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5 Jun 2021: Noobs try Cayo Perico from Scratch

Join OldGrumpyDan and WallabyM as they take on the Cayo Perico Heist in a fresh playthrough after purchasing the Kosatka in GTA5. With stunning visuals and interesting gameplay, experience the excitement of robbing the world's most guarded private island!
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Exploring the Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online

In this YouTube video, join OldGrumpyDan and WallabyM as they embark on their first-ever heist on the secluded island of Cayo Perico in GTA Online. The duo has just purchased the Kosatka and are starting completely fresh on this heist, going up against the world’s most renowned drug dealer, El Rubio. Follow along as they face various challenges in their quest to obtain the unknown amount of art, gold, and drug money that is strewn across the island.

The Cayo Perico Island

Cayo Perico is considered one of the most guarded private islands in the world and is home to El Rubio’s drug business and his marathon beach dance parties, where everyone from jet-setters to famed music producers congregate to party until the sun rises. The island features various sites, including a vast clifftop Spanish-style home, a security tower, and a farm. The video takes you through the process of infiltrating the compound, hacking into communication towers, exploring the North Dock, and planning for the theft.

Experience of the Heist

Experience the thrill of planning and executing a heist in GTA Online as OldGrumpyDan and WallabyM show you how it’s done. From obtaining the necessary intel and equipment to scouting for infiltration and escape routes, the video takes you through the entire process. Watch them as they pull off the robbery and recover Madrazo’s data before fleeing the island.

Returning to the Cayo Perico Island

The video also explores how players can return to Cayo Perico after the heist is completed for heist intel or regular trips. Players can join the party in free roam during regular trips, but they won’t be able to explore the island. Furthermore, the island’s weather is always set to clear for the heist preps, ensuring that there is no risk of rain or snow during the mission.


If you’re a GTA Online fan or just love heist missions, this video is a must-watch. OldGrumpyDan and WallabyM’s experience of exploring and completing the Cayo Perico Heist for the first time will give you a taste of the thrill and excitement of heist missions in GTA Online. Don’t forget to leave your suggestions on any mods that could be used to explore Lost Santos or North Yankton in the comment section.

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we’re here today with wallaby m again
and uh this time we’re doing a couple of
things so first thing we’re going to do
is complete a finale i’ve got all
prepped up and ready to go
and then after that wallaby has just
purchased a brand spanking new casa so
we’re going to more or less start from
scratch on his account as well with uh
with him as a ceo so it should be a
little bit of fun today
uh all right so let’s start by
registering as a ceo
could be handy
there we go i’m now a ceo and now i
should be able to
offered a nearby
all right
as soon as that’s done that should be in
security serve now mate
you’ve joined fantastic
let’s access the planning screen so
we’ve done the absolute bare minimum for
the finale for this one that’s basically
uh set up the um the infill point and
the axial point
and um
for the preps uh i’ve done the casatka
as the approach vehicle the equipment is
the conspirator
so we just needed the safe code the
fingerprint cloner and the cutting torch
for this one
uh because we are on bearer bonds which
is the second highest yield you can get
out of the uh
out of the standard heist ones that are
not on a um
and on the black panther special week
weapon loadouts conspirator just about
to bike and pro suppressors
so that’s done
we are ready to go with the finale
all right so uh you good to go wallaby
you’re happy with that
ready to go brilliant all right let’s
all right done confirm
and play
you’ve been leveling up since the last
time we caught up
okay so approach vehicle is going to be
the cassette
infiltration point will be the drainage
compound entry point will be the
drainage tunnel
escape point will be the casaka
time of day is daytime
weapon loadout is conspirator with
no support crew
let’s assign the crew cuts
and i am
going to dip my cut right down
and bump all of these up so
you can afford
the sparrow after this
all right cool so that’s good this i’ll
go through this cleanly i’ll uh have a
sparrow yeah yep
and the the um arming the sparrow is
fairly affordable as well which will
make those vip missions a bit more fun
all right we are good to go
all right mate i think you just need to
click okay to ready yourself
hi not luke and i made welcome back
fantastic to see you back again mate
so if you’re not luke though
what’s your name
so here we go
all right
so we’re going to head straight to our
rubio’s compound
and yeah we’ll see how we go from there
you remember last time when we were in
the water we uh
got to that point where we started
losing air and life yep
it just turns out we were actually going
further than we can actually go on the
yeah i think um i think
zeb was right we glitched it
yeah i i did an experiment on the main
map and uh
uh one of the jets and and took off
to see how far i could go yep and get to
a certain point the jet starts to fall
apart you just fall out of
i did not know that effectively we were
we were at the limit of the map that’s
basically what you said you happen to
do this mission and you
do what we’re going to do today and jump
off the side of the cliff and
swim for it at the exit yep don’t swim
out too far yep
good to know
good to know
deep is good but too far out is not yet
i’ll uh i’ll i’ll keep it pc after that
comment mate sorry
fantastic so uh
since our last stream i’ve made a couple
of improvements to the actual streaming
service i’ve installed some new software
uh we’ve got super chats happening now
which i’ve never used before so i have
no idea what they do or what they’ll
they’ll do
um and also come on there you go and
also uh we should get chats up on screen
as well hopefully
when when they come through so if anyone
wants to
to say g’day um then yeah it’ll be good
too good to see what’s going on there
okay i haven’t got the stream up on on
my screen at the moment so uh i’ll rely
on you with that
all right cool so uh i think
i’ve had a little bit of practice with
this but not a lot
all right so we’ve got cash in here
but i think we need key codes
so we might have to take out these
fellas on the right we’ll see how we go
coming up to the have you got the one at
the top
all right i’m just gonna sneak around
and grab
oh that’s not helpful that’s not helpful
at all two seconds and i’ve done myself
all right let’s see here we go again
that wasn’t good at all
it wasn’t was it no
i’m not very good at this pvp
up and up there
nowhere there’s a key that i
all right so we’re watching wallaby i
cannot believe i got spotted in two
seconds flat that was just ridiculous
all right looks like
let’s see how we go
it’s a good shot
so let’s see how wallaby goes he found
the key i might have found another key
as well get across there but uh
let’s see here we go
filters don’t want the filters
see how long he lasts
not looking terribly healthy
oh and that’s it
game over i can’t believe i did that i
that was just a silly mistake
that’s all right it’s all good fun
sorry my mouse might be well on
do you want to change that up
i reckon i will alright give me five
yep cool
right that was a good church seems a bit
better yep
all right managed to get us the key
all right
so there’s one key card we need two to
get in there
wait for this filler to come by this
time instead of walking straight into
you got that color up the top
nice work
there’s a second key card i like that
that was that way
whatever’s got done
it might have been me i don’t know ah
damn it
i’m not sure you or me one of us
let’s just see if we can just churn
through people instead maybe
there’s one coming up behind us yeah got
nice work
how are you still alive buddy
right got him
all right
accurately that’s cool
coming up this way
and again
all right there’s one more coming up
here somewhere here we go
got a couple holding
how are you sitting right
yeah very carefully at the moment
now no i’m going yeah right
someone coming up here
oh i’m down
lasted a bit longer that time but still
i reckon that was maybe got spotted i’m
sorry about that
i don’t know i reckon might have been me
because you went across
that’s up
we shall see how we go
now i did notice as well someone was
using explosives in one of their streams
and it wasn’t setting off the alarms but
it was a really good way to uh
to get rid of multiple guards
yeah thanks ahmed that was pretty
ordinary would work wouldn’t it
all right well the new streamy thing is
working i just saw it pop up on the
all right that’s one of the keys i think
is it a key no
wasn’t it
you just picked up the key card i
actually got this picked up
oh nice work
as long as i can go slow and just
all right i’ve got that juggernaut
coming down so i’m just going to sit
tight for a moment
shouldn’t be too long
the thing is the juggernauts even with
the uh the heavy helmet once you uh you
hit them in the noggin they’re all set
there he is
got him
juggernauts down
all right that guards down
okay and
where’s that camera
camera is down
all right we need to find out some uh
some key cards man
all right uh can i borrow you for a few
moments you able to sneak over
okay okay so
do you want the one on the left or the
right closest to you or further away
i see him yep all right so if you take
the closest one i’ve got a really good
one i can take either one
i can take the one well i’ve got a line
on the one that’s facing away from us
all right one the red all right i’ve got
the uh the other fella then
count it down mate
got it right there’s a key card there
just duck out and grab that one that’s a
much better angle
all right i’ve got a key i’ve got
uh so when we started that
yeah i think we’ll go up because we need
to get into that into the uh the gold
there as well don’t we
there’s a painting there somewhere too
but we can’t get him without um
what do you call it without actually um
getting a couple of key cards which we
haven’t got yet so we have to take out
some more guards
enough key cards sorry
i’ve got enough key cards do you have
key cards
i’ve got one okay yeah cool i haven’t
done all right just i just had a look
well let’s do a quick check on the gold
then see if we can um see if we can get
him how do you know his head goes behind
him yeah
that’s the top there yeah
we take them out while we’re at it yeah
go for the one on the left
all right stand by
you good
i’ve got a line on the right i’ve got a
line on the right you’ve got the one on
the left
count it down three
fire got him
no key cards there either
right well this is gonna be a bit
all right let’s see if we go
whoop someone coming
where’d he go
one of these guys up that
up near here we’ll have a key i reckon
yeah it’s open
all right well let’s let’s go for the
vault and see what we come up with
like the guy around the corner here i
reckon just to your left as you go
around i can hear his guy
he might
it is red kind of random but yeah i do
see it fairly consistently
yep what has he got tonight
that’s uh yeah ammo drop one further up
then yeah cool
oh there there’s one in the kit in the
office of course uh yep
a guy coming around here oh no he’s down
the bottom yep
all right got one of the personal
what do we got
got the key
all right let’s open the safe
would you like to grab the painting mate
all right so what we’ve got is um we’ve
got gold in one of the other compounds
at the back and then some cash in that
very first building that we uh we came
through so i think we’ll be right
all right cool uh sorry i mean i missed
that message but yeah cool we’ll see you
soon mate
so it’s important to let the
younger siblings uh gets get to my ipad
time so
sorry uh wallaby what was that
yeah we’re going downstairs
does that kind of look right nope
there’s a gap there
there it is
i’m finding the code on that sometimes
yeah it can be a little bit challenging
right that one
that’s it
got it
have you got a cutting coach can you
able are you able to open that
all right so it’s bearer bond so we’re
in the safe i’m just going to bring up
the um the safe code
all right i’ll let you do the crack
all right so first number is 34.
