one man
the kindest
most generous man i know
juan strickler
el rubio
my brother
whose party is this i don’t know but
it’s gonna be sick a lot gets written
about you on the internet
they talk about cocaine turf wars
missing journalists but you know what
they never say
how big your heart is you’re beautiful
you’re humanitarian you throw the best
parties in the world so from all of us
we thank you stop it i said oh come on i
said no speeches now you’re embarrassing
me huh but
thank you my brother maybe more like my
half brother right hey he’s got a lot of
hits from the 2000s
all right well that’s an interesting set
of start um
where have we got to go
it’s not how old we all see the dance
let’s uh
blend in and enjoy the party so let’s
let’s dance for the moment
and wait for pavel’s message
on you can get down better than that man
i mean that’s like super ordinary
dancing that’s that’s
that’s actually worse than me real life
mate so that’s that’s pretty ordinary
but hey we’ve got some xp out of it so
that’s okay
all right now how do i get out of this
left trigger again
pushed you getting your hands in the air
okay so that was pavel
all right so now how do i get out
rotate get twos
there’s someone flying around on the map
griefing everyone at the moment no it
looks like he just jumped out of the
there we go right a mouse
okay so i need to get
somewhere without being busted
and they have conveniently i’ve got no
we do have a convenient
uh almost where the cops can see us in
this little
little guard thing there
it shows up there the um
the liner side area for both the guards
and the cameras yeah
yeah that’s pretty neat
all right let’s
what kind of area can we use
to keep us on the beach pretty
pretty intently
guys looking down he’s not paying much
there’s our guard
all right we’re at a line of sight let’s
let’s see how we go here
all right and cutscene
not yet breaking your cover i see
to sneak out of is party you’re out yes
they times have cameras too
now based on satellite images the
compound is on south side of the
at least i’m island the only one that
looks like a
wombly slump of jellyfire
okay so
kinds of vision that’s always good yep
can we get up here and i don’t think we
all right so first trick is going to be
getting past
nearly got spotted there
come on up you go hit me up
well that didn’t take long
all right let’s uh
let’s see where this drops us okay back
here again
all right
wondering if we
like that away point
go across here and then sort of come
down this way that might be an easier
way at it
oh that’s neat
which where are we going
really do need to go left there if we
wire probably should have watched a few
more guards before i started this but
that’s okay
so engine noise is a thing here
all right so we have that camera there
someone’s there
where is that dude looking i don’t have
any weapons at all do i not
okay let’s head this way
all righty well it’s clear of everything
we just need to get across this stream i
think so keep running
on sand so that’ll slow us down a bit
too much
really interesting sort of landscaping
around here i’ve done a good job trying
to make it look quite tropical
this is based on a caribbean island from
memory but yeah see how we go
there we go
this looks like it’s a good spot to
all right
stick behind the camera
let’s get rid of that map okay
where is he
going do we got
all right just a reminder i have
absolutely no idea what i’m doing
this is the first time i’ve done this uh
and i haven’t watched too many guides
let’s see if we can get up and find a
spot where we can get back up to the um
back up to the shoreline
oh geez she’s bouncy
can i get up there i don’t think i can
i might have to do this by lamb we’ll
see here we go
uh that doesn’t look like we’re getting
up there all right back to the docks
see this thing does not handle well
i okay get up there
that wasn’t graceful
it’s a helipad
all right
watertown i’ve seen so many videos with
that water tower doing fun stuff
playing the mangroves
let’s just go straight as a crow flies
and see what we come up with
all right
didn’t get spotted there so that’s all
get across a rodeo
avoid that camera on the left and kind
of see what we’ve got going
i presume with this it’ll be a case of
once we’ve done this fact-finding
mission once we won’t need to keep doing
it every time
take a good look that’s where the files
must be but based on my information
there is also a security checkpoint
ahead of you yes well now is not the
time for full frontal capital we must be
yeah that was an idea
what a pain
okay where’s the cctv camera
somewhere around thereish
that one
what’s that god
yeah busted again damn it didn’t spot
that car wasn’t paying attention
all right come on let me skip it
let’s try that again i did see some atvs
there which should be handy
get past it
try my facing
okay i think we’re good
hey you can’t be here damn it
oh not ideal
i know many times you can do that
without getting done
heard it’s five but i’m not 100 sure
let’s pay a bit more attention to the
the cctv this time i think
so they’re facing that way
through here real quick
into the other side
all right so he’s walking up that way
get on here and go for a quick run
made it made it just
all right looks like we’re clear for a
little bit
so hopefully
let us go where we need to go
looks like a calm stair to me
which one is that facing
yep there it is
someone behind us
right fortunately it’s only camera
coverage from here
let’s just jump straight over
go for a run all right so there’s a car
it does look pretty steep although there
is a spot on the left we can get up
and there appears to be a patrol as well
so let’s stay out of line of sight there
try and remember that fellas patton
looks like he’s heading down the end of
that road there
get in here
get up no
can we just walk through yes
right up we go
get above his line of sight before he
wanders back up
let’s see how we go
yep thanks pavel
it’s good to see even uh even criminals
have safety precautions there that’s to
stop you from falling down straight down
the middle
tower over there
i’ll watch tower i should say lighthouse
there’s a ways up
oh that one
is there a signal box here
nope doesn’t appear to be
let’s try the next one
there we go straight on past it whoops
straight on past okay get off there yeah
who thought that was a good idea
oh dear
well that was an idea
where are we
where’s the comms tower
ah really
okay so that’s where we’re going
well that was disappointing
right wait for the car
all right i’ll go for a run
it’s going to be the easiest to think
there it is
okay it looks like he’s facing the other
way so we are
clear for a sec
let’s grab that
oh bastard
yep bugger
not paying attention again
come on let me skip it
all right let’s try that again
through there
wait for this guy
where is he
all right so that’s out of line of sight
get down to here
the road get off the road get off the
road get off the road
all right it looks like we’re running
it’s just quieter and i’m not
experienced enough yet to be able to get
through there without too many dramas so
this is probably going to end up being
the quickest way at it rather than
trying to use vehicles
that way it’s really gotta pay attention
to uh to what’s coming it’s um
it’s good actually it’s it’s uh it’s a
good way to uh to to make you pay
attention to what’s going on in the game
rather than just putting it on autopilot
that’s it i have seen a few other
youtubers who do this stuff and it’s
but tgg knows this so well
okay so let’s see if we can do this
without getting busted or dropping off
the end of the thing this time
all right where’s our boy
he’s coming back up
so we’ll just hang tight for a second
pitching for that ladder
if i recall his pattern right he should
turn around when he gets up to the top
there and then we’re pretty safe to go
for a wander
there he goes
oh tricky
just have to hang tight for a second
okay yeah i think he’s off this time
get over
all right
should be some gates around here
where were they
of course i went up the wrong side but
that is okay
through we go
and up the ladder
first one and then the comms box i think
was on the second floor maybe
i don’t know
let’s go up and have a quick look again
is that it
yes it is wonderful
yeah don’t have a parachute on me today
so let’s see how they go i’ve not done
this hacking mini game before
all right sounds good
so that’s not right
there it is
okay nate now it’s a little bit of math
it’s all good fun
okay phone
there’s the feed
i think i’ve seen this online it doesn’t
end well for our new friends
that would not be a fun way to go
all right let’s uh change cameras
that’s the inside security thing oh we
can move the cameras neat
oh yeah camera
a bit of painting on it
basement reinforced walls
all right someone’s there
okay so gold
so that’s in the basement i think we
need two people to enter that so
hopefully we’ll be right there
what else have we got
all right so there should be a safe
behind that wall i think according to
the interwebs
some art
and some more gold
more gold again
no painting for that one
but more gold
that’s on your planning screen now
nothing left
and no additional painting there
what else we got there
operation itself
there’s a broken fence point as well so
let’s say
i think i’m gonna try and take the
submarine approach and see how we go
that seems to be the way to go
all right what else have we got
got to be just about at the end of the
the cameras there another key card point
yep cool
and another uh entry point there
back to the animal cages
all right cool
that’s that sorted
yeah where is our
and exits boys find tools equipment and
of course the really important things
cash valuables
all right so let’s just quietly get out
of range of where that guy can see
that’ll do it
that’s not great
get out of there
you know what we’re running
okay north dock geez that is a uh that
is a ways
that’s going to be the best way at it
all right
it seems to be pretty quiet
all right once i’ve gotten to know the
patterns here this will be a bit quicker
and a bit easier but it is a good start
at the very least let me just switch the
keyboard that’s gonna be a bit easier
than mashing that a button the whole
hopefully the wall be still with us here
somewhere hasn’t been wiped out but uh
he did note that he was on the stream
before so
so here we go
so if you’re just joining us uh this is
my first ever run at
cayo perrico
it’s my first ever heist online and the
first time that i am playing it with a
mate online as well so
this is absolutely sort of lots of lots
of firsts for me
not worried about the uh the locals
there we go and uh yeah so this is the
first time i’m doing the fact-finding
mission for uh
royal rubio which seems it did didn’t
seem to want to let me bring
wallaby in i had to um
to come in on my own on this one
yep there we go he’s not paying
let’s go right across this way
see if we can get out of the line of
sight of that watchtower
yep all right saved it
there we go
we’re just going for a run because i’m
not confident with the vehicles yet i
don’t know the uh the patterns of all
the guards and what i can and can’t get
away with and i got busted a couple of
times to start with
but that’s all right so
on our way to the uh the next thing
which isn’t too far away now i don’t
let’s have a quick look there all right
so just need to
get around this thing there watch out
for that fella
i think we’re golden there’s a car going
up that way too but we will be well out
of the way
that all right so that’s that camera
you are in the northern dock yes send me
photograph i need to see the water in
the dark side then i can make estimates
as a possible infiltration point
snap that okay
okay that’s to pavel
that’s done
staying hiding hidden
my submarine
is not one of them
okay so we’ve got a couple of question
marks there cool so that’s
let’s just swim across here while this
fella’s not paying attention and scope
out the first one
what oh no
move drongo
while we wait for this fellow to go past
so we don’t get busted enough to start
all over again but he did have a uh a
good ways to go
yeah is he going to go down that path
is he just going to stand there
no it’s like he’s just looking down so
hopefully that means he’ll come back
soon and that’ll give us a good couple
of minutes to scope out some extra bits
and pieces
all right that’s him there
stay out of that line of sight
oh get up
right here we are stay out of that
camera the line of sight as well
let’s take a photo with the snapmatic
and see what happens
nope nothing there
hasn’t cleared it off yet so
what are you doing here ah no
not paying attention damn it all the way
what a pain
it’s my own fault all right so
warehouses where are we
can we get up
and around without actually getting
because that seemed like it was outside
of the
compound that was up the up docks so
let’s head over
we just run it
all right so tried searching that first
one did not go well
but uh we’ll try searching a couple of
the other ones there
all right
straight across had a look at the first
one like i said did not go well
second one here
let’s see what we’ve got
let’s go in here
all right so nothing there
all right quick photo ah there we are
escape too quickly
send them to pablo
okay so it looks like it is weed
okay and then we just wait for this
filler to get out of the way and go have
a look i’ve spotted a toolbox over there
let’s go have a look at that
so the toolbox no it wasn’t well that’s
can we get in here
all right
all right where’s that boy going
wait for him to wander past
come on where are you
there it is
ah damn it
come on there we go let me skip it
unskippable cut scenes of pain in the
backside but
that one was definitely my own fault
go grab the humvee
quicker this time
all right let’s get off the road
back out and then onto the docks again
whoop cart
it wasn’t graceful
all right cool
all cutters
center pavel
and let’s avoid getting
carry any busted weight and we do not
leave a loose end for mr rubio to follow
you see the value of extra
reconnaissance yes
there may be other infiltration points
to find on the island other tools other
resources other stashes to raid there is
much to discover in paradise yes
the longer you spend investigating now
the more options you have
anything you find just send me a
when you are finished on the island get
back to the airstrip talk to the pilot
and he will get you home
but don’t worry this party will be going
on for a long time
all right cool so that was the prompt to
bring some friends all right let’s get
out and then head back to the airstrip
all right up into the left
let’s follow the coastline along and
hopefully we’ll be able to bring the
wallaby back in that’ll be really good
all right
let’s skip over that
i’m sure there is
absolutely quicker ways at this i’ve
seen uh dark vibrate you do a speed run
in a ridiculous amount of time
and tgg do this solo in an hour with all
what i didn’t notice there was what we
actually have to steal i don’t know if
you spotted that in the um
yep don’t know if you can spotted that
in the uh
the fade there but there was actually
nothing in the vault
so all right there we
go you know
okay control tower
i suspect that’s going to be for one of
the exits
all right let’s get that photo
send to pavel
all right control tower scopes yes
okay that’s the last essential
and off we go all right ready to go
right this way
leaving are we yeah no problem i told
you i was being a good boy
practically sober
straight balanced the ups and downs in
perfect alignment yeah it’s a proper
razor back there but we are off ski not
even going back for one more tune now
not even a little one
let’s go then
no more boogies no afters no watching
the sun come up over the ocean in the
one place on the planet we can guarantee
the marching powder won’t run out
ah [__] it
you know what
i’m staying geez
i don’t care if i don’t have a ride home
dave will find our way this thing ain’t
over yet
well i’m sure dave’s results will he’ll
be fine
okay and back to los santos and
hopefully we can join and uh and willaby
can join with
us hoping to be able to do this uh
end-to-end with him but that’s all right
first go that took that took a while
sorry guys that’s
it is my first go but uh yeah that took
a bit longer than i was expecting it to
so now hopefully we have some prep
missions to do
there we go
gathered intel
right let’s see where i am um
start by finding friends there we go
pavel again
don’t forget
okay so that’s done let’s see if we can
jump back in
join friends
we’ll see where we’re at where we’re at
geez that did take a while though
okay let’s see how that went so
obviously uh something’s dropped or i’ve
not been unable to find
on wallaby but we will
see what happens looks like we’ll jump
into a new session hopefully you’ll be
able to track us down in a few moments
and then we can start prepping stuff
which would be awesome
this does take a while first go took a
while even to get uh get started and
figure out what’s going on there’s just
quite a few cutscenes they really have
put some work into it and a lot of
people were hating on it but i’ve
enjoyed it so far it’s been a good start
spawned into the cassette cap
definitely gonna need to buy some
upgrades at some point there’s maga um
mini madrazo they keep calling him which
is always fun
good sport stuff
let’s have a quick look around
okay well
it’s a good little map
i’m already lost
and that’s okay
assume that’s the bunks
oh thank you very much
what was that no no
mess hole
some rubbish
what is that
there we go
up to the moon pool i think
real quick
splash around there and uh that’s where
we will have the sub and the sparrow a
bit later maybe
all right so who’s online with us
this is a big thing
ancient room by the look of it
that’s exit we don’t want to do that
see if we can find another session with
anyone online
everyone’s offline
he’s playing gta online great let’s join
that game
and into the cassette again
okay now yeah we are back mate
geez that took a while that took a while
holy crap
i was watching you and uh
and everything sort of
everything sort of changed for a while
and um
new ebay and now i’m not getting too
lots of audio
i decided to go and do a cargo drop off
while you were
in another realm yep running around on
that tropical island
yeah and i was it was it was tough mate
it was tough
though i’m not very good at the uh
surveillance stuff or finding my way
around this damn sub
noticed you you got busted a few times
that’s okay
all right so let’s
jump into the i’m gonna see if i can
figure out how to get
back to the uh
back out of the cassette key here
yeah cool and then make your way back up
if you like
all right so torpedo room which means
i’m at the wrong end oh jeez it does
have some nice little weapon drops in
here so
um yeah picked up an 8k picked up a
it’s a little sidearm and um some rocket
launchers or rpgs so
it’s always good
but it is of course a submarine so
your way around the damn thing when
you’re not familiar with it is damn near
you’d expect a submarine to have a few
things wouldn’t you yeah
all right where is it where is this
flaming control room it’s just
there we go and there’s pavel
what have we got there
okay so we can get guarded missiles
all right so you just told me that there
was a master class in clandestine
reconnaissance and i uh
i don’t i
i don’t think he was being a smart ass
but i’m not confident
is that russian accent you not know if
he’s being serious or not
it just always saying serious
all right try at the periscope
that’s pretty cool
it’s the airport you’ll be glad to know
i got my i got my car back too oh nice
what happened was it just in a different
session or uh
i just had to ring the insurance company
and get it delivered yep all right it
costs a few bob but that’s okay
no nothing major enough
okay so
we’re the only ones in this session now
are we
oh yeah too
here we go how have you gone up a level
since i uh since i was here
no all right
i’m about not quite halfway through
between 54 and 55.
