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8 July 2022: Rockstar Official News about the Summer DLC

Rockstar announced a summer update for GTA Online. They're nerfing the mark ii oppressor's homing missiles, improving the way we access and use snacks and armor, and allowing cell missions to be launched from an invite-only session. There will also be a suite of IAA-centered contact missions.
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Upcoming Summer DLC for GTA Online

A new GTA Online update is on the horizon, and it seems like Rockstar is listening to player feedback as they incorporate several changes and additions requested by the community. The update is expected to arrive in the summer of 2022, and the details surrounding the DLC are starting to emerge. In this quick update, we’ll go over some of the features and improvements you can expect to see in the latest GTA DLC update.

New Features

Rockstar has announced that they are nerfing the Mark II Oppressor’s homing missiles and countermeasures, making them less overpowered than they were previously. This change will make them more balanced and less frustrating for players who found themselves on the receiving end of these weapons. Additionally, Rockstar is improving the way users access and use snacks and armor, which should make it easier for players to stay well-stocked and healthy during job missions.

Invites-only sessions are being expanded with the launch of cell missions that can now be launched directly from these sessions. This will provide players with a more controlled environment and allow them to tackle missions at their own pace, without interference from unwanted players. A range of International Affairs Agency (IAA) contact missions will also be included in the update, which may feature Michael and Davey, two characters who had significant roles in IAA’s storyline during GTA 5’s campaign.

What Does This Mean for the Future of GTA DLC?

This is an exciting time for GTA fans, as Rockstar has seemingly listened to player feedback and acted upon it. The new dlc also demonstrates Rockstar’s willingness to continue adding new content to GTA Online years after its initial release, which will undoubtedly keep players engaged and thrilled for a long time to come.

The history of GTA DLC has been a fascinating one, with Rockstar releasing several updates, including themed DLCs featuring criminals, executives, and gunrunners. Additionally, they brought story DLCs like The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and the Damned, which expanded the campaign’s storyline and provided players with an entirely new set of missions and characters to explore.

Final Thoughts

It’s not often that we see game developers listening to their fans and acting on their feedback, but Rockstar has done just that with the latest GTA Online DLC update. By nerfing the Mark II Oppressor, adding new contact missions, and improving how we access snacks and armor, players can look forward to an even better and more immersive experience in the game.

this is a super quick update about the forthcoming summer dlc for gta online
well we know the update’s on the way because of the odd date surrounding this week’s weekly update
and in a surprise move from rockstar we have a bit of news around some of the new features
that are being introduced rockstar have noted in the latest news wire they’re nerfing the mark ii
oppressors homing missiles and countermeasures improving the way we access and use snacks and
armor and allowing cell missions to be launched from an invite-only session the news article also
mentions a suite of iaa-centered contact missions and as we know michael and davey
were heavily involved with iaa during the story mode so nothing definitive yet but an appearance
of michael may not have been ruled out just yet anyway i hope this is a new approach for rockstar
actually listening to fans and acting on feedback is not something we’ve seen for them for some time

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