uh second number is
all right cool second number is 62
so that’s six two
i do love that it actually shows me what
you’re doing
there we go and then the next number is
do you have the bones they still have no
idea you are there okay uh we have gold
out of news
grab that gold at the
come back
and then we can get out
yep so if you hang around to the right
and then
where’d you go where are you did you go
back up
where are you going where are you going
can you come back down where are you
so can you come back
come back downstairs there’s there’s
gold in the um in the
the vault downstairs
did you right in
the underground area yeah yeah so back
down the lift
it’s already exited the building
oh yeah
all right yep to your right
there you go you’ll see me there oh
there we are great
all right so
line up and then
count it down when you’re ready
done all right cool
so we just just want the gold
if you want to head through and fill up
your bag
there you go just turn around and to
your left and then left again
we’ve got two more stashes of gold to
grab so
that should fill up your bag hopefully
now you need to keep pressing the button
i was swapping
so i’ll grab the rest here
and then we’ve got two more gold stashes
to deal with a bit later
that’s it
all right where are you
yeah so we won’t worry about the cash i
understand the gold’s a bit
better all right
flaming rebreather again
okay i’ll take a wander
and then
head back down to where we started i
oh there’s a guard there
where is he
can i hit him
i cannot that’s her up
we shall deal with him a bit later if we
need to probably won’t need to be honest
can i hit him from here
that’s right
so now
you should be able to hopefully
wander in here
thumbs right back
all right let me know when you’re ready
to go
count it down
wait all right here we go
all right that’s one lot
second light here
all right and we are chockers
two point one mill this take that’s a
reasonable start
okay and
now we just need to exit the compound
all right
so there is someone waiting around here
stay back
he’s down
he’s down
all right i think you need to come up
got two guys here i’ve got to get better
i’ve got to get better at using the um
controller for
weapons oh no i’m keyboard mouse for
weapons man once i’m off that uh that
bike yeah that’s what i usually
that’s what i usually do um i’m just
going off the side here all right cool
like last time
getting the water stay deep and
getting the hell out of here
straight off the side
all right
where are we
yeah you’ve gone way different direction
to me that’s all right i think we’re
still there i i literally went left and
just went off the side
making my way around your
direction now
all right
hey welcome back i’m it
sorry man i’ve been uh haven’t been
paying attention to the chat i’m sorry
watch out
all right ruby i ain’t happy
all right everyone has a way off
all right cool
let’s uh
see here we go where are you
oh that’s it i think we’re done
we are fantastic
all right can we skip this or is it a
could have at least taken your scuba
gear off
oh nice work
all right so i got
just shy of
and 20
thou out of that
doesn’t seem fair
he did most of the work no i don’t know
all good man
you shot most of the people put it that
there we go all right now
have you got
1.3 mill in the bank
you should actually well my final take
on that one was
1.582 i reckon i do
i reckon with
yeah hopefully you’ve got enough there
to um now remember you’ve got to bank it
straight away
because it’s actually given to us in the
but you might have enough there
hopefully to do the um
to to get the sparrow and to arm it with
all right let’s have a look at the
server that we’re on
yep it’s just two of us again
okay so there should only be the two of
us because it was an invite only yeah
all right so i’m about to resign
and you sir
can now be the boss
oh for two
yeah cool
security serve
all right let me
cassette away
okay that’s all right let’s grab the
sparrow uh would you kindly
call your kasaka mate
where is
it it’ll take a few seconds to come up
that’s all right it’ll pop up on screen
if you jump in just jump in now yeah as
soon as it’s delivered once we’ve we’ve
caught some altitude there it is
excellent so it’s about 10 minutes
before we can restart a coyote puerto
rico heist i think even because which we
found out yesterday you still get the
cool down even though it was um it was
me that that led it
but that should give you enough time to
buy a sparrow and potentially customize
it a touch
you’ve just passed over i did
where is it is it not surfaced
there it is oh there it is i wasn’t low
oh she looked like it was just coming up
as we spotted it
yeah so if you’re not low enough it
won’t surface
uh it’ll it’ll stop
good point yeah
all right now i won’t be able to land
the sparrow in there
i might be able to land
on there just won’t go in
make sure i line this up because it can
end very poorly very quickly
very forward a little bit
there you go
gold i’m happy with that
i’m definitely getting better at
piloting these things
return for vehicle nice
didn’t work
you’ll have tinder on your own yep
all good all good
all right so if you are just joining us
wallaby has just purchased a casatka uh
purchased it last night and we’re about
to embark on our first discovery
um so we get to get to do the heist all
over again which i’m pretty damn chuffed
about actually now knowing what what we
know now
and uh and also we’ve got uh super chats
which are a new feature on the um
on the feed and the chat is now up on
the uh on screen as well so
yeah looking pretty good very happy
all right so uh
i suspect
not quite enough
oh how short are you 1.8
1.815 is what i need i’ve got 1.808
literally only a few thousand dollars
all right
what we can do if you like is um if we
start on the heist
i think by the end of it we’ll uh more
than have enough there for that and some
um and we can use my sparrow for the for
the prep missions to get us everywhere
if you like
well uh
we haven’t done anything as yet so uh
that means gathering intel right from
the word go sounds great
um thanks abbott that’s awesome
all right we launched that and off to
the airport all right cool
i should have brought my wrench
then i hit the wrong button again you
got to get yourself out again
all right cool so we’ll need to call a
uh yeah that’s right
doctor’s not there
there it is
all right shall we check to see if you
can drive vehicles again after
yesterday’s episode
shouldn’t have a problem now
all right so i’m requesting a sparrow
all right you should see it flashing to
your left
at least it’s not in halfway down the
road car park like it was last time that
was just ridiculous
which led to some ridiculousness
yesterday last time
all right cool that’s the one
can you uh pop your cassette away
when we’re doing
subsequent missions the um the fast
travel is a lot cheaper as well so at
the moment first time around fast
travels ten thousand dollars ago
yeah but after the first mission so once
we’ve done the heist once fast travel
becomes two thousand so yeah ago
two thousand yeah which is much more
you know i was just about to quit and
get involved in some federal [__]
when you came along just in time to give
me the highlight of my career
okay where are we
factors being returned to storage lovely
you know you can’t return the uh dinghy
to storage while you do this yeah that’s
right it’s weird but you can request it
as well uh so you can’t necessarily
return storage but you can request it to
you’ll request it that’s right
i’m getting a lot better at this thing
it is super squirrelly
that is definitely the best landing if
either of us have done on that thing
so now we get to watch this and there’s
a now you haven’t seen this yet have you
made because last time we cocked it up
there’s a surprise i’ve only watched it
yeah i’ve only watched it on uh the
stream yep
so yeah
going back to your uh your professional
dj days you might recognize one or two
people in this one which is really cool
well it’s representing a
canon pro series camera or
or looking at it to be honest it’s it’s
looks more like the newer
mirrorless range but uh it is meant to
given the age of the the game it is i
believe meant to be a normal dslr
and that would probably represent a 70
to 200 zoom on the front
one of the l series canon lenses yeah
yeah so this is set in 2013 mid
gta 5. um lester actually mentions it in
heist actually the jewelry job heist he
mentions this
says some dude in los santos pops out
but uh he’s really unreliable which of
course would be
a silent protagonist
this one will not crash i promise
we heard about that story wasn’t
tell me you brought the music look the
music is in my phone in my car at your
house somebody’s slipping
tell me you guys are pulling up right
now no boss we got a problem the car is
gone damn what the [__] [__] dre what’s
in that phone anything about me private
financial [__] naked pictures but more
importantly a lot of my [__] music
demos unreleased [__] this could be a
[__] problem i feel like this
vacation over before the [__]
got started hey guess what
we’re not going we’re going to send
somebody else
i have to admit when i was watching this
on the live stream before
i was half expecting that it was going
to be one of those
all of a sudden you’ve got to go and do
something else type situations before
you can get on the plane
now i recognize drey’s sidekick there
but i can’t place the name
off hand it’s it’s not coming to me but
yeah i did definitely recognize them
look at you party in there mate
yeah of course
that just looks like a standard friday
evening at your place
well yeah
gotta keep it safe for work depends
who’s here
oh my god it’s beautiful
that sounded so much like the intro to
baby got back yes
that is hilarious
yeah a word in your shell like
now you’re really going to start
sweating when you see our host but let’s
hope he’s got enough up his nose he
won’t smell the deception eh
dad just winding you up you will most
certainly be spangled
guys are so [__] cool huh
this guy looks like a reject out of the
australian outback he does he’s okay
surprisingly low budget crocodile
amazing thanks for having us
yeah a lot of money
ah wait till you guys see the beach i
knew i was gonna love them huh hey you
guys gotta come back huh i will come see
you in berlin only i can’t really travel
right now huh global pool sucks ass i
swear man you have no idea all right can
you show us where to set up of course
where’s terrible
i mean guys you gotta come back huh
i told you not to go anywhere
take our friends to the stage show them
their setup do you think you could do
you feed the panther
oh you did something right finally
all right
paul gustavo he’s just not gonna have a
good day today
no um he’s gonna end up feeding the
panther anyway yep
you’re not on the mainland now huh
my rule
anything goes
let’s go all right baby
you guys are with me yeah lovely i don’t
think we met
oh uh yeah this is uh it’s the tour
manager in it holds the whole operation
together okay cool
this is our ride
uh tour manager you can drive us right
come on
right down to the beach chop chop let’s
okay this road straight up where are you
going hey
can i get in no it’s a three-person run
okay i might have to borrow a vehicle
all right well that’s interesting
having to take the two cars
yeah so last time when i did this with
you we basically just showed up at the
uh we didn’t actually uh it was because
it was just me um on this part
because when we went back to do it the
second time it was a bit different
because we’d um we’d already gone
through the original cut oh yeah because
you’d already done it yeah yeah
um when we we’ve watched that ceo thing
um so
in our nine-hour epic
how to fail
here we go
be that as it may there is no [__]
way that [__] will slide not tonight not
ever that’s interesting it just pulled
me straight into the cutscene as soon as
you arrive here they’ve got drinks kind
of music
setting up things are going really great
you guys go ahead enjoy yourselves huh
oh and there’s someone you simply must
meet he’s right over here
we’re this guy yeah hey man
it’s my party who are you hey i’m scott
storch who sent me i’m the backup
because they couldn’t make it you
okay um but remind me what you who the
[__] are you who am i i’m one of the
biggest record producers of all time
scott storch oh oh [__] okay big time
record producer all right great great
not as great as the other guy great
great man i can’t wait to listen you’ve
probably been listening to my records
your whole life whatever um
they talk to you about the thing
yeah yeah no problem whatever you need
me to say whoa okay hey out of curiosity
how much were you paying the other guy
oh no
uh yeah yeah
we’re cool man uh no problem at all okay
i love you man
you’re running too
a word
you shouldn’t be asking about money
never ask the ceo about money
look when it kicks off sneak out yeah
certainly not like that that’s for sure
yeah right come with me you can see the
um the event manager there knew
precisely what was coming i think that
went as well as it possibly could have
for that fella clean as a whistle no
plenty of people in that sort of
position that have
not had much more to say or do or see in
their lives
excuse me i just want to say a few words
we’re all here because of one man
the kindest
most generous man i know
juan strickler
el rubio
my brother
whose party is this i don’t know but
it’s gonna be sick a lot gets written
about you on the internet
they talk about cocaine turf wars
missing journalists but you know what
they never say
how big your heart is you’re beautiful
you’re humanitarian and you throw the
best parties in the world
so from all of us we thank you stop it i
said oh come on i said no speeches now
you’re embarrassing me huh but
thank you my brother but maybe more like
my half brother right hey he’s got a lot
of hits from the 2000s yeah all right
who’s ready the [__] party
i give you
i don’t know half the time whether he’s
meant to be a
a um
amuser or a bloody
english soccer fan uh
all right
what i should say is a um
a stereotypical
sort of um pictured
not necessarily what they actually are
like the english soccer fans because
most of them are pretty decent guys
friend here who is a massive liverpool
fan and uh
he absolutely hates the bad guys yep
dancing the music would
this would probably be a lot more
interesting if i had the music up
right now i’ve got it turned down as
well just just to be safe yeah that’s it
so i’m waiting for
shouldn’t we be hearing from
yeah we need to
blend in for a few moments he just
pinged us a text
to um
to say that he’s right so hang on let’s
have a look at the brief pavel
are you
uh behind you
all right
all right shall we
see if we can go for a wander
all right where we gotta go
that fellas just wandered off so we can
just head down here now
oh he’s coming back he’s coming back
where’s he going
he came walking out behind him yeah
he’s gonna turn around and come back he