just got a 3 000 bounty put on me whoops
what happens when you steal somebody’s
car whoops
glad to say nobody’s ever collected on a
bounty on me yet nice
i’m just standing on the uh on the bow
services menu that’s the interaction
menu i can get a dingy
oh cool
it’s got the scuba gear that comes with
it automatically by the look of it
and i’ve got the request dinghy there
do you want me to meet you at the sub
yeah let me see if i can enter it and
just force you into it once you’re
you’re done are you you’re done or are
you still mid mid cargo drive you’re
i’ve done the cargo drive all right cool
it’s a cassette car no all right now you
have to come meet me by the look of it
um so
let’s find you
so i’ll exit the sector
uh near the airport i think
miles away i am not far from your um
your night club
i tell you what though i’m just near an
airport at the moment i might just go
and steal a chopper and yeah nice
so what weapons do i have
i mean oh yeah cool i got an rpg out of
the uh the thing
combat pistol i already had
i think a regular pistol is a new one
for me oh no that’s your sidearm’s just
normal so that’s all good
which is the combat
what else did we get
so i’ve got the bullpup
yeah so i think that just gave me
another bullpup rifle
so hoping launcher there and
all right that’s cool
so you shouldn’t be too far away by the
look of it
let’s have a look at the top of this sub
see what’s here
coming by yeah yeah nice
all right literally walking on water at
the moment
there we go
interesting to know where the uh the
hitboxes are on this thing i just was
walking up to the um the stone and it uh
told me that it just spawned nearby
all right it’s periscope got
that’ll be for the homing missiles
look well that wasn’t graceful
these protective services choppers are
kind of slow
what are you being a maverick or
no the um
protected like the immigration type
i can hear a chopper in the distance
is he not far off
problem is when i’m on the map no sorry
on the sub it
makes it uh impossible to actually
see the rest of the map
there we go
so we’re getting over the city now ah
ah there yeah
yep gotcha
i’ll do i’ll land and i’ll grab a boat
vote it out to you
yeah erica you might you’d probably be
able to land a chopper on the thing i
mean it’s is it a small one or if you
got something like a cargo bomb or
well i wouldn’t call these ones small
but they’re not big yeah
but i’d rather
not take the risk of blowing up yeah
fake up
enough to myself so yeah
all right well i’ll tell you what uh let
me request a dinghy
and then i’ll come and meet you
oh it’s all right i can steal a boat
here and come straight
all right cool
but i hope that there’s a boat here
a jet ski that’ll work yep cool probably
a bit quicker than your average dinghy
or boat anyway
damn it it’s really annoying like once
you stand on the cassatta even if you’re
out on the uh on the hilton there sorry
uh and on the bow up the top it’s still
only lets you see the map for the
cassacre itself there we go
when you’re in a garage or a um a
building yeah
like an office or an apartment same
thing yep
all right
interesting in nightclub though because
there’s so many people and things like
that on there in a public session you
see everybody
and uh
when i first got that nightclub set up i
had the very first night four different
players come into the club and one of
them was trying to get into the office
and of course he couldn’t do that
security wouldn’t let him through
yep strangely enough
you know
i’ve got a security upgrade on there to
make sure it’s safe so yeah good move
huh there’s certain points which makes
it a bit easier to get onto the cassette
car as well so
all right
where are you
i can hear you through the mic
oh no there we go
out there there we are bouncing around
well that’s one way up
all right so you should see some grab
handles there we go all right let’s uh
enter that
enter with nearby friends and crew
hopefully that will bring you in
all right and let’s head over to the
heist menu
when this operation is done there is a
bottle of navy wine
all right just activated the heist menu
so this is master planning screen
central hub of the whole operation
everything you photograph on the island
funny the uh
youtube screen still going on
along on the other computer and this is
yeah it takes a little bit to do
all right so infill points so we want to
it was a
halo jump west beach
all right so i clearly haven’t scouted
all of them
doubted because that’s the safest bet at
this point yeah
so let’s
organize to get out the cassette
okay cool so can you see what i’m seeing
on on screen
i can sort of um
i’m seeing it better on the youtube
yep screen
all right so you can actually see
because i’m i get a full screen um where
yeah which of course you can see
secondary targets
so with the helo jump we can go pretty
much anywhere can’t we so
do we want to do that
good but uh
i reckon if we go in uh going through
docks this time
north dock
the choice is yours we will need
equipment for getting into the basement
and cracking the safe where the
documents are kept and of course weapons
as plan b or maybe plan a up to you
finally the island security relies on
shipments of weapons ammunition body
armor air support
we interrupt this we make our lives a
little easier and maybe a little longer
let’s just use the uh the casaka
i think as a as the approach
all right so we
all right have you got the um the marker
there go to the merryweather test site
yeah you have
you go to where merryweather
so i’ve got a marker on my my
kind of thing okay military tech but
luckily this is america so of course
there is private company with contract
where are we going uh let me look for a
all right uh let’s get back to shore and
we’ll go and grab a plane
uh can you see the um
see the marker airport yeah
let’s bleach this yep see how far we can
get up
yep all right yeah it’s not too bad cool
all right let’s find somewhere to
actually get in here
i know why you can run so much faster
i don’t know sprinting my uh my stamina
is at full
just gonna try and drop a little pipe
bomb on on the on the fence here see if
i can get through that way stand back
no that’s not gonna work at all
so are you sprinting or jesus running
running is there
no i sprint uh you on keyboard or using
controller controller uh just start
smashing the a button
i’ve been holding it
yeah so holding it’ll run um tapping
gets you the uh the sprinting
like i said earlier yeah
these things
yep there’s a gate
i can’t get up there
dumpster will do it
dumpster won’t do it
i know there’s another gate there
yep through there
reckon the hang is going to be the best
well at least now i know uh
why i can outrun cops but other players
catch me so easily
all right so that’s a
pegasus garage that’s empty
maybe a chopper over there
where are you looking
can hear one often over near the
terminal as a chopper okay yep cool
all right you head over that way i’ll
keep heading up this way and
one of us will find something that’s
airborne sooner or later
this is nothing out
here oh yeah i got a uh
got a little plane
oh no
thanks why that
yeah i could always call pegasus and
just get a chopper delivered oh my yeah
if you could that’d be great
i don’t think i’ve got any pegasus
vehicles ah no this is just a flaming
stunt plane it’s only got one person
all right yeah cool oh yeah no you don’t
want one
okay we’ll get in the helicopter all
right cool coming to you
that wasn’t graceful at all
no it wasn’t glad i wasn’t in there
probably should be here somewhere but i
can see a cargo bomb
all right there’s a chopper in coming
looks like it’s landing up on the left
hand side is it
you let me in you’re not gonna let me in
all right old-fashioned way
go on
i got my chopper right okay coming to
where are we going okay uh once i’m in
hopefully let me see if i can get into
the gunners seat here
yep all right so hopefully you should
have a marker on your map
all right
right what about now
all right now we do yep great head in
oh this gunner position is really neat i
can um
fire it anywhere out the left-hand side
of the chopper
with my bullpup and an rpg head hanging
out there yep
not that it matters at the moment we’re
still the only guys on the map
so we are that’s all right i’m not going
to complain at that
i’m just going to deposit some cash i’ve
picked up
his heck on the interwebs
that uh cargo vehicle that i had
uh set up yep
a hell of a battering and uh
other me taking a little bit of damage
while i was driving it uh
i didn’t have any problems at all with
it yeah nice
very well armored
see this thing’s slowing it
copper yeah
i suppose it’s better than driving
yeah so the um
yeah the i don’t know what what they
call it um looks like a flaming big boxy
does the trick really nicely can take a
fair bit of a beating i think i saw
uh one of the car guys on gta youtube um
i dropped like four or five homing
missiles into the thing
took a proper battery
going here okay so we’re going offshore
okay so it might be worth heading to the
shoreline as we get close and trying to
find a boat
although i might be able to call it
dingy as well actually let’s try that
i’ll give the give the dinghy thing a
are we going back to the sub or are we
uh i don’t know so i’ve we’re uh going
to a merryweather test site apparently
oh that should theoretically then be an
yeah but uh it kind of seems like it’s
in the middle of nowhere
i can see a
like an island out there in front of us
maybe not no not that one no
no it’s definitely not
all right so let’s put it down somewhere
find ourselves a boat
actually you know what that island might
be the best spot for it it’s nice and
quiet and uh see if i can um call the
call in the uh one vehicle yeah
all right so pavel is just in my ear it
should pop up in the youtube thing in a
oh yeah get down
well that was a quick way down
all right let me bail out who the hell
was that that was merryweather
all right they are not stuck on the door
oh no i’m dead
you’re dead i am dead i got a little bit
right where are they
back on the door
yep dead again
that’s the old-fashioned way
right there we go
you’re in a chopper yes
oh yes
where are they there they are
right got their gunner got one of their
got their other gunner and got myself
the homing missiles aren’t working mate
they really are doing pretty ordinary
i have got their gunners though so i
think it’s just the pilot left
okay well where is he
there we are
oh no there’s a gunner there got the
second pilot
all right now they’re hoping this will
you cheeky bastard
got him that time
heading for the beach
all right we’ll need to know that for
next time
all right let me see there’s jet ski
two jet skis
all right mate come to my location
many many jet skis
all right so
actually why don’t you
jump on mine ride shotgun and um
it might be a better idea because i
can’t seem to get on that one for some
that’s weird
right requesting a dinghy
all right let’s uh head back to the
dinghy mate
oh okay yep jet ski it’s just not gonna
but the dinghy
that that came in instantly and it’s
worn right next to us so that’s golden
there we go
why i couldn’t get on any of those jet
skis that’s weird
all right so
gotta go for a swim here there may be
some airy weather guys floating around
something coming up on the right yep
right in front of us
all right we’ve got a few enemies there
oh yeah whoops that’s not what i wanted
to do at all
no no no no are we boys
all right sort of them
all right so another lot up here
damn it i’m dead i think i might have
taken out their boat though
that’d be handy
interestingly enough it’s stuck me on a
jet ski on the other side of them
so that means hopefully we can flank
little bastards
i just spawned on the
other side of the island
no no i’m i’m i’m there
geez i’m in trouble
where are you
playing lane oh damn over near where we
got on those
over here when we got on jet skis to
start with oh that’s not good
hopefully i can get one
yeah it’s not good
i can’t i cannot get on any of these jet
skis oh that’s not good
all right let’s
did i take any of them out just got
green one over here that’s totally
separate from the others i’ll try that
all right
that’s not good all right uh where i am
coming to you
gone past me yep
too busy paying attention to my other
all right request dingy
thingy has been delivered where is it
there it is
oh sweet even better
okay slot on the left here
all right uh sorry mate just changing
weapons before i line up
there we go all right i’m gonna go with
some grenades um
just hit your x button a couple of times
to um line up instead of just sticking
your finger up at them
passing squat weapon oh no no
there we go
all right so i’ll rub a grenade over see
how that goes
all right get it it’s a bit closer
i think that’s got him
that’s definitely got him
both gone
just for good measure got them with a
all right so uh just straight ahead
can’t see any more enemies
all right
i need to jump off and go through yeah
straight dude yeah
i need to that’s it for enemies so i
need to jump off for a second and
go for a dive
down there sub
thinking shotgun for this
ah i got flanked
oh you [__] me all right at least we
know where it is
see you there
yep so i just need to go for another
dive again
i got uh got flanked uh there’s a
submarine down down here are you able to
get into it
i might have to do this on my own
painting the backside
it’s not quite what i wanted to do here
it’s hoping to uh
work with you
just two of them
okay where is it
i’ll get off there
yeah okay
wasted ran out of breath oh no
it says that sonar jammer’s around here
you on the screen
but it’s saying
that i’m the only one in the lobby
jammed again
over here so i’m gonna
the fact that i can still actually hear
you is
promising as if it was in a different
oh no you’re showing up again now yeah
i’m about to disappear again
looks like i think i’ve found one of the
got him
got him
there’s that idea the boat disappeared
there it is
all right got the jammer
okay heading back out
all right
back up no final oh go on come on
all right coming up
oh they ain’t happy with me
where’s my dinghy
i am in all sorts of strife here
the choppers coming at you and all yes
where are you right coming at you
they are very unhappy with me
all right and i need some cover get a
rocket on him yeah cool thanks mate
oh yep they’re unhappy
all right that’s not gonna work
all right got one stay out of the air
out of the way of that dude
all right that’s pilots taken care of
both of them yep nice we got one more
oh no no we don’t all right brilliant
i got him
okay so now we need to get back to the
oh no i’m driving
oh [__]
second one coming up
gunner’s not happy but the pilot’s going
all right hold still for a second
damn it come on
let’s get something a bit heavy again ah
get back in there you clown
got him right we’re good to go
another one
is there all right just gonna put a map
marker on that we have to go all the way
to the other side of the map so
all right pilot
i think i got the pilot i might have got
a gunner
tell me when there’s no one else chasing
us yeah just
get down i’ll deal with them
ah that’s another [__]
just trying to get a steady run on this
thing there’s a pain in the backside yep
i think i got the gun yep i think that
was definitely a pilot no no he still
got him right that’s pilot damn
let’s see if we’ve got any more we’ve
got to go to the other side of the
yeah if you’ve got a pegasus mate that’s
or something that’s going to be a better
way at it yeah i’m just going to see
one just scanning this guys i think
we’re clear okay back out where we were
back where we were near the uh
the airport
all right
ah [__]
are you [__] me
we ran out of time
just filed the mission
well that was a pain
uh i’ve listed a ceo so you know what
we’re gonna do
you’re gonna have to resign and come
work for me i think
all right
okay so i’ve just received an invite on
my phone hang on mate let me uh
continue the prep work
and we’ll see
what that does
all right
so uh i am
at the casaka
let me see if i can fast travel
to uh to wherever you are
just about to grab chopper all right
stand by for a sec
let’s head to the helm
do not be afraid to go back to the
it can be useful to cross reference with
our preparations
all right where are you
yep standby uh i am going to
