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8 July 2022: Rockstar Official News about the Summer DLC

Rockstar will be nerfing the Mark II Oppressor’s homing missiles in the upcoming summer DLC for GTA Online. The update will also improve access to snacks and armor, allow cell missions to be launched from an invite-only session, and introduce a suite of IAA-centered contact missions. Michael may make an appearance as well.
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GTA Online Summer 2022 DLC Update: What We Know So Far

Rockstar Games recently announced that a Summer 2022 DLC update is coming for Grand Theft Auto 5, also known as GTA V. The gaming company dropped a few teasers regarding what players can expect from the update.

New Features to Be Introduced

Rockstar Games confirmed that some new features are being introduced in the upcoming Summer 2022 DLC for GTA V. The homing missiles and countermeasures of the Mark II Oppressors are being nerfed. There are improvements for accessing and using armor and snacks, making gameplay smoother. Players can also launch cell missions from invite-only sessions.

Possible Michael Appearance

A suite of iAA-centered contact missions will be available. According to the announcement, Michael and Davey were heavily involved with iAA during the story mode – which might hint at a possible appearance of Michael in the update. However, nothing definitive has been shared yet.

Rockstar Games Listening to Fans

Rockstar Games seems to have applied fans’ feedback to the upcoming DLC update. The recent announcement signifies that the gaming company is starting to acknowledge the complaints of the fans and working on making improvements. This is welcome news to fans of the game, hoping for more engagement from the developers.

Wrapping Up

The teasers released about the impending Summer 2022 DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5 are thrilling. While fans are eager to hear more, the recent update demonstrates that Rockstar Games is committed to making the gameplay more entertaining and engaging for fans of the franchise.

Stay tuned for more details about the GTA V Summer 2022 DLC. Meanwhile, players can check out the latest update by visiting the Rockstar Games’ official website or their in-game notifications. Happy gaming!

this is a super quick update about the
forthcoming summer dlc for gta online
hi and welcome back my name’s dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer well we know the
update’s on the way because of the odd
date surrounding this week’s weekly
update and in a surprise move from
rockstar we have a bit of news around
some of the new features that are being
introduced rockstar have noted in the
latest news wire they’re nerfing the
mark ii oppressors homing missiles and
countermeasures improving the way we
access and use snacks and armor and
allowing cell missions to be launched
from an invite-only session the news
article also mentions a suite of
iaa-centered contact missions and as we
know michael and davey were heavily
involved with iaa during the story mode
so nothing definitive yet but an
appearance of michael may not have been
ruled out just yet anyway i hope this is
a new approach for rockstar actually
listening to fans and acting on feedback
is not something we’ve seen for them for
some time so that’s it thanks for
watching check out the video at the top
for this week’s update or the one down
the bottom for some more old grumpy
gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands
and we’ll see you in the next video

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