can’t go out
let’s see if he’s gonna just let us walk
hey nothing for you past this point
excuse me there’s no going past you how
did you just
where is he
how were you able to just walk past him
like that and
uh it took a couple of guys he had to
walk right away once he turned right
around and walked off i was able to run
back up
so just have to wait for him to uh
to sit tight for a second
he’ll wander up turn around wander back
and then
once he’s walked right off he sort of
wanders off to the left there
you should be able to run straight up
all right should be good to go now matt
take a run sprint
there we go yeah nice
there we go
and where do we go
all right pavel will be on the horn soon
i’ve made a quick marker for the
communications tower which is a biggie
so what we want to do is head off to the
right here
you’re out yes good
they times have cameras too
now based on satellite images the
compound is on south side of the island
this is likely place he is keeping mini
madrazo’s files we do our reconnaissance
remember your weapons are back on the
plane i don’t even think about punching
one of these
we need to guys the entry first
all right so you can see we’ve got um
one dude in a tower big kind of vision
and then we’ve got that fellow sort of
off to the right
of the camera there who is just
wandering back now so i think
as soon as this fella is
one coming up behind us on the road
all right so let’s just stay stay in the
uh the scrub here
see if he sees us hopefully he won’t
straight past
okay are you good to go
all right
whoops stop for a sec
all right we’re right
okay so what we want to do is head out
and then through that gate
turn around immediately around it
and then hide behind this building
be quick
you’re about to get done quick quick
and grab the cover
alright so there’s a fella just
wandering up there
now we can run or we can grab a ride but
honestly it’s not that much of a uh not
that much of a trot
i’m happy you just run if necessary or
whatever to use
let me know what we’re gonna do and then
all right so once this fella turns
around uh there he goes
and starts wandering off we’re gonna try
and slip in between
the gap there
all right just pull yourself out of
and as soon as that guard on the guard
tower turns around we’re going for a
my left
yep right go
east side of the oh are quieter not so
buildings survival the choice is yours
flaming briar patches
oh there is much to see here i think
these satellite images leave many
unanswered questions we’ve got a filler
in their watch tear at the top there
where are we heading
so if we try and sneak through this gap
down the middle ah damn it one of us got
done it was me
i was paused for half a second
are you still in
or have you been voted as
blueprints well images but i cannot see
you and i cannot see guards although i
can’t guess where they will be stationed
you are in the driving seat captain you
must trust your own judgments i will
help where i can dead
hey you’re off limits damn it
can you uh can you hear me wallaby
have we been separated damn it it’s been
separated again what a pain in the
all right guys so for those listening
there is a weird glitch that happens if
you get busted on the island
that can result in you
losing contact with the rest of your
so what that means is that wallaby can’t
hear me i can’t hear him
just gotta head off and and hope that
neither of us get done
all right just wait here for a second
so these guys will turn around in a
oh it should be good to go now
all right and start heading back towards
uh wallaby’s position we’ll see how we
so basically what i’m doing here is just
allowing myself to be guided by the map
and that’s it
i’m not terribly fussed about terrain
i’m just just looking at cones of
and that’s it
the terrain’s a little all over the
place but that’s that’s okay i’m not
terribly fussed about that we’re not
worried about civilians
just want to head down to that position
so we’ve got a guard tower there
and make sure that we stay well out of
range of that
there’s the comms tower which will be
busting ah damn it
which we’ll get a bit get to a bit later
and we’ll see how we go from there
can’t skip this as well which is a bit
of a pain in the backside but that’s all
it’s all part of the fun
all right let’s try that again i can’t
believe we got busted again by that
guard tower i’m really
against them
okay all right so it looks as though
the other one has
it will be the uh point on the island if
there is anywhere
and use it to see inside the compound it
is there all right so it looks as though
wallaby has
got to the uh got to the
comms tower sorry it’s got to the uh the
compound so that’s all good
next step is the comms tower
which i suspect is about there
all right so just
that one to be free
oh nearly
so we’re going to run uh this time
instead of
just yep that’s fine
wait for this guy to get out of the way
uh did i get busted
stay still
all right so it looks like wallabies on
figure out which way things are facing
so we’ve got the camera there
i’m just gonna head up the hill
and then i’m heading towards the uh the
comms tower now
now wallaby won’t be able to hear from
me until we actually get to uh
get to the end of the mission now which
is a bit of a pain in the backside but
that’s all right it does make it a bit
hard when you’re on a team and that
i’ve got myself busted before and that
was pretty damn disappointing
but we’re all good
there but that’s okay had not been
all right so heading towards the tower
looks like wallaby’s still
on his way over
okay so there’s the uh the box there
yeah do we have a guard i don’t think we
do oh that’s convenient all right
all right straight into the gate
saw the box there on the second
second platform i think might have been
the first
all right so we’ll just wait here for
so he can hack the signal box and you
can see what goes on uh at the second
point and just see if i can see if i can
spot him somewhere
how far away is he
oh geez now he’s been busted
all right wait for him to come back
and uh
made us up the top here so he gets a
yeah gets a shot at hacking that signal
so i’m just hanging tight for him now um
wallaby can’t hear me uh we can’t hear
him it just uh happens uh when we get
separated like that
looks like he’s been busted
it’s just sitting tight for the moment
where is he so he’s not made it into the
compound yet he’s just waiting for this
guy here to come back through i reckon
and then he’ll meet us at the tower
so the trick here is to wait for this
fella to turn around
and wait for our guard tower dude to
turn around and sort of face the other
way as well
that camera is fixed there’s a little
gate here which which wallaby’s hiding
and what we’ll do is we’ll see him sneak
around and then sort of behind this
building for a few moments soon
and uh see what uh what goes on from
there so
if you’re joining us um we’re in the
process of doing the kaya puriko heist
for the first time on wallaby’s account
or with wallabies the lead
my name’s dan and i’m an old grumpy
gamer and
generally speaking i play gta 5
story mode i don’t really play online
that much but uh kyo puerico’s got me
back into it and we’re sort of doing a
lot of stuff based on a little bit of
experience that i’ve had oh there he
goes he’s off
doing this on my account with myself as
the lead and also watching uh tgg and
watching um
dark viper au sunny evans oh he nearly
got busted there
and and a few other youtubers um so
we’ll see how he goes where is he off to
he’s going all the way down the right it
looks like it so
this little kona vision map is is a good
fun thing to watch uh if you’re watching
one of your teammates in real time and
you’ve lost comms
so yeah basically what happens is if one
of your team members gets busted that
team member is cut off from the rest of
the team period until you’re back to
land and i think in fact last time we
ended up having to swap sessions a
couple of times before it came back in
which is always a bit of fun
so he’s certainly taking the long way at
it but you know what it’s a lot safer
that way there’s a lot fewer
a lot fewer so yeah fewer guards and
fewer things to worry about so
that’s all good
all right i am just communicating with
uh with wallaby on skype though but it
looks uh looks as though he’s on his way
he’s concentrating on what’s going down
i think we might need to uh to invest in
some discord chat at some point maybe
next time around so that we can keep
this going while um while everything all
while the game tries to separate us
all right so we can see moving down
through the center of the compound here
you can see i’m waiting at the comms
tower right next to the box
which is
right there
there we go
olivia’s just camping at the moment he
won’t be too far
moving through being safe
can we see him yet
where is he
he’s well hidden
it should be
sort of floating around the bottom of
those trees there he is
i’ve got my weapons but that’s okay
all right i think he’s just stopped for
a second and spotted me
there we go
it should be coming up real soon with
any luck
coming up the wrong side of the ladder
all right it is interesting sort of
watching this now unfortunately we have
lost comms all together so even though
we’ve been sort of picked back in
there we go um
we can’t actually communicate with each
other other than
on the uh on on offline chat so this the
game has separated us completely from
where we go
but hopefully uh once uh wallabies
crack this one which shouldn’t take too
long from memory
he’ll be able to cycle through the
cameras and we’ll get an idea of what’s
going on
now it’s a little uh a little boring
just watching this from that from the
sidelines but uh that’s all good
it’s quite a view for up here though
all right we have someone else down the
bottom there taking a wonder
i know i’ve only got this on low
settings but the fidelity on this game
is pretty damn
good all right
looks like one of you still go on there
so it shouldn’t be too long
i do like that uh these guys have given
us a nice little peak cap i mean his
ears aren’t covered but jeff is a pretty
pale fella
it’s kind of bold so
being sunsmart is good to see this is
all right so that’s still going
just hang tight while
uh well one of these hacking this one
and uh taking the view for a few seconds
it is just great there we go
okay wait for your lady to connect to
the security cameras
all right here we go
is old russian
proverbial yeah he’s not gonna have a
good time
all right so
now what we need to do is basically
cycle through all of the cameras
and scope out entry points and loot so
just using the controller to
here we go
basement reinforced walls
but we still must
as well maybe
all right so we’ve got um
two paintings
and we’ve got gold there so this is
going to be quite a lucrative one which
is good because the the original files
aren’t super flash
all right there we go
all right looks like it’s going to be
paintings and gold in the uh the
basement there somewhere
all right so we’ve got the cash there
which will be scoped as well
more cash
now interestingly it doesn’t flag it uh
as a scoped item on my spot scope
because wallaby’s picked it up before
so that’s all good all right
so there is some more cash there
nothing in that room this time around
definitely definitely got enough to make
some decent cash off this one which is
good because the first time around it’s
not terribly well-paying
but that’s all good hey tom welcome back
sorry i’ve not been paying attention to
the chat i really should do better with
that but uh yeah welcome back and thanks
again for your help last night last time
we’re jumping on
wallaby’s feet uh wallaby’s run this
time uh so he’s just bought the casaka
and this is the first go around
but we’re both a little more experienced
at this now
just completed a finale that i’ve done
some prep for before but uh yeah we’re
all good
so it’s the south gate and we’re just
going to keep zipping through until the
panther cages
all right so we’ve got a key card there
south wall and
there’s a x field point there
and we’re back to the cages all right so
we can exit out
all right so we’ve scoped something
useful so the next thing i think we need
to do
be much more is learn entrances and
exits to find tools equipment and of
course the really important things cash
all right where is wallaby going
despite the fact that pavel wants us to
go to the north dock what we actually
want to do is head south to the bottom
of the compound
um so what we’re going to do is
we climb all the way to the top
see how far we can sail towards the
purple marker that i’ve just popped down
all right now i’m just going to ping
wallaby over
over skype and so we’ll get this discord
working next time
see here we go
with me
all right so just see if he can see me
all right and yes he can so
i’m going to try and jump off let’s uh
let’s see what happens here
wait for that guard to be away
let’s see if we’ve got a parachute yes
we do right
and we are off
so we’re trying to avoid cameras and
guards at the same time and just make as
much distance as we possibly can
before touching down hopefully wallaby’s
behind us with the parachute we shall
see soon
all right so what we’re pitching for is
the edge of that compound there we want
to go off towards that boat so that we
can discover the entryway
parachute makes it really ha ha wallaby
oh no someone didn’t bring their
gold and you see just as we landed we’ve
got that um scope the drainage tunnel
all right so i’ve just asked
while i’ll be to head back to the uh the
back to the plane
that did make it very very easy with a
parachute so do make sure you’ve got a
parachute before you come out
all right and
i’ve got engine noise there but i’m not
terribly fussed about that
what we want to do is head up to the uh
head up to the plane here so we’re
heading to this point that’s probably
the easiest to get to
around to the right
so if you’ve just tuned in we have uh
we’re on our first run i’m a second
person this time around instead of the
ceo so i’m an associate
uh wallaby has just
purchased a
so we’ve uh wallaby’s just purchased the
casatka and i’m an associate of his at
the moment
and we are just doing the initial bare
minimum scope out
for the cayo perrico heist
so we lost communication with
wallaby a little while ago when i got
busted by the guards and it’s a little
bit of a a glitch there so i think
where’s that
yep all right wallabies on that
and i’m heading back to the uh back to
the plane at the moment having just
scoped where the greatest
so if you’re uh you’re new to the
channel welcome it’s been busted uh
normally we do tutorials on how to play
story mode but uh we’ve been playing um
this heist for the last couple of weeks
quite badly if i’m honest
there we go
but it has been a lot of fun um last
couple of weeks
with uh tom and zom’s assistant
um we’ve been
uh doing the uh doing the coyote heist
and uh just at the moment
we’re just doing the initial scope outs