fast travel not far away from you
all right well that worked
okay i’ve just surfaced
you’ll see me there
all right are you able to see the uh the
sub and me on it
i certainly can great all right man if
you head over
all right so we might have to fast
travel this stuff and be a bit more
strategic about it
i might also
have to get you to actually come work
for me as a ceo i don’t know
i think yeah biggest problem is i’ve
just uh
not got enough experience playing these
things and
wait you and me both this is
this is very much my first go
virtually over the top of you yeah
all right cool so i’m just going to go
grab a dinghy
just uh
yeah land on the shoreline there and
i’ll i’ll come grab you
yelma beach
all right and off we go again
she’s got [__] i think we’re going to
get a bit of rain
in a few minutes let’s see a few spots
on the window
good old english summer time in england
it was it was dark we found out we’ve
got leaks in our building too which is
always awesome
that’s all right we’ve sold the uh told
the leaseholder and they’ve said they’ll
i’ll take care of it pretty soon so
they’ve been really good actually
did you just get uh 200 points for uh
cruising with players yeah i might have
although i do that a bit all right there
we go okay so what i’d like you to do
mate is we’re going to give this a try
can you resign
as a ceo and then i will see if i can
offer you work
there are many possibilities to consider
yep all right cole
security serve
our associates
offer to
all right and you should have received
hopefully a notification if you jump in
to your phone
now let’s see if we can do this planning
thing and it will give us a bit more
all right
all right that’s cool got that all right
merryweather protest site
all right so can you see the mission
that i’ve got going to the merryweather
test site
it is or it isn’t
isn’t saying exit
sorry mate sounds like you’ve got a
all right can you see a yellow marker
can you see a um a matte marker
can you put a map marker on that oh [__]
just go straight ahead
it’s not showing up
oh of course it won’t because i’m no
longer a ceo uh of course yep all right
uh hang up
sorry uh just gonna go quiet for a
all right we’ve got to make our way to
that buzzer can you see it on the map
all right
uh we need to make our way to that
i just uh just called it plenty thing
cost me 25 grand and it’s like i spawned
about 3 000 miles away
yeah i know
what a pain
all right let’s see if we can find i
don’t have to run to the thing but right
the quarry isn’t it
yeah it looks like
it i just tried pulling my uh my ceo
vehicle as well like getting the bj and
it just
won’t uh won’t spawn any closer it’s
just that happens to be the nearest road
all right
that is an expensive bloody ride that
oh no
yeah they are oh
i just tripped
come on up you go
let’s go for a proper jog this is not
gonna make for entertaining tv if i’m
honest well there’s two ways to look at
it could be very entertaining yeah
okay how not to do the heist yeah yep
at least we’ve got plenty of time to get
to the merryweather thing
spinning everywhere
there we go
jog jog
all right do you want to take the gunner
position or the uh you want a pilot
i will fly yep cool
all right so i’m left side so just bear
that in mind when we start heading up to
uh to meriwether because we will
encounter dramas
remember how to swap between rockets
probably x
so these things are a little bit bloody
out squarely finicky
should be about to encounter
that looks like choppers
uh yeah that’s the boats from before all
yeah cool
can’t see any choppers not yet that
might be afterwards
all right um
yeah if you can just get off to the
either peg them yourself or um head off
to the side a bit and know your attitude
and i’ll
see what i can do about taking care of
i haven’t got a great deal of
visibility here because we’ve got the
all right yep there we go choppers are
they are going to be very upset
yep no i need to be on the other side
otherwise i can’t get to it although
yeah nice work
yeah perfect
you can take care of the
all right there’s one just below us as
one just below us yep
all right see
got one
let’s try something a little heavier
kill someone alive down there yep
just about we’ve been here
all right i think he’s dead all right so
there’s one off to the left there i
oh sorry off to the right where is that
all right yep cool and there’s one more
just forward uh
maybe a couple of hundred yards
or is it is there anyone in there coming
all right cool
okay bailing out
did you just wreck my chopper no
i’m usually pretty good with the chopper
all right uh would you mind just uh
hanging about offering some air support
for a minute i’m going to go sort out
this sub i’m doing
exactly that
thanks mate appreciate it
well this thing has been hit so it’s not
the best
did you make it inside
straight up and wasted half a second in
not have particularly uh where’s the
copper’s chopper’s not gonna last uh
okay but
i’ll uh i’ll call it in again in a few
minutes let me
just get this one sorted
all right
getting the sub
oh man i’m not doing well
where am i
okay where are you
i’m heading to the yellow dot marker
all right can you get on
all right so we’re gonna dive
down it’s straight in and then as soon
as you uh into the
into the sub you want to uh get yourself
a shotgun arms
it is close quarters
missile that’ll end poorly
the [__] is shooting at me
every time
someone hidden there somewhere and
they’re just getting through everything
i’m not lasting my breath
there’s your lung capacity
not brilliant and these breathers don’t
seem to be doing much
might have run out of bloody rebreather
are we gonna run out of time before we
get in sub or not no idea
no idea
all right let’s uh try this again
we’re the nearest clothes shop is a good
buyer buddy
tim sorted don’t buy a wetsuit yep
oh come on glitch it out now
there we go right
all right i’ve got it
all right coming up
back up yep
you got a uh looks like you’re near the
boat you’ve got yourself a dinghy
come on up here
all right coming to you i’m staying
below surface as much as i can
and see there
all right coming up
is it down both of them nice work
look more incoming
two more ah no more of them
i’ve just dropped the thing mate can you
pick it up
i’ve taken a chopper out you picked that
up i’ll take the choppers all right
what’s going on
and it looks like you’ve already got it
oh the gunner i can’t seem to hit the
pilot yep
got him
all right he’s still going
bouncing around like rosie it is
oh it’s trying to get the chopper
it’s down
geez i’ve used pretty much all my ammo
all right easy way easy
more coming
nice work
all right how far away is the casaka
yeah it’s a drive all right let’s get
back to the uh
somewhere safe and
we’ll actually
see if
head towards the lighthouse
where’s the lighthouse
yep yeah for the rocks yep
okay so i’ve just returned the cassatt
kind of storage
and now let’s see if i can
get the
all right
oh get back up there you can clown
all right
all right so that’s a road so hopefully
that means that i can request
a vehicle
you’re quiet again
how’s that again
that’s better yeah cool
all right security serve ceo vehicles
let’s grab the excel
how far away yep okay so we’re about 100
yards up the road here mate
all right
there’s the sub
all right vehicles
christ’s personal vehicle no i want to
do that
let’s try services casaka
disappeared for a sec there
waiting for it to arrive
there we go
where is it there it is no sweet we can
just go back out off the coast behind us
yeah nice
that’s graceful
it’s a good thing about the free ceo
vehicles wait you don’t have to much
worry about them okay so that’s a neat
so i pop the casa away and then
requested it again and it just brought
it down to the nearest
there it is
all right
well there’s no time limit on this one
so the sonar jammer must have been
destroyed before when i absolutely got
myself a handed too
quite possibly
all right let’s try that enter with me
right all right
all right so that is the first one done
so now jam are done
yep okay prep next one so that’s the
approach vehicle
let’s try equipment
it’s sunday there isn’t it yeah yeah it
do we need demo charges safe code no
fingerprint cloner
looks like we need
mandatory that’s mandatory okay so we’ve
got to get all three of these things
right on to the next one
grape seed train depot
okay so can you see the
uh marker on the map
all right so can you see the um
the marker
still getting to know this sort of ceo
stuff yeah brilliant all right so we’ll
head back to the lighthouse here
go grab the bj
and it’s not too far away fortunately
you backed it up to the railing at the
top of the stairs here yeah that’s all
right it’ll be fine
yo vehicle anyway
next time you request it’ll be
new again in here yeah that’s right
now i am very low on ammo as well
that wasn’t uh that wasn’t ideal
what you said about your driving being
brilliant it’s i never said it was
brilliant i just said it was
slightly better than average
all right if we go past an ammunition as
well i will need to grab some uh grab
some gear because i may have emptied all
of my clips into merryweather before
okay well there’s an easy option for uh
for ammo but we need armor and
that we need to get at ammunition yep
i suggest we got ammunition first before
we try taking these guys off yeah that’s
probably not a bad idea
where’s the nearest one
got it
okay cool
while you’re driving i’m going to
quickly grow a drink yep sounds like a
plan man
probably a [__] illegal
wow youtube really is is delayed yeah we
just got off the sub
with your um ammo
yep if you go to your inventory
you can uh
log down onto that and
get ammo anywhere in the map oh nice
and you can be specific as to the uh
weapon that you’re choosing to fill up
these guys had the
clothing store for that
okay yep i think i’ve got am i there
ah my next thing i don’t know about
sandy shores ain’t worth knowing
hope that does what you need
every time we get close to each other
i’m getting 200
200 rp points for uh
being close to the ceo yep
that’s nice easy way to do uh
to do that
yeah just hang a boot
okay so let’s go have a
have a look and see what we’ve got here
lisa cassette is not too far away this
oh that’s right
my suggestion is we
are close to it
and going still yeah i think you’re
right uh it might be the better way at
oh just missed
awful lot of people sitting there
and they’re really really close
so i reckon
let’s not quite go as stealthy uh i
might be um might be just lobbing a
grenade in here mate there’s um lots of
people there
no that didn’t go quite as well as
all right uh stand back
no more explosives
[__] own heels mate
all right
all right we gotta get to the house
you still got enemies
all right
geez they’re not coming after me
all right just get in the truck we’ll uh
we’ll deal with him
oh i’m dead
yeah not quite
more coming
all right [__] it let’s go
last week
yeah they are upset with us
these people may be stupid but judging
from the fact that the house is
filing that
damn dead
all right well the cops are leaving me
alone now
so i reckon back to the basement like we
huh i’m in the house now yep cole the
o’neills are
lighting up a little bit but they’re not
too bad
oh they’re in the house as well
lined myself up for a plum shotgun shot
that was not the brightest move ever
all right close quarters shoddy’s it is
it’s heading to the basement i think
it’ll be where um where we end up
screw you
down the basement
yep all right you hold them off
yep and i’m dead again a couple of cops
around yeah
cops are leaving me alone at the moment
i have cocked it a couple of times
you got me
all right
oh [__]
disappeared now yep
damn it
all right one of the o’neills has got a
key card
alright cops are on their way back
yeah they are i may have uh taken out
all right it’s not the cops bloody
someone’s got a silent shotgun i just
heard the squeak
oh that’s you
all right sorry saw someone went yep
that’s it they’re done
all right where are we
it’s definitely some more up here
let’s go
all right so that was interesting the
cops were taking out the o’neills
all right let’s have a quick go
off to the basement
are you
either one lock
all right so i’m ground floor
i’m gonna eat your fingers
but more people still going at us but
yeah we can’t find anyone
all right got the demo explosives
all right
we need to exit you’re inside still yep
right behind you
someone outside this door yeah breach
ah pick up the uh things there mate i
just dropped them
all right you got him you’re dead
both got it done
good news is
uh oh where are they
[__] got rid of the cop
did get rid of the cops
get out of here
at least temporarily
i can hate this house it’s just there we
right right there yeah
got him
all right shall we uh take the truck
the truck
all right i’ll take gunner
all right i’ve got gunning gunning on
the right hand side
yeah i suspect we’re okay at the moment
i can’t see anything on radar
oh yeah dare say we’re both short on uh
armor again
uh not missed that turn off
yeah no
according to the uh the road that’s
where we should be going but yeah
sorry that’s all right i’m out i’m just
going to borrow this dude’s car it’s
going to be quicker
that’s hilarious i didn’t know you could
even get ejected from that
oh that was making it quicker yeah that
made it much quicker
i don’t know about land in the car in
the drink
so i’m on the jet ski now
much quicker that way
but success is easier to find if you
search with friends yes
and more
friends yes
that’s all right i’ll drag in
alright cool so that’s two heist preps
done geez i can see why this takes a
about 600 hours yeah geez we’ve been at
it for four hours yay i got rank up
all right
come on let me uh
there we are okay so into the prep
safe code is next
yeah we go again
we might have to drop by the uh the
nightclub quickly yeah what’s up
can you chuck a uh marker on the map for
where we’re heading
you wanted to go to the um it’s already
already lit up yellow okay so that’s the
diamond casino
yep all right cool
sorry i thought we were going to your
oh we can do that if there’s no timer on
this then yeah we can do that as well um
listen we got a vehicle up the top there
yeah that’d be my personal vehicle
where there’s two vehicles showing up
yeah that’ll be the ceo vehicle as well
i reckon
all right so use that rock formation on
the side there to get up
but yeah if you want to uh once you’re
ready set a marker for wherever we need
to go and we will go
get stuffed
i i reckon my safe’s just about full
okay yeah cool
where are you going which vehicle we’re
going to go to
that one
i didn’t see that one on the map
okay all right so once you’ve set a
we’ll head out to that
i think your club is oh jesus right down
the bottom there we’re heading past that
anyway yeah miles away
all right so
question is you already done it
beat me just
all right we may need to change
something to something a little quicker
because this is uh not what you call the
fastest machine on the uh in the game
what’s that other vehicle that’s on our
it’s sort of to our left there that’s
the ceo vehicle that’s the um the bj
that post was not in any way forgiving
yeah that’s a bit quicker
what objects don’t go well with cars
powered objects don’t go well with cars
yeah exceptionally well on that is the
all right so we’ve got the pj there but
actually this car behind us i reckon is
going to be a bit quicker again
damn it
she won’t laughing with me
oh well it’s all weird yeah
boyfriend probably bought it for anyway
all right let’s slow it down off we go
go for a drive and if we see anything
we’ll use that as well
all right let’s have a look gotta work
out how to uh gift vehicles to people
because then i can give you a um
a gran turismo ah oh nice i don’t even
know if you can do that
i believe you can i was having a quick
look earlier to see if we could find
something there’s a couple of glitches
apparently it’ll allow you to do it ah
out of the way
i’m enjoying this uh working as an
associate bit i’ve just been paid six
thousand dollars nice and i’ve i’ve gone
gone up a rank in the time we’ve just
been doing this sweet oh that’s pretty
i don’t think it’s deducting any money
from me sir
that’s all right
like yeah how you get the two thousand
dollars periodically during the game
yeah yeah
as an associate you get six
oh oh that’s cool
