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Which of the GTA Remastered Trilogy to Play First?!? Help me Decide.

In addition to a casual face reveal, I'd like to know what you want to see once the Remastered Trilogy releases. Which one should we go through first, and what kind of play style would you like to see.
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We’ll also continue with the GTA 5 stuff, but it will be a little slower for a bit.

it’s easy haven’t you ever seen a movie
you say it like it’s a bad thing
hi guys dan here just a quick channel
update uh we have the remastered
collection coming up in a few days and
i’m going to break the cardinal rule and
pre-order it a bit later on today and
intend to live stream the first play
through starting early on the 11th of
november once that’s done we’ll knock
out some mission guides and business
guides for the trilogy we still have a
bit of gta 5 and gta online in the
pipeline but videos for that will drop
back to once a week while we get rolling
on the trilogy so i wanted to ask your
opinion or advice i guess i’ve got three
games coming out they’re all pretty good
but what would you like me to play first
the original gta 3 you want vice city or
would you prefer san andreas and further
to that would you prefer me to rail
through the story line or take a bit of
extra time to do some of the more common
side quests like buying businesses or
clearing gang territories don’t get me
wrong we’re going through every game and
i aim to 100 them all eventually but
there’s a lot to get through and i want
to make sure that we’re on the right
track so if you’d like to comment down
below it would be great uh there’s also
a link in the description to some polls
on it and any opinions are appreciated
before i go i’d like to give a massive
shout out to kangoo9990 who works their
backside off to get these videos to you
promptly and also to regular channel
contributors mrs grumpy gamer and
wallaby m and also to dopel and sebster
for keeping the light on and discord
thanks for watching stay safe wash your
hands and we’ll see you in the next

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