there we go so we have one more photo to
take let’s just see where wallaby is at
the moment
he’s come right back so it’s
yeah right
uh yeah we lost communication before
which is a bit of a pain in the backside
but that’s all right we’ve we’ve still
got uh text chat over um
over skype and i think next time around
we’ll get discord happening which will
make it a bit easier to
keep uh keeping contact even when the
game doesn’t want us to keep in contact
so i’m just heading out to where the
waterway is
i’m doing stuff on foot because i’m not
confident in the car just yet and kind
of don’t know where everything is but we
will get there
come on up that comes
all right
actually you know what we will take a
vapid winky
all right now he can’t hear us we can’t
hear him
but that’s okay we’ll uh we’ll work it
all right so watch tower there
to sneak around
we’re going to get done
all right so let’s absolutely hoof it
this way we’ve not got any enemies at
the moment
let’s just pop through here
make sure to avoid people
all right and see if we can’t take a
photo of the waterway
whoops do not get busted
where is that guy going
can i go up here
all right so he’s
out of the way he’s not going to spot me
is that enough yes
cartel transport craft but what have
they been transporting
don’t worry this is a rhetorical
look around the warehouses
all right so now we have to do a quick
all right have we busted anything nope
but it looks as though wallaby has found
some weed
so that’s great
in that case
we’re just about there so he’ll take a
photo of that and then fire that off to
just move the car up a touch
we’re out of the way
do we stay not busted
all right so he’s found it all packaged
so we don’t need to worry about those
because we’re taking the
that’s really annoying
all right
so we don’t actually need the bolt
cutters because we’re using the
entry point
uh the the grate you get the um the
cutting torch as well
so let’s have a look
i’ll cut it ah there we go found them
all right this quickly before i get
all right farther off
there may be other infiltration points
to find on the island other tools other
resources other stations to raid there
is much to discover in paradise yes
the longer you spend investigating now
the more options
this party will be going on for a long
okay so that’s the minimum scope that we
need to scope
uh next time around we don’t need to
worry about bulk cutters or anything
like that we’re just going to
concentrate purely on
the very very basic and bare minimum
prep mission because we’re using the
great as the um
uh great as the entry point the
underwater grape
uh we get the torch which does all the
same stuff that the volcano
such poison grace
all right so we need to wait for wallaby
for this
so we’ve got one more thing to do after
finish chatting which is to take a photo
of the
guard tower once that’s done that’s done
so that’s all fairly straightforward
so just wait for
follow me to join us let’s see how far
away is it looks like he’s he’s moving
at a clip so that’s all good
should see him coming up here soonish
and we’ll see here we go
where is he
yeah that i think he’s in one of the
winkies and that is
that is not the quickest machine in the
if i’m honest
but that’s okay it is yeah it’s it’s
good fun um i don’t mind the old the
troopy there that looks kind of neat
all right
and now he just needs to head over to
the pilot
up that he’s been given an assignment
take the photo
might as well while i’m here too
maybe we can bring
reinforcements who would be interested i
i have in
there we go first go down all right
ready to go
right this way
leaving are we yeah no problem i told
you i was being a good boy
practically sober
straight balanced the ups and downs in
perfect alignment yeah it’s a proper
razor back there but we are off ski not
even going back for one more tune now
not even a little one
let’s go then no more boogies no afters
no watching the sun come up over the
ocean in the one place on the planet we
can guarantee the marching powder won’t
run out
yeah [__] it
you know what
i’m staying keys
i don’t care if i don’t have a ride home
dave we’ll find our way this thing
dave does like a party
and if you’ve done this before you know
there’s the occasional announcement uh
over the um the
loudspeaker it’s a weird bug um over the
loudspeaker at the island saying the uh
that no one’s to give the englishman any
more uh powder
which is hilarious so dave clearly makes
a bit of a
bit of a scene
but yeah good fun
all right so um let’s see
question now is
do i have wallaby back now that we’re
back in the same lobby i’m just gonna
deposit the funds that i earned from
being an associate
there we go
so i’m just on
chat with uh with wallaby uh over over
skype and said we’ll get discord going
next time which is a bit better
um and see how we go let’s see if he can
actually hear me
yep there we go
firework watch this fighting useless in
i don’t think you can hear me
all right so last time we ended up
changing sessions
and that seemed to work so i’m going to
leave protection
and then go to
find a new session
and we’ll need to jump out into a public
session and then wait for wallaby to
invite me back into a new session and
then we should be back online we’ll be
able to hear him again and you don’t
have to just listen to my boring voice
drawing on so
it’s um yeah we’ve noticed this a couple
of times it seems to be a glitch as soon
as you get busted on the island you lose
all communications and they do
not come
back so uh i shall now that i’ve got
this recorded be able to uh to ping that
across to rockstar and submit a um
submit a bug report and hopefully
they’ll get that soon
all right so i’ve received a multiplayer
invite let’s have a look at
the session that i’m in
i’m in a public session all right cool
now wallaby has sent me another invite
so i pause go to friends
go to
and then accept game invite and now i
should come back into his session with
any luck
so yes to the alerts
and away we go
so kuruma is on sale at 40 off this week
so that looks really neat and the pegasi
reaper which is great
the impetus in ponte is one of my
favorite cars too
all right and i think we’re back on the
air wallaby is that you
we are way yeah that was that was really
weird having no audio for so long yeah
at least we didn’t get uh totally
smashed in that one that was
bad yeah so i think as soon as i got
busted um it separates you out and you
lose all communications at uh across the
which isn’t flash yeah
not in any way helpful
uh all right so have a problem
would you mind terribly pressing m on
your keyboard
and then um inviting me to your cat i’ve
already recorded
you should be able to
requested that and i
tried to request the dinghy and it
set the dinghy in the middle of
the ocean oh
that is not helpful
uh in that case i’m just requesting it
again to see what it does and that’s
now i can
get in the dinghy
head to the cassette
right you win
just unlock the um
grenade launcher scope which is just
all right let’s get to the moon pool and
i really i do get lost on this ship so
ah there you are
all right just gonna grab the sparrow
did you see my uh
attempted parachute jump off the tower
yeah yeah that was not great
i trained control was once i hit one
once i hit one thing i couldn’t gain
control to avoid hitting anything else
all right let’s see where you are yes i
definitely remember you mate i’m sorry
if i put you the pronunciation of your
all right
but uh yeah actually i i do remember so
yeah good to have you back
uh discord id um i’ve actually left you
a message made if you have a look on
uh yeah now the discord server is is
pretty quiet but if i’m honest it’s it’s
not nothing it’s just really quiet but
uh we’re not in discord at the moment
but uh
i’ll i’ll jump back on afterwards so
all right so i’m just waiting at the
moment for
trying to figure out where he is
he’s off
where’s your kasaka mate
dad’s on one side of the airport and the
dinghy was placed on the other yeah
i’ve gotta go all the way around the
uh yeah so the um the the discord server
is pretty quiet it’s still a thing but
it is a very new thing so there’s
there’s not a lot going on there at the
uh but we will jump back on a little bit
later on today i think
but in the meantime i can see what will
be there
i can see a cassette
distance yep uh yeah absolutely mate
you’re um uh
welcome to dm if you like
uh i don’t check it often but yeah
absolutely welcome to dm if you like
yes on discord that’s cool
that reminds me did you get the email i
sent across the
on here at all
um i haven’t even checked to be honest
uh so is that your cassette that i’m
planning about email
it certainly it is yeah
oh good shinish
uh we’ll catch up soon yeah
okay so wait don’t don’t pull me in just
i just need to
need to land
the sparrow will have a very bad time
all right we’re good
i’ve landed
i’ve landed
there we go
yeah why oh wow i’ve got one point i’ve
actually got less money now according to
that screen although or is that cash on
hand no no you will have less money
because it costs 25 grand to set up
a heist yeah that’s right
okay so what do we got next yep
all right so we don’t need to worry
about explosives
all we need to worry about is the safe
i think for the the prep and like
cutters and stuff like that but we can
skip the explosives because we don’t
need it at all
hello there
all right what are we doing
oh i’m not
huh i can actually see the screen
like i i’m i’m watching you
toggle through the different uh
different options there at least i
presume it is you on the um gather intel
one at the moment
you see how preps are unlocked up the
top yeah cool so you want to work out
how to get to it yeah use your right
bumper oh there we go all right so
equipment first
um yep so that’s all good you can exit
back out of that one
so equipment and what we need is the
safe code
the scanner and the cutting torch we do
not need
the charges
i should have brought my wrench
say hello to the sunshine for me
it has been a long time
yeah we just had to wait for him to shut
so there should be an all exit
oh yeah i went to hit it and
i reckon my controllers have been
definitely the plan up as well so all
right sparrow’s still up the top just
have to swim sorry run to the back of
the sub
so hopefully we can climb up and i can
get to the get to the sparrow
all right now you are a much better
pilot than me would you like to fly
oh i can do that yep
here we go
have we got a white point yet
yep yep cool
that email did not come through
this is the one where we um
keep getting our
asses handed to us before that is
correct that is correct
i’ve sort of done this a few times now
and the only way to go in is just loud
loud with explosives so the mind you the
one with the the weapons cache where
we’re raiding that ceo’s office i’ve
found a really really fun little
as well which i’ll show you a bit later
which is just
glorious it makes it really really easy
takes a bit longer but it’s
possibly the easiest uh prep mission
i’ve ever done
ever for anything
i reckon you could do this this one with
um stealth but
will they just take a while yeah they
reckon you can but i’ve i’ve not yeah i
don’t know
all right so we’re heading to the uh
casino is that planned
all right now we’re heading to the
yes yeah cool all right so pop it down
the front because you can’t exit by the
all right
clean landing right nice work
all right so we’ll head into the um
into the casino you know if we go
i’m gonna go in loud and hard huh yeah
now before you uh you do that
i’ve just realized i’m not your employee
so are you
yeah you’re a ceo aren’t you
yes can you please
see if you can offer me a job
isn’t it
that’s annoying
uh can we cancel the prep
step outside
all right you’re outside are you
yep no i can’t can’t hire you from there
okay so
what it will be
what it will be is that um
at the start of the mission i needed to
be your employee at the start of the
mission ah i can’t believe i forgot
about it sorry mate yeah
that’s all right well while i’m here i’m
going to quickly do my daily spin can
you do that while you’re on the heist
i don’t know well i’m going to try
all right where are you at the moment i
am actually i’m in the casino looking at
the wheel so it’s actually separated
all right so in that case what i’ll do
is there’s nothing i can do to help you
but what i can do is i can be waiting
out the front with an escape vehicle
can’t believe i forgot to do that i’m
sorry mate ah what a pain in the
backside throat
all right just hang tight here and wait
for wallaby to come back
get out of the way of traffic otherwise
i’ll get upset
i was at the wrong elevator trying to go
up from the car park
yep yeah if the uh
lampard is sort of on the far side there
you have to run all the way back
i’m so disappointed i made that mistake
i mean i can always exit out and we can
start again
can can you actually exit the host
taking out the guards so yeah
all right so i’m standing by at the
engines on just about ready to go
i am in a lobby on my own though so i
mean i presume we’re in the right lobby
the fact that i can still he is positive
yep it’s as soon as you uh
as soon as you exit
graceful but that’s okay we just need to
get away which will be pretty quick
all right
uh any armor
get through this
that reminds me actually i need to make
a uh make a trip to um
ammunition i think after the uh on the
way to the next one if we’re not not
doing anything that’s
time sensitive
all right
okay if you’re ready yep mate all right
are you uh you in the chopper i wasn’t
uh wasn’t looking
no i’ve just got to get out of the
casino all right cool
all right yeah i’m sitting at the front
all on standby you should see the
chopper hopefully
as soon as you exit
hey trench
hey again i apologize my australian
accents and uh
if i’m yeah
where are you where are you running can
you see me
where’d you go turn around come back
all right yeah went around the wrong
side of the building yeah oh yeah
and we are off
i managed to survive that without any
any armor or anything nice
all right uh can you mark the casaka on
the map please
i think i know which one i’m going to
because there’s two there but
it only be one
oh yeah
oh yeah
you’re going the right way yeah cool
all right
yeah sorry i’m i’m
i’ve just pinged this chord but i’m not
actively honored at the moment um just
uh concentrating on
i’m not crashing if i’m honest
okay no that’s
that’s not ours
oh there’s one behind you
is it i’ve seeing two here
i’m seeing one
okay well you land on that it might just
be a glitch in the
i suspect yours has the server and
if that’s the case
depend on the one you can see
oh that’s mine
it’s yours ah
so if you turn around 180 degrees
be mine now
ah here it comes here we go
let’s be real careful about landing this
bad boy
it ain’t healthy
there we go
it ain’t healthy i look like i’ve been
shot up
all right um
would you mind offering me a job please
are we still on the pass prep you still
need to get back to the cassette don’t