i had no idea about that that’s really
i had no idea either
all right
this thing is not the fastest thing it’s
certainly better than where we were
before but it’s not super quick
probably without going
madly quick it’s probably a little bit
better for handling there
we’re starting to get into some of the
areas we might find something a bit
quicker again
well if you like once we get to the
nightclub too uh uh yeah we can grab
that grab my car yep
i think uh that’s straight offs
just mental
doesn’t have a drive doesn’t turn for
[__] yeah i’ve got one myself they’re
great i haven’t done any upgrades on
mine though oh that’s right you do don’t
you yeah
don’t handle for [__] but they can not
turn but dizzy goes quick
suddenly being real glitchy on the
screen here for me
yeah that’s not great i think i’ve got
yeah connection’s still good should be
okay but mind you yeah no it’s it’s it’s
flowing all right
it’s flying all right it’s just that uh
i think it’s because i’m not doing
anything other than sitting in the car
uh okay
see here we go sort of shows the screen
stops and flashes to another one yeah
okay yeah it’s just the idle
yeah plus i’m on the vpn as well and and
streaming at the same time my poor my
poor graphics card
nearly there
something went bang and it’s just the
two of us i have no idea what i actually
did yeah yeah
can i be on the other side of the
railway yeah jump the gun a bit there
okay through the barriers yeah
that’s it that’s the road
nice yeah just on the wrong side of that
pipeline came in just touched too early
all right i’ll hang tight
move around this end of the building and
i can get in now the office quicker this
way okay
don’t let me get in there now
maybe if i go through the front door
we’ll try
uh you know what we’re on missions
once we’ve got these uh
codes passwords whatever we can uh yeah
go and uh
jump in there then sounds good
what a pain in the backside
all right
just racking up rp here left right and
center nice
i have to do it the other way around at
some stage and what you can
do yeah i think next session uh if
you’re keen to do this again and i am um
yeah yeah swap it about
hopefully we can get this out i’d like
to get this out today because it is
it’s got to be getting late for you um
then i’m quite happy to go as long as we
need to that’s not a problem yeah after
or friday night i uh didn’t get to bed
to one yeah
and then
i was up at 4 45 yeah
i woke up 15 minutes before my alarm
went off so i figured i wasn’t going to
go back to sleep no you just end up dead
if you do that
all right so i was at malala raceway at
or seven o’clock oh nice
yeah basically st
basically signed in and was started
shooting straight away yep um
action started at nine so we we had a
good hour and a half
hour 45 in the the pits and the garages
and stuff with the drivers beforehand
yeah nice um
here you’re driving all over the place
there where’d you
go just dove off to the left
but uh see ya then uh
so officially started at 9am finished at
9pm wow
i didn’t get home till uh
nearly ten o’clock yep
uh luckily for me it’s only uh 45
minutes so down the road from the track
two o’clock this morning when i finally
got to bed
yeah that’s a big day
it’s a big day it’s worth it yeah you
got some good shots
awesome brilliant shots great
posted a teaser online on facebook last
night and uh
yeah nice
that was good
so pavel has
all right
yeah did you follow me into the elevator
i’m going down there but like you walked
in and
got in separate
all hmm yellow lamborghini so it’s going
to be this one yeah
okay so one nine lab 420
that’s it
got it got it
it’s a silver thing that looks like an
old school rover
all right got the keycard
some stage we can probably get together
and do the casino heist too
yes have you got a penthouse
cool you know because i haven’t bought
that i’ve just
just been grinding on the um
on the the contact missions and the vip
work so yeah be worth a look all right
pavel will hopefully give us kids we
need to have a uh
i think we also need to have a um
an arcade yep
uh yeah
so search the lobby
all right so i’ve got a mission to
search the lobby for the penthouse is
are you looking at something similar
yeah that’s what it says yeah cool all
right so i’m taking the
just the one up the other end there
oh found it ah cool coming to you
[__] i don’t have anything silent
all right i’m going in i’m going in loud
corridor and
ah she’s cool
all right
so you said you’d found it had you
yeah i’m just going back around the
other side of them though
okay uh i’ll grab the
closest one you got the far one
so when you’ve got a headshot ready
two three one five
got it
don’t forget the photograph you must
find the right man
okay uh standby
uh so i’m just going to check my phone
i will send a message through
there we go all right so we’re looking
glasses hat sort of purpley gray dress a
grey um
all right you should see it on the
stream did paul send you a text message
five seconds
i can do this with
let’s see if we’ve got him here
i can’t pull out a weapon
is your phone up
ah i’ve made some noise playing happy
can’t fire no i know i can yep cool
oh [__]
love the reanimation when you’re coming
are you absolutely oh [__]
someone flanked me you absolutely barrel
through that door
all right so we got one coming around
they ain’t happy
how are you still alive bud
nice shot
so i’ve seen people go in here with just
flamethrowers sorry not flamethrowers
with um
all sorts of ammunition
it’s hilarious to watch
pistol wasn’t doing too much good for us
before so yep
yeah i’m on the shoddy
anyone else we cleared him
please i’m just trying to make
all right
i think that’s him sorted
all right
okay card done
they are not happy with us
all right i am not having a good time
i lost my car
lobbing a grenade through
oh no run
a couple of grenades there should be a
yellow dot
just trying to see where yeah
you have no idea where you are mate
you’ve gone right to the other side of
the compound
it shows up on my map
all right where are you
just uh
stand still for a sec
yep i can’t see you cannot see you at
all on the map i know where i know where
i gotta go you’re right yep cool
all right standing by
all right cool so in front of the
penthouse yeah so if you hang a keep
going there hang a left down the hallway
coming up
yep cool as you come around that’ll be
me standing there there we are and
there’s our dot
okay at the front
where are we
let’s just go grab something quick
all right taking that one went past the
quickest one there that one right there
this one here
yep okay so the one i’d yep that’ll look
can you get
get in the car get in right
damn it
we’ll get get rid of these guys in a few
moments head to the hills
set him up marco mate wherever we need
to go
best places i find to lose the cops are
tunnels drains or through the hills yeah
but if you go left at this next street
instead of driving into the
wall nope not driving into the walls
still yeah yeah yeah
that just showed me you’re driving into
the wall what the hell yeah
that is weird all right hang up stand by
ah [__] that i was clear and then
that is a staircase
hey what’s up
all right can you throw a map marker to
the are we going to your club or heading
to the casaka
go to the club first oh no can’t i’ve
got a time
pretty good time oh oh [__] yeah can you
uh yeah set a marker to the cassette
comment yep
gonna look at that first
that’s all right
get out of the way
pit maneuver will do that
that’s what happens when you don’t pay
attention for three seconds
so we’ve got three minutes to get up
shouldn’t be too hard
trungo get out of probably every
interaction we have with these guys they
uh it adds time to the how long we
wanted yeah
it’s all right i’ll be able to lose
those pretty easily
especially if they’re doing stuff like
that doesn’t help with me doing that
got someone behind us
if we’ve been able to grab my car that’s
got wall proof tyres and
armors armour plating and everything so
not to worry
one behind us is catching
thanks man
yep let’s stay just out of his view
all right
get out of it
right clear
don’t hit too many people hey
i just got uh we just passed
i reckon at that time it must have been
for getting rid of the cops huh
and i’ve ranked up
all right well let’s go to your
nightclub next mate can you set another
marker please
this is pegasus lifestyle management to
remind you that we have a wide range of
luxury and specialty vehicles available
for delivery we look forward to helping
you soon goodbye
yeah i was uh halfway to level 50
uh level 55 when we started yeah
and i’m
one and a bit uh sections off of being
halfway to level 56 oh nice
just from just from the rp
of working for you wow
oh that’s really cool
i had no idea that incentive existed
no idea whatsoever no and i’ve never
heard anybody
talk about heard anybody say anything
about it yeah yeah that’s really cool
maybe we need a new new line of videos
how not how not to do heist by noobs yep
but finding all the real little secrets
that nobody talks about that’s it
that’s really cool
i’m not sure i think if i upgrade the
nightclub down the track a bit a bit
more i can actually have more in the
safe yep
at the moment i’ve
got a 70 grand limit on the safe so okay
i don’t really want i don’t want cash
laying around the place no that’s right
it can get robbed can it
can it get ripped yep uh or what it can
uh although i do have the security
upgrade on this so it’s probably less
likely but
wondering what you were doing for a
minute yeah i took a wrong turn
it was hard to tell if i was staying on
the highway or
yeah the entrance exits to these
freeways are
a mess in some of these spots yep
oh we saw the only ones on it yep
saw that truck blow up
yeah i thought we were in strife there
and then i checked
this nightclub really is in the middle
of nowhere
it is isn’t it yeah
that’s all right when i bought it it was
uh the cheapest one around and yeah fair
i might upgrade and get a better one
later yeah
that wasn’t uh graceful
all right so front door this time or
back door was it he had the back door he
wouldn’t go the back door it’s quick
quicker to get in
well i don’t know if you can come in
through that way
that’s right oh you know what it’s not
showing yeah going
by the front do i have a look at the
front door again i’ve gotta
wondering i’m wondering if it’s because
you’re not a ceo
yeah oh no
okay well
there’s a
a light there for the door so let’s see
what we can do
all right i shall hang tight
question is with it are you standing
outside yeah
the office yeah well i just got intro
asked as or
welcomed his hello boss so yep
any problem with uh buildings like this
you can’t run through them yeah
looks like my
nightclub’s popularity is down a little
bit at the moment okay
yeah no big deal
still making money
oh it’s not as much in there as i
still a few grain in the bank never hurt
did i have it in the bank
i think um
some of the glitch issues might actually
be at this end at the moment ah
uh your audio seems to keep popping and
dropping out and everything but i’m
wondering whether it might be
nbn here yeah it should be
has given us a bit of grief lately
although i i do occasionally hit the
mute button as well which might account
for it popping
well that’s that’s possible yeah
okay that’s
done we want my car
yeah let’s grab yours
all right so we need to get back to the
cassette case so let me
see what i can do get sacker
and then
all right looks like it’s returned to
storage still new
yep okay so i won’t set that map
be here with me for a second
request casaka
all right so it is
ah right off the coast of the nightclub
great yeah okay so it looks like you can
return it and then restore it and off we
all right cool uh let’s do a u-turn mate
that a somewhere
there it is
all right let me just request the dinghy
i think he’s been delivered
there it is
ah beautiful
all right getting the hang of it
okay so yeah i have i do recall a couple
of speedrunners saying something about
returning the sub as soon as you start a
and then you can just recall it when you
uh you restart
sorry when you finish and you need to
where’d you go
still end up in the drink
now we still need to get scuba gear
i think it automatically comes with it
i thought that on the list that was one
of the things we had to get wasn’t it
yeah i don’t know i’ll have a quick look
we’ve got the prep there this is this
does go on for a bit
all right into the planning screen
yeah yeah
more equipment
fingerprint cloner is next
he just says bye
all right dinghy
all right
if you go back tonight take my car
should have just disappeared
a cargo
might need to request it again but there
we go
getting in yep
yep that’s right it’s recorrected itself
bouncy bouncy
yeah i thought i was going to get
through the gap and it just closed sort
of uh
one glitchy it’s a wide body too it’s
all those flares right here a good six
inches wider than all the other cars
you think you can sneak through it’s
still thinner than it’s
it’s still a lot smaller and thinner
than the supercars yeah
yeah fecal
and i can do
go up the side there a little bit too
and not have too many issues
yeah the other supercars get a bit upset
when you try that
so if you’ve got any engine upgrades on
this one or is it uh is it all just
bulletproof tyres and uh
a couple of them engine upgrades um
things like that not much at the moment
but uh
that was mainly because
i pretty well you know go on as far as i
can with the rp that i’ve caught yep
these guys look
okay so there’s the cameras
let’s just pop around the outside of
these things
circuit box not too far away
so just uh clambering up see if i can
find a um
circuit box or a breaker somewhere
some air conditioners
ah not having a win there
all right let’s try taking out there
where are you
taking out the cameras instead
warehouse door is that’s not a problem
damn it
yeah that wasn’t my best work
all right
i mean
shotgun there mate that’s the way to go
all right got one more left here
turns out if you use uh explosives near
the petrol tanks things go boom
not a good idea no no not my best work
what are you shooting at
uh power box of some kind of just trying
to see if that might sort out the
cameras and stuff but
such luck
it’s all right they did
can you hear pavel there when he’s
yeah i can come
where did you go oh you’re there um
have you
attacking the uh attempting to hack the
laptop badly
i really dislike this minigame
oh come on
anyway don’t get killed for 30 seconds
excellent we
you good to go
okay back in
all right
fantastic out front again
five thousand dollars cat
my car’s there
i had forgotten about that
oops ah damn it sorry sorry
that thing was just a bit heavier than i
was expecting
keeps wanting me to go in the other car
all right should have a marker there
where are we heading
of course it’s the other side of the map
this is just two of us here yep cool it
is a public session but
quiet public session at the very least
second time i’ve had that happen to me
all right
where are we going with this uh
east i think that’s about as close as we
can go we have to get to get to the
archive so there is um we hacked the
laptop to pick up the location current
location of an archive with
something with fingerprints i think with
the override thing yeah yeah
don’t forget
oh well
you do that in front of the cop shops
good spot yep
do like if i leave the controls alone
long enough it just goes into idle
animation i get this very cinematic view
of the uh
the car putting around
starts getting glitchy then too
yeah it can do
all right yes and that car in front of
so we’ve got more
is there a way to take out the
although i have said that the scene that
a lot of guys on youtube are just
honestly they’re just
shooting their way through
yeah take out the cameras
yeah try that before it didn’t go well
didn’t work at the
where we go
is it down
it’s gotta be down there
oh yep here we go down the bottom here
i think i guess all the heists that we
see on youtube doing this
guys it’s um
generally just showing you on the island
yeah that’s it all right so i’ve already
taken out the cameras
you ready to go
guessing there’s nobody
might not be anyone in here
there it is got it
can’t run too fast in here either no
that can’t sprint
let’s head up the top
all right signal’s out in 15 seconds
