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Old Grumpy Gamers announces changes to improve their content and step up their game. They welcome a new addition to the team and plan to post at least 3 times a week. Supporters on Patreon receive early access, priority responses, and more.
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The Announcement: Old Grumpy Gamers Stepping Up Their Game

After almost two years of consistent content creation, the Old Grumpy Gamers are ready to take their Grand Theft Auto expertise to the next level. With a great audience base and consistent encouragement from loyal commenters, the team is excited to announce their new goals and changes to come.

Improvements in Production Quality

Viewers can expect some improvements in the production quality of the videos, including changes to the title and tail screens, tweaks to thumbnails, and a brand-new addition to the team: Erin, another old grumpy gamer. With these changes, the team is hoping to enhance the overall viewing experience for their audience.

New Schedule: Three Times a Week

The Old Grumpy Gamers are committed to entertaining their audience more frequently. As such, they are planning to post at least three times a week, giving their supporters more of the Grand Theft Auto content they love.

Patreon: Helping the Old Grumpy Gamers Create More Videos

In their efforts to produce more content and build better videos, the Old Grumpy Gamers have created a Patreon account for their supporters. Backers will have access to most of the team’s videos early on, receive priority responses to questions, and be entered into exclusive giveaways. Patreon supporters can also friend the team on the Rockstar Social Club, gaining access to the brand-new Old Grumpy Gamers discord server. Higher tiers of support will even have the chance to provide input on new videos and join the brand-new Old Grumpy Gamers crew.

In Conclusion: Old Grumpy Gamers Excited for the Next Chapter

The Old Grumpy Gamers are looking forward to the next chapter of their Grand Theft Auto journey. With Erin on board, a more consistent schedule, and improved production quality, there’s no telling what kind of content the team will produce next. If you’re a Grand Theft Auto fan and want to support the Old Grumpy Gamers, head on over to patreon.com/oldgrumpygamers – you won’t regret it!

Hi and welcome back to the channel my name is Dan, and I’m an Old Grumpy Gamer
it’s been almost two years since we uploaded our first GTA 5 video after a
few different experiments a lot of trial and error a bit of luck countless hours
hundreds upon hundreds of questions and more than 60 videos we think we found
our feet we’ve also been fortunate enough to find a great audience and
receive a huge amount of encouragement from regular commenters I’m looking at
you outlaw signal Alvin and grim reaper 22 so what’s the big announcement well
we’re changing it up a bit and stepping up our game you may have already noticed
a small change to where avatar but that’s just the tip of the iceberg you
will see some improvements in the production quality of our videos soon
some changes to the title and tail screens tweaks to our thumbnails and a
new addition to the team hi my name is Erin and I’m an old grumpy
gamer too and most importantly we’re aiming to post at least three times a
week we’ve also added insta and are in the
process of adjusting the Twitter bot to make it a little less noisy finally
we’re now on patreon in addition to helping us produce more content and
build better videos patreon backers will have access to most of our videos early
will receive priority responses to questions be entered into exclusive
giveaways and be able to friend us on the rocks our social club backers will
also have access to our brand new discord server and at higher tiers be
asked for input on their new videos and invited to join the brand new old grumpy
gamers crew so if you’d like to support us and help old grumpy gamers create
more videos head on over to patreon comm slash old grumpy gamers and thanks for
watching and for all of your support so far I’ve had an absolute blast making
videos and chatting with everyone and I’m really looking forward to this next
chapter in the channels development stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you
in the next video

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