in here yeah felt
close in and then we will fire you once
we’re in there
there we go right that’s a bit better
that makes a lot more sense
all right cool so
let’s have a look at the next one i love
that i can see your menu
i’m literally looking at it yeah i
wasn’t able to see yours when we get
there that’s weird
there we go
head up to the back
kept safe on the mainland by his head of
swinging by ammunition
yes okay
definitely both knee armor yeah uh yeah
absolutely um
i’ll um
i can see you’ve uh you’ve joined this
chord there uh i’ve i think i’ve just
pinged you back just very very quickly
but uh yes absolutely mate i’ll um
fire through a friend request that’s
that’s no problems you’re welcome to dm
but uh yeah if you’re joining us welcome
we are just in the middle of our very
first cayo perrico sort of prep run
actually sorry second one first one uh
kind of
ended up accidentally
not doing together but that’s all right
okay uh where are you heading off to man
can you see the purple marker
opposite ends of the world in this is
there is always a slight delay no matter
what we do yeah yeah that’s it
fades in good uh i might return that to
and then request that in a few moments
return return to moon pool all right so
we have about a minute and a half uh two
minutes before i can return that to
storage but that will
get us through all right so when you uh
up at the front desk
you will need pipe
now the men with bombs guns will be
waiting for you inside
that’s really neat didn’t know he get
night vision that’s kind of cool i’ve
seen thermal
take that ridiculous thing off my head
though really low on ammo all round
it’s entirely full
so what have you got
everything pipe bombs proximity bombs
sticky bombs grenades
nice the pipe bombs are an absolute
racker when we go to get those uh get
those weapons i’ll like i said i’ll show
you a trick i learned and it’s just
i’m not gonna ruin it for you
but it is very amusing
i think just about everything i’ve just
you ready to go just about i want to
make sure that i’ve got
yep cool
don’t worry about your
i’m sitting outside in a humvee oh nice
series two or three or whatever it is
yeah it looks like a uh
yeah hd
it’s an early gentleman
what the hell there
what is going on
how did someone get into an invite-only
lobby we’ve got a hacker mate
all right where are we
nowhere we are in the middle of nowhere
let me see if i can request my dingy
what just happened there
you still with me mark
i’m here
i can’t see where you are though
i’ve been pulled into um
i’ve been pulled to kayak borico
uh schrach i think i have been pulled
into something by a modder
i’m still stuck in this thing with said
modder yeah that’s weird and i’m i’ve
i’ve been pulled back out again screen
just gone blank no
just being
what on earth
what just happened
all right mate i’m gonna drop out and
then create a um
brand new session
yeah an invite only yep
which is where we were anyway but uh all
right cool right
yeah i just got pulled back to the
island as well so hey that’s weird okay
are you really
all right
so i’m gonna leave gta online
well that was
oh [__] is that the time i gotta go
got a meeting at the studio
all right so that’s a bit weird uh what
i’m gonna do real quick is quickly jump
on the vpn
not sponsored by nord by the way but
yeah really good idea to be on one uh
and just going to exit the game exit
actually no i can’t
all right let’s play again
see you later uh
shree shranch i’ll uh again apologies
for butchering your name but um yeah
we’ll uh we’ll catch up a bit later
okay let’s see if i can create an invite
only session by going to
offline so the story mode and see what
happens here that was just that was
weird i really dislike having modders
on this game and it is in like
it’s cool to mod in story mode but
potting online is just
it really is a dick move it’s not cool
hopefully this won’t take too long to
load up
i am running a solid state drive with um
gtx 1080i
sorry um 3080i
but it is a notebook as well so
game let’s go online
play gta online
we want invite only session hit okay
under the cassette
what we want to do is send
an invite so
send game invite
all right so we want to go
i’m just communicating with him over
and we shall wait for him to join us
said next time around i think we’ll
probably get onto discord so we can do
proper chat
let’s see here we go
now did
my weapons will carry over
no okay
where are we at still on my own
shouldn’t be much longer spend a bit of
coin on some uh
some bits and pieces before
let’s head up
let’s see the bridge in the moon pool
yep hey there we go
all right give me about 30 just give me
30 seconds while
i get
yep no all good i’m just going to go and
grab my sparrow
yeah where is your casaka
there it’s
coming to you
let’s pop the cassette away
and uh now we’re heading to wallaby
oh okay you’re heading back over to me
yeah coming to you
this is a really really quick machine
unfortunately the homing missiles are
pretty ordinary on it but
yeah not quite as good as the oppressor
of the buzzard but
geez it’s quick it is really quick
that reminds me would an imp would a an
oppressor actually
go in here
i don’t know
i don’t think i’ve seen anyone try it
i wonder if anybody that’s watching
might know that would be really cool
you don’t have one yet do you
oh i don’t know what are they about
three mil or something like that i don’t
know i have i haven’t got one but
uh yeah
about that
you know after a couple of heist runs we
can probably do it yeah yep
all right
would you mind surfacing your sub
up there it is
that was that was really
uncool by that uh that motto that that
jumped in and yeah
everything’s one thing but that was just
no not cool not cool
but it is unfortunately part of the game
and rockstar will not fix it
so i think it would cost them quite a
bit of money
not in in chart cards or lost sales but
at the moment
rockstar uses like um gta and red dead i
think does the same thing they use a
peer-to-peer network system
so you uh your machine is in fact the
um of a session
so when whenever you jump onto a public
session you’re actually literally using
someone else’s machine as a server as
opposed to the central servers that
you’ll get on um on say uh cod or uh
warframe or something like that
all right so
a lot of a lot of those other games too
have a plug-in or a secondary program
with them that uh you know things like
punk busters that
will actually detect people who are
modding and boot them out of a game
anyway uh yeah and and
gta does have that but it appears that
it’s it’s not impossible to circumvent
um so it’s it’s there but it’s
definitely not that great yeah it’s it’s
just not not brilliant
uh okay so
it might actually be the account that
gets modded not necessarily the uh the
game as well um
i don’t know i haven’t really looked
into it yeah
okay so fingerprint cloner
is next
in the subway
i should be standing right next to you
can you see me there
oh there yeah yep okay cool
all right so uh
all right off to the warehouse
all right
and there is only one in existence kept
safe on the mainland
not much
hang up
where are you
i fell off the side
oh that’s my trick
at least we’ve already got the the armor
and ammo and all that sort of stuff
sorted so
all righty
and off we go oh yeah there’s as soon as
we um
we land i might might pop this thing
is there anyone else in the session with
us no there isn’t that’s yeah that’s not
too bad
not even going to get to land right
i don’t know why i needed a parachute at
that height but
if you jump out of a plane you jump out
yeah that was weird
request dingy
is ah
there it is
it’s hardly worth the effort didn’t
realize we’re only that far out
i watch those props they do
no point in trying to climb in it no
that’s alright
sparrow’s not far away either hang on no
if you can uh pre-request the sparrow
yep yeah i have it’s uh it’s just
sitting on the runway
it’s the same deceptive of how far out
that was so
close it wasn’t as close as
all right so question is
how do we get over
that didn’t work
find a flaming gate that’s ridiculous
you do uh i tried throwing a sticky bomb
at the um
at the fence it it didn’t work that is a
surprisingly hardy fence
okay just about called for a flaming ceo
vehicle for the time to get this
i ran that way yeah just popped it away
we’ll just uh
just bring in a car instead and i’ll
request it again in a few moments
let’s let’s do it 70 style yep
all right so i’ve got a minute and
yeah it’s just not got enough power
well actually if you turn right at this
someone’s already knocked over my bike
yep that’s mine
stop there that is much quicker
all right if you would like to drive
your own life and you’re putting your
life in your own hands though with me
right yeah
so just waiting for that sparrow to
become available i’ve got 25 seconds
could have always
stolen a board or something like that
that would
all right uh let’s just hold tight for a
i hate the way they leave there we go
turn right yeah
there’s miss sparrow
half under a bridge ah you’ll be right
it’s only half under the bridge what are
you doing why did you break my window
broke your window
it broke my window
sorry that’s right there you go
well that was a long way around it
interesting way around it
that was weird the sparrow like i mean i
wasn’t rough with the thing i was just
really surprised that it was uh
yeah that was me just having a bit of
fun yep
um really surprised that it it
was smoking and ejected us from there so
yeah that was bizarre
no one else was
oh what if i
i’ll put it down just
over here
yeah that uh
field at the back looks kind of nice
the location of the archives is rotated
every few weeks the current location is
documented on the computer system in
this warehouse you must avoid
surveillance cameras or destroy them or
just kill the power there will be
circuit box not too far from here this
place will be guarded
if you do not let the camera see you you
will have the elements still never been
able to find that flaming circuit box
all right
so we’ve got cameras cameras too sorry
i don’t know what’s going on there but
one of us got spotted
all right shotgun
let’s use the sweeper i like that one
ready to go
grab my sweeper as well yep
screw you
oops let’s get in poorly
i may have caused a fire a small fire
that’s all right we’ll just wait for
this for a moment it won’t take long
did you get him
hey ah i went back outside i didn’t want
to do that
fire’s gone
no you can’t get him through yeah one
little thin pull
it kinda isn’t actually it’s it’s weird
um this whole thing
acts as a wall
if you have a look
look where i’m shooting
it’s really
annoying all right would you like to do
hack it and locate the archives
all right might be too much longer
but uh
some interesting poses
hey nice work
it works
all right so it’s really cool you get a
little notification every time
your boss does something on there which
is kind of neat
all right once you uh jump in mate
can you still hear me we’re all good i
knew how to hack it yep yep great
but i knew how to hack a computer
you’re the one that can do things like
that yeah
program will you program i i program
i i tend not to do much in the way of
security stuff it’s just not my
well there are people that just that’s
all they do they make their make a
living out of it i’m not one of those
all right
that’s all right quite happy building uh
building fancy software very happy with
all righty
in a
is it individual
no no no it’s below um
below a bridge
oh yes
cool so there is
let’s try and zoom in if we sort of
plunk it
here ish i think
hey gta 52
all right
can you see that uh that red container
there wallaby um
if we head for that it will probably be
here can you see the little purple
yeah i can see it all right actually
yep i’m gonna gonna get you another
purple marker
all right there we head to that one
that’ll get us pretty close
basically uh just out in front of
yeah yeah we should be able to run from
down we go
now if we avoid the security cameras no
one will be waiting for us
machine guns three
here as cameras
all right where are we
to figure out where they are i’ve not
done this one before
can you see the kinds of vision there
where is it
you found to find it
is it below us
it’s below us
right okay
there’s one
got busted please
okay i’m gonna change weapons yeah i’m
in the sweeper
all right so it’s normally sort of down
the back here
yep there it is
i think no
there’s a collectible here
there it is all right
can you see it flashing on the minimap
cool all right we’re gonna have company
when we head outside so did you find it
all right we got company
looks like they’re below above us
oh well we might be able to get to the
chopping yeah
yep they’re above us
i don’t get hit
well that was
clowns surprisingly easy yeah i can’t
believe we got busted by that camera
that’s right it’s the first time i’ve
been to that site
not to worry
considering how many times we failed
when we did this
as your first mission so
so many times
oh we still got some weapon prep the
torch yeah torture enemy weapons
more saved it
may go off the side there so here we go
that hit enter alone again
uh no i i already entered by the time
you got there
all right so let’s need it there we go
nice prep complete nice
and flashy wallaby
all right so let’s have a look
we got equipment
safe code fingerprint cloner
cutting torch next
goodbye all right
will be the armed guards apparently such
equipment is often stolen in this town
all right and off we go again
all right how’s your uh your ammo
looking and stuff
ammo is fine yep right
going through one
probably that explosion and fire more
than anything yeah sorry about that
i do like a good throwable
it sometimes it’s to my own detriment
but most of the time it’s it’s kind of
neat i really quite like them
there’s one thing that’s
definitely interesting doing this is
we’ve got such different styles on the
way we do things i i’m definitely one of
those that likes to just go in nice and
quiet and sneak through things and
and you
are all guns blazing
break the door down
yeah here i am bad luck yeah
yeah it depends on the game i suppose um
with with this one yes
definitely uh an all guns blazing kind
of kind of caper if
if it warrants it most of the time like
but you give me like a attention or um
or a proper stealth stealth game
i am a very very slow methodical patient
player but yep
but definitely with uh
trying to get into the spirit of uh of
gta online let’s say how about we say
yeah yeah
okay so this is the house construction
site this is the one i think we did last
time together
so we don’t want to go too far away
because we will have to escape pretty
damn properly
i reckon um
yeah it’s hard to get it close
too close
uh yeah if you go i see it’s all right i
see what i’m looking for ah
what a maneuver
what a maneuver
that is going straight to prestige clips
man that is brilliant
all right so we had the hard put those
hard hats on yeah
where were they
all right so last time i may have taken