where are you after
okay i didn’t look good for a while
okay services cassette care
request cassette car
gonna request that you might as well
drive to the end of the pier
yeah hopefully
yep there it is whoops sorry bud
get out of it
all right thingy requested
there it is it’s on the left
hmm graceful
over here
all so graceful
no prizes for
yeah definitely not winning any diving
competitions there
all right here we go
this is starting to take home getting
the hang of it
it’s a way of saying that
once we do this everything we have to do
it all again
do this we’re gonna do it again i’ll get
up on the sub not getting them
that’s right i should have pulled you in
by now
yeah it has correct i hit why to get
onto the sub and it tried to put me back
back in the boat yep
what pain in the backside okay
that’s that one done
use planning screen
okay so that’s all the equip uh the the
equipment gear done
weapon loadout
okay how’s your shooting
all right so
what i’m thinking is conspirator loadout
um so that gets us a
automatic rifle an extended clip looks
like a combat pistol
some explosives and some brass knuckles
or we’ve got the crack shot which is
uh looks like a combat pistol a knife
and a sniper
uh you’ve got the aggressor
which is a
machine just a standard machine gun
grenade machete and a
mini smg by the look of it
so what are you thinking
can you hear me
i want something that’s quiet
uh the suppressors will be on i’ll get
those quite separately
but i’m thinking if we’re not talking
then the
crack shot or the kids yeah conspirator
might actually a conspirator might be
the go
um that’s
that’s a good good automatic
it’s got a combat pistol we’ve got the
yeah and then we’ll get suppressors i
okay yeah cool so that’s got that
all right i have to go get the weapons
when it comes to our weapons supply we
must leave no paper trail and you know
the easiest way to have no paper trail
stealing i have identified
all right now with any luck your
car will still be there
that’s the weird i’m just thinking um i
don’t think there’s a ladder
is there not
there is not
yep there we go there’s the letter for
the pontoon
and that just spawned in for no good
that’s weird
seriously dude what are you doing
well i jumped off the side
but then i um
jet ski had spawned in immediately on
top of my uh
my dingy there
and eventually they got upset with each
i shall be waiting in the car yep no
where is it
it’s showing on the radar but
somebody took it and parked it for us
why are people running away
all right yep go i was wondering are you
catching up so quick
off the schlongberg
at least it’s not oscar winner
everybody lives in oscar winner
all right
okay so how far away are we
yeah not too bad
sure as we get close pavel will let us
know what’s going down
there must be a little bit of lag
because uh
just sort of jerking around a little bit
yep okay
could be possible as well mate
oh great no what sorry
accessories already
all right they’re upset with us already
yeah i’m down
won’t take long to get back up here
all right stay away i’m matt gonna lob a
grenade up
distract him for a second or two
or i can completely miss it
all right they’re down
no weapons that i can take all right
you ready to go
kept separate from the regular weapons
all right
holding this door open mate would you
mind lobbing a grenade through
sorry sorry
had the grenade facing the wrong way
could not do anything but get but
let it go
oh no run run run run run oh [__] sorry
get in there you bastard right down
run again
you must be
yeah that’s me
all right here we go anna that was not
my most effective uh most effective
moment all right there’s someone up the
other side there do you wanna i’ll hack
this i’ll try and take care of this
just heard someone up the other side
see if he’s gonna come through the door
just you left there uh the the blank
wall there is the gun locker
yep right right here right there yep
probably unlocks remotely
all right
you’re on the pc
all right let’s see if we can get
anything else
while we’re here
my piece of memory lying around
got it right
in my nice the kind of people who have
cash of unmarked weapons will try very
hard to kill you when you steal them
move fast and watch out you know capitan
i have heard we are not the first to rob
mr rubio all right ready to go
getting to the ground
where are they
can hear him
can’t see him
well that took
pretty quick work
one behind us
where are you
where are you
it’s going to be coming around the side
of that
shot all right cool jumping in the
passenger seat mate as soon as you’re
start heading towards the nearest coast
oh we got two more to go
watch off oh
all right i’ve got the one on the left
already done it yeah
got him
all right cool
just start heading towards the nearest
coastline mate and i’ll request a
casatka we’ve got another couple
put some distance between us yeah
all right cool
i think the
well that was a turn then it’s not a bit
all right cassette is live
we got a car on our tail as well or
something or is it just the choppers i
think it’s just the choppers
i’ve got an idea
yeah take one end of the bridge
i’ll take the other yep
all right
looks like they’re both coming in this
got a lock that’s him taking care i’ve
got one more to go
oh no that thing looks like it’s done
both done no it’s not still got one more
ring coming
in missed him
where is he where is he
damn that is close
dude was practically on top of me
[__] keep missing front
i’ll let’s go
did you get him
no i missed him
sorry wrong side
oh sorry
wouldn’t have added
nothing like an austin powers to mess up
your day
all right i think we’re clear
all right where’s the cassette car
yeah just keep going straight down this
road mate all the way to the end i’ll
request a dingy when we’re close
i think we’re clear i think we’re clear
all clear
yeah cool
you’re right here where are we going
just as the crow flies i think all right
drive up to the coast
drive along a little bit and this is
yep all right cool just pull up here
oh you’ve got your boat’s spawned by the
bloody pier
yeah no no stop
stop stop stop stop
yeah yeah positive have a look at your
map bring up your your proper map we’ve
driven right past it so we need to go
back about 500 yards
i’m not funny
all right little loop
going up on
other kasaka i can see but you your
boat’s still still showing up over by
the pier
all right board about 200 meters
i had to um had to request it
right that’ll do us
one thing’s for certain anybody that
watches this is certainly going to be
either that are bored out of their
absolute minds i think the most
concurrent viewers we’ve had so far has
been three or four
about 90 people have started watching it
and then left
okay at least you know you do have the
title up that says noobs oh yeah um
i didn’t end up in the drink for a
chance yay
oh what have we been on this streaming
for like five and a half hours holy crap
still all good fun
all right so that’s that one why does he
keep putting his flamin re-breather on
yeah i know it’s ridiculous
accessories i tried going into style to
get rid of it and it doesn’t mean you
want to do it yeah you have to go to
accessories and then switch it on and
then switch it off again
so yep style accessories gear
the operation
price prep complete and according to
i’ve got none but
we’re right yeah
all right back into planning
all the mandatory preps are complete
weapon loadout
yes definitely buying suppressors
five grand all right cool
okay so that means that we can now
do the um
okay do we want to go to a close shot
first just quickly let’s screw the gear
air support because i know with scuba
gear when you hit the water it comes on
automatically when you get out of the
water it actually comes back off
automatically yeah
okay yeah cool this is up to you
and it also gives you a lot longer time
all right cool
i’m not confident i have enough money
for scuba gear
all right let’s give it a crack
about 150 grand
i’ve at 300 submit
all right straight to the beach and
yep oh i’m driving
all right cassette has been returned
set your car still
okay return the dinghy there we go
all right i’m just going to hang tight
mate i’m going to step away from the
keyboard while we’re driving i’ll be
back in maybe two minutes
are you uh with me still
right back on in front of the keyboard
mate so
thanks for
being patient
there goes the clothes shopping
and uh mrs old grumpy gamer has just
offered to make lunch for us
160 grand
for your wetsuit ah damn it i’m like 10
grand i cut the ground off
oh you’re kidding
where i’m at
150 was 160.
159 something i’ve got 155.
ash or something sorry
give you cash or something no no you
not unless you’re a modder
that’s okay
how can we get you extra cash
quick vip mission
all right let me do that real quick
what are you doing where are you going
all right
the ip work
eli while you wrap the car i wrecked it
oh no
head hunter it is mate all right let’s
can you see the the targets on screen
yes great all right let’s take the first
one there
we had the head hunter message up in the
middle of the screen and i missed the
turn because of a bugger
all right where’s he going
this way i reckon
all right there he is
all right he’s in an armored car so let
me just lob a sticky bomb at him oh too
come on
let’s get on e
now we’ve got cops everywhere yep
but we’ve got another target should be
oh [__]
you’re not hanging right there man
following the target
here we go
got him no i didn’t get him i got
nailed it right
still haven’t got everyone out of the
van but
got him so
all right just concentrate on driving
mode i’ll mark the next target don’t
need to go anywhere
all right down there
i just gotta avoid the cops
pops everywhere yeah that’s right don’t
worry about them
i’ll try to chop her out
all right
turn around he’s coming back up
so quick you turn wherever you can
like you said turning circle of a pig
all right and then we want to head
right up here
where is he there he is
then came out of nowhere
got a couple of them
uh where are you going
where’d they go left
all right straight
yep right right right right keep going
all right get down straight left
all right and then right down here
there he is
at the same time yeah
okay where’d he go right he’s in that
four wheel drive that just went down the
all right and turn right
all right he’s just swung around the
corner we’ve got one more cop coming up
the other way so he’ll probably try and
block us
uh oh what happened there
did you just boot me up
car’s dead has just stopped oh no yeah
i’m not doing well
all right where are you
nope no idea
now i’m gonna [__] it in a sec
free again
no i’m dead
all right
just ran over me
up the highway
doesn’t turn for [__] no
all right
where’d he go do you find you have a
habit of going on the wrong side of the
road in this thing yeah
no where is he he’s coming back down the
coastal road here
jesus moving too
all right let’s do a u-turn interception
coming up the other way
yeah nice work
sounds like we’re clear of the cops
after we get this dude
yeah not to know where my car stopped
though yeah just dead dead like i
couldn’t get into it it might have
all right
so turn left up here
american best idea we stop
yep get a rocket launch running
all right that’s
in there
no it’s not
all right no the one up
there he is
behind the truck
missed him
missed him again
you you’re going
no i said you’re gunning
oh [__] he’s out
oh we can just run him over he must have
got his car
how is he still alive
got him
all right would you mind terribly
setting the next marker
all right cool
that’s all right we’ll get away from him
soon enough
whoops didn’t see
this him
is slow
all right looks like i’ve busted a wheel
they are upset
probably because i was shooting at
jobber yeah
yeah that’ll definitely do it
all right uh can you recheck that marker
they do move a fair bit
that’s still in the same place brilliant
geez that trucks flogging
all right
where you going
i’m hoping i might be able to get a
little bit heavier weapon
oh i’m dead
do it again
oh that was dude
they still shooting at you yeah i might
have pulled a grenade in front of the
cops they get upset we need to do that
funk uh stranger
all right
so we’re off to the left it looks like
he’s entrenched
let’s see how we go it does look like
the cops took care of most of his mates
though so that’s always handy
there he is up top oh are you serious
headshot dude
give me a minute i gotta reload
that’s right i’m dead now so i’m so i
can actually escape pretty easily
all right i’m in the humvee
probably see them
oh you did all right
that’s actually good because that means
you won’t ever work
where is he at
looks like they’re in trench there
oh you you just picked the same one i
did yep i think is the only one left
no way we we actually get this i think
we’re gonna fail we’ve got 40 seconds
left on the clock
we’re definitely not going to do it now
that took way too long so all of that
i’m not actually going to get paid after
that’s all right
it doesn’t mean we can’t do another one
quickly about it
oh no i still got paid
sweet managed to eliminate three targets
all right uh would you mind
both got 20 grand oh sweet
all right ammunition uh no clothes shop
isn’t it
i shot closure
door sweet
all right so that should be enough for
scuba gear hopefully
oh yeah well and truly he had 155 before
you should be right yep
get the standard black
you kicked me out you bastard what i did
not go get your gear
i didn’t push any buttons i wasn’t even
holding the controller
go get your scooter here all right
go get you
i’m off
run up the ammunition and get some
it’s the one thing with the uh inventory
you can’t free stock
all right so i’m in a suburban
how do i buy
outfits there we are
go to go to the desk and look at outfits
keep scrolling down or roll up might be
quicker actually
this is the latest collection if you can
believe it
tons of outfits but
scroll spare way down in the outfits
and then what is it tactical or uh
just can’t see it comes under scuba
oh yep got it there we are
black scuba
would you believe i actually already
have it
i think it came with the sub
i buy almost got to come with the kasaka
body yeah
go oh an extra 20 grand never hurt
and that looks like you oh it’s all
right a bit of fun in the meantime
all right let me
okay spawn back the kasaka
just hang tight for a second mate
should spawn in soon
no one’s chasing us so it shouldn’t be
okay um
well if we go back to the pier
going is still out that way where we
were so yeah cool do that
a bit bouncy yeah
yeah we’re going to be underwater for a
while and whatever so we might as well
have a
where are you off to
oh [__]
okay not too far away
still just the two of us in the session
even though it’s a public session so
that’s okay it’s good
like the el solo public lobbies
good was vrp work
back end on this
we could have just got you
down on the beach your boat’s still down
there is it
oh yeah
you prick
i better not shoot him draw some
just draw his attention yeah spring
around the beach
yeah so where is it i can’t see the boat
according to the map
i think i’m just requesting the dinghy
just hold tight for a sec it should pop
there it is turn around
yeah cool
all right hopefully finale time
go about this quietly
slowly carefully
you’re driving
oh my yep sorry
i was just watching the youtube
quite funny watching this on that uh
ended vip
yeah it was not great
oh it can only get better
all right
that’s okay i’ll get up the other end
get up there
and it should be able to drag us both in
there i even went to the raw end of the
bloody thing dude
nice to pray
this is when you feel in your bones it
uh are you able to get in
i’m glad you got those suppressors they
will make all the difference i think
so what are we thinking um for approach
oh we’ve already set the casaka that’s
it it’s this what we’re doing
now what we think in the um was the
north dock wasn’t it
north dark i reckon yeah cool
escapes all right
local west beach which
west beach wasn’t too bad that looked
okay compound entry point main gate it’s
the only one we’ve got
escape point
let’s go with the cassette
uh hang on where are we at all stocks
are gonna be this best egress i think
it’s going to be closest
time of day we’ll do daytime apparently
it makes absolutely no difference
whatsoever weapon loadout
shouldn’t need a supply drop
