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GTA Online Griefers and Car Shows

Returning to Grand Theft Auto online after a two-and-a-half-year hiatus, the gamer experiences griefers ruining things, including a car show. While he gets the game, he doesn't appreciate being targeted, but it still wasn't all bad: he had enjoyed racing and had overall good experiences.
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My Return to Grand Theft Auto Online: Dealing with Griefers

In this video, I share my experience of returning to Grand Theft Auto online after a two and a half year hiatus. As a low-level player with limited resources, I was excited to participate in a car meet announced by another player. However, my excitement was short-lived as griefers wreaked havoc on the meet and my car was destroyed.

While griefing is an unfortunate part of Grand Theft Auto online, it can ruin the experience for new or returning players. Despite this setback, I continued to play and had a great time racing and participating in a car meet organized by another player.

Griefers in Grand Theft Auto Online

Griefing is a common occurrence in Grand Theft Auto online, with players targeting others to ruin their gaming experience. For example, a player may use an orbital cannon to destroy other players’ vehicles or use weapons to kill them repeatedly. Griefing can be frustrating for new or returning players who may not have the resources to defend themselves or fight back.

My Experience with Griefers

Shortly after joining a car meet announced by another player, I witnessed a griefer destroying several vehicles. This was frustrating, but I hoped that the player would move on and that we could continue with the event. Unfortunately, the griefer returned and destroyed my car, leaving me defenseless and unable to fight back.

Despite these setbacks, I continued to play and was able to participate in other events, such as racing and joining another car meet. While griefing can be frustrating, it is not a reflection of the entire Grand Theft Auto online community.


Returning to Grand Theft Auto online can be a fun experience, but it can also be frustrating when dealing with griefers. Despite this, it is important to keep an open mind and not let a few bad experiences ruin the entire experience. As the gaming community grows, it is our responsibility to promote a positive gaming environment and discourage griefing in Grand Theft Auto online.

hi my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer welcome back to the channel in this video I’m
going through an experience that I had around about seven or eight hours into my return to Grand
Theft Auto online after a two and a half year hiatus a similar experience was had by mr. boss
for the win a little while ago involving griefers around the car shows and griefers in general so
let’s start out by taking a quick look at his experience but this is the first time in which
I had done something like this in a public lobby and it was just a really good time I was taking
photos with people other people were running around shooting off fireworks we did get one user
it wasn’t exactly happy with us doing a car show and they took it about themselves to go ahead and
blow everyone up we’re actually lucky it lasted as long as it did and so it looks like that location
was compromised now I was hoping that this person would just kind of be like a one-and-done kind of
thing where they would blow everyone up yay they got their bad sport and then they’re gonna move
on so what I tried to do from there was actually organize another car method I ended up deciding on
the Playboy Mansion so we ended up not staying at the Playboy Mansion for long it just wasn’t
the right location and we ended up moving back to the golf course and as I’m checking it out boom
you can see we get obliterated so after that mr. boss for the win that goes through the casualty
list and ends up naming eight other players that got completely wiped out by that orbital cannon
and eight prestige cars which I hope were insured all got wiped out as well which brings me to my
experience now at this point I’ve been away from GTA online for a couple of years at least and I’ve
been playing in total for about seven or eight hours and with this character for around about
two so it was quite low level I basically had my free car and that was it but I just got out
of the racing motor wheel I was doing some of the stunt sessions with a few other players which was
great fun when I saw this message pop up on screen that’s drifter one that double tooth
triple 3 announcing to everyone car show at LSE any car now I’m a spanking new player the only
thing I’ve got is the simple slightly modified car that Simeon essentially gave me from my first
character at the start of the game so to see a notice like that where anyone’s welcome not
just the prestige cars is absolutely fantastic and is everything that I was hoping for when
diving back into this community so as I’m making my way up to LSC I hear something in the distance
and next thing I see again another message from drifter one double to triple three nice we have
a griefer so as I make my way around the corner and quite poorly into the los santos customs car
park i met with just carnage if you’ll excuse the pun is about half a dozen can see it all on
fire someone’s had a good crack at them but I see that typical Lord double seven double four
has decided to call a car meet again and give it another try so I quickly zip in get my car
repaired because I did take a bit of a beating on the way over still not a great driver with
some of these newer cars as soon as I’ve done the repair I roll back out and line up and for
the next car show so once I’ve got myself all squared away got myself parked and the lights
all ready to go I drop the lid after I’ve finished with Lester and then hop out of the
vehicle and wait to see who else arrives so after a few moments the player drifter one double to
triple three roll Z that’s the player that called the original car meet before the car show before
after a few moments of admiring his vehicle I take a quick wander off and check the map to
see if any other players are rolling in and while we’re minding our own business there this happens
as you can see pvp is not really my strong suit so I didn’t last too long not that you can really
defend yourself too much against a homing missile there he’s off he’s had some fun and he’s ruined
everyone’s afternoon you think that would be enough to keep him satisfied but no 25 minutes
later I was driving around Los Santos having just purchased my first garage I’ve grabbed myself
quite a nice little v8 and then this happens while I’m sitting there minding my own business
so that’s the same fellow that was at the car show earlier that day and completely unprovoked
while I was essentially paused I’d actually tapped off the screen so it wasn’t monitoring
the screen itself and it would have had afk above my head and away he went now before you dive into
the comments start calling me a snowflake and whinging that I don’t understand what the game
is about I get it I genuinely do PvP is a really important part of this game briefing while it’s a
pain in the backside is a part of the game as much as racing and Huss I get it I genuinely
do but what’s happened here is essentially a senior college student has been picking on a
grade schooler it’s just not in the spirit and yes while I’m a grown-ass man playing games in
my spare time because I can I’m still very very new at this component of the game and after a
long hiatus it’s not a super awesome introduction now that said I was playing for well over two and
a half hours in this session and had an absolute blast I got to do some racing I got to be there
at the least the very start of a show which could have been awesome and I genuinely had
a ball this one small ball two small incidents I suppose were a minor hiccup in an otherwise
awesome session and has genuinely otherwise been a fantastic reintroduction to this game after well
over two and a half years off so the question is what are your grief or stories how is your
reintroduction or introduction to Grand Theft Auto online to start with and where you picked on or
targeted to by senior players as a junior please leave your thoughts and stories in the comments
below thanks for watching it’s been an absolute pleasure having you if you like what you’ve seen
click that like button below it’ll really help us out and if you’re new to the channel don’t
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