the torch in front of someone and that’s
what caused it all to go sideways
so i just need to bear in mind vision
cones when we’re actually taking the
that’s good this i do like this this
construction one a lot better i’ve been
not in the same box anyway this time no
there’s different boxes all over the
not it
you ever shut up
all right where are you
it’s gonna be around here somewhere
dude just started
just started shooting
oh my god
yeah nice work
oh did you just drop the sparrow
oh it just blew up i went to fire
something i must have clipped it as i
like i must have fired into something
too close ah that’s all right
all right so we just need to wait for
the fire to die down
and for me not to uh catch on fire clown
got to be around here somewhere
so you don’t have it’s like the
uh uh you know what there’s only one
left i must have been approaching it and
he’s he’s just gone me all right got it
that was weird
i must have just been too close when i
hey green cody we’re we’re in the
process of doing the um
doing the puerico at the moment but um
uh we’re not doing look we got more
this is um
wallaby’s first go on it so
so we’re just getting it all started for
him at the moment
where is it
we’ll uh
definitely have a go another time though
all right we’ve got two more coming
we’re coming from
other side
one more coming now
i love that homing launcher there’s one
way to do it
okay let’s uh
oh there’s two more behind us is it
oh i’m dead drop the thing
oh great
services cassette care requests vehicle
so how short uh how short are you green
oh there’s a sparrow i’ve already got it
okay uh so your left left
turn around come back where are you
that was right not left
where is the flaming thing i just got
wasted by a car i know
all right you’ve got the cutting torch
cutting torch yeah cool
so you’re 400k short you’ve got one mil
now you’ve got 1.5 so you need 2.2 well
that’s not too bad right um
yeah i i don’t know if i’ll have time to
do it today but uh
can certainly have a crack a bit later
are you you at the sparrow yep
all right stay stay put coming to you
although you’re in a car there aren’t
i’m in the car yeah
each at the beach
yeah nice uh green what platform are you
matt you’re on pc xbox psn
i think where it’s taking me to the
airport not the beach
don’t trust the gp yes no no no all
right just uh
can you see me on the map
all right
i can see you on the map all right let’s
head there
ah ps4 now won’t work mate they don’t do
cross-platform yet so both wallaby and i
are playing on pc however however
if you put the call out um
on our channel so just drop something in
the chat
sorry in the the comments below
um we have a small community but we also
have a really friendly community um so
yeah i’m sure someone will be happy to
jump on otherwise check out um the
professional or
uh the gaming gorilla tgg check out
their channels their discords are really
really active
um and they will absolutely be able to
help you get uh get that last 400k over
the line
where are you going mate
i’d literally park right next to you
stay put oh there you go yep
must have been just stuffed off up in
the air slightly as i came out i’m
looking for you like where are you going
all right it’s off to the uh after the
yeah so um definitely agreeing check out
the professional or tggs communities
they’re really really helpful uh and
100 guaranteed to be able to find
someone to help you out and get you over
the line with that so you can get your
way because that could start running
your own iceland
yeah tgg is really good
have you been watching the uh the meme
olympics um dark viper and sunny evans
uh tgg and the modest pelican
are doing a gta olympics and it is
quite amusing oh god
yeah i can imagine
i was watching ttg and uh
pelican and a couple of others in the um
role play
yeah vision
oh yeah and um
that was that was funny yeah
yeah i’m sorry green i can’t send in
chat at the moment i’m working in full
screen mode it’ll drop the game out for
me um but seriously if you just google
google or youtube um
did the search in youtube for literal
the letters t for tango g for golf g for
find him
okay um and yes uh there’s probably a
chance that you you got bonuses from um
signing bonuses
so if you’ve been away from
great gta for a little while
and you’ve got something like twitch or
amazon prime or um one of the like
premium services like the psn all right
off to merryweather
uh and
yes there’s a non-zero chance that
you’ll have a heap of bonuses like a
backlog of bonuses and that’s where
you’ve got your three mill from
but if you got three bill where to go
mate did you go and spend it on cars and
clothes or something
instead of a sub
that sounds like sounds like us
only just really been playing gta online
for probably
maybe a month or two
so i um
ended up steering right away from that
kind of stuff but i’ve largely kept a
very utilitarian look at it i don’t
think i spent a cracker on clothes i
still don’t have any tats
um the only cars i’ve got is the the
only car sorry i’ve spent money on is
the um the battery that little fatty 800
um and my next purchase is going to be
the uh it’s a
four-wheel drive a jeep it starts with a
k i can’t remember what it’s called
rps plus yep okay so yeah without a
doubt ring it’s going to be a um a
bonus
oh yep that clubhouse is a good idea
mate yeah nice work i’ll pay that
and the facility um
a car a bit more yeah that’s cool so
with the clubhouse you’ll probably be
able to grind 400k in a couple hours
um that shouldn’t take too long it’s
triple money on cargo sales this week as
well so highly recommend doing that if
you can
yeah the chopper follow the choppers
sorry paying attention to the chat
forgot uh forgot to actually look where
i was going
you know
i’m having trouble actually seeing the
yeah i’m wondering if he’s up high
i just follow the radar yeah that’s kind
of where i’m going he seems to be going
around in circles
valkyrie is notoriously slow
he’s got to be up high
you’re able to jump into first person
mate and see if he can spot him
i’m just uh moving the camera around
having a look everywhere and i see him
where is he
that’s all we can do um definitely can’t
see him
to be a lot easier during the day
back in the third person
this thing seems to be all over the
oh i just sort of struck did i see a
strobe or is that my tail right
we’ll catch up
valkyrie is effectively a black walk
uh i believe you are correct
i was i’ve been wrecking my brain trying
to think of which movie it was with a um
use the
valkyrie music
by forks
i want to say apocalypse now
it could be wrong
i really can’t remember off hand um but
that’s that’s where the name obviously
has come from for this game yeah
sorry if anyone’s getting seasick
watching this i have no idea where this
flaming chopper is
it seems to be all over the place this
isn’t the weapons that we’re out in oh
look is he one
look he’s landed yeah he’s right below
us right okay
all right well they’ve got that osprey
there let’s uh get a bit of distance
and start um
blowing some people up
or walk onto him
yeah he’s hoping
oh daylight thank you
all right let’s put a bit of extra
distance on
right apparently you can blow up the
yeah okay
good to know
and back to this up
interesting oh you get a call late
oh yeah i just put in a voicemail yeah
funny brucy
no idea
so you can change the frequency of
notifications now as well um which is
one of the options you can get in
in the
uh some of the notification settings in
the the
i’ve got one set you did notice
something about that yeah got mine to
pop up every hour or so why did that
blow up it’s just two of us
that was me
did you just exit the vehicle
why didn’t you just exit the vehicle oh
exited the vehicle
where are you
up i thought it was going to bring us
both back here but it didn’t
that’s all right are you starting the
heist prep again
i certainly am yeah cool all right i
await your return on the top of the
i reckon this is the
same one you went to somehow
that’s the one i was hoping we could we
could do i just i love this one it’s
great it’s great
let me guess you’re going to be throwing
in heavy weapons again no no this is
this is like i said the easiest highest
prep in the world
yeah okay ready to go
yep tell me why this is so easy this one
all right let’s just say you’re gonna
need a pipe bomb or two
but uh it’s it is very amusing to watch
i won’t spoil it too much
all right so the trick here it says you
can do a roof entry but yeah it’s not
the easiest way is the um the ground i
uh should be able to do it is this one
that you
you did originally
yeah we’ve done this one before
uh yeah
yeah yeah that was the very first one we
where you we had some fun hacking the um
the gun locker
yeah this one is a bit of a brick
to land actually
uh actually you know what i’m just gonna
guessing you’re not getting a lock on
them uh i sort of am
all right he’s down
go the other side of this little
building here this cafe redemption and
park on what park this little bugger on
the other side here somewhere
gee this thing is fragile
it’s it’s already starting to wind and
smoking so that’s a good thing
all right so make sure you’ve got pipe
bombs armed
we’ll head up
okay um and what i’m gonna do is
i’ll um
there’s two guys i need we need to take
care of so i’ll walk in i’ll drop uh the
sweeper shotgun on them and then
as soon as that’s done uh head in and
then throw pipe bombs into the main main
sections from reception so you just
basically walk into the doors
throw a pipe bomb off to the left gap
throw a pipe bomb into the right gap and
then exit
all right i think we’re good
all right so hang on
pipe bombs in
around the other side and then yep cool
through there
cool run out oh no that’s too high yeah
so on the ground
no no
is the fire started
yep all right run run run run run
all right and what this now does
you can see fire takes over the whole
place and it wipes out almost everyone
in one go
i can’t actually hear anyone in there
maybe you killed them all out front yeah
there you go fires should have cleared
the place now
no dead bodies
that’s weird
that wasn’t nearly as fun as i was
hoping it would be you normally hear
screams coming from all over the place
just wait
you’re gonna catch on fire
there’s literally no one here
we have to
go get on this computer open it didn’t
we yep yeah so yeah you had to you have
to go to the gun locker first
just to your left
yep that’s it
push on that oh there we go and then
then do the hacks
there we go
always on the wrong part of the wall ah
right yep does it every time
sorry agreeing i wasn’t paying attention
uh so for discord you want to look up
the professional as in t h e
p r o
double f
i double s i o n a l
t g that’s uh the gaming gorilla so
those guys have great discord super
active super friendly
all right so you should be able to grab
the gun lock and ammo
in my experience
just locked herself out give me back
sorry about that uh
mrs grumpy gamer had accidentally locked
herself into the entry hall
okay i’ve only got three um
and we have two choppers on the way
let’s defend those get these two out
first and then we can get airborne
that wasn’t any good
nice work
all right that should be enough to have
to reload ammo entirely oh that’s not
okay we are good to go mate the other
ones be
hanging out yeah we’re good to go but
that other one’s behind the chop behind
the building yeah let me see if i can
get him
i’m doing the chopper i have i
suspect quite strongly that i am going
to die
where’d he go
where’d he go where’d he go you try and
take the other chopper out with the
chopper yep
i think i got him
all right come to you
oh we got two more two more of them
just got wasted
all right you concentrate on getting
those weapons back no
i’ll worry about that i’ve got the
you have
all right i’ve got another chopper on
the way
just sitting here waiting for it
where are you
is that you
no it’s work
got him
all right got two more to be
ready okay ready to go when you were
i just get run over
all right you ready
good to go
all right so there’s one more around the
corner here
one top of it still in behind the
building yeah
way to go
sneak around
not well
where are you
like he’s between the two buildings
just waiting for him to poke his nose
ah get out of there
i would just take a run
what a tweet
it was one and one of them up and i got
hit by a car from behind
all right so you can see why i really
like that that last mission it’s just
super easy just lob a couple of pipe
bombs in
and that’s it just stand back
and there’s normally
often no one left after
well in our case today there was no one
left before yeah that was a weird one
like i’ll take the wind don’t get me
wrong but
it’s not worth it not quite as fun when
you don’t hear the
screaming whales of your enemies dying
all right
all right well the sparrow’s definitely
seen better days but it is doing okay
pop it away
yeah get away for the moment
i do that then um we won’t be able to
we’d get back to the mainland we just
got a dinghy yeah
all right
all right
done weapons prep complete uh i think
that’s just about it didn’t it mate
what else have we got to get
it’s a weapon loaded we’d do disruption
if we wanted but nah we
wouldn’t even worry about it
hello there um we’ve got everything we
great uh it’s not unlocked yet so
there’s still a mandatory
all right so can you check the
yep go back one oh
all right uh yeah yes we’ve got to go
and get the the jammer
oh yes
yep cool so if you selected that one yep
i got an idea yeah
we take two choppers on this so
drop me
by the airport or somewhere that’s
decent and i will blow the 25 grand
then we can
both go in with the two choppers yep
we should be good
oh actually i i have a a slightly
different idea
all right once you’ve armed your um
casatka with the uh like you can um
you can use the periscope
grab my cassacka
where is it
i don’t know if we’ll be able to use
i don’t think i can call it
all right just just put me on the land
somewhere and i’ll
grab a chopper yeah we’ll grab a budget
and then we’ll both put arm choppers in
mine is not going to last
yeah his question are we going to get
back to the shore
yeah we’ll make it sure not much else
but too sure
i’ll just land it on the beach
see if we can get to the airport
i’m going to the wrong flaming market
that doesn’t help
i just landed on the beach
uh i want to see if i can nick a chopper
as well
oh as long as we’re inside here yep we
should be right yep which we’re now in
the airport
all right would you get around the other
side there yeah
now can you request
yeah so if you request a um a merry with
a bird
i don’t know if i can do that okay well
i can request a buzzard yeah cool
all right let me pop this down and then
uh if we wait two minutes then i can
respawn the um respawn the sparrow
i can do that and i can
buzz it
i know i can’t
have you got money
vehicles currently
yeah but it’s currently not available
none of the vehicles are available at
the moment oh that’s a bit cheeky