sure should be okay with that
all right it’s easier to be filthy yeah
all right stand by for a second
so that’s okay
just trying to figure out
precisely how to um actually get this
i need to select
yeah i’m trying that it’s not uh
not up on screen
i’m nearly halfway to 57 rp2 nice
that’s just heavy armor
firm settings
are controlling anything
stand by mate sorry had a mouthful
all right so approach
inside our approach how will we get
select that right okay now we’re cooking
it won’t let me choose anything but i
can see the full screen yeah great okay
compound entry point is gonna be the
main gate how do you get inside the
of course if you find the right tools
along the way you have more options
have you got the key that’s needed for
the island
and i think you pick it up there don’t
now as long as you are alive how will
you leave which escape route all right
i’ve already got it okay yeah cool
we’ll stop
time of day frame of day can make all
the difference to an operation choose
wisely there’s a key on a security guard
on the on the mainland yeah so we’ve
definitely got one of those after the
time of day weapon loadout
spirit with suppressors yep cool
don’t need support crew
the rubber hits the road
time to assign each crew member a cut of
the cake
so we go
all right stand by i’m just going to
quickly throw down some food mate give
me 30 seconds
i’ll have some pizza here a little bit
uh mrs grumpy gamer just made a uh quick
bite of lunch
so it’s very very nice of her actually
he’s lovely
better yeah yep
nearly done so we’re ready to play i’ll
just let this count down go while i
finish off uh luncheon we should be
right to go
why was there every screen and a button
now the screen is the button or is the
screen not the button i don’t know maybe
we’ll find out when we are compacted
like tuna fish so
i guess we are ready we have a screen so
let’s look at the [__] screen see no
so what do we know we know el rubio’s
compound is on the south side of the
island we know the files are locked in a
safe which is in the basement and we
know the basement is accessible from an
elevator from el rubio’s office which is
on the top floor of the main building ah
mr madrasa
look at this [__] [__]
oh man i mean this is [__] cool this
is some space age [__] man where we are
going we will be far away from space as
humanly possible now i kind of wish i
was going with you guys but you put a
ring around a general right first rule
of war
i mean
look at this [__] it’s [__]
what do these do
floods the boat
now just to be clear all i give a [__]
about are the files so as long as i get
those by any means necessary you’ll get
paid anything else you rob from that son
of a [__] is just more money in your
pocket the more we hit el rubio where it
[__] hurts the better huh okay mr
madrazo we should set off shortly
cool yeah cool uh
just wanted to say real quick
i didn’t have to come here today
i was having like a really good time
but uh
i wanted you to know that i’m a modern
leader i i’ve done the hard work on
myself and
i’m going to be there for you
because i respect you
and um
i’m here for you now okay
get em team
okay uh i’m gonna head back to the club
see if i can pry my mother out of the dj
booth uh you can make the drop at my
house in vinewood hills
good luck
well that was awkward as crap but uh
they just keep getting younger and
i think we’re as ready as we’re going to
be shall we do this capital goodbye
to the periscope and the weight of my
command go on double time next stop
south america
first go at the finale let’s see how
badly i cut this up
this could we could make this a world
record for the longest uh longest
on this ever yes didn’t help that it
took us an hour to figure out how to
precisely do the flaming thing
all right
don’t touch the
mind a few years
where you go but
you found a boat
oh i’m
i don’t think he had to die
uh right shoulder button normally does
or you just point down i think
got it yeah just in time
i think that might be on a different
side i don’t think we’ve scoped that out
so i think for us it’s just gonna be
a case of getting to shore
are you in a boat are you on no
i’m underwater swimming along
all right i have found a spot
all right just uh
stay put for a sec
okay yeah you’re good
all right
so question is how do we get up
right um hidden uh heading north e
there is a uh bit of a cove there i
those boats aren’t paying attention
yeah yeah
wondering whether we just peg one of
those things that might be the way to go
it’s gonna be a bit easier
had a camera up the top there above us
no the cameras have a distinctly
distinctly different shape so the the
circles are people
the cameras are little blocky squares
another patrol boat coming
can you uh
you peg him coming back towards you
yeah yeah
i was trying to look the other way and
couldn’t find anything
on think like this
you’re going out to the boat yep
yeah i just knocked him over before
another one behind you yeah they’re not
looking for me
that’s not even fussed about it
all right
let’s go up here
so it’s probably going to be the best
spot for it
definitely a bit of a lag on this isn’t
it yeah
geez we went far off the beach
all right
talking to a mouse
all right you good to go
where are we heading off to
you’re gonna grab atv or something
all right there we go i was going to
take out those guys ah
go for a try up the coaster again let’s
see how we go
oh watch there
ah got him nice
still got you there man
i keep getting more and more for
being an associate it went up to six and
a half now it’s up to seven oh nice
yeah longer it goes on all right
um what are your thoughts matt this
looks like a perimeter fence does go it
does stop sort of down the end there but
we might not be able to get around there
it’s definitely a spot up here
camera is not facing us
see if we can
see the guards
okay i’ve got one there
got him
all right i’m just gonna quickly run
across the road
i think i’ll be able to see the other
ah dammit
yeah that was me shooting someone in
front of the camera again
oh yep they found me
chopper’s down
all right got another chopper coming in
sh of the chocolate
oh i’m gonna [__] it well
that wasn’t good
okay another chopper incumbent
oh and i’m dead i think that’s it we
failed sorry mate
i’ve got an achievement
hopefully it’ll let us restart
okay quick restart
is right trigger
all right looks like it’s letting us do
a straight up restart
yeah we’re trying to be a little still
here this time
i was right until i accidentally uh took
out a guard in front of a camera that
probably wasn’t the best idea ever
and nice and slow
many headshots as possible yep
yeah cameras
all right so where are we
at last
but there is
all right
heading straight for that uh
there’s a little
little bluff there uh ireland
heading onto the island yeah
once i
be along
yeah probably wasn’t the best decision
ever that’s her up
all right so i’m heading right up middle
of the channel
all right cameras there some people
i’ll just sit down here for a few
moments while someone wanders past
where are you at mate
oh seriously
they’ve seen me
[__] sake
turns out they can see you below the
damn dead
definitely worked out where i am
that was a lucky shot
yep i end up dead team lives
damn it
that was me getting spotted underneath
the water in the middle of the um
middle of their little uh harbour there
so quick restart page up
at least let’s keep keep doing the quick
restart there
that’s not too bad
it sounds like i’m stuck in my face i am
and said mrs olga and pgama made a
genuinely lovely lunch before it was
just fantastic
okay so let’s go instead
with the beach head just to the right of
the channel opening there
that’s where i want to start with yeah
so what actually spotted you the chopper
so i was in the um in that little
and uh the water was a bit shallow and
yeah some of uh some of the guards
started shooting at me
so what i’m doing this time though is
there’s a little beach head not far from
that uh that entry point i think that’s
probably where we’ll try and get in
because there was no one looking there
that’s where i went up last time and
yeah you know so that’s uh no it was me
that caused the problems
i was gonna say just until you drew the
attention of
bad dudes yep
all right where are those guys looking
all right so there’s a guard tower up
the top there
ah crap
let’s get overwatch here where is he’s
oh yep
something’s going on
what happened there did we i thought i
was clear
all right chopper taken care of
hey i’m done
enough to do the job is
are you still with me yep absolutely
mate you’re uh well i’m dead like i’m
but uh you doing well to hold out
against that chopper it’s not gonna
are you uh
yeah i can see you pig pegging at the
the other fella there
all right
all right
oh nearly gone yep that’s it
all right you can still hear me
okay you get wiped yeah
all right restarting
so head out and um that beach head did
seem like a reasonable spot to get
started are you happy with that again
problem is there’s nowhere else to sort
of land
i’m still making repairs
and leave this is
hopefully that’s enough uh if we get a
patrol boat maybe we can go around to
the bottom of the the compound and see
if there’s any other
access points or uh beach heads
but um it’s all cliffs around that sort
of southeastern side
sense here we go again
my player seems to be so slow yeah
yeah mine was not moving fast
i guess it doesn’t help we are you know
on opposite sides of the planet
yeah plus i’m using a vpn as well
all right let’s see if we can take out
this fella
got him all right
got us a patrol boat
vehicle here
is it
all right let’s go for a quick putter
around the coast and see what uh what
goes on
robert coming at us
let’s stay worldwide of him i think
mind you they’re not really paying
attention to us either um the you know
the patrol boats i did he watched his
mate get uh get shot in the face before
and and still did absolutely nothing
see it’s all pretty sheer
so on cliffs left there i reckon we
might be able to get up there dragon
oh there’s
like um
like an above ground field
left left
almost like the next little cove area
see where that the goal there is up the
top go around the other side of that yep
yeah maybe
seriously you scuba gear for that buddy
yeah automatic yeah
um doesn’t look like it
it’s almost like they’ve stuck an
invisible wall on here
i reckon there might be just areas you
can get up some
no i don’t think that’s uh oh that
wasn’t graceful
up you go let’s get up around here yeah
there is might be a spot up here
back to that uh original spot yep
did you get up nah
not at all
tried a couple of times but not no wind
all right what you had for a moment
got close but uh probably laggy
all right so let’s if we
turn around and keep heading sort of
around the coast let’s see if there’s
another beach so we can get up i think
there is if we
that’s all some some shallow water
where is it
a bit further around
this communications tower
that’s not promising lighthouse
no i don’t think we can get up there
either mate that’s all too sheer
all right
all right let’s give it a go
we might have to go back
i’d say they’d probably set it up so
there’s only certain places that you can
yeah it makes sense
well after the island wouldn’t be a bad
idea at least get an idea of what’s
all spots would look like you could get
up and being walled off yeah
probably done on purpose
what’d you say
it’s been blocked off tape
that was what i was meaning but
worth a try
over here
really do not want us going in anywhere
oh they’re up
all right back to the original plan
our trollboard guys really are sick yeah
they are not in any way paying attention
blue in the water
yep straight past him no hassles
okay back around to the beach yep
at least it’s calm water we’re not
bouncing around everywhere
all right
these guys are really not interested in
anyone putting around it’s not suspect
that someone’s putting around in one of
their own boats wearing something that
is very much not their uniform
nice and slow yeah
there are
possible deliberate
i miss that mate sorry you got cut off
wherever possible very carefully aligned
head shots with just one or two
all right do we want to take these guys
out on the left or should we just leave
them be
basis unless we alert them
yeah they’re at the top so we’re all
good there
what do you think um
is that guard tail was the first one
that really was a problem
but it can be done without alerting any
anyone so we should better do this yeah
taking out what we need to
all right
got the guards here
that’s that’s done
directly to our if someone directly to
our left
can’t see him
there is
so i’ve got the car there
looks like there is a couple of guys but
they’re not in range
you want to leave one of them
car’s coming back
ah damn it contact
all right let’s go
what the where are you going
right there we go
oh yep choppers found us
you know what it is it’s that hairdo
yours yeah absolutely enough
let’s barrel through let’s see what
that’s what happens oh and off you go
can i nick the
nap can’t nick the chopper
yeah i ended up dead
so what what
the guy in the jeep when you come back
around saw us ah crap
all right so guard tower up the top
that’s what must have caught us the last
time as well
if we could each pick um separate
yeah probably would have paid for one of
us to have had um a sniper rifle on the
other one too
yeah it would have been nice but it
won’t let us it’s just a single
you loadout have been with me
a few years
i will be able to see you on cctv
and i can see flippers there so
all right
yeah you probably catch me and pass me
at this road
i don’t know i’m moving pretty damn slow
so if we have to do this again where am
i going who knows all right we have to
do this again we um have to do all the
prep in that again as well yeah for each
each full mission
that’s why i think oh that’s why i went
halves with this one rather than doing a
different split so we can just uh
is that an operation
yes we will
all right
down here um oh there’s people here yeah
yeah yeah that’s okay don’t worry about
the people it’s only the guards you just
need to keep an eye on the uh on the map
yeah no no no
yeah the uh
red circle with the guards yeah yeah
i’ve got at least at least one down here
vehicle where
go to this mound
i did see a guard before but he didn’t
seem particularly interested
is all right there is someone definitely
all right there’s a guy there
damn it got busted
didn’t hit the headshot properly
seems that once we’re done we’re done as
oh shut up
you good
other chopper coming in damn it yeah
pretty much once you’ve alerted them
that’s it that’s what’s happening
watch out for the chocolate
nothing compares to the satisfaction of
well-executed financial rewards
you got that one that’s for sure yep
doesn’t seem to want to come in any
closer no ah damn it
got him i got pegged
i’m about to die
and that’s it
you ever played any of the tom clancy
games uh yeah badly once
it might have been
i won’t say that shows yeah
uh yeah like back in my ps4 days
yeah your idea is stealth is a little
bit uh louder than mine yep yeah yeah
all right
let’s uh
why don’t you mark up and and and work
out the way to go
because i think i can see i think we’re
right on on the end i think we’re right
on the entrance point but
not getting seen
do we know this map better and
everything we’re better off to just go
nice and slow and
kick him off where we have to and avoid
the race yeah i think that’s probably a
definitely go with the marksman loadout
next time i think
sniper rifles are the way to go
i think when we get to the compound to
swap to the um
where possible swap to the pistol yeah
uh shouldn’t make a difference that it’s
just making sure we don’t get seen like
but that last one was on me because i um
i missed
i i shot a guy and he got a chance to
get a um
get a word out instead of just clapping
the headshot
all right so
yeah up to the right here
and the first obstacle should be the
guard tower and if we can take that out
then we’re pretty good for a bit
on our left there coming up on that road
so he comes back around that’s a problem
in it
and worst part too is you don’t actually
have a scope on these things no you can
yeah you can zoom in a bit roll in you
scroll in a bit but it’s not much
all right
so we’ve got three people there
all right there goes that car that’s
triggered so now if i run back
okay so that car’s coming back around
now where does it get from here
right in front of us
then he’s off
okay i think we’re good to go mate
yeah so there’s no one up on that
water tower is there
no it’s just a guard tower next
yeah yeah
got him
guard towers down
see if i can see these fellas that are
might be just that water tower that’s
no they got they’re definitely guards
question is where are they standing
god you gonna get busted
did you get spotted
oh [__] yep
yeah that was that one
no that one was 100 you
it was the uh the fella in the car
um came back up the path
damn i’m down
so what i reckon we need to do is wait
for that car to come around the first
and then um
take out the guards here and then just
run past him because he’s just doing a
loop up and down that uh that spot
has he seen me yet yep
chop is down
i’m always away too
thank you
great underwater
all right are you back out in the drink
i’m uh
all right i’m up on a guard tower
and i think you’re out of range
that choppers uh
i think they’ve got an idea where i am
yeah i’m being shot at yep
i don’t think there’s a way for me to
turn this flaming thing off either i was
i’m up at the guard tower trying to turn
off the um
figure out how to turn off things
oh that wasn’t bright
let’s look at the communications
i’m gonna go i’m gonna be white yeah i
can we
mess with this
let me know once you’re done
why are they only concentrating on me
i’ve changed outfits and run away
so when we got alerted i also got the
opportunity to equip a mask and that
seemed to help which is
i i put that on but it didn’t really do
they’re not shooting at me anymore
definitely alarms there
no no they’re still shooting at me
i’ve gotten a deeper water now i don’t
think they can
oh the boat’s still above me
yep oh no no they’re coming for me now
all right that chop is down
another chopper’s in the air
i don’t think i’m surviving this one
yep that’s it i’m done
it’s up there now on a boat above me yep
might just be worth taking it and uh
we’ll try again because once it’s uh
once it’s alerted it doesn’t look like
they’re coming back so
i can manage to lose
when you changed outfits
they uh they didn’t notice you
no i might have just ended up spawning
too far away
yep yep still here
um i think i think i just spawned too
far away and you were drawing their
attention so
because as soon as they figured out
where i was they were back onto it real
regardless of the outfit
you’re still there i’ve definitely got
uh although i am spectating
all right i don’t think
wallaby can hear me at the moment let’s
see how we go
so if anyone is listening
and we need to uh yeah if there’s a way
to get everyone to stop looking that’d
be fantastic but i don’t think there is
at this point i don’t think we’re doing
terribly well
oh no that spotted him
they’ve definitely spotted him
t-set chopper is persistent
he’s just about dead one or two more
shots in this game over
oh and that’s it
all right looks like you tried getting
away from in deeper water didn’t work
sounds like it cuts off the uh the audio
during spectating as well which is
interesting cheeky buggers yeah
i suppose it does help stop people from
yeah helping each other so
all right so we’ve agreed the beach
heads the way to go
what i think we should do is wait for
that car to go up and then come back and
that gives us a bit of a window take out
the guard as soon as we can
and then run past where that car comes
up because the last time you went into
the middle there and that car spotted
you when it came back around on its loop
gonna have to take out the driver yeah
yeah maybe we might be able to get away
without it
we have those three guys there um
at the the docks um do you want to try
uh taking those fellas out
because i reckon that’s the the car and
two of his mates
possible all right there’s one near the
truck yep
oh my god
so show me you just can’t switch him off
that’s all right
i want to know where the underwater
entrance is uh i reckon it’s south
because it goes straight up under the
compound we didn’t scout that
and so yeah because it that pops up
immediately immediately underneath uh
rubio’s compound you go straight up into
that would be a better option wouldn’t
it probably
that’s all right we’ll we’ll get through
this one
and have a bit more of a plate
that car shows up virtually
i can’t see
i’m wondering if if we’re getting two
different readings on the
yeah see i can’t see oh what i can see
at the moment is i’ve got
what looks like two guys or one guy
and a cctv camera
i’ve just had another one come up camera
camera or a camera or a vehicle
now i got uh two guys on the map
and a camera
well i’ve got at least one guy i can’t
tell if there’s two or not all right
have a look at the reading exactly the
same yeah
have a look at the
fade very well for this i
two predict all right
i’m just gonna pop around to the corner
whoops that wasn’t ideal
i can’t change my appearance in any way
all right
so i’ve got two guys here
all right just dropped one
remember cameras
just dropped two
that car’s on the move
and heading up to its normal patrol
two more here
i have not got a line of sight on that
last one
see if i can get something from out here
all right there’s one
yeah no line of sight
of my career
on days like this i am glad i left the
all right i got a line another one here
and just wait for him to stand still
no where are we
damn it
did not hit him
all right inbound
it looks like they’ve spotted it
definitely spotted me
and we better [__] it
yep done
that one was definitely on me mate sorry
spotted me someone spotted me
those patrol boats utterly useless
right now
got him
sounds like i spotted you mate
yeah yeah crap
yep i’m done i’m down
did we fail
i’m surrounded and i’ve got another
chopper coming all right
i can’t see him
hiding behind the trees
all right
so if you’re just joining us
we are not very good at this but it’s
good fun
we’ve been going for
seven hours trying to get this out and
this is both of our first proper heists
and both of our first live streams from
behind the trees so you could see the
bugger oh nice
all right
let’s make it a bit tricky
get rid of the filters
got him yeah nice
couldn’t even see him
another one inbound looks like
all right so did he get him
fantastic so yeah mark’s uh sorry yeah
well if he’s spectating at the moment no
sorry i’m spectating wallaby at the
moment while he
uh tries to survive as long as possible
against rubio’s forces because we keep
getting busted because we’re neither of
us are very good at this
but that’s alright
good being cover there jesus
see it all chewing up the uh the
let’s see if they uh
they’re taking off
daddy guys
it definitely looks like wallabies found
himself a nice cover spot there but uh
yeah we’ll see how we go let’s do maybe
wait for him to carck it so we can do a
restart and try again
and nice shot again down another one
goes whoops
oh now the choppers after him
they think that you’d be right into the
water but honestly it’s uh they’re very
very good at spotting where you are
then that’s if he’s down
let’s do a quick restart and see how we
go again
yeah you’re getting good at the uh
getting good at the choppers emma
getting a few down
would be better if i could see the
buggers i know they keep hiding behind
the flaming palm trees
it doesn’t stop the miniguns though
all right how did you get spotted
i don’t know
i suspect i yeah don’t think i shot
someone when i should
yeah i honestly i think that that that
other idea we just go um
wait for travel to finish
all right so yeah this time that time i
went around the front and tried to take
out some guards and i missed one i
didn’t get a head shot when i should
have um
so that could have been all right
you are using the mouse for shooting
yeah yeah absolutely
i just thought i had a line of sight
when i didn’t already moved sort of the
last second but uh
yeah what i reckon is if we um
head up the
up the side there like we did sort of
the time before last
we just need to take out the
guard tower and wait for that car to
come back
we just hang back a little bit
boys worst case scenario you can always
take somebody out somebody’s
are you walking around
bumping your finger in
i am thumping my feet around a bit but
at this point i’m well away from
everyone so
all right so that car is our first
problem so we’ve got those two guys
there on the left
where are you
all right so we’ve got two fellas up on
the left but i think we can just
straight up avoid them
and there’s a guy in a car doing a loop
you should be able to see him coming
down and he’ll turn left in a sec
here we go can you see
him another car there as well
all right
all right so that guy’s doing a loop
that’s what i went up to before i got
where i got spotted yep
looped around there yeah
doing is he just going round and round
that area or is he going around that and
going back down the hill i think he’s
going around and around the area
all right it’s going to take out the
he moved off at the very very last
yeah i think he’s going up the hill
all right so there’s a couple of guys to
our left but i don’t think we need to
worry about them
there’s a guard up in the tower but he’s
facing that different way at the moment
but he will be something to worry about
in a second so he’s coming back around
i’m just going to take him out
got him another vehicle coming up yep
we’ll stay put here i reckon
okay so
he can’t see us
all right so that’s now i reckon if we
make a run for it now
all right here’s a nice
hear a car there
okay and there’s the compound fence
i’ve done a camera before right
uh no i don’t think we’ve been spotted
on a camera yet
yeah can we get around here
nope that’s a definite no
all right coming to you
whoop someone there coming up the other
side of the road there
see him
it’s just in the car to the right
all right so we’ve got a couple of
guards here
that camera moves as well
you see it rotating
all right so the last time we were here
i got busted because i took out a um
took out a garden he got the the dead
guard got spotted
what are your thoughts man
i’m thinking is if we
wait for the camera to be facing away
from the guard peg the guard peg the
we should be relatively safe
can you get a line on that camera yeah
i’m looking at it have you got the guard
the camera take the guard
all right
stand by are you ready
so we’ve got the guard the single guard
on his own there is that the one you’re
looking at
see it should be just slightly to your
yep okay standby i need to wait for the
camera to come back around
oh [__] we’ve got a car there i’m
watching the camera hasn’t moved yeah no
it’s it rotates
i haven’t seen it move at all
once you uh you focus in on it you can
see it’s starting to spin
damn it
god damn it
sorry uh the camera
he spotted me uh pegging the camera
all right let myself get shot again
where are they
righty-o it’s one down
let him see where i am oh
got through the fence parker
there we go
all right hey you’re traveling mate you
still keen to keep gum
i reckon we can here we have a couple
more shots sounds good
i might just go grab a drink though yeah
sure thing
at least
but there is
all right yep um just go on the other
side of the island this time just
no reason in particular
nearly hid in a landmine i mean
underwater mine yep
coming back to you let’s have a bit of
yeah my way’s bad it didn’t work at all
you didn’t get shot no no i didn’t get
shot just not an easy way at it
how did that guard support you
what when
in the last round
uh yeah what he did is he spotted me um
doing the uh the
camera so i i shot the camera
and then the guard um spotted me doing
that so
okay you should if you’d said
if you told me when you were shoot about
shoot the camera i would have taken him
out at the same time yeah yep yep
which is what i thought you were going
to do actually i thought i had it and
yeah i reckon i did say but i don’t
i gave you enough warning or it fell
i didn’t i didn’t hear it
okay so i think we’ve got this part down
just go for a quick run up here
so get our boy in the guard tower wait
for a couple of cars to go past
all right there’s the is
all right so he’s doing a u-turn going
back up there
come back down again isn’t he yeah i
reckon he might
where’s he at
going up the hill he’s going back up the
hill now
do you hear that announcement english
dave has been having just a bit too much
all right stop
that doesn’t surprise me oh well yeah
okay got him
right guard tower is covered
forgot about that yep
okay so there is a camera up there
whoa back down we go
car and
camera right
coming to you
all right so
we go along the fence line here we had
tons of tons of room
huh you can destroy the plants
all right
so we’ve got that cave in here
can you follow me over to the left here
mate we’re going to go up this little
there was a car coming there a moment
ago is it there still
all right
where are you so if you line up next to
me there
you can see we’ve got the guard on the
left we’ve got the camera on the right
where i am yep cool
which one do you want
oh [__]
damn it
damn it
wasn’t paying attention
go on the jeep what you did yeah
are you down
quick restart again
gotta watch that mini map
can’t believe i got busted by the fella
in the jeep
we’re standing on top of a mound in the
i know these guards seem to be a little
bit dopey but yeah
yeah that might be might not be giving
him quite enough
me in the credit a few years
okay i guess when it was finished while
other sub was full of semen
oh man that’s bad
so bad it was almost funny
wouldn’t go that far
i i i almost only almost
you know you’re clouded on there by the
bloody patrol boat yep
you know the mark of true professional
on operations such as this
problem is if you take out too many
cameras they can get you spotted i think
eventually get a warning yeah
a warning eventually if you keep taking
cameras out you’re in trouble
all right guard tower guard is looking
at us at the moment
got him
guards down
all right let’s see if we can make that
next little
waypoint there
i was only carrying 88 000
all right drop down
cars coming
all right all the cars
you’re in that little
yeah i’m in a little alcove
sort of uh
spot there
did those cars just crash into each
i reckon those cars have just crashed
into each other
all right they’ve gotten past each other
all right get down quick
stay put for a second again
all right he’s heading back up the hill
good to go
that camera would be on the tower
did you get it
oh [__] some
advice when dealing with paranoid expect
cctv everywhere
aha there it is
that camera is taken care of
all right where are you
you’re making your way up to the uh back
another tower in front of us yep
all right there’s a guard there
and a cctv camera
where are they
here is the uh cameras on these towers
they’re sort of all in different spots
the last one was about sort of halfway
up down about halfway last time
so it’s a like they’re in a good spot
because they’re um
they’re sheltered from uh sheltered from
rain all right yep spotted the cctv
about halfway up
i think we’re gonna have to take out the
guards at the same time or fairly close
too so we’ve got two guards here
that’s the year of them at the moment
yeah trying to scout them now
they’ve got a really good long range
so i’m thinking they’re probably up a
can you make it to me
there’s a couple of outfits here
well now that we’re disguised let’s see
if we can go for a drive here
camera yeah yep i heard some noise
we needed to take out the the guards as
where are they
that’s one chopper
let’s try and find out where these guys
anything at the moment yeah
stuck down in that spot where we were
i guess this one’s on me as soon as i
shot the camera
yeah that’s alright
some dude on fire there he’s not having
a good time
this got done
coming to
yeah we might need to leave that one
alone i think
donald trump
all right
so as you can see we’re
back into it again clearly still not
very good at it i haven’t even made it
past the front gate yet nearly did that
time but that’s okay
but he’s tearing oh there’s a shreds
there that’s it game over
well that camera wasn’t going to face
back around at us i don’t think no i
think we could probably leave that one
i was uh i was scoping i was trying to