okay well
in that case i can get my personal
frogger that’s not gonna
that’s not gonna help anyone
uh where are we
all right so i’ve got a minute and a
half before i can uh request
the sparrow again
but that’s okay
so what you can do once you’ve armed the
the cassacka which uh basically as as
soon as you were i um the sparrow with
missiles i was able to use this i’ve not
actually tested sort of what conditions
it runs under
on the subsequent run through we can do
a um do a fast travel
and then you can drive the casatka
practically up to the sub and then do
fast travel and take out the boats and
the aircraft from your periscope in the
fair enough which is really wondering if
there’s a plane around here we can steal
uh yeah you can actually you can get in
the uh
jumbo there mate
you can’t steal those in
in the online version only in the uh
the gameplay one okay
what did you need tried however i do
have a chopper
it is armed not that it’s very good
arming but
oh nice okay yep cool well i am about 40
seconds out
so give me a sec
all right you want to still eat the
sparrow yeah absolutely we’re going with
this has only got guns unfortunately
it’s better than nothing
all right cool it can still take out
choppers yes
it’s good it can help defend me because
i am fragile as crap
and this is a lot slower too so it’s
probably a good thing that i’m getting
head start on you because you’ll
probably pass me
yeah you do get used to the the sparrow
quite quick
best not shoot you out of the sky though
probably not a good idea
yeah mate yeah now how did i
had i requested the buzzard before we
activated the
mission then we would have had access to
it yeah maybe
you catch me at right or not to you yeah
all right i’m going to stick with a
lower altitude so that i can
target a bit easier so targeting on this
is pretty
and we are well across the other side of
the map too aren’t we
gee the sparrow is quicker it is so much
is isn’t it real
i’d say don’t get too close once you get
there because then you’re pretty well in
a good dog five then yeah
where are you
and the speed you’re getting there i
won’t be there to support you
dinosaur yeah i’ll hang back for a
all right
you have to drop attitude mate
did you uh end up getting getting onto
the discord for tgg or for the
did you sort of find who i was talking
you are up in the air
even dropping altitude doesn’t make this
thing go any quicker
all right uh would you mind dropping
otherwise you’re not gonna be able
because these guys are hovering quite
all right i can see him in the distance
all right got one
yep that was that was easy
all right let me just uh go and quickly
request a
dinghy so i can get out there pretty
let’s find a spot to put this thing down
so i can always dump this in the water
and just
i found a nice little island that’ll do
do the job
services set care requesting
all right yes if you want to pop it on
it on the island we don’t need the
i was gonna say we don’t need this
chopper do we
nope no you can ditch all right well i’m
just gonna dump it meet you over in the
search area and i’m just gonna bail all
right sounds good
j i can see why people really recommend
getting the sparrow the second you can
afford it
you remember the first time we did this
it took took about four or five goes in
probably about a quarter of an hour to
uh to get this out yeah
we had to do it twice if i recall
uh at least twice
all right let’s go for a dive
know where we are
i needed to make sure i had nothing to
do this yep
all right i’m entering the sub
okay all right great
all right you in
yeah i’m in all right cool
so i’m pushing
i’ve gone off to the left
you know where this thing is
it can be one of a couple of places um
so if you wanna are you able to head um
head down or head up
and sort of start heading aft
so i’ll clear the main floor here
that didn’t seem the ladder and got sure
all right so it’s not in one of the the
last spot i’ve gotten
all right heading down
all right here you go
this control room again i always get
lost around here
yes you’re still in the sub yep
have you got it
no all right cool
i can hear you running around
all right let’s see here we go
ah got it found it sorry
it’s in the um
in the engineering section
engineering section so where the
torpedoes are
uh you know so where
are we
where are we going down here
someone’s down the bottom
just made that
ah damn it
damn it all right hopefully it’s popped
up on your radar at least
i can bring it up on that
all right
coming back in
so it was right i think it was you’ve
got it
all right come back in to support you on
the way back out
all right look for a white dot
are you clear
got the thing
i can hear you uh
what ah damn it just got busted
there wasted
oh yeah
there’s literally a boat just hanging in
the air
there we go
let’s try that again without getting
shot in the face three seconds in
oh there you are
someone below us
trying to get some energy back up yeah
he ain’t happy
got a molotov down there i’ll take care
of him
it looks like he’s already dead anyway
how do we get out of here
uh look for white dots on your screen or
the yellow um so immediately behind me
all right are you
all right this will take us this will
take us upstairs and then from here
very very easy just to the u-turn
all right and uh
swim straight for the dinghy
oh there’s choppers up there yeah that’s
so if we swim for the dinghy we’ll be
able to uh to start shooting have you
got any homing missiles
yeah i do all right cool are you uh can
you see where i am
all right and dinghy is immediately
above me
all right would you like to uh sit down
we’ll head for that island
watch out for that black back rotor mate
all right
i’ve got two more hang on
all right getting the hang of this thing
really good
really getting the hang of this thing
you don’t hit anything with it we’ll be
right i missed missed
squeaked it fast
so i have got through just casually
being around you while on well
your organization
a little over 20 grand yeah
actually even more than that because
i’ve had 18 before so it’s about 40
grand just from doing this just from
cutting around
how awesome is that yep
and you’re getting all those points too
yeah that’s it and i’ve just ranked up
while it’s quiet
where are you hidden
i am out of ammo
oh i see what you’re doing going to uh
ammunition yeah
hello yep silly still here sorry it’s
just concentrating because i am really
ordinary at flying this thing
doing too bad gently gently gently
there we go
armor wouldn’t go astray
all yep fold the heavy armor
get that flaming rebreather off my face
bothers me it does that
throwables and homing launchers anything
i don’t know about sandy shores ain’t
worth knowing
so many mines there we go sticky bombs
chris drop the sonar jammer
uh yeah it would have been just popped
while we’re
we’re in here
oh yeah i see it
it just come up on the screen again to
steal it
yeah that’s all right it’s all good
can you can’t buy molotovs in here do i
not have them unlocked i mustn’t have
them unlocked
all right did you end up fetching the
yep all right oh we’ve had a timer put
yeah no that’s not great
sorry i didn’t was that on before
i didn’t notice it but uh must be one of
those i think we’ve got enough time to
get there yeah i did i do
remember i think it was zom last week
was talking about um hidden timers on
some of the some of the missions
must be to stop you from just pissing
well we one we were doing with you
on yours before did the same thing to us
yeah yeah you might be right
five minutes is tons of time or four
minutes tons of time to get across the
map get to where we need to be
all right
love if i don’t touch anything it just
goes in a cinematic view and everyone
just gets a lovely view of you putting
across the um putting across the thing
the map even
zooming across the skyline that’s it is
absolutely it’s gonna take us uh
sorry it’ll take us a minute to get
there and we’ll take a sport it’ll take
us a minute to get there in four minutes
to land
uh if it’s anywhere close to uh too fine
but just dump them dump
the chopper and jump straight out
i think one of my daily my things i need
to do today is jump at 200 meters anyway
all right not far off
all good
so if you’ve just joined us we have just
finished our i think just about all of
the required preps for our uh go at the
coyo perego for wallaby’s first run at
using a as a ceo
so we’ve been sort of on the preps for a
bit for the day and uh i think we’re
just about right to do the finale
all right get up
you know what it’s going to be easier
just dump it yeah right go up oh dear
clobbing in the head cool fella
right you’ve still got the doodad
wonderful all right
invite me in and that is two minutes to
spare so absolutely smashed it nice work
not the right way to put the chocolate
down but hey ah it’s okay
all right are you in
you are in job done
nice okay
ah and you’ll now notice that the due
date is um the
finale is unlocked
all right let’s do this thing mate
now i’m sitting pretty as well so let’s
get you funded so what i’d like you to
do is take the 85 percent of uh 85
percent share
all right cool
all right yeah so hit the start
i think we’ve got all this weight for
injured uh yeah
first briefing
there we go
all right
what happened there
well nothing was selected
he’s coming up as oh hang on
no that’s right
could be right
oh can you change the camera lock from
third person now from first person to
third or none yep brilliant
okay you should be able to
yeah that’s better
hopefully you should be able to start
oh geez i didn’t fancy being stuck in
first person that would not have been
great i do not do well in twitch
all right cool okay yeah
we need to
this is interesting being there sort of
being a passive
uh participant in this because i can see
being selected in real time but i can’t
actually see you going through the menus
and doing it
sort of a
okay a new experience
i’ve not done that before
because it didn’t show us any of this um
what’s any of this when uh
now uh before you hit ready show me any
of this no we need to go to weapon
and we need to select silences otherwise
we’ll get into strife
all right cool
uh yeah so it’s it’s odd that you didn’t
get any of that gear but i could see it
uh what just happened
what just happened
all right deposit some funds are trying
to figure out what’s going on
multiplayer invite okay so that’s
a little odd
two friends
accept game invite joining
yep that’s fine
okay well that was just weird
yeah yeah um
really weird all right uh would you mind
inviting me
oh i’ve got to um call my cassette car
did you get booted as well
well i’m not sure quite what happened oh
just uh
definitely had me sitting
that’s weird all right so
over near where
you drop cars off for simeon
yeah that was weird i just got booted
out and kicked into the um
all right cool so i’ll associate now so
you should be able to hopefully invite
me to the casaka
and that should should hopefully pull me
in hold it up
okay it’s off the
places i’m i’m on the docks
yes so am i
where are you
yeah you’re you’re by my nightclub yeah
i’m on the docks near simeon’s place
uh let me just grab my sparrow
oh we’ll be over there in a few moments
come over here
okay then i’ll wait won’t take a car
ah seriously
it’s parked me right next to a flame in
stovey pop
it’s not a good spot for shoppers that
got no
jesus thing is quick
oh you’re way over in the docks
there you are
all right i’m just going to that
clearing i can’t park there
oh not graceful
that’s not the best work ever
so what was that about breaking your
windows yeah something
all right out to the sub
and let’s see if we can stop the heist
again that was just weird sometimes it
just gets all witchy
so how far away are we
gonna make it yeah it’ll be fine it’ll
be fine it won’t make it oh actually
stop drop blows
they’re in the drink that’s what’s
graceful dog
well that wasn’t the best thing ever
all right let’s try that finale again
last night um
after we stopped
yeah i
ended up
wondering whether there might have been
a modded jump in the game or stuck out
in the drink
and um
and uh i’m thinking
i haven’t checked but i think it might
have actually put my
capacity up quite a way all right
all right let’s try this again
sessions launching at this end
did notice when we were diving for that
sub that uh
higher than
all right sorry lung capacity was that
what you’re talking about
yeah uh no it’s because we’ve been um
scuba gear uh so this uh being uh using
the scuba gear includes increases
yearling capacity
it’s just a bug
i just haven’t patched it
it’s not a bad bug it’s one of the very
few that i don’t mind because yeah yeah
much better
like i can handle yeah yep
all right cool so i can’t see what
weapon loadout you’re using but we
should be on conspirator and you will
need to purchase the um
the the silences or suppressors
yeah all right
very tasty keyword mate
all right i am ready when you are
there we go
hey yay rice
that might have been me
all right so you need to ready yourself
there i hadn’t read myself i didn’t
realize i needed to press a button there
why was that every screen and a button
now the screen is the button
yeah goodbye
very powerful yeah yeah i’ve seen
seen it that’s that’s it
it just bangs on for a bit
okay let’s earn some money
to see you when you are there
and i swim yes the last time i swam
through a drainage
as i started swimming it started banking
to one side out of nowhere well that’s
have you been able to compensate really
i’ve been able to sort it yeah
okay next stop
all right i get the feeling that uh
all right so
as the um
the head you need to cut the grate i
can’t do it not that i was going to but
yes i can’t
oh man you are so laggy
oh boy
i should use the controller for this
instead of
yeah yeah much easier to use the
okay cool
so i think you might need to press a
button to um yep there we go nice work
hiding a uh hiding a loading screen
behind the little animation there
neat little game trick yeah it’s uh it’s
a little different from both sides like
so wait a few seconds there we go
all right
shall we
all right stand by that um juggernaut’s
popping around here somewhere
it’s on his way through
so he won’t swap me
favorite person coming along
where is he
all right cool
damn it
that was me
probably it is
all right i’m half a heartbeat away as
well let’s just um
let’s just cark it and then we’ll uh
we’ll do the restart here not going to
get the elite challenge here that was
all on there i’m sorry mate
go short anyway
all right so at the next screen you’ll
get an option to do a quick restart uh i
think it is page up on your keyboard
yeah did you continue or quick restart
quick restart golden
all right so that checkpoint says that
the thing i can’t believe we’ve got done
that that that was that was really bad
sorry mate
it could be worse
i’m putting some armor back on now
will know you are not one of them no
matter what uniform you are wearing
all right got that fella about halfway
got him
damn it
oh that was really bad
taking out the juggernaut what did you
you must have shot him in front of the
that was really sloppy sorry mate
see behind you
turn around and get shot
if you find a locked door someone will
i spotted a key and i was going to go
for it and then this guy was around the
that’s all right
ah that was just such a silly mistake so
you normally go for him at the other end
of that building yeah i thought i had
enough uh enough time but um
he was in range of the camera so they
saw me get shot
saw me shoot him
which is a bit disappointing but that’s
all could have been worse
at least we don’t have choppers chasing
us this time
very true
all right got it
oh nice
all right juggernaut’s on his way
cheesy move slow
i know this isn’t the most efficient way
out but it certainly does the trick
seen tgg do it like six minutes or
something like that it’s just nuts
oh he is good yeah
juggernaut will be rounding the corner
squeaked it through
he actually saw me but before he had a
chance to realize what was going on he
was dead so
all right now i have one key card
all right
this camera do you want to take out the
camera mate or a row you want me to do
all right you’ve been done
all right keys no more keys
we can get in here grab some respite for
a second if you like
hey tom how are you doing right
we are doing this very badly but it’s
all good fun
oh no he wasn’t even shown on the radar
two of them up here they weren’t showing
on the radar
okay hey
let’s see here we go
so what i’m going to try and do is see
if i can get to a
security we’ll checkpoint you fragments
from previous scans you just need to
cycle through them to match the target
and keep an eye out for people trying to
kill you
remember there is
that one
that’s it
that one
that what’s wrong it’s gotta be this one
there we go
that looks right
that’s it
there we go
all right let’s see here we go
to get out again
all right so 53 37 63 53 37
and if someone wouldn’t mind chucking
that into the chat that would be very
very handy
right click
what was that number
53 37 63
all right there we go
madrazo files
that one i could be in a bit of strife
here we’ll see how we go
if that looks right
oh i’m in trouble here
can i get in
i can’t get to the uh
can’t get to the painting so i can’t get
the bloody secondary
oh get out of the way
somewhere here
all right
let’s see how we go there
was doing all right
you were doing really well
all right quick restart
yes there we go you were doing really
well then yeah
can you hear me yep yep gotcha all good
can you hear me we’re all you were doing
really well then yeah all right cool
uh i was a bit disappointed but that’s
all right
all right
let’s uh let’s do this again
what happened
behind you
all right let’s see how far will he gets
this time around
now he can’t hear us while we’re on this
uh we’re on this setup but uh yeah we’ll
see how we go
last time i managed to get all the way
down to the safe with all the alarms
going off probably could have gone out
but uh yeah wanted to uh try and get
some of the secondary targets he’s in a
bit of strife
just got overwhelmed
no i wasn’t shooting straight
all right
again let’s try again
off we go
i reckon uh
in front of me time-wise on this
start again you’re already basically up
the stairs there before i even
won properly
this time
i think last time one of the the other
guys busted him a bit
all right stand by we’ve got the
juggernaut coming around
you want to take him or you want me to
all right
we’ll probably be finishing up after
this one tom it’s uh it’s been a heck of
a ride because this is our first go
we’ve been going for about four and a
half five hours mate and i know about uh
about wallaby but i am
another guard that saw the uh the
juggernaut go down damn it
right all right we got a couple coming
at us
coming around
someone coming around that just without
where are they flying it hidden
that wasn’t the best idea ever
you do
can’t believe we did that
did you do
are you
i blew myself up
that’s the first time that juggernaut’s
been spotted that was weird
yeah a guy that was sort of facing him
as you um shot him yeah came racing at
okay restarting
we did this so easily before we uh went
through and did it for you
just fatigued but it’s been you know
it’s been five hours or so so
it’s got got to be getting late for you
we start at four o’clock here so it’s
four thirty eight uh eight thirty eight
now so it’s uh foreign
right get this down
on the island
did i get him without getting busted
oh i’m in strawberry juggernauts down
i was trying to get ahead of him this
time to see if i could get it without
getting done but yeah it wasn’t to be
are you going
all right let’s see how well he goes
with this one
probably not going to fare well against
the juggernaut let’s see if we can get
across the courtyard so we’re trying to
speed it up a little bit but clearly not
doing a great job of it
we’ll see here we go
oh he’s in a bit of strife here
there we go
it was worth having a quick run harder
yeah one up
whoops print screen page up page up page
up there we go
all right
let’s see how we go again hey i’m sure
we can do this it’s not it shouldn’t be
this hard
no it shouldn’t be
well this bit we’ve got right that’s all
how likely is it i have two operations
you’re not thinking of jumping are you i
thought we were getting along so well
be careful in this areas
all right he’s down
right got him this time
camera won’t pick it up
he was well away so i think we’re safe
do need to find some key cards so
otherwise we’re going to be struggling
with that secondary because there’s two
paintings down the bottom there which
are just
so we’ve got two paintings and some gold
downstairs if we can get that
then that’s um that’s a good take that’s
a really good take that’s like 1.4 mil
all right there’s juggernauts just
wait for him to come in
got him
all right let’s go grab that camera
all right
camera up the top there man if you want
to take care of it
i think
all right so we’ve got a couple of guys
up here asking a guard nice
sorry you’re asking a guard nicely for
the keyword
these two out before
yeah where are they left or the right i
can’t i’ve got a line yet hang up
all right i’ve got a line on
either or which would you prefer
i’ll take the right one
you got the left
i didn’t hear a count i didn’t hear a
count we’re about to get done yep there
we go
all right there’s a key card at the top
ah you kidding
done i did not hear a count at all mate
i’m sorry
that’s all right
i did not but not to
are you dead
and i can’t hear him communicating so
that’s right
let’s just uh restart
there we go
just disappeared on me for a second
yeah i thought you got killed the second
time it was me
all right let’s try again so yeah that
was weird i did not uh you might cut out
or something i didn’t hear a count and
then all of a sudden i was um
staring at a guy that was trying to
hopefully we’d be right this time yeah
well judging from the lack of terrified
will fool them
right where is he
i need to take this guy out when he’s in
that sort of back corner
damn it
all right
quickly take out that
that looked like he was actually in view
of the camera too yeah that’s my concern
made it
yeah so the camera was panning back
i needed to get there and then got
spotted by the juggernaut but
got his uh got his noggin quick enough
so you can hear me now yep nice and
clear very very clear okay
let’s try these two again
i can get a line on the guy in the red
okay stand by
buying the yellow
not quite yet
there’s two guys in the red
both in red okay i got the one on the
right then okay i’ve got the one on the
count it down
got him
nice work
no key cards this time sadly
dude’s coming around to the left there
can you see him
got him got one
he’s got a key card
he must have been in front of a um
need to get inside if we can
oh are you down
that was pretty ordinary shooting
coming inside yep working on it slowly
slightly slowly
all right let’s get this keypad done
using it
don’t forget the keypad in the main
office assuming you can get there
all right
uh what have i gotten wrong here
where is it
there it is
all right cool
all right so we’ve got paintings
paintings and gold isn’t there yep
that’s right
so if you want to do the cutting i’ll
okay let me know when you’re
safe yeah all right cool so
uh first safe number is 53 5’3
okay first number okay first number is
53 oh hang on sorry
first number is 53
yep 63.
you ready to go
all right you uh
grab some gear i’ll cover for the moment
yes you like it
all right
i’ll grab the uh painting first painting
you got too much in your bag for
painting my bag
yeah yep that’s alright that is all good
i’ll uh because i’ll get both paintings
good choice
all right
you got us covered for a sec
all right cool let’s head to the uh
it’s the elevator
gonna get out of here
all right have you got a full loot bag
do we want to go for it or just try and
just get past
i’d say
let’s get out of here
all right so if one of us can get
through the gate that’s a checkpoint
i think i’ve got case
one did you die
yes oh no
i thought i had i was chris anita to
to um select the point like it kept
saying and uh wasn’t doing it
all right that is a checkpoint
oh my still alive
all right just run mate
five or not
sorry no no we’re good keep
is behind down all that stands between
you and immortality is the possibility
of your imminent death now get out of
there now i have to move this up sending
you the new coordinate now
all right so
i’ve just messaged wallaby
from his thing he’s got a smaller loot
bag it’s not going to be a big take but
that’s okay this is this has been an
epic journey we’re coming up on five
hours of streaming and we are both
shattered so i think you have touched
the nerve with our host
all right so we’ll see if he makes it
past if not that’s okay because we can
um but uh it would be good if it uh it
does happen so
might not be going terribly well here
we’ll see how we go so if you’re just
joining us welcome uh my name’s dan i’m
an old grumpy gamer we’re watching
wallaby uh
in the uh the last leg of uh
epic journey on the um on doing the coyo
perico for the first time on his account
we started this afternoon i started this
morning uh uk time in uh doing
uh a quick finale on on one of mine
which i’ve done some prep for um
and uh we’ve been doing all the preps
from the very very start of this one so
it is a massive job um doing this solo
for the first time was huge as well
so but it hopefully hopefully will be
um so it takes 1.4 mil it’s not great
but that’s okay it’s better than nothing
so and
yeah we’ll see how we go so this sounds
like hopefully a message yep
me dying meant that we had a much lower
take but that’s that’s okay i think
we’re we’re all good so hey you made it
and mrs old grumpy gamer has just handed
me some food she’s just delightful so
massive i think she looks after me i do
all right supports my gaming habit yeah
we’re good here so um let’s uh let’s
listen to this cut scene while
the uh
we’ve been going pretty hard
it’s been emotional
why don’t you sit down and stop making a
fool of yourself evan
i don’t even know who she is we spent a
week together in tulum [__] come on
let’s go sit over here [__] come come
see it
think [__]
excellent [__] wait till my dad hears
about this
hey hey dad uh yeah no this will be
quick uh just wanted to let you know
that that strickler thing
the files
yeah i did it
no no no they’re in my hand i took care
of it it’s done yes so why you know what
i was thinking that maybe you and i
could sit down again and talk about that
uh crypto deal or or that condo project
that i mentioned remember
dad dad hello
a little mini service here it’s just
third world you know just wants his
dad’s approval
so uh
where were we yes uh payment right
you’re giving the money
yes sir
okay and now that you know the drill i
say keep hitting that son of a [__]
he’s always dropping money on flashy
[__] trying to flex like some big man
clean him the [__] out you could bring
anything to jorge here he’ll fence it
for you no questions asked
el rubio’s recurring [__] nightmare
i love it
i don’t even know if i want to look at
me no no no
what can i get you
some fresh oj coconut water no thanks i
really don’t want to go
i love you guys so much you’re hardcore
mrs m
wild nightmare
darling so what is it it’s nothing now
nothing at all
it’s over
thank you this means a lot come on the
least we can do is offer you some
and then i think i still love that
that’s fantastic
yeah but looking at that photo
looking at that photo
is that the guy that was
oh that’s trevor
so that’s that’s trevor our protagonist
from um
story mode
but um looking at the the framing on
that photo that’s not a selfie that’s
not been taken with a standard no so
that means and you’d know best as a
looks like that’s been taken by
someone else
yes i feel very sorry for ron who was
probably subjected to all of that
tranche i had no idea you were still
with us mate that’s awesome yes we took
us a minute
it wasn’t quite the eight and a half
hour epic as last time but yeah
we’ve done it i’m stoked
so not the best take ever and consider
the the silly part is we did it
with you as
as the ceo
and we did it really
really easily
and then we just screwed that up then
something chronic
yeah i think it’s honestly it’s fatigue
um because we’ve been going flat [__]
it’s really easy just to get a bit tired
and start making silly mistakes i made a
few silly mistakes
right that that wasn’t great i just kept
getting busted and i wasn’t watching my
mini-map so
but that’s all good mate uh so 1.2 mil
that should be thank you money yeah i
have have you
yes nice
um so i’m just just about back up at the
mill myself anyway
um yeah
i’ve got 2.9 now so i can definitely get
the um
get the chopper yeah nice so that’s a um
uh yeah get the get the sparrow um i’ve
i’ve used the missiles um you can get a
gun option as well but i quite like the
and the missiles are a better option
yeah and i upgraded my weapons workshop
first time around as well so you should
have enough money for that
but uh i think that’s gonna have to be
me for the day mate
yeah it’s quite all right i’m gonna go
and do a couple of things for the
nightclub so i can uh
that can kick in over money-wise yep
and um
catch up with you a bit later yeah thank
you very much
we seem to we seem to do one thing here
or there really well and then
they’re not
but uh yeah all good all right mate um
i’ll leave you to it uh for those
joining the stream thank you very much
for joining it’s been a genuine pleasure
having you here
i’ll be in contact on discord soon i’m
sorry tom i’m not going to be able to
kick around but as i was saying to um to
gring before
if you’re still listening
jump over to uh the gaming gorilla tgg
or the professionals channel
those guys have uh have discords they’re
really friendly they’re really helpful
and they’ll be able to sort you out
but in the meantime
cheers guys

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