figure out where the um the two guys
but um
i think they’re right up on the top of
the tower and they’re in a uh a
sheltered position it was really hard to
get a beat on them so we might just have
to leave that alone all together
i couldn’t see them at all yeah i found
one dude up the top um when i was uh
when i ran up there to see if i could
get his location but um
when you were when we were planning the
mesh mission and you were setting up
like the entrance points and that
was there only one entrance into the
compound yeah i think there is
it’s got to be that
yeah because if you have a look at the
map there
there go the map goes all the way across
the underwater one whether that’s
actually listed as an entrance or not no
and we don’t have the gear for that
because we didn’t go and get um
if we if we pick that ingress point we
need to scout it first because if we
pick that ingress point we need to go
and collect a blowtorch
which we do not have
but if it’s actually listed as a an
entrance to the compound
and not as a landing point
then um
that might be automatic anyway yeah
we’ll go for a puck we did go around
there before
um we didn’t go underwater and have a
look no no the thing is you need the
blowtorch uh
to be able to go go underwater which we
don’t have
what i’m thinking is if it’s if it’s
listed as an entrance
um if we pick that as the entrance it
might just give you a blowtorch
automatically no i don’t think it does
all right we can go for a putt let me
see if i can get a get a patrol boat
all right
okay good to go
i thought you were trying to
i didn’t uh
see if i can find another patrol boat
how do you not notice yourself getting
shot at
nobody’s shooting at me
no i meant the guy on the patrol boat
all right got us patrol boat
want to go for a run down there yeah
should just be able to go straight off
the edge limit
as long as you don’t jump you’ll be safe
there we
go uh
race and poise
not yep
hey hair time yeah
he couldn’t see she splashed him in the
photo yeah
now i think i have seen some people use
sort of semi exploits to get up some of
the side cliffs here there’s a spot back
there we’ll give it a try a bit
afterwards if we can’t find another way
all right so that’s where we kind of
tried before didn’t get too far
i reckon it’s directly in front of the
compound here
that underwater one yeah let’s have a
look see if it’s around
nothing compares to the satisfaction of
well-executed plan apart from the
gigantic financial rewards
can you see anything because i can’t
know wherever it is there’s a lot of
lamb a lot of uh
scene yeah
we are in uh hang on
this might be promising
now i don’t think this around it
head back to the boat and uh
that said there was a spot there i saw
which might be able to launch this up
past the um
the compound walls
that’s it
nope that wasn’t it
yes i do
there’s another one just out to the side
they’re like we’ll hit hit the deck and
there’ll be guards everywhere
no all right
what the heck all further around
that was an ideal
buy up top
yeah yeah put their face in the other
it’s all right might have to just top
ourselves anywhere mate kind of out here
you’re going to try a
yeah i’m going to have a try
there’s a couple of spots just back here
that look like the might
going back to almost to the
lighthouse yeah
i think we’re just going to get
invisible walls mate regardless of which
way we go
i’ll get better
i said let’s uh sort it out we’ll start
again it’ll be quicker than going back
i think unless
is this a spot
not just its invisible walls
but that should i should be able to get
up that
they basically lock this out exactly
walked us out yep keep smacking us out
all right
let’s uh let’s restart that’ll be
yeah it didn’t do anything to me didn’t
it uh friendly fire’s off
you know what it has done though it’s
put me up the top okay
has it yep
yeah if i die then i can’t get up there
doesn’t work
i wonder if now that you’re up there if
i can get up
doubt it
you know i can still see you uh
struggling there
should be able to see me hanging out to
your left because that was graceful
all right
yeah fall into the water and
on my back don’t put my scuba gear on
but then when i’m standing at it puts it
on yeah
i don’t think you’re getting up like all
right i’m just going to uh
make a mess
bye bye
all right
do a quick restart again
original plan yep up the side
take out those guards at the front there
and i think that’ll probably be
probably the best way at it yeah it’s
just no way past that checkpoint
confirmed i have your position i will
also access compound cctv once you are
all right i suspect we should probably
watch a few more guides before trying
this again
or just try a different entry point yeah
okay coming up on the beach
what’s your strength level um
not flash if i’m honest
lower than you that
faster than me
but my swimmings uh i think i’ve got uh
swimming and stamina’s right up to the
top that’s maxed
driving stamina um
all right off the top for me that car’s
whoop car’s coming back
back back back
okay yep he’s good to go
all right where’s that boy
that [__] on
is he gonna spot us here
gotta line the side on the guards here
all right he’s off
all right he’ll stop
for sick there
i’ve got him
both hitting wind up man
a little trouble saying with that
camera is
sorry mate you were saying
i would like with this game with
body movement like you can put down
behind things to hide that yep you gotta
literally squat down in places and crawl
along and yeah
by prone and
things missions like this
would be very nice if you could do that
coming to you
all right shall we head back up the hill
where can we get rid of that camera on
the tower though
first yeah
you got a line of sight on it
ah can see it now
got it
camera’s down
bushes and things like that
i think they listen to him no i don’t
think they do
anyone do it quietly
reckon if we take out the camera first
uh you’ve got to take out the guard at
the same time
i can get a
all right so if you come to me
all right tell me once you’ve got a line
of sight on that guard
they’ve got a line of sight on the
oh you’ve got a line of sight on the
all right apparently not moving
yeah it’s it’s swinging back around
all right so when you’re ready
count it down and from three back and uh
and i’ll take out the guard got a
headshot lined up
oh standby
okay whenever you’re ready mate
camera doesn’t appear to be moving but
we’ll go on three no no stand by wait
wait wait wait wait wait wait wait
okay now anytime you’re ready
yep all right i’ve got it
what are you shooting at
the camera camera’s already going man
oh i hit it sorry
but it wasn’t i know i hit the camera
but it didn’t seem to be yeah you got to
hit the um
[__] there’s a car
we’re gonna get busted here run
yep [__]
damn it
all right let’s get into the uh into the
compound at least kind of
see what’s there
you’re in the company i am in the
compound i don’t know how that happened
got the chopper chasing me ain’t happy
oh that’s it
target for a bit yep
like being shot in the back while you
try to escape uh if anyone’s watching
this they uh it’s so very disappointed
in us
well if you’re watching and i’m watching
and there’s nobody else watching
nobody else would be mad enough oh no
geez it’s gonna be getting pretty late
for you there man
did i hear mrs wallaby in the background
so the plane comes together at last you
are not far from the island just a short
swim in warm water
easy you should have been with me in the
iceland a few
years um
i will also access compound cctv
i think that’s enough of him chatting
sorry mate you started chatting there
before and and didn’t finish the
had a sentence uh comments on
haven’t even checked i can’t see that
so once i’m i’ve basically got a little
streaming console here and that’s it so
i can only see if people are um
dropping to chat i can’t see if people
are commenting that yeah there’s
probably a
chance people have commented on there
hilarious laughing faces
jerryjet’s got uh i hope rockstar adds
more heist to canola i like like this
written what’s up gm bro
then follow that up with what system are
you playing
okay legend is true is
legend is true is put in are you on xbox
yeah so all pc but the controller is
really handy to
have to get people into the chat that’s
any way i can see it live otherwise if
it’s just comments it’s no good
all right shall we get our ass kicked
yeah why not wrong way yep
then we’ve got uh use first person are
you on pc
and i don’t like this buy from liverpool
see liverpool’s pretty close
all things considered
it’s all right we should be able to get
to this
first spot here without too much trouble
looks like he’s off
all right yeah i think our boy is
looking at us at the moment so that
means that it should be a plum shot
there we go
got him
off to the next one
all right take the bike
yeah well that’s not a silly idea either
let’s see if i can see where that
all right
got it
getting pretty good at these cameras
i reckon if we go back up to that other
spot if we don’t get spotted
we’re getting that change of clothes
might not be a bad option yeah
there happens to be some around here as
run run run run run
going back the other way yep cool yeah
so we’ll head for that uh that next
watch towers where the um things are
i haven’t made anybody money yet people
i keep getting paid as an assistant
so these guys are facing entirely the
different ways so hopefully
everywhere all right weapon away
and we’ve got the um got the vehicles
so let’s try just driving straight on in
then we’re going to get spotted
all right
he did just say we could drive
an island
guard disguise against
in a supply truck
okay all crit
all right so that’s not a supply truck
is that a supply truck no that’s a
we need a supply truck
there is a car coming there’s a supply
truck back by the beach
there is two where we came in
all right stand by there is a truck
yeah it’s it’s down it’s near the
compound there
all right
lead the way mate
you know we’re gonna have to take out
more guards and uh
probably another camera yeah that’s fine
all right
oh kaka
are you swatted
yeah it probably doesn’t hurt if
ah lead the way
another cat
maybe that’s half the secret to this is
why yeah
okay now have you noticed the cameras
are no longer red
we still have to worry about people
but we’re not going to get done whoops
okay to take out an odd camera here all
day yep
all right let’s check for this fella
all right he’s facing a camera right now
another one coming down the road
zero visibility in this scrub mate
that’s rubbish
i’m gonna line aside on that uh that
uh rock got the camera
yep it’s down
there’s a couple of more patrol guards
here should be able to find a
line of sight pretty easy
all right there should be one just to
the right of him as well
uh you’ve got him
all right i’ve got one
no i straighten the drink
the other two are over by that
watch out you got someone to your right
got a car coming
ah crap spotted
yeah i’m getting in there
yeah i think they’ve noticed
former gate now
sorry dude
we could probably uh steal this without
actually having to shoot anybody yeah i
reckon you might be right
they certainly weren’t taking any notice
while we were in these clothes no
all right so next round i think apps
yeah got him
all right
all right
i reckon this time let’s um
go and grab those clothes go and grab
that supply truck
and i can probably just drive straight
in the front door
i reckon we can
last comment on youtube i reckon
three comments are you on pc
can you help me get money please
that’s brilliant i appreciate it i am on
pc of course
but clearly not very good
at uh
the getting money part other than
grinding what i’d suggest is having a
look at
the gaming gorilla so tgg
his his channel’s got a a really good
rags to riches
kind of thing and uh it’s frolix has a
guide that gets you
10 million i think in one
day um from from start to finish which
is a really good start
but yeah so it’s frolix and the gaming
gorilla tgg
really really good
the professional is quite good as well
he’s a bit more of a grinder and
significantly further along so
how do you know any idea how um high up
level wise
i don’t know i think it’s
pretty like
he’s mid five or six hundreds
um i think he’s sub 1000
all right so just to confirm the plan is
to go for the uniforms
and then go back and go back and get the
truck yep all right cool
so i hope and just right we’re just
going to drive nicely yeah yeah so
you’ll drive
oh no that’s our patrol take out the
get the tear
oh i think i just got him
a little bit of trouble there
think i’m able to avoid him
now i gotta worry about the camera
all right next watchtower
where are we here we are
another car coming
yep that’s alright i’m miles away
now it’s still coming i might get
spotted here
did you make it you’re safe i avoided it
sweet yeah i’m sorry
it disappeared off the radar then
reappeared the moment i tried to cross
the road ah do not like when that
happens all right i’m sitting tight for
a second
all right cool let’s go for a run
back down grab that supply
all right we’ve got that truck there
let’s cut the guys
have you been spotted
yeah cool i’m safe
all right coming to you
yeah nice
as long as we do this just nice and easy
at least
they shot at us
i’ve seen this
no what are they doing they’re just
yep they’ve shot at us
god damn it
where are you it’s right next to you on
the truck
okay yep i thought you were
well is it a chopper coming at us but
i was just gonna say that nobody else
but there they are
well it almost worked yeah
can we get in
i don’t know let’s uh i’m gonna try and
jump out let’s jump out and try
oh bugger
shot yellow zone disappeared no no
are we inside the compound it
yep i am inside the compound
and i’m dead
i didn’t think you saw me
do we both get killed twice then yeah
i got my ass handed to me at the gate
all right so what happened there they
did see us
all right so maybe we do need to take
out these guys
if they uh they look a bit closer so
we’ll take them out and then then go
back up and go collect their uh collect
the truck yeah what do you reckon
i might be a guy yeah i might have to
call it after this one as well
come back and try another time
so the plane comes together at last you
are not far from the island
you should have been with me in the
iceland a few years ago
started at 3 p.m here or at least
we um
we started logging on at 3pm
it’s now just gone 12 here yep
streaming for 8 hours 38 minutes to
and i am shattered
i’m just going to start making silly
mistakes soon i think
we’re not already doing that
let’s say even sillier mistakes
all right
might go away and watch a few more
guides i think
but the kitties watching this at home
don’t play online for this number of
hours in a row it’s really not good for
it really really is not
that said the kitties watching at home
uh there’s none of them yep no i can
probably play this better than we can
anyway yeah i’d say so
all right let’s try a slightly different
tack this time
what i think we should do
is let’s
all right so what i’m going to do is
take out
camera and the guard here
the line on the camera on the camera not
there’s a couple of guys that are
normally back here having a bit of a
rest before but they’ve not been there
all right good line on a guard here
just wait for him to stop
one in a jeep just pulled
oh [__] i’m about to get spotted
damn it
something went up
no idea where that fella came from
nope and i’m down
i just lost my mask oh
let’s take out this chopper i might have
stepped in water
all right well that’s nearly nine hours
wait and we’ve not really been able to
do it so what do you reckon shall we
call it
i think we call it all right cool
easy stuff all right well uh
thanks for joining me
we’ll give it another crack another time
i have genuinely enjoyed playing online
though that’s been been an absolute hoot
mate we just need to give it a crack
again i think after a few more
videos yeah maybe 30 or 40 or yep
so i have no idea what it’s going to do
but let’s uh see how we go all right
cool so if you’re still listening
not bad
pretty impressive here after 8 hours and
43 minutes otherwise
we’ll pick this back up in a week or two
we’ll see how we go so um yeah stay safe
wash your hands
and we’ll see you